May 28, 2018: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

May 28, 2018: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

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Major. Funding for NJTV. News is, provided, in part by RWJ. Barnabas, health let's. Be healthy, together. Njm. Insurance, Group serving. The insurance needs, of, New Jersey residents, and businesses, for more than a hundred years and horizon. Blue, Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey an independent. Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Tonight. On NJTV news what's, become, of the children, this. Public, outrage over federal agents, forcibly, separating. Children of unauthorized, migrants. From their families, and then, losing. Track, of, 1500. Unaccompanied. Minors, on. This Memorial, Day freehold, is honoring our servicemembers, veterans and. Those who made the ultimate sacrifice, for. Our nation, what. Investigators, are hoping for in a massive, search for, new technologies. And. The. Tour de Somerville, will tell you why it's the Kentucky Derby, who cycling, those, stories are more next on NJTV news. Live. From the Agnes Varis NJTV. Studio at 2:00 Gateway, Center in Newark this is NJTV. News with, Mary Alice Williams. Hello. Thank you for joining us there is growing outrage, stemming, from congressional. Testimony that. The US Department of Health and Human Services, has lost, track, of nearly, 1500. Immigrant, children who arrived, here without parents, and have been lost from official, oversight, raising. Fears that those not placed with relatives or, foster, families, may have been trafficked, or lost. Senior. Correspondent Brenda, Flanagan unravels. What we do know about immigrations. Collateral. Damage. Stories. About immigrant, children forcibly. Taken, from their families and federal, detention, made the Twitterverse, explode, without rage this weekend, it focused. Public attention on the Trump administration's. Zero-tolerance. Policy. Designed. To deter, undocumented. Migrant. Families, if you cross the border. Unlawfully. Even a first offense, and then we're going to prosecute you, and that child will be separated, from you probably as required. By law, if, you don't want. Your child to be separated. Then don't bring them across the border illegally it's, not our fault, that. Somebody does that zero, tolerance actually. Started, last year ramping. Up to replace the so-called catch and release policy. That had let most, families, go free while, their deportation, case was heard in civil court but, zero tolerance has, triggered a backlash, legal, political and emotional there's. No need for detention, of either, parent or child in this situation. And. There's certainly no need for a blanket policy that rips 18, months old, out of their parents arms at the border it's that policy, and that separation, of parents, and children that is going to cause extreme, trauma to people who are already extremely, vulnerable and who have experienced, persecution in their country of origin, president, Trump is instead, creating, a new, class of de facto foster. Children, and manufacturing. A child welfare crisis more, than 700. Children have, been separated. From their parents at least, a hundred are younger, than four years, old. Tearing. Innocent children away from their parents is shameful, it is cool and it, is unamerican, once these children, reach the border we must afford, them due process, US, law states, when border patrol arrests, parents, kids can't, go to jail with them they become unaccompanied. Minors, and end up with the department of homeland security the, president, blamed Democrats. Those are the bad was that the Democrats, gave us we have to break up families the, Democrats, gave us that law it's a horrible thing we have to break up families there, is no law that, has been passed by Democrats forcing. Separation, of families there, is no law period, that mandates. Detention. Of people, who are entering this country much. Less separation. Of those individuals, from their children meanwhile. What happens, to migrant, kids who do end up in government custody the, office of refugee resettlement, calls, them UA C's, or unaccompanied. Alien children. And most, stay, with sponsors, relatives, in the US or with foster, families, alarmingly. A recent, audit by Orr, of more than 7600. UA C's couldn't. Account for almost 1500. Of them about, 19%. Trending. Hashtags, where, are the children, missing, children, advocates. Fight back in court and with, sanctuary, it's appalling but it's also something. That we've seen sort of over, and over and over and over again associate.

