Live - OVP, OCP and Today's Wave Winners! (12-Mar)

Live - OVP, OCP and Today's Wave Winners! (12-Mar)

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Hi. And welcome to day 8 of wave I'm Daniel Bogdanoff streaming, live from keysight, in Colorado Springs for those of you joining us for the first time here's a quick rundown of wave each, weekday including. Today we'll have a new test gear tip and draw a winner who gets to choose either a bench bundle or an RF bundle the, RF bundle is a twenty six point five gigahertz fieldfox, a combo. Spectrum, analyzer and vector network, analyzer and. The bench bundle is an oscilloscope a function, generator a power supply a bench top DMM and a, handheld DMM both, of those bundles are worth over forty thousand, US dollars today. We're live streaming so that we can do some Q&A at the end of the stream so if you have questions be sure to put them in the YouTube live chat or in the comments below if you're not watching this live the team is watching the live chat and we'll pass questions, along to me for the Q&A time at the end of the stream there's, also a frequently, asked questions, page at the bottom of the wave web page where, you can find answers to the questions that we get most often later. In this video I'll be drawing today's winner so make sure to get your daily entry. At wave Your, entries all add up so you don't have to enter every day to be eligible for each day's drawing each drawing, includes, all of the entries received during wave the, daily quiz question on the wave website also doesn't get you an extra entry you have to hit the get daily entry button on the wave web page or if you get to the forum page you have to fill out the form if you're in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand. Australia, or New Zealand, we have a special quiz contest for you on the 14th specific. Times on our on your page and the first person the person, to get all three questions correct, when's a bundle of their choice a quick, hint about that for those of you watching this. Week's questions, are all RF related, so it might behoove you to have some reference, document, open reference, documents. Open when those questions go, we're, also going to draw a winner shortly, but first let's take a look at today's tip today, we're talking about power supplies, and if you aren't careful when using a power supply it's, surprisingly, easy to destroy, the device you're testing so, one easy to weight easy way to prevent this from happening I mean that, one, easy way to prevent this from happening is, using over voltage protection or, over current protection, let's take a look you're. Powering up your prototype, for the first time and a component blows you let out the magic smoke it. Happens what, you don't want to happen though is for that blown component, to create an open or short where there shouldn't be an open or short if there's, a short your power supply will, often try to compensate and push a lot more current into your device this, can often lead to a series, of unfortunate events that, ends with more than one blown component, a phrase, here which means fried or useless to.

Avoid This turn on over current or over voltage, protection here's. An example I have a simple resistive, load in a normally open button, to simulate a circuit, short I'm supplying, 10 volts and getting 10 milliamps, across that resistor if a, device were to blow on this hypothetical, system let's, see what happens I'd hit this button to simulate a short and you can see that my current jumps, to one ant and my voltage drops this, is a 100x. Current, spiking could cause serious trouble, if this for an actual device to. Protect yourself from this turn on over current protection to. Do that you're going to go into source settings and turn. On. OCP. State which is over current protection state, choose, a value, that will be outside, of your device's, normal, operation, but be minimally, damaging, so, in this case I'm going to use 200, millivolts. And. I've now set my current to 200, millivolts, and if, my current hits 200 millivolts, my power, supply is automatically. Going to kill power let's take a look. So. When our circuit shorts the output turns off completely, and the OCP, indicator, turns red indicating an, over current situation, for, ovp you can also set a specific voltage level that will trigger the same protection, mode if you, want to take your protection of step further, try, using remote inhibit, which gives you the ability to manually. Trigger power supply shut down even, if there aren't over current or over-voltage situations. This, is an especially useful tool if the supply is being controlled, remotely in, the front panel is locked which happens when it's accessed remotely but. Remote, inhibit, is a topic, for another video, for. More power supply tips check out the app note 10 practical, tips to help your power testing and analysis. And. That. App mode is available in the wave library, near the bottom of the wave webpage if you, saw the video and drawing from Friday you'll remember that we also drew three bonus winners that day who each won a 1000, x-series oscilloscopes, and that was all because of the schematic, challenge questions, which were answered, correctly we're, running the the schematic, challenge this week also and, the first question was posted earlier today on the keysight bench in keysight RF facebook pages and we're also going to put a link for that at the end of the stream in, the video, description there. Will be a question, also on Tuesday, and Wednesday this week and if all three of those questions are answered correctly by our live stream on Friday then, we're going to give away another three, 1000, x-series oscilloscopes, in addition. To the daily bundles and now let's draw a today's winner, so. Like, I've said before I'm confident, we won with the lights cool I'm, confident, that this system is sufficiently. Random, and I also personally, vet each winner after, the fact to make sure that they didn't try to gain any sort. Of unfair, advantage. And today's. Winner, is, tsuki. Sasaki. Congratulations. Tsuki, we will be in touch with you shortly if you, have any questions make sure you put them in chat, now we'll be doing the QA in just a short minute, if. You don't want to leave your bundle up to chance you can also enter, the test to impress contest there's. More information about that on the wave web page and that's. The end of our live stream proper it's. Time for some QA so, well. I'm waiting for questions to roll in and chat make, sure that you have subscribed to the keysight labs youtube channel wave is just a small part of what this channel is about so.

