Microsoft Business Forward 2018 keynote | Jean-Philippe Courtois on Microsoft's vision

Microsoft Business Forward 2018 keynote  |  Jean-Philippe Courtois on Microsoft's vision

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Today. We, can bring all that massive, amount of information, into simple. Ways of visualizing the. Ultimate, outcome for, our customers. All the products, themselves tie, well together so it's really transformed, us tremendously, up to our business level decision-makers. That have information at their fingertips in, real-time, we. Had some requirement, are really excited, how Dynamics. 365. Brings, all the systems together with, this solution they're able to reinvent, the, art of manufacturing. Advanced. Analytics, help us avoid costly downtime and, delays or. Thurley notice our team can proactively have, parts at the right place and time reducing. Inventory costs, and maximizing, availability. Please. Welcome, executive. Vice. President and. President Microsoft. Global, sales marketing. And operations. Jean-philippe. Get wha. C'mon. Y'all read. Alight ETB is all of you today in this amazing, and, transform. Amsterdam. Arena I can, tell you coming into this place this morning and. Loving football, I was. Very inspired by many of the pictures I could see backstage, in the stadium, craft which has been an idol, for me for many years but. Enough of football all, the way I could tell you love stories on the way we digitally. Transform football types to by the way that's, for another day, so. Exciting. Day for, all of us and, what. I love to do is really telling you the conversation, I'm having with customers, we are having with customers, like you across the planet in. My capacity as. Literal. Leading global sales, market oceans, I mean is kinds, of any type. Of industry of any size or zation, by the way, all. Across, the planets and, I must admit the, conversation, has changed quite a bit for the last year one year ago most. Of the sessions, I was having, with CEOs, billions. And, also, CEOs we're all about the meaning, of digitalization. These. Days is, no more confusion about the meaning of this transformation. Every. Organization. The planet, is, talking. About, the. Destination, the, destination is. All about becoming a digital business and, then. The conversation, is how do we get there, and so. I like to do is really share, with you the. View our taking as a company, the strategy. We, are, undertaking. As well to. Build. The capabilities. Of clients, needs to. Actually become, an aspire, to, become those digital businesses so, I like to start talking about the world view we have as, a company you know. We, see a massive. Technology. Partying, shift happening, in the world and who else it's about three, things. One. It's, about the, user experience this. User experience, has gone from, single. Device classical. Experience, to become the, multi, device multi. Sense multi sense meaning one. Of your users, in your companies is, going to start using tapping, information, on their PCs, they're going to continue actually, on the same application, using. Digital ink on the tablets, they might extend, that with, the voice annotation and, it might be even even finish, that conversational. Application, using. Holographic. Expanses, hololens to immerse themselves into. A very, different type of user, interface, that's, a first shift, the second big shift is Albury i in. AI is truly. Infusing. Every. Single, application, on the cloud from. Infrastructure. To. Apps to, services. Using. Different forms, of intelligent. Baths intelligent. Applications, they, are truly transforming. The power of the data that. You have in your hands visualization. The. Third big shift is. All about the way companies. On ization, develop. Manage. And distribute, applications. At a, massive, scale and the, massive scale is happening now actually, with cloud at the, edge at.

