Microsoft Business Applications Virtual Launch Event

Microsoft Business Applications Virtual Launch Event

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Good. Morning good afternoon or good evening wherever, you may be in, the world and whenever you may be watching, this hopefully some of you are watching, this live and. Others will be watching it later you know I'm coming to you today from my home office we, at Microsoft we're. All working from home by, and large across the globe as many of you are I know and. This is a pretty it's, it's an unusual, time for us we're all dealing with a global crisis, that's unprecedented. And you. Know one of the messages, I want to deliver today. Actually. Two thing number one I'm, incredibly, proud how. Many of you I've seen step, up to, support customers partners. Communities. Through. The use of our technologies. Power, platform. Dynamics, 365. Microsoft. Teams a sure the. Ingenuity. The, resourcefulness. And the engagement, that we're seeing. Leveraging. These technologies is. Is. Really incredible, there's, one application, we built a crisis. Communication. Application. Leveraging, the power platform. That. Was built in. Just a couple of days and over the course of just two weeks was. Rolled out by over, 3,000. Organizations. In over 60, countries, serving. Over, a hundred, thousand. Users to. Allow communication, in, in. This time of crisis, just one example of the, ability to very. Quickly. You. Know react, to, the unexpected, and the unpredictable. And part, of what you. Know I think makes the. This new world that we're in with cloud delivered, services and applications and platforms. Special. Is that it, does permit, this kind of just incredible. Agility the, ability to react to change very very quickly. The. Second thing is you. Know we are relaxing. Some, of the sort. Of the uptake requirements. For Dynamics, 365. As we roll out this next wave in the, resources, section beneath this video you can see on the page a link to a blog post, that, lays out in detail, you, know some of the deprecated, features that we were planning to turn off in the near term that we're now relaxing, and allowing to, continue. Operate for some time giving you the ability to respond, at. A point that makes the most sense for you and we've we've, relaxed, the sort. Of the uptake, requirements, so I'm taking these new capabilities, and features giving you more flexibility. To. Respond. As your business needs sort, of mandate, you to respond so for all those details please. Check out that blog post highlighted. Below, we're. Going to spend the next 90, minutes or so looking. Deeply, at the capabilities, of Dynamics, 365. In the power platform, as we've created them, or the, new capabilities, in this. Wave. One release 2020. We're, going to spend a bunch of time with Dynamics, 365, in the power platform, but, before we get to that I'm gonna spend a little bit of time talking about the. Sort of the strategy, all up and what we think makes Dynamics. 365. In the power platform, unique and in, the context, of some of our customers. Northwell. Health is, an example of an organization that, has really embraced the power platform, dynamics 365. They're. One of the nation's largest healthcare, systems, serving a population of about eleven million patients, in the, Greater New York metropolitan, area a spectrum. Of services across, 23 hospitals, including children's, hospitals, behavioral, health centers over. 600. Outpatient, facilities, 68,000. Employees and nearly 4,000. Doctors and so, a very very large scale healthcare organization. That, has been able to transform, their. Business, in the way that they care for their patients and operate, their facilities. Leveraging. The platform, patient 360, is one example of an, application they've, built that has enabled them to transform. From. Sort of a traditional, fee-for-service model. To a value-based, care model, where they're caring for patients over the lifetime of their, relationship, with that patient, taking. Care of them after they leave the hospital getting, a 360. Degree view of the patient over, the course of the relationship and really transforming. The, care model all up one. Of the other. Operational, processes, that they've been able to impact. And improve is the, simplification, of their workflow, on doing daily, interdisciplinary.

Rounds, With patients they've, built dynamics 365, and power apps atop, the common data service, that allows them to engage with patients. Communicate. Across the care team really. Understand, exactly what, the state is of each patient at each moment in time and help make decisions about, whether. To, you. Know alter services, or to release the patient at. The appropriate, time leveraging, AI capabilities. Leveraging, our bots capabilities. And so a sort. Of a deep. Leverage. Of the platform, impacting. Both customer, care and the way that they engage their customers or, patients, and the, way that they operate their, facility, on a day-in day-out basis. Unicef. Is another example of a. Non-profit, organization, that serves. The children of the world and one of their primary, business processes. Is engaging. With donors, to, ensure that they have the funding to go do the great work that they do globally, they're, leveraging Dynamics, 365, customer, insights, to, allow them to really understand, their donors to, engage with them again in a holistic way and to, keep them apprised, of how their money and their donations are being used to care for children in the world over let's. Take a quick look at a video that talks specifically, about how UNICEF is using customer, insights. UNICEF. Is the UN emergency. Fund for children we. Stand for children's, rights and we save their lives. We. Are doing programs to get into school vaccinate. Them give them access to water and nutrition. We. Need funds to do all these programs we, get funds via governments, private, individuals, major, donors, and corporates. One, of the biggest, challenge, is changing, our. Organizations, and adapts. To the new world digital. World, our. Donors. Are changing, with, time we see the expectations, of a donor grow even so with the involvement from, them in our projects, they. Want to know how, we spend the money what, were the results of the programs, where, we was successful, or not and. I think that's a very good way of engaging them, we, want to transform, donors. To real life time supporters. Of UNICEF, our. Supporters, expect, from us that we spent our money very, wisely and that. We invest, very efficiently, and therefore we, came, to Microsoft. To develop, a world. Standard solution, that supports the entire NGO, sector. In. Order, to increase our impacts it's. Clear that the new more fronts. Customer. Insights really. Helps, us segment, the right audiences. To. Focus on them to, engage them in a very relevant way and to, retain them, we. Have 60, million records these. Data sources contain. All the story we have we, don't know what, kind, of segmentations. And information. We want to add in the future with. Customer, insight, we, have the possibility to handle, more, data than, we have we, are more. Future proof because, it's adaptable, flexible, and, gives us the possibility to innovate. On things, we don't know yet we. Base our actions on a data that we acquire from the behavior of the donors we, build new propositions, we create new content, that's relevant for them and its really helpful to get a 360-degree.

