Microsoft Certification 101 overview - BRK1099

Microsoft Certification 101 overview - BRK1099

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Well. Good morning everyone how, are you this morning. Okay. I'm gonna need some more energy out there, we. Had a 75, minute session on certification so, we need a lot of energy in the audience first, of all thank you for starting, your Tuesday morning of, ignite here with us to learn more about certification. My. Name is Selena winter, I work in Microsoft worldwide, learning and I. Oversee. Our certification. Program, I do. Have, some other folks who are going to be joining me as you might have guessed by the chairs on the stage, some. Folks that help teach our courses that prepare you for certification and, help, work on our, certification, exam program so. We've got some exciting. Introductions. To share with you today if you haven't already heard them this week and then we're going to go a little bit more in depth into some of those things and. Then we're gonna actually save try to save questions till the end we're. Gonna save about 15 minutes hopefully for questions so. We can get all those answered, and kind of help you find your next step in your certification. Journey. Before. I actually, get started, could I ask by, show of hands how many people in the room have never taken a Microsoft, certification. Exam. All. Right. That's. Awesome and then, how many of you maybe haven't taken a certification exam say. In, the last three years, okay. All, right so the, vast majority of the room is who I would expect to see those, of you who are new to certification at, Microsoft, and you kind of want to check it all out and then those of you who may not have tested, in quite some time and the, interesting thing is we, see this actually, and we hear this from all from, our customers, the, fact is that, the world is changing right in technology, that's, kind of the understatement, of certainly, the week. But what we hear from our customers is they, are wanting. To move to the cloud and, they, want to move faster, than they're really able to do in fact, a recent study by IDC. Actually. Told us that 70%, of CIOs. Now plan. A cloud, first strategy and. 85. Percent of, enterprises. Actually. Will, have their. We'll have a cloud architecture. At the same time, only. 16%. Of, organizations. Actually. Have the skills and the processes. Inside, their organization, they believe to move to the cloud and that skills. Gap is really. Only. Accelerating. By 2021. About 38, percent of IT positions, will be cloud related, and I actually think, that's an under kind, of an underestimate. If you ask me but Who am I to tell IDC. So. I want, to share with you today a little bit about what we think the opportunity. Is and then how we're helping you at Microsoft, through, our certification. And training program, actually, prepare, for that opportunity, and we'll, start with talking about some of the benefits of certification. For, you as an, individual, we. Know also from research, both third party research as well as our own first, party research that certification helps. Individuals, stand out it helps. You earn more and it, helps you advance and I. Could pick any one of these as well as any other number of stats to really drill down on but. The one that. I really want to spend just a few minutes on today is that first, one how, certification. Actually. Helps people stand, out so, in the IDC study, that I mentioned, they actually, surveyed, folks, that. Had equal, skill sets inside, organizations so. These are people that reported. To have the same level, of skills in a particular cloud, area, and then, they asked, both, certified, and non-certified people. As well as their managers, kind of what, their impact, was and how they showed up in the organization and, what this study shared, is the following, that, even, among employees, who have similar skill, sets the. Ability. To prove those skills and show that you've proven, those skills actually, help you stand out within. Your. Organization. In a bigger way. But. It's not just you individuals, who are here thinking, of getting certified, that, certification helps. It, also helps, the companies, that you work for and maybe in the audience you actually or a mate or a manager. You're thinking about should I get my team certified, so, I also want to share with you what, research tells us are. Some of the impacts of teams, inside. Organizations that, are certified and how companies are actually thinking, about certification. A little, differently, these days, first. And foremost, companies.

Are Using certification. To streamline, the talent, identification process. Now. I certainly can't stand on this stage and say to you Oh a certification. Is exactly, what's going to get you that job but, what I can tell you that we see in again, third-party, research. And in our own research including. Focus groups with hiring managers and recruiters. Is, that, in a sea of resumes. Whether it's on a desk or a virtual desk if you will they. Actually, especially. In this cloud-based world, are using certification. As one of the ways, that they, actually move, people, from the applicant, pool over. To the pool of folks that are going to come in and get interviewed. We. Also know that certified. Teams are, 20%. More, productive, than, non certified, teams and finally. We also know, that as the number, or the percentage, of a, team, shows. Up with certification. So, does the impacts, of that team increase, on their organization. So. Some pretty good interesting information. On why you. Would be here this morning to learn, about certification, I also, thought it might be interesting to actually, share with you what we hear, from folks who are certified. We. Actually, ask we. Actually have a Microsoft Certified Professional survey. That we do every year and on, that survey, we ask people one of the questions is why. Are you getting certified, and our, most recent results from last year I thought were really fascinating. Because, to be honest with you about four or five years ago probably. The number one reason someone. Got certified on this list would have been to make more money maybe to look for another job but. I think the cloud is really changing. As I said how people think about certification, and, the, number, one reason people tell, us they, get certified, is to, build or update skills, on Microsoft technology, so just think about that for a moment they're, actually, using certification. Kind of that in game, to. Really. Then work on learning, and getting skilled up and then ultimately get certified, and then other ways that are showing up are ways, to distinguish, yourself from other professionals. Ways, to actually improve your opportunities. Inside. The organization. That you're in think, of it this way if organizations are, saying they only have about 16% of the skills that they need to, get people over. To the cloud then you're probably in an organization. That's really, looking for people to kind of beef up those cloud skills. Another, one I thought was interesting is, to demonstrate, my. Commitment to ongoing learning, and validation, I think it's another, area that just proves that the clouds changed, everything right I can tell you that number four did not show up and in our top five list of reasons people were getting certified, just five or six years ago and then of course some. People are getting certified, to improve their marketability or improve. Their strategy, so, if there are lots of skilled people needed, and certification. Does make a difference then, how are we at Microsoft helping. You as individuals. Prepare, for and get certified and. We've announced some things this week on which you may have heard about we'll, go a little bit more in depth in them in this session as I mentioned and certainly we have a booth where. You'll be able to hear more in the, immersion zone first. And foremost we're actually. Refocusing. Our certifications. To be job role-based. We're. Also making, sure and, making a commitment to you that, as you work on being certified, and preparing for those exams, that we have a wide range of, learning that's available that is aligned, to the certification so.

