Live Stream: Attack Surface Analysis of my Garage Door Opener

Live Stream: Attack Surface Analysis of my Garage Door Opener

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Everybody. So I think it, should be up. And running now hopefully. It is. We. See here. So. Assuming. That all of this is play. I think. It's. Play. This looks decent, one. Thing to note for, anybody who is watching this no go away. The. Setting. So. Since, the last time that I streamed it's been months, now I've. Moved, to an entirely different house, the. Computer, setup is a little bit different, here it's. Different. So. I think, everything, is good I've, done a little bit of testing by a little bit I mean I've spent roughly. 10 minutes on this. But. I think everything should be working at least good enough if. There are any, issues if, sound, is dropping, if there's too much background noise if. The. Video is choppy. Anything. Like that let, me know preferably. Actually, put comment, as opposed to the chat because, the comments, are easier, for me to see later whereas. The chat I have to keep track of as it goes. Because. Yeah I'd like to those fixed especially, if we're going to be streaming every week again which, is the plane. So. With. That out of the way. This. Week we're, going to be looking at the, garage door opener which is, about. 10 15 feet behind me right now. But. There's. The important question here what. Exactly is it so this is a lift. Master. III. 55. Which. Is, this. Thing right here. So. New house we moved into turns, out we have a garage, door open that not only is, apparently. A very, smart, quiet, and energy-efficient. Device. It. Also has, Wi-Fi. Connectivity. And. Mobile. App that I can set up and give all, sorts of other people access, to my garage door and things like that. Which. Sounds like exactly the kind of thing that is terribly. Terribly broken, and I can't possibly, imagine they've, done properly so. For. The next several streams, depending. On how long things work it's entirely possible I'm gonna poke at this a little bit it just falls over and we're done in 20 minutes but. The, plan is, hopefully. This stands up to at least a little bit of poking and. We're. Going to take a look at it and hopefully figure things out for. Example. They, claim it has security, 2.00. Although. I think that's only. So. The. Plan for today stream is we're gonna go through to, start with all the documentation on, it we've got this little slick.

Sheet That they're trying to sell things with, there's. An online manual, we're going to go through and, we're. Gonna actually figure out what this thing does, because. The. Page you see right here has, more information on it than I know about our garage door opener I know it came with the house I know. It has a mobile app and that is literally all that I know about this thing right now so. The idea is that normally. If you're taking a look at a, target. For. Security. Purposes the. First thing you have to do before you do anything else, is. You need to figure out what, does this thing do, if. I don't know what it does I don't know what ramifications. Any, sort of changes may have so. I need to actually take a look and figure out what does it do, so. That we can, before. We can look at what. It might be doing wrong we, have to know what it does and. That's. Gonna be the stream for today we're gonna go through this thing we're gonna actually document. Right, down here, are all the things this. Garage. Door opener. Is doing and. Just. Glancing at this while I'm talking I mean. It. Sends me emails I. Have. Bad feelings about how this is going to go and I'm gonna feel very bad about our garage door pretty soon I think but. We'll see. So. Let's. Start with that so this right here is the, actual like sales. Page. That. They send out like this is a little flyer that I think they send it like contractors. And things like that to say you. Know you're replacing, your garage door this, is the one you should get and, reading. Through this, things. That are important to me ah no. You're not terribly late bill we. Got started about five minutes ago so things, are still pretty uh pretty. Just. Getting started um how. Does this layout look I'm, not thrilled with this layout in my. You. Know let's do it this way I'm, gonna switch over here, you. Can come down like this. This. Is readable okay. So to start with this we're going to be making a new directory. Because. We're going to keep everything organized. Because. We're doing. Things properly like, that. We. Want a Doc's, folder in here. Okay. So, we, have a lift, Master, 8350. 5 WP. 83. 55w. And look. At this you know we have a mic you. Knology. Which. What, all does this do this. Security. Monitors. You're. Giving. Mic. So, based on what I know right now my. Assumption, is that the. Mobile, app at the very least is going to be our next thing you look at. It's, probably, just, an Android app that we're going to be able to unpack look. Through figure, out how that thing works and I. Don't know oh I know all. You need to do is be on the same Wi-Fi network and, you send a packet my door opens which I'll, be thrilled, about if that's the case. So. Let's see here I don't think we care about is performance stuff, like I don't, see how the motors irrelevant. I, don't. Think this is its. Energy usage, I don't think any of that matters so. One. Of the things I. One. Of the things that might be interesting, to look at but. That I don't, think I can do a good job of on stream, is. Stuff, like this so there's. A with. Every click a new code is sent to the garage door opener I don't know for sure what that means but, based. On my assumptions. About how this thing works it probably means that the little button so I've got one, of these things like this in my car and. You press the big button and, the door opens or closes based. On the current, state of where it's at and I. Assume what this means is that every. Time I press that button a new, code, is generated that way you can't just replay, it easily, at. Least that would be the, idea. So. A posi, lock locks, down your door by electronically. Monitoring, against a forced opening I don't think that, matters. Warning. System, provides, audible, and visual warnings, when the garage door is about to close again, I don't think that matters the. Protector system has safety sensors that protect, a light beam across the garage door. So. That I, know has I've actually seen happen, but is it's actually kind of cool so if I start closing the door and like I think, I had like a dropped. A can or something that rolled out when. Actually rolled out, it. Crossed, the path of where the door was going and the door stopped, closing. Because. It saw but. Again, this like, physical, attacks I don't care about that's not interesting at all to me so. We have all that. Anything. Else here like do they tell us. Do. They tell us something like what, architecture.

This Thing is running or anything about that. So. Don't. Care about the dimensions. Or. How, it's packed. Smart. Receiver, code button and indicator, light I don't think I care about that I. I. Definitely. Don't have the, skills, to. On-stream, do, some. Of this stuff at. Least the wireless. Stuff like there's no way I'm doing RF. Stuff. On stream I don't, have the setup for it or really. Enough knowledge about how some RF stuff works. So. There's a mic you, radio, which. Provides. Two-way. Communication, for garage door opener, and mic you accessories. Enables. Monitoring, and control the garage door openers and lighting, controls, via computer a tablet or smartphone, okay. So. That's that. How, about the actual documentation. So, this is what the thing looks like it sits on the top of the garage and, like this part right here yeah, there's a belt that goes Aiden actually pulls the door up and down. Let's, see if we can zoom in enough so I can actually show you so, the thing that caught my attention here, is when, we were touring the house they. Showed us the, you know the garage door opener like, yeah you press the button and it opens and closes and that's great no but, I saw the nice little, Wi-Fi. Tag the bottom of the garage door opener I think. That's about the point where I was like you, know what, we're. Totally, gonna stream looking at this we have to like there's. No way I can't do. You. Know finding. Bugs and the thing that controls, access to my house. So. Let's. Talk about features we, had it will easily connect to. So. This is important, because some. Smart devices will, publish, their own, publishes. In the right word but the broadcast, their own Wi-Fi. Network they've got their own SSID, you connect to that it, does its thing it disconnects and does whatever other. Ones are going to do. They're. Gonna connect to your own Wi-Fi, network and you do things like that and it can actually get on the internet that way the. Question is like how does the connectivity, work how. Do they want it to work a. Good example of the first, case where, a device is broadcasting, it's SSID your. Phone connects to it it does things and then you. Do other things later. Most. Routers that, have little app setup now work. That way you'll, the, broadcast, like a set up SSID, you, connect to it you, set it up and that reboots, it actually has the settings you want I know like, I think Alexa's, like, Amazon Alexa devices do something similar, where. That's, just how they work it's the easiest way to get them set up.

