Life of five friends in Los Angeles | Animated film - English Full episode

Life of five friends in Los Angeles | Animated film - English Full episode

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After a terrible epidemic hit the world, we see the world start a new normal life. Jennifer Banks begins her first trip after the pandemic to California, the west coast of the United States. Excuse me, where is the United Airlines check-in counter? You go all the way through this corridor, look to the right to see it. Thank you so much. You’re welcome. Good morning, where are you flying to? My destination is California.

Which airport? San Francisco International Airport. Can I check your passport? Yes, of course. Here it is. Please put your luggage on the scale.

Yes, I do it right now. Everything looks fine, have a nice flight. Thank you, sir.

Taxi! Taxi! Good afternoon, where are you going? Bay Street, please. Can I put your luggage in the trunk? Yes, of course. Please fasten your seat belt.

Okay. How long will it take to get there? About 40 minutes, are you in a hurry? No, I was just asking. Why do you come here? I come here to travel. Okay, here we are.

How much is it? It's 35 bucks. Here's 40 dollars. You can keep the change. Thank you, wait for me to pick up your luggage. Thanks.

Excuse me, can you take a picture of the golden gate bridge for me? Yes! Of course. Thank you. You’re welcome.

Are you a local? Yes, I live nearby. Are you a tourist? Yes, this is my first time in this city. What do you think? This is a wonderful city, you are so happy to be in such a beautiful place. I'm also very proud of where I live. You must be very knowledgeable about this place.

Yes, I've lived here since I was a kid. Nice to meet you. I see you very familiar. No way, we've never met. Did you just celebrate your birthday by the beach last month? Oh! That's right.

But it's so far from here, how do you know it's so well? I don’t know. Is this deja vu? I've never met you, how can I have a deja vu about you. Maybe you've seen me somewhere.

Or do we go to the same school? I study in New York. Then it's not right. Where did you study? I studied and grew up in California and have never been to New York. Maybe I'm like an acquaintance of yours.

So how do I know your birthday? It's just a coincidence, you don't know the exact date, right? Yes! Anyway, nice to meet you. If you come to New York contact me. My social media account is Jennifer Banks. Oh, we have a mutual friend. Who is that? Isabella, my cousin. She is my best friend.

I know you because I saw your birthday photo. She had a birthday party so I tagged her in my birthday photo. It's a small world, right? Yes! A pleasant surprise. How do you know Isabella? We used to be in the same class at the university. I haven't seen her in a long time.

I also rarely see her. Are you far away from each other? It's not too far, but you know, we're all busy with work, plus the epidemic, so we rarely go out. She's a hard worker, why don't you ask her to travel with you.

She is busy with work at the company, so I have to go alone. Tomorrow is the weekend, I can take you to visit the attractions. That's great. Where do you want to go? I still don't have a plan. Do you know any places nearby? You should go to Golden Gate Park.

I went to visit the Golden Gate Bridge today. There is a park of the same name. Really! so tomorrow we will go there. Okay. Where will I pick you up? I will text you the address. See you tomorrow.

Bye. Today, Jennifer Banks and her friends are going to the Golden Gate Park, which is the third most-visited city park in the United States. Sorry, I'm late. Have you been waiting for me for a long time? I've been waiting here for 15 minutes. Due to a traffic jam, I arrived a bit late.

It's okay, I have time to see the city. Get in the car, I'll take you to have breakfast. What are we going to eat? There's a very nice restaurant nearby, there's a lot of delicious food there. Does it have a view of the Golden Gate Bridge? It's a bit low so I think you can't see it That's okay. I visited it all day yesterday Good morning, how can I help you? Can we have a table for 2, please? There's a table over there, please follow me.

Can we see the menu? Yes, here it is. Please give me an avocado toast. Pancakes for me, please. Would you like something to drink with your meal? Two glasses of orange juice, please.

Your meals will be here shortly. Here are your meals. Thank you. Enjoy your meal Can we have the bill, please? Wait a minute. That will be 25$.

