Make Your Brand Stand Out and Matter

Make Your Brand Stand Out and Matter

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Hello. And welcome back to cannabis marketing live we're really excited that you're here today. We, have guest. Lily. Canaan. In did I get that even close, who closed closed please, pronounce it for me for, like the 50th JN n Canaan, that's right has an umlaut and, everything it's fancy, Oh fancy. With mods very. Exciting, I was. Threatened I was gonna put an accent on my last, name because of the double e but. It just people can't get it without the accent, so why start. It's. Confusing enough as it is anyway. I'm Kendra Lucy we here with cannabis marketing live all puff no fluff and. Where. We are bringing you the. Brightest. Baddest, most bold ass people ideas and technologies. In the, cannabis, industry like, I said hear it today is Lily from. Changemaker. Creative. Really, excited to have lily here today and, let, me bring her onto the screen there she is alright. First met Lily at, MJ. Biz Colin and, last November and then we. Met again in the social media course that I had and Lily, is absolutely, awesome really, impressive, so I asked. Her if she. Would come joining join us today so hi, will Lily welcome, hi. I'm so happy to be here, yay. Today we're going to be talking about branding, so brought. In great, designer here to talk, to us about how. To create that brand for our cannabis business what it takes to stand out how. To make your brand's tuna and matter because both those things are really important and. Then. Talk about the importance of design as well as packaging. Which so many people have questions about and so we wanted to bring Lily here to clear all this up I have. Had way. Too much caffeine today took, a little walk around the park early this morning to try and do comic, line people, spoting because here in San Diego it's Comic Con and it's always like almost the migration at the whales right like they're here they're here it's so exciting. How. Was your David it's. This and if you, see her first over exactly. Exactly. It's. Fun and then there was a box of puppies in the park so who can go wrong haha, there were six weeks old little puppy pugs very exciting so, that was today how about you how was your day so far oh my. Day so far this has been great it's a beautiful, day here, in Northern California it's. Not too hot today so I'm happy, yay. Lily, and I were talking a little bit actually before we went live about, the, new, draft regulations, that came out here in California, and I realized, that not everyone here, is from. So. I wanted to have, Lily tell us a little bit about that as far as it comes what goes with packaging, and like the time frame, mm-hmm. What, have you found what did what changed, when. We look at the new requirements, for packaging, yeah. This is really like my pet peeve I could talk about this for, a whole day but so. The current regulations, that are currently, the, active ones dropped. On July 1st and, those. Ones said, that. You need to have child resistant, packaging and, had all kinds of requirements, for labeling and. Then. Two, weeks later they, drop the. Permanent. Draft regulations. That, will come that.