So. Sorry. I am distracted here and switching, tabs on my other screen so I can actually make sure that everything, is streaming, properly, I, realize. I said, that, I. Asked. For people to let me know if things broke and I completely, forgot that YouTube, at least gives me a little bit of a charge so I can see, at. Least somebody, is able to get a, 1080p, streaming, which isn't. Good enough for me right now, so. The. Smartphone access, which. We know we're going to be looking at. The. Push notifications. Is really interesting, so. One. Thing that's asking about this is that. The. Android. App gets. Push, notifications. Which. Means that the what. This tells us is that the. Opener. Can out. To, some server so, they've. Get it. Means that the garage, door opener will send, a push notification to, his server that server will then push, down to. My phone and. That. Means if there's a constant, connection I don't know much else about it but I do know, that the. Garage, door will call, out. We. Also have a recurring. Schedule. This is gonna be particularly interesting, if I can somehow control it, like can, I. Can. I easily give, a new, recurring schedule to, my garage door like, that'd be great if I can you, know easily especially. Like if. I can find a way to completely. Unauthentic, ated, say. Every. Night at 2:00 a.m. open, the garage door that would be the worst thing ever at least for like home, security reasons. We're. Gonna have to look at. Seats. With, Popular's. Month. I. Don't, know what this means, so they. Have this bullet point here that it will link with, a Google, assistant, or I have TTT I, don't. Know what that means like that could mean any number of things like can. I get settings, back and forth from the devices. Just do. The manual operations, I don't know right now. We. Have it is I don't, care about it being quiet or, it works forever. At. Least well I care about that because it's at my house I don't care about it for what we're streaming, at. Least for streaming purposes, for. All I care could break tomorrow, but. There's. A secure, code thing which. We'll. See if if. We get really desperate for finding problems with it we might like break out a hack RF or something out to borrow one poke. At the RF, side of things but. So. I'm the road map right now we're going to be streaming. Okay. So. That's the basics here. What, I want is. Certainly. Installation. Manual. So. The reason we're looking at the installation manual here is because, the installation, manual is gonna tell me things like. How. Do you initially. Set this thing up I. Don't actually care so most of this I don't care about like I don't care about, the. Preparation, or how to actually plug the thing in. What. I do care about is gonna be hopefully. Some like adjustments, or operations, and stuff. Safety. Symbols I don't care about this so. This. Is something to know about. So. Wi-Fi. With fires to, point towards, I don't, think this is gonna be important, yet but, it does tell me that. There. So, they only support 2.4 which means they're not supporting, the 5 gig band, again. I don't think this is going to be security, relevant but these are notes about, what attack service it has. This. Might be useful for things that. So. A attack. That I could see happening, is you. Know you changed some configuration, settings and, it's. Going to use the, frequency. Of, the Wi-Fi. For. Something and because you, know different, things are different size Brad. Problems, happen I don't. Know for sure but. It's worth keeping my notes I, do have to log in my home network I. Want. To check to make sure, hold your mobile device in the place where you grew up. Where. Garage door opener, will be installed and check the Wi-Fi signal strength I don't. Care at all about that. We're. Compatible router specifications. And help visit, that that, might be useful to, look at later. Check. The door I don't care about this. That. I. Guess. We. The ladder a hammer, a. Electric. Screwdriver, or no drill bits a drill look, three. Different sized drill bits a hacksaw, ratchet. Set pliers. Sunnis, are supposed to be wire strippers. Hmm. I'm. Not used to seeing those kind of wire strippers the ones that I, once. If I always use and basically. Everyone. I know has, our you. Get one of these things like. Get. One of these sets and use. Them rather. Than the little where they're where. The wire strippers, are inside, the handle as opposed to on the outside, actually. Don't know what the benefits, of one of these over the other is. Not. That it matters too much just interesting. We. Need a Phillips head screwdriver, a flat head we need a pencil just important, measuring. Tape a level two, different wrenches and a smartphone okay. Don't care about what the parts are supposed to be I. Don't. Care about assembly, these, are things I don't care about. Okay. Determine, the bracket location no install. The bracket new, attach. The rail no. Hang. It light, bulbs so the, lighting is interesting, one, of the features that it has.

That. I'm kind of curious about is. It. Has motion. Sensors in the garage so. When. I open the door and I Drive in and park, and then, close the door though. There's, a light in this garage door opener that stays on for like. Five. Minutes or something like that but. It also stay on longer if, you're, active. In there which is interesting, yet. I don't think it's gonna be relevant for us but it's interesting to keep in mind, we. Have a door bracket. Don't. Give up this. Install. The door control okay this is where, it. Might start getting interesting, for us, so. This is the little box that goes on the wall. So. Park. In the garage, there's the door into the house and then. They. Have the. Thing. Oh so. Shawn no I wasn't talking about the automatic ones just the right. Like the UH. A. Good, example. These. Now. So. This is what they're showing and, the. Ones that I have and the ones that I'm used, to people using, are. Come, on don't. Like $0.05. Why, are they not. Everywhere. These. This. Actually might be exactly the model that I have. Where. You, actually have the stripping, part on the inside of the hinge I assume. It has to do with force like having the wires like you don't need much force to get through, the insulation so, putting it inside the hinge makes, it less likely to cut B. Wire. Itself and just installation, I got, no idea it. It's. Just dumb things that I'm talking about okay anyway, so. Compatible, with my queue and security, plus, 2.0, accessories, your garage door opener is compatible, with up to two smart control panels, or. Four. Of, any. Weird. So. What is this requirement. Here so we, have two smart. Control panels. Or. We can have four of another thing. Okay. So. Weird. So. I don't think this is gonna be relevant to what we're trying, to do here but it is really, weird and I don't like. It makes me feel uncomfortable they're, doing something terrible. They're like. Why would it allow for, two of one type of device or for. Another. It's. Just really, weird. Don't. Care about didn't you this stuff. Here's. What we actually do, wiring. It I don't care about any of this. We then wired in oh, this. Is actually what oh it's actually wired in I'm not important. More. Pixels, of, the PDF I can give you more pixels. Um. Hopefully. This is better on the pixels, on the street if. It's not let me know we can zoom in a little bit more. Installed, protector, I don't, care about this I, care.