OK, here's 30 dollars. Keep the change. Thank you. How do you like today's dishes? The food is very delicious. Great! If you don't mind, can you rate us 5 stars on the map, please? Yes, I will give your restaurant a good rating. We have to go, Bye-bye.

Thank you, goodbye. We have arrived. Oh! This park is so big. Yes! It's even bigger than the Central Park in New York. Looks like it's shaped like Central Park. How do you know its shape? I looked at the map.

Can you find a parking spot on the map? There is a lot of street parking, you can park anywhere without any no parking sign. Today is the weekend, some streets are closed. There is a paid underground parking of the Science Academy. Why do we have to park in a paid car park when there are plenty of free ones? There are many spots around Stow Lake. Let me drive there. Oh no! Too many cars parked here, it seems like no empty spots left.

There's an empty one over there. Okay, we'll park there. Shall we walk to visit the park? Are you serious? This park is bigger than a thousand acres. Maybe we should rent a bike.

Yes, there are many bike paths throughout the park. Where do we rent bicycles? I don’t know. Look, there's that guy riding a self-balancing electric scooter.

Excuse me, can I ask you a question? Yes! Of course. Where can I borrow a scooter like this? You can rent a segway from San Francisco Electric Tour Company. We don't know how to use this scooter. Don't worry, there will be training and practice time before you hit the road.

How much do I have to pay? One tour costs $75 and it lasts 2.5 hours. Thank you. You’re welcome. Do you know much about this park? Yes, I'm a citizen of this city.

Let's go to the park together. The more the merrier. I'm Lucy, this is Jennifer, what's your name? My name is James.

Where are you from James? I’m from Canada. Are you a tourist? No, I'm a businessman. How about you? I am an accountant. What products do you deal in? I'm in the fashion business. Are you married? I'm single, how about you? We are also single. How long have you been in the US? I've been here for 5 months.

What do you think about San Francisco? This is a very beautiful city by the bay, with many famous sights and delicious food. Hope you will stay long in the city. If you need any more information you can contact me.

How can I contact you? This is my number. Thank you. Look, a baby bison.

So cute, by the way, we're at Bison Paddock. Didn't expect so many bison in this park. I'm a bit tired, maybe we should find somewhere to rest. Maybe we should stop by the Japanese Tea Garden.

It's great to enjoy a soothing cup of green tea by the koi pond like this. It's late, maybe we should leave. That's right, I hope to have a chance to introduce you to my city. I can’t wait to hear all about the food, beautiful landmarks of the city from you. Let's keep in touch. See you again, my new friend! What do you think about James? He is a polite and handsome person.

Oh, I forgot one thing. What did you forget? I don't have his number yet. Haha, he will contact you soon. What if he doesn't contact me? It's because he doesn't like you. I just hope to have a good friend. Are you? Yes! Anyway, we should go have lunch.

That's right, I'm hungry too. On a nice day, Lucy and Jennifer Banks are enjoying coffee at a place with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Hey Jennifer.

Did you see the fish James just caught? Which James? The handsome guy we met at the park. Ah, I'm so quick to forget. How do you know he's fishing? I saw it in the picture he posted online. Are you friends with him? We haven't added friends yet.

So how do you know his social media account? I found his name on social media. You should be friends with him. We were friends. I mean add friends on social media. Anyway, you should check out the fish he caught. Why should I watch the fish? It's very big.

How big is it? It weighs up to 40 pounds. A huge fish. What kind of fish is that? It's a salmon. He will make a lot of money from that fish. He doesn't sell it. Then he'll have a great meal of salmon.

He doesn't eat it either. What will he do with it? He released the fish back into the river after taking pictures. What a nice guy. Sorry I have a phone call. Hello, Lucy is listening.

Hi Lucy, how are you? Sorry, who's calling. I'm James, the one you met at the park. Oh! Hi James.

How are you? I’m good. How about you? Things are good, I'm having coffee with Jennifer. Please give my regards to Jennifer. Okay.