Will Be like the final ones at. The end of the year that's. Say no, more child resistant packaging we, were just kidding so. Basically, I, know. A lot of people who spent tens, of thousands. So. Much money and time and energy to. Design their. Child resistant, packaging only, to be told like nevermind just sorry. So. Much money yeah. And it's, been so hard for like some of the smaller companies and the smaller brands to put so much money into this packaging, oh my. Gosh the only thing I can say is that I have been horrified, by how much extra waste, goes. Into the packaging to make it all. Not earth-friendly for, and. Whether the exit. Packaging, will be, less. Or, it. Depends, on who you ask. But. I honestly think it's gonna be less I, think in the long run right that. Maybe bring. Your own bag bring. Your bag, facts, that are made out of bioplastic. They can compost. Like. That stuff like that is about to happen exactly. Hopefully a little see the boy. That. Would be so nice hence and. Paper, exactly. I'm paper packaging, hmm. That's seeds that'd be awesome, so, you're lovely let's. Change. Maker creative, I love that name I love what it means so can you tell us a little bit how you got started, sure. So, I've. Had my own business for over. A decade now and I. I, was just working on with. Like my name I didn't, really have a fancy the. Branding person, didn't have branding. Of her own, so. This year I decided that I should finally, like. Brand. Myself come. Up with an actual name for the business and not just be Lilly, at the designer. So. That's. Really where came from, my, previous. Clients, for my previous, life before cannabis. Are. Mostly, in the nonprofit, social. Justice, environmental. World so. I wanted a name that could combine those. Clients, with the cannabis clients, and I. Didn't feel like I need it to be like the, cannabis designer as a. Name like but. I wanted it to speak to both sides, no, I think that's really smart I managed. To brands right now one is like higher education, and financial services, and the other is all cannabis, and trying to manage both separately, is extremely. Challenging so there's definitely benefits from a branding perspective, to. Having. One and then do. You focus on like, socially. Conscious. With work with socially conscious companies how does that pretty, much yeah, so most of my clients, are either, nonprofits. Or, female. Owned businesses, and. Or. Sustainable. Products. So it's. Really a both, self-selecting. They find me and I find them and those, are really the ones that I find. Happiness in that's. Fantastic, I think there's definitely a power especially in having. A Purpose Driven business, and the fact that you've been able to put that even in your name and in your branding is so important, and really, helps you stand out, how. Do you help other clients, stand, out oh. It's. It's really a. Really. Big question yeah. Way. To start with the easy one so. Yeah, really the, main thing, about branding, is that you need to think about why. You're doing something. Because. So many people are just selling, branding. Services, that, is really just making. Something look nice yeah, without, any deeper, thought so. How. I do things is that I really, sit down with my clients, and spend. Time it. Won't happen in 15 minutes you will need to spend a little bit of time of like digging in a little deeper and, that's. Where, the name can come from and, that's where your look and feel should come from and your messaging, and your whole thing, so. It's it's really a deeper, thing than just like the last thing too many people start. Their company, make their product and then, contact, the designer to, kind of slap on the, end. Make it look gray, like. The frosting on the cake right but really you want to contact, the designer, in the, beginning. To. Like make, sure it's also beautiful on the inside, exactly. It's a good way to describe it especially when it comes to packaging. When you think about I, was. Thinking about it the other day like how much, almost, like perfume, right like those products, that are more experienced, and, then work on their senses because really it's such a luxury yeah. It's you know perfume cologne it's not necessarily, and some of the cannabis, brands are similar, in that right when you start to get to the packaging and that feel of what, you're trying to convey it work, it goes all the way through to the product not just here's. The label here's, the sticker. Requirements. It's. Just so key. What. Do you what tips do you have for cannabis. Companies, that are looking to get, started with their branding or even, their name selection, yes.

So If you're only starting out start. With your branding because. That will then guide everything, else you do so. You don't necessarily need. Website, to start with but you do need a good name and a good logo. What. You don't want to do is just come up with something by yourself and then go to 99designs and, have somebody make you a logo for 20 bucks I, think that you can get started with that cuz, then you're gonna have to be do everything, in, six, months when you realize that you can't trademark that logo, yeah. That's. Really important. Social. Media handle -, anywhere close, to it yeah it's, amazing what. Um, now. You. See it when you see the companies right and it's overly, saturated and, it's almost like the first wave of companies, that came in who named, everything. Kanna. With, a cake an eye with a. C14. All emerald. High. And. Everything's green right I mean my green what, do you what advice do you have for people who might be willing to have, the. Word Kanna or a variation, of it in the. Name. Well. You still, can like nobody's saying you can't. Absolutely. Fair but, having. Your company name start with Kanna something. Is. Going. To make them more. Likely. To get confused, with somebody else, unless. You push, it further like if your company, is called the can of octopus, then, people will probably remember, it but, if you're just like can. Kind. Of progressive, systems. That's. Gonna be super generic people, won't remember that. Like. So many so. There's a lot. Of trimming, companies, and one of them, that. I've seen in trade shows it was called a munch machine, that's. Awesome yeah. That's such a great name and. Their logo is like a little, monster so that's really cute and it's purple that's, awesome and then, all the others are like trim master 500. Sure. But, generic. Not remember. Like you won't remember that yeah I. And there's there's canna brands that stand out and I'm not saying that's a bad thing but it was just especially walking through the conference. Like, the exhibit, floor it, gave, us con where there's hundreds, and hundreds of you. Know of people. With. Their event booths and stuff and then to see how many of them were green how, many of that like just was, it's hard it makes it harder to stand out I think mm-hmm, but, if you can go against the grain a little bit to your point like the monster pests are with their green logo that's. Awesome and it still fits, in the industry just as well mm-hmm. What about talk. To us about you. Know how do you help work. With brands, or have what tips do you have for brands, that want to incorporate like a social purpose this is kind of a trick question it's not a trick question I just didn't ask you about it before so sorry. What. Types of tips. Do you have for brands, that want to incorporate purpose. Or some of that social consciousness, into, their. Story, or into that into, their brand overall. Yeah. This is really one of my passion, passion. Area so thank you for asking. My. Company, is a triple, bottom line company, I donate.

