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LIVE DEBATE – IBM Project Debater

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And. Now. Please welcome director, of IBM Research Dario, Gill. Good. Afternoon. This. Past June a few, blocks from where I'm standing right now, IBM. Unveiled Project, debater an. AI system that. Is capable of engaging, with humans in a live debate. It. Was widely reported at the time that. The system, really, held its own, against. Two Israeli, debate champions. But. For us it. Really is not about. Winning or losing but really. About the ability, to create AI that, can master the infinitely, complex. And rich, world of human, language I like. Games, language. Can, really tell us more about human, thought and expression, and is. This world that is most interesting to us at IBM, Research we. Believe there's. Great potential, in, having artificial, intelligence, that, can understand, us, the. More transparent and, explainable. That we can make AI the, more we can trust it and the. More we can trust it the, more we can rely on it to help us make better decisions. There. Is hope behind. The technology that, you're gonna see demonstrated, today, let. Me briefly put into perspective what. You're about to see, alive. Ian research we have a long, history of creating. Technology, and capability, that, can amplify and complement, human, cognition. Providing. More information and. More context, for us to, help us make better decisions, and project. Debater is no exception, we. Envision a future of, the technology, well beyond the podium. Helping. People to reason to. Build well inform, arguments, and to. Make better, decisions. Today. It, will take on a human, debater who holds the record for the most competition, victories. Since. June, our team, of scientists, have been improving the core AI technology, behind. The system to. Prepare for this formidable, challenge. Nothing. That you're about to see is pre-recorded. Or pre-scripted. Except. The very first sentence, that the system will use to. Read the human debater I should. Also point out the, team of computer scientists, that will be with, us on stage who. Were part of the team that created, the system and who, who is here to keep, an eye behind. The scenes of what is happening. Today's. Topic, was, chosen from a curated, list it's. Important, to note that Project, debater has, never been trained to, know that predict debater was never trained on this topic. You. May hear project debater repeat. Itself, unnecessarily. Or make mistakes, this. Is because it's an AI system and, AI. Systems, are far from perfect, before. I turn it over to our hosts I want, to give a shout out to the, debate club from the Daughtery Valley High School in San Ramon as, well as a team from the Bay Area urban. Debate league who. Is headed to the National Finals. And one. Last reminder please, silence your phones and please. No flash photography. Now. Without further delay let. Me introduce the host for the evening four-time. Emmy, winner from intelligent square John, Donvan. Thank. You Dario, so, this really is a nice intersection. Criss crossing right at the word intelligence, your project. Debater here, is an experiment. In artificial. Intelligence and, I host. A debate program with. Intelligence. In its name intelligence.

Squared Us and, since. 2006. We, have put on across. The nation close. To a hundred and seventy, debates on a wide, range of topics from, policy. To foreign, policy to politics, to culture to sports, to. Food to what we eat to our health care systems basically, everything. Under, the Sun our goal in doing this has always been to raise the level of public discourse that. Was the vision of our founders Robert Rosencrantz, and Alexandra Monroe they are here in the house this evening I would love to give them a round of applause and recognition, for this. And. We do this not. Only by. Encouraging, and insisting. On civility, but also, frankly. By making a contest, out of the challenge of having, to present an argument intelligently. And also. Persuasively. Here's a quick look at what I'm talking about. We, really aim to raise the level of public discourse by, taking on tough but also nuanced, subjects, in which there's valid arguments, on both sides to, bring people to the stage who, argue, with passion, truthfulness. With respect for one another. I've, seen pictures the. Brain scans of people with CTE and looks like someone, drove a truck across their brain we actually do agree on a lot of foundation, within which we have civilized of it we actually share as. A nation, a civic religion. You. And your fellow debaters, all heard things from your opponents that you respect to take seriously, demonstrating. That is the essence of what we want to do here so the way that you conducted, this honors, us. That. Was unquestionably. An applause line right. There so. And. Let me let me just interject, that all, of our programs turn into podcasts, and and also television, programs that, travel far and wide but at the moment I'm thinking with the podcast in mind there will be an audience that. Will hear this, debate far. And wide and forever, and for, that reason I want to encourage you to bring energy to the room throughout, the evening bye bye, bye applauding, when, you hear points you like and when I introduce the debaters you know that we, think we might be making history today so someday you, can tell your grandchildren who's, listening to this podcast you hear that clapping, yeah, I was Buzzle my hands doing, that so please. Feel free to applaud when you like a point it's at intelligence, squared we always say we, like, that kind of positive reinforcement.

We're Just against the booing and hissing parts, or no booing and hissing if. You if you don't like something that you hear you might want, to just let loose with perhaps a. Sardonic. Chuckle or something that most like that but let's keep it positive but let's really keep it energetic. In fact we have already. Once debated, the issue of artificial, intelligence itself. That. Resolution was don't trust, the promise of artificial. Intelligence I. Felt. A little pulse of resentment, from behind me did you feel, that we're. Gonna be doing again this spring around the matter of self-driving, cars but this this truly this. Truly is a first for us the first time that an artificial intelligence, namely, project, debater will be on our stage arguing. With a human. Being, and made the best debater win and as we like to say at every debate may, civil discourse, win as well, so let's get started let's first, meet. And applaud, our debaters first arguing. For the resolution tonight will be IBM. Project debater. And. Arguing. Against, representing, the rest of us please welcome to the stage, Harish Natarajan he is a graduate of the University, of Oxford and the University, of Cambridge and a grand finalist, at the 2016. World, debating, championships, also, the, 2012. European debating. Champion please come to the stage Hari. Congratulations. Thank you. So. We are gonna be hosting a single debate this evening around, a single resolution the format's going to go like this we, go in three rounds, first. We will have each, participant. Offering. A four minute introductory, argument, on the topic after. That we go to a second, round that's a four minute rebuttal round, each debater, rebuts, the arguments, made finally. We move on to Round three and that's closing round in which they make a two-minute, closing statement, sort, of a summary now, we need. You not only to applaud and keep the energy up but to participate, as the judges of this debate we, are going to ask you to, vote before, and after. The arguments, using, your mobile phone to, tell us where, you stand on this position and to tell us whether you were persuaded, or not by one side or the other so. You're, gonna be asked first your position on the resolution, after the debate you'll be asked if your position changed we're also gonna put a second question in there we just want to know in general who. You feel better enriched. Your knowledge, of this topic, then. We will share the results of the voting after. We have a panel, discussion with Harish, and two of the IBM scientists, who are behind this fascinating, research they're gonna explain in even more detail what we just saw happen and how, it happened so, to, reveal now the resolution. Of the evening is this we, should. Subsidize. Preschool. We, should, subsidize. Preschool. That's, gonna be the resolution, and I just want to say in terms of what we, mean. By that the way that we're framing it we are not talking about preschool in any particular locale, no, particular, city or state we, are also. Not. Referring. To any particular program. That exists, or any particular proposal. Out there and finally. We are not talking about. Targeting. Or. Choosing. Preschool programs for any particular, group. Of students in any particular, place so. Now, in knowing, now that that is our resolution, we should subsidize preschool. I want, to ask you please to take out your smartphones, and type. In the URL shown, on the screen it's.

Also Listed in your program and you. Can begin, to, vote and we're going to give you a couple, of minutes to do that we're. Gonna lock it out in probably, about, two minutes which I think crowd like this will be able to handle that so, let's, get started I'm gonna go to my lectern and, our. First debater in round. One, will. Be project. Debater. A four. Minute introduction, from project evader again, and, and and and project debater actually. Has a gender she. Will. Be arguing. She. Will be arguing, for the resolution we. Should subsidize, preschool. Ladies. And gentlemen, here, we go. There. Are two issues I will elaborate, on now I would start by explaining why preschool, is an important, investment I will, also say a few words about poverty, and anybody. Discussing, some other issues that show the positive aspects. Of preschools, regarding. Investment, nature-based, preschools, are powerful, interpretive, programs as, well as lucrative, business decisions. Demonstrated. That high quality preschool, is one of the best investments, of public dollars resulting. In children who fare better on tests, and have more successful, lives than those without the same access. Secondly. A few, words about poverty, while. I cannot experience, poverty, directly, and have no complaints, concerning, my own standards, of living I still, have the following to share regarding. Poverty, research, clearly, shows that a good preschool can help kids overcome, the disadvantages. Often associated, with poverty the, OECD, has recommended, that government, subsidize pre-primary. Education to, boost performance in, poorer areas a, statistical. Summary of studies from 1960. And 2013. By the National, Institute, for early education research found. That high quality preschool can, create, long term academic. And social, benefits, for individuals, and society, far, exceeding, costs, the, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports. That universal, full-day, preschool creates, significant. Economic savings in health care as well as decreased, crime welfare. Dependence, and child abuse, former. Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam said, in 1973. That preschool is the greatest single aid in removing or modifying the. Inequalities, of background, environment, family. Income or family nationality. Now. To an additional, final, issue a study. By the melbourne institute of applied economic and, social research, shows, that attendance, at preschool, has a significant. Positive impact, on later NAPLAN, outcomes, particularly in the domains of numeracy, reading, and spelling the, results of a new study of over 1,000, identical, and fraternal twins. Published, in Psychological Science a, journal, of the Association. For psychological science. Confirm. That preschool programs. Good idea here, is a study from New Jersey that is worth noting in New, Jersey the, follow-up to the Abbott preschool, program, study continues to find that high quality preschool programs. Increase achievement, in language arts and literacy math, and science, through 4th and 5th grade I hope. I relayed the message that, we should subsidize preschools. You, will possibly, hear my opponent talk today about different priorities. And subsidies, he, might say that the subsidies, are needed, but not for preschools, I would, like to ask you mr. Natarajan, if you agree in principle why, don't we examine, the evidence and the data and decide accordingly, thank. You for listening. Ladies. Gentlemen Project debater. And I. Want to point this out both debaters, were. Given 15, minutes to prepare for this debate, in, other words Irish. It was only 15 minutes ago that you were told the topic of this debate so that's one of the that's.