Pastor Amos Kelly preaches, at the reformed church of Highland Park which is offered sanctuary, to refugee. Families, seeking asylum, he calls current, u.s. immigration policy, inhumane. What we're seeing is entire, generations, of of kids, and of parents, that are being, systematically. Traumatized, by, not, just policy but by I would say violence what, now, apparently, it's a political, stalemate but this, debate along, with what to do about daca, and the dreamers, could become up major issue in the upcoming midterm elections. In West. Orange, I'm Brenda Flanagan NJTV. News, police. Have been reassigned, and an investigation. Has been launched, in the wake of an alarming, video, that's, gone viral it. Appears, to show Wildwood. Police officer, repeatedly, punching, a 20 year old woman in the face, Emily, Wineman clay on Facebook, that she had alcohol on the beach but passed a breathalyzer test, and, refused, to give officers her name the, Wildwood, Police Department, posted a Facebook statement, saying Wineman was charged with two counts of aggravated assault, on a police officer. Disorderly. Conduct, resisting arrest. Obstruction and, possession. Of alcohol the, mayor says he's been told the police department is reviewing this video as well as video from the officers, body cameras. Homeless. Around Newark Penn Station may. Soon have one less place, for, safety, and comfort the. City of Newark opened, a wintertime shelter, to provide help with housing and employment health, and counseling, referrals as, well as meals showers. And laundry facilities, the. New York Department of Health and community wellness director says. 269. People have stayed there over the last five months the, temporary, shelter was slated to close in March but was, kept open longer, because, of the cold, the mayor says he's looking, for money to keep it open a few weeks longer but will close it sometime, in June. A solemn. Memorial, Day ceremony, at the all Veterans, Memorial in, Bud Lake where, Morris County American, Legion commander Staff, Sergeant, Emory vaso laid, a wreath and, spoke, on behalf of a grateful nation. Please. Pause and remember reflect, on sacrifices. Made by so many to keep this great nation's, freedom. Safe for, all and, please keep our soldiers in your thoughts and prayers. All. Over. The state citizens, and survivors, attended, events to honor those who've served and sacrificed Lauren. Walker reports, on a long-standing, tradition in Monmouth County that, remembers, the meaning, of this day. Early. This morning, and freehold borough veterans, made the solemn, walk down East Main Street in honor, of the servicemen, and women who, made the ultimate sacrifice for. The nation in the hustle and bustle of, today. You. Know a lot of people are having. Picnics, and barbecues and. Whatnot and this is really the true meaning, of Memorial, Day, is. This service they, gathered, at Elks point to remember our country's, heroes free, all has been well known to supply veterans, and that they have answered the country's call time and time again.