The Very edge and as. An example today in every, connected car driving, somewhere in the world is models, actually today in the world they. Capture, more than 4 gigabytes, of data per, second, which. Is enabling. Automotive, manufacturers. To drive a lot of more insights into, the past and really drivers, experience the, security. Entertainment. And, productivity in the car so a lot of new scenarios sony bring those shift, together three shifts, you. Are coming to a place that we call, intelligent. Cloud with intelligent, edge and i, think when you have such a platform. Available. For you as a customer as innovation. There's. A lot you can achieve to. Truly become a digital, company. And the. Way we think about that, digital. Transformation. Is all, about four pillars. The, first one is empowering, your employees challenging. The culture of the way you work the. Second, tier is. About the way you are Riaan visioning, the, customer journey there's a lot of digital, conversations, happening, with your clients, the, third pillar is. Digitizing. The core of the operation, whatever business you are in you, need to achieve that and. The fourth pillar is. Truly, moving, from a traditional. Products, metaphor, to. Actually. Digital. Products, digital, cogs, and digital. Services, in reinventing. The business models where, the value add is being, driven increasingly. By. Digital. As part of the cogs of what you provide your customers, so. Those are the four peers we think about as we engage, with many. Of you in your own digital summation, journalism, and the. Way we been, capturing, that as a now, in the organization. As well is. Truly about simplifying, or innovation. Agenda and so. The senior leadership team level Microsoft's, salamis or CEO Satya Nadella, he's. Been driving all of us and all of engineering team to really simplify, the way we, package all of the products, a lot of stuff that we bill every every single day with our forty, thousand engineers and next. Sense of that for customers, and, we think about for solutions. Areas that we want to bring to life for. Transforming. The business the, first one is, the modern workplace the modern workplace is truly, about end-to-end. Secure. Mobile. And creative, collaboration. With all of your employees whatever jobs they have they. Need to be more efficient they need be productive, they need to be more creative they, need to be more engaged so, that you can change the way you work the, second, and, it's all about obviously connecting. The dots between office, 65, Windows. 10 and, security. As. Well on the edge managed by the cloud the. Second, solution area is business application, you're going to hear a lot about business applications, today with. Many customers many, solutions. And demos happening, and, it is truly by the way we are we, thinking the, prodding shift happening, there to to. Truly, provide, the, business process, approach the. Modern, way of developing, very agile applications, to abstract the data you have and, enable. Improvements. In everything you do as a company the, cross financed separation, talents, people marketing. And more innovation and, and. Anna force one the third one is applications, infrastructure, this, is all about that cloud, computing platform. Azure. A massive. Scale agilent's 54, regions in the world today so the largest infrastructure, of cloud in the world actually you have other. Friends in the industry and adding. Some more in the Netherlands. We just that is some more last week in the BA instance, Africa, in, Switzerland, I mean every single week got some new data centers happening, in the world to, provide that, massive. Computing, just infra but. Also pass and softer of the service and the first solution, area is, data in the eye so, it's really all about the, way you are, turning, your data into, an asset, as a data platform to. Achieve more with your business process, and you pretty tivity as a company so when you bring all that together there's. Obviously a lot of opportunities. To drive those transformations so I'd like to do now is, actually what. You through those four pillars and. I'm going to invite and stage a couple of customers, so that they can share their stories because I think so. It's better to hear from you as a customer as opposed. To us telling, you nice things and conceptual. Achievements, so, like to start actually with a company that is achieving, a lot in a very pretty challenging business I must say that probably, relate to every, day and, I would like to invite aesthetically, the VP of services, strategy, for. Mia for artists innovators so. The letters and that's. PR dua so please welcome and stage we all do one to, tell us the story here, thank. You. Well welcome to stage here thank, you so Pierre, tell, us more about this business, you're running with, a few millions of errors in the world artists what is it I'm.

Sure John Philip you are one of our most frequent, riders, of elevators passengers yes for sure I use a lot, of you are using our product on a daily basis so our. Founder, Alicia grape that is invented. A safety device. 165. Years ago and started that outstanding industries, the, day Katie to move people and we, had a long journey of innovation, we are monitoring, remotely, elevators, for more than 30 years now and we. Are about 68, employees. With notice half, of them taking care of to, millions, of elevators, all around, the world and we. Are moving the. World population every. Three days twice, a week we move the. World that's a big job, and. Artists artists, also is part of a big company which is called United, technology, running in two different industries, first is aerospace, with, this major companies, such as Pratt, & Whitney UTC. Aerospace, divisions. And also in the building with. UTC. Climate. Control and security and, artists, but Otis is clearly dedicated, to, move people that's. A great business to be and so as, you think about your, journey. And transformation, I know you've, been share with me the, few key business outcomes. What do you want to achieve as a business, first before we talk about technology so. Our global focus is to deliver a more seamless experience, to our passengers, and to our customers and also, to empower our, service tips so, thanks to technology and loss by the way of these, technologies, are coming from Microsoft, and we. Want to focus, on three key areas the, first is, prediction. We, are predicting Martineau's the, second is an unseen, a field, efficiency, of our teams of course and the third one is creating. An outstanding, experience to our customers to create. More stickiness, with them that's, our three focus area so let's talk about this first peter was talking, about empowering, your employees you've got all these people someone. Were on, their, way to one, of the other letters. How. Do you empower them to achieve more, transforming. Their day-to-day jobs with, some, of the platform capabilities you've, been building with you okay. So let's, start by, consider, how digital with transformed our field so. You have to know that on an elevator more than half of the. Theta, we have encountered, come from doors that's our door related, so in, the past we had a lot of data but it was complicated, to know when, the door stay open to long if it was because we are encounter, a problem because somebody, was holding the door open but.

