Microsoft Build Local Session- GCR Table Talk with Microsoft China CTO (delivered in | CON004

Microsoft Build Local Session- GCR Table Talk with Microsoft China CTO (delivered in | CON004

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Hi, everyone on the scene of friends, hello, everyone on the scene of the teachers are very happy today ah, and again gathered on the line. Then we all know that Microsoft's annual build conference is also our developer's event has just begun, then there are a lot of new content, new development paradigm, new ideas, we have a common exchange, so today, we are particularly pleased to have a few teachers, together online with you to communicate. So, as ourselves as developers, what experience do we have in this new era? What kind of idea? What is the truth in this software that defines everything, with so many new words in this cloud native? What is the real experience? So today's words, we hope, with this short half an hour, with you to have a good exchange. What about the line? There are 3 of our friends, do you want the teachers to introduce themselves.

Hello everyone, I am Wang Ruila, then I am this is the Hong Kong side of the MP is also ah, for the time being is for a Hong Kong. Then I'm in Hong Kong, uh, the company is doing the multi cloud GitHub technology. Well, I actually have a Shanghai rector right now, and that's one of Microsoft's, uh, active speaker. So if there's anyone listening to uh, you should know.

I asked this man, and I'll give it to Mr. Qian to introduce myself. Hi, everybody, I'm Zhuo Wei, I'm Microsoft's MVP of artificial intelligence in Beijing, uh, what about myself? Well, it's from a technical background. I'm at er. Often said to write 25 years of program, but now my main job is to do the angel investment of the printter, mainly focused on artificial intelligence and Chatbot field, that mainly helps is that we want to feed, er, early entrepreneurs, er, help them find the first most advanced AI algorithms, and land to solve the problems in the actual business scenario ah. So I hope I'm glad to be able to communicate with you today, thank you.

Hey, everyone, I am, I have Bogo uh, I, itself in Taiwan, there is a software company, then I personally, often I train, and then myself is, uh. Development technology VP, but also Microsoft ID ah, very happy to communicate with you here. Thank you, teachers are leaders in their respective industries. Well, in the industry for many years, then we all know now, the concept of endless, the topic of endless, but its essence of the words, it is often easy to make people can not find the direction. So today's words, I would like to take the opportunity to har ask everyone in turn, mainly in this cloud ah, open source ah artificial intelligence ah this new development paradigm, we personally experience, or so, we have limited time ah, I will directly let ask me to endure it, slug.

I said hello. As we all know, in the age of the epidemic, digital transformation has become for everyone in every institution? Are from the option to B option, then every organization, need to have sufficient resilience to adapt to the changes of this era, then the software played a very important role. With cloud computing right? And then the popularity of big data artificial intelligence blockchain? Software development way this, whether it is just said that the cloud native ah, open source can be rapid development. So based on the speed of the developers you just said, what security topic does this report know? Cloud-native topic open source internal open source external open source, the effective use of these technologies also become what? Become an important means of improving the capabilities of enterprise software, what about you? Active practitioners in this area should have accumulated a lot of experience, and of course may also learn a lot of lessons. So, you should have a lot of personal experience, then can you take the opportunity to communicate with everyone's friends and gentlemen? Well, that is actually I started my IT work a few years ago, in fact, I started out in the field of attitude cloud, there is no previous may be according to Prime some work, but these years of cloud uh trend or voice development is really quite fast.

Like I actually did a few years ago, I'm just doing Stringer, I'm just saying Azure, maybe you're going to do some ah, inserting, are you using it? You, you're going to do APIgateway. You may be using Azure's API M, but then I'll do multi Color me, I'll do abs, and I'll miss it. There's Ali, too. Here's a question, like I went to configuring, uh, uh, Win some ah, Prada is like er, API management big S original ah, and then do it again, especially some special policy, like a bank? Banks insure these, and they actually need specific applications, or have specific exceptions.

And so on something you have to develop some of the different coffees of plugin yourself, there are some of their own. Well, especially consider to do, or their own specific product, there are some ah, to redevelop some problems exist, but in fact two years ago, two or three years ago, I saw is Microsoft is very active in the development, that is, cognitive and OS aspects, such as is, uh, also, uh, with a lot of Linux ah, now there is WL2 also come. Also qubble, a lot of cbic things ah. Mailbox is K's ah, also about, uh, other Stand or protel will also ah, will ah, inject a lot of manpower to do.