View The. Others value comes with the integration of custom insights with the dynamics, 365, applications, dynamics. 365, for marketing, really, helps us run and test pains at skill we. Are able to automate. Campaigns so that we can shift from large. Campaigns, to micro. Targeted, campaigns we've. Been looking for a solution that is based on one common data model which means that we have all data stored in one is and that consists, of components. Supports, all elements, of our business, be it sales and marketing finance operations, all. Of it, Microsoft. Helps us leverage the full power of the Microsoft, stack be, it Microsoft, Azure power, platform, including, power bi and power apps Dynamics, 365. For both CRM, and ERP processes. And we are connecting, all this internal. And external data, together, with, customer. Insights. Microsoft. Is a great partner, using. Their experience, their knowledge their, expertise, gives, us the, wings to fly. Enabling. Us in our mission to save. Lives and, help children. Really. Enjoy that story and, it's great to see dynamic 365. Being used in such an important way and. It's not just you know stuff or northwell, health you, know one of the things that we're very proud, of is the growth in dynamic 365, use across the globe and across. Just about every industry it's, really, a service, that has exploded, over the last several years and today. We're fortunate to. Count. 97%. Of the fortune 500 as, users. Of the power platform. 54%. Of the Fortune 500 now using, Dynamics 365. And hundreds, of thousands, of other organizations. Across. The globe in every, country on every continent, leveraging. Dynamics 365, in the power platform, to digitally transform, their, most important business processes, whether engaging, customers and delivering personalized, experiences. Or operating. With more efficacy and efficiency, so, before we get into the details of sort, of what's new with wave of one let's talk about the. The, change that's occurring, in. Business. Applications, all of you, know the reality is business applications, really haven't changed fundamentally ever. Here, I'm looking at a call, center for TWA, Airlines. If. You were to go stand, in that room in 1970. And look at the application, being used to, do customer, service and you were to pick a person, up in that room and move them to 1990. And then 2010, and put, them in front of customer, service applications, in those subsequent.

Decades. They. Would see for all practical purposes. The same application, forms over data customer. Calls in the, application, gets open, someone, starts typing into a case record, in a form on the screen the information, that they're taking from the customer that gets saved off in a relational, database that ends, up being now used to maybe, track that the customers case was worked to a resolution or to run reports, but. Very much as sort of a forms, first forms, over data model, and very, reactive, you know you think about those business processes and, it's it's sort of waiting, for something bad to happen let's take another example let's, say that you're a capital, Manufacturing. You're producing a piece of factory equipment the manufacturing. Customer, may use they. Run into a problem that piece of equipment goes, down the. Line is. Is. Shut down and so it's an emergency, at the customer, so, they pick up the phone they call the service center whether its internal, at the manufacturer, to you as a provider the capital equipment again. That application, gets opened up information, gets logged in and the. Emergency. Site visit get scheduled, someone goes and gets the production line back up and running super, reactive, and this, business process, has been the same one we've used decade, after decade after decade but. It's really the only thing, we could do you. Know there was no other way and the use of technology, in this case was. Really just sort, of automation, of what, were, centuries-old. Business. Processes, where we stood ready to react to events. That. Our customers, may experience, or that our workers may. Experience in the course of any given day. Something. Though is fundamentally, changing for. The first time ever. There's. A fundamental, change occurring, and that change is that data is increasingly. Coming, out of everything, it's. Coming out of every field every, hospital, room every. Operating, room every, engine every thermostat, every car, everything. Is, increasingly. Creating, data and that, data, allows. Us to take this reactive. Process that we previously executed, and turn. It into a, proactive, process, literally, to turn it upside down you think about what's now happening that. Piece of factory, equipment that I delivered, to the customer, is now. Wired. Up with sensors. Embedded. With software, connected. To the Internet and it's, sort of sending, telemetry about. Every. Movement every, oil, and hydraulic, pressure every, time a piece, of metal has bent everything. Is sort, of information. Flowing. From that equipment, data is coming, first. Not. Because someone typed it into a form but, because things now, are emitting. This information. That. Information can now flow into. For example an anomaly, detected model in the cloud that, anomaly detection, model can predict, that, there is a change, or. A problem. That is about to occur not that it has occurred but predicting, that, there's a problem that's. Imminent, that can lead to a proactive, maintenance, call, that, can lead to the customer, never actually experiencing. That production, line down scenario so, a fundamental, shift, in. What. Is possible. As a result, of a sort, of the technology, environment, that we're living in now and. It means that applications. Need to be fundamentally, different instead. Of forums. Leading to data leading, to reports, it's data. Leading, to predictions, leading, to proactive. Intelligent. Action now. We've, got, this notion called the digital feedback loop it's a framework for thinking about this opportunity, and. Those, organizations. That are able to bring, all of this data together and it comes from every part of the business from customers, products, people assets, every corner of your business, is, increasingly, observable. Your, customers, are using your products, and services they're, engaging with your digital properties. Your. People are updating, your LinkedIn profiles, holding, teams meetings, talking from their homes like I'm doing right now your assets, are increasingly. Wired up bringing. All of this data together, and. Bringing it together in a unified, and harmonized. Way because at the end of the day your people are using your assets, to deliver products, and services to your customers all of this is interrelated, you.