Now Thanks, to Santos. Thanks, to that our thanks to learning machine we, can make the difference, we. First, look at the building usage is it a residential or is it a commercial building if. It's a residential having. A door open at the end of the weekend where people are going back home it's quite, normal. If you own an office same, thing for lunch time lots, of traffic so those are mostly stated more open so thanks. To that we, look at the building usage we. Find, a pattern and if we found a pattern in the learning machine we, are fine if. Not we, may have something so here sensors. Take Siddhartha's put, the data in. A warehouse that a cloud in SEO and, then we have the learning machine around and we, get something which is called a health check what. Is the health check of the elevator it's like a dashboard right it's like a dashboard clearly, and and this which is dartboard it's a lower team's to focus on the trends, how, the, technology, is evolving how it's going the health check and we, can predict if we have to set, up immediately in action with, which types, of thoughts. Which, type of actions to be done at the right moment, at the, lowest peak time of the building so adapted to the usage of the building so. Thanks to that we anticipate. And we transform. Data into actions for, the sake of our customers and. All that is connected, to our UT a massive, scale your, footprint, exactly. For us and for customers, we provide this dashboard to our customers, on real-time, transparent. Data on real time what's happened and by, the way to foundation, of outstanding, conversation, with them of the, elevators, and the service we provide, so. That's clearly the. First, part of what we are doing but I thought at the beginning we also want to you. Chris the efficiency, of our, field. Team so we are currently deploying, a big, echo system based on iPhone each of our 33, thousands, of mechanics. Will be equipped with iPhone and with an ecosystem, of apps to. Make them more efficient, being on-site providing. The right information at. The right time at the right person for, example we, have just deployed an applications which allow them to identify, the, parts, being in the elevator orders, of our being in the elevator and selecting. Where it has to be, sent. To so, its accelerate, the cycle time and it decrease intervention. Time which is critical, for our customers and passengers, by definition. We. Also are deploying other, things to be able to make inspections, more rapidly or we. Are pushing proactive. Communications. To our customers, directly be in, the elevator thanks, to this platform ability, platform, safety. Also you know it's video, at the big deals at the head of what. We need it core, value of everybody, wants to be locked in another clear, market, so we have designed an apps to, allow, our mechanics. To check in real time if, they are at the right level of security their. Work on a daily basis, and, in addition to that is this kind of sharing, data allow us to push data to users in between oh I don't know why you're leaving tabs in Paris I'm on, a plane were. Saluting. Me a. Bit of the flavor but you know and so you're in a building we are able to provide a real-time information to, your tenant manager, to feed you application. Within, the ecosystem the, ammonia, what's happened so here we are in terms of mobility and on top of that we, are deploying. Dynamics. So. Dynamics, will be the herd of OTUs digital, transformation. Connected. Elevators. Connected. Mechanics, connected, customers, connected passengers, all around, the customers, and, that will allow teams, to see, immediately. And a 360 view everything. Under contract, everything onto elevator everything, on what's happened everything of what is requested and provide. To our customers create, a dashboard on, the execution. Of what they are waiting for so. It will be an, interconnection. Pretty, as customers, at, and. I know you're also leveraging. Dynamics. In connection, with a v65. Including. Yammer and you share with me we use Yammer, as a company, Janna will be used to make information. Sharing here crowd-sourced. Between our teams that's an outstanding tool, we are to deploy so. You've been nervous tip here and you are on the way of him increasing. Employee productivity in, a big way providing. That customer, v6 TV which is critical, and, really using those intelligence. Services, at the edge the. Two million of errors, real-time. To. Provide that higher level of service for your clients, is certainly, delivering, hopefully if you hire your margin as well for your business so. What, is next now for you in your digital, transformation, journey, you.