About It in terms of it being in my house I like it I don't care about it in terms of being security, relevant. We. Finally plug it in which is cool. Okay. Adjustments. These. Are still not useful. Testing. This thing okay. Okay. My. Queue allows you to control your garage door opener from, your mobile device or computer from anywhere, IQ. Technology uses a 900, megahertz signal to provide two-way communications between your garage door opener and mic you enabled accessories. The. Garage door opener has an internal gateway that allows the garage door opener to communicate directly with a home Wi-Fi network and access your mic you account. What. The does that mean. Well. This is entirely. And. We're not gonna pace for me. Okay. I guess we're retaking this then Oh. Simple. Resolution I definitely, think there's going to be codec injection, v like, i 100%. Believe that, if we start poking at this there's going to be code injection like we're going to command execution. The rule lake I, don't. Know there's gonna be like the stupidest. Thing that almost every IOT device has is you know you have the test connectivity. You. Supply, a DNS, name that's, an opinion and you put in like, semicolon. Command, and it just works because. Why. Should you try and write things secure. This, is interesting and this. Is actually the reason why we're. Looking. Through all this documentation first. So. It sounds, like it. Communicates, both over Wi-Fi in. This. 900 megahertz protocol. Whatever it is we don't know what it is right now at all. And, it's really, unclear how it works so, I going through all these documents first we're gonna get a better idea of how all these different pieces plug, into each other rather than just like diving, in and see where we get to. Hopefully. That works out better so. Here's. What we're looking for connect, with your smartphone, the. Wi-Fi. Garage door opener is compatible, with up to 16. Myq enabled accessories. Up. To 10 devices can be paired with the Wi-Fi garage door openers internal, gateway these. Devices can be controlled, with a mic um. These. Devices, include, any combination of garage. Door openers garage, door openers light controls, gate operators, or commercial, door operators, so. This is important because I think that the company makes like, baby. Crab door openers but I guess they also make commercial. Door stuff and some light controls that's. Kind. Of interesting I guess. The. Internet, gateway can be added if you need to control more than 10 10, devices I don't, really. Don't want to be doing that the. Six devices can be paired to garage door opener, itself. Interesting. So I can have like a light controller, that talks to my garage door opener, in my garage door opener controls it that's kind of cute, like.

Hmm. I. Can. Be kind of cool if like I opened my garage door opener and all the lights come on as opposed to just little overhead one because, it works okay it's not great. I. Need. The serial, number that's interesting. We're. Going to see why. But. That's very interesting, that we need the serial number. Connect. To a garage door opener to, your home Wi-Fi network lift, a push bar on the door control, press, and release the learn, button or press, and release the yellow. Learn button on the garage door opener. What. Okay. So I can do it there or, I can do it on this. Okay. Crashed. Door open or Oh beep once and the command LED on the door control, will blink to indicate Wi-Fi, learn mode you have 20 minutes complete the connection process. Okay. So this was this is doing exactly what I was talking about earlier. On. Your mobile device go to we, connect to a myq Wi-Fi, network. There. Is a web interface. Ok. So. We're going to connect the web interface. It, tells me to do stuff I. Then. Download. The app, ok. Notice. Before the stream came up that for my cue the router is supposed to allow. Yeah. Hopefully. We'll get to that in a little bit. So. What Jesus, isn't notice, is talking, about is in. The other manual, there's a note about, firewall. Stuff we'll get to that a little bit hopefully, because. They want inbound, ports for certain versions this thing awesome. Right. Okay. Well. That, seems. Frightening. Ly simple although, if. The instructions, are like, the instructions are follow the on-screen prompts. So I have no idea what that actually does. For. Compatible, remote. Controls, wireless, key entry Wi-Fi, garage door openers or myq, accessories, that can be programmed the garage door opener by pressing your learning button okay. Don't. Care about most of this stuff. Don't. Care about most of this stuff okay, here we go. I guess. It's four and a half minutes not five minutes. Remote. Controls, this is the thing I have, I. Don't. Think any, of this matters. Erasing. Memory so anything useful here press, and hold the learn button until it goes on. That. Wipes it. That. Also, like these are all just ways, to do it. Interesting. You can kill, the, Wi-Fi, network and nothing else, and. You, go on their website to kill your account okay, I, don't. Care about opening it manually I. Have. To open the door every, month I. Need. To oil this, you, know. Okay. So. Diagnostic. Chart. The. Up and down errors, in the garage door open air flash the diagnostic, codes. To. Any of these matter, they. Don't look like they matter. The. Garage door opener will not enter Wi-Fi learn mode. Interesting. You have to open and close it before you can add a Wi-Fi network. Interesting. If there's been a power outage you, have to do open close before you can add a Wi-Fi network. So. I'm guessing, here that the serial number is used, to password, someplace um we'll, have to verify that later. Don't. Care about this my. P equals, holding. What. The is a home link. Ok. What. Else do we have here, anything useful. This. Stuff don't, care about the warranty, don't. Care about that ok. This. Thing so, this. Is, our. Actual. Manual, how we use the thing so that do you think the. First time a we just read through was. The installation manual how we hook it up have we set it up this, hopefully. Has a little bit more details about things. Because. That was. Well. Useful we have. One like a page worth of notes here that's. All we learned from that first manual. So. We. Need a smartphone we're going to need a broadband. Internet connection or gigahertz. Yeah. It's interesting that it does support n but, it's only the 2.4, gigahertz n not, the fire hurts N and also doesn't support EC, which I don't know if we care about or not. This. Is more about. Setting. Of an account I don't care about they, don't care about this. The, erasing memory stuff will be fun. So. Simple resolution I will. We be dumping firmware I don't know, hopefully. We. Won't have to actually dump it my, hope is that there's. Some update mechanism that we can just steal, a firmware. Rather. Than having to pull it off so ideally. What we find here is there's update mechanism that, we're. Able to, like, I can go to the vendor and say hey can I get the latest firmware to update my thing give me a firm one I can open it but. I don't know maybe we will have to open the thing up and dump, a firmware. We. Shall see I have. At. This point everything, that I know has been from reading through the, past document, document and like. Ten seconds worth of research prior to this so. We're. Going to it's, gonna be a learning experience for everyone to see what, all we need to do here. So. Video. About how to adjust, my.

