Live: China's nuclear industry expo opens in Beijing 2020中国国际核工业展览会

Live: China's nuclear industry expo opens in Beijing 2020中国国际核工业展览会

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Hello to welcome to the live streaming with cgtn. I'm reporter, jenny bean here in the beijing, exhibition. Hall, in the center, of the city, well in the distance we can see the the opening ceremony just held, for the granite, event, of the nuclear, industry china 2020.. This is an annual, event, an annual, expo. Held by the chinese, nuclear, society. And this afternoon, we are going to see some of the grand. Exhibits. Here. Back in two years ago i once visited the expo. At that time there were a lot of the, amazing. Exhibits, but two years have passed. There are a lot of achievements. And the development. In the industry, of nuclear, in china, so let's take a look, two years ago i met a girl whose name is liu, he's founded cnnc. The china national nuclear cooperation. And we meet her again. Hey, so uh i'm very glad to meet you here and this afternoon. We know that, back to the, two years have passed what kind of the achievements, what kind of the development. The chinese society. Of the new clarity, this industry. Has, changed. If everything's, well. The critical, state, of the demonstration. Project, of 101. Nuclear technical. Will come soon, well yes, we know we all know about the one-on-one, technology, this is a, third generation. Um, nuclear, reactor, developed by, china, by the chinese company, so, this is a model, please, introduce, to other audiences, here okay. Here's the model, of huang, wang, we call. The part, nuclear, island. Uh, this part is called the nuclear. Island, this is professional. This is kind of jargon right, yes, the highest, one is the direct, building. Known as, double shell contaminant. Okay. It's quite warm, the outer shell can, withstand, the external, disaster, such as aircraft, crash. Well, this is a really uh. Huge, and giant design, this one is that this crust, and it's a holder. Of the nuclear reactors, so what about the inside. Of these parts. This part we can see the lights. Are turning on, that means the plant, is operating. Ah the hippie plant is operating. Right now, right now, and we can see this is the core part. This is the react, core. Yes, and there. In the containment. There are three steam generators. All the three, three steam, generators. So this is this is the steam generator, right yes, yes, and there's also three, main type. R3. Main. Pump, right, okay. And. The three elements. Makes up a, sealed, primary, loop. I i got a question, so so far we see the nuclear, island we see the containment. Container. And we see also the, the core of the nuclear reactor, the steam generator, and also the main pump, but what's the uh, the way. Of the functioning. Of this container. Okay, um so, pressure, water after the main path, entering, the racked core. To take away the heat, generated. By the. Nuclear, fission, reaction. Okay. And then. The heat water. Goes through. The steam generator. Okay. At the same time. The heat water transfer the, heat, to the sensory, loop. Okay, yes this is quite an amazing, so after the pressured water, in setting to the core of the reactor, and then. The steam was generated, and then the steam, was um, was transmitted, to some other parts of the. System. So we always heard that it's called turbine right, yes, the turbine is not shown here can you show us. That, this is a nuclear, island, okay. Another place. Okay so after the turban. The power was generated. Yes, okay this is quite amazing the design. And we heard that the uh, the 101, technology, the problem one, the first unit is going to. Start, operation, very soon, in south east china's. Fujian. Including. That city. So, to tell us something about it, what's the status, right now, when. It's going to start operation. If everything's, about it will be, operating, at the end of the year. Yes, and, last month the first fuel loading is completely.