Know Digital transformation, is an enabler we, are not putting, digital, for digital it's much more a service, transformation. Journey we started anew as Microsoft. Clearly a key, partner. On that journey so, we want to provide a unique, unique. Personalized. Services, to our customers so when we, invested, a massive weigh in in this platform in this IOT, ecosystem its, connected elevators, to, provide unique. Personalized. Services, to our customers to provide, real-time, communications. Connecting, these elevators and most, of all to enforce, our commitment. To, our customers and 12, passengers, that's, a weight work you we, are back to people we, put people in customers, in the middle of that transformation that, the target of our journey that's the, new offering, Otis, is reinventing and, you will hear, much more in the future about, our new service offering, dedicated, to people because we are meant to move people I love. It I look forward to my next travel. Destination notice. The various Thank You Pierre please give aha. Thank. You for your thanks a lot so no I lack has to move to the second tier which, is all about the customer journey, and the connections, we have and to do that I like. Actually, to welcome, on stage. Someone. Who is doing, that was a very, actually. Exciting. Company, video, and, I'd. Like to invite, on stage, Belinda, Thomson, who, is the global head of IT. Making. The transformation reality. Across, video Belinda. Please come on stage. Belinda. Welcome. Here so. Bill in the video. What, is that beyond, the three terrors I kind, of know it but I think you. May want to show a bit more of context, on video, indeed I get asked that a lot what does the video stand, for, well. Traditionally, I would have said video, is the fifth largest professional, services, firm in the world we, have over, 160. Offices. Located all around the world with 60,000. Plus odd-odd, staff. But. That's traditionally. Certainly. As part of our digital transformation. We've been taking a really hard look at, how, we describe. Ourselves what, our purpose is, and, how. Our actually talking about ourselves so the language that we're actually using, so. From. A network. To an organization, from, individual. Leadership to, collective. And converged, leadership. From. An audit tax advisory, service. To. A client, partnership, that's about intimacy, insight. And value add and, finally. From the fifth largest professional. Services, firm to the leader of the mid-market, that's. A pretty good accomplishment. So. Billina as. I travel the world and so do you I can see a lot of changes, in accounting, financial.

Regulations. At another time which. Is many way about the challenge, but I guess an opportunity, for you as a business so what, do you think about the way you are getting insights from the data to. Truly, you, know make, you write, for your customers, as they have to tackle all those, regulatory. Financial. Changes happen to the business, indeed. It's an incredibly, complex, area, for us trust. And information. Are obviously at the cornerstone of our service, and the information, data, component, is becoming, increasingly increasingly. Important, so, obviously with our service proposition that's. Around local market, local, partnerships, with small to medium enterprises, and at, the cornerstone of that then comes, with the whole range of challenges, from standards, local, standards local regulations, little, local requirements. There's a lot of those problems there are a lot of those and, increasingly. Then you're seeing regional, input and, we're also seeing regulators, becoming, more and more connected, in their conversation, with us so, they're in fact connecting, themselves, and driving some of that conversation which is incredibly, challenging so. Our ability to handle data with integrity is, incredibly, important, and how. In fact we we do that is is certainly a big, challenge for us moving. Forward we're spending a lot of time with our clients, especially, you, could say it's awareness it's a conversation, around how we want to partner with them with, their data but. We're actually finding that conversation, to be surprisingly. Easy the. Client is actually somewhat ready to go and. They're. Wanting to create, that partnership, share data effectively. And actively and then, add value to that data where. We are finding the challenge actually is internally, so where. We have IT professionals. Rubbing with legal professionals, rubbing, with business services professionals, that can be challenging, so, using. The Microsoft, experience, has been really critical here, to be able to say look here's the answers to your questions here's. How the platform, in a particular Azure, addresses, those so, that's really been very important, for us we. See that becoming, increasingly. Important, moving forward because, there are so many questions, we need to answer. We're, also liking what Microsoft, is doing in, some of the jurisdictions, that are challenging, for us so we like what you've been doing with uh Switzerland recently, in Germany Rhys we're. Just really excited about you moving into Russia next okay. When. It comes for the time Belinda, you, take them all but, very important when you are making embracing. Those regulatory, challenges. As an opportunity actually to, differentiate. Your business so, the, same question has to pierre before, what. Are the key outcomes from a business, standpoint they are trying to achieve with your transformation. With digital. Indeed. We're we're looking at our digital transformation. In in two key ways we're looking at some, defending, the core business so, areas. Such as automation, efficiency, insights, but. We're also attacking. Through diversification. Which. I'll talk about in a moment in the context. Of platform, so, those two elements are, actually an equal balance for us at the moment and incredibly. Important. Data. Obviously isn't the cornerstone, of our story right now so. I'll talk a little bit about that, we're. Doing some very exciting work around the world but one in particular which, I'll give you an example of is a very large retailer, firm, that's located here in the Netherlands, and what. We've been able to do is, to, partner, with them to connect point-of-sale, information.