What are you doing James? I'm getting ready to go fishing. Oh, what a fun activity. Would you like to go fishing with me? I really want to but I don't know how to fish. Don't worry I will show you. I don't have a fishing rod either. I have a lot of fishing rods.

So I'll join. Do you ask Jennifer if she wants to go? Yes, I'll text you later. Okay, Bye Lucy. Jennifer, do you want to go fishing? Who to go fishing with, I don't have fishing gears. James just called me, he asked us to go fishing.

Maybe it's better if you go alone. Why? We're all friends. It will be more intimate between you two.

Come on, if you don't go I'll be too shy to see him. Okay, so when are we going? Right now, let's go, he's got enough fishing gears. The weather is nice for fishing, let’s go. Hi James, how long have you been waiting for us? Not too long. Sorry to keep you waiting, we've been preparing for a while. Oh, it's okay, during that time I also check the fishing gear.

Where are we going to fish? In the nearby pond. So let's go. We're here, let me take the boat down to the pond. Oh, the boat has a hole in it. Haven't you checked already? It was still good when I checked, maybe it hit something while I was driving. It will cost you a lot of money to fix it.

The problem is how do we fish? We can fish near the shore. Fish come close to the shore in spring and fall seasons as they prepare for winter. What about summer? They tend to be in deeper water in the summer, so take a boat out from the shore and we will catch more fish. We just go fishing for fun. Then we'll find a nice spot to fish.

We can walk to find. What do you think about this place? This is a great spot for fishing. The water here is very clear but I don't know if there are many fish? We couldn’t have picked out a better spot, there are even birdsongs.

Then we will fish here. But is it possible to fish here? There's no sign prohibiting fishing so it should be fine. Let's be careful not to trample the trees by the shore.

Where do you usually go fishing? I usually do ocean fishing. Why don't we go sea fishing today? If you want to fish in the ocean, you must have a license, and only I have that license. Oh really. So fishing in the pond doesn't need a license. That's right. I still hope to have the opportunity to go ocean fishing.

Maybe someday I'll take you to the sea. That's great then. This is your fishing rod. I also want to buy myself a fishing rod. You can take my fishing rod if you need it. I want to choose a new one that suits me.

You can buy it at the sporting goods store. Is it expensive? You will be in awe when you check out the rod selection. I will have to stop drinking bubble tea for a few months. You don’t need to break the bank, you can choose a basic fishing rod. How is that rod? Fishing rods and reels are of medium strength.

What is the length? Choose a rod about 7 feet long for something with a good balance of range and flexibility. It's a bit long, isn't it? As a rule of thumb, choose a rod as long as your height. Then I have to choose the shorter one.

Hold it to see if its weight feels comfortable on your arm. Do I need to pay attention to the fishing line? Choose a fishing line that fits your rod length. What about the weight of the line? The weight, depending on the type of fish you want to catch. You can only catch fish that weigh less than the line. So should I choose heavy lines? Choose gear that's as light as possible so you don't get tired while having fun. What about the hook? Fish only chase hooks that are the same size as the bait they are chasing, so choose a smaller hook to attract more fish.

What bait do you usually use? I usually choose crickets, worms, or minnows. I'm not too fond of wriggling creatures. So you can use fishing lures, it's like the real bait and will fool the fish. That's reasonable.

When I go to buy fishing gear, can you come with me? Oh of course it's okay. So when I go I'll text you. Now I'm tying the hook on the line. How professional the knot is. Thank you. Now I'm tying weights and bobbers above the hook to help us spot fish.

Jennifer, you don't fish? Oh sorry guys, I need to get some work done soon. Three hours later. We haven't caught any fish yet. We need to wait patiently for a fish to bite. You've said this five times already. Fishing is a waiting game, you shouldn't be so angry.

Sorry, but we should be back. Okay, it's quite late. Hey Jennifer, do you remember what happened the other day? What day are you talking about? The day I went fishing with James. You guys didn't catch any fish, and you got mad at James. Yes, and I'm regretting it.