Both. My time and money to. Causes so, at least 1%. It's. It's really more than that but I do, have the 1%, for the planet logo. On my materials. Um. So that's that's, one where hey I. Think. Cannabis, companies, especially. Because. We. This. Industry, was built. On people, who went to jail and a. Lot of them were people of color, so. If there's a way. That. We, white. People can, give back to the community that built this because like, I only showed up late, in the game so, I didn't, I wasn't here when, it was still illegal so. I, feel like it's my responsibility to. Give. Back and, help. Other people if I can. That. Is. So. Important especially yeah. Especially coming in too late to the game there's definitely a feeling it's not paying, my dues right. So. Yeah being able to find ways to get back to the community is really really, important and I'm glad you mention that what. Do you when, you so. Talk, a little bit about branding, and what people need. To pay, attention to to get started it especially with the Y and there's really absolutely the. Importance of understanding those. Core values and what you stand for and how you differentiate. As I come as an organization, so, how do you, you. Do you have any tips for brands, to help them. Get. To that point of being different or being able to get to that point of standing out, mm-hmm. If. We start with the naming part I do have, a formula for, naming. Your company, is that your first, street you lived on in your dog's name. A. Little bit more advanced than that but. Basically, it's, just about like dig, a little deeper for example, my company. Name the first name that I came up with that. I was like, loving. And I was like this is it until. I like. Mold on it a little bit more was. Power. To the petal. Which. Mm. Hello. Cutesy. Well. Also, you'd have to see, it because otherwise everything, biking, yeah. So. That's what that's exactly what happened, I set, it out loud to somebody and they were like yeah. That. Sounds like a bike advocacy. Oh my god okay fair, enough thank. You because. That's often what happens you come up with your first idea that you love and then you're really stuck on that one yeah, so.

Just There's, a saying like kill your killer darlings, uh-huh so. You have to. Kill. The first one that you love. Like. Pressure side, dick. Deeper, and then if you still love it at the end of the exercise then, we can reconsider yeah, but usually the first idea is, cliche. Of generic, and not, the one you want to go with. Then. On. The, design side for the cannabis industry like, you do not have to have a on your logo so, that's that's where I usually start. You. Don't have the green and. If. You can like sneak, it in and if you feel like it has to be there like. If your name I don't, know like I don't think it has to be there think of good ship their. Logo is a blimp and the. Name is good ship yeah, I don't and I think on, the on. The bottom it says like cannabis, edible. But. Like you don't I. Don't. Think it's necessary, either yeah it's. Not like you know in some, of the bigger brands they eventually got there where they were able to drop the you, know Nike is just thank you right there not Nike running, shoes or Nike tennis shoes they might have those divisions, but it's not part of their name anymore but originally you. Know I pull, computers right like right. Macintosh computers up there anymore because everyone knows what it is but you have to get to that point where. You. Know - we. Were talking about this earlier in the week where like Ken's lips right like right, you know what it is because we've seen the brand and all it took was seeing it once to know that there's, no mention cannabis or anything in there yep. Right there. That, there's no mention of it anywhere so it's still, it. Still works as a brand name right, what um. How. Do you incorporate someone you get past the name how do you help companies, or what recommendations do, you have to. Use design to help you stand out as well mm-hmm. So. In my process. We. First do a questionnaire. Where they, click. On words. That speak to them so, for example I just had a meeting, yesterday where. The client. Picked. Out the. Words like cozy. Homey. Unfussy. Okay. So, then. Based on that we looked at some visual, inspiration like I do a lot of interesting and. Then. We look at those and like talk about like what speaks, to you about this what, do you like about that and then. Based on that kind of knowledge. Like. What they like and also, we, talk about what their target, audience is because sometimes your. ATAR good audience is not you and that's, that's. A toughy for a lot, of company. Owners it's, like it's not necessarily. About what you like personally. Like, if you are not your target audience it. Really doesn't matter what you like. That's. So true and it's so hard and it's so hard to convince people that because they'll like, I've, been in meetings with, clients where, they're, so adamant, that that's what their client that they're that's what their audience wants and then we you know you do like a survey on the street or whatever just like desperation, of trying to like test.