Door. Let's. Go take a look at this thing. Why. Why. Can't I copy and paste out of this document. Okay. YouTube. /. FY. L, 1. - X x. QX. Crap, is that. Okay. What the, just happened. Youtube, /, FY. L. 1, -, s, x, QP. Oh. Did. I actually type it. Okay. That. Scared me for a minute there that. Apparently. This random, document, just had a. Okay. Oh. Yep. I have YouTube, be, e if instead of YouTube w e okay, that, makes me feel much more comfortable I. Did. Not want to have somebody. Had like a. Redirect. From a youtube link as part of this document, would. Be hilarious but. Not. What I was going for here okay um. So. This is their. YouTube, channel where, they tell us how to do different things. Mmm. What. I really, want here is I want them to tell me about. Their. App. Placing. Things I don't care troubleshooting. Things I probably don't care about. Hmm. I. Appreciate. That they have like all these videos like, if, I was doing maintenance on these things I would definitely appreciate it and I'm sure when my garage, door eventually, breaks. This. Will be useful but. Not. Not. What I was hoping for okay. Permit. Travel don't, care it's basically, the same document. Warranty. I don't care about. And. We're, in. French. Looks. French. Yes, there once, we get to two or three of these videos, I'll definitely put together a playlist and, put. That out so it'll be easy to watch all eight at once. Huh. Okay. So. That. Document. Was completely, useless. Reliable. And secure with the convenience, of built-in Wi-Fi. This. Is not make me feel good. Do. I have a back-up plan for breaking my router we'll, see that's. Or. Breaking my garage door opener I. Think. We. Probably won't test on my, device but we'll see where we get to. So. We have a free, mic you mobile app. We. Have built-in, alerts. So. This. Is the thing that makes me feel really. Uncomfortable of this thing ever being secured is that, according to this I can. Control, my opener, anywhere. For my mobile device so once I paired it their. Servers, will accept a command to open my doors which, you. Know it's not where I want to be. To. The Dru EC. Wi-Fi, logic, board with built-in, surge suppressor, that's. Interesting, but I don't know if it matters. To. A communication. Monitor. And control. Okay. So. None of this looks particularly. Useful. Okay. Anything. Else we have here. Yes. There's another brochure we can look at real quick. That's. What the app looks like. Apparently. They're sending, push notifications, to tell me that the door is closed or not.

With. Built-in Wi-Fi and the free myq app you, always know your garage door is closed with smartphone, monitoring, and control. Ok. None. Of this. None. Of the sounds. Okay. So Wi-Fi. Is broken, can't, add multiple users I can get my phone to open the door but my cell phone can't do it and in trying to do it it disconnects the opener from the network and I can't use my phone either. Well. That's interesting. Three, of these. Term. Or than, an hour times it up. Claimed. He couldn't give me any advice on how to correct my cue for being unable to obtain an IP address. Interesting, so this. Person their, garage door opener couldn't get an IP address and, support. Wouldn't give them an IP address uh. Wi-Fi. Capable replaced. An old screw, drive, opener. I. Don't. Know what any of that means, oh it, means okay. Like it actual like screw that opens it not like you somehow like jammed okay, so. From, this review here I was thinking that this person was like jamming. A screwdriver into their garage door and like levering, it up and that's how they opened their garage which, is horrifying. To start with but uh. Not. Quite as bad as I thought. Remote. Opener instead, of using. Don't. Care, about that. The. Opener can be operated from multiple phones and it is homeland compatible, unless the vehicle is too old, what is home link. World's. Most widely trusted, and used vehicle. Based wireless control, system. Conveniently. And safely, enables, you to open, and close your garage door in front gate activate, and deactivate your home security system and turn. On, or, off your, interior and exterior lighting. That's. Uh interesting. I've. Never, heard of this before. Because. This is a thing that's in cars that I just don't know about. Does. My car have this and I don't know about it. Anything. Else here. Huh. This. Is interesting so their, response, here, is not, that this is wrong and that, multiple, phones can do it, it's that. I'm. Really confused, so. This. Is looking like only, one phone can it connect to. The. Wi-Fi. It's, weird. After. Seeing garage door buttons on rearview mirrors that's most likely home like okay yeah, like I I, totally. Buy that it's a thing it's just something that I've never personally, experienced. All. The garage doors that I've had, orys were, either, manual. You had to like go, open it yourself or, they. Had. Like. A little brick. With, buttons on it not a. Convenient. Thing that you just press, a button in the car and it magically opens. Super-quiet. Have, two awesome features. This. Is definitely nice show review okay. Where. Do they are they complaining that the garage. Door opener doesn't support any games that. Can't be correct. How. Do they recommend this operator. No. It's. Got to be saying that like the, installation, company wasn't playing any games, I can't. Imagine they're complaining that their. Garage door opener won't play games for them. Okay. What. Is a versa so, what we're doing right now is, I've. Got the documentation, I found, what I found it doesn't look super useful so now we're trying to see is there, are, there, publicly, available for, my images that we just download. First. Is, a menu different software configuration, for. Something, else. Okay. So. This downloads. From. A wide. Widened. CDN. Where. Did these download, from. Okay. So this is also from, the same CDN. So. The idea here is that we're. Trying to find like, I'm trying to find if there's a way to get. More. Things, off their servers so it looks like that I do we do for every download, and.