Completed, Oh, okay, so i also have a question. How many years, do the people in the cnc. I mean china national. Nuclear cooperation, has developing, the, technology. About. Our. Cooperation, since the 1990s. Maybe. So after years of the research, and development, finally. The power unit is going is going to come to. Come to the world and, generate. The electricity. So i'm, besides, the generating, powers, what what else, you can tell us about the nuclear. Technology, and nuclear applications. We can. Have a look there, okay, yeah. There's a. Small. Nuclear power plant, well. This is another, model. So let us come closer. Oh which is called yellow. So what's the what's the meaning of this ian law. Okay, so we have uh, we have another, other. Instructor. Who, tell is going to tell us what's what's what's going on here. Northern, part of china, so, uh in, dynasty. Yeah we call it tien. The area is ian. And the full, dragon, loan, is uh is a type of the, uh, cnn. C. Reactor. Types. So we call it yellow, in chinese, but, in, english we call it, uh dhr. 400.. It means district, heating. Uh reactor. 400, megawatts. The thermal, power is uh 400 megawatts, yes i got i also gathered this question, so this kind of the, power, unit, is built. Within. A residential. Compound. Very next to the residential, building. Is it safe. Yes it's safe enough, because, it's. Atmospheric. Pressure. And it. If is. Shut down, it can, keep. Say it can keep. Covered, it can the core can keep covered. For. More than 26. Days, all, right, all right, and, so from your introduction, thank you so much for the introduction, i know that balayan. Means. A kind of a poverty, unit, which is widely, applied, a northern part of china is especially. In beijing, or the, northern hemisphere, and it's recorder. Places. So the for the heating system. Okay for the heating system okay thank you very much for the introduction. Okay thank you. This is really interesting, so uh besides the generating, power, and also the. Heating, up the, residential, building so. I i just, wondering i'm just wondering. What kind of fuels, should we use. In a reactor. Could you tell us. For example. In the quality. We use our. Chinese. Few examples. It has the property, rights. Oh, self-independent. Property rights, okay. You can see here. Oh. Here we, go. All right, so we will ask this as a professional, instructor, to tell us what's going on here, what's this model uh sir please, introduce. Someone. Else yeah. Well your your explanation, is very professional. Really professional, let me explain. And translate, mr this gentleman's. Explanation, to this, uh the fuse, assembly. Well this view assembly. Is about the real one is about four meters tall but this one is smaller. Only two meters high. And um this is a, the third generation. Uh nuclear power. Uh, field, with an independent. Intellectual, property rights. And it is not only for the use for the holloman, technology, the power unit we just introduced. Also. It is for the exports, right. Now how are you going to, my another question. Is. For the usage. In the nuclear power unit. And when. Okay. So the, the time for change to replace, the uh the used. The the field, of assembly. Is about one and a half years, 18, months. That's the. The general custom. Of the international, standard, according to the international, center, okay thank you very much sir about your introduction. Thank you. Well this is a really amazing idea. This is not the first time i see it but um this one it is much bigger, and taller. Quite similar to the, real one. Okay, so usually. We see that in the uh in in the blue water pole, and inside, and it is a kind of the. View assembly, right. Okay so um. During this um. Earlier this year, i got another. And very strong impression. Because, i interviewed. One of the companies, of the cnc. Of your company. This is because during the corvie 19 pandemic. It is really, hard, for people to. To produce. The, uh the official, mask. And also the protective, garment, very soon because if there is a. Necessary. Process of sterilization. So uh, cnnc. Uses, radiation. To, to help this, to sterilize. Those parts, i got a really strong impression about that it helps a lot of, medical staff, to to save their life. Okay, so here in front of us there are some kind of the. Medical devices. So can you introduce. Something like that. Also use the. Nuclear, technology. Lots of disease. Okay, also. Lots of diseases, can be used the gamma knife. Yes yes this is a gamma knife um. Actually. The nuclear, technology, is not only used in generating. Poverty, heating system, in, various, sectors, in other life but also. This kind of thing is called a garment, knife, it is used.