It Out social media whatever it is however we test it out that, they'll still argue the results, well, you, know the amount of excuses, people find to justify. Ultimately. Marketing, to themselves as amazing, absolutely. Amazing and I'm not even involved in the design part of that usually, the. Marketing, piece in the campaign do. You want this to work. Yeah. And especially like, it but in this example it's, a cannabis, dispensary. And. The. Client, is a dude, but. The customer base will probably, be most a female, so. It's gonna have, to be female, friendly, it doesn't mean that it can't be a. Place. Where his. Bro friends can come. But. It needs to be female friendly right. That's his target audience I'm sorry it was actually really interesting I think I mentioned this on the last episode there, was a. At. Startup San Diego, outcault. Which is a fertile a vertically, integrated, dispensary. Here in San Diego and, they have several lines of brands one they've done a great job of, distinguishing. Their different brands but two they, work with Ricky Williams the former football player and his, design is very much about health and wellness and, the design, has like flowers on it it's very delicate Oh interesting now, they have this former football player who, understands. That women are the primary buy, people. Buying, health. And wellness products, for their family and so they're actually targeting, the females, who don't know who he is so. It's a weird case of like almost. Missing, your target audience and the name associations, yeah with, that but at the same time the brand's very upscale and. Beautiful. Packaging, and. Great, products, but it's like a weird dichotomy of, who they're actually like they could just leverage, that to the sports. Yeah. I. Honestly probably would, have tried to do like a sports, supplement. Kind of look and feel yeah. Is, he's famous I don't know who that is. Sports. Was, actually kicked out because of marijuana. Use oh. So. It's an interesting story and he. Spoke at a canapé event here awhile last, year year before um, and. So I was really amazing to hear his story but. Anyway the branding was was. Definitely. Not to himself right mm-hmm. I think. It also sounds, like it might be a little like, pink, pink if I I'd like well, I think was it like two female, no, none, at all so it's like brown packaging, with, the. I don't have to pull it up but the letters on it and then it's very much like what, I always think it looked like flowers a little bit I think are the different types of like Chinese herbs and things that are in there okay. It's like a combination of. Cannabis. And other healing, herbs anyway. Enough, about that replying, right. Interesting. It is fascinating yeah I think that it's really interesting to see the brands and see how people are standing out and what they're doing and, so and, how different companies, use design to do that are there any that you can think of that stand out that either you've worked on. But. Like, you feel really like nailed that story in that brand of who who, they're trying to be in who they're targeting audiences. Yeah. For example one of my clients quim. Rock they. Make a, weed. Infused, personal. Lubricant, and, their. Client. Base is like kind, of twofold so, they have like the millennial. Sex-positive. Girl, kind of cool like, artsy, girl but. Then like, their. Main, business actually comes, from older. Women, who are going through menopause, Oh interesting. But. The, design. So. We shift, the design a little bit look like friendlier, so. That's kind. Of less like. Obnoxiously. Hip. Got. Rid of the beanie. Yeah. So cause like that's. Really. Baby. Boomer. And. Slightly, younger women going through menopause are, the ones who, have money, right now right, right. They have disposable, income more, than like they young twentysomething. Absolutely, the other really interesting thing that I've seen when you look at when companies ease research right like that right is that they take the average age well our average age is 47. Or 442, or whatever but, really you, have two. Sets of audiences, and not really that middle range you. Have the you, know 50 plus then you have the 25, year olds or whatever so. When. You kind of mine those together you're actually missing your target audience right. And. It doesn't necessarily mean so you have your target. Target. Audience in mind but, it doesn't mean that nobody else can buy it it just, means that you that.