There's. A CDN in front of it so. We, need I, guess the, idea is that I. Have. A new house and it, came with a smart, garage door so, we're going to see how secure, is the garage door opener in my garage door and, hopefully. It's not going to make me feel very sad. What. Their. Definition of firmware for this is very different than my idea, of a firmware to. Upgrade. Your firmware you're going to replace, a chip, on the board I, guess. Like this could be like a, memory. Of some sort but okay. Um. Let's. Just be my cue oh. We. Should go to that theres the mic you website, we can look that up can't, wait. Okay. Let's do that real quick. There's. A Play Store here's, all the stuff that, this will connect to. Okay. Mike. You home. Close. It from anywhere, open, it for anyone. Get Alerts great. Um. Control. My garbage from anywhere. Once. You see what it can do. You, can't imagine life without it. Great. Okay. That's. Interesting. That wire cutter did. He really. So. For, people who aren't aware with it of it wire, cutter is a website that does a whole bunch of reviews. For. Stuff. They're, generally what I use when I. Don't, care enough about a product to do research myself. So. If. When. I kind of just want to see what somebody else has done okay. This. Smart garage door controllers. Okay. You know what they actually do recommend it, what. Do they have to say about it. Great. Choice for extending, the remote control operation. Creates. With stuff blehh. Blehh blehh. Blehh. Blehh. Blehhhh. Okay. Okay. But this. Rule. So. They. Say that, the two different versions are the same which, is good I guess. Leading. Smart garage door controller available. The. My queue was the first to, be manufactured, and 20 simplest, smart home devices to, install and set up if you're looking for a way to control it. This. Is the best option, our. Tests, installation. Took 50, minutes with the only pain point being drilling some screws into the garage ceiling, for a mounting bracket, and. Slid. It into, the bracket. Connected. The app it's, really a plug-and-play device. Okay. Oh. We, have pictures to think so, we have. Garage. Door opener, tells, me a little bit about it I can configure push notifications, ok. When. Opened. Interesting. The. Device also emits warning beeps and flashes, and LED when the door has been triggered to close remotely, his, features important, for alerting someone in the garage wooden is being closed remotely, is. A requirement for unattended, operational, garage door. Interesting. -. Especially, useful. Alerts. Can notify you if the door has been left open longer, than they specified amount of time and inform you the status at a particular, time. Okay. So, they have like built-in stuff to tell me if my door was left open by accident. Interesting. Interesting. So I can get history, too from it it'll. Be interesting to play with. Integrates. With, different things. Tell. You. Can tell Siri to open and close your door okay. Interesting. So for duplication to work out where you must respond to a prompt that appears in your device's you drive away your approach. Well. I don't care about that I. Don't. Care about this, stuff. You. Went to Smart Hub. When. You link the my new app with your nest account to get an icon where your thermostat, and camera in the app, and. With. One, why. Would I want this. So. Like their integration, is they just give. Me the same features, okay. Hmm. My. Queue is not compatible, with Alexa, Oh No. Whatever. Will I do I. Have. To say ok Google closed my garage door not. Alexa. Close my garage door. Such. A shame. False. Alerts have been issued for some users and our first where I'm testing the device sometimes indicated, the door was open when was actually closed. Ok. They. Suggest, having a IP, camera, for my garage like and see if it's closed evilly, app is supposed to do that thanks, guys thanks. That's that's definitely where I want to be I, need. Two different devices to determine, if. Like, one of them is so faulty. That it's going to cause issues. Integration. Is not optimal, despite the recent option, to upgrade I, don't care about integration. Worked. Well in strong Wi-Fi areas, but. As soon as the Wi-Fi broke down it became useless. Okay. Don't. Care about, this. Deb. Blair. Blair, Blair. Well. That's all. That this. Is unfortunately, not. Not. Useful home so. Really, no I do not have any microphone it's actually the exact same microphone, that I've had for a while the, biggest difference is that. The. Positioning. Is different now previously. I, was, my, computer was up against a wall and. I. Think, there was a lot of echo from me talking and. The. Voice, would bounce off the wall and you'd get echoes and reverb, the. New positioning, I actually have my back to the wall and the monitors are in front of me with the, rest of the office and behind. It so. I think the biggest difference is that when I talk now. There's. No echo, back from the wall or it's much, reduced, and the noise, suppression is killing it at, least that's, my hope and, that's, what seems to be happening.

So. Here, is the app that. We're looking at uh. So. My guess here is that we haven't got anything else yet so I think the next step is to delete this app and seeing, what all is in it and, what the app can, actually do. So. We have this. Where. It's me to talk to things actually. Before. We go any farther we're, going to be doing some. Apk. Traversing this show. We. Want to get the, jeddak's, set. Up right. Jad. X is the thing I'm thinking of. Pretty. Sure it is. Don't. Sound like a super. So. Jeddaks is probably, we're going to be using for. The. Actual. Apk, stuff. Seriously. Mmm, what's my password. What's. That one that's. Always the worst when. You. Haven't used a system in, Bunce, and, it asks for a password prompt, and you're like oh. What's. My password. Which. Of these do I actually want. Dear. Jerri. Okay. So. That's gonna go for a little bit. So. We have a garage door opener here. This. Is interesting, there's a whole bunch of stuff where I can tell it to do things which, is exciting. And. That's, all. The ice cream cups. Great. To be able to open from cellphone unfortunately, sometimes it goes offline and that feature doesn't work. Crash. Door never stays connected, devices. Online error. Okay. So. We, want to it in this apk. For. People who didn't. Catch what I just did here. The. Play Store by. Default won't let you just, download, an apk they. They. Wanted to go directly to your device and not give it to you so I did was this, ID, right here calm chamberland, Android, not Liftmaster that my cue I just. Googled for, apk download of that thing and then some. Sketchy-ass. Website. Has, downloaded. A whole bunch of, apps. And made them available so I, just grabbed their version of it now. I definitely, would not run this on my phone. Because. There's. A decent. Chance that this is just completely. Full of something, stupid, but. I'm. Just unpacking, it so I don't really care if. They, happen, to have a. Like. A PK. Dad. X bug, good. For them I. Seriously. So. We're gonna watch this install. What, we're doing here is we're installing Java, so we can use jet X but. That is gonna do is it's not let us take, the, apk, and. For. Most of it assuming. That the developers haven't done anything wacky, and pacted. Or obfuscated. Order to make like that. Will. Actually able to recover most. Of the Java source code and, we're able to go through that and figure out what. Does it actually do. Because. We're, about, an hour into the stream now. And. My voice still sounds ok a little, scratchy I'm not thrilled about it but I, think. I'm still doing decent as far as talking for at least another hour here, well, well, we'll, see you about an hour I can, at least talk long enough that we're gonna be able to unpack this apk and take. A look at it. See. You. This. Is always one of the most painful parts, of doing, some. Of this type of research is that. There's. A lot of well. We're, gonna install something now and I, might as well get up and go grab a drink because. It's. Gonna be 10 minutes to install or something this won't, be but there are other tools. So. For example, one. Of the things that I've used on other projects. Is. A tool called thermodyne. So. Thermodyne. Is. A bunch of qmu wrappers that you can basically, just give it a firmware. Blob, and it. Will just magic. Magic magic magic magic here. Is your, router or something, running and queuing you. The. Problem is is like getting it set up the first time it takes like. It's largely, unattended, it but still takes, like. It took me a good half-hour to get it set up the last time I said about but a machine. So. It's, very nice it's very convenient, like it's a lot but. It's still kind of pain to get working, ok. We have a jell-o's. Now right. Window. We. Do have a Java okay. Anything. Sweet. Okay. What are our arguments, here I need. To give it an input file and I'd give it a dash, D. My. Cue, list, thing. Gonna. Work. Okay. So what we're seeing here is. While. Jeddaks, is really cool and that it works much the time. It. Is buggy, as. All, of these messages are. Jeddaks. Failed for some reason. And. It's. Just. Throwing error after error to err err. But. For. The most part we probably don't care about a lot of this stuff oh, good. So. They, definitely are doing sketchy. Because, at. Oh, I'd, was. The website. That I'd em under this apk from and, turns. Out they are doing something sketchy and modifying apks, before they hand mount. Has. A reminder kids you.

