Mass Effect Timeline

Mass Effect Timeline

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Sometimes. Those soldiers have better life, their sacrifice, will be honored, the Empire. You. No. Time, we paid fist a busy this. Is your show shipping, but I want to bring sarin down as much as you do I'm coming, with you you're. A turian, why do you want to bring him down I couldn't. Find the proof I needed in my investigation. But I knew what was really going on, sarin, is a traitor to the council, and a disgrace to my people. Welcome. Aboard eros you. Know we aren't the only ones going after fist the shadow broker hired, a Krogan bounty hunter named Rex to take him out making. Your day ambassador she. Has information linking, Saren to the get. Maybe. You better start at the beginning miss, my. Name is Tully Tully Zora. Neriah mother. Don't. Believe fight. Him, you've. Always made. Me proud, Liara. Died. Once. Like, Iraq. The eurozone. Sara is generous. All. Right Shepard you've made your point, I don't, like this but I trust you enough to follow your lead just. One thing, when, we find Saren, Iwaki, is the. Protheans, were not the first they. Didn't know to create the Citadel, they, did not Forge the mass relays. The. Legacy of my kind. Why. Would you construct, the mass relays then leave them for someone else to find you. Civilization. Is based on the technology, of the mass relays our. Technology. By, using it your society, develop, so long the power of the three designer. It's. Not over yet you. Can still redeem yourself. Can't. Be stealth. Systems are engaged there's no way it gets shipped to possibly it's not the gift brace, for evasive maneuvers. Come. On Joker we. Have to get out of here no, I won't, abandon the Normandy. I can still savor, the. Normandy's lies going. Down with the ship for change there. Yeah. Okay help, me up. Twenty. Years is a long time to hold a grudge a, grudge. Veto. Turned my man against, me he. Baits six of them to restrain, me while he put a gun to my head and pull the trigger for, 20 years I've sing that bastard, every time I close my eyes every.

Time I sight it down on the target, every time I heard a gunshot. Don't. You call that a goddamn, grudge. Destroy. These files. There's. Nothing more I can do and protect you I. Can't. Do that this. Is all that's left, good, buying a Sony. I love. You. Nealon, clearly doesn't need rescue what. Do you want to do. Have, to win this I can't face the truth ken you can't, admit that your brilliant mind led you to commit an atrocity. Unacceptable. Interest, unacceptable. Goals won't. Change no. Choice. After. Kill you a quad stretch and etic structure, identical, to traces collected, from an ancient ruins. My. God, the. Protheans didn't vanish they're. Just working for the Reapers now run, you. Are bird knocks we. Now own property, join. The army and applied. To serve under, a patent, Master. Shepard. Is my battle master he, has no match. Understood. Congratulations. Are not grunt, accept. This token from for time I was hoping to talk to you I. Apologize. But. Prayers for the wicked must not be forsaken. She. Certainly was wicked. Not. For her for. Me mari. Mother. Do. Not call, me that I can't choose to stop being your daughter, mother. You, made your choice long ago. Slowly. I. Am. The genetic destiny of, the asari I think I'm not ready to reveal this so. I must die so you'll sacrifice your brother's happiness, for your own ambition. Hundred. Six. Point. One. These. Readings give, us a massive. Shepherd. If. My calculations are, correct a. Superstructure. Is. A Reaper not. Just any rebirth. A humanely. Precisely. You. You. You. You. Come. On. You. Saw those men back there is, a million more like them and they need a leader we're, in this fight together Anderson. It's. A fight we can't win not, without help I'm, on it you go. Find you the Primark. Garrus. The. Carrion sir I didn't, see you arrive. At ease general good. To see you I, thought. You can tell, if. We lose this. Genophage. Cured broken. Free. Bella. Hira mistress. Of inscrutable, depths, past. Forgiveness. Colorado's, waves wear down stone and sand. Spirit. You. Speak as the priest. Shepard commander I must. Go to them. I'm. Sorry.

Légion, The. Answer, to your question, was. Thank, you. We. Read you give me your location. Approaching. Sorry they commander. We're, through the relay in 30 seconds. Alliance. Bleep reporting, turian. Be reporting sorry. Cleats reporting. Everyone. Be. Ready on my stick. It's. Too, late. Let. Us go. We'll. Do the rest I. I. Can't. Do that. This. Is more than hope it's, proof we weren't crazy. You can fly to a whole galaxy, and still make sense of things Sam. It, was simply a matter of linguistics. Though I am. Back. Off or I will put you down. Whoa. You come this far. When, the archon came to Helius he demolished, our sovereign. Estate took. What he wanted as if we were, nothing. Now. They can't listen ously abduct, bangarra, often. We, never see our people again, come, this way, ephra. Is waiting. Wave. The cat kidnap you to steal your people and, the resistance fights, them every day with. Everything, we can. Translating. Pattern. One three pliability. 56.2%. Genetic. Template transmitted. For testing. Were, they performing experiments, on them. Running, an analysis, of the grips. These bodies are prototypes for genetic blueprints each more refined than the last. Using. Meridian, they designed two species that live in this cluster. The, angora. You.

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