That When you come to our website and you say I'm interested in certification. And I want to get certified we're, gonna make sure that you have, training. And the way that you want to learn we're gonna talk about that more in depth in just a minute and finally. We're investing, a lot in how, we help you get recognized, for making, a commitment in certification. We, know that you have to make a time commitment and you have to make a financial, investment, to get certified and we want to make sure that we have the most modern ways to help you show up and get recognized, for your certification. So. What do I mean by role based and why. Are we doing that well. What I mean by role based is we actually take a look at the market and we, actually say what are those skills, that, people are looking for when they post jobs on places. Like LinkedIn, and then, we say what of those skills actually and which of those jobs and, organizations. Kind of family, together to create how. I would describe kind of an uber job role something, like, an azure administrator. And. Then we actually have smees come in and they actually help. Us determine. What, is the skill set needed if someone, is an azure administrator. But, why is this needed well, it's needed because there are jobs in the market today that weren't, even in the market, three, years ago I mean, think about the data and AI space, and how fast it's moving the. Other thing that we see is that the cloud is really. Requiring. People, to be more specialized. Than ever so azure is a huge thing how. Do we help people really find their space and Azure and then, get, trained up skilled to do their job and then ultimately certified. And then, we also, realize. The importance, of hands on experience so. We're actually introducing. More hands-on, experiences. Than ever in our training, and our, certification. And. If. You haven't heard this week already we, are introducing. Six, new, job. Roles our, job role based certifications. And related, training how many of you have already heard about this this week. Okay. All, right so a few of you have actually heard about it so I'm glad to share with you what. We're introducing, this week at ignite so, three of these roles are actually, available for testing, now so if you want to go straight out after this session and test you can we, also have some opportunities, to help you prepare in case you are not ready to go right away and test but, as your administrator, was in beta and. It came out of beta on Monday, and it, is available to test here on site and certainly, when you get back home as your, developer, and as your architect, exams. And training, are also out now in beta so if you want, to try your hand at a beta exam, for as your developer as your architect, that, and the training is available as your DevOps will be coming before the end of this calendar year if, you're, in the Microsoft, 365, space, and I know a few people that I talked to before we, started a session today are we're announcing two job roles that will have certifications. And training, Microsoft. 365, Enterprise, administrator, which you'll hear later will be an expert level certification. And our new program, has, training, available now so you can actually get started and then, modern desktop administrator. Which, covers Windows. 10 and other related. Things will, actually have training, and certification, out later. This calendar, year and you're, gonna hear from a, couple of my colleagues in, today's presentation what. Those certification. And what those training, pads look like at, a high level for both Azure Apps and infrastructure, as well, as Microsoft 365, I. Told. You a little bit about how we were how, our you're lining our training, to our certification. To make sure that when you're preparing for certification you. Actually, are, are, learning, what it is you need to prepare I also, do want to mention however that, I don't, think you would ever expect, to not have had, some experience, sit, in a training course and then go off and take an exam so think about it this way it's, the the experience, that you have plus, the training, that actually helps you prepare for certification, so.

How Do we do that how do we make sure that the training that we prepare, first, is aligned to what the market needs and second, is aligned to certification, well. We I mentioned. Earlier that we do industry, research we, actually pull subject, matter experts, who are in the field every day doing these jobs in and we ask them what, is it that someone needs to know if they want to be an as your administrator. From. That process, we actually create a master, list of skills that says if you want to be an azure administrator, as your developer, as your architect, or a Microsoft 365, Enterprise, administrator, these, are the skills that you need to know from. That math list of skills a Learning Path is created, and then, that Learning, Path is used to guide all the types of training, that we will make available to you, so. If any of you who, raised your hand say you haven't, been you. Haven't taken a certain exam in a while you, might remember from the past that not all of our training was aligned to certification but the commitment we're making to you now is that for the job role based certifications. We will have multiple, modes available, and. What. Is that training how, many of you heard the announcement about Microsoft, Learn yesterday. Ok. Super. You did hear that that's awesome, so Microsoft learn is our new micro, learning. Learn. Micro, learning learning how's that it's. A step by step bite-size, tutorials. That. Will help guide you even. If you have just five minutes to learn something and then, there, are modules and then there are courses that are lined up in paths that could actually help you also prepare, for certification. We. Also have, other, online courses, they're, more they're more structured. Online learning courses as well as ilt instructor-led, training that's, available through our learning partners, a couple, the folks you're going to hear from today are, Microsoft. Certified trainers, and we'll be helping, deliver, training, for people who are interested in getting skilled, skilled up and certified, we. Also have other partners like LinkedIn learning and Pluralsight, who have online courses as well I. Mentioned. Also that we are thinking a lot about how we help you show up we, want our, recognition. Of your certification to, be more social, discoverable. And verifiable. Than ever before, and how. Are we doing that well. For, those of you who haven't ever taken an exam and you take your first exam you're actually going to get a digital badge that digital. Badge actually, can be shared on any number of social channels, LinkedIn. Facebook Twitter you, can put it in your email signature. You can actually share it in an online resume or, on a blog and the most exciting, thing about that digital, badge is that it ties back to our badging, platform acclaim, so, when you share that badge, perhaps, with someone in your organization. Or perhaps with a prospective employer, they. Actually can click on that badge it goes back and and a claim is actually, saying yes this, person is who they say they are this, person did what they say they, did. We. Also I think one of the best-kept secrets, about the platform, is that there, are job opportunities that. You can actually take, advantage of so if you're certified, you, go on to the badging platform you. Actually can find jobs. Looking. For your skills in your, geographic, region the example, I here have, here on the screen actually, shows. 263,000, open jobs for cloud and, in. The United States and this is also available in other areas, I'm. Actually going to turn it over now for a bit of a deep dive in. Both the azure. Apps, and infrastructure, and the M 365. Space. Thank. You Selina. Morning. Everybody my, name is Ed Baker I'm an independent contractor I used to work for Microsoft as a Technical Evangelist, now. I'm a Microsoft certified trainer and. I've. Been taking Microsoft exams for 20, plus years I've. Worked. Building, exams I've worked building courseware. And. I'm, here today to talk to you about the new platform the, new platform for the, azure apps. And infrastructure certifications. There's. A new level. The. Vast majority in the room have not, taken exams so won't be familiar, necessarily, with the levels. We have at the moment which is the introductory MTA, the. MCSA. And the MCSE which the levels we now have some new levels and, coming, towards the end of this calendar year you'll be able to take an exam called. The Microsoft certified, as your fundamentals, exam, so.