Can't Separate, any one of these pieces and have the complete picture so, bringing that data together. Allows. You to then deeply. Understand, your customers, your product your people your assets and from that position of understanding. You, can now vote intelligently, engage. Your customers, predict, their needs and wants, recommend. To them things that are relevant to them personalize. Those interactions, and that, same sort. Of process works, to cross the entirety of this thing that we call the digital feedback, loop and so, dynamics 365. And the, power platform, and the rest of the Microsoft, cloud have. Been built, specific. To. Make it possible to embrace this reality to pull data together to create intelligence. And then, to go intelligently. Engage, with. Customers and to operate your business. Processes more effectively, now I want to shift now to a bit of a different frame that really sort of takes it down to, the product level and showed you how this is all constructed. So. You know we all have sort of legacy, applications. CRM, ERP we've. Had CRM, systems for decades, I had Siebel, I use Salesforce, I mean CRM, has existed, for a very long time as has, ERP, and I never, engaged. With a customer, that doesn't have at least one of these systems in. Production, and if it's a meaningfully. Large organization. Multinational. You're gonna have dozens, of these systems in place and if you ever get to the point where you think you're homogeneous, that, next acquisition, that you do is going to add yet one more sort. Of last generation. Application. Into, your environment so it's critically important, that we can embrace these legacy, systems, and add value to them without requiring, you to just rip and replace them and. The power platform, is sort, of the first opportunity. To, embrace, what you have the ability to work with your existing CRM. And ERP and, other systems, whatever you have in the organization we've, got hundreds, of connectors, and allow you to reach out engage. With those systems and their data and to, create new applications, to orchestrate, processes, that span, all of those systems to. Put a modern face a mobile, face a virtual, agent, face on those, systems again. Without requiring you to rip and replace and, so this ability to go on the journey. Regardless. Of where you are and what systems you have is, facilitated. By this approach that we've taken, now. We also talked, about you. Know sort of this new world that's being created, you. Can think of that as a separate, but related opportunity. So, collecting. Information surveys. Of your customers. Your employees, telemetry. From, the products, and services, that you're providing to, your customers, or from the assets, that you're using in your factory, or, in your service, delivery all. The information, flowing, from, those just, enriched, with data from Microsoft and, third parties, combined, with, all, of that transactional. Data from your existing systems. When. Harmonized, and brought, together, into. An environment that permits. You to then analyze and, deeply, understand. The state, of your business, to predict, the needs of customers to predict, where, your assets need maintenance, or where you have opportunities, to improve and then, to use those insights, to go drive whatever. Systems. Of action, you may currently have even if it's someone. Else's CRM, a ERP, system or whatever that system may be now. Of course Dynamics, 365, itself, also, has a family of action, applications, built, to, fit into precisely. This, worldview so. When, you are considering, replacing. Or. Purchasing. A new CRM, system, or ERP system, where you want to transform, your, marketing, sales service, operations, finance Talent action processes, and you want it to fit into this broader ecosystem where, data comes first and where, you've got a platform, that allows you to create even more value, we've, kind of taken all the integration, costs out of that by, providing, this, family, of applications, that fits in to, this broader picture and so.

As We go through the rest of the presentation today we're, going to take a look at the more than 400. New. Capabilities. That this team has created over, the last six months it will deliver, starting. Here in April, across. Both dynamics, 365, in the power platform, it's, a rich and deep set of enhancements, centered, on this data first view of the world and to, get us started cities, Thomas is going to talk about customer. Insights. Thank. You James today. Customer, data is coming from a myriad, of sources every. Website visit, use, of a product and interaction. With the customer, service representative creates. An observation, or generates data and this, data is often siloed. Across multiple, systems making. It difficult to gain a single source of truth to. This end we, introduced dynamics, which have customer, insights, Microsoft's. Customer, data platform. Just a few months ago and we're seeing a ton of momentum in market today with hundreds, of customers it, is enabling, organizations, to overcome, data silos, understand. Their customer data and leverage, AI to unlock, insights, that power personalized, and differentiated. Customer experiences, across, every channel and we. Believe we're leading in the market with our CDP, for, a few reasons, first, of all companies, can get started very quickly and have, a fast time to valley to move their business forward. Secondly. They're. Able to unify and enrich all of their customer, data in real-time and also. Using a breadth of our pre-built connectors, and thirdly. For, the broader platform it's, built, on Microsoft's. Azure cloud enabling. Organizations to, run powerful, analytics, generate. Predictive, insights or, interact. With that data leveraging. Power platform, with no code and ultimately. Personalized, experience, not, only in Dynamics, these five applications, but, any third-party business, application, beat adobe Salesforce, s ap whatever, the customer chooses to use as their system of engagement, so let's take a deeper, look at the core capabilities. And key enhancements coming. Available this release first. Of all to help organizations act in real time we're, supporting real-time, data ingestion and profile creation this. Helps organizations. Better personalize, the experiences, with up-to-the-moment data. Secondly. Organizations. Can unlock, the value of the data by quickly, and accurately predicting. Customer, behavior, using. Our out-of-the-box, AI templates. Such as returned customer, lifetime value and, next, best action recommendations.

Thirdly. Gain. The most comprehensive, view, of your customers, we're making it even easier for organizations to, capture, more first-party high. Intent, customer, data such, as actual, product, and service usage, voice, of the customer sentiment. As well, as data enrichments, from our third-party, partners, as well, fourth. Unlock. All of these powerful insights, with limitless, analytics. With this release organizations. Will be able to build custom, AI and m/l models using, Azure synapse, analytics, to run high-speed analytical, processing. Clothes atop. All of the customer, data from customer, insights, and together. With their other enterprise, data, now. Organizations. Such as UNICEF, Tivoli, Gardens and, ap Energy are using customer insights today to, increase, customer retention, and to maximize, customer lifetime value through. Deeper, and more meaningful engagement. So. Let's spend the next few minutes to see this from the lens of a customer, Chipotle. Mexican Grill and how, they're leveraging customer, insights for their organization. Chipotle. Mexican Grill is one of the most popular, chains of fast casual, dining with, over, 2,500. Locations, worldwide after. Going, through a rigorous and thorough evaluation, of, CDP, vendors they chose customer, insights to create a real-time, up-to-the-moment. Understanding, of their customers to, drive proactive, and intelligent, engagement, Chipotle. Wanted a solution they could get started and get going very, quickly while, also having, the option, to extend and, customize, to meet their future growth needs and then. Be able to bring in all of their customer, data and enrich, it in real-time and finally, be able to use that single T of the customer to power personalized. Experiences, across channels. Now. Before we go into the demo let, me show you an example of what that data, first understanding, of a customer, truly enables, firstly. You'll notice here that the customer, information that, was previously, silo, is now, unified, and can be used to generate insights, about that customer. Secondly. You'll, notice that the profiles, were further enriched, with, proprietary. Signals, from the Microsoft, graph and third-party. Sources, and on. Top of all of that additional. Insights, can be pulled in including. Allowing organizations. To see how their customers are interacting, with them across, their products and services BB. Through a website, a mobile, phone or even a connected device now. All of this comes, together to create the most comprehensive, view. For each customer like, no other company, can on top. Of which we can do AI such. As determining, engagement, or churn score which, we're really excited about data. Is the most crucial part for, an effective. AI and machine learning model, and our. CDP, is the eye deal place to build and deploy these models atop of as in. Addition to the data all of this is schematized, in Microsoft's. Common data model CDM, so, you can look into the future and understand. The future of the relationship with, any customer let's. Jump in and show you how this comes to life in a demo custom. Insights, as you can see is a SAS application. And of course all of the data that you're seeing here is anonymized, for demo purposes. Now. Chipotle, was able to bring in all, of this data, including. Data from six different data sources in this case the, point-of-sale, transaction. Digital, transactions. Loyalty, information, web, and mobile usage data and much more. Now. That's not all they can also bring, in additional, data if they choose to using. Our pre-built connectors. As you can see here once. You have all this data and custom insights these, previously, siloed, customer, signals, and data sources can be unified, to. Create a comprehensive, customer. Profile a single, source of truth that, can then be used to deliver consistent. And personalized, experiences, across any touch point think. Of this as a configuration. Type experience. Assisted. With recommendations, based, on AI and machine learning, furthermore. As you, can see here customer, profiles, can uniquely then, be enriched by incorporating, first, party enrichments, to bring in audience intelligence, for the Microsoft graph and third. Party enrichment, so you'll notice some examples, here around brand affinity, interests. And much more this, is one area that will be continuously. Investing. Into so expect month by month updates, for, this list here now. I'm going to switch to the segmentation, aspect. Of custom insight so here having, a unified, customer, profile, enables, Chipotle, to, create segments, that can deliver important, insights such, as you know loyalty members. Along with their preferences, frequent. Repeat customers, and their satisfaction levels. As well, as geographical. Segments, with targeted, next-best actions, now. Chipotle. Is able to activate.

