Lipostick Fit: an easy way to get in shape

Lipostick Fit: an easy way to get in shape

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So. Good afternoon, dear friends. I'm glad to welcome you to our healthy news webinar. Once again. Today we're going to discuss, our new lipostic, fit launch in detail. To begin with. I'd like to know if you can hear and see me clearly. As usual, send me pluses or minuses. And let me know if you hear and see me. Poorly. Well, i see everything is fine. Wonderful. Then let us begin. This time, we're not just talking about a new product. We're talking about a new format, for us. And this is especially, exciting. Because. We're not twiddling, our thumbs. We strive to use new technologies. In particular. We try to make the methods, of product, consumption. More convenient. And understandable. For all of you. So let's get started. First of all. We will start with the context. With a general situation. The situation, from which the idea, of liposic. Fit. The product, came from. Take a. The product appeared in my hands. This is what the package looks like. This is one of the most interesting, packages. Of our product range. It's very nice to touch. But we'll talk about this a bit later. Now. To the issue. Of being overweight. And even more today than ever. I think that due to the self-isolation. This number will seriously. Increase. Nevertheless, even today. It is a significant, number, about 33. Of the world's population. Is overweight, and obese. Let's learn what overweight, is and what obesity, is. Of the who. The world health organization. Overweight. Is associated. With a bmi, index. A body mass index that you by the way can check. Online. There are many calculators, where you can get this figure by entering your height and weight. So if this number is 25, or more. Then you are overweight. If this number is 30 or more, then you are. Obese. This is probably not the most accurate, characteristic. There are other indices. However. This is the most commonly, used, and apparently. That's why it's used by the. Who. Thus. One-third, of the world's population. Or more, already, are overweight, to one extent or another. This is quite a problem. Not plucked from the air. But something that we face, every day. And this number is growing with each passing year. This is a slide where we compared, this number. With the one in 1978. Over the past 40 years. The number of overweight, people, has tripled. And continues, to grow. Perhaps in 2020. This number will especially. Increase. For obvious, reasons. Um. Take a look at the reasons. For the appearance, of excess, weight. Two main reasons are worth highlighting, here, the first, is energy imbalance. Where the dietary, calories. Are greater than the energy that the body needs. That is we eat more, but spend less energy. We eat a lot of simple carbohydrates. Not fat, but simple carbohydrates. That contribute, to excess fat appearance, are our main enemies. We will talk about this a little later. It's worth noting that you can see all the factors. That result, in the energy imbalance. In the slide. How does this happen. Can you see this vicious circle as i call it. An average person's, diet, is largely, composed, of simple. Carbohydrates. The first and foremost, is their low cost. After all the most satisfying. And cheapest, foods. Are simple. Carbohydrates. All fast food that provides, getting stuffed quickly. Is mostly simple carbohydrates. The second reason, is the taste of food. Search for food porn images on the internet, and you'll see, everything that we consider, delicious, food. These are burgers. Pizza. Sweets. Cakes. All kinds of cupcakes, and so on. All these are simple carbohydrates. Normally, our association, with delicious, foods, is connected with simple. Carbohydrates. We live in their world, and in such a context, where this vicious circle exists. Which is very difficult, to get out of. Nevertheless, today we will try to do it. Speaking about this vicious cycle once again. We eat simple carbohydrates. And there is a sharp surge in our blood sugar. Which is why we soon feel hunger again. And thus, we overeat. We eat these bread rolls again they cause an insulin, surge, and it runs on a. Loop. There are several reasons for that. The most important, is age unfortunately. Age, is a key factor. In the metabolism. Slowing down. We can remember with fondness, the years when we ate almost anything, anytime. Without consequences. Now of course. This does not work. So. We have to take control, of our desires. Aging, is a key factor. Affecting the metabolism, slowing down. But the lack of physical activity. Is also worth mentioning. Other factors, are unbalanced, nutrition. All kinds of diseases. Which also contribute, to the metabolism. Slowing down. The slower our metabolism. The greater the likelihood, that each subsequent, meal, overlaps, the previous, one. Which results, in an excess, of calories.