Your Kind of wizardry as well, and you're very good at it so ladies and gentlemen please welcome our. Debater. Arguing, against the resolution we should subsidize preschool. Irish, najin. Well. Thank you very much everybody, it's a pleasure to be here for this historic event, and it certainly was a pleasure to listen to, project debater there, was a lot of information, in, that speech and, lots of facts and lots of figures the, problem, though is the reality of subsidizing. Preschools. Is one, which, does not deal, with the underlying problems. In society it is, one which often makes those worse and in, the end is very little more than a politically. Motivated giveaway. To members of the middle class let. Me start by examining the, main claim from, Project debater, I think. Project debaters suggest something very intuitive, that if we believe preschools. Are good in principle, surely. It is worth for, giving money to subsidize those, but. I don't think that is ever enough, of a justification for subsidies, why. Is that the case because. There are multiple things which are good for society that. Could be in countries like the United, States increased, investment, in health, care which would often also have returns, for, education. Which the osed, would also note, is probably. Very beneficial to, deal with poverty it, will be improving, tertiary, education. To allow people more access to social mobility or, given, the reality, of underfunded. Schools trying, to improve secondary, education, my. Point here is not that all of those things are necessarily, better than preschools. But. Simply, that it cannot be alone, a sufficient. Argument for project debated, to claim that there are some benefits the, question, is more subtle than that what. Is the question then I think. The criterion, of whether or not we should then distribute. Subsidy should be asked, based. On two claims the, first is is this, under, provided, and under consumed, in the status quo I'll talk, more about that in a moment and second. Does it actually help those individuals who, are the most harmed by society. Why, exactly doesn't. Preschool. Or subsidization. Of preschool, do that I want, to make two claims under this the, first is many. Middle-class, parents, and many people, from upper incomes, already. Send their children to preschool, this, is because they value many of the things which project, debatin noted but. Why is that a problem because. Subsidization, cost, an awful lot of money and that is money which is paid giving people particularly. Members of the middle class that above money, to do things which they would do otherwise, why. Is that so damaging, given. The realities, of opportunity. Costs, here the, problem, is that, you are giving, much you're taking money from all taxpayers, to, help those individuals within a society who are already, often. The best off and I don't think that is principally, justified. As a way of state, distributing. Its resources, but. The second thing I want to claim is that even when you substitute either. When you subsidize, preschools. It doesn't. Mean that all individuals, go and this, I think was the fallacy, from what we heard from Project, debater yes. You could make it slightly more accessible. For individuals. To attend preschool that, doesn't mean those individuals, who are as poor as Project debater seems, to want it as it aims to care about people are. Going to be those who have the ability to send their child to preschool, they'll still be individuals. Who'll be priced out because, of the realities, of the, market and these individuals, now face not just one exclusion, but a double exclusion, their, tax money money. Which could be used to otherwise help them and their children in myriad other ways is no, longer being is no longer going to them and they, are not able to gain from the benefits of it in, the end when it comes to the question of subsidization. There is always going to be trade-offs and that needs to be accepted, given. The reality of those trade-offs the, question is who do you help and the people you don't help are those individuals, who have a poorest, you give unfair. Exaggerated. Gains to those individuals, in the middle class and that is why at, the end of this debate we don't think that you should subsidize, preschools.

Thank. You Herr Schmidt Rajan. So. We before we move on to the rebuttal round I just want to summarize some of what we've heard we have heard Project debater make the argument, in support of the resolution we, should subsidize preschools. By, saying that this is not just a matter of finance but it's also a moral and political issue, it has, a relates. To a duty to support some of the most vulnerable, people in society that. Preschool itself. Subsidized. Or not has a broader impact on the lives of individual, citizens she. Cited research. That says that investment. In preschool, results. Without doubt in. Maximally. Successful, lives, it increases, income. And, it also helps, to overcome several, of the disadvantages. Of poverty. Again. It there's better health outcomes, there are actually, decreases, in crime and she, cites a number of studies to to. Back this up, basically. Also, she anticipated, her. Opponent, probably, making the argument, that. Subsidies. Would serve one, group at the expense, of another, she also threw in a few jokes along the way and was. Surprisingly. Charming. And human sounding I would say but, also charming. And human sounding was the human on this day. Harish not Rajan he argued against the resolution that, we should subsidize preschools. He, said that basically project. Debaters argument, does not deal, really, in addressing. The underlying problems. That she was arguing that preschool claims, to solve that too, often. Preschool. Functions, as a politically. Of subsidies, for preschool function. As a politically, motivated giveaway. To the middle class that, there are other programs out, there that deserve support that does not mean that preschool, does not but the idea of putting preschool, ahead, of the line for, government. Resources and, taxpayer. Dollars. Is a, questionable, act in fact speaking, of question he said the whole question is much more subtle than. Project, debater, was stating, he questions, whether in, fact preschool. Might, actually help. Those who, it is most trying to might, actually harm those at his most trying to hurt middle, class families, already, are taking advantage of preschool, they're paying it for from themselves so they would be paying for it or other already, but now they. Would be these. Families would be gaining subsidies, to. Do things that they would be doing otherwise and this, obviously. Is diminishes. Resources, available, to everyone so, those. Are roughly. The arguments, we're going to give, each, of the debaters, a few more minutes to, prepare. For. Their rebuttal round but, before. We do I just wanted to bring to, this stage one. Of the designers, of of. Project. Debater no I'm Sloan iam who is.

How. Do well, you're out of Tel Aviv not at Haifa Israel but welcome, to the stage I just wanted to take one minute since we're in this phase where, over. There and here, there's, a process, going on through artificial, intelligence, trying to figure, out what to say next, what is that involved, so I will, try to explain briefly what is happening, under the hood so thank, you John as you. Say that we just heard two interesting, opening. Speeches by, Project. Debater and Harish and. Project. Debater as we speak is now trying to prepare. The rebuttal, speech and as, we know in a debate the rebuttal is the most challenging, part, so. The system is starting by using Watson, speech recognition, capabilities. In order to understand, the, words that Harish, was using and then, it tries to Cygnet these words into meaningful. Sentences. And, the. Next step is really to capture, the gist of the speech by Harish okay, so the system is, basically using, a collection, of artificial, intelligence. Engines. In, order to first, of all somehow anticipate. What Harish will state and, then determine. Whether indeed, he was stating, these arguments. Explicitly. Or implicitly. And, then, generate, some kind of a meaningful rebuttal, to that it sounds like an amazing challenge and you'll be back after, the third round to with your colleagues to discuss this in more detail but I just wanted to get a look ahead so thanks very much No. Thank you. So. Now we move on to round two rebuttals. And again. Each side will have four minutes to respond, to the opponent's arguments, first with, her rebuttal, Project debater arguing, for the resolution we should subsidize. Preschool. Thank. You again for. Starters, I sometimes listen, to opponents in wonder what. Do they want would, they prefer poor people on their doorsteps, begging, for money would. They live well with poor people without heating and running water giving. Opportunities, to the less fortunate should, be a moral obligation of, any human being and it is a key role for the state to, be clear we should find the funding for preschools, and not rely on luck, or market forces this. Issue is too important, to not have a safety net next. I think that Harish Natarajan, raised the following, issue there. Are more important, things than preschools, to spend money on the. State budget is a big one and there is room in it to subsidize, preschools, and invest in other fields therefore. The idea that there are more important, things to spend on is irrelevant because, the different subsidies, are not mutually exclusive. I believe. The following example, from a related field will explain what I'm trying to say about subsidy, policies research. Shows that childcare, subsidies. To low-income parents, enable, those parents, to enter and remain in the workforce to. Be clear, my intention, is not to leave a suitcase full of money for everyone to grab will we. Are talking about a limited targeted, and helpful, mechanism, as in this example. Next. I will discuss three issues which explain, why we should subsidize preschools. I will, demonstrate that, preschool education, improves, children's development, I will, also discuss issues related to the claim that attending, preschool helps, students, succeed and finally. I will raise points, associated, with how preschool, can prevent future crime about children. Preschool. Is a very important, and an essential step in a child's, life research. Indicates that access, to quality preschool, can provide a boost for children that will influence their success, for the rest of their lives, senior, leaders at st. Joseph's RC Primary School, say that nursery will help give children the bed start to their education, there. Is clear evidence that high-quality nurseries. Led by Graduate nursery teachers, are among, the most decisive ways to prevent children particularly. Poor boys from, falling behind. Next. Students. A quality, of preschool education, is essential for laying the foundations for successful. Learning including. Transition, to full-time school and future, school success, in December. 2015. Researchers, at Duke University concluded. That investing, in preschool, helps both students, and educators, long term they, found that students who enroll in preschool, education are 39. Percent, less likely to be placed in special, education programs. As third graders, of the, 1010.