That Are receiving on a daily basis in fact we see that potentially, moving to hourly, basis, so that we're able to enhance, that value within. Adding, additional, industry, insights that we have to the table and partnering. With additional, data sets such, as weather traffic information. We're, then providing, that in a dashboard leveraging. Power, bi and the azure data Lake and, making. That available on. An outlet buy outlet basis, to again drive and inform their business where the accountants and advisers are then able to proactively have, the conversation, in with, these retail, providers, again, a seeing, huge value the, challenge though for us is to, take a bespoke, developments, like that and then scale so. That certainly, is the next wave and we, do talk about our. Transformation. In terms of waves and, Harvard. Business Review says you know you've, got it master, each wave before you can move on to the next and we certainly are finding, that you, have to move through and mature in each of those elements and, if you're not doing that aggressively, you can get left behind, I love the way I mean you think, about business the way you are going, far beyond just financial. Accounting, stuff to, become a business advisor to your clients I think what you said is pretty strongly spor RBI being. The visualization. Of those business insights for. This retailer in the Netherlands, so let's. Talk about those customer, relationship, and who you are changing. Those as well as a company, through digital yeah. Indeed, so, again. Our focus is, is is, around how, we add that value to the client how do we add that intimacy, layer that's, really showing that we actually do, connect and understand, their business and and. We look at this from a platform oriented. Point, of view as well if we look at where we're leveraging Microsoft. In this context, so we're, looking at the the platform so. To speak from a technology point of view but we're also looking at the platform, from. A supply chain point, of view and I mentioned this before is, in. Terms of how we're extending, across that and Microsoft. Has things to bring to the table in both areas, of course when. Microsoft, first in that context, so we. Really strongly believe in the platform, and we back to that platform very early to our advantage and then. We're looking at also leveraging, your supply, chain, extensions. And how do we leverage, that in the context, of our Digital Ecosystem plug. That into our platform and, also plug that into our commercial, strategy, so. A couple of examples of what we're doing right now we're, transforming. Our audit, service. Provisions, so we have invested, a substantial amount, of money in reviewing. Revising or. Enhancing. Our audit, tool so, how we actually go to market, how we work with our auditors, around, how they deliver those services we've. Injected. Automation. Into that process, we're. Also injecting, collaboration, into that process so the auditors can connect effectively, and leverage, insights. Across industry. And we are adding a layer of intelligence. To that primary, focus currently, is on our operational, intelligence but, we also have, an audit analytics which works with the client as well and that, will in be injected, and cut across this platform as well as the next platform I'm just going to talk about which is our portal, our digital. Interface, we're. Already live with our portal. We're getting some great feedback from, our clients and maybe just again to touch on the wave you, know we started, there with an automation, focus. And. We also moved in collaboration. In that space and we, quickly surprisingly. Quickly outgrew, that and moved aggressively into. Insights, and analytics and, we are leveraging nav services, for that as well so. That platform, is certainly, sharepoint based and. We're aggressively, injecting. Power. Bi services. As well. As obviously, as I mentioned before there's your data Lake services powering, an engine of that engine behind yeah, it, was a fantastic example because Vanina tugboats, about the customer. Transformation. I mean the journey, the discussions, we also talked about the products, traditional. Service, audit, which you all, enjoy doing as well as companies I'm, sure you have a lot of clients lorem. Transforming. That into a digital service, it's. Actually about a customer, and we see a lot of that happening in the world creating.