That Simply do not have time to be absorbed. And are transformed, into fat. Which in the long run, leads to weight. Food with the same number of calories. Depending, on the metabolic, rate, can be absorbed, completely, differently. As you can see in this slide. Accordingly. If your metabolism. Is all right. You will assimilate, a fairly, large percentage, of those fats. Proteins. Carbohydrates. That you consume. If your metabolism. Is slowed down. Most of what you eat. Can be stored as. Fat. I think this is more or less, something that everyone, knows. It's worth focusing, on gender. In men. Metabolism. Is five to ten percent higher than in women. If you didn't know this is definitely the case. The main factors, are the age, i've mentioned. Food thermogenesis. And exercise. The body composition. Also makes a difference. The more muscle we have, the higher the metabolism. This is all definitely, connected. How can we speed up the metabolism. Up till now i told you about the general context. And today. Under self-isolation. Conditions. It is as important, and relevant, as possible. But now. I'd like to start talking directly, about the product. The product that exists in this context. So here is our new product that we are launching in the near future. It is called lipostic. Fit, and lipostick. Is a very new format, that we are presenting, to. You. What is it like what does it look like. This is lipostick. It can also be called a sachet. We call it lipostic. What is it, these are sachets. With a liquid, liposomal. Formula, inside, which in fact has a pleasant taste. You will see this soon. It's a very convenient, portion of the product, a portion, of the active, components. That fulfill, a particular, task. In this case, we solve the problem with weight control. This is what our box looks like, there are 15 portions, in it. We'll have a talk about the course a little later. This is our new product. That contributes. To safe, weight loss. Due to the enhanced. Bioavailability. Of the liposomal. Formula. This is what it looks like it has a modern, convenient, format. And the proven effectiveness. Because its manufacturer. Tci. Bio. Has tested the effectiveness. Of the main component, of this product. What about the manufacturer. Let's talk about production. As far as this case is concerned.

It Is so interesting, that there was a special stream. For the first time at least in our practice. We went live. It was on april 30th. Be sure to find the recording. On our official, youtube, channel, if you haven't watched it yet. This production, is worth your attention. It's really cool how everything is organized, there. I often travel to different production, sites. And i've got something to compare with. There is much to be surprised, in this instance, first of all. It's energy, efficiency. In this production, facility, there are several laboratories. And factories. Their goal is to fully transfer, to solar energy, by 2030. This is truly, energy, efficient. And an environmentally. Friendly production. Which today, sounds even more essential, than. Ever. The production, has all conceivable. Certificates, that comply with the strict world standards of all countries. These are gmp. Haccp. Iso, and so on. All we mean when we talk about professional, production, that meets our quality, standard. What we did not speak about during the last stream. And what makes sense to mention today. Are the farms. After all, the production, of tci. Is not only done by a company. Tci. Is not just about, manufacturing. Facilities. It also has its own farms. That grow a large number of components, used in the formula. For example, they grow plants from which all our components, are then extracted. This makes it possible to control the quality of the ingredients. Used in the product more. Strictly. This is the liposomal. Formula. The number of zeros, is correct. A billion, liposomes. Per drop. Of liposic, fit. The manufacturer. Claims. Liposomes. Have improved, bioavailability. This is already, a familiar, technology, for us. Last year, we launched a liposomal. Product line. We already have vitamin, c vitamin, d. And curcumin, in stock. We will expand this line but in this case, we have a double, nutri, technology. This is tci's, development. What is it like. This is not just, liposome, entrapment. It's a two-step, process. That first involves, emulsification. For components. That are difficult, to mix. Which may even have an antagonistic. Effect. Uniformity. Of these components, is achieved. Then their subsequent. Encapsulation. Into the liposome, occurs. A two-step, effect, is the next level of liposome, entrapment. Let me remind you that liposome, entrapment, is perhaps, one of the most effective. Bioavailability. Technologies, we. Know. Then, there is the next level of liposome, entrapment, technology, from tci, company. Double nutri. Let me remind you of liposome's, key benefits. Bioavailability. I've mentioned. Biocompatibility. It also seems appropriate, to mention, the fact is that liposomes, have a structure, that is very close, to our own cell membranes. Therefore, it is the material. That when absorbed. Becomes part of the cell membranes. When it releases, the active component, into the cell, it becomes, part of the cell membrane. Of course. It is cool that we use products with this property. Besides, this certainly means, safety, the absence, of toxic components. And this is in line with one of our key tenets. Our products, must be safe. Absolutely. I cannot help but mention. Synergy, technology. Because in this case, the use of artificial, intelligence. Occurs. The fact that there is a huge database, of research, and materials. Which helps to compare, various, components, at a genetic. Level. This happens, automatically. That is a huge number of combinations. Of ingredients. Are automatically.