Should Not be installing random apks that. You get off sketchy ass websites, there's. A very high chance that, they are back doored. It's, why. When. So. I verified, none of this other than somebody, on the internet told me it but, supposedly, the fortnight. Apk. Like a fort named app is just. Here's a sketchy apk you're going to download from their website and install, on your phone and turn off all the. Apk. Protections, so that you can, which. Is, a, terrible. Idea like for them to be doing that and getting, a whole bunch of kids who. They, want to play their video game that they like playing, so. In order to do that they're going to disable whole bunch of security features in their phone because, the. Developers. Didn't want to pay a. Cut. Of their profits to Google, it's. Like ah. But. In any case it's. Here it is. Extracted. Yes. It just looked extracted, cool. So. We have here. What. We did there was we took. The. I'm. Sorry I'm blinking here we took the apk. We bring in Jetix on it and extracted, it so we now have this, directory. That has, what. Should hopefully be the. Least. A reasonable set. Of things. Wondering. How jeddaks compared to my current avk traversing method which is Dexter jar followed by CFR yeah. It's it's. Not great but. It. Mostly works like it works well enough that I I. Have. Yet to need to find something different. Well. This. Is a pain, it looks like the apk that I pulled out May. It. Looks like they've significantly. Modified, this if it, is even close, to being, the. Original thing at all. You. Can get anything in here. Calmed. What. Was it we wanted. What. Did we originally want. When. It comes up she really. We. Have none of that yep it's probably just the Play Store awesome. Next. What's. The next of these results so we have this, what's. This one look like. Okay. This, is a significantly, different size oh. Okay. And it actually has a name. That looks a little bit more realistic. So, that's promising. You'd. Run away. Run. Away. Jars. Jars. Signer. So. They one of the issues that I see with this is I, don't actually know, where. It's going, I mean, I can see them having, resigned, this with, their own stuff and it works I don't have a good way to verify that. Any. Signature. Is, valid.

I'm. Not retyping, this name why would you not have. Complete. Verified. This. Jar contains entries whose certificate chain is invalid. We'll, figure out what happens good. Boon. /. Gettext. FD, Mike you this. Thing go. Let's. See if this is any better. So. Hopefully this one works. So. Simple. Rip symbol. Resolution has, recommended using. They. Do not appear to have the. Apk. For we want oh. Okay. They just call, it different. I can't. Just search from the apk, it's. Weird. Yes. Really I did get that thank, you very much I haven't gone through your, stuff, in full detail yet but, it is. It. Was exactly what I was hoping for some, people who are curious I. Last. Week I think. Was. Asking if anybody knew, people. Who, had gone through an apprenticeship. Because. It's something that I'm curious how. Exactly, so I'm curious how exactly you would structure, a apprenticeship. For security, stuff like what would that look like how, would we set up things. Like that and. Yeah. That's the plan it was basically, like how does it work in other places rather, than trying to recreate everything from scratch so Ivan, did. I think about Freda I've. Thought about it but. I, don't know right. Now I'm just trying to do the initial what. What. The hell does this thank you like what does the app do what does the device actually do at. Some point we might need to use something like Frida so for people who are not familiar with it Frida. My. The. Way that I am most useful used, to using it is. As. I can bugger you. Can. Do all sorts of cool stuff for it's, like it's dynamic instrumentation, that you can program and do stuff, with. Tracing. Things like that but. I don't. Know if you'll need yet we, need to figure out what we have before, we can go anywhere. So. Like. We were saying earlier, jeddaks. It's, kind of a piece of it apparently had. 400,000. Warning. And, a ton of errors, but. Maybe it worked. Did. We get lucky. Sources. Okay. We. Do actually have source, for, stuff that looks. Okay. This. Looks like it may actually be things that we wanted. It. Does really annoy me that the, two folders here, are going to be. Sources. And resources. Because. They're, spelled very similarly, but, the meanings are completely different and you pronounce them completely differently it just bugs, my head to read them like that. So. Um. We. Have, so. This is the manifest, for people who aren't aware of it how it works. Every, android APK has a manifest, that tells you things like what permissions is to have and what entry points does the app actually, have. So. Things like when. You click the little button in your phone app pops up that's, called a scene I believe and. It. Will stay in this manifest, here, what. Java. Class. I, think it's, a class that it tells you is this, class, will handle, this. Type of event which in that case is open, scene I think there's. All sorts different things, that a can. Activities. Activities. Are the things I'm looking for, yes. Spooling. Back to where it was. There's. All sorts of different things then app could, respond, to and the, manifest is going to tell you what. It should be responding to and how much that to respond to them, as. Far as permissions here though it's interesting that, they I guess, it makes sense that they want to network access even that they might have to come two different Wi-Fi networks and things like that. They. Have a lot of questions though, like. A lot. Camera. Stuff Wi-Fi, make sense. So. If we look at this we have so. We have an activity, and. There's. The comm Chamberlin. My cue features, splash screen splash activity, and. It. Is intent, filtered, so it will do things. On the long-term so. What. Do you hear. Sources. My, cue features. There. Should be a splash. Screen and now in here we should be able to open up a splash. Activity. That Java. And. This, is. What that thing. Actually does when your loader, says launch the apk it's, going to actually open this is, it doing anything at all useful. So. You know a little bit of obfuscation here. You. Know say we've lost a lot of. Like. There's Tom Chamberlain, Mike you see be some. Variable, names got killed somehow and, they've, jeddaks, tried to recreate parts of it. And. Then. Using, the lambdas and stuff for whatever. The crap they're trying to do here. Interesting. So. Presumably. This, is doing some sort of logging, right. They're, going to make a string, they're, doing. Launch, URI, adding. Whatever. The intense data is and, they're, gonna call a dot a with that. So. They've set up the a class, whatever it is a dot a is, accepting, what's probably a log message, we. Don't know where that log message goes to it's. Interesting in that this, dot L will. Do.