For example, now you don't just have LM temper but also Telephone, even the service is the field of hybrid, and that's what HR is all about, uh, big, uh, coffee, especially Microsoft, and that makes me feel. Ah, yes, want to standardize the whole thing to make developer development more convenient and smooth, this feeling is that before we use uh mobile phone charging cable is not just uhtype C bar, like we Nokia, I will use Nokia charging cable to play Motorola charging cable, ah, we have ah, I I I, I use Nokia, my father with Motorola I, I only have 2 charging cable, is not that uh ah. In fact, it was two or three years ago, club also has this problem, I, I use SMS, uh. Something what is is IT stuff. But now there's a

little bit different, yes, most of that means 7 to 8 percent of things we can use some. Common cognitive things are like CSS these things to develop, like our API gateway, maybe we use ah, er, Kids English is like caller ah. But manage may also be used ah Microsoft managed HR ah, but also can Android ah can also enjoy ah.

monitoring, or Security. Ah, we can take advantage of azure Security Center, we can use Azure monitor to monitor these things, these are real for erdeveloper ah, much better. We don't have to. 2 times 3 times development, in different languages, especially I am the weekend takemeup finished, every time to do er, 3 or 4 cards of things we can do with some more common things, but if the management then we can use ah. Use the manager of the couple itself. Then we can ah, it is not difficult to find, there are some ah interesting factors ah.

A lot of big coffee ah, especially Microsoft ah, avoid is the imprint of bends, OpenCV some things? Ah, our development experience has also gone from something clothes to something open source, and we, uh, have some problems, like API gateways, like perform or some service discovery, and we're used to going to open source's comettee, or, uh. Some medical techniques, we are used to this open sourceculture words, in fact, there is now a trent called source? yes, it's all in full use, open source one, uh, community set up their own business, uh enterprise an Innocent, let's be some. On their own, uh, don't study some of your own company's high blood pressure, some Team's collaboration, in fact, we are like the usual open source of the contribution quat can also, uh, avoid oh. We're different from our own, uh, develop, uh, maybe I'm just going to have a language or some tool, it's like I'm just going to have some tools, uh, but ah, a business is probably, uh, thousands of people around the world, uh, everywhere, and then, uh, there's something wrong with me that's just, I'm just going to do this, he's going to just do that. But ah, this OS world slowly standard words also ah, perhaps we can slowly global to go to the mouth library, and is that we do not have to ah. Worried about how to integrate ah, a new development team, because aunt's world is actually with OpenCV almost as much, er, some, uh, uh, people are looking at us, uh, the enterprise inside the Circle we, uh, uh, a lot of people go to see us, er, their own ah inside the source of the words have a sentence I think is very good, that is, we just need dogs ah, as long as there are enough eyeballs hub this kind of nowhere to hide that, Then I hope it's the future, uh, in, uh.

Cloud-native world ah, in the image source of this ah culture ah can let usdeveloper do, uh, better and more round mountain normal, Marshal ah best. This put an end to all Bharara, thank you, so what you just said is that at the time of development, your paradigm time is constantly adjusting, right? So what kind of environment is your development now? That's all I'm doing right now, a standard, a Dooble environment, probably for him, maybe for him, maybe for Azure default. Ah, build one, uh, Curious Custer or use OpenCV to secure these, and then, uh.

Maybe it's using HR or open shift or hot google Apple to do a management and monitoring. That's because all the big 7 to 8 percent stuff is data, so if we know the next business, we'll use the same stack, and according to what they need, tools will go in pregnancy. What kind of coverage is that like the one you're working with? Is it in Hong Kong or Greater China? What is the status quo in Asia now? Well, I'm mainly pressing Asia-based er, Hong Kong-based words, just, uh, maybe there are a few people on the Local Team, but we all, uh, India and, uh, Singapore's Team exchanges are mainly one by one, uh, uh. The team developed is usually a few 10 people. Above, internal and that good, if you want to say with online friends so 1 or 2 sentences as one of your suggestions, in this era you will have what kind of advice to them? Well, be sure to learn to listen, be sure to learn Curiosity. Be sure to learn some of the cloud's native, uh tools, this is really the trend of the times can not be disobeyed and go against. This phenomenon. OK, thanks,

how about another of our teachers like that? Ah, well, uh, thank you, thank you, Wei Qing ah, uh, first of all, this, uh, in the past few years ah, er, actually experienced a lot of Internet development and technological development, er, that I just said, I have been from a technical background, so in fact, in, uh, china's Internet development stage, in the beginning of the Internet wave in this 9798, when we were doing, uh, such as water wood bb Tsinghuas, and Zixiabbs, We do this kind of web service in school bbs. And then it was me, I was in the bad guys, and then on Web 2. 0 era, I also served as the chief scientist at Youku, and then Youku from scratch to make, and then later? Well, I did my own microblogging service at the time, called GY07. And then I made an angel investment.