If You're not ready to jump, into the deep the deep water you can take this one and. There will be training available on Microsoft Learn and, other, platforms. That Celine has just mentioned for that one so that's your first toe, in the water for, sure. Slean, also mentioned that we have roles. Already, announced and we already have training and. Exams. And certifications, for these the first one being least certified, as your administrator. This, is an associate, level it's the next level up from the, is your fundamentals, exam. We. Also have the certified as your developer, which is an associate, level. So. The is your, administrator. Doesn't. Rely on a single exam you'll see that shortly you. Need to take two exams to. Pass that certification. You. Get a badge for each exam. There. Are more roles to come Celina mentioned the dev ops it's. Going to come soon and. That's, an expert, level one so, your skill, level and the type of questions, and the type of training you will need to do for that is more, involved deeper. And. More. Difficult. And. We, also have available now the, Microsoft certified as your solutions, architect, expert. That. Also has two exams and that's, an expert level of qualification certification. And. In the bottom corner of here you'll be able to see that if you have taken, exams before there. Are now transition. Exams they're not called upgrade exams they're called transition, exams and. The reason their transition, exams is that if you have already passed, and as. Your certification. Exam would. Whether it be the developer. The infrastructure, or the architecture. One. It. Will fill the gap between what that certification was, and, what this one is so it's not an upgrade it's, the change in the platform the change in the in the roles. And. This is a transition, plan as. Anybody in the room take the news your example. 533. All. Of them I, won't. Ask to be possible book. Nobody, fails an exam you just become suboptimal until, you pass the exam. So. The, 7533. Is, being retired it's been retired at the end of this calendar year you can take it right the way up to that period it's a very broad exam it covers a whole bunch of skills and a whole bunch of.

Tasks. That not one individual, would carry out in their normal day-to-day role, which is why we have the administrator, certification. The. Transition, exam will, fill the gap between that and the new certification, and it's available. I've. Got to do this American date thing between the 15th of July and the 31st of March so. Even though the old example will expire at the end of December you can still take the transition, exam until the 31st of March that's. One exam it saves you having to take both exams so just fills the gaps between what you've done already and what you want to do. We. Have exactly the same for the developing, or. The developer exams and. We. Have the same for the architecting, exams now. There. Were two architecting. Exams one was called 5:35, which is the current one the, old exam the 5:34, exam. Is. Not eligible, for a transition, exam so if you took 534, but haven't taken 535, you will have to take both the as your. Architect, exams to certify the. Reason for that if you've, taken both of those exams you'll know that they are very different beasts more than 30 35 40 % different. Which is where Microsoft gives it a new exam, number it, becomes a different qualification, a different certification. So. You've seen all that what. Are these roles well, here's an example at, the end of the JTA process, a bunch. Of tasks come out what does this man do and then we come out with a role. Description. This is what. Microsoft. Certification. Is now saying they will certify somebody, to be able to do. That. Doesn't mean that everybody, working in as you as an administrator does this but, that's what Microsoft, have identified, we can't cover everybody everywhere, this, is a fairly valid, description so, I'll let you read that while, I will. And. If anybody's taken in the other Azure certs they'll know that it's much broader than that was this gives you a much fairer chance to. Be able to focus on the things that a particular role would do. How. Do we get you from here. To. Those certifications. Well. We do this. We've. Covered certification, who's ever, attended, a Microsoft five-day what used to be called a mock course. Okay. Used to buy, that course attend. It go and take an exam. Up. To sixty sixty-five percent of that exam was focused or that exam would give you up to sixty sixty-five percent of what you would need to pass the exam it was related to this, is different it's, now in much more a, modular, format so, you can take. For. The infrastructure. And deployment exam you, can take five. Modules, you. Don't have to take them all together if. You don't want it you don't have to take them all as an instructor-led, those, courses will be available in different formats. And. Once you've taken all those courses or you've done that learning, you're then able, to take the 100 exam you, can take the 100 exam here if you think you're at that stage and it's half-price it's, not bad offer soft price. And. For, the 101 which is the security and integration, exam there are four courses available. Historically. Most Microsoft, courses were just five days five days five days now we've picked a roll and we've said actually this exam. Isn't. A five-day set of training it's, a four-day set of training at. The end of that if you pass both of both of those you, become a Microsoft, certified as your administrator. And. Those. Are the courses, notice. Each, one is an individual title you can take it as a day's course, if you wanted to so, if you can find a learning partner that's going to offer deploy.