There. Are more than 60, markers, crosses. And the Star of David in the barrel for those who lost their lives in the line of service one. Of the earliest crosses, stands for a man who died during the Revolutionary, War most, of these service members were either born in Freehold or went to high school here Carroll. Schreyer stood, over her uncle's cross my. Dad came for years and years, and years and we. Lost dad last summer and there's. No way we're not gonna represent the, family, it's a celebration two of his life I mean it's not just of his death it's his wife too after, the service the veterans joined in on the freehold Memorial, Day Parade we, put. A parade together to honor. Sorry. The. Men. And women that did not make it back from Wars the. Parade itself, to. Me is fluff, what's. Standing behind me is the reason I do it the parade began with a flag draped casket the. Casket says lest, we forget why. We are all here and what. Memorial. Day means this is about those who didn't come home and honoring them and their memory and their. Sacrifice. So that we could be in a free country to have parades like this Alice, McCobb has been running the parade for about 30 years and her daughter is now the vice chairman, we, believe we're the oldest and longest consecutively. Running Memorial Day Parade in definitely. A Momma County but in the state possibly as well this is the hundred forty fourth freehold Memorial, Day Parade there are about 70, different groups that participate, and takes, a tremendous amount, of work to chord me the 15-person, all volunteer, committee, works throughout the year and after today's parade, they'll already start, thinking about, next year's event. 94. Year old World War two veteran John J music and junior was the grand marshal we, lost so many men in, the war and the, Battle of Iwo Jima there, was three divisions, a, total. Of over 6,000, Marines died, and. The Ujima. They. They're heroes in. My mind, I'm, not a hero I'm a, survivor, the. Parade organizers disagree. They, insist John is a hero too for. Protecting, and defending the. United States of America, and all, those who call this country home in. Freehold. I'm Lauren wanker and Jake, TV news. Some. Rutgers, researchers. Are pushing the boundaries of wireless networks, in a test bed here, hoping. To create technological. Advances, that match human, aspirations. Michael. Hill reports, so. Computers, antennas, of wired. Interfaces. Which are unplugged right now even Cisco is describing, a programmable, radio node, in the world's largest wireless, academic. Testbed, in Rutgers, University's, Wireless information networking. Laboratory, in July, engineers. Will modify 50. Of these and deployed them in West Harlem during, the Manhattan neighborhood of 30,000. Residents into. An outdoor laboratory. West. Harlem symbolizes. The features of an increasingly. Urbanized, world tall. Buildings, dense population. And ever-growing. And thirsty, demand for more bandwidth, to send more data all, at the same time and demanding, that data more quickly reach their destination. Better known as lower, latency, but these latest, requirements. For lowering. The latency, and increasing, the capacity, of the system actually, forced us to look at the new technologies, which don't exist yet, Rutgers, Columbia, University, and NYU are partners. In a National Science Foundation, seven-year, project to create find, and test those new technologies, to, accommodate, a world that's projected to have twenty billion, Internet. Connected, devices in two years among, the test pushing. Computing, to the edge which means literally. Provide computing, as close, as possible to the user meaning. Just. Next, where the wireless signal gets into the infrastructure, another, experiment, using, new millimeter-wave bands, to grow capacity, that would normally require more, cell towers, instead, researchers, will try out higher, frequency. Antennas, for a process called advanced. Beam forming, which is the, ideal focusing. Radio. Frequency. Towards. A particular, user and doing, that on a massive scale and that is actually one of the main. Challenges that we. Are trying to understand the complexities.

That This brings in the National Science Foundation, and an industry, consortium are, funding the Kosmos project, for the next wireless, revolution says. His project director this is really focused, on on massive. Change, in scale of delivery. Of Wireless Rutgers. And its partners anticipate. The research barring exponential. Benefits, for humans among them. Safer. Streets and intersections. Researchers. Say by improving latency, machines, can communicate, faster, with other machines to, produce faster, time for self-driving, cars to act one, of the ideas that has been floated around is to combine, video. Coming. Out of each of the cars in order to improve safety because, obviously as we've, seen recently if. You focus only on the intelligent, in a single car we. Still have a problem that the tech students will happen now, hope, is that by combining, the knowledge or. Sensory. Output, from each of the cars as well, as integrating it to the infrastructure, we, can significantly improve. Performance. Way, beyond what even a single human can do sense Wireless, is the glue that connects. The information. Word to human beings so, it's going to remain super, important, when lab directed, upon quarry shoe tree is overseeing. The project and says cosmos, is open, access platform, will. Invite experiments, in competition, from across the country and lead, to new technologies. And devices and the idea is that as these small companies get, involved, and excited by the capability they'll, bring out their favorite, gadget, to try out and certainly, virtual, reality, and augmented reality, are, two areas we are seeing a lot of action. In right now during the experiment, this New York City neighborhood, will be the first in the world to test, the new technologies. Making, it the proving ground for the city focused, applications. It's really critical, because, you know the only, real proof the technology, is viable is if you show that people. Can use it the Rutgers researchers, hope the project adds to the city's old adage, if, you can make it work in, such a dense environments, you could probably make it work anywhere Michael, Hill NJTV. News, tracing. The family, of a veteran, who gave the last full measure of devotion that. Tops tonight's Garden, State Express. Stop Sea Isle City where. Corporal, William Smith's, name inside. A Battlestar, his. That's to enter the World War one monument, in Veterans Park but, his remains, are elsewhere, on a visit. To the town where Smith spent his summers, army, veteran Joseph Truax, read, the inscription indicating. The infantryman. Was wounded, and died in Verdun France and is, buried, with family, members in an unmarked, grave at, Pennsylvania's. Fernwood Cemetery, Truax. Arranged for an American Legion grave marker, to be placed where Smith is buried, but, only a family member, can request, a, headstone, Smith's. Siblings have died now, Truax is on a mission to find Smith's, descendants. Next. To Summerville, honoring, American, vets on Memorial, Day with the longest-running, bike, race in the nation the, classic, attracts, an international. Cadre, of some 600, professional, and amateur, cyclists, including. Olympians, competing. In eight categories, of races in two towns over three days winding. Up with the 50 mile koogler, Anderson memorial tour of Summerville known, as the Kentucky, Derby. Of cycling, the, tour is the oldest, major bicycle, race in the United States and a legend, in the lore of bicycle, racing, finally. Wildwood. And what's being called the largest kite, festival, in North America, that, opened, the 2018. Summer, season, as it has for 32, years before, by, day the, Wildwoods international. Kite Festival launches. Hundreds, of creatures aloft, but, by night they're. Replaced, by kites that glow with an inner light playing.