You should call and apologize to him. I already sent an apology message. Well then. What should I do now? The problem is not serious.

But he replied in a very polite way. How do you want him to respond? You have to help me, please. How can I help you? Can you invite me and him to someplace where we can meet? Oh! You can invite him. I think he's still mad at me. He's not narrow-minded.

Please? Okay, but where are we going? Can we go to the movies? It will be difficult to talk to each other there. Then we'll go to the amusement park. That's a good idea, let me give James a call. What is James' number? Here's his number. Hello, who's calling. I'm Jennifer Banks.

How are you? I’m good, how about you? So-so. James, are you free tomorrow. I have work tomorrow, what's up? What a pity, I was going to ask you and Lucy to go to the park. I'll be free the day after tomorrow, we can go on that day. Let me ask Lucy and I'll text you back. Okay, see you later.

Ok, goodbye. Does he agree? He's busy tomorrow but he can go the day after tomorrow. So we can go on that day. So let me text him. Thank you so much, Jennifer.

You’re welcome, remember to wear nice clothes. Yes, of course. Can't imagine we're going to an amusement park. What's up? An amusement park is a place for families. Who told you so? I guess so.

That's your intention. At that time, I was in a hurry, did not think carefully. Don't worry, we'll have a lot of fun.

I'm just afraid James doesn't like it. If he didn't like it, he would have declined our invitation. Maybe he was too polite to decline the invitation. You are thinking too much. Do you have any advice for me? What advice do I have? About my behavior? You should stay calm and always smile.

Of course, I have to. The park will be quite crowded, we may have to wait. I hate waiting. That's why I told you earlier. What should I do to keep myself calm? Are there ways to keep yourself calm? Tell me.

Take a deep breath when you feel stressed. How to breathe? Inhale deeply through your nose, you should inhale into your belly, not just into your chest. Hold for a moment and breathe out slowly through your mouth, you will feel calmer quickly. Instead of focusing on negative aspects or outcomes, try to spend time thinking positively. Surround yourself with positive people like me. That's good advice.

I hope you won't get mad at James again. I will stay calm and make a good impression on him. Looks like we're arrived. Right here, let me find a place to park.

Let me call James to see if he's here yet. I already bought tickets for the three of us. Oh, I also bought tickets for all three of us. When did you buy them? Lucy and I came here first.

I bought them on the app, sorry for not informing you in advance. We should go to the box office to see if we can return the tickets. Let me see if I can return the tickets on the app. Done, I returned the tickets.

It's convenient, so let's go to the park. This park is so beautiful. You've never been here before? No, I rarely go to amusement parks. I'm sorry if you don't like this place. Oh! No. Why wouldn't I like a great place like this? I'm just afraid you don't like coming here.

Of course, I like it. Look how tall the roller coaster is here. Do you want to go? I'm a bit scared but I'll join.

Let's go. It's fun, can you two see the scenery from above? Moving so fast I couldn't see anything. And I close my eyes. Let's join the Ferris wheel.

Yes! We can see the park from above. Bumper boats will be fun. Are you two hungry, I'm so hungry. Let's go eat, the ticket includes lunch.

Where is the restaurant? Let me see the map, oh, it's quite far from here. No way, I'm so hungry. I can eat a horse. We can go there by train. Oh, the train is so cute. It was designed specifically for the park.

The park is about to close, let's go home. Today was so fun. That’s right! see you on another occasion. See you soon, goodbye.

Hey Jennifer. James just called me. What did he say? He invited us to go to the beach.

When? In the afternoon. I think I shouldn't go. Why not? It'd be so awkward if I didn't have you with me.

I think you guys should have some alone time to talk to each other. But I'm so shy, I don't know what to do. You don't need to do anything, just wait for him to come to pick you up. I still don't know what to wear to be beautiful. You just need to get dressed up a little bit.

Please help me. Okay, wait a minute, I'll go to your house. How do I prepare for the date? We still have time from now until the afternoon. First of all, I still don't know what to wear. Don't stress, wear something that makes you feel good. I want an outfit that makes me feel attractive.