Selected. To identify, the maximum. Possible, synergy. Corresponding, to a particular, task. In this case the task is to accelerate, the metabolism. To control, weight. This technology, is again. A development, of tci. That gives an opportunity, to recreate, the formula, as accurately. As possible. For comparison. That we have already launched. And is already available, in europe, russia. In the customs, union online. This is a product with 21, ingredients, in its composition. You know about this product, many of you have heard of it for sure. If anyone hasn't heard of it please watch our special, stream, with the developer, creator of the product dr dushik. There are 21, components. This product is meant for immune stimulation. This is an antiviral. Immunomodulator. The most relevant, product today. There are 21 ingredients, there. In liposic, fit we are dealing with six active ingredients. However, each of these ingredients. Is worth being specially, mentioned. Here you can see that all of them affect the product's efficacy. There are two groups of three ingredients, in each let's talk about each of them. Of course. The key, is the flavonoid. Complex. This is tci's, patented, fermented, tangerine. Peel complex. They call it pancon. Here you can see a photo of this product. We call them tangerines. Now the scientific, community, is paying more and more attention, specifically. To citrus, flavonoids. As effective. Components. We can use them in weight control formulas. Patented, extracts. Appear in different countries. We settled on this one, as one of the most effective. It's no accident, that tci. Uses, fermentation. Because it makes for increasing, the activity, of this components. Main. Ingredients. Their concentration. Is enhanced, dozens of times. Nobility. Is the main component, for accelerating, metabolism. Here. While three, methoxy, nobility. Is a component, that also has, anti-inflammatory. Properties. And contributes. To sound sleep. Isn't that a cool effect of liposic. I really like it. Apart from getting the target effect of weight control. We also have such a great additional, effect. When you take your lipo stick in the evening. It will contribute, to having a heavier, and better sleep. Thus, fermentation. Further enhances, the effect of the product. So. Through the example of one component. We can examine, how our product gains its strength, and. Effectiveness. It is necessary. Not only to use some random, citrus flavonoid. Any of which is and could be considered, an effective, component. It is important, to use the right component. In the right form. There is an environmentally. Friendly, farm, under the control of the manufacturer. Where tangerines, are grown. The peel of these tangerines. Is fermented. An extract, is made of it, and then, the extract, is mixed with additional, components. Which we will talk about a little later. And then, encapsulated. In a liposome. All these steps are very important for us to get the most effective, product.

It Is very important to speak of the components. I often see that products. Dietary, supplements. That are advertised, and a lot is said about their effect. Their benefits. Their results. About those who need them how to take them. While very little is said about their composition. Their technology. The manufacturer. However, we believe that these are the key factors. Affecting the result, the effect. And the quality of the product. That is why i devote, most of my presentation. To composition. We'll go on talking about the composition. And there are already more familiar, and clear components, such as, green coffee bean. Extract. Green coffee has long existed, on the market, as a rule, as an independent, product. People like to use it very much. Nevertheless, in our product. It does not play the main role, but a supporting, role. However, it helps to enhance, metabolism. And control, appetite. In this case. This is a very important, property. This helps to shake off excess, sweet cravings. Why. Due to chlorogenic. Acid and chromium, contained, in green coffee beans in a sufficiently, large amount. It is worth noting that this is not the kind of coffee that you drink in the morning. This is an extract, from green, unroasted, coffee. This is also, a very important, ingredient, that complements, the action of citrus. Flavonoids. Next is tea, also a well-known, antioxidant. It has many useful, properties, known to you. One, being. Longevity. There are many green tea fans among us. I am especially, fond of japanese, green tea. Among its other actions. It is important to highlight, the increased, activation. Of the body's metabolism. Again, if i just take a cup of coffee. And a cup of tea and start to drink them. This does not mean that i will receive, these active ingredients. In the quantity. And quality that are necessary, to enhance, and accelerate, the metabolism, that we are talking about today. It is precisely, a kind of active ingredient, that we add to our formula. That is important to us. The same is true for l-carnitine. A component, which is especially, well known to athletes. It is a vitamin-like. Substance, that provides for the breakdown, of fats. Athletes, are quite familiar, with it. Although, if we're talking about l-carnitine. This is the product that works under physical activity. Preferably, under intense, physical exercise. In this case in our formula, it also helps to reduce body fat, and, along with other ingredients. Enhances, the overall, effect. Super fruit. Long known to our consumers, and distributors. Who have been developing, and consuming, our products with us for many. Years. At one time we had noni juice in glass bottles. Noni juice as well as. Acai, juice, goji, juice. Do you remember. This product uses, taiwanese, noni, again, fermented. Speaking of noni, this is primarily, the richest, source, of superoxide. Dismutase. It is an antioxidant. Enzyme, that is necessary, to resist, inflammation. Those inflammations. That contribute, to weight. Gain. It is worth noting that in the lipostic. Fit formula, there are ingredients, that have both a direct, effect. On increasing the metabolic, rate, and, an indirect. Effect. Together. They create a powerful, effect. And give a fully successful, result. And here is noni juice, one of these kinds of ingredients. The next ingredient. Is black pepper extract. Not just black pepper extract. But bioperine. This is a patented, extract. From sabinsa. This is a large-scale, manufacturer. Of various, extracts. Bioperine. Is perhaps, one of the most popular.