So in the course of these years, in fact, I am, uh, as a technology practitioner, but also as a technology geek, experienced a development of the entire technology industry. Well, at the earliest, I actually used dos in '91, the text interface at that time. If you want to remember not like basic to BC ah, is all of our, the whole technology development in the past years has actually experienced a very, very much ah, including like that year may be everyone will, er, such as website development will use ASP and PHP, now have used C-know JS, this evolution is very, very fast ah. Well, or when we were in 2000 when the servers needed to move to IDC themselves, and now that we've got, uh, complete, like azure, we're going to click a little bit of how many servers we want, how many resources we have. So, this technological evolution is actually very, very this changed all of our developers this, er, development habits, and even to say that our entire commercial application, all kinds, uh, this Internet application has had a great impact uh, that, uh, I am in, uh this development process, in fact, their most concerned from the beginning of er 2000, we were then printter involved in a lot of mobile Internet this, uh, early project applications ah, We've invested more than 300 mobile Internet in the last 10 years. Cell phone APP, uh. But it wasn't until 2016 that

we completely turned to artificial intelligence, and, er, this track came, mainly me. Personally, I'm mainly referring to areas like call center AI and Chatbot. So, uh, in this field? In fact, I most want to and everyone Share is my own development of this industry an inside, is for the whole uh human-computer interface ah, that if er, in the 90's, when we are dos, is a plain text interactive interface ah, all of us are in need.

Well, this one used typing to control the computer and then we knew we had Windows 3. 1 and windows 95 after, into this GUI of this image interface era, and even later? After we interacted with the image on a stand-alone, we had a browser, and we became a completely full-time browser, and server server server client this way of interacting, er, this, uh, close to the cloud. And then we know that our mobile Internet phones are starting to use touch screens, completely putting us, er, in this interface that both dos and Windows need instructions to use. Completely turned into a child, may not have learned this mobile phone, touch screen how to use it can use such an interface.

What about the development of such a, uh, interactive interface? belch. To these years, in fact, there is another is our artificial intelligence after the start, we found that ah, more and more we can communicate with machines through human natural language, in a more natural way, this process of communication, we can, uh, can see such a trend ah. In fact, in the past we summed up why is the text interface, because the machine is too stupid, we must cater to the machine. Well, the ability to verify habits to control it, well, if you say something else, he doesn't have the ability to understand, so in the past we could say that there was an era of interface and no intelligence. Well, on the intelligence is very low, the worst time can only use text to him, that can only be better, performance is better, maybe we can use the mouse and then go to click some menu to ye window, that with the enhancement of our computer capabilities in the intelligent era, we are now developers in doing some new interface, we may find that machines can understand more and more places, we can see now, such as we already have some like Xiaoice ah, Nina, Siri. Ah, Alex, and this Google Home Google Assistant they can all start going.

Well, get used to the instructions of this basic natural language of our humanity, and go and make it real. In the process, uh, we humans can communicate with machines in a more natural way, and machines can do better. Well, let's all imagine that in fact, human communication, in the past few 10 years we can see the last few 10 years, all through natural language to deal with it, right? For example, er, in terms of management. Everyone will say that the CEO of a large company will have more than 50% of the time in communication is how, in fact, in talking to people ah.

I know I can say a few words to you, others tell me, then I believe this, er, this is also as a CPU, although it is the technical background, but now there is more and more time, may need to communicate with different people, including our activities, we are also in er, through communication to convey such information, and the task completed, that in the future actually machine, er, have the ability to understand these, it's through language, and then the ability to complete the task. Should be completely can replace the past of this kind of mobile phone APP ah, even some applications on our computer. In this way, we'll find that this, uh, artificial intelligence behind the human-machine interface will be very, very, uh, this one that will, uh, change the future of a new one that will change humanity, this, uh, a new technology in the history of technology, uh, new technology, then this technology will be like the information capabilities we've said in the past that the Internet era has changed us all over the last 20 years.