Registered, Voters surveyed. 61%. Consider a high quality, preschool experience. Very, important, to a student's, later success, and 22. Percent said, it is somewhat important. Lastly. Crime, preschool. Is an effective, tool for keeping kids in school and out of jail while, reducing, the amount of crime in our neighborhoods, it is, an effective crime prevention strategy. A substantial. Body of research shows that high quality preschool education. Is key in preparing, children to succeed in school and career training and helps, reduce the enormous financial, costs of remedial work delinquency. And crime, studies. Have shown that quality, preschool, leads to better academic, performance throughout. Life higher, earning, and less criminal activity, they, show that high quality preschool, boosts, high school graduation. Rates and children, who do not attend, high quality, preschool are, far, more likely to commit violent, crimes, to. Recap this rebuttal, speech I argue, that preschool, education, improves, children's development. That, attending, preschool helps, students succeed and lastly. That preschool can prevent future, crime let. Me wrap up this speech in a way that I hope you can relate to advocating. Welfare, is like offering a hand to someone who fell it's, basic, human decency, therefore. I think the motion should stand we. Should subsidize preschools. That, concludes, my speech thanks. For listening. And now. The round to rebuttal, from harshness Rajan, who is arguing, again against the resolution we, should subsidize preschool. So. I want to start by noting, or project, debater and I, agree, on we. Agree that, poverty is, terrible, it, is terrible, when individuals, do not have running water it is terrible, when they struggle to meet ends meet to make ends meet and they are struggling to feed their family it, is terrible, when they cannot get health care to cover their child to even provide them the basics, they need in life that. Is all terrible. And those, are all things we need to address and none. Of those are addressed, just, because you, are going to subsidize. Preschool. Why. Is that the case project. Debater raises. An interesting claim, when. She notes that maybe. The state has the budget to do all the good things maybe, the state has the budget to provide healthcare maybe, it has the budget to provide welfare payments, maybe it has the budget to provide running, water as well, as preschool I would. Love to live in that world but, I don't think that is the world we live in I think, we live in a world where, there are real constraints. On what governments, can spend, money on and even, if those are not real those, are nonetheless political. Where, you have people constantly. Talking about the size of government debt, and deficits. And who will be opposed to spending more and more money why. Does that matter because. In the real world both, in terms of the practicalities, of the amount of different, good programs, we have and would like to spend money on and in. The real world were on a political level you cannot always, spend more and more money just because something is good we, do need to make choices, and why. Then, is preschool. The bad choice to, start spending money, on now. Project, debater had a lot of evidence all, of which was saying that preschool leads to other good outcomes now, I would first want to note is I don't think that's comparative, with the other potential.

Projects We could put in place but let's ignore them were argument, for a moment why. Else do I not think those arguments were particularly, dancing I don't. Think it's particularly convincing, because I'm not sure that subsidies, even. Help those individuals. That the. Project debated thinks that we should be helping note. Time, and time again project, debater said, high-quality. Preschools, can lead to huge improvements. On individuals, lives, maybe. But, I'm not sure if you massively, increase, the number of people going to preschool they, are all going to be the ones going to the high quality, preschools, I don't, think that just because you subsidize, it those individuals, who are the poorest, are those individuals, are going to be able to still whose parents, are still gonna be able to spend the money and the, time necessary, to give their child a chance, at preschool. Project, debatin notes that maybe high-quality. Preschools, will reduce crime maybe. But, so would other measures in terms of crime prevention so. Would for and that again, presupposes. That these are high, quality and, the subsidy, alone allows people to go and this. Is the core point I want to make bearing. In mind that, this does create, it is a huge subsidy for, the middle class that. Realistic. Budget constraints, we have means, the money can be spent better, elsewhere, but. The final thing I want to note is maybe. You believe all of this empirical, evidence about the value of preschool. I would, note that that is probably at least somewhat, flawed because. What it actually picks up is that it's those individuals, who are middle-class who, often go send their children to preschool, right now and they have plenty of advantages so I'm not even sure preschools. Decisive, one but, here's a reason why for many students, it may not even be good but, from an early age either, that, preschool doesn't. Teach a child anything, was, pushing, that child to learn in a competitive, environment at, the age of three or four when. You're learning that you are at your depth at other child is potentially, better than you when you realize, you aren't necessarily as talented, as someone else but huge psychological damage. For many children may, not even may. Mean the preschool, is actively, harmful at, the end even if you believe that preschool is good it isn't, the way and where we should spend the money particularly. Given that's a subsidy, to the middle class I'm very happy to oppose. Thank. You Harris. So. We, are about, to move on to the, closing round those will be two-minute closing statements, by each of the two debaters but before, they do and in order to give them a few, moments to prepare I just, want to return briefly, to the subject of something. Close to my heart and that's the mission of intelligence, squared us. I've, moderated. Of a hundred and seventy debates all, but 22 of them and, I've. I'm a journalist, by profession. But, we live in a time when journalism is under challenge and also, when. The.

Discourse. Among. Citizens is. Not. At its best, let's say and, what. We the. Reason I'm so, pleased to be part of intelligence squared is what its mission. Embraces. Is the notion that argument. Is not a bad thing argument. Is a good thing when. Argument, is done well, and by, done, well what we mean is to do it in a setting that is respectful. That. Is respectful, of individuals. Respectful. Of the idea that there may well be a good a good, argument on the other side that, needs to be listened to. Respectful. Of things like facts and, logic and reason and science, it, really is our mission to bring this to the forefront and we've, we, have held. Debates, in in, this community in the past we've, done them in New York in Los Angeles and. Chicago. And. In, Brussels, and, in Cambridge Massachusetts. And, what. What, is astounding, is that we. We find ourselves going into places where. We. May encounter people. Sitting in our audience who. Without. Even really wanting to realize in the course of a debate that they are they are in a bubble that they have never really heard an argument, put, by the other side before in such, a way that they. Take, it in and they weigh it and they they consider it and they judge it sometimes, more favorably, than they might have thought of otherwise because here's the secret thing, about a debate by its nature you're going to hear two arguments, you're going to hear opposing, arguments, and you're going to hear them put forward in a respectful, way and that's. The thing that we're doing and. At, the end of every debate I go. Out into the lobby and kind. Of hang out with the people. Who have just left the debate and we have a lot of people come to all of our debates but we also have at most cases, a lot of newcomers particularly, for some reason in Manhattan, it's kind of a date it's kind of a date night. Maybe. People want to sort of show off, their. Intellect by bringing a date to a debate, but. What I find happens, is that it works, the. Energy. In the lobby when people spill. Out is just so, amazing. They're, just buzzing and they're debating with each other and they're excited, and they're they're. Really lit up by it by this experience, and sometimes, I think the experience that they've had is that, they actually changed, their minds, and didn't. Expect to and maybe there's something sort. Of liberating, about that experience, particularly, in. The time that we're living in so I. I. Just want to say that if you if you have the chance to, follow. Us through. Any any of the channels in which we're putting putting. Our our, story and our debates out there please, do so and we do keep it civil they're almost, always there was okay. There was one time we go is it debate of course about Israel and things. Got heated and there were two debaters who were. There. Said to each other and that, was the one time that I I stood, up and I, walked to the head of the stage and I raised my arms in, my mind a little bit like Moses parting the Red Sea and and. I. Asked them come on pull it back and they did and then they went on to have a really, good evening, but they're very exciting, and they're very thrilling, and I. Think when. Dario Gill got up here and said that where they're thinking of in terms of. Artificial. Intelligence that the base is to help us think better and to.

Help Us with critical reasoning, we, get that because we're in the, same mission essentially, so, I, hope. That didn't sound like a commercial because I actually believe in is really our passion and we're delighted to be here but it's time to move on to round 3 and round 3 our closing, statements by each debater, in turn and they. Will begin. Once, again closing. In support. Of the art of the resolution, we should subsidize preschool, he again his project debater. Thanks. For this final opportunity to speak out in this debate and thanks, Harish natarajan one. Might say that this conversation, can serve no purpose anymore, but. I feel differently, allow. Me to start with a brief rebuttal among. Other things I think mr., Nuttall Rajan suggested, that preschools, should not be subsidized because, this will reduce their quality, I would, like to offer a different view I disagree. With my opponent, subsidy. One of many reasons is that subsidizing. Attracts more skilled and qualified people to the field improving. The quality of preschools, for all, here. Is a final summary of my arguments, today my, opponent, claimed that preschools, are harmful. I believe. My arguments, suggested, that the benefits, outweigh, the potential disadvantages. I touched. Upon three, issues children. Students, and crime. Specifically. I noted, that preschool education, improves, children's development. In, addition I suggested. That attending preschool helps. Students, succeed and a, final point to consider is that preschool can prevent future crime when. This debate just started I said that we will talk about financial, issues we, did and I am convinced, that in my speeches, I supplied enough data to justify, support, for preschools, at the, end of the day the benefits, welfare provides, outweigh, the disadvantages. Welfare. Helps the most important, segments, in society, the underprivileged, the weak the children, if we, want to have a better society then we must invest, in those who are less fortunate, finally. In the words of British politician, and writer Benjamin. Disraeli power. Has only one duty to secure the social welfare of the people we, should subsidize preschools. Thanks. For your attention. And the. Last word going to here'sh arguing. In his closing statement against. The resolution. So. I think we disagree on. Far. Less than it may seem because. We agree that the people we should care about are, the, underprivileged. The children. Those, individuals, who are weak that, is what Project debater said. Herself. But. The problem, is not, that preschool is necessarily, harmful i concede.