All Of these newly created customer, profiles, and actionable. Segments, in real time across, multiple, destinations. Using, our out-of-the-box, connectors, for first and third party export destinations, as you, can see here they able to take the actionable segments, and drive actions, across, our first party applications, such as dynamic suspect, for marketing, the power platform, or third party solutions, Chipotle. Can drive meaningful actions like running dynamic, ad campaigns, and marketing campaigns to ultimately. Improve customer, engagement and, loyalty and, also increase sales per store, we. Continue, to work with Chipotle, and many other customers, to further enhance customer. Experiences, and drive impactful. Business outcomes by, leveraging the latest product innovations, in our April 2020, release wave one, such exciting, capabilities, is support for real-time data, ingestion so, for a quick service restaurant. When, a customer, places an order that. Is reflected, immediately. In the customer, profile in real-time this. Enables, restaurants, to continuously. Learn from, every, interaction, of their customers, and consistently. Deliver relevant and personalized, experiences, and here's. An example where. Our customer, patty places. An order for pickup and is, immediately updated in, her profile and customer, insights now, let's fast-forward, to. A store associate, or a crew member who greets Patty in-store and scans. The QR code, the crew member can see Patty's complete profile including, her purchase history in one. Place on an intuitive and contextual. Interface that's built in perhaps the, app prompts, the next best action such, as a free delivery for the next order empowering. The crew member to make more informed decisions, and get, proactive recommendations. During the in-person custom interaction, in today's, times with public, health concerns, next. Best action offers, such as a no-contact. Free delivery service, is very. Important, to ensure safety, of the local communities. Finally. It's not just about what organizations. Can do with our SAS application. And custom insights but, also about how much they can extend, and customize. To meet the growing business needs all, of this unified customer, data is stored in an azure data link that, truly, enables, a no cliff's extensibility. Story around, all of this, additionally. By leveraging deep, integration. With Azure synapse, analytics. Organizations. Can ingest, operations. And other streaming, data a petabyte. Scale and, thereby develop custom, AI and machine learning models, and more, using. Azure synapses, hyper scalable. And analytical, processing, capabilities, and then. Leverage all of that back in custom insights to build an even more comprehensive, view for customer and with, that thank, you for listening in I'll head off to oran to talk about dynamic c65 marketing. Sales and service Thank You Sofia hello. Everyone so now let's take a deeper look into what's, new in the month 365. Customer. Engagement, applications, across, marketing, sales and service as, James mentioned in the beginning we. Are leading the market in the transformation. Of the, old way of forms. Over data business apps to, the new, data-driven. Business. Applications. Customer. Experience, for, both the b2c, and b2b side.

Is The most important, thing these things will, Dynamics, 365. Apps we, enables, you to provide, a unified. Personalized. And consistent. Experience, for. Your customers, for. Your buyers across. All the different touchpoints, marketing. Sales, service. Comers, in any, other touch. Point and to, do that it all starts, with, better, understanding. The customers, so, we are bringing together all, the, data points throughout. The, organization, all the touch points with the customers, to, better understand. The customers, from, transactional, data, coming, from your CRM and, ERP, to. Interactions. Coming, from office 365, or from. Web interactions. Connected. Products, that the customers, are using leveraging. Also IOT, and, even understanding, what customers, are thinking, with, sending them surveys, leveraging. Our, forms. Pro product. Moreover. You can enrich this data we, were a LinkedIn, offering, and other third. Party. And providers. Now that we have all this data unified. We, can better understand, the customers, and create. Experiences. Across, any channel, trust, any up, be. The digital experience or. Be, it an agent-based, like, sales or, service, experiences. And for, that we, also provide, a, I and, M our experiences, to really provide outstanding. Experiences. For, both b2c, and b2b. Scenario. So. Let's, take a deeper, look into what, do you in the release we, are, releasing. Today I cannot. Touch the hundreds, of new features that, we have but let's kind of highlight, a few of, them that are showing these. Transformation. Into day two first, thinking. First. Sales, forecasting. Sales forecasting. Leveraging. All the data that you have in the organization, around. The customers, running. Predictive. Aai on top of that we, can better forecast. And, enables, you to better run the, entire process of forecasting. And we even have, new, amazing. User experiences. Like Kanban, that are part of managing. The entire process, of, forecasting. And, other new capabilities. For sales these, are in in sales hub sales, acceleration for. Inside sellers, is the hub that enables. Sellers. Really, focus, on the customers, we provide a smart list with, who, is the customers, that you need to contact now what's. The best channels, and then, once you interact, with the customer, you get again, the complete, view of that customer. With, all the, activity, timeline, all the journey, the customer, -, until, that point coming. From sales, marketing. Any point. Of interaction. And.