Now It's time to do some, QA, someone. Asked is your oscilloscope do power analysis. Questions, such, as power factor, correction and THD, yes, we do have a built-in power supply, app in. The 3000t. And the 4000, x-series oscilloscopes. And also the 3000 mah series that so let's go. We, do total. Harmonic distortion we, also do some like your transistor, testing there's, more information about that if you search for I think it's DSO x3. PWR. Or just infinite. Vision power application, you'll see that on our website we. Also have a great, run down there's a webcast, that's like an hour-ish long on our channel about switch, mode power supply, measurements, if. You remember Johnny Hancock, he was around a bit last year he did a, we'll. Put a link for that or a card for, that live. Stream but there's a whole coverage of the power app and how to go about testing power, supplies with, an oscilloscope. What. Other questions. Um, it seemed like some people were having issues with the get, my daily entry button if, we're. Looking into that but if you refresh the page we think, it's up and running now. If you're. Still having problems hit, refresh give it a couple minutes and we'll come. Back to, that. What. Else, we. Have, do. Our three channel power supplies have an LXi interface that, is this. One, we also have an older version this is the new one, the. Answer. I believe is, yes. I. Would have to double check the datasheet on that. I'm, getting a yes so we definitely do. What. Else. Is. There a cheap oscilloscope, and keysight the 1000x, is what we recommend it starts at $450. In the US on that may your mileage may vary depending on your country it's, a 100. Mega up to 100 mega Hertz it also has a built in generator. Out and there's also a fun little bonus it's to channel but it has a little digital channel that. It is usually the trigger in or trigger out but we've set, it up where you can also use it as a digital channel so you kind of get a bonus little MSO channel out, of that and you can do decoding, with, that channel as well. And let me pull my chat window back up. Someone. Else is still having trouble with the button we're going to look into that we. Will definitely get it working by, the end of the. Day. How. Is the performance of the fieldfox at the lower end of its frequency range it's. Excellent, it actually doesn't really. As far as the hardware goes all of the operation, is the same across the. Different frequency, ranges so, we're giving away a 26, and a half gigahertz one that. Can be a little pricey like I said that bundles worth over 400 thousand US dollars the. Lower end ones work just, as well they're just basically. Bandwidth-limited all the apps still work all the other stuff still works I'm, getting a yes that's correct, so. Do. You want to clarify on that more we have an RF guy in, house today he's, good okay what. Are the benefits of a benchtop DMM, versus a handheld EMM that is a great, question a. Handheld. EMM generally, doesn't have quite, the performance or the frequency, stability of, a benchtop DMM, also. Usually, you can get more digits, of resolution or. Higher account numbers out of a benchtop DMM, but. The benefit of a handheld EMM is it's obviously, super, portable so you can just pick it up run, around I have leads around here somewhere and you can go, do what you need to do it's, also some built-in other stuff like diode testing, that. You may or may not get on a bench test, so. It. Kind of depends most people have both and that's why we're including both a handheld DMM and a benchtop DMM in the, bundle for that day our.