IP On, our agile platform, it's pretty powerful it is actually means that IP, can. Be resold. To many other clans globally. Leveraging. The scale of the actual platform in many ways billing. Is you know well the, more we do things together the. More you as a customer becomes. Actually model partnership, is Microsoft, as we. Can offer to. Our clients, digital. Auditing services, on agile platform through video so that, that's I think a great way to illustrate a journey so what's next for you now because, what is the next wave coming. Up for video, indeed. I mean clearly it's in that data space yes. So much talk around artificial. Intelligence, predictive, intelligence and. Where we're, playing aggressively, in that space at the moment and and, we do see a huge opportunity for us there in that you. Know you hear a lot about Industry, Insights industry. Intelligence, and whether that's going to connect through say cloud accounting providers, or other providers, but, I do think we're uniquely positioned because, we have that intimacy, with the mid marker, we're able to actually truly, add value, and I, do think that's really critical in the context, of artificial intelligence is where are you actually adding value, and, we're really partnering, with clients. In that respect to say okay what adds value for you what data can you bring to the table what data are we bringing to the table to, build something that is of value to you I think, a generic, artificial. Intelligence, play can, get lost in the in the sky and it needs to be really focused we've. Spoken a lot about technology, as, well and clearly, as I started, a huge, part of our focus is on the cultural transition the, leadership, transition, this concept, of collective. And converge to leadership, and. We. Started with a big technology push and to be honest it. Hasn't been as successful in, certain areas, you have to bring the. Cultural, element, in partnership. With that we heard of people about the people element before without us that's, go to align to actually drive the shift you know we're moving from you know talking the talk they're, walking the talk but, I think there's an is next step it's truly believing, the talk and connecting, that with your true purpose of your organization what. An amazing story please, give it a warm or, olive applause - Billy enough all these snakes are individual thank you very much thanks a lot thank you. So. Like, has to move now actually, couple example I'm gonna share, with you, personally. I mean one is about, optimizing. Operation. And this, is really about a very large company, in this royal company and, so many of you have heard maybe some of you are using some of their services Maersk, she's, the world's largest. Container. Shipping company, and we've, been a multi-year, journey with mirth to truly, transform, their core, business operation. Streamlining. The processes, and any other day shaving. A lot of costs, while transforming. As well the, revenue explorations, but one of the key question they ask us is, really, oh can, we redesign. The operations, and getting. Much more value of the data so let's roll a video, to, see actually, what's. Going on sorry, on, on Merce that's what video first yeah. At. Maths contain industry we operate a 24-hour, business across four global locations, producing. More than four hundred containers, a day the. Whole process demands, real-time, communication. And coordination across. A global value chain, digital. Transformation. For us means greater transparency. Deeper. Understand, our risks and cost and the ability, to take more informed, proactive, and data-driven, decisions. Dynamic. 365, in the cloud allows, us to unite the whole company, in one system will prompt access to global data anywhere. Anytime, we. Can share information collaborate. And, respond, to all business needs in, one place with. Better forecasting. And business intelligence we. Can also make processes, produce, errors and, cost our products more correctly. Machine, learning and Quinten intelligence, will, allow us to take preventive, actions and, extend, the life value of our customers, investment, and goods we. Want to take bigger risks to. Continually, understand.