Leveraging. AI we. Enable, the seller. To get next best actions, the next best thing he, can recommend, for the customers, to. Advance. Them in the process, of the. Customer, journey if. You look into marketing, we, have a lot, of new cubby is a new, enhanced. Customer, journey designer, that enable more personalized, experiences. New. Personalization. Features like. The contextual. Email. Messages, that enable you to, provide. A much more personalized, experience throughout, the entire journey we, also have an enhanced, email designers. And many, more and as, we look into service, again omni-channel. We, continue, to invest into that new experience, that enable agents. To again see the, entire view of the customer if it's a b2b scenario, the, entire view of the account what. Happened, before the, interaction. Enable. Us to be much more proactive in, service, across, any channel, and today, we are adding a lot of new channels, like, Microsoft. Eames Twitter. Whatsapp. Route will, you and many, more we also have new capabilities, infield service, that will show you again, a lot, of amazing stuff that, shows the move into data, first, unified. Experiences. For, the entire customer, journey, so, to show all of this in action let's, take a look at one of our customers, HP, and how they, are going to use these capabilities we. Started with HP, few years ago they, started with, support. Using, dynamics, customer. Service, to. Support. More than 600. Million. Technical. Cases, then, the extended, into sales leveraging. Building integration. Leveraging, our sales capabilities. And the, other one was, phenomenal. So now let's see how they were going to use the, new features and capabilities we, are releasing today and, for, that let, me transfer. To running who, will them on the HP, experience. Right, thank. You or with, April 2020, wave we're, working with HP, and a number of customers, on the capabilities. That are creating new customer, experiences, and driving. Impactful. Business outcomes, so, let's jump into the demonstration and, see, how HP, are using Dynamics, 365. To, support the end-to-end, process. Of an, product, introduction. The, world's most secure printer, let's, take a look. Organizations. Like HP, who are planning for a new product introduction. Can utilize, advanced forecasting. In Dynamics. 365. Sales to, look at forecast trends to anticipate department. Sales and reallocate. The right resources, to support product, introductions, accurately, by, enabling predictive. Forecasting an AI model, that considers data signals, and from. The current sales pipeline and, the historical, performance they. Can predict, opportunity, revenue for each seller within, the hierarchy when. Discussing, individual.

Changes, With sellers the, Kanban, experience. Enables, organizations to. Quickly. And easily move. Deals between forecast, stages, while, at the same time seeing. The impact, of these changes on their forecast, marketing. Are now, able to begin creating, customer, journeys for the launch of the new printer line supporting. The customer, throughout the entire process, they. Plan for the product launch campaign, using. Our enhanced, customer, journey designer. Importantly. The, target accounts for this campaign, will be the ones created, using customer, insights, the, customer, journey will use the automated, smart scheduler, for send time optimization, of personalized. Emails, this, means the target audience, will receive the content at the time they're most likely to open it using. The newly enhanced email, designer, multiple. Versions of the email, content, with pre headers or a be tested, for delivering, an optimized, experience be. That on a customer's, desktop, or mobile device. In fact, in the latest release we can now send multiple messages throughout, the customer, journey as the context, changes. Marketing. Departments, using. Forms Pro as part of the customer, journey can, build a better understanding. Of customer needs and preferences, before. Handing. Over qualified. Leads to their sales colleagues. Interested. Customers, are sent invites, to special, security webcasts. About the printer to, highlight the printers leading, security capabilities. Clients. Can enter their preferences, as a, register, on the event website using. Registration, forms built-in dynamics. 365. Marketing, form editor, for. Those that, have attended the event they, have now moved on to becoming marketing, qualified leads. Based, upon a lead scoring, model, the. Customer, journey has now reached a stage that marketing leads will be passed on to sales and the, sales team will receive proactive. Notifications. Including. Lead ratings, and a complete, visibility into, the history of interactions. As the. Inside, sales team receives, sales ready leads from marketing these, leads are automatically. Ranked, by AI in terms of success rate so the seller can trust that they're handling, the lead that is most likely to qualify. Acting. On the highest ranked lead we see that the dynamics, 365, assistant, is recommending. The most suitable, channel, to reach out on and the, best time in the, case of Alex here the seller has been recommended, to reach out to phone and in one simple, click our seller can click to dial to record the important, details of the conversation. This, configurable, experience, is based on sales Cadence's that sales managers, can design for organization. Sales processes. Looking. At the example of de Nika here the most suitable contact, method is via email, instead, of the phone which we just saw in that case, our insight seller can again take a simple, one-click action. To, launch an email to the lead based, upon an email template, that is most appropriate for the customers, history, and move, on to the next important, potential customer. Having. Completed the sales process and the, installation, of the new printers, at the customer's location one.

Of The recently, installed printers begins. Sending IOT. Alerts through, connected, field service, the. Service manager, leverages. The new IOT, suggestion, feature to. Quickly identify which, alerts are of high importance, within. The alert the service manager can see the exact, customer, asset from which this alert was generated, including. Any new IOT, alerts cases. Or work, orders associated. With this asset in this. Example the incoming, allure it is that, the device is running low on toner and could have a potential, issue in, order to provide proactive, maintenance the, service, manager will create a work order to dispatch, the technician, we're, showing this manually but of course this could be fully automated. The. Dispatcher, uses, the next generation schedule board to assign the work order, to a technician, ensuring. The right technician, with the right equipment is sent, to the customers location at, the customer's preferred date and time as, the. Technician, arrives on-site they. Start the assignment, by using the brand new inspection, feature. Capability. To capture key, information, in an intuitive manner based, on the service desk they need to complete the, technician, can easily capture time and cost from the approved time entries and these, new capabilities, enable, an organization to, drive more accurate, accounting, practices, and profit. Loss calculations. While, delivering, services, to customers all. The data, throughout this process is captured, enabling. The service, manager to gain perspective on, their scheduling, efficiency, through, the new resource, scheduling, dashboard, fast, forwarding a few weeks let's look at how our customer, Denis kit can receive support from HP. Via a channel for choosing the. Nikah wants to adjust the resolution of, the printer but, is unable to find the answer so she engages, with HP, virtual, agent, the, same virtual agent that is powering, the, 600-million, support, conversations. That are ongoing on, a yearly basis. The. Virtual agent ask permission to use IOT, to perform an analysis of the printer and recognizes. A low priority issue being, that the tape on the protective, cartridge is not fully removed the. Virtual agent is fully capable of providing a knowledge base to solve this however. The virtual agent recognizes, an opportunity, for jenika because, it's utilizing, Microsoft's customer, data platform. The, agent detects of potential, subscription, and is going to escalate the chat to a human agent at this moment as the, customer service representative, is working, they receive a desktop, notification. Of the incoming, escalation, our, customer, service representative, can support many customers, at one time, and has, multiple, sessions currently, ongoing from different support channels including, what's that Twitter, WeChat. And lime as the. Asian replies, to Danica they are fully guided by, a step-by-step. Process, of how to best support the customer. Agent. Guidance, is providing. A next, best action that. Resolution times, are far higher when support agents, use, capabilities. To make the experience more personable, such, as using cobrowse, video, or, checked as the. Agent prepares themselves for the conversation they, gather all the details necessary from the recommended, knowledge-based article, they're going, into the conversation, with the right information to relay, to the customer, the, customer agrees.