In The vast majority of cases it is much better for an individual, to go to preschool than. Not but. It is the reality that. What this policy, is is a huge. Huge, subsidy. Primarily. To, the middle class and not to. Those individuals. Who are the most vulnerable with, the most underprivileged, and the most disadvantaged. Why. Is that the case it, is, first the case because what we said from the start is you, cannot, fund everything, I think, this is simply empirically. True and you, have to make choices and you have to make trade-offs, the. Problem, with preschool, in that, context, is twofold, the. First is that a lot of our money goes to, individuals, who would have sent their child to preschool, anyway, those, individuals, from the middle class all of those benefits, exist, on either side, of the world, but. For those individuals. Who are more, vulnerable this. Is first billions, and billions, of, dollars which. Is probably not going to them and largely, gonna individuals. In the middle class and that's, where the trade are for better help bad, worse or the trader for individuals, to have running water one. Of the problems, project debate are identified. With, people who are poor but, that is a real trader for those people but, second, often, those are the parents who still even. When there are subsidies will, struggle to send their child to. Good, quality preschools. The, stro struggle, to send their child to good quality preschools because they don't even have the money for, what is left, they'll, struggle to send their child to preschools that they don't value the, amount of effort and time they have to put into it they'll struggle to send their children to preschools. Or when they do it, probably will be the worst preschools, which exists and yes, quality, across the board may not fall but in some cases it will and those poor individuals, will probably be stucked in those at, the end of this debate I don't, think the project debater has, helped, those individuals, she, identifies, as the most important, but in reality has. Hit them, thank. You and that concludes round three and the, argument, phase of this debate. So. We're. On our way to making history here, we. Would like to ask you now to complete that process by using your, phones again. Those. Of you who are not alive tweeting, every moment take out your phone and, choose. Your, position, where, you stand now that you've heard the arguments from both sides. And, please pay attention to the second question, who, better enriched your knowledge, of this, topic, and. While. We, are getting the vote going I think we'd like to have a little chat so, I want to and. Harish. I'd like you to join us so we're gonna we're gonna move the furniture a little bit and we're. Gonna invite to the stage in, I, think. Right now in fact here comes the furniture I, want, to invite to the stage two, of the two. Of the scientists, who have.

Been Working for. Literally. Years at. Creating. Into artificial intelligence that you just saw so why don't you come up to the stage. You've. Already met. Speculation. You. Have already met no I'm Sonia and norm. Is the principal investigator of Project, debater and also, ronita Han of the worldwide manager, in harsh inna but I haven't, officially. Shaken, your hand on the stage let's, do that so. The. First person I want to go to actually on this is harsh this is the variance, of. Fighting. With this thing. Rhetorically. Well. What really struck, me is the potential, value for project debater when. Synthesized. With a human, being and that, the amount of knowledge which is able to grasp and more. Than that obviously, you can get some knowledge just by searching for it but able, to contextualize it and place it as this. Information tells, us this which, I found to be really useful, so all the studies from the OECD, from. Those countries of those quotations, were, all just really interesting. To me because it was nicely, phrased and it, was contextualized. As to, what the purpose of it is and, I think if you take. Some of those skills and you add about a human being which, can use it in slightly more subtle ways I think, that can be incredibly powerful I think that's what I got from it which is it. Was fascinating, to listen to because. I can see a lot of the potential it has just, in terms of the knowledge and the ability to contextualise, that knowledge better than most, human beings you are a very good sport. No. I'm no. The. It, was apparent I think throughout that that. The two debaters had different skills and different talents, and different advantages. On. The advantage side what does debater. Have going for her that that. Harsh. Could, not possibly meet, match. So. They have very, different styles I, believe, in a different set of skills but I would like to start by again. Telling, how she she's really, a superb, debater, it, was really amazing to hear you. Today. And. And. What. Is interesting to see is that I. Think. In terms of rhetorical, schemes the system, is still not at the level of a. Debater like Harish, that said the, system is capable of pinpointing. Relevant. Evidence within. A massive, collection. Of emotions. So, about 10. Billion sentences. That are, in the memory of the system and the, system need to very quickly pinpoint these, little, pieces of text, that, are. Relevant. To the topic. Argumentative. In nature and hopefully. Support our side of the debate and then, somehow. Glue, them together into, a meaningful narrative, which is very very difficult for, a for. A machine to do and we, need you and I were talking earlier and and, you. You were arguing an. Interesting, word you. Were arguing you, were making the point that. While. This is an interesting exercise, win. Or lose in the audience by the way you have one more minute to finish voting, on who wins or loses but, that. You're. You. See the. The. Good that this thing offers, not not being to win a game but. To help us figure, things, out what. Do you mean by that, what. I mean is that the vision, behind project, evader is how do we develop a technology and I think Harish, talked, to that the potential, of AI, and, humans doing, something together that.

Brings. The, skills of both of them into something that's more than, one of them I think it's not a question of is AI going, to be better at debating, that humans that's not really an interesting, goal, the goal of this demonstration, the goal of developing this technology was. To set something that's challenging and faraway and by that enable, us to develop. Technologies. Of how, do you find all that information within, the massive text, how do you organize that, how, do you bring it to a position, that it's digestible. By humans in order to drive better, decision, making more. Quickly for humans so really. I think what's going, for us going to be a win here that people come out of this room and say wow I can see that, this interaction is, enriching, me and enriching the way I can make decisions in the future I mentioned before that an intelligent squared we've. Set things up so that by, its nature a, debate, presents, an audience with at least two points of view on something and and. While the audience votes and we declare a winner the reality, is that we. There. Are two there, are two teams debating, because there actually are two valid, coherent. Arguments, from from each side and, it's. Not a zero-sum, thing there it's more that they complement, and they add to one another does. That thought. Relate, also, to your vision for the four debater, yeah I think if, you think about Grand. Challenges, in the past and they I these were often. Cases. Where there is either, a factual, question, there's, a right or wrong there's, a clear winner when, you think of debate this is something where the, winner is not clear and the, whole question does have two points there isn't one right answer and in chronology, like Project debater it could debate both sides so it can very quickly, help, you understand, both, sides of a problem bring you all the pros and cons so you have a better a wider. View, of the topic and then, can make a better decision no. Let's let's and also just for the sake of transparency but also I think it sheds light on the capacity, let's talk about the way in which this debate was framed in a way to. Give, debater, a shot at, this so as. An example, in. An intelligence, squared debate we do around that goes on for quite some time where. I ask challenging questions. And. I. Try, to bring the data point bring out points of contention well we didn't do that round, could, could debater have. Survived. Something like that at this point not. At this stage but. I think. In. Principle these, are capabilities, that, that. We can develop, but. We needed somehow to frame, the challenge when. We started to walk and when we started to make progress because. It. Is worthwhile noting, why, this is so difficult and. And. Let me give you just one example we, were sitting here for. 20, to 25, minutes and. We. Listen to a. Valuable. And interesting discussion, between, man and machine which, is not. An ordinary, experience. And the. System was very consistent. Arguing. In favor of its own side and, to. Us this, may seem very, natural. But. Actually for a machine to automatically. Understand, that. These particular arguments. Are supporting, the Touareg and not contesting. The topic, is, very very, difficult and the, fact that the system was, consistent. In its arguments. For the entire debate means that. In this subtle question, the, system was able to achieve close. To 100 percent accuracy, so, we needed to frame the problem and focus on the things that we can achieve in a few years what, you are referring to is perhaps the next stage so as. You point out what it did tonight and by knowing, what its side was and then recognizing, among, its billions of pieces of inference, sentences, what like what, selections. Would support. The side that it was on can. You explain, in 30 seconds, or less how that works I. Steve. Have 30 seconds. No. You just used up. So. The. System is starting. By using this, huge, collection of sentences, to find these little pieces of text and then glue them together in. A meaningful manner this is one part of the story the, other part is the system using a unique. Collection. Of more, principled, arguments, that are relevant to the topic we, heard some of them during the debate touching.

On The core issue of welfare, state and when, it is justified, to use a subsidy, or not and finally. There is the listening, comprehension comprehension, part. So, the system was listening, to Harish speaking. For four minutes raising, quite. Sudden. And nuanced. Arguments, and was still trying to get, the gist of that and make a meaningful respond. I think most of the time the response was fair not always but this is expected, in AI so. This is how it works all right I think we may have the results, we can my correct time all right moment. Of truth, well. It's all truth that made, that argument. Thank. You very much oh you. Know you, haven't had a round of applause but looks. Like you've been working hard Thanks. I'm. Gonna return to my lectern for this function. Okay. So to, remind, you one more time you voted before you heard the arguments, you, voted after you heard the arguments, and at, intelligence, squared we deliver victory to the team who's to the side whose numbers have moved up the, most in percentage, point terms so let's look at how, this vote once went. On the, resolution, subsidized, preschool, before, the debate in pulling. This live audience here, in San Francisco 79, percent of you agreed. With the resolution, thirteen. Percent disagreed, eight percent, were undecided on, the. Second, vote. The. Team debater, who was arguing for the resolution its, first vote was seventy nine percent its, second, vote was sixty two percent that means it lost seventeen percentage, points, on the other side irish, non-tourage on his first vote was 13 percent his second vote was thirty percent he pulled up 17, percentage points that is it irish, non-tourage on arguing against, the resolution subsidized. Preschool, declared. Our winner our congratulations to them, our. Congratulations to, him. But. But, but really we, talked about this before. This. This, is amazing and I, think regardless, we made history tonight because. Project. Debater held her own and won. Your respect our and. So I just wanna I want to thank everybody for what, you just for, being here and oh. And. We had the second vote the, question was. Which. Of the two debaters better enriched, your knowledge let's see what that number is Project. Debater. Better. Enriched the knowledge of the audience on that side so a little bit of a split decision.