In The, hospitals. And usually, for the trading. Stereo, tactic, video. Video, surgery. Uh, in front of us there's a gentleman. Could you introduce something about this, gamma. Knife. He's really familiar with uh, among the people because um this use of the radioactive. To, to detect. Uh the certain. Diseases. In the people's, brain, and to get rid of that, it is also used by the. Nuclear power. Technology, and this application, is one of that thank you very much, and we also see, there's another. Medical. Facilities, here this is really big. Ah so what is that what exactly, in. Spain. The, perfect, stuff let's, introduce, the thomas therapy, okay, okay so this is a really, complicated, for us. Uh. Um. Foreign. Thank you very much for the introduction, about especially, party here, uh for people. We. Really know we really know about the technology. Is used in other, parts of the society, for, generating, the powers but here. Two people know this is actually, the nuclear power. And technology, thank you so much for the introduction, thank you. Okay, so well from this, this gentleman's, introduction, we know that this is going to be, a homo therapy. There are 43. Devices. Applied, in china. In all kinds of hospitals. So uh. This is really amazing. And your company. And the nuclear. Technology, is really amazing thank you so much for the introduction. And what what else um, i can see, during this expo, this year. Thursday. There's also other, corporations. There. Okay, so, i see another. Exhibition, hall, and so what about this, this, after the, the introduction, part is cnnc. It's also about the nuclear, technology. Thank you so much for the all the introduction. Of the two other audiences, thank you very much, hope to see next year. Okay bye-bye. Okay. So ladies and gentlemen we're doing a live streaming, in beijing, exhibition. Hall. And in here in the center of the chinese capital. And this afternoon we come to. This expo which is called the nuclear, china. Uh, 2020.. We just visited, the booth. Of cnnc. Or the china national. Nuclear, corporation. After we see, so many applications, so many devices. And so many. Uh in various fields not only, in generating. Powers but also in other fields vertical, for example the medical, treatment. And also the heating up system, for the, residential, buildings, and also. Along this corridor we see other. The companies, for example, the uh. China nuclear energy, industry corporation. There are also. Some other, displays. But, right now. What i'm trying to do is to show you. Another, power unit designed, by, a chinese companies, which is called. Besides, kuala, lumpur. One so what's the difference, between them, they are also the third, generation. Nuclear, power, technology, so come, follow me. This is a. This is sbisc. It's a state poverty investment. Cooperation. To show our audiences, what's the. Uh the third generation. Nuclear, technologies. Developed, by chinese companies. And especially, after the tour. With 101, technology. So this is a local one, please, introduce, to us, okay. Uh. Pressurized. Water reactor, right yeah so this is quite a similar way it's the previous one. Okay so there's a model here, this is the model of the, this is the model of boko haram and. We see the three main buildings, which is the, auxiliary, building, and containment, building the cylinder, cylinder one. All the vectors, will happen here, and this is the turbine building. Turbine, building. It's a very brief introduction, very, precise, very clear.

So I got a question, so, when people talked about the third generation, nuclear power units they usually, talked about a passive, system. So what is the passive system, okay. Safety system, is that, we use the, power of the nato. Nature power such as gravity. And the air conduction. The thermal conduction. To reduce reduce the thermal energy. If, there's an accident happen. There will be a temperature, will increase. A lot of thermal energy. So you such as the. At the top of the containment. There's a water, the water will, flow. Using the gravity. Okay to reduce the temperature. So to prevent. The most severe. Accidents, so it draws lessons for the fukushima. Daiichi, yeah accidents, yes many years ago uh yeah fukushima accents happens because, there's no power supply. Okay. The electric stabile. Shut down totally, so the third generation. Reactor, has 12 lessons from the fukushima, daiichi, accidents. And then, use the passive system. Even without. Electricity. Even without, the automatic, system control, right yeah that's right we use or we can something 272. Hours, with no human, operation. And we know the research, and development, of google one. Has just been finished, it was finished, in the end of the september. Yeah it just finished. So uh how long. Has the take is it take to, to to do the research and development. Okay we, may take about, 10 years, 12 years. 2008.. Is one of the 16, programs. Listed, in china. Science and technology. Major projects. Okay it's supported, by by chinese government, thank you thank you so much for the introduction, to this part thank you sir okay, so it is very clear we we have seen another. Third generation, nuclear power units, on both, both kind of the hualong, one and the. And the guaca, one they have the, very special, system which is called the passive, system. Um, it is only. Used. When the nuclear power. Unit met some technical, problems. Even. When the electricity. Is running, out, even, when there's no. When the automatic, says control system. Doesn't work, they can also, use the, pressured water to, get heat from the. Reacting, core. In, in order to prevent, the mulch. Of the reactant core so that is a really. Advanced, technology, at the current time. So also. In this exhibition. Hall there is um. Uh, china. A general, nuclear. A cooperation, that is a partner. Of cnnc. Both companies, is a building, both, both companies are building the, chinese 101, technology. And it tries to achieve. The