And Manage virtual, machines go and buy a day's training you can do that. I. Ought. To also mention for the transition, exams, if. You take them here is it here or on there they're not they're cheaper the transition exams aren't the transition, exams are $99. But. They're half-price, here. So. If you've taken any of the as your certs go. And take yourself an administrator, exam. I'll. Hand over to Chris. Thank. You ed, good. Morning everybody. So. My name's Chris, Rhodes I work for a company called IT, master, classes and I've, been a Microsoft. Certified trainer now for 22, years I've, lost count of how many exams I've taken during that time and how many people I've I've helped, on their certification, journey but it's quite a few I think and I'm. Here to kind of give you a walkthrough of what, Selina. Was talking about previously the Microsoft, 365, track. This, is all brand new this has all been announced, just yesterday, and so, we're really excited to kind of kind of unpack, some of that and to allude to some of that here but we actually have three other sessions. Starting. After this one in fact we're, going to unpack this in much more detail. But. Let's give you some idea. About what is this new Microsoft, 365, certification. All about what. Are my choices where do I start. Like. Ed was describing we have an associate, level first of all so. The associate level is called the Microsoft desktop. Administrator. There. Are going to be many more roles in this space as well these are yet to be defined this is very early in the process but, we expect more more to fill in that gap as well as more technologies, get identified, and as more job. Job, roles are identified, in that space. We. Also have an expert, level which. Is the Microsoft 365. Certified. Enterprise, administrator. This. Is new right now we're, just again announcing that this week and. So. What is this really about what is this enterprise. Administrator. About. So. This is a new role many of you won't have heard of this job role before because it probably didn't exist until now and in, your organization. Maybe it exist for another six months or 12 months, we're definitely future, setting on this and thinking ahead and we want you to be involved in that very early in the process so, you can start planning you can start thinking about do, I want to aspire to this there's this my job or might this be my job in six months time so an, enterprise, administrator, is someone who's really looking after.

Planning. Evaluating. Deploying, Microsoft, 365, services. As. Anybody in the room here deployed any of those services, office, 365, Windows, 10 those, kinds of services so maybe, you're already partway there and you don't realize it yet maybe you're doing some of those things right now maybe. Those can help you on your journey. The. Thing about the enterprise administrator. Is they also have to under have an understanding, of the workloads, that Microsoft. 365, represents. So. Things like Intune Windows. 10 office 365 maybe. Exchange, SharePoint there, are many under here so, you have to have an awareness of those as well, as knowing some of the top level tasks, that an enterprise administrator. Will, be responsible for, and. So. Let's drill down a little bit on that. Expert. Level role that we have here we've. Got two exams. Ms. 100. Which is the microsoft. 365, identity. And services exam and ms. 101, the, microsoft 365 mobility. And security exam. So. We're announcing those today we've already, mentioned. That we also have learning a line to this and so. What we have as. Part of the MS 100, is you'll be responsible for looking at things like tenant, and service management identity. Management and office 365 management. You. Will be needing to do both of these exams, to. Get the expert. Certification. At the end so, just like Ed was talking about you'll be getting. Badges for each exam that you do but, then that really bigger badge is the, certification that you gain at the end having done both of those tests. And. Already. We, have training, available for, the enterprise administrator. We. Have already, got several, courses some. Of these are a little longer than the ones that was explaining about it's, just the way things have fallen here so office365, management, for example is a two-day others. Are one-day and these. Are available as instructor-led, training or. As online training. Many people like to consume online training, now so. We can go to Microsoft. Comm slash learn already and start to get information about that and start, that learning journey right now. So. I would encourage you if you want to find out more about those come to the exam prep sessions, we're hosting right. After this one we're doing 101, just. Down the hall and, with that I'm going to hand over to my colleague David. It's. Going to explain some information. About exams, Thank. You mr.. Chris I know what you were all thinking well. The third guy coming up also have a British accent and I'm, here to disappoint, you. Just. Like Chris, and Edie, I've been certified, for a very long time I think my first exam was Windows 95 in 1997. I know I'm making myself feel very old right now but I, think I've taken probably seven years so exams during, those years and I've grown to the point that I I really, love exams and I, know. It sounds a little bit crazy too to some people, also. During, those years I, was a Microsoft certified trainer for about 17, out of the last, 21, years or so that I've been certified, so what I'm gonna talk about now is a little bit more in the weeds so you've. Heard a lot from Chris, and Edie about, these, certifications. And from Selina about certification, as a whole so, now we'll get a little bit more into the details of how, you attain, those certification, through exams and what, can you expect from those exams and I saw, a lot of hands. Raised when people were saying that just haven't taken a Microsoft certification, exam before or it's been a really long time for. A lot of folks taking an exam is the last exam they took maybe was in college university, or something like that and it's really has changed a lot and I'm here to give you a little bit about those details because, I think that if you know what to expect before, you take an exam you likely, are a lot more comfortable, you're a lot more calm and as a result, you're more likely, to succeed a lot of people that don't pass exams, is not necessarily, because they don't have the knowledge it's, just because they're nervous or.

They, Just weren't prepared adequately. For, that specific. Knowledge, and the specific experience, that we're gonna go through so I'm here to give you a little bit of that information, so. What, can you expect in a certification exam when, you register, you will register with a company, called Pearson, VUE you, will automatically, be directed to, their website through the Microsoft website and, you, can expect to take an exam that will take about two, hours two, and a half hours the, exam will contain about forty to sixty questions, it's not an exact number it really depends. On the exam the technology, but, forty to sixty questions, is what, you can expect, you. Can also expect, that all the questions are worth about the same thing, there's. No negative, scoring. So you, don't lose points, for getting a wrong answer in the sense that we're not with, the drawing points, from your total you, either get a one, a success or a failure, some, questions are worth more than one point so you might have questions that, have, multiple elements. That you need to answer within, the question and those, will be worth a little bit more. So. Don't skip any questions essentially, you'll get a chance if you're not sure as you're going through an exam you'll get a chance to review it a little bit later you have a review period in your exam. Inside, the questions inside, the exam you will have different types of questions now we call them exam types, exam, question types but. Basically there are different experiences. That you will have throughout the exam so we're all familiar with multiple-choice, questions, you, will have a lot of multiple-choice questions, for sure but you also have questions where you will have to, build a sequence, of tasks, in a specific order, we call those build, list questions, so for example there's a specific, procedure that, you need to perform that, procedure can, only be performed in one specific, sequence. And that sequence is very important, and therefore, we will ask you to build that sequence, so we'll give you the tasks, and then, we'll ask you to put them in the correct order as well. Will sometimes, give you. Interpretations. Of graphics, that are required so we'll give you a screen shot maybe it's an output of PowerShell, maybe. It's a screenshot of a poor, an, interface and you will have to interpret, that screenshot to be able to identify what. Needs to be fixed what needs to be changed or what needs to be modified in order to apply a specific, goal so, you'll have those types of questions as well and, there's, a number of them sometimes you'll have to click on an interface and going, to drag, objects, from the left pane into the right pane it's, a really varied, experience, to make sure that you're not just sitting there falling, asleep answering. Multiple-choice questions, we don't want that you'll. Also have case studies now case studies are great types of questions where you actually have a lot, of environmental. Information. That's provided to you that, environmental, information, is basically what's, going on on the network what, do you have how many servers, how many client, computers, how many applications. How many services, are deployed and then based on that environment. You have a specific set of requirements and, then a question that maps to it so, a case study will have a lot of words they'll be very long but, we maximize. Your investment by, then giving you several, questions that, refer, to the same scenario, the same environment, ok, so you'll have to read a lot but, then you get to answer many, questions that refer to that reading so that you haven't just wasted your time reading, a lot of words for just one question. So. The way that the scoring works in exams is that every, exam, has the same passing score 700. Now. 700. Doesn't, always mean, the same thing, so it's not because, 700. Out of a thousand, is a passing score means that you need to get 70% we. Actually don't, publish, the pass court for every exam some, exams have a passing score of 50% some exams a passing, score of 85% those. Scores have been weighted, into 700, and that's what you'll see so that's your target and then the questions are weighted accordingly. That. Cut, score again, the reason why we don't publish it is because we keep on modifying it you'll. Notice if. You take an exam you don't pass and you have to take it again you'll get a different version of an exam and because. The cloud is changing, and because we want to maintain our, exams, always, current we will continuously, update, the exams, with new questions so that they map to new changes, to the technology, and do we remove things if they remove features in Azure then we'll remove those questions, if they add services, in Azure then we'll add new questions that map to those services, and as.