Bringing us great convenience in this information transmission, it allows us to go at zero cost and, er, get all our information flow, including now. We can all see us in real time in all parts of the world on build, which is a boost from the Internet age. In the next 20 years, maybe artificial intelligence will be better than our Internet for the last 20 years, but that's a big part because we've reached a lot of this unexpected and significant breakthrough, like we can now understand our human language.

You can go, even, uh, there are some breakthroughs in the CV field, er, including making your own diagrams, er, including writing now, so in the process, uh, how do we take advantage of our human-computer interface or our future developers to take advantage of this new industry? I've always liked to give you the example that we're using APP for example now, we use Ctrip to book a hotel and a ticket, we probably need some ah, it may take 30 to 50 times, right? We're probably going to choose, it's a lot of trouble. But if you think about it, if I help you book a ticket. If everyone is very familiar, to book a ticket, maybe you say a word to me on WeChat, I will put you this thing booked, right? Because I'll know what you like, where do you tell me to go? I'll probably know if you want first class or economy class, and you'll stay in a hotel like home or five-star. So in this case, uh, I don't have to communicate with you any more, and I can even help you put the money in the way. If we all say good things, then we'll do it all. That app based on such a uh scenario would certainly be more complete than the app of the past, er.

Let more users have a better experience, and then let our whole society run more smoothly ah. So in the end, uh, what about the end? I think all the prospects I just gave you, I think it's all based on artificial intelligence, that artificial intelligence just how we have a great clear ah is talking, uh. Our home is now very expensive graphics card, can not buy at home, that is actually on the cloud, right? We have a lot of resources on the cloud, we can all complete base on cloud, that like our Microsoft, er, provide a lot of like cognitive service ah, and then like Luis QNQNA custom Vision, can provide a lot of this ability. Ah, including my favorite botle service Chatbot app on the Internet can be done ah. In this way, I believe that next is what each of our developers should pay attention to, just this Warrior mentioned cloud native ah, our entire use of the cloud, and then combined with the artificial intelligence scenario, for our end-user landing business scenario to provide a better solution.

This is, I would like to bring you to share, I hope you can follow Chatbot next, thank you, er, thank you Miss Zhu har. In fact, you have been in the industry for so many years, so many years of entrepreneurship, but also set up this ups and downs ah, technology ups and downs, then you just said artificial intelligence is very critical, data is very critical. So in fact I believe that many friends online, they are in this, they sometimes especially traditional developers, the development of I am artificial intelligence, may also hear, or also did some learning, that in this integration, because you are personal experience ha, you can not talk to friends on the scene in a simple, is you in integration, is how to make this application ah. Become more intelligent aspect, there are some suggestions for everyone, in addition to saying that must go like this, then do you have some suggestions some experience or some step on the pit ah? Falling heels can communicate. Well, uh, I think if you're going to need to pay attention to this process of moving this app we're doing right now to an intelligent app, uh.

I would like to give you a sin, evil feeling slimming advice, is that we must be in the artificial intelligence era in the process of moving forward, called, er, moderate step by step to embrace artificial intelligence, then because in the process, we many times, now we may have good expectations of artificial intelligence. We often say that in the short term we underestimate one thing, overestimate one thing, in the short term, we think one thing is particularly strong, but in fact. Well, he's not up to the height we thought he was, but long-term? We're going to underestimate him because he's going to be so good in the long run that we're completely beyond imagination. Then we must pay attention in this process from our APP de-intelligence, is called force, this combination of our industry background, we put our most long-term expectations into the future, but what we have to do, must be combined with our current ability to get this landing technology application to combine into our products step by step, with the Internet point of view, this is called small-step fast running ah.

Well, don't go too far leading to other problems. Well, a lot of thanks to Mr. Han har very profound experience, estimated to be also the school training line.

Well, then let's have please be famous Bogoha this bogey is also the industry's very legendary IT world, so your experience, very rich. And you've been developing this new technology for years. Promotion, put a lot of energy, is also an industry, we call it called the old horse know-how bar. So can you develop software for this cloud-native era? His way ah, its development tools ah, its development efficiency improvement aspects, what is their own experience? Ideas also hope to communicate with you, OK? What if we say something new? Ah, now what's not a new bottle of old wine, or too tired, new bottle of old wine is not gin winery heart flat, both, uh, actually both, so no matter what there are old things, right? Ma'am, so, uh, we're facing this era of dramatic change Oh, so many technologies, uh, so many new technologies, so many technologies, feel a lot of change, when relative to me, it's like I've had more than 20 years of experience. Then I will find that the evolution of these development tools development technology actually has a certain context, so when we master these technologies, in fact, I did not spend too much time to pick Up so many rich technology, but I just can take my original path to a more realistic point, basically I have to catch up with the new pace is very, very easy, and do not spend too much time.