To Have a call with our agent and, without changing any contacts, this, conversation. Which is chat based is now, elevated. To either video or voice, call depending, on the customers, preferences, from. A customer's, perspective they, simply, receive an incoming notification. Within, the ongoing, experience and accept, to call. The. Customer accepts. The incoming, video request and the two begin to have a rich dialogue about all that has been discussed so far they. Solve the printer resolution, question they assist in the removal of the protective, cartridge tape and explain, all the benefits, of the instant, ink program due. To the proactive. Nature of support and the ability to save money the, nikah agrees to sign up for the instant ink subscription, service and our, customer, service representative, can instantly, create a case to support the onboarding, process of this, new subscription, service for Danica so. With all of that being said we've, looked at the new experiences. In marketing, sales service. And we've, seen how we created a great customer, experience, for Danica in this process, thank, you for your time and back to your Thank. You Ryan that, was a great, demonstration of, a b2b scenarios. That, really shows, how. We are leading the market in, a data first. Environment. We, are breaking the styles between marketing. Sales. Surveys. Field. Service, to, provide the. Best experience. Digital. Experiences. Is email, in virtual, agents, with agent, based experiences. So the customer, debugger. Received. One experience, across, the, customer, journey and now, let me end off Mohammed, will, talk about commerce. Thank. You thank. You Oren in this section what we're going to look at is one final aspect, of how we're helping our customers transform. The transform, customer engagement, and that's through the lens of our, omni-channel. Commerce offering. We're. Also going to look at how our operation. Solutions, help enable this transformation. On the commerce site particularly but customer. Engagement, and broad, terms. Customer. Engagement transformations. And operations, transformations, are really two sides of the same coin it's. Super, hard to do one effectively. Without the other. Organizations. Really need to focus on moving. Their supply chains from being inflexible product. Internal, focus to now. What's generally expected, of being agile flexible and customer centric supply chains and that's what our solutions, help our customers achieve before, we get into the demo let's take a quick look at what's coming in April 2020, wave one beginning. With our commerce, offering, we. Made our commerce, offering generally available on February 1 and with, that we brought in e-commerce, as part of our dynamic 365. Commerce offering and in. Bringing, ecommerce, we leverage the same fact that we use internally at Microsoft, to power our billions and billions dollars worth b2c. Business, online, and, through our apt, version Xbox and Windows, and. We've not just brought in e-commerce we brought and e-commerce that's differentiated, and, infused. With AI throughout. All, the way from as you're, building the site's you can get accessibility, insights. To make sure your sites are truly accessible, as your, consumers, are using it they can get me our product, recommendations.

And The. Ratings and reviews, that, users. Put mean are hard to moderated, by AI as well as part of the solution. The. Second big area of investment for us is adding, two additional capabilities. To our fraud protection on, offering, in, October, we launched payment protection and, now that we have a public preview is account protection. As well as loss prevention which brings loss, prevention in a physical, environment also, as part of our fraud protection offering, making that truly omni-channel and you can obviously, use a fraud protection offering, seamlessly, in maybe the weight dynamics 365, commerce or, you can also leverage it regardless of whatever ecommerce, and in-store solutions, you have and, with, this offering we truly believe we have something that's highly differentiated in, the market, built, upon a consortium, of data that we have uniquely. At Microsoft. That allows our customers to really increase their top line by reducing, false, calls. Rejections, as well as reducing, their fraud, protection related, costs as well so. Helping our organizations, both on the top line and the bottom line, and finally. Amongst, a lot of other investments. In our in-store, capabilities. Which is now being used with thousands, and thousands, of customers globally. We. Are, excited. To highlight our client talent capability, which brings, the goodness, of what you saw earlier with Satish with. Customer insight, it's in to an embedded experience, with our point-of-sale, applications, allowing. Our in-store. Associates, or in-store associates, of our customers to really provide a highly personalized. Service. To their customers fed, by the profile, and the insights coming from customer insights as well as the AI powered, recommendations. So. To look at some of this innovation. To the length of our customers, we're gonna walk. Through how Doc Martins, is using our solutions, and Doc Martin is a very, well known global, brand based in the UK more, than seven years old, but it's, a special time for them today as. In. April, because on April 1st, is 60. Years ago is when they launched, their iconic, 1460. Brand so they actually are celebrating, the, 60th year anniversary for, that brand as well so. We're gonna look at how. Doc Martins, is leveraging, our Dynamics 365, commerce, solutions, not, just to transform, their b2c. Business, on how they're connecting, and selling to their customers, but. They are also using, our Dynamics 365, solutions, to power and transform their operations, with supply chain management, and finance and to see, the solution I'm gonna pass it over to Lydia who's going to walk you through how Doc Martins is using the solution Lydia. Thanks. Very much Mohammed, Doc, Martens is an iconic, British footwear, brand love. The world over, for its signature style that, unapologetically. Represents. Freedom, self-expression. And authenticity. Founded. In 1960. Doc, Martens has over a hundred stores, globally with. Ambitious, plans from her retail and e-commerce growth. Previously. To manage an omni-channel retailer, friend of this size required. A multitude, of disparate, systems, today. We're going to explore how by, using dynamic c65 commerce Doc, Martens would be able to seamlessly light, up that end ends, on the channel retail offering, let's. Go ahead and take a look at what the dynamics do 6-5 ecommerce, experience. Would look like using. Configurable. And extensible, out-of-the-box, modules, in the Dynamics 365, commerce, site builder, doc, martens is able to create rich immersive, storefronts. For their customers. Let's. Go through a typical purchasing. Journey today. I'm looking to purchase some of Doc Martins iconic, 1460. Boots. Using. Dynamic statistics 5 commerce doc martens is able to significantly. Improve product, discoverability. The. Solution, presents me with targeted, personalized, lists, using. The same algorithmic. And ml based intelligent. Product recommendations. That. We use on Microsoft, comm registered, stores and Xbox, comm, in.