A Result, we add we adapt the passing, scores so, those. Are not exposed for you it's always going to be 700. So. Some. Tips, when you're answering questions. One. That's really really big is when you're taking an exam and you're looking at a question just go with your gut if you, see something it just feels right don't overthink it, a lot. Of people read a question they, see the answer they're like oh it's for sure B and then. There's start to overthink they're like no they're trying to trick me they're trying to play with my head they're trying to make me want to pick B but really the answer is C in fact, the one thing that we don't want to do in an exam is trick, you our goal. When we develop exams is not, to make you fail we, actually, want you to pass if you're. Qualified and if, you have the expertise, required for, the mapping role if you. Do not we want you to fail so, we want you to fail if you're unqualified, but, we want you to pass if you're qualified so if you look at a question and you feel like you know the answer you probably. Do so go with your gut don't, think that we're trying to trick you there, is no attempt. To trick a test taker that goes that defeats the purpose of, certification, and testing as a whole and, again. Answer every question don't skip everything anything you have no, negative questions, or negative, scores now. One. Thing also that helps, people understand. What. They're about to see in an exam question and understand, the, way that we display, information an exam question actually. Is going to help you in being more calm all, exam. Questions, follow a similar, Anatomy, and once, you get familiar with that Anatomy when you're scanning through questions, it allows, you or it enables, you to pick, out the relevant information very. Quickly, and that is, the anatomy, of an exam question so every, exam, question is built this way first we provide you a technical, information, environment. Scenario, so we give you a large, broad view, of what's, available in your environment for example you, have a hybrid deployment of Azure ad and on-premises.

Active, Directory you. Have to. Hundred servers, you, have a data center that spans two regions, you, have things. That are very large, and broad so we start from large to small, then. We, will give you a problem statement, we will tell you users. Report, that they're unable to, authenticate. To some new services users, reported, that they are unable to, install. App two, will. Get more specific, and then will give you a specific, goal statement, and that goal, statement, always starts, with the same three words you need, to you. Need to ensure that the users can install app two you need to ensure that the users can authenticate, to Azure Active Directory you, need to do something, that map's, back, directly. To. Your problem, statement and then. We give you a little question, statement, that just tells you how many things you gotta pick do, I pick one answer two answers three answers do I bring things from a list what do I do based, on the type, of question I'm asking you so, we go to large your, in scenario, we, give you a problem we, give you a specific, goal what you need to do and then, we'll give you your answer choices that are based on that now. When you think about that you'll realize that that, sentence, in the question that is the most important, is the, one that starts with you, need to if. You're running out of time and you, just got to go through the questions at the end in order to finish as quickly as possible look, for that sentence, because that's the, one that holds the key to your answers. Now. This is great and I love multiple-choice. Questions, I've been building multiple-choice, questions, for about, 16 years now, and. Other, types of questions lists. But, this, week we're announcing something, that's totally new in examinations. And that, is performance-based testing. The. Multiple choice question was invented, in 1914. By, gentleman from Kansas City that, was trying to develop an aptitude, test for.