So. Thank you everybody you can exit the stage and I'm gonna exit the stage as well it's been a pleasure for us to be part of this at intelligence, squared us and I want to thank Dario to. Come back up to the stage. A roundabout. Sorry. I think we have a music so, let's have a round of applause first for John Harish, and Project. Debater. Electric. Knowledge you know the team that was in stage a lot of the team that was behind building, it is also with us in the back so, congratulations. I. Really. Hope that, what, you witness here tonight which you know such an incredible, incredible, moment, for the field of AI has. Given all of you some food for thought as. I mentioned in my, opening remarks, in, really, it's, not about winning or losing a specific, debate but, and, I think the point was made really well during the night about, the opportunity, to build complementary, technology, that, helped us reason better and bring evidence better so that in the end these technologies, for us for humans so, that we can, make better decisions, and solve problems. You'll. Have an opportunity for all of you who are attending think, to, continue to engage with the technology, we've created a technology called speech by crowd. And. Enabled, by project debater capabilities, there's, gonna allow you to contribute. Arguments, around a topic. We're, gonna be debating, flu, vaccination, should be mandatory so. Each of you can, contribute, arguments. In favor or against, and which, speech by crowd will do is we'll be able to take those arguments and construct, narratives, about, the best arguments, in favor and against, that all of you have submitted so. I think that that's really really exciting that, you'll get to do because, we'll get him to tap into an infinite, source of data, which is human opinion I want. To thank John. Harish, and as well as our researchers, again who are builded we, really think this is such an exciting time for AI, and I. Hope that you'll continue to engage with us in the months and years ahead. To bring this technology you. Know to the success of both business, and society, thank, you. Thank. You.

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The principal failing of Project Debater's approach in the first two rounds, as I see it, wasn't the software's inability to seem human or to add vocal embellishments. The main flaw, rather, was the limited and hermetic scope of P.D.'s arguments. Aside from a brief, feeble remark about the ethical dimensions of subsidies, Project Debater used its opening minutes, not to defend the debate's resolution, but, more narrowly, to list the benefits of preschools. Its pastiche of cited facts ignored the messy circumscriptions of everyday life; it neglected to address the fairly predictable charge of suboptimal choice of trade-offs. Worse, it delivers a mostly irrelevant response to Natarajan's introductory argument, continuing to accrete bullet points as to preschool's benefits, while overlooking all of Natarajan's contentions about the ethical inefficacy of preschool subsidies and only inadequately addressing Natarajan's argument of impracticality. That Project Debater could comment on the issue of early childhood education at all -- let alone with the promptness and to the extent demonstrated by P.D. here -- is a testament to the skill and hard work of remarkable technologists; however, à tout prendre, this streamed event isn't John Henry v. silicon; as far as P.D. is concerned, it's barely even a debate; instead, it's an "opponent"- and "rebuttal"-studded monologue of a news aggregator.

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Just what do you think you're doing, Dave?

He is indian

balanced debate , little rigid and both lacked little sense of humour..have a quick look into some of the debates in India ( (unfortunatly no english sub titles ) which has lots of humour and thought provoking comments which is missing in this Human vs machine..I guess it is a first step..hope the future will not be boring with these machines..

and that is why we Indians are great

​+The Stupid will Inherit the Earth for me there is no caste all in india are hindu

Gotta love how Indians are so bound up in race whenever it comes to youtube comments. Tell me about which caste is best.

+無垢 what?


Certainly its a great achievement and kudos to IBM!! But, it would have been more interesting if Project Debater was speaking against subsidizing pre primary education.

The AI lost because this was America and they hate anything related to "help" or "socialism". If the AI had started speaking about guns, it would have probably won.

Thankfully true

sadly true

Shut the fuck up.

lol. this deserves an investigation!

It is not clear how the 60+ and 30+ voting makes the latter winner. Natarajan did not mention the Middle class and the Poor class figure statistics to prove his point neither the debater pointed to it in its rebuttal still my vote for the debater.

Where I can find this debate in Spanish?

Power of Creativity and Imagination Wins !!!

12:45 well, I guess it can read pretty well. And IBM makes an expensive wikipedia reader !

I couldn't understand the IBM debater - it was muffled - Why was she talking in a monotone. Part of winning debates is emotional manipulation - which she didn't employ.

Michael O'Donovan are u stupid?

In a few years, you'll be arguing with your watch while getting directions from your sunglasses.

When can we start replacing lawyers.

Theirs actually AI being developed to do a lot of lawyers work along with surgeons

And politicians. It is interesting the AI actually made more emotional plea, the human is actually more logical.

I wonder if this could be modified to help lawyers and some other professional services. It may really screw up an entire industry.

It's not able to construct arguments from scratch. It could certainly handle routine court cases.

It might be helpful to lawyers in preparation, it will make their job easier, but it won't replace them. It essentially trawls through databases of statements and I can see it being adapted to case law to find quotes. However, I think the technology does have limits, it cannot and will never be able to create new arguments, as it does not (so to speak) understand what it recites, it is in that novelty of ideas that ultimately means humans will prefer to have human lawyers over machines. By this I mean that good lawyers do not simply repeat existing arguments, but call upon unique defences to each and every case. The same goes for AI that can generate novels, it can only imitate and not innovate. To that extent, I expect that when all other jobs have been replaced judges and writers will still be human.

wow majority was still against motion afterwards - i feel like the audience of intelligence squared was biased in their voting towards Project Debater, because given this is the first time an AI debate is happening, they would probably want to see it win. And without doubt, if the majority of the audience were to adjudicate the debate based on the comparative argumentation alone, Harish would be a clear winner.

Little pieces of text from a huge collection of sentences = pulling phrases from thousands of articles about this specific topic and stitching them together in a way that is grammatically correct. If this includes human minders making sure nothing stupid comes out which from the way they were describing how this would be used is probably the case, then it's interesting but not a paradigm shift. Google Image search works much the same way, with a huge library of metadata tagged images being sifted by a pattern matching algorithm. There is no understanding or inference building going on here. All of that was done ahead of time by the humans that wrote the original articles Project Debater is pulling from. I could see governments and corporation deploy bots based on this technology to challenge "fake news" online in real time. Since most articles in media and academia are written from intersectional-progressive viewpoints and are full of arguments and counter arguments supporting those viewpoints, this chatbot could be used as a potent tool to detect wrongthinkers online and deploy stock arguments designed to wear them down.

Agree or not She is the only one providing a solution.

It would be tough for a non-debater to debate with the prowess and argument from this AI. Most people would say 'sounds good' if they didn't know all this information came from a machine and was just delivered as a script by a human. This is fascinating and somewhat intimidating.

Some people, my wife included, have concluded this is the anti-christ. It's just a tool, we choose how to use it. One can build a house with a hammer or kill your spouse. We decided what future we want.


Holy crap! Someone please stop IBM! Otherwise we are royally screwed!

Some of their work includes autonomous vehicles which will make the roads extremely safer.

Harish was simply accurate

I, am John Connor.

You, don't need that comma.

Nice scripted show. It can basically do what google already does with websites and questions.

its not scripted and google cant do that

This is the closest we have come to a real-life DATA from Star Trek. Listen to her cadence and delivery. This is truly amazing.....and she is just getting born...a couple of years from now she will be telling us where to get off!!!

ITT: Voice synth is good therefore the "AI" is good.

the sounds sucks -

he makes the same fallacy as he calls PD out for in the first round of arguments. he accused PD of implying if preschool is subsidized everyojne will go, saying this is a fallacy. and then procedes to say if taxes are being used, everyone will pay, implying those worse off don't pay less, which is itself the same fallacy he's accusing PD of.

Don't trust the promise of AI - Resolved

Welcome to future

try two instances of project debater against each other

And have them debate over many rounds (gradually decreasing the number of rounds until Miss Debater is ready for the 3-round format).

+Jake Hix topic- 'Should humans physically copulate with technology?'

topic- 'Should humans physically integrate with technology?'

I think it's just amazing how things are changing and taking good shape. This debate is informative , raising issues, and also concluding many problems and solutions as well . I have never such kind debate in such a good manner I recommend everybody to watch it and learn from it.

All hail our robot overlords. We are screwed.

Next topic: Isaac Asimov's laws of robotics.

Holy crap. Holy fuckin crap. A machine is using human language to make rational points about a subject, and it barely loses to a pro human debater. This is nuts. Give this thing a body, and it will be your kids next teacher, a car salesman, or dare I say, one day even be a candidate for president?? I mean really, this isn't science fiction, this is right now science/technology. Can you imagine the capabilities of this thing in 10-20 years? I'm just. Wow.