PC, Based oscilloscopes. Any good that is a good question it, really depends, on what you're doing. We, at keysight, believe, that dedicated, hardware, is really the way to go especially. If, you're if. You need to be SuperDuper portable, and you're trying to like throw it in your backpack every day and run around then maybe you want to look into like a USB scope, but. The interface and performance, of PC oscilloscopes, tends to be. Okay. There's. A ton of discussions, on that online I'd encourage you to go check that out but. We are a big believer and stand alone these, are also pretty light, so. If you were moving, around semi-regularly. You could you could use this but. If. You had to like carry. Your oscilloscope around, and like ride a bike or carried in a car everyday then you might want to consider a PC base just. For a simple stuff but if you're doing any sort of moderate, to deep technical analysis, you're gonna want one of these if you're using it regularly having. The knobs. Really, helps with usability. And user interface. Will. We add some bode plotting, and other features to the 2000, X that the 1000, X currently. Does I, cannot. Speak to that right now there, are potentially. Some things coming for the 2000 X but. No. Promises, or official announcements, at this. Point what. Other chat, questions, do we have. Let's. See. People, say they like the keysight logo and name, we. Also like it a lot we honestly. Personally, a little if you, want it at first but I I'm. A really big fan of the name in the logo. Difference. Between a function generator and a waveform, generator so what's the difference between the two they're, essentially. The same thing, they. Often, get used. Interchangeably. We're, gonna have a blog on that if you check out our blog I'm, gonna commit to another link to that in the description at, the end of the stream. So. You. Can pretty much use them interchangeably a, waveform, generator can. Also can. May or may not have an ARB so sometimes it's just like sine, square ramp that type of thing where a function generator it. Could. Have more. Customizability. But overall. You can use the two interchangeably. What. Else. Someone. Says they have a keysight d mm and a function generator because, their. DM em has a square wave output option, yeah one of our handhelds, has a square. Wave out you can put like a set. Of duty cycle and you can test things like serving servo, motors and that type of thing that's, unique. To the handhelds we don't do that in our benchtop as far as I know. Is. There a way to shield your probes from RF noise that's a great question if you check out the e-book, in the wave library, there's, a power a book it's, like the ultimate guides are getting in clean DC power something. Like that we, do talk about ways to shield it one of the things you can do is like if, you're using a power supply you can use a twisted pair cable, for. An oscilloscope. Usually. You want to just you, know use a shorter, ground lead as possible, and the, probe is inevitably, gonna be a bit of an antenna. So shredder. Probst helps sometimes configuring. Them a little bit can help as well but. Overall, it's a little, bit something you have to deal with but. We definitely design, our, probes. To be have. Minimal RF interference and, noise. What. Else. Someone's. Saying, the feeds are choppy, are, we, have a hundred, megabit.

Upload Speed. So we think that issues probably living on YouTube as far as framerate. Drops, and that type of thing does, the oscilloscope work on 240, volt AC if the, question is can you plug it in to 240, volt AC yes. The. Maximum, can we get a close up here. Sorry. I'm gonna I'm gonna put it on the table here we're gonna get a close up on a camera one of the things we do with all of our infinite vision series oscilloscopes is. Are. We on a close up it, one of the things we do solve our infinite vision oscilloscopes, is you can basically plug, in whatever you want so we. Do one hundred two hundred and twenty volts 50, 60 foreign Hertz or, you can do a different range up to 240, volts so yes, you can get, the scope, running on 240. Volts good question what. Else can. You eat an oscilloscope, that. Is a question, that I think is kind, of a personal question I would not try to eat in the sole scope but you are welcome to try is there a way to tune antennas, with an oscilloscope, surely. There is I don't know off the top of my head usually, you use some RF gear for that do you want to talk about I'm. Gonna bring on Phil Phil. Chris occu is a RF. AE. For, quite a while in the Chicago. Areas as Chicago area as well as a few other places, in, the US so, Phil is extremely, well-versed in the, gear that's behind him there so the spec hands the signal sources you, want to give us a brief overview of tuning an antenna yeah so tune in tena depending, what you're trying to do I'm assuming maybe try to make a match filter to. Usually. More. Frequency, domain kind of plots, but. The question is can you use an. Oscilloscope to do that if, you're pretty. Creative and crafty you certainly could depending, if you can measure the amv waves and create, your own s parameters for example but it's going be a little more challenging a little bit more effort to do it on a scope and time domain so. We'd actually prefer that you use something like that fieldfox that were giving away to, help tune, or measure what the impedance or the, Smith chart of that antenna would be okay, and then you also want to speak a little bit to shielding, your probes from RF noise sure shield meet your probes is always a huge issue if, you go into any lab and even if you see like fluorescent lights for example that's a huge source of measurement noise like Daniel said basically. Any, type of cabling or probes or is gonna be virtually. An antenna to your test and they start to introduce noise and not degree in your measurement so really. What you want to do is create a ideal, test environment, if possible, whether, that's a shield box for your device under test and I, know keysight, used to sell under. The Agilent HB names of shield boxes, for different, like mobile handsets, - oh gosh that noise so basically it's like a box and you put the inside, inside and then you're, only getting emissions, from your device and that anything, else exactly or, you know at various customer sites you see that, they build whether, it's a you know a simple screen chamber, or a screen. Room okay we essentially a Faraday cage to, limit. All the exits no excess, noise whether it's Wi-Fi, fluorescent. Lights like I mentioned people's cell phones yeah, or you, know depending on the test of, the. Requirements, could be as something as complex as some sort of anechoic chamber, I've got to really reduce, and, limit Dara's noise on pros awesome, yeah thanks Phil yeah thanks for coming out thanks for being here today, anyway. Let's see what other questions are we getting student.