Things. These. Are awful, to read. Okay. Um. So. What. Are we doing here we're gonna, do. Things none. Of this seemed particularly useful though. What. We actually look at some. Of the resources, themselves before, you do. Because. Sometimes, oh. This. Is lots of things. Sometimes. The apps are really just basically websites, with. A very, thin wrapper around it. What's. This look like. That. Doesn't look like anything useful on there all roughly, the same size. What's. In here. So. These are all the things that are not. XML. Files in, here. There's. Some peas. More. PGS. Lots. Of pngs. Lots. Of TNG. Hmm. That's it okay, so those resources are not particularly useful, so. We have this that, will do, the launcher. Hey. What, is this so. Let. Me make sure we can actually read this on stream. Yeah. So we have an intent, here which. Basically. It's, taking. From. Reading this correctly. If. You go to anything. Dot. My, liftmaster comm, with. Certain paths it will actually pass it instead, to the intent filter. It. All into, this activity. Which is interesting, I. Don't. Know what to do with it yet but it's interesting. What. Else do we have in here. So. This is how they do this - how it does, things like I don't know if you if you're using an app where. It. Was, on aim as I was a good example if you go to an Amazon page. To. Like look at an item if, you have the Amazon app installed, it will actually redirect, you to the their, app to, look at it as opposed to using the website this. Is how you would implement that is my, understanding. Like. I'm not. Super. Familiar with the like, deep internals, of how. Some. Of the features, you can using here I'll actually work. So. Here's another activity. We can do a login, activity. Which. It. Doesn't, actually tell. Us how, it triggers. There's. A home's Home. Tab activity. There's. A places. Ad device. This. May be something we want to look at real quick so. If. We go to, sources. Comm. Chamberlin. My. Key features. Places. So. Add, device, activity. There's. An activity to add a device whatever this is. Hmm. So. W. Takes, in an intent. It's. Going to set a target fragment, nd, use your device choice, whatever. That is and pass, it off again. Learning. Device gto explanation. Okay. Let's garage. Door, opener. Is. What, I believe video means in their parlance. This. Doesn't. Use, whole. There's. A web view okay. Learning. Device door, sensor check. Don't. Care don't care whoa. Okay. So. A. Bunch of hard-coded hash, codes awesome. This. Right here is a. Jad. X being I don't. Know what's going on here we're just gonna give you a bunch of case statements. And. Go twos and being. Awful, thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Dad X. Don't. Care about most of this stuff like I probably care but oh, I. Probably. Care about it but not not. Enough to go through it right now we, need to find other the first. Oncreate. Here we go. We're. Going to call whatever. AFB, is we're, going to get an intent. We. Set. User. Device, choice. We. Get, the intent, again. We. Set. Fragment. Said, yeah. We get it, we're, getting these. Settings for user device choice target. Fragment, gateway, ID and, error. Count. If. I ever want to give it a try there's also JetBrains chocolaty, compiler, interesting. This. Is more stuff that I don't really care about I don't think. There's. So much stuff. Here. Geez. Awesome. This. Is going nowhere, quickly. So. Lever, flow we don't know yet right. Now all we've done is we read through the manual for.

This Device we. Know that there's the app we. Know there's Wi-Fi and. We know that there is some, server component, but that's all that we know about it right now. So. Step, one, was. To go through all the documentation, and see what was, going on in the documentation except. To that we're looking at now is a first pass, looking. At the. Apk. To see if. There's, anything useful in the apk that we can learn. More about how everything works. It's. Nothing. At least we've, been at this for what at 20 minutes now and nothing's jumped out yet but, I. Don't. See here. This. Is the only thing I think I see that. Looks. Interesting. Like this is the so, if, we go back to, the. Notes. Oh. I didn't actually put my notes with the interface was for. Shame. There. We go. We. Go, to yeah. This, is the setup that my cue device calm. That's. A little interesting, here that. At. Least in Wi-Fi. Will connect to it. So. For. D. D. Is asking, why don't we just, connect. And look at it and. It's like do. Some, traffic sniffing, and grab that life and. The easy answer is, because. Trying. To figure out how to stream that was hard. Trying. To figure out a good way to stream. Connecting. With, a device and. Actually. Do we get directly was. Um. Tricky. To figure out and I figured this, approach at least I know how to stream easily, I can use. My normal streaming, setup and it just works. I, suspect. That we're quickly getting to the point where we're gonna have to actually start poking at the device directly or connecting. To it, which. Given, that it's gonna be a Wi-Fi, network to connect to and things like that are gonna make streaming a little, tricky but we'll figure that one out. So kaboom I won't, be streaming every day but the plan is to try and stream every week. Should. Be about, the same time three. To five or six eastern. Most. Tuesdays. I'm. Also. Not. Immediately. But sometime in the near future hopefully, doing, some other streaming. Right. Now that's, going to look like catching, up on some video work I still. Owe, people. A video. About the, community stream from. September. I'm. A little behind on that one still so my. Plan is actually to stream, doing, some. Work. On that taking. We. Have so I have I believe eight different, people did, these like. Two three four hour long streams, of solving a challenge and, my. Plan is to turn all of those into. Easily. Digestible, videos so, if, you. Remember. When I did the PDF, crack streams, a. Year. And a half ago now it's, been a while. We. Did the original, streams, where, we took, this, random. Application. Off of the. Bun. To repo. Fuss. Did fan bugs in it landed, an exploit for it and. That. End up being like 10 hours worth of streaming. Then. Afterwards. I took all of that and I. Turned it into about, a 10 minute long video.

Talking, About what we did the. Plan is for all the people who solve the challenge to try and do something similar. Compressed. All down into something that you can get most of the content, in you. Know 5 or 10 minutes as opposed to 4 hours worth of streaming. That's. The plan at least. I'm. Not sure how I'm gonna find time for it but soon. I'm planning on at least putting effort into finding the time for it. So. Ok. Back. To where we were so. This is interesting so the my queue features. Features. Wi-Fi. I dot, Java, so. This will. Actually. Connect. To the. Setup it gets called. So. I'm not huge. Into, the. Whole. Android. Security stuff, so. There's two. Different types of Android security people talk, about there's things like finding. Android. Specific, bugs so, things. Like can you do privileged, installation, for a app to, like system, or can you find code, execution in their Wi-Fi chipset or whatever. It is. But. There's also an entire genre of. Apk. Security, stuff that. I, know, is a thing and I'm, a little. Bit of an idea of how it works, but. I. Not. That familiar with in, terms of how to actually do, a lot of it other than what we're doing here taking a peek a cracking. It open extracting. It and actually. Poking around inside of it so, there's things like this which if I'm reading correctly. There. Is a intended, they. Will accept an intent, which. Will actually set up a web view. Which. Is interesting what that means that we'd. Have to go through the actual manifest, over on the right side here to figure out if there's any, intent. Like any filters, or commissions on it what. That mean is that any other app, could. Make this, app open. A web page in this. App's context. Which may or may not be interesting. There's. A whole bunch of things like that that are, complicated. And weird so. Let's. Say if. It's. Roughly. Equivalent I think, to the whole idea of, getting. Cross-site. Scripting, in an, app it's kind of the easiest way to think about it like I, can get their. Webview. To render, stuff. I control, and I think those web views can get more stuff but I don't know I'm. Mostly. Just rambling, here. Because. It's. A thing that I'm kind of familiar with it's definitely out of scope for what I'm looking for what, I'm looking for right now is I really want to figure out how the device, works and how to talk to it but. Unfortunately it looks like the only way they talk directly, to it is using, this, setup. Which. Is unfortunate, I think what that means is that we're going to I. Think. What this means is that for. The most part. The. App doesn't, talk directly, to the. Device unless, I'm missing something here it's. All going, to be, let's. Check, that and verify but I. Want, to grip for. Mike. A new device. Grip. Okay. This. Is actually much more. Fruitful. Than I expected to be, so. There's a mic you external. There's an API, there's. My. Cue external. Oak. Apio. API, v4. That's. Something different my, cue external, tuck API. Tuck. Is. This some sort of. Developer. Key oh. No. -. And this, thing. Why. Wouldn't they do this. So. It looks like these are some sort of API keys as my guess these. Are the API keys to, talk, to. Whatever. The, external, thing is so, if. We decide that we want to. Write. So one, of the things you might a wanting, to do is my, Q X my Q external, mic, you device comm probably. Is. There. A. PMA. Yeah this is almost like so, my, garage, door opener is not on my wife right now which, means that this thing is. Redirecting. To someplace. Real. So. Interesting. So this this is probably how. You. Control. The device, is, you've. Got this nice API key that they've so wonderfully, provided to us. We're. Going to connect here we're, going to do stuff that's. Good um. What. Else do we have over here I. Don't. See anything else crazy, in here looks like a whatever, a is, is doing most of the management of stuff. Like. As far as web requests, go there's. A dot B which, handles, some. Stuff yeah, let's take over that real quick. I'm. Sorry about these names I. Unfortunately. Do, not get to control the names, that they use oh. Right. Because. Of line breaks, I saw. Q. Take. You here and five K here just assumed they were different but it's because the, line broke slightly differently they. Are the same T interesting. So. We, have a a. ADA, a does. Stuff. So. I don't know what a development, is. Or. A production, I assume that's does. Jeff I have macros. To. Assume that's what that is is that basically, a Java macro. Another. One of these poorly, decompile. Things. My. Cue, dev. WWF. Master calm, what. Is this. So. This, looks like the. Dev. Portal, for. Their. Regular stuff interesting. Okay. So. We got that. There's. WWF. My TP. Okay. Well. Does this thing go to. It. Looks. Like the same thing okay. Doesn't. Look super interesting. This. Is wonderful, code. Return. Release, equals, release return. Liftmaster equals Liftmaster return. Liftmaster, equals Chamberlayne. Thanks. Guys. So. There is that there's, also see, which, does some, stuff and.