So a lot of people have actually mentioned to me, that is, about the efficiency of development ah, that is, well, if we are today in a work situation, then what? We hope to improve our work efficiency. So this point, you can consider, say, today is someone else decided to think you are slow or you feel slow? One of the things I see myself is that a lot of people don't feel like they're slow to develop, and that's because of the lack of comparison. So if you really step out of your existing company and compare it with others, you'll find, wow, the world has changed so much, start using cloud tools, start using congener components, even like Visual Studio. Oh, there's a product to be rolled out that's going to buckle Space, so we can just wrap all the code in this development environment into a contimer to do the development, so how convenient and efficient is that, so basically, uh, everybody? What about familiarity with tools? In fact, I personally feel very very very important Oh, so I think this is a time investment, and is very necessary investment ah, then I saw quite a lot of people, that is, er, we are in, uh, the development of the system process, you have been using.

Maybe five or 10 years ago learned the technology to develop, then 10 years of development? You don't feel slow to say you, you feel like you can do everything, but if A keeps up with the new steps, let's learn some new tools and use the newer version of Visual Studio. Well, when we go to the process of developing a city A, efficiency naturally rises. Oh, of course, in addition to tools, there are a lot of other factors, will involve efficiency ah, for example, er, the adoption of this development framework, and then the development framework, in fact, is every version of the continuous iteration has been up, as far as I know Oh. Well, Microsoft launched a variety of development framework, in fact, is also, now is also very full of too many, then I personally and not all catch up ah, I do not need to catch up, because in fact every development framework or tool, in fact, there is an application of the scene, then we for certain specific scenes? Hey, I don't. Go research, to understand and find out, oh, the original blazer is used to solve a specific problem, if you use today like Signal A it solves instant messaging problems and so on.

You have to think about whether this technology is worth investing in, if it's worth investing in, hey, you take the time to learn about him, and then the whole company's development team is directly improved. So uh. The advantages are very, very many, but I actually regret that I see a lot of people in the industry is ah, choose not to spend time to invest in these development technologies and learn the new development framework, so the efficiency has not gone up, it is a bit like, uh, uh. We cut down the trees with an axe.

It's about the same as cutting down a tree with this saw, that metaphor, oh, you've stewed your bones, aren't you going to touch it? How is it possible that you or you don't change a better tool? Efficiency can be greatly improved, right? So, uh, uh. That's to say, uh, we're always, uh, in the process of development, in fact, oh, technology, etc., you're still going to have a lot of experience in stepping on a pit, like Microsoft, basically, like str, and then this idea, framework. Each version of the constant development of new, in fact, these versions of the update is based on the real customer needs reflect ah. Then I actually think so.

Quite a few people actually do not know this situation ah, because I chatted with a few friends in the process, found that they actually think Microsoft is to make money has been launching a new version. Although you can't deny this map, right? But what I'm actually seeing is that he's really serious about solving some people's problems, some companies' problems, or we're just going to be a little narrower. In fact, Microsoft is to solve their own company's problems, so the introduction of a new version, to improve some of the original development of this some restrictions ah defects ah and so on ah. So I actually feel like our company, uh, to a large extent, basically, uh, has been keeping up with the latest technology this angle ah, but we go to pick. We go to pick these technologies that really fit our company, and then, uh, seriously study him after he has studied them, within our company, even outside, like me often have a lot of live broadcasts, will also share these technologies to everyone to know ah. So I think it's a er, great investment. Suggest you,

you can more ah, you can think about it. Well, thank you, Bogo. In fact, I think what you are saying is that some of the industry's old horses some specific some deep experience is very important, so in fact, this bugd conference words, Microsoft? Will launch a lot, with just a few teachers said about this concept method is the paradigm, then the words, in fact, follow is what we call the developmenter.

velocity is developer speed, it involves 14 dimensions, there are 57 drivers, so we offer, friends if they are interested, you can also go to the Internet to download to see. Then at the same time, especially welcome everyone to encourage everyone, this build content carefully to study, then a good time is almost, then we a few teachers and friends on the scene to say hello, let's say goodbye, and then together to open the era of innovation, we grasp new business opportunities, good, thank you for buying.

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