What We can do better and capitalize. A new opportunities, faster, than. We are now in position to do so. So. Pretty amazing journey for Morosky and just telling couple of years ago and more to come in essence we've been bringing with, them and co building, dynamic. 65. Platform, and as you're at the very edge obviously of the containers, all moving. Somewhere, in the world as well for their clients, and really. Building, a single pane of glass where. They can actually see, through all the, supply chain from the containers, production. To, actually, the maintenance processes supply chain all the way to Detroit operation, and and I think the essence of that is, the way they are capturing, real-time. Information about those containers, abut, the use of unused capacity, about. The quality. Level as well the service providing their customers, and with, that they, actually on their way sharing, a lot of cost but. Also. Developing. New businesses, for their company and on top of that they've. Been adding in, a very agile way some, power apps on, the back on the back end of the. Front end actually of dynamics. To innovate, at the core of their business processes, all along, that supply, chain for their clients so it's a pretty, strong and I think it's per a tional example of a very large which is a traditional. Industrial. Business. Digitizing. As well the, movement, and actually. The value, of their transportation services. For their customers, and measuring, their success this, way so. Let, me know actually, move to the very last pillar, of our transformation Johnny which. Is all, about the way organization. Are reinventing, their products and services and to do that I'm going to move to a very different type of business you. Know it's a very type of business because in a way it's it. Is it is a commercialization, but their. Job is in a way transforming. The lives of many people in the world what I'm saying that. Actually. In the world you've got 1.3, billion people, 1.3. The, cross many of them in Africa many of them in emerging, markets, while, lacking affordable. Access to clean and safe, electricity. And what they are doing they, are using relying on very dangerous kerosene. And. Expensive, batteries so. Really. Limiting. The capacity to do more as a donor, to electricity. That. Company, is, called. M kappa m kappa solar. Its, headquarters, in kenya in in africa and, you. Know they were actually established, a few years ago as a start-up with. A strong belief that mobile. And cloud first technologies. Could. Change the world the, same way that mobile, computing, change the world for micro-financing, for some of you are in the finance world you. Know that actually a lot, has happened with, cloud mobile to. Give access to banking. Capacity, to people in the world and the same is happening now actually, with with, m-kopa, so what do they do they. Actually are billed as solar, panels. And they are providing, a solar kit and. A business model is they are selling that for less than 50, cents a day for those, people because obviously i've talked about people who don't have a lot to spend, at all and. With that they, can actually provide bright. Efficient, LED lighting, they, can also provide powerful radios, and even a battery, to reach all their smartphones and so. To reach a broader market they decided, to completely change the business model business, small is the phone you, have an initial, small, deposit, very, small, that you do on your mobile and you, get the solar heat and then every single day you pay. A very, small bit, of the user electricity. And after one year you are becoming the owner of, the sole of kids in your house so. You own it which, is very clean in actually, in the ownership model, for, those people and, with that they've been able actually to reach out and, basically. Light, up. 600,000. Harms in just a couple of years, giving. That electricity, and energy to, three millions people in africa, which is pretty amazing but a big challenge for them how do they. Do that at, a super low cost because in those countries, infrastructure. Is not the same in the netherlands i can tell you and and. You've got to do a very different way they've been hiring a thousand, people staff, a thousand, people on the road as salespeople and basically. Building, with them a national, platform. Using. The power of IOT hub to. Connect all those house so they can analyze the.

Patterns, Of, energy. Being used but also understanding. The patterns of the payments, and actually they've, got a great positive. Story in the payments those, people are paying their energy because that micro, payments, and with. That truly. Enabling. A lot of activities people all of that is really. Enabled. By the 90/65, using. Both the core financial ERP. We have and CRM so. That there are people on the road have access to some apps where, they can connect, between themselves and, actually, have a relevant discussion, with all those, households. Across Africa. And they, are doing more now using, machine learning even, katana, actually, to have this intelligence, system, discuss with their customers, on the edge so, I think it's pretty inspirational story. Very, different I think from many of the businesses, and, I can tell you a lot more is happening in the world and so I hope. That in. Many, ways you, capture. Some insights we had is that, what we through those four transformational. Journeys, of customers, and very. Different types of industries, and I can tell you all of them are very inspirational to us as a company and we. Always start, with the Sam actually. Belief. In mine his own mission as a company as a company, we, aspire, to truly. Empower, every, person and a. Realization, on the planet to achieve more and to. Us that's really the the long long journey this, initial, laugh to have with each one of you and to, qabil with you those technology, capabilities, we, trust us for solutions. Areas was talking about to. Enable, your success, so that you can actually achieve more, for, your people your, customers, your, political system know, of your stakeholders, so, that's really the the rod we are taking, as a company and we, really aspire to be your trusted. Kludd. An AI partner. Of choice to. Enable, your digital transmission, so, with that now, I'll actually to, welcome on stage my. Colleague, and friend James, Phillips with leading. Or business. Applications, solution, airy and dynamics, and he's going to work, through. Lower. The value coming, of this platform dilemma, 65, and. A lot of more customer, service demos, scenarios. That. Hopefully, will inspire you as well to, ask your people more questions and to engage with, all of you individually or, collectively so. Thanks a lot less welcome to stage gems so. That we can we can transition, tense, welcome. Here thank you thank. You.

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