Person, In mind as you're designing your stuff so. If it's if. It's gonna work for them it's, hopefully. Not gonna be off-putting to a lot of people absolutely. Absolutely. I think that's also something that's so important for people to remember that if you're targeting one doesn't mean you're getting not getting you're getting rid of the others right. Actually I often, buy the. Stuff like I for example yogurt, like, the yogurt that is M times bi is very. Clearly, marketed, to men because it's a black package, yeah. And it has like sports, stuff on it sometimes yeah. Like. Oh so I'm clearly not the target audience but I love it like Coke Zero I don't drink, soda but if I did I actually really like Coke Zero but they marketed it to men they rolled it up for it because men weren't buying diet, they. Were diet. In it so they gave it the black packaging, they, called it Coke Zero and, then, they. Can buy it without any problem because it's not like the, diet. Stuff that the women buy mm-hmm. The psychology, behind packaging. And design is so, incredible. It's. Fascinating yeah, um, so. What, tips from a design. Perspective right, like if we've gone. Through some, of the things that you talked about in terms of the why in terms, of really understanding what. Not, to do what tips do you have for people who are working. With a designer. For. Their brand and for that for their you, know for their brand. Um. So, for example if you're on the budget tell. That to your designer. Because your designer can help you even, like with your packaging. Like, not. Even like the formulation, and the sizing, and like. How much to make at a time and how to make, it more. Budget-friendly. So, for example I am. Currently working on a topical, client. And. She. Has several different products, but they can all go into the same bottle so we're just gonna order a, huge. Quantity of that one bottle with. Her. Logo and, the warning signs printed, on it and then, do the rest with labels I'm smart which, is going to be more cost, effective than having, three. Different things printed on the bottle yeah. Absolutely absolutely. And most can be done in a really classic like nice way - yeah, they're gonna be cancels. Especially. Now what the testing, labels, like people don't think, about that like. But. Then companies. Who do like Lolo farms, does a really beautiful, job and can't. Doesn't to like. Their testing, and strain label is beautiful, and it fits the, package so, it doesn't look like you printed, it in the office and just left it on like. You paid, yeah. Like you pay a lot of money to do a beautiful package and then you don't think about all the things. Like. The, inside, of your box you, like if you have their product and above box when, you open it it can say something, we can say like hello gorgeous and that, will make the customer. Take. An Instagram shot and put it that online right so. Yes. With your hashtag and like. It's it's it's important, to think about the, whole experience not, just like the one piece. Absolutely. Absolutely. So. What. So, if someone's going to, if. Someone's looking to hire a designer or trying to get started with their brand right they have the idea they have the company they have their business model whatever all those things right but. They need to start building their brand so they can start moving, everything, forward, what. Advice. Do you have for a company that's looking to. Hire. Someone to help them with that. Come. To me I. Will. Help you. Well. And origins should they ask you because, there's things that are really important with working with designers. Right. You can have the best designers in the world but honestly. If. They have a bad attitude or if they're not easy to work with or the chemistry's not there I think. They're gonna be some work so much more excited, about their own design ideas versus, listening to what, the. Client actually wants right, yeah. I usually try try. To have people. Join. Me in a phone call so we can find, out if we kind of understand, each other. Because, it's important, that I get.

Them That's. The that's. The easiest way for me to help them is that if I understand, what. They're doing and why they do it and kind, of get along we don't have to be best friends but. Get. Along. But. Yeah they should definitely. Look. At their portfolio and. Make. Sure, that. Well. It's hard for non. Designer people to see if it's quality. Work but. For example a lot of the 99designs. Designers. Are. Not really designers, those are stock logos, that they just type in your. Information - and it's, a copy so. And other companies, will have the exact same logo with just a different name so. Don't do that. And. Really. It's the experience, that. You're paying for, so. You're, not like a lot of people think okay so it's something that's done on a computer. So. My nephew can do that because he has a computer and he has Adobe, software like. That's not how it works like what you're paying for is my, education. My. Know-how. My, knowledge, of our history, and the industry. So. It's it's really more, than, just designing. A logo it's, like, design. Thinking, what, you're paying for. Absolutely. So, what, I heard you saying is that if you're looking to hire designer you. Want. To advise, people to check, out some of the work they've done right so yes designers, put a lot of their highlights. And work they're proud of on Instagram, they also tend to put, as. Well as their website right their portfolio, online and, then they also tend, to highlight other brands, or other, people. That they whose work whose brands. They might admire right. So, taking. A look and getting a feel for the type the design the type of design I think that the person does is really. Really important, and, that's the other thing I heard you say is the chemistry of working with, somebody right and that works both ways so. We need to feel like you're, going to be able to get what, you need from them and then they need to feel like they're going to get, um. Be heard right. Shot their ideas and what they want their company to stand for is going to be heard by the designer so mm-hmm. Those are the two things I heard you say or is there anything else that someone. Needs to you pay attention to you and. Also there are different kinds of designers, so. Depending. On your project like. Some people do, it all like, I I tend, to describe myself as a branding, and print designer who, also does, web design, but I'm not like a. Web. Designer. Per se like I do websites, but I don't, consider myself I was like a mobile, whole UI. UX person. And there, are designers. Who do just that, so if if their portfolio. Is full of websites, that. Might not be the person to do your packaging, right, and, I actually seen that a lot as well and across, many industries those. That when you start to get to niche things like packaging, they, become it's a different, way of thinking about it I'm, not saying someone can't do it but you're definitely like, you do have those people that lead with mobile right, right, and.