The Sky with tracers, that make it look like a vast neon, edge escapes, happy. Summer nights and that's, a Garden State Express for Memorial, Day Monday May, 28th, something, up in your neighborhood tip, us off. The. New Jersey primary. Election, is one week from tomorrow and, voters in the largest at least populated. District, in the state faced, a crowded field of Canada's seven, in all four. Democrats, and three Republicans are. Vying for a chance to replace Republican. Representative, Frank LoBiondo who's. Retiring, after, 24. Years in the house he recently reflected. On his contributions. And consternation. Through, 12 terms, in Congress, I am, leaving I'm not running again and, it's. Bittersweet, I've, had a great opportunity to. Serve the district on some great committees, and. The. Good news doesn't sell I mean we had I chair. The aviation, committee and, we had the five-year. Reauthorization after. Three years of continuing. Resolutions with, only 10 or 11 people in Congress voting against it we had more than 200 stakeholder, meetings to get to the point of getting a good result the. Senate's going to do it it's going to be very bipartisan, the, National Defense Authorization bill, I'm on the Armed Services Committee, passed, the house with huge. Bipartisan, margins, yesterday. But, you sort of don't hear about that now that having been said there. Is far too much drama but. I've always been focused on working, for, the district working with whoever it takes to get results and it's it's been a good run here the. Hyper partisan, environment, coinciding. With the Trump presidency has. Prompted the Brennan, Center for Justice to. Imperil, a bipartisan, task force dedicated preserving. Democracy it's. Being spearheaded, by former, New Jersey Governor, Christie, Todd Whitman she. Sat down with Kent Manahan for, governor's, perspectives. Governor. Whitman you're involved, in a democracy task, force as part of New, York University, School of Law tell. Us about your work with, this project and, and what it's in response to really. The Brennan. Center at NYU, is the one that came to us and said what. We what we want to do and that's why I joined it without even thinking. Twice and, it's a bipartisan, bipartisan. A nonpartisan group. And, we're, trying to look at those. Important. Functions. That underline a, see and to, see if we can come up with suggestions, of how to codify, or to ensure. That, the norms that we've accepted for so long actually are. Followed, it's. Not the first time that we've seen deviation. From it I mean we've had presidents. Who Richard. Nixon with Watergate and after that we got the federal prosecutor. When John Kennedy appointed, his brother his, Attorney General we got the no nepotism law it's, a question of trying to ensure that the, things that we assumed were the way people would act in public office or assumed, to be the separations. Between government. And the press government, and that law enforcement are, in fact being followed well, let me ask you about the, outcome, for. Centuries, government. Has operated, sometimes. For, the good and sometimes, for, the not-so-good, so, so, what, what is the expectation here, well, again we're trying to there's still been norms.