The United States Army they were trying to find individuals, they're going to be more skilled to, go into the US Army it's, held up since 1914. In 1926. They included, it in the SAT test the SAT test was born, and. Certification. And testing all over the world whether you're going to be a doctor. Nurse or certified, as your administrator, you can be answering multiple-choice questions, but today you're, also going to be presented, with an environment, that will provide you the ability, to actually perform, tasks, in Azure and then, be scored, against, those tasks, that is what we call performance-based testing. So, what this means is, that when you load and as your exam and when you sign up for an as your exam you will get a certain number of multiple-choice, questions, and other type of questions and then all of a sudden you'll, be presented, with an azure portal, next. To that Azure portal you'll be provided, with a list of tasks, those, lists of tasks, you will need to perform them in Azure. So. Sometimes, you'll have to manage, objects, in Azure you'll have to create objects in Azure and let me be clear this, is not a simulation we, haven't created some type of HTML. Based interface, to look. Like the azure portal, you're actually going to authenticate, we were going to give you a username and a password, you're gonna login to the portal and you're gonna perform tasks, in Azure. You're. Gonna have two of those labs or two of those virtual, environments, that, you're going to connect you and you're going to be performing those tasks in Azure what, we do then is that, we in the backend score. Your task store, you score your results, so, if we, ask you to create an object we'll. Then validate that that object has been created if we ask you to configure a modifying, object will validate for those configurations. And we will do that in the backend after, you've closed your lab and when you're moving. On to the next questions in the exam. Also. That process. If you paid attention I'm, testing. On your end, state, your end result which, means if you're an administrator that prefers, to use PowerShell, go ahead and perform all your tasks in PowerShell if you prefer CLI, go, ahead and use CLI, if you just are more comfortable within the portal use the portal whatever, method, you prefer to perform those tasks it is your choice we will just test you on the result because, at the end of the day that's, really what matters not, how you get there but. That you got there. So. We. Will have these tabs of performance-based, testing, environments, that will be different, for various exams, and various certification. Rules right now we're rolling, for the azure administrator. Certification, but, you will have those, that will become available for every, certification. As they, become rolled out you, will have at least one exam, in each certification path, that, will have performance-based testing, sometimes. It will be in the Azure portal, sometimes. It will be a virtual machine-based testing. Or. Will use other solutions, as well so that you'll be able to be tested on a multitude, of products. But today it is available with Azure. It. Will be your own customized, environment. Again. You will be in there you won't see other test takers, you won't see in other environments, it will be your Asha environment. And you will have your credentials, in order to do that so when you're in your exam you will get to an overview page that will tell you that you're about to go into a performance-based, testing. Question and. You. Will have a browser that browser will be totally blank you, will have to type in portal, - sure com from, there you can launch, the Azure cloud shell or CLI, or, use the portal you'll. Have a list of tasks, on the right you go through those tasks then you, click on next.

To Move on to the next questions, in the exam you'll, notice at the bottom you have a username. And password button, that is where you will find your Azure, credentials. And that's what you're going to use in, order to log into the azure portal. Again. It's not a simulation, it's, the real azure portal, and you. Get to perform all those tasks, live, using, that interface so that is a very exciting, thing we're very excited to launch those if you want to take those as, your exams you can take those today, at the testing center here, at ignite or when, you go back home anywhere. Through. A Pearson testing Center you'll be able to take these as your administrator, exams that, include the, performance-based, testing, and, with. That I'm going to pass it back to Celina. Thanks, David I. Do. Believe, the statement that David made that he likes tests, for exams I should say, he. Might possibly be the most excited, person that I ever see talk about our certification, exams and I love it we, actually are going to have everyone, come up in just a minute to take, your questions, we like to save a nice amount of time for questions and assert one on one session because we want to make sure that you get what you've come here for including. Questions about. What we've talked about today or maybe what your next step might be but, before, we, actually have the folks come back up and do questions I want to just kind of share, with you some of the things that you can do to take action. Also, I want to mention, something. That jumped out to me when David. Was saying it's it really helps, you if you know what to expect in, an exam you know what types of questions you're gonna get and that sort of thing so one of the things we didn't actually mention in the, presentation, today is that we have practice. Tests. For, our exams, so if you're not familiar with that you can actually go to the hands-on, lab area, here on site and take a free, practice test, they're. Available for most of the exams that we've already had to market and then for the azure administrator. Which just came out of beta those are those are also available and, then, for. All the new roles once, they come out of beta we'll have practice, tests available as, well so I would encourage you to actually go check that out and use, that as one of the ways that you prepare, because you can actually set it up in exam mode and you actually have, a taught you know you can check your time and practice kind of doing it in that crunch mode so just wanted to also point that out as well in addition, to checking out the practice. Tests that are in the hands-on lab area, in the immersion zone say. That fast three times there. Are a few other things that we have for you to take advantage of, here on site, if you think you're ready to take an exam this week then. You can actually while, you're on site register. For and take an exam at 50% off we.

Also Have, a booth in the emergence, own that is specifically, for certification, and, training. And. In that booth if you are in the room and you're certified, if you hold an act of certification, we've got some soup, cool gifts, to give you first. There's, a bracelet, and that, bracelet once you show us your credentials, will actually, help get you into a certification. Celebration. That we're having on Wednesday. Afternoon, in our booth space so be sure to grab that there's also some cool water bottles, but, if you're not certified, yet and you just want a couple of things to give you a boost we actually have some somewhere. Up here we have some really cool buttons, and a few other things that you can check out but more importantly, we have lots, of other information on the new exam pass that we talked about the, existing, passes are in market, for, the certifications, that are in market so stop, by and do that and actually if you want to know more each, of the speakers mentioned deep, dive sessions, so, for the, azure, apps and, infrastructure. Roles so. Administrator. Developer. And architect as, well. As the m3 65 or Microsoft 365, administrator we. Have 75. Minute sessions dedicated. To, just, hoping, you get up to speed and then also for Server 2016, we have a dedicated session, to just hope you get up to speed and get ready for taking that exam including. Pointing to you two to, lots of training, and, resources. That are available as, well, as a number of other theater sessions, insert. Prep sessions that we have here this week I think there's 15, in total so. I'm gonna leave that up and I'm gonna ask that my colleagues in, the presentation, today to come back on stage, and, we'd like to open it up for questions we would ask that if you have questions you come forward please and use, the microphones, because they're recording, the session today and, we want to make sure that folks can hear it in the follow-up oh. Yeah. Sure go ahead I'm actually a three oh three questions. That's a quote of one question for person. No. You go that's, a joke, is. There any on-prem. Certification. Going, forward yes, yes. You. Said the, old five day mock covered about 60%, of the material that was gonna be on the test you, said that as if you were going to contrast, that with the new stuff, does. The new stuff cover more than sixty percent less or the old milk wasn't, directly. Aligned to the whole exam is aligned to the product that, didn't necessarily align. To what's called the objective domain, of the exam this. New. Training is aligned. To the job task which is it directly aligned to the objective domain. And. You showed tables that showed the one day and sometimes the two day classes and you said that some of that training was available on Microsoft, Learn is it. The same training and is it free or Microsoft learn and the cost is just if you want the fantastic, um seat, can everybody hear the questions by the way repeatedly fantastic, MCT okay great people get here I was at mcg for about 12 years so I thank you for that question. So. How I would think about this is the, following, all the, training on Microsoft. I shouldn't say all the training the, training, on Microsoft, learn that is job role based training is micro. Learning and it is free and it, will align, to, the certifications. That are those same job roles in addition. To Microsoft learned through, our learning partners. We, also have. Online. Structured. Learning some people think of it as MOOC based training that's available as well as in classroom, training, and blended sometimes they take both of those and use those together and that training. Also will. Align to the certification so, going forward, you won't have to guess Oh does this how much does this prepare me or how much does this align you, can rest assured that in those three, week all the modalities they'll.