So Just. Be careful about two. Points expertise, that they have right. Especially. With, packaging, because it's its own Beast it. Can, be a very expensive, mistake if, your designer doesn't know what they're doing like. If they put design on the glue strip then. You have to redo, the whole thing and, it's. Costly if you're doing tens of thousands, of boxes, for example if. The, front. Panel is upside down if they didn't realize it, I've. Seen that happen, especially. Old. It out yeah. Different. When it's last. And. I thought that too that's why I do, mock-ups. I do dozens, of mock-ups I print it out see. If physically, because, uh, it's. Easy, to make mistakes yeah, and the last thing you want to do. I. Want the mistake to happen where. I notice, it before the. Client. Or the printer, no this is or worst, case scenario if nobody notices and, it just goes to print. Oh. What's. That so. You. Persnickety, okay. Okay. That's. A good word, what. Does. Anyone, if anyone's watching if you're watching now are you watching the replay if you have any questions, for, Lily feel free to add, them to the comments because, I. Really. Will go back in and I will go back in as well and answer them for you guys um. Will. Is very good at keeping an eye on, social. Just. Tagger and she'll, respond and boy. Do. You have any, last. Words, of, advice for. A. Company, whether. We've talked a lot about and I'm ask you a lot of questions about someone getting started. Mm-hmm. But, what about for someone, that's established, and like creating, a new line for their product, or wanting. To know if they need to refresh, their, brand what should their, company consider when they start looking at let's, start with a new product line, yeah. A new product line it can be as easy as just, looking. At your current stuff and creating it off of that or you, can take that as an opportunity to, tweak. Your messaging, and like, maybe, this new product line targets, a different target audience.

Yeah. Well maybe this is where you test out a new, look. That, you could then expand. To the, rest of your stuff so. I have a question for you. I. Think there's two schools of thought here when. Someone launches a new product line I've seen companies that, keep. Kind of the same framework of, design, for, sure like the base elements of the design whether it's the colors whether it's some, sort of template, font what-have-you. Or. There's, the ones that say just do it completely different because it's a different product and doesn't matter do you have any, advice. I, think it should, yeah, I do feel like if it's a product, that belongs. Together then, it should look, like it belongs together if it's. A completely, new version. Of. Your. Product say you how about they pen and you want to do. Your. Current, BAE pen is targeted. To like the, young. Skateboarding. Dude, and, then. You want to do a micro, dosing one you. Might then want to, target. That visually. And the. Naming and everything to like, a older, female right, perhaps, yeah. It. Really, depends it's there's there's no like this, is how you do it every time because it always depends, on what. The product is who. It's by, for. Example we, heard. About treat. Well. So. There they are rebranding. So. They're renaming or rebranding, they have to, and I was like yeah they have to I was so sad I was actually just texting someone about that last night because I love that product and. It was and, I use it daily and I was you know very very. Very. Upset. For so, many reasons, right. Not. Just my personal use of the product but so many reasons that that happened, but. On top of it every morning no I don't want to use it right. Yes and, it was really cute packaging, to like I'm like, I liked her branding I. Like. The product someone, was asking me what I recommend and I was like I. Totally. Yeah don't I don't have a similar, like there's, a lot of them, top. Tinctures. I've been found one, that I like as much there. Was I mean I actually talked to them in an event in LA Fiddler's, Green mm-hmm. Was one but I, have. I don't use it the same way but. That, was the other one that I has, been recommended, to me and so I found that and I've tried.