greater goal, and we're walking, through. The exhibition, hall ladies and gentlemen if you have any questions. On, china's. On technology. Of third generation, 101. On cnnc. And also the, cgn. So please leave your, questions, to us, and let us to explain. Now we are heading towards. Another, exhibition. Hall. Which is very, very. Fantastic. In this. Exhibition, hall we could see some. Very. Famous brands for example the westinghouse. And also, they some companies, from france because these. Two countries. Are the. Laid a very solid foundation, for the nuclear, power. Units. In. In the current time, so let's take a look. This is a granny. Hall. And even, here right now in china there is a china nuclear power city. In south. Eastern part of china, and um, within this city, there were lots of the companies, and the, producers. Um, the companies, they're producing. The elements. For the nuclear power, power units. Always see some kind of the international. Exhibit, excavators. There are different ones. And now. I'm going to. A very famous. U.s company which is called the westinghouse. Usually. In our home we use some kind of some kind of the medical. Uh or some kind of the electricity. Apparatus. Like the, produced by the westinghouse, but, generally. It is very, known it is very famous, for its um. Um, technology. For, the nuclear power units so let's come closer. Let's take what they are doing, right now. The second, instructor, is introducing, to people about the ap1000. That is very, mature. Nuclear, power unit produced by the, westinghouse. Of the united states. Hey good afternoon sir. I'm joining bing fung cbtn. So. I'm just wondering, because the westinghouse. Is really famous. And in leading the technologies. In the industry, so what brings, what you bring today today. So what we bring is uh an innovative.

Uh, Plant. That. Is the safest, in the industry, by far. It is a plant that we're very proud of. And it's quite a journey that westinghouse, has been on since. We developed the first nuclear. Industry, commercial, reactor. Many many many decades, ago. We have come a very long way, with the industry. Once again, it's the safest. Power plant in the world, yes, and another question is you've been. Working, with all of chinese nuclear power. Units or the companies, for example cnnc, what is cgn. So what's your comment, between. Uh, i mean, what's it common on the relationship, between the chinese company and us company in this sector. So we've had a strong relationship. For for over 15, years. Of which we have had, very very good technology. Transfer, information. And cooperation. That's with all of the chinese community. Especially. For nuclear, safety, and especially. In and around the technology, and advancements, of nuclear. Okay thank you very much sir thank you very much for the, holding this grand show thank you okay. Well ladies and gentlemen, after, touring, in the westinghouse, we come to another important, place this is the china international. Fusion, energy program, executive, center. It is a very special place because there is a. Very, big. International. Joint, built, science project which is called ater. And, it is a fusion reactor, built by, 35, countries. Including, china, so we come, into this part, and let's see what's going on here. Because in the earlier. All right. The main structure, of the aider, of this year. So. For this. Uh. For this second largest, design, project, developed by the international. Community. Only next to the international, space station. What china. What your center has done. Okay. Welcome, to, have uh. Visit, our exhibition, this is that is the leader model, this is the atar model, so what is the full name of aether, the fruit. It means, uh international. New, thermal nuclear. Experiment. Experimental. Reactor. Okay, so. It means the way, so, uh, means the way to, bring the sun, to the earth. For eater, it, it aims to, produce. The. On the base of the principle, of the sun, so bring, to produce, the fusion. On the world on the side on the earth. So a lot of people say this kind of model is just going to man-made. Something. So what, what why people will say that. So as you know the principle, of the sun started, was. It, was the fusion, so. It was. Appear. On the nature, so we would like to produce, the same. The same sun, on our words, so. It aims to. To prove the visibility, of the fusion, yeah a large-scale. And carbon-free. Style. Yes, environment, friendly, it's much more like that we see a lot of the uh, the pictures, showing. The chinese, leaders and chinese, um some kind of the uh, officials. Trying to. Contribute, to the. Theater, because this is a, the age of start, exemplary, celebration. And deliver the congratulatory. Letters, from president xi jinping. Earlier, this year i, also noticed that because, harvard. Albert, and radio station have also, interviewed the part of that, so uh besides this i want you to demonstrate. Uh wanted to show us, what's the difference. Between, the fischer reactor. And also the, fusion reactor, what's the difference. Okay. For fishing and fusion they are, the same points is that they can produce, the large quantity, of, energy, as we know, and the main difference, is that. The fission, which is more popular, as the, nuclear. Nuclear station. Is the process, to. Bring the. Atom, into two parts or more pieces, okay. Why in the process, we can produce. The energy. However, the. Diffusion. Is that, to. Join the different. Atoms. In together. And to produce, the energy. Okay. Okay, let's pass a little while because we're going to show, us other audiences, the video clip. On, ater. It was filmed, earlier, this year, so, let's take a look, on how the ater. Fusion, reactor. Is exemplaing. Let's take a. Look. Well it's quite amazing. This is um this is the first donut we see, such a. Joint, science project developed by 35. Countries, um, including, china, and uh, thank you so much for the uh for the efforts of doing that, so after, the.