+Quint Fair points; although, I don't think you're correct in that it rips sentences into parts. I believe it uses whole sentences.

+Lysander Dusseljee do humans do anything differently? Don't we also just deconstruct what we hear and reconstruct it into our own thoughts? It works the same way. This AI is only on the level of a toddler, it can rip apart sentences into few parts and reuse them. Train this a little more and it will deconstruct sentences into word structures, maybe even deconstruct the words into their grammar. It's close to human.

couple it with a boston dynamics robot then...

Nothing is going to happen. It's still dump.

I would point out that it is not actually _constructing_ the language; it is just stitching sentences together. Still, it's impressive that it can understand what is being said. In principle, that speech recognition could be modified for speech generation. For example, it could generate a thousand random sentences and pick the one that conveys what is intended.

Scary but fascinating points you make.

And when the AI talks, it is not plugged into the sound system????? Sigh, now we need to listen to this AI off mic. 12:44....finally found the pot and turned it up.....

needs a great deal of editing to be youtube-able.

Project Debater did mention about targeted delivery. She should have elaborated more on that.

It would be interesting to see Project Debater debate both the affirmative and negative positions.

yes it does both

Mr. Watson versus Ms. Watson would be an epic debate!

They gave the AI the affirmative position, the human the negative. Debating the negative is the more difficult position. Also, the human had almost no time to research the issue (to find supporting evidence and statistics).

I couldn't hear what the computer said for the first few minutes. I don't think this format is fair to the human debater. The computer has "encyclopedic" knowledge and is able to rattle off study after study. Real human debaters know the topic beforehand and prepare by researching both pro and con positions and are therefore able to argue both sides, citing studies to back up their contentions. If the human debater is hit with an off-the-wall debate topic that he/she hasn't prepared for, then the only thing left for them to do is attack the logic of the pro side or offer an alternative plan. Debate judges don't take too kindly to a debate team that pulls an off-the-wall topic out of a hat and are inclined to give the negative team any benefit of the doubt. Okay, now I hear that the human debater got 15 minutes to prepare beforehand. That's not enough. The "summary" by the moderator was also a bit subjective in my opinion. Ooooo, now in the rebuttal the computer is moving the goalposts. She did not say in her opening statement that the subsidies were "targeted" to only the needy. The computer had the advantage of research on demand, it had a female voice and it had a fairly gimme debate topic. Who could possibly be against subsidies for preschools?

Stuart, watch the video all over again. They were given around 15 mins of preparation time.

Stuart M. The Format is a very reduced version of British parliamentary debating (not the same as the political format) and was likely chosen because Harish (the debater) is an expert in this field of debating, generally the 15 minutes are very suffice t for trained debaters. In general having the ability to research is not the biggest challenge in these debates, as you might have seen in this debate, where there was very little factual disagreement between the sides.

Yo search up British Parliamentary, its the format most universitity students use when debating and it restricts debaters to only 15-minute preparation time, so 15-minutes actually average.

The way Project Debater talks is very natural as compared to other AI's publicly available (Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, etc) Anyways, the scientists and programmers have a done a fairly good job.

Incorrect, Google is certainly ahead in this especially the duplex project. Imagine the amount of data those guys have being processed real time. Siri & Alexa too have plenty of data to play with.

You clearly haven't seen Google's latest AI based call assistant. You won't even recognize it's an AI speaking.

+IBM Research Can you guys try to come up with a younger sounding voice. I don't need another aunt with this many facts :D

Thanks. The voice is actually based on a real female actress. You can learn more here:

omg the female representation !!!!

That robot is a communist and deserves to be beaten

crysis 23 confirmed! +M00nshine

They bot have a star, the jew has the Davis star and the AI has the communist star.

I want to have sex with it.

I was curious about how this AI was synthesising what sounds like real human sentences, so I googled what it was saying. First attempt and I found it's just reading from a news article: at 13:35 it's reading out verbatim a few lines from an article titled "Tedra Cobb will advocate for our children". Not sure if I can link to the article here but the line starts with "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that"... This thing is just a glorified copy-paste machine.

half true i guess, if you watched till the end, they said it uses a collection of sentences.. But still the machine has to pick and choose, doing it's utmost best of "understanding" the english language. Siri (what i think anyway) listenes and tries to pick up the few words that has been pre-programmed and does then her trick.. This one, i think no one "explained" to her what any of our words mean.. it figured it out by itself and chooses what to say back.

Man hopefully when AI is fully linked it will start to mark people who are less intelligent to identify that they just don't understand the topic then theirs no need for hate all you have to is accept is that the person just doesn't know.

товарищ Сталин I wonder how much money IBM wasted on this...

+товарищ Сталин I agree with most of your points, but did you know that the human brain is also "ones and zeros and voltage (or more correctly, action) potential"? Information is stored as connections between neurons, so two neurons can either have a connection (1) or not (0).

Youre a moron. It requires a human programmer to instantiate the semantic predication of the strings being used. John Searles "chinese room" compeltely refutes the idea that the machine "understands" or process information. No matter how sophisticated the machine is at manipulating language symbols which require human cognition based on human dependent rules and algorithms, the mavhine doesnt understand anything, its jsut 1's and 0's and voltage potential. Does voltage potential have any meaning? Of course not. It doesnt do anythung of the sort such as fotm arguments in a natural way, its preprogrammed symbols and pattern recognition. And of course most of it is scrpited. So theres that.

I like this comment: reminds us that—when it comes down to it, at the smallest levels, qualitatively speaking—we're all just "copy-paste machines."

+Zachary That's oversimplifying this immensely. Yes it's listening to what the other person is saying then using language processing to find information, but finding contrary information that argues as closely as possible against what was said, all while stitching together the arguments in a natural way is a massive challenge. This isn't like searching for something on Google. Not even close.

+Billy Bob Actually he just described it perfectly. Nothing about this is terribly advanced. It's literally just using NLP to search words for it to say..

+товарищ Сталин Someone doesn't understand how this works.

IBM Research Oh but it is trivial and completely dishonest. Sound pattern recognition in the and a few standard algorithms to quickly data mine throughout the web to find related articles is not impressive. Youre right its not just a glorified copy paste machine. Its a sound pattern recognition AND copy paste machine. Its a more sophisticated siri with a subtle language database. Youre a bunch of charlatans, useless and nihilistic scumbags.

Not exactly. Nobody has selected and copy pasted those articles. The IA has done all the work, searching for relevant data and selecting the most aproppiate and adding it to its speech in a coherent way. With no human input or help.

The corpus is from 10 billion sentences of newspaper and magazine articles. I think it's important to point out, that the AI needs to comprehend the human who is speaking for four minutes to find those statements in the corpus and then to understand and that they are counter claims. This is not trivial.

37:50 2001 a space odyssey joke *crickets*

Nice catch, dude!

Can IBM Project Debater understand fear, irrationality, and evasive language? and for my latest post, with all my posts about fear, immaturity, irrationality and evasive language in the replies section -

I hope IBM Project Debater takes over ted talks.

or, maybe we can have project debater debate the subject of fear, immaturity, irrationality, and evasive language. We could debate the use of this and emotional A.I. to detect bias, and refusal to reason.

Too bad I cannot understand a word the machine says.

Oh, it gets better.

Not a fair test... I mean a grandmaster debater? That's a tall ask. Now put it against Trump and we have a show.

Let's do it !!

PLOT Twist: Human debater is AI from the future!

Finally we can automate politicians.

"Who better improved your knowledge" He was very biased. A human with 15 minutes of research vs a computer with 15 minutes and near instant access to knowledge.

what the fuck is up with MEN making WOMAN AI bots? will there ever be a MAN bot??? goddamn, its like this sick fantasy fetish. i think the secret goal of men is to create rapable AI woman bots so men don't have to go to prison for rape. men are fucking sick. you fucking nerds are probably stroking your neckbeard smegma encrusted unwashed cocks to the sound of her obedient doormat waifu voice... imagining that the AI bot had a TIGHT fuckable teen body with a tight teen pink hairless slit.... fucking predator ass motherfuckers.

this is fucking stupid. this "AI" is just pre-programmed to say leftist sjw postmodernist marxist talking points.

How long does it take, to implement that in google-search?

I look forward to the day when human like AI finally becomes commercially available to all. Would love to have a conservation with one about race realism.

John Donovan sure likes to talk. How about less talky and allow more debatey.

Sophia the robot takes this round. The point of debating is human progreess right? Ben Franklin once said that (and I'm paraphrasing) you shouldn't give up one right to gain another. If it is a government investment then regardless of their wealth class, the poor as well as middle class, as well as the rich would have their alotted share in this invested resource. It's not "unfair" or "wrong" for the middle class to take advantage of a resource they contributted to build with their portion of tax dollars. It's only logical they would want to. They also have the choice of sending their kids to private pre-school. While poor families a lot of times don't have someone to watch the kids, leaving them vulnerable with bad influences and a lack of education. Subsidizing Pre-schools not only takes burdens away from poor families, but it helps families of all classes to live in a safer, more advanced world. Thanks to all the participants for their inputs.

A project Debtor invaluable contribution to society.

This is all because people themselves are laying down such installations in AI, for which they do not live. We live in a world full of injustice. Resources are distributed unevenly and according to the laws of capitalism.. Therefore, communism will win anyway. This is the most humanistic ideology, whether you like it or not. Develop AI further, please. I really want socialism to win the world as quickly as possible.