It And, it's good, but I just loved I love the balance of the oils, and tonic, scent and the. Tank stores I mean so. Yeah then I'm going away completely but. Super. Smart, yes. Well. That they just they don't have any other option, no they don't they don't I was on their website last night you can't even like click to the products yeah, so, but. The way they did their products, was really smart so they had each, line. Color-coded. And then. They they. Didn't have like any like fancy names for the products cuz it, was more of a medicinal. Approach, so, you just had like, the. Healing, ones and twenty to one wellness. Yeah. So. Color. Coding, your products, is really smart. Have. Your name. Color and then each of your products has, a color, so. That. Makes it easy that's how. Yogurt. And milk and everything. Else that's in stores does it so. Why, not do it here and don't do, like. Too. Cutesy of, an product, name like if you if your company has a name then your product doesn't have any tag like a see name, or. If. If it does like for example I have a tincture that's called rock and roll, which. It's, descriptive, like it tells you what it's gonna do. So. It, doesn't have to be the. Daytime uplifting. One right, but it needs to be descriptive, well. And it can't be very for. The new regulations. That I saw it can't be can't. Tell you what it's gonna do that, might be medically, oh you can yeah. You can you can't say that it will treat. Something but you can say what kind of effects you may, experience. Yeah. Tricky although. I will say that I, get, a little I love going into. Breweries. Because one there's 5,000, here in San Diego but, in all the names of the beers oh yeah. I. Did not know those I was talking to one of the brew. Masters. Whatever. You want to call and he was saying that they, have to register the names there's. Like a single database of names of beer to make sure there's no breweries, that have the same name. But, they are so, creative and fun to like I, don't, I can't, drink beer and I often want to just because they name is the right one right. That. One says coffee I want to try yeah yeah. And like that's probably, why they've had to be creative. Is because. Because. They, can't have the same name right, and we.

Should At, the cannabis industry we should really look to, the. Wine and the beer and the spirits industry and, see what they're doing cuz our SH should. Be kind of marketed the same way agree. And, that's where like you want to keep your name simple but at the same time it's something to have fun with that - as long as not fit today your overall brand didn't feel right like if you're right if, your core values is fun and entertaining and part of what you're trying to do is put that out there then yeah, absolutely, have fun with it right then, go have your some, of the labels are crazy I know it's, fun for sure do, you have any last words to, people. I'm going to put Lily's contact information, here at the bottom, so. Yeah, I'm currently, running a special, on. Branding. But. So. I'm calling playfully, calling it that I know everybody's, hurting because the regulations, suck special. Deal let's, just say right off the time I know huh. Well. You're the marketing person more than me. So. The. Regulation, sucks so I want to help you, so, I'm having, all, my, prices, for my branding packages. So. The. Starting, package instead of 5k is now, twenty five hundred, degrees. Which includes yeah. Twenty, five hundred for a logo and a brand guide which, in stuff. That you need to get started amazing. Absolutely, amazing, usually, I hear 5k is like, the starting price for a lot of that's usually like normal, yeah yes. 25k. Professional. Custom, designed only for you not, a copy of anybody elses logo take, advantage of it you can find Lily I'm pointing at it like. Her. Instagram, and email, are below and. I. Think. You just heard that deal tough, off it's the survive. The regulations, package. Sorry. It was the survive, the regulations, because they suck package yeah. I know. You're hurting, let, me help you package. Awesome. I could, talk to Lily all day long about design a branding, and canvas, brands but, we, will not do, that because everyone. Needs to go with Anjali. Really. Thank you so much for your time and for joining us today this is fun I hope you guys enjoyed, the show be. Sure as I mentioned leave your comments, tell us where you're coming from, and in, likes what at points, that you found were helpful and, the Li and I'll pay attention and come back and circle back if you want to get a hold of her or follow her on Instagram, her Instagram is. Entertaining. As well as fun and informative she, has a lot of great. Tips and information as well as designs and other brands that are. Happen that are going on that catch her eyes so be sure and check that out and, have. A great rest of your week we'll see you in the next episode. We're out thanks, guys thank. You.

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