Discounts, We do an education, discount, I, think, that. I'm afraid to say it I think it's around 15%. Globally. Talk. To your distributor, about that if you're on the lower end or talk to your keysight sales rep about that if you're looking for you know more expensive, gear, like like this thing. So. Here's, another question what. Happens for example 200. Megahertz Pro for something like a 350. Megahertz signal, well, it just have less amplitude, yeah so. It. Will, so we talked a lot about bandwidth and we're actually gonna have a tip later in the, next couple days that talks a little more about bandwidth and we've covered it pretty well on our blog so again. That's another link I think we're at three or four links that we're gonna add to the live stream, essentially. The rise time instead of getting a super fast rise time you're going to get a slower rise time so, there's not as much time to get to that peak, to peak voltage so your amplitude is going to decrease, so. You. Know I also. Will, filter, out some of the frequency components so if, you have a square wave that may look more like a sine wave so, if you have a 200 Hertz probe and you're trying to measure a 200 megahertz square wave it's, gonna look like a sine wave that's, attenuated, by. Minus. 3 DB so like 70, something percent. Here's. Another question as, someone put it on the, screen for me if the, input of the scope is rated for the random volts and the probe is rated for 600, volts, will. Setting, the probe in 10x mode and measuring foreigner' volts be considered fine for the input of the scope since, it will see 40 volts yes. I believe, so, so. Attending. One probe will attenuate the signal before it goes into the scope but if you were to switch it to one to one then you're gonna you know fry the front editor scope Dave. Jones did a great video on how to not blow up your scope I recommend, checking that one out it's one of his more popular ones so. If you're worried about blowing. Up your scope check out that video. Other. Questions. Oh so. That's it a legal disclaimer about eating the scope yeah it's not, officially. Edible, so again, not recommended. We. May I don't know it's ROS compliance I don't think we use let's are but. Not. A good call what, else. Someone says asking, about outputs, there are VGA and GPIB, outputs, there, are definitely VGA outputs, can we switch back to the close-up does. This one have it I don't know this one has it if. I grab a 3,000 T and, if, I have the land module which. I do thank goodness, you. Can have a VGA port the 4000, X does have a VGA port built. Into, them so. You can connect up via LXi and this is actually just a module, so, you. Can do that. So. If GPIB, requires a special. Adapter I don't remember, off the top of my head if we do it with 3000 s or any infinite vision scopes I'm 80%. Sure that we do you'd have to go check the datasheet for that one maybe. Someone can chat it that to me on the team. What. Else. Good, questions today so thank, you all for doing that, um. What. Else there are questions, about country, check out the FAQ for, that. How. Much giveaway is done in one year we. Gent wave is generally our main giveaway, so you, know we're running it from March 1st to March 16th, so. We're giving away twelve. Bundles, worth over forty thousand dollars each so I, think we're breaking half a million dollars with like giveaways for this year, as far as. Equipment. Goes what. Is the most expensive, scope, that, is a great question right now we have a 63, gigahertz oscilloscope. And it's, in the multi, hundreds, of thousands of dollars and has usually bought by like university. Consortiums, or, high-end. Technology, labs doing things like optical. Testing. And that type of thing we actually do a podcast about. Optical, you should go check it out on the keysight, podcast, youtube channel, there's. A playlist there there's also I think that, specific podcast is on this channel from before we migrated over to the new podcast. YouTube channel. What. Else, do. You supply shielded, test leaves for your handheld DMMs good question, the the leads you get and let's pop with a close-up camera again the, leads you get with the handheld demons look like this. So. They're not shielded, what, you could do is twist, them or even like the foil, thing. Works, okay. For. Like RF noise and stuff so they're, they're, pretty good. If. You wanted to I dig deep into a SM piece here into, D mm test leads, there's forum, discussions, to no end on on those as well so. That's. What you get with the handheld DMS what. Else, 63. Gigahertz yeah it's really, really fast. That's, quite scope it's also quite heavy. Anything. Else, does. Attenuating, the signal, alter, it anyway it. Can so if you're looking at just a fundamental sine, wave it's only gonna mess.

With Your your bandwidth and maybe your slew rate depending on so I'm gonna mess with your peak, to peak voltage or your, slew rate if, you're dealing with higher harmonics, it will make your signal look differently again, we'll put a link for that in the blog, post and I. Think, that is about the, end of the. Questions for today great. QA session we're going to be live again on Friday, and, you can also put questions in the comments, if we didn't get to your questions so make. Sure to comment up we've watched all of those or tune, in for our live stream on Friday you can get a reminder thank, you for watching I'm doing a Bogdanoff and I will see you tomorrow.

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