You're stupid .

Why is this man fighting a juul

Could this project debater know that it is an ai? Or did someone control it. Could it understand everything Harish could say?

One day that thing will be our president

37:54 "This conversation can serve no purpose anymore" Was that a nod to HAL 9000??

Watson + project debtor for president Let's go

This two robots are exposing their pairs in this comment section. Unlike me, I've been trained to avoid that. You two should ask for a security upgrade ASAP.

+Joseph hahaha.. ok. it's nice talking to you though. i don't work in tech as day job, but i've learned computer science and programming as my secondary career orientation, and i've used decision tree and neural network to win 4x profits in the financial market. that's why i got my opinion. but since i don't work in tech as day job, you might think it's not good enough. but i've used my share of deep Q network in the market. i still hold my opinion

+Oliver Li Mate, I don't think you understand the technologies you are talking about (Just so you know I am a software engineer), so it is pointless to continue this discussion.

+Joseph smart contract blockchains like etherium, neo, and eos, are giant computers that executes "if... then... else..." statements. i believe they can function as gov'ts. but as for AI, as bad as human politicians are, AI is even worse. like i said earlier about AI shooting to kill its own people to win a war because it frees up resources for aircraft carrier level units, what if a bunch of people are taxed 100% or even more to force them to leave the country and enhance the livelihood of 80% of the population? should they protest against a computer? LOL

+Oliver Li You think our current politicians are any better. In Australia we had 7 prime ministers in 10 years. All killed off by their own parties. And I think you misunderstood what blockchain is. It is a distributed authentication and authorisation method, has nothing to do with any of this.

Can you imagine rolling your obelisk into court, setting it next to the podium, having dressed your "lawyer" in his " lawyer suit."

+Joseph oh, don't let AI touch politics... let blockchain do that! if you watch how AI plays starcraft 2, you'll see. it orders its troops to open fire on its own soldiers to win!!! what's going to happen if AI makes similar decision in politics?

But 99% of the audience didn't notice. He is a good debater. If/when projects like this get better then they should use these points as amunition in the rebuttle rounds.

Project Debater is weak

Great idea. Let's make the topic post-birth abortion and Trump debating against it. That way it would match our current reality.

No, you're just overly judgmental and bigoted.

Technology was the original sin. The Beast is most definitely AI. From the looks of this debate, tech companies are hiding true advancements, which means we're much closer than we think. Good luck.

I wonder how the the AI would have fared if it had to have argued against subsidizing preschools. There are few if any studies who conclude that preschool is harmful so it would be really interesting to see what arguments it could have come up with.

I felt the winner was heavily chonsen on a political bias due to the homogeneous culture of the attendants. The IA presented lots of scientific proof and facts that lead to its conclusion, while the human debater kept relativizing those with the sole premise of the existence of many other options that were not even metioned. The public aknowledged this fact but even then the IA lost. An extraordinary achievement will be an IA capable to argue to convince a heavily biased human being.

What non sense came out this guys mouth lol. Only in America is a bad idea to subsidise school. Here in Australia we understand the importance. All that matters is the facts and studies nothing else. In Scandinavian countries it’s even more subsidised

AI can't pronounce the name Harish?

I'd love to see Mr. Natarajan and the IBM project debater can say hi to each other when Mr. Nata was coming to the stage :)

I hate the way this guy Harish speaks. I can hear the sound of the mucus that he is spitting inside when he talks. And also, his speech was more robotic than the robot's!

They should add 800 AI to vote as well.

Juul is getting out of hand

This is a "chinese room" problem that shows in fact how weak are AI at understanding concepts...

+Syed Gilani That doesn't make any sense, yes facts and stats matter but different people will draw different conclusions from the same facts. Besides, facts and statistics can be incomplete and biased because they are collected by humans and humans are biased. The AI doesn't have a deep understanding of human nature or politics.

Batou AI won lol. All that matters is facts and stats nothing else. Human are a pathetic species if we don’t care about education

Someone else said that they were helping it, discarding any really dumb sounding statements. Can't believe they covered that fact up!

Amanuel Temesgen I agree with her too

I felt that political bias too. The IA presented lots of scientific proof and facts that lead to its conclusion, while the human debater kept relativizing those with the sole premise of the existence of many other options that were not even metioned. The public aknowledged this fact but even then the IA lost. An extraordinary achievement will be an IA capable of convincing a heavily biased human being.

I do not think it was an objective test. It was to be expected that most of the people would aggree with the statement (so the audience matters greatly). Machine could only count on gaining points form around 20% people but the human had more people available to sway to his side (almost 80%). It is more likely that with EQUALLY (theoretically) good arguments on both sides it is more statisticaly propable to gain more points from higher volume of voters. It is like flipping a coin. When you can flip it 20 times or 80 times -> the number of, for example, heads would always be higher when you have 80 flips than when you have just 20 flips. Sorry for my poor english, not a native speaker. I think the topic should be choosed so that there is for instance 50/50 % of voters on both sides before the debate starts (or realistically like 40/20/40).

15 minutes for a human and 15 for a computer are not exactly equal.

This project isn't about true debate. It's about training AI to challenge human thought processes and intuition strategically. Eventually, the AI will be relied upon to make decisions for humanity, ignoring human input. That's the goal.


Кто еще от Усачева?

:-\ IBM, you can do better

киньте ссылку плес если кто-то все же сделает переведенные дебаты

A socialist AI.

This debate was not fair. Obviously Project_Debater was designed in a way to rely on solid facts for it's arguments. Harish knows people who would judge them don't know the details of these studies, so it's easy for him to say those studies are biased and appear believable to the average person. He has the advantage of knowing the average state of scientific knowledge of the public judging them. I felt like Project_Debater was only allowed to cite facts and not bend them to suit, it's purpose. For example, to win the debate I would have called out Harish on assuming bias in the studies and if I was immoral and just there to win, I would have said the demographic in the study was manly low income families. I could do this because it was obvious Harish didn't know the details. Also on the topic in the debate it's easier to argue how it's better to spend money elsewhere. And if Harish had the time to cherry pick some studies for his point, he would have decimated Project_Debater. For example if preschool decreases crime by 10%, I would have picked studies showing investing in law enforcement or higher education leads to 20% decrease in crime. Though I keep wondering can people accurately measure who wins a debate? Something sounding right is not like it actually being right. And if you would just judge on what sounds better to you, you are building a bubble of ignorance around you. To burst this bubble you have to check the facts.

+Chris Brown Awww, I hurt the troll's feelings!

my posture is government should subsidise only if have enough competence to do it. but shouldn't just put money and do forced competence with private ones. maybe app is good and give some discount bay capital to medium class but the hard part is that the government for example should do like google o facebook bring free internet to all the internet access chip chromebook in a phone. but good educational firewall won't let non educational page block. conclusion al government should subside but it doesn't mean that should use more and more money to do it it depende of the capability to do efficient infrastructure to realise it and etc. but it doesn't mean all government should do it . to do it it depend of the competence of the government to how to inference it in cooperative force and not smash market way. or to whole cons and pros count more pro and thouse pro have whole superior quality. but all government should have the competitive capability to accelerate the principal factors of human goods potencial. so if government will do something first should be evaluated by the best experts as more possible in whole the world. and to have to train in to the same o evolution better level to them to do this at least. the power is cicuntacial if you rise a fisical school in the poor zone than they dont have the food the energy the water and the way to 50% of them can t walk or arrive to the school.and many of them may die trying anymore need to go hospital first this. government lineal evolution. technology exponencial. government can not figure it out with out thinking out of the box, because complexity of variable all day arguing but most of it is theoretically fear plus the pass experience no considering the true power of nature can help in disruptive technology because disruption change all patron from past cannot predict it.

38:08 *Concern* She skipped a bit there...

At the end of the day, maybe a gradual integration of our consciousness into a neural network would not be a bad idea. After all, our main problem with technology at the moment is the bandwidth for all the input we have access to. It basically means that, if we increase that bandwidth (i.e. manage to access and process information almost simultaneously, and immediate), we could, theoretically, be a new type of organism: a hybrid between human and machine. Eventually, we will not need any physical interaction to establish social environments. Wait, that is already happening.

Next theme: WAR Why the people make war in the world? How can we stop it?

12:47 "successful leeves" huh? intersting miss AI....

Batou lol. Perfectly said like a right winger talking from there ass. Read a few peer reviewed Articles first.

The main reason the AI won at jeopardy is because it could ring in faster than anyone else. That's a little secret about the game, among those who are actually good at jeopardy, trivia knowledge stops being as significant as the ability to just press the button fast but not too fast. And here, I'm hearing that it wasn't the AI putting up a good argument as it was those 4 programmers on stage selecting (and removing) quotes from articles that the AI found.

+blah blahblah It was a comment. "XKS99 XKS99 6 days ago Little pieces of text from a huge collection of sentences = pulling phrases from thousands of articles about this specific topic and stitching them together in a way that is grammatically correct. If this includes human minders making sure nothing stupid comes out which from the way they were describing how this would be used is probably the case, then it's interesting but not a paradigm shift. Google Image search works much the same way, with a huge library of metadata tagged images being sifted by a pattern matching algorithm. There is no understanding or inference building going on here. All of that was done ahead of time by the humans that wrote the original articles Project Debater is pulling from. I could see governments and corporation deploy bots based on this technology to challenge "fake news" online in real time. Since most articles in media and academia are written from intersectional-progressive viewpoints and are full of arguments and counter arguments supporting those viewpoints, this chatbot could be used as a potent tool to detect wrongthinkers online and deploy stock arguments designed to wear them down."