Why, Because it is used in a lot of products. And is very widely used, in ayurveda. There's a book called the handbook, of common, ayurvedic. Practices. One of the key books that contains, a lot of information, about the use of certain ingredients. There are about, 370. Recipes. It turns out, that black pepper. Is contained, in, 240. Out of 370. Products. For good reason. Why. Because it's a booster. Where there is black pepper. The action of nutrients, contained in the formula, is enhanced. Therefore, in this case, it contributes, to an even, greater action enhancement. Of the effects of those components, i mentioned above. Well due to this whole variety, due to all those ingredients. We get a range of advantages. Of the product properties, that we need. This is active, fat burning. An obstacle, to fat accumulation. And it makes up for the lack of nutrients. That are necessary, for normal metabolism. It also controls, appetite, and reduces. Sweet. Cravings. Sleep improvement. Is also a nice bonus. This is the full range of benefits, that lipostick, fit product. Has. From the manufacturer. Of hesperidin. Which is also found in the fermented, peel of tangerines. It has antiviral. And immunomodulating. Properties. But i will talk about this some other time. So, what have we got. We've got a product that has a really powerful, effective, formula. I really want you, to have an opportunity, to make sure of this as soon as possible. Yes, the product works, even if you don't have exhausting, workouts, every day. And if you don't follow a strict, carb-free. Low-carb, diet, and so forth. However, this does not mean that we can just relax, lie on the sofa. Eat burgers. And wait for fantastic, results. That is why we decided, to accompany, the launch of liposic. Fit, in a special way. We decided, that while most people are still, self-isolating. We all have to learn how to control our weight, at. Home. So many experts on our websites. Soon we'll start talking about how to do this. These will be professional, nutritionists. Psychologists. Fitness. Instructors. These will be your peers. Who have achieved, great results. Who have their know-how. This is going to be an exchange, of best practices. Get ready for the fact, that you will have a large amount of applied. Practical, information. That will accompany the launch. We're going to run a marathon. Called fat to fit. Let's turn our fat tissues, into something, more aesthetic. Speaking of weight control. Of losing weight. At the coral club. We are talking about, primarily. The healing, effect. Over the years. People have come to like either thinner. Or larger, forms. That's just the way it is. Yet we can't hold back the fact, that being overweight. Is an additional risk factor for many serious, diseases, of the cardiovascular. System. The musculoskeletal. System, and so on. Therefore. We are talking about healthy weight control. Control, in a form that allows us to feel good, and keep ourselves, fit. Without detriment, to our. Health. It is important to point out what our product does not contain. These are diuretics. We do not have diuretic, components. Which are often, actively, used in other formulas. They remove fluid. But. They don't contribute, to fat burning. Ultimately. Therefore, we do not use components, that react, quickly but ineffectively. We do not use laxatives. We don't use steroid, hormones. Which are often found in formulas, with an unverified. Effectiveness. In this context, when we talk about safe weight loss, we mean, among other things, the absence, of these ingredients. A portion stick this new format. Makes it possible, to use the product, as conveniently. As possible. To experience, its effect. We need to take at least two lipo sticks a day. Accordingly. It's handy to put them in a bag or keep them with. You. They're convenient, to consume, indeed.