Future Releases Microsoft. Plans to work with Bing to, provide consumers, like me with even, better experiences. Like, natural language search and personalized, results. Genesis. 5 commerce also utilizes, cloud powered, search capabilities. For, performance and scale by, leveraging Azure search. Product. Recommendations, can be presented both online and to sales assistants, in store making. It far easier for, Doc Martens to present with products, that I will genuinely, be interested in, the. Addition of this AI is one of the key enhancements to our solution as part of the April release. So. Our Martin's is able to include marketing, content directly. Within the dynamic, product page, so. What impacts us is actually have, extent. Testing, on Microsoft, comm suggests, this provides a nine percent conversion, uplift. Below. The product details I could also see, ratings, and reviews. Ceramics. 265 commerce automatically. Sanitizers, product reviews using, Azure cognitive, services ensuring. I'm only presented, with reviews, that use clean language, this. Helps consumers, like myself feel reassured by, the quality of reviews, provided. When. I'm placing an order I'm able, to choose from multiple fulfillment. Options if. I'm choosing home delivery, distributed. Order management ensures, it's delivered to me as quickly, and inexpensively as. Possible, if. I prefer install collection, I can check store availability, and quickly, find the closest store using. Bing Maps store locator, giving. Me great flexibility, during, checkout. When. It comes to paying I'm offered a variety of payment options including. Using loyalty, points rewards. And gift cards and, can also pay using, out-of-the-box, addi and payment, connector. Here. We can see how easy it is for me to spend 10 dollars from my loyalty points and put, the rest of the balance on my credit card. Furthermore, Doc Martens can protect themselves from fraud, and maximize. Their revenue by. Increasing successful. Customer payment approvals, using. Dynamics to 6/5 fraud protection the. Integration, between Dan Mitsu 6/5 commerce and fraud protection provides. Doc Martins with an increased, layer of protection, but. For the past five minutes we've seen the experience I could have as a consumer, when interacting with Doc Martens if. I choose to pick up my items in store what's. The experience like for the sales associates, who I interact, with let's. Swap hats and take a look at the point-of-sale experience, for our sales assistants, here. On screen we can see point-of-sale, as. The sales associate, I can use point-of-sale for a large portion of my daily activities. Firstly. To ring through transactions. But, also to view reports manage, inventory, perform. Shift and draw operations. And provide, intelligent, recommendations. To, cross-sell, and upsell, one. Of the great new features in our April release is the introduction, of task management. Tasks. Can be allocated to stores groups, of stores or individual. Workers, and this, new function, also gives, both HQ, and store managers, a clear, understanding of, the current status stores, as, well as the performance of individual, workers. Earlier. In this broadcast satish, owners dynamic statistics 5 customer, insights, as. Part of the release of tanamashu 6 5 commerce, we've, included out-of-the-box. Integration. With dynamo c-65 customer, insights, this. Enables. Sales. Associates, to provide, premium, client. Telling experiences. Sales. Associates, are automatically. Presented with insights, from Dynamics. V6 5 customer, insights, directly. Within the point-of-sale solution. They're. Able to instantly, highlight potential, opportunities, to increase customer lifetime value as. Well as adjust, orders in response to customer preferences. And crucially. Identify. Customers, at risk of churn and potential. Discounts, to encourage repeat business from them. Unlocking. Customer, insights gives sales associates, the tools to give every customer a highly, personalized, experience. The more the point of sales order, fulfillment, capabilities, enable. By online pick up in store or, click and Collect where. Store associates, can fulfill orders received online or from other channels when. The customer, arrives in store I simply. Select orders, to pickup and can easily process, the sale. Today, we've seen how Doc Martens is able to transform. The way they interact with customers across, all sales channels. Utilizing. One solution, to manage their entire omni-channel. Retail, offering, enabling. Them to deliver a consistent, and compelling experience, to customers, ultimately, driving, greater revenue, all, made possible using. One solution, and that's dynamic c-65, commerce and. With that I'll hand back to Mohammed thanks, very much Thank. You Lydia one, of the things we're doing particularly.

In Today's environment, is. Helping, our customers stand, up ecommerce. Sites, very. Quickly, so they can continue to reach out to their customers and fulfill their needs through, the digital commerce, channel and one, of the things we're going to be announcing very shortly is the program called ecommerce in a day where. We can help and we will help our customers at, scale, in. Building, a fully branded Sai essentially, in a day that they can use to go live and reach out to their customers in a super efficient and a super quick basis, so look for more details to come on that, offering here shortly so let's shift gears and talk about the investments. That are coming in our operations, application, as part of we've won 20/20, now we won't have the time to go through all the investments, or even the key investment, but in all the apps that we have in our operations, portfolio, so we're gonna narrow that down to, just highlighting. A few capabilities. But certainly I highly. Encourage everybody to go look at the release notes document. That has all the details in. A lot of detail that outlines, all the investments, that we've made. To. Highlight some of the investments, let's start with our supply chain management application. That allows our organization, to really start. From product information management to, planning, to trade manufacturing. And then finally asset management as well and. One of the investments, that were excited, about that's coming as part of wave one is bringing. Dynamics 365, guides which, is available certainly as a standalone application seamlessly. Integrated, with asset, management in supply chain management and that's, a scenario that we're going to look at here later today as part of the demo we're. Also very excited, about our finance insight offerings, that really, brings both, AI and, automation. Packaged. Up into. For the users of our dynamics 365, finance, applications. Where you can get things, such, as payment prediction, for when your AR is going to come back as well as cash flow prediction, as. Well as a bunch of automation, capabilities that, are canon packaged up so we're excited about finance, insights and then. Finally, I wanted, just, going to remind everybody our, Dynamics 365, human resources application. That we, both rebranded. And made generally, available on February, 1st signaling, really our. Significant. Amount of investments, were making and ensuring we can provide each other professionals, of our organizations, a complete. Highly. Immersive application, that they can use to run their HR operations. So. To look at the investments, that we made and bringing guides together with supply chain management, we're going to look at that through, the lens of one of our customers, Eaton Eaton, which hopefully everybody, knows is a 21, billion dollar plus organization. That, is in the business of providing power management, technology, to their customers, and as, part of that they're embarked, they've, embarked on their own industry, 4.0, transformation. Journey and mixed, reality is a core part of that transformation for. Them and after evaluating, multiple, solutions, they've, selected an Amex 365. Guides named dynamic, 365, remote assist to really, power a bunch of their locations, globally for, scenarios such as asset management layout, planning training, product, development, and then connecting, knowledge. From their global team of experts around the world as well so, to look at how Eaton is leveraging our solutions, particularly, Dynamics. 360, bio guides to, run their operations I'm going to pass this over to Kevin and Darren who's going to walk you through that solution, Kevin, thanks. Mohammed Eaton's. Mission, is to, improve the quality of life and the, environment through the use of power, technologies. And services, they. Are providing sustainable solutions. That help their customers efficiently. Manage. Electrical. Mechanical and, hydraulic. Power, and they're. Doing this on a global scale across. 175. Countries. Now. In each of their customer sites their. Own facilities, and indeed across a broad range of their own products, IOT. Is pivotal, from. IOT, telemetry, fruit, dynamics 365, supply chain management we, can help simplify some of the business processes, for. Instance, from, an IOT signal, we can associate, it to a business process for. Scenarios, like, production. Delays or equipment, downtime, then. We, can. Combine. The, IOT. Telemetry, with, transactional. Data to. Start to deliver, overall. Equipment, efficiency insights. And, those, inspires we can show through an embedded power bi dashboard within supply, chain management and from. The dashboard I can then start to focus in on a particular plant, and in, this case a particular heating, system, and, it will start to give me back up an insight, and in my case for, the heating system it's highlighting, that my flow rate has been degraded and.