And Parameters of behavior, that have not been exceeded. Regularly. They get exceeded, from time to time we have seen that where, people do go outside of what one. Would expect of them but, it hasn't been a continuous, behavior we're beginning to see more of it happening and frankly. It's not always at the federal level that sometimes happening, at the state and local level so, it's trying, to put some parameters around that so the public knows what questions, to ask of their elected officials what, kind of standards, to hold them to about. Those issues about which they should be concerned, why, should they care that's one of the things that we have got to explain why should you care that. The judiciary, maintain. An independence, why should you care that, somebody. In a position of influence speaks. Out gets. A head of an investigation, why. Should you care that that might color how the investigators. Do their work or how it should have go to court it will ever be handled, in the court those, are the kinds of things that we want, to get out and want to discuss some. Of it may be recommendations. For legislation. For, legislation, it, might be but. We haven't gotten to that stage yet with. The congressional, elections, coming up this November, are you expecting. To some, kind of a conclusion ahead. Of time so as you've indicated people. Will know what questions, to ask about, their, candidate what we'd like to we'd, like to have at least some of them that's. One of the discussions, we've been having can, you sure we release things incrementally. Or wait until we've done everything but there's so many issues that we want to take on that, have been brought forward by people I mean it was it's been amazing the number of people from whom I've heard once that task for it was announced people, from every spectrum saying please we've got to do this we've got to know what. Does it mean what does the emolument, clause really, mean why should we care that somebody. In in federal, office isn't making money on the side by virtue of their federal office why don't why does that bother me the taxpayer why should I care if they're, making money because they're in public office well, you've been looking into this and. As a former, governor how. Does, New Jersey's, state, government, operate, do you think are we pretty, efficient, does, the, government have the trust of the people of New Jersey in your estimation we do a lot better than a lot of states we, really do I mean sure we have our problems, and and people right now are just not trusting anything, and, you. Know well that's good it's not the answer that's, part of the problem that I see with, going forward for instance if, you look today every poll will say that twenty nine percent of the American people identify, as Republicans, 30 is Democrats and 40 is independent, so the independent non-affiliated.

Biggest. Party and it's growing the. Problem, with that is they're. Saying they don't like either choice but they're not doing anything to change the. Kind of choices they get from the primaries as those are controlled by the two parties and the message that I send to people is look nope. Neither party may be perfect, for you but pick the one that you're most, comfortable, with and get, in and vote in primaries to change it to try to get it back to where you think it should be well. We'll be hearing more about the, democracy, task, force which are part of Governor Whitman and thank you very much for sharing your your views my pleasure delighted. And. Now. Some noteworthy facts, that help you know Jersey, Rutgers. University, Industry. Wireless, research, hub win lab was established. In 1989. The. Inaugural, tour of Somerville, took place in May of 90 forty making it the oldest, cycling, race in the US the, freehold Memorial, Day Parade is the oldest and largest such, parade in New Jersey and, Wildwoods. International, Kite Festival is, the largest in North America, if there's, someone who you'd like to get to know Jersey share use hashtag, no Jersey tomorrow, on NJTV, new, strategies, to make sure school buses, are safe for kids to, share any story you've seen tonight go to NJTV. News org. I'm Mary Alice Williams for, all the men and women of NJTV. News thank, you for being here see you tomorrow. The. Members of the New Jersey Education Association. Making. Public, schools great for every child and, PSEG. We, make things work for communities. Funding. For governor's perspectives, with Kent Manahan is made possible by the Robert, Wood Johnson Foundation. Committed. To helping Americans, lead healthier, lives and get the care they need, additional. Funding provided by Colonel, Foley LLP, Seton. Hall University and. Seton Hall law and by, New Jersey manufacturers. Insurance, Group, njm. Insurance, company has been serving New Jersey policyholders. For more than 100. Years but. Just who are in jams, policyholders. They're, the social service and nonprofit, pioneers, who lend a helping hand, science. And technology innovators. The. Men and women who provide our skilled, labor and our. Homegrown, and champions the, people who make our state, a great, place to call home and, JM. We've, got New Jersey, covered, I'm. Fighting, cancer I'm fighting, cancer I am fighting cancer, I, fight, every day every. Night every hour. Every, minute, and. RWJ. Barnabas, health together. With the Rutgers, Cancer, Institute, of New Jersey, brings, the latest research treatments. And clinical, trials close to home we. Are fighting cancer and, I'm not fighting alone. RWJ. Barnabas health let's, beat cancer together.

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