Prepare You and if. I could just double-click on your question, about on-prem, so a lot of what we talked about today was the cloud stuff because that's what's new but, as I mentioned there actually is a prep session, for Server 2016, and, so, for on-prem technology. We, we still have the certification, as a market and as we as the new, versions, of that technology come out we'll just evolve that into, the new role based approach as well okay great question. Yeah. I'm a program. Manager that, assists. Applications. To get up onto as your and I, don't necessarily need, to take a deep dive and any one of these technical, and so, I talked, to you earlier about is. There plane are there plans for a larger. Kind of program, level. Training. So that I, can. Understand. And. We. Communicate, all the things that is your roles do and process. At. A. Larger level at a macro level rather than a micro level absolutely. Thank you for that question that is a great question as Edie, mentioned, we, actually will be doing now fundamentals. Level, exams, in each of our what we call solution. Areas at Microsoft. So Azure, would. Have a would, have a fundamentals, exam that would be for the apps and infrastructure, space, as well as the data and AI we. Actually will also be doing fundamentals. Exams in the other areas, as well and I believe though. We're still finalizing. The, plan for that exam that, based on the intention, of that exam it would be much. More what you're looking, for it'd be kind of a baseline, understanding of, azor and the things that are available in Azure the multiple kinds of services, maybe a little peak ended developer. A little peak into an administrator. And that sort of thing so but. I'd love it when that comes out if you would take that and then give us feedback on our blog it's just to see if I was on task do, you guys, okay. Cool. Hello. Thank, you for this session I, have, taken the exam. 533. 33. And I. Will I would like to know what is the difference with. A 1-0 to because. It was pretty, difficult for me to, do the, Yamit. Part. Sorry. The question was he's, taken, 533. The administrator, exam and he'd like to understand, a little bit about the difference between that exam, and the 102 exam. Okay. So the one or two is the transition, and. In, the 533. You get as, you know a very, very broad, from, networks, to virtual. Implications. To yeah. Just so. Much yeah it's very much more focused, on the elements of the new certification. That. Doesn't, appear in 533, so, we've tested you on that mm-hmm, and we thank you for that and that's great, we're only gonna test you on the bits that are not relevant to the, 533, but are relevant to the one at 100 and, the 101, okay. So for example one. Of the things that so you'll see that there's some objectives, that, were not in 33 that are now in 102 an example, of those is managing, subscription, level settings so managing, subscription, level settings were not in 533. They are not in there so things like billing, and costing, and permissions, at the subscription, level managing. Multiple resource, groups all of those things are not in 533. And that are in 102 and when, you look at the list of objectives for, 102 you will see exactly what technology. Skills you need to have in order to get that exam in order to pass that exam and again it's the deltas between what would used to be and what is now okay, um new things as well things like my grade know things that weren't around when 533, was written okay um I, heard that the part of identity, and, administration. Management it. Was take out for that. It's not true, identity. Manager there. There's some identity, management in, the. Azure exams, both, in the administrator, and the architect there's also identity, management in the Microsoft 35 365. Pieces now because those rely on Azure ad services, you will have those when, they map to the role so it all goes back to the role so depending.

On If a Microsoft 365, administrator will, manage those types of functionalities. Those, are then in that role so you will find it in multiple exams, because the authentication. Is part of all technologies, on. A lot of that okay, thank you let, me just actually for. Those of you in the room who may not have tested, before the most important, thing you can do is go to the website and find the exam. Page. For, what you're interested in testing on and that will give you what they're talking about the objective, domain for the exam and covers all the objectives, as well, as what you can actually really do to prepare I. Think, next up I. So. Microsoft's, always been pretty aggressive. At, keeping the exams updated. Every three months they're putting, out in your requirements, and drop it and they never drop them they always just add to them, do, you ever foresee sort of slowing down on because. As someone, who tastes certifications. You, leave. Me behind but as I take a test. It's. Already 5 3 4 is. Out deprecated. And 5 3 5 and now 300. Is like like. I think the berries. Don't well welcome to the wonderful world of the cloud I mean it's. Is there a downside. Of not doing that is we leave leave exams in place, that are completely irrelevant just, like leaving courses in place there it's not the only option like you could you could slow down without, falling, behind actually, thank you for that that suggestion, I will tell you what we are doing is thinking differently, about how to help you stay current so. We. Aren't ready, to kind of give. The whole ball of wax but, what I can share with you is that in a cloud-based world, we realize, that once. You have a certification, we. Need to help you stay current and that may not always be taking. An exam right, and so, I would like to share with you that early. Next calendar, year I, think you will hear from us a little, bit more on how we're thinking about dealing with your problem, so I'd echo Edie in that I don't think we can slow down the updates, to the exams but we can help you stay, current. In different, ways so. Ok, look for that over. Here yes. I was looking at the learning path or, the administrator. Role now, that breakdown that you guys showed is that available on the website itself or is it based on is it kind of like listed like this where's. Like. So. If you go to the, website and look at the new role based certifications. You should be able to click into the azure administrator. Or whichever certification. You're interested, in and then, from. There. You would actually want to click into the individual, exam pages, and it would have the training links, as well as the objective, domains, and. We'll be basing those up as well thank, you very much yeah sure. In. Task 1 - 2 - 3. Are. They related or a, squareness. -. Because if you don't finish task - and if you don't successfully, create a VM you, not perform certain steps, related. Or. So. The question was when, you're doing. A performance-based test and there are multiple tasks, are there task dependencies, so do some tasks depend on other tasks, and, I'm gonna say that about 90% of the tasks do not so our goal was to design one that not have any dependency, sometimes. We were forced to so. You'll have some, of them that do but the vast, majority do not and the reason why we've, made it in a way that we do not want them to have dependencies, is for, one of those reasons such as you mentioned if you've we're, not able to perform one task then it affects your other tasks, but, also because, we want to be able to pull tasks, out and add new, tasks, based on changes in Azure so, these will be continuously, updated as well along, with the other questions, in the exam but I'm gonna say that you. Will. See that the vast majority do not also, you will have specific, names. Of tat of objects, in each task and those, objects, you will be, able to create those independently. Of each other as well. And. Over here.