Diffusion, Reactor, is produced. And there's an another. Important, thing for people to understand. Is uh for people, to truly get closer, to the nuclear, science. For the general public to understand. How do you usually. Do that. Actually. Inter project, it is still on the process, of the experiment. Experimental. Reactor, so it is still, on the. Institute, for the, experimental. It was built in the south of france. And there are, several members, to, participate. In the project. And china is one of the most important. Participation. And. For fusion it is, not still on the process, of. Commercial. Application. Okay. It's the difference. I noticed that during the the opening ceremony, of the assist, assembly. A lot of countries, um the representative, for a lot of countries. Attended, that. Including. The general public, and they were, quite amazed, by the, information. By the news, so what's what's the prospect, of this fusion reactor how long. It will be. Um, it will finish the process of research, and development. It's quite difficult, for me to answer this question. Actually. In china. China is one of the seven members, to. Work for each project. And. It's not for the. Someone to say. It takes about 50, years. Is it is that true. Yes it. It was, it has, four. Phases, to. To, produce. And to make the, experiment. And, then, come to the commercial. So it takes a long time. As. Up to now it is on the phase of construction. It lasted. A long time, yes. I said well up to now, we aims to. Have the first plasma, in. 2025. Okay. So uh. This afternoon when i come to this expo. I found a lot of the. General audiences, that would feel surprised, about these all the technologies, displaced. To them. Most of them would have this question, is the, nuclear, technology. Safe. Either, the fissure technology. Or the. Fusion, reactors. So what do you think of that. What is the best way for people to understand. The designs. Actually, as a public, public, i think that. For public person. We, always, think it's very dangerous, to to hear the fusion of fusion, actually. It is. It is safe and can be controlled, by. People by, the, human. Human. Okay. So another way is, to. Use some kind of the uh. The uh, the simple way for people to, establish, the the closer relation with the technology. So uh. You earlier mentioned about there is a souvenir. Or something. Like this, so let's take a look. Uh. This is kind of the uh. Okay, so this is kind of the shop is selling the products related, with the sun's, nuclear, science technology, so let's come closer, to that. We are really surprised, by the uh. The grand, beauty, of these products who introduce, something to us, okay thank you. First first thank you to uh. Visiting, our booth, yeah i'd like to introduce, one of our samples, from here, okay. This is. Like a. Creative, and. Cultural and creative. Um. Products. Designed, by father one. Model. And the name is follower, model. And. It's an inspiration. From the. Follow one. Energy start. Okay, yeah from the food chain. Using nuclear, power, station, euphyme, problem. Okay. Is it the 3d, model. Yes yes, yeah, and also the material, is the wood, and this is paper. All the different materials, is made when we build into this kind of the, toys, and souvenirs. The wooden one or the paper one, it is a nuclear, island. The build, right now, with the automaton technology, in south east china, second one is the. Mobile phone holder. Also, designed by the. 101. You have a child you use your phone to have a child. Yeah, chinese way, yeah whatever, you can if you like it this way. Well this is so this is really interesting. Why we're making this. Culture, and. Creative, products, so the yes that's the question we want to ask you why you would make this the reason because we want to more and more people, to understand. And be familiar, with the, uh, what the, new, uh nuclear. Energy, can bring to us, okay like the, uh how to transfer, from the nuclear, energy, into, the uh. Uh electric. Energy, in our life okay yeah i like this one. There's a new one there's a very special, one this is led, light. Yeah the whole star. Yeah whole story like uh. Put on the sea water. Putting, this. Pressurized. Water. Reactor. Then, transferred, to the. Electrical. Energy, finally, then, in our life with the light can. Using, from this. Electrical, energy, wow that is very, useful, for the and also application, in our life, and i think that it will be the, gifts for child, yes yes. The parents, can, tell your kids. You know. From the how to nuclear. Uh yeah and the power, in our life to, you know okay. Do you have any particular, interest, on these. Games or the souvenirs. Yes i think that is a. Map, is a game, it's the game of thrones. Game about the game. So this is a board game board game yeah okay we also put many. Nuclear. Power, staffs. In this map. So. How do we play this board game, can you try. Yes we want to try.