Often. For water based heating systems, filters, can, be a challenge, and so. We know we can go and switch out a filter in a moment I'll organize, a maintenance, technician to do so but, before we do I just want to highlight how, master planning has evolved, master. Planning has evolved into the new planning, service, where, historically, it would have been a process that we would run overnight, now. It is a planning service that provides near, real-time results. For both production. And distribution requirements. And in my case I want to use the supply schedule, to look at the output and focus. On a particular filter. To ensure that I have sufficient. Stockholding, for, our maintenance technicians, and. So. I'm just confirming that I've got the right filter, and then from the filter I'm just checking to ensure that. I have a good stock holding for the next few days which I clearly do, this. Means I can go ahead and create a work order now. I've raised a work order already within our new asset management capability. An, asset. Management can help companies, like Eaton's. Proactively. Manage, the maintenance and the efficiency, of key equipment, and their facilities, and, from. April it's, also going to utilize, the, new, jewel right capability. With Field Service, which. Means I can, utilize the field services, scheduling, board to manage our maintenance, technicians, and. Thankfully, the scheduling board has a host of criteria which. Means I can ensure that whatever. Maintenance. Technician, is allocated, is local, and therefore. Avoiding any form of risk. Or travel, and. The. Maintenance technician, once allocated, will receive a notification on, their mobile device and your. Rights will be then used to update the work order inside asset, management and we can see my, Asset Management's, work order at the bottom here for the filter replacement, and we can see also that a technician, Darrin has been allocated, already. Now. Darrin, we're actually going to go and join in a moment and he's going to show us how to change. Your filter on, a closed-loop heating, system, and. He's going to show us how to do this through. The new Dynamics 365, guides. Experience. So. Darrin, over, to you. Thank. You Kevin you, know we're running the smallest crews possible, right now and so, I got a sign to do a maintenance on a system I've never worked on before so I was happy, to find the guide here at the top of the list I. Got. In the floor work right away lock down the system now, the old, diagrams, were used used to take a while to interpret, they might tell you to use the lever on the left side but depending on what direction I'm facing you, know is. It left or right with, guides there's no question because every action can spatially, show you the exact rate move, the. Instruction, card moves with me wherever I'm, working you can see it even come down to my level while I'm crouching also. Working with my hands with gloves on so it's really awesome that, I just need to look at the buttons to activate this. Filter change can actually be a bit dangerous because, there's a risk of exposure to hot, water and chemicals, so, getting the instructions, on how to do the procedure safely, while. Also being able to concentrate, on my physical, actions, is really, really valuable on this. Next step I decided, to first check the seal with my finger, before, replacing the housing this, wasn't in the guide but I know it's an important, step to do when, working on a fixture like this you, picked this kind of workplace wisdom. Up when you've worked as a technician for many years. Now. That I'm done the procedure I'm going to add my workplace wisdom, to a copy of the guide so hopefully, the other people, who do the job with less experience don't miss this trick the guides authoring, tool makes, it easy to add my knowledge and suggest, to change the process for someone like me who's not very tech savvy it's. Very easy to type up the new step on my laptop and add.

Some 3d objects, that are included with the app when. I've done that I use the hololens to place all the holograms in space and, i can literally, show every, person who's gonna do this task in the future how, to make, this check. The. Hololens placement, is very intuitive I could, just reach out and grab the assets, and grab the little handles, and make the adjustments. I needed. I'd. Have to ramp up a lot to, do this in a regular 3d, modelling program it's, very complicated, pretty, quickly I've communicated what, I need and then I just apply styles, to the objects. I use, the point of interest to show the operator, where the work is taking place then. I save, a copy. Then. I quickly mark, the work order complete, and make a note to my process engineer, to approve the upgrade to the guide ok that's it Kevin we're all wrapped up here in the heating room. Thanks. Darren. Now. We saw Darren close. Off his. Work order, and share his updates, before moving on to his next job. Everything. We've shared helps. Drive actionable, insights for companies like Eaton's who, can be using predictive insights and, intelligence. From. AI and, IOT we, could help empower, them to deliver against their mission of improving. The quality of life and, the environment on a global scale thank. You, dr.mohammed. Thank. You Kevin and. Again a great, example, a great deep example, of a data, first, solution. That's. Really fundamentally. Transforming. How people run their operations from, being reactive, to now proactive. With the signal coming, from an equipment on a shop floor that allows allowing somebody to do predictive, maintenance again. In a heads up hands-free, way in a highly immersive way, and. Doing that job correctly the first time without the organisation, needing to spend a lot, of money, and a lot of time and training all of their technicians on all of the scenarios that could happen if, you will so, like I said we're not gonna go look at all the capabilities, and operations, hopefully the quick spin through that we looked at was. Valuable, I highly encourage everybody, to go look at the release notes documents. And that provides all the details and with. That this wraps up our section in looking, at the investments, and the innovation, coming in our dynamics 365, applications, as part of wave 1 2020, and now, we're g

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