Hi. Sorry, I'm a little late getting in I'm me missing it there's. Some things but I, work, for a smaller. Sized training. Company, and. Particularly. Not windows oriented, but I do two windows aren't, stuff. And we're. Trying to figure out how do we move forward with. Microsoft. Content, relative, in our pipeline and, do. We use, yours or, augment. It or or. You. Know various, scenarios around, that and just wondering if I can get some input, or have a talk with you is at some point in time or. It. Looks like we're probably gonna end a little bit earlier so I, will be here, and a couple of my colleagues are here and I think we can talk to you more specifically, about kind. Of that sort of training center questions, with training yeah okay cool awesome. That. Said if I can just interject the other the other, opportunity. You've got now is that you can offer. Training, yourselves, and deliver training but, sometimes students might want to do self learning and take, some online courses so you can offer a more, blended approach now and that's what a lot of students are looking for is if you don't want to be necessarily, in a classroom for, three four or five days maybe, they want to come for one day to get your expertise, to, teach them the part they can't learn themselves but, maybe they're happy self studying the rest so we, we do have to change our game a little bit in terms of how we're offering things to people yeah and I have to see my, bosses like that, model, two but it sounds, good to me. Awesome. Good yeah. Are. There plans for old-fashioned, books to prepare for new accents or, stay. Too old are, there plans for, old-fashioned. Books there, are, old-fashioned. Books that are planned thank, you for that. So much, in the same way we talked about how other types. Of training would align we. Actually work with our, book publisher, actually, they have the objective, domains at the moment for these new certifications. And those, exams, and, within the next three, months you'll see the first of those books come out and they'll continue to keep them refreshed, they those, would be that I think they call them the exam ref series, from, Microsoft press were, you also referring to the course, material, in written, format as well. Yes. So of course where will be available, as part of the instructor-led experience, as well okay. Over. Here all. Right thanks for the. Session. I had a question about the.

Length Of these certifications, and how they last for. Example you know you had MC SCM, CSA 2008, to the 2012, 2016, etc, and. After a certain amount of time those exams expired, well certification. Expired we knew what's. The length on these certifications. Thank, you for that question that's a great question we, actually will, consider on the new role. Based certifications. They. Will have a validity, of two years, and during, that two-year period we, will actually provide, ways for you to stay current if. You and, you'll hear more about that next year as I mentioned if you stay current then that will be a way that you can actually extend the length of your certification, we. Just want to make, sure that as you continue, to show your, credential, right that there's a way that maybe. Someone hiring, you to do a job can, know that you've kept your skills up to date and then for on-prem technology, also we, we those, will stay stay, in market for as long as that technology, is in market okay. Thanks thanks and, by the way I just want to say the the Windows Server 2012 exams, are still out there even. Though we're all looking towards, Windows Server 2019. And, a lot of people are still taking those and the goal is that people should take exams, based on what's the point in their infrastructure, with this to deploy in their environment. Over. Here I apologize, I didn't even know there was a mic over here you're, fine. Question, with the online training. You. Got the training sessions, in the prep for the exams, are there also the test. Exams or. Example. Exams. Tests. We call those practice, tests and you can actually go check those out on site here this week if you go to the immersion zone, and in the hands-on, lab area, those, same machines, are used to allow you to take practice tests, I mean once we get homework, oh absolutely so, you could actually access those, from, the exam details pages that I talked about it'll, point you if there's a practice, test available. Already. Out then you can just click on that and then go purchased. And use that practice test perfect, thank you sure when, you also register, for your exam you have the option to buy the practice, that's at that level too and they're all from a company called measure, up and the. Exam, the practice tests are designed to look and feel a lot like the live exam so, that you're you get the same type of quite all the types of question I was talking about before those are all the types of question you can get different types you also try, they also try to have the same level of difficulty and depth and sense. So that you really get a similar experience to the live exam. They're. Good products, I recommend, that high and they don't pay me I'm. Gonna go over here okay and then I'll come back okay all right. Class. This week but. Maybe. In a couple in one, or two months you, have, any super-secret. Miscount, codes so that we could still get the 50 percent off so, a couple things so, the question is in case you couldn't hear it if you're not ready to test on site do we have super, super-secret. Discount, codes and I do not have any super-secret. Discount codes but, I will, tell you we, mentioned the transition, exams those are special pricing, to help people transition, into the new program, and I, would imagine that you do just keep an eye on our Microsoft. Learning. Community. Block because, when we do roll, out promotions, and we do from time to time that, is the place you're going to want look also that.

As, All, these new exams, come out that we talked about they'll come out first in beta and we release a certain number of beta codes, that, will get you 80% discount so, the most important, place to keep an eye on for discounts, is our blog community. Blog, on Microsoft learning yeah, thanks good. Morning morning my. Question is is that with, the. People. Who have wrapped. And taken exams. The. Ones who have passed the, exams what what, is the trends of what, what do they find is most successful in helping them, pass. An exam has it been books lab. Simulations, online. Training, it depends how you learn and it depends your best method I know I've advocated for years what I do I take the objective domain, I stick it in a OneNote put, each element, you know what in a OneNote and then I go, and do what it tells me to do and I link to it in my OneNote so if it says sure I'll take screenshots, of what I do and then. When I'm going back for a revision I can go back without having to redo it all unless it's, changed and

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