First. We can begin, from here. And we have the chest piece. First, you can just go ahead and change the color. I will choose this yellow which is this one okay so, we can start, from, uh here. Okay, how should we start, yeah yeah oh you know it's me right. Uh yellow is you and. Pink is a lily we also use the thighs. Oh, dice. For example. Uh this is five. And you're, me. One, two three, four five here. So you too. This is a pink one yes yes, okay so what about me. It's a fight. Here so uh. This is a general step for playing this game but what about the next, next one is the. Next one is for example we also have some question marks here, that we put to the card. We put some questions, uh, how to see the. For example, here is the. Question mark on this side, okay. Yes the challenge means you can, drop. One uh, you. One more time for example for me. One more time. Move here right, so. Like this one, we put up some. Uh science and the technology. And knowledge, about the nucleus, i, got it so when, we have this kind of the uh, step, onto the question mark for example this one, we have to answer the question, so what about this question. Question about um. Saying is that. Do you know how about the uh do you know the knowledge about the nuclear. Power weather have the, air pollution. Problem. Do you know this, i don't know, really perhaps you know the answer, yes i think, sure of course it will not have the, air pollution, yes great it can be controlled. Yeah yeah well bingo the right answer. Congratulations. Yeah yeah, and finally, how to see the major. Purpose, we get more, energy. Nuclear, energy. And finally, you will become the winner here, after you, finish the whole. Steps, you know, this is destination. Yes yeah well quite interesting. Especially, for the kids it's very interesting, games, okay very interesting games for the public for the especially, the kids, to get to know this. Science technology. And the nuclear, industry. We also put the nuclear. Power. Uh. How does the instructions. From. In this map like, this one is, less electric. Uh, station. Here is the, uh transformer. Uh substitution. Okay and also this. Sign in the. South museum yeah yes yes museum and also the, nuclear, iceland. Oh, yeah so finally. So a lot of interesting, things in. Inside this uh the board game thank you so much for the introduction, thank you very much. Thank you, okay. So it is quite interesting, to see all these um interesting, things. Are introduced to the general public what do you think of that. I think. For the, public, we can have very interesting, ways to introduce, the. Principle. Not only in fusion, but also, our e-project. We can have more easy and more interesting, ways to. Introduce, them to the public. Uh and before we go because before we conclude this live streaming i would say, thank you very much for all you contribute. To the nuclear, science, technology, especially. For generating, powers, and also the future energy, for your contributions. To us all thank you very much, thank you. Well ladies and gentlemen we're doing the live. Live streaming. In beijing. Exhibition, hall this afternoon. We're at the event, which is called the nuclear. China, 2020. This is the annual, event. On the industry. Well so far we've seen the, on china's latest the third generation. Uh nuclear power, units. Developed by the chinese companies, and also we see. The. Second, largest, science project, on earth developed by 35, countries, including, china, and also, for the public's. Generous, public knowledge. To help them to get understand. This science is technology. So. This, this extends. To the other live streaming, i hope you to. Understand. Help you to get some knowledge. On this industry, on this technology. Which brings benefits.

Which Brings, convenience. To our life, thank you so. Much. You.

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