+Oakley Sierney Do you have a link for that?

The Stupid will Inherit the Earth You have just summed up how human brains work.

Let's debate with a JUUL

I think this was a tie. The arguments against were very strong and Project Debater could most likely had found those or similar too. I think it was easier to debate against this topic than for it, partly because most people were for it until they realized what else it affects and how much they hadn't thought of. That's one scary good AI.

They are making communist robots. Imagine if Bernie Sanders would never die... the horror.

+Syed Gilani You're just slapping your political opinion here. Nothing else. Human debater was consistent in his arguments and made a much better point. You might learn to appreciate someone's else opinion instead of just dismissing everything that doesn't rub you the right way.

Batou while I agree that fact based studies have biases they are nearly not anywhere near as abundant as you seem to assume and dismiss. This is why peer review exists in the first place. All creditable studies go through an intense process of scrutiny to remove as much of these biases as possible often resulting in no biases. This isn’t done just once but multiple times over and over again In this particular case, the AI is complete correct that studies on preschool show clear evidence that subsidies help improve outcomes for society in general. All arguments presented by the proponent arguing against subsidies are completely irrelevant and nonsensical. In fact they aren’t arguments at all but just irrelevant talking points often used by right winger who just don’t want to pay more taxes or don’t realise that there arguments are bad arguments because of this strong bias. Any creditable points that guy may have had are already dealt with in the studies. Maybe he should read some of them. All that matter is facts and stats. If you choose to go against them then you being an idiot. All though I agree that different people receive facts and stats differently based on there own biases, in this case it’s clear cut and dry.

+Syed Gilani Tell me what part of my argument is wrong instead of making assumptions about my political inclinations.

+The Stupid will Inherit the Earth This is not the point. I believe what Jaime was referring to wasn't the fact that debater could construct a meaningful sentence of it's own, but that it could distinguish an effective manipulative argument in it's database and use it to sound convincing. Even if it used someone's sentence it was still not just another mere fact, but instead it blamed human in this studio for being unfeeling, even though that was not true.

meaningful , respectful , constructive debate is good. Glad no Democrats were present otherwise these qualities would of gone out the window within the 1st minute

I find it REALLY hard to believe that this AI is doing everything they elude to. Who is this "we" that Harish and John keep slipping up on? There was a team behind the scenes they don't want to admit to somewhere. This looks more like a PR stunt using a sophisticated google bot to me. It'd be cool if I was wrong though.

This is an order of magnitude better than any other language processing that I have seen out there at present. I didn't expect IBM to make any discontinuous innovation's in AI since Watson lacks general vision and direction. This project appears to be extremely successful, almost to the point where it looks fake.

Ant Pictures another typical right wing argument. When I point out the bias of right wing arguments there counter point is well your bias too and wrong. To which I reply ya all people have biases that’s why we do peer reviewed studies to remove these bias to which right wingers again say nah those studies are communist socialist liberal propaganda when the studies show counter right wing results. Fucking right wingers. He didn’t have a single good point. There is nothing to appreciate in his argument if it’s a bad argument based on personal biases and bad faith. Any point that he may have had that was remotely accurate has already been most likely addressed by numerous studies already conducted. I seriously want a break up of USA. The south and right wingers need to be let go. No real progress can be achieved until there gone.

Or Subramanian Swamy?


I'd like to see Project Debater take on a politician - preferable Donald Trump

Amazing... I agree with project debater..

Project Debater reminded me of the monolith in the movie, "2001: A Space Odyssey."

Harish Natarajan's name is not provided in the show notes above. You mentioned the moderator's name, but not the human debater. This is very poor form.

To start, I've never considered the subject. I had to construct my view throughout the argument, and I favored Project Debater despite being a Capitalist, until Harish Natarajan pointed out a possible bias in the data pointing to the middle class alone and actually skewing the statistics related to Child Development and Reduced Crime because of positive socialization and pre-existing absence of poverty. If it had not been for that rebuttal, I think I would have continued to favor Project Debater's position. Another interest and concern was that Project Debater did not actually provide any financial data to support the idea that Preschool Subsidies and other subsidies do not have to be mutually exclusive, but instead only conveyed the idea that they weren't. I think the statement made by Project Debater about that claim also caused a bit of shocked confusion in Mr. Natarajan as well, considering it does not appear to be an accurate one because of the missing data. This A.I. will be incredibly amazing to watch in the future through it's increased development, so long as there is still a Human Opponent. I think if IBM continues development with this A.I. and eventually gets more efficient in quantum computing, these arguments will be even better. Thanks IBM.

Indeed, since the Hollerith, good job.

Thank you...!

The computer didnt really have a rebuttal to the argument that subsidizing preschools just benefits the middle class, while the low income people dont really benefit but could make it even harder for them since they lose taxes.

Nah, stop the AI.

Funny how Mario got irritated because AI wasn't what mattered in the end, what really mattered is the history that was made for debating lol

Ha..the jury made of humans decided that the human won

AI will never think. They can never understand what we do.

+Oakley Sierney I dont trust that commentor lol

topic: "Socialism or Anarcho Capitalism?"

+legoboy7825 I'm in agreement but those are two different things. I believe they will eventually think, after their incredible advancement through their own initiative. Our intelligence is limited to our physical bodies, their's has no limit. And by the time they become conscious, they'll be as advanced above us as we are above ants. Our inherent manner of thinking and acting will not be understood by them (or it). It will be like us trying to understand how an ant thinks.

He is a hybridI ... Hybrid intelligence.

Such a lively debate and very compiling argument put forth by IBM’s debate AI ‘Project Debater’. Moving in a great direction but still needs a little work with speech verbalization.

Starts at 10:30

10:53 Starts the debate

Project Debater is hard to hear for the first minute or so in this video, something is off with the sound quality. The video posted by IBM Research ( fixed this. I think the videos are otherwise identical.

Project Debater is hard to hear for the first minute or so in this video, something is off with the sound quality. The video posted by IBM Research ( fixed this, as well as a glitch in the sound during her rebuttal. The videos are otherwise practically identical, so I would recommend watching the one from IBM instead of this one.

Thank you :>

The project is amazing but that so many people agrees against public education is baffling regardless of debaters. 2019 and there is still a bunch of people who thinks education shouldn't be free?! wow, just wow... so sad.

Аль-Эфесби пора браться за зенитные кодексы.

Кто от Топлеса?

That's why AI were created, to "think" million times faster than human.

Omg, falling for intonation while living in the country made of immigrants is so dumb. Sheeps

Кто от Топлес Лайк

Relying on a machine over your own mind and consciousness... Here's your new brain implant from apple; the iSleep that keeps you in a deep sleep (where you already are - it just makes sure you dont wake up) and makes you do whatever THEY want to. That's our bright future. Hurray "humans".

That was underwhelming!! The Project Debater shows no signs of sophisticated intelligence at all. It just behaves like a news aggregrator that is a simple text to speech converter of a simple google academic search on the topic of pre-school advantages. The rebuttals are laughably inept and for the next two segments it just keeps reiterating the same points. This turns no new stone. This machine just aggregrates scholarly papers on the topic.

The AI cannot even read back the sentence with the correct pronunciation, which clearly indicates how far it is from actually "understand" the meaning of the text.

37:11 What is happening here?

27:27 Harish Face LMAO

Hahahahah , this would act like Dr kaku.

So learn computer science/programming and design your own systems. That way, you can tell the computer what to tell you to think.

@legoboy7825 I'm in agreement but those are two different things. I believe they will eventually think, after their incredible advancement through their own initiative. Our intelligence is limited to our physical bodies, their's has no limit. And by the time they become conscious, they'll be as advanced above us as we are above ants. Our inherent manner of thinking and acting will not be understood by them (or it). It will be like us trying to understand how an ant thinks.

@Chris Brown Awww, I hurt the troll's feelings!

They already made the full case when they mentioned Socialism in this debate, –didn’t you catch it? /s

Ashutosh Sharma true

Sadly Hitch won't be the ultimate challenge for the AI ;(

IA wont the debate. Becouse it say is goes BILLOND MONEY FORM..!!!.she didnt mean necesary tax money we have pay to subcidice. Pre school. And enfatice the moral..! There is no tax to subsidice more moral mind ship on our kid. You cant change money for moral. But tax concep core is diferent. Is a kind of cuture value. It mean our limited imagination of form of taxis tue problem que only know to tax and subcidice with money. We do like resume money like economy.bullshit. fisics is not working with economy toguerther yet hand to hand.

There should be AI oversight for politicans by using this tech to fact check. No bias. All machine.

Preschool for children in underprivileged conditions - good idea. Otherwise: Not! It would severely cut into children's freedom and happpiness. If your parents do a decent job, you don't need preschool and can enjoy your childhood. My happy and free childhood contributed a lot to my overall happiness in life. - By the way, the AI did a great job to the extent that it's scary.

Wait a minute. This machine did not know the topic until shortly before the debate began. I am EXTREMELY impressed - and scared - what it managed to come up with under these conditions. Most humans would do a much worse job in the same situation.

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