G. Which, does. Some. Stuff. Oh. So, this looks good to where it's actually making a. HTTP. Request. Yeah. That's what I was assuming is that those are the dev and QA environments, for them and that, there's some flagging enforced the apk to talk. To one as opposed to the others. This. Looks like error handling. Showing. Login, due to empty username or password that's. Interesting. So. This, is how they do logins, it looks like. If. B, VAR b, oh. This. Is so hard to read. So. D. Mentions, that there if, you go to though, that's. Interesting, if one tries to access it it will. Give. You an error message I had. Assumed that that was just a. So. One of the things that a lot of router's will do is they have a DNS name that, when you connect to the setup as this ID, it'll. Just resolve, to like one, ninety one six eight one one and, you. Go to the setup that way the, fact that they're actually haven't, resolved something the Internet is interesting. Because. That would imply that. It's. A thing, I. Don't, think it matters but, it's interesting. So. Kevin. You, wondering, if lift master and Chamberlain, had some they ship, so, the. Wire. Cutter page said. That Chamberlain. Owns lift master and lift master is there. Like. Professional. Stuff. Or like contractors. And things whereas, the. Chamberlain, brand was, going to be the. Consumer, side, of it but I don't know if I can easily, buy. A, lift. Master, or. But. Apparently like I can go on like Amazon, and buy the Chamberlain, version of the same thing so. The answer is no the same company. There's. It's, like. How. Do the routers do it like tp-link, also, is, owned by Netgear or something like, that I, don't. Remember a whole bunch of the router companies, are all different, brands, of the same company, and it, looks like it's the same thing for these. Hmm. So this looks this looks like it's probably there. Like HDPE clasp to handle, a lot of stuff like that. So. They have a mic hue code which, is interesting. This. Is how it connects to a bunch of these different things. That's. The end of this. Huh. Okay. Yeah. It looks like they're definitely they, were production server development server in a teepee, server, which like. I think I. Whore. Mentioned. It's probably QA I don't know what teepee would stand for in this context, like QA makes sense, pp, is. Pre-production. Pre-production. That's probably what it stands for. Which would be QA, or, their test, infrastructure, or whatever. So. Unfortunately. I think. One. Piece is probably about as far as you can go right now without, actually, getting access to something more we. Either need to get the device connectable, so I can start poking at it or. Record. Things so, I think this is probably gonna be out the point where we call this dream for tonight and, between now and next. Tuesday, I'm. Gonna actually set. Up my, garage door opener and, we'll try and capture all the traffic so, things we want to capture let's, go to my notes and actually break this out. Capture.

Config. So, we want to capture. From. Both. That, and. The. Opener, the. Traffic. Because. We want to do here you, want to see what. Exactly it's, doing, communicating. Is. Communicating. I. Don't. Know how useful it's gonna be but definitely want to grab that. We also want to get the app, installed. Look. At all, the, controls, for, it. Also. Check logcat on the phone that. Is a good point. Be. Able to we might be able to grab a lot of stuff off that. Ideally. I want to get. So. Ideally. I'm going to set my. Network. So I can. So. Ideally. I want to get everything set up so that my. Streaming PC can go to set. Up dot my, cue device comm, or. Whatever it is and actually look, at that page, because. If you can that'll. Be fun to stream from because actually we can start poking on it. So. One of the things I've had surprisingly. Good success. With is. If. There is a firmware, update functionality. For the device which, I will note, they. Haven't mentioned, yet none. Of the documentation, none, of the website, none of the app. Screenshots. Showed. Any way, to update, this. Device. Which. Makes me feel really bad about things like. It's. Gonna be bad news if you find something and they haven't, put, any thought. Into how to update it what it has problems. But. Ok, guys. But. Anyway one, of the things I've had a lot of success with previously, is. If. It. Has a firmware, update. Go. On their support and ask, for, the current firmware. Even. If there, isn't a way to do, it manually, a lot, of the time there's, some, unexposed. Mechanism. So. These, port channels. Have access, to those firmwares, and if. You ask the, worst thing that happens is this is they go. No. Th

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why dont you stream more often?

Hmm maybe iam complaying a bit but there is a hallow echo in the background. It would be super if you couldfix that. I appreciate the content btw :)

Nice, I’m so bummed I couldn’t made the stream. Good job though.

thx for answer i missed your video's..

I've had a bunch of other responsibilities getting in the way for the past few months, but I do plan on trying to do at least 3-4 a month this year.

+Murmus CTF its kind through out the video, i think it is your microphone sens that kinda makes us hear everything throughout the room, setting up acoustic foam around you might also help. It also might be my headphoens beeing too sensetive too because i have such high volume on XD

Thanks! This is exactly the kind of feedback that's helpful. Any points in particular where you noticed it being bad?

Murmus! I glad

are you vaping while doing the video?

No? I did end up with a bit of a cold over the holidays that I'm just getting over, which you may be hearing.

There was a little reverberation throughout, not too bad though. You might be able to just turn the gain down on your mic and it may just fix the problem?

@Murmus CTF its kind through out the video, i think it is your microphone sens that kinda makes us hear everything throughout the room, setting up acoustic foam around you might also help. It also might be my headphoens beeing too sensetive too because i have such high volume on XD

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