You Don't even need water for this, although, we love water so much. But if you don't have any at hand, although any coral member should have water at hand, nevertheless. You can consume the product without water. We open, and drink it just like that. We did our best to make the product tasty. This was not an easy task. Why, because a pleasant taste is achieved as a rule, through using a great deal of sweeteners, and different. We are flavorings in favor, of a large number of flavorings. Nevertheless. There is a sweetener here familiar, to you and beloved, by you, it is stevia. A natural sweetener with a low glycemic. Index. We tried to ensure that the product is fully consistent. With what you expect, from coral club. Therefore, i'm sure that you will like the taste of this product. It took a lot of time to work out the taste because, in asia for example. People care less about, if there are any flavoring, agents in the product, or if it is sugar-free. The only thing that matters. Is that it tastes good. Here i would like to believe that we have observed, this balance. Sealed packaging, and accurate. Dosage. You have to take it twice a day, once in the morning. And once in the evening. In the evening either before training or before eating. And i'd like to stress once again that by drinking this product in the evening, you also make a good investment. By having a healthy sleep. I'm sure that this is quite relevant to many of us. Here's a very important, slide, a slide where you can see. The club price, and bonus points. We tried to make the most exciting, coefficient, for you. We did our utmost to make this product as accessible, as possible. Under the current circumstances. Taking into account the use of all the technologies. And ingredients. That i mentioned above. Therefore. Please, welcome our new. Product. It's worth noting that in order to take the monthly course completely. You will need four boxes. There are four such boxes, here so you can estimate. I believe that this product is quite competitive. Taking into account what is on the market. Here we certainly tried to work for the effect, and use everything that we know. We use all those technologies, that contribute, to the improvement, of this effect. Without the use of any prohibited, methods. Diuretics. Hormones, and so on as i have said, before. I'm very interested in how much it will be in demand. Precisely, from its format, point of view. But we go on developing, this format. We are already learning new formulas. Not only fitness. Or weight. But also, for immune stimulation. This topic has been with us a long time. Therefore. I'm sure, will work long and successfully, with this, format. What. So let us once again. Welcome the new product which will appear in the coral club line, in the near future. Everything will depend on logistics. The product has already been produced. And distribution. Begins. Depending on where, and when it is delivered. Launches, will start. Although you will surely be informed, of this. Now, for your questions, my friends. Do you have any questions, did i forget to cover anything. Come on we have the opportunity, to. Talk. As far as we know, the product has no, contraindications. Unless, you're allergic, to any of the. Components. The way, if we talk about just green, coffee and tea. You cannot worry about the amount of caffeine, in the product, it is minuscule, there. We used, active, polyphenols. If this is tea for example. Without a large amount of caffeine. Even using tea or coffee we use exactly, those active, ingredients. That we need, and try to reduce those ingredients, that are not necessary, for the. Formula. I see you ask me how long it takes to drink a product. It takes a month to get a direct result. You should take two sticks a day for one month, this makes 60 lipo sticks. These are four boxes. What about nursing mothers. They should consult a doctor. And i would not recommend, anything other than prenatal, plus. For nursing mothers, without first consulting, a doctor who observes you uh. How many times a year, there are no restrictions. We make it as safe as possible. Almost for constant, consumption. However, in any case, it's better to take different products. So you'd better take it for a month, and then you can take a break for another month. In fact you can constantly, take it yes. The presentation, will definitely, take place in the near future. We will broadcast, this presentation, to you using our existing, channels. Is it possible, to offer the product to people who have not taken anything before. Yes it is. Please note that our products are becoming more and more accessible.

Colo Vada, is the product you need to be prepared, for, which you need to understand. Fully. In the case of lipostick, however, you don't need to understand, many complex, aspects. If you have a stick you just take it and drink it. We try to make our products as clear as possible. Something you can start using, almost. Immediately. I've already mentioned the price there was a slide with the price. The start of the marathon. Depending on how our logistics, work in these hard days. It's very difficult, to talk about exact, dates, now. As soon as we get accurate information, on the dates, we will definitely, inform, you. It probably goes well with fan, detox. Well frankly speaking everything goes well with fan detox. There will be a recording. It will be almost immediately, after the stream is over for sure. What is the percentage. Of metabolism. Enhancement. It's very difficult to answer this question. I think no one can answer. You see. We are all different, everyone, has a different, metabolic, rate. That's why we know for sure, that there will be some enhancing. But the percentage. Is very difficult, to calculate. Although there will certainly be mass testing. And we will certainly, define, an average figure, a real life figure. You should take it in the morning, and in the evening. What about weight gain, no this product does not cause weight gain. It should be taken with food. I see there are only similar, questions, left, so i will wrap up. It took us 45, minutes it's fine. So now it will be easier to promote the product. I am very happy about this new product, this format. We have been waiting, a long time for it and worked on it they've been working with this formula, for about two years. And i am pleased to finally introduce, to you the product, lipostic. Fit. In our new format. Lipostic. And liposomes. I know how much you love our liposomal. Products line, how it has struck a chord with you. I'm sure you will like this product, too. So. Hold on. Everything, will ultimately, be fine. However, you should take care of yourself, your health, your body. Invest, resources. In this, first of all, take your time. You know all we have now is time.

Everyone, Is staying at home. So. See you very soon. Get ready, for a fat to fit marathon. Be healthy, friends. And see you next time bye. Bye.

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