Then a dress will suit you. Take a look at my dresses, which one do you think I should choose? This blue is okay. Then I'll wear this blue dress. When was it last washed? Almost three weeks ago.

You won't feel good if you can smell last week's sweat on your dress. So what about this white dress, I just washed it yesterday. It's beautiful. What about shoes? Let me have a look. This is okay.

How should I do my makeup? You should wear light makeup. I'm not very good at makeup. Before the date, I will help you. We're done with the outfit, what do I have to prepare? You should be confident. How can I be confident? I know you are very shy and you find it a little awkward to meet James.

There are ways to show confidence even when you don't feel it. How to show confidence even when I don't have it? Fake it until you make it. Do it through your body language. Keep your head up, shoulders back, and chest up. Like this? Practice this posture in the mirror over and over until it feels a little more natural. Remember to smile to make a meaningful connection.

Is there anything that could worry me? Maybe the two of you won't have anything to say and there will only be a long and awkward silence. This is rarely the case, James and I will have a lot of topics to talk about. You should have a backup conversation topic, and avoid talking about sensitive subjects. Which is the backup conversation topic, which is sensitive? Ask about his hobbies and work, and avoid talking about things that you think he doesn't like. The date is getting closer, I'm a little nervous. You should listen to music, it affects mood and behavior.

If you're listening to your favorite tunes, you'll be excited and confident during your date. Listen to upbeat tunes because listening to sad love songs can make you more nervous. He’s here. I gotta go now. Remember not to be self-deprecating, just be yourself because you are one of the best people I know. Thank you, wish me luck.

Good afternoon, James. Good afternoon, Lucy. You are so beautiful today. Thanks, you're so sweet. This beach is so beautiful. How do you know this is my favorite place and invite me here.

This is also my favorite place in the city. Look, someone is parasailing over there. If you want to do that, I'll go buy a ticket.

Oh no, I haven't done it before, have you? I have tried it once. I love water sports. What types of water sports do you like? I love sea walking, windsurfing, and scuba diving. Those are the sports I wanted to participate in but never had the opportunity.

There will be a chance I invite you. There are so many things we want to do together. That's right and you'll never regret knowing someone who loves water sports like me. Do you live near the ocean? No, so I would love to go to the beach when I have the chance. Then my city is the perfect place for you to stay.

I think so. Do you intend to settle down in California? Depends on my job. I thought we would have a chance to be together. I... I mean we'll always be good friends. We'll still be friends even if I go somewhere else.

Yes, of course. Good friends forever. Yeah... Of course. James, what do you think of me? I think you’re amazing.

Your answer is not honest. I mean you are a gentle, friendly, and understanding person. You're just saying that out of politeness, right? I'm telling the truth.

The day we went fishing, did I have a bad temper with you, do you hate me? Oh no, I even blame myself for making you sad. But I'm worried you hate me. On the contrary, knowing you is my great luck. I have so much fun spending time with you. Lucy! I have something to tell you. Yes! I think I’m falling for you You make my heart melt.

I just wonder if you could be my girlfriend? Glad you finally opened up your heart. I’m falling for you too. Thanks for making me so happy. I’m so glad to be with you. I want to announce one thing.

Let me guess. Too easy for you to guess. James rejected your love. No, you are mean.

I'm just kidding. Okay, I'm listening. James confessed to me while we were walking on the beach. It's so romantic, how did you answer? I said I agree.

Do you agree right away? Yes, is there something wrong? Should you pretend to say no? What? Or at least you say you need time to think. Why did I have to do that? You should challenge him. For what? To see if he really loves you? No need. Why? I believe in his love. Love is blind.

Don't joke around, I need your help. I’m always ready to help my friends. James' birthday is coming up and I want to have a meaningful party for him.

You buy a small gift and invite him to a fancy restaurant. How simple is that? Everyone loves presents. What do you want? I love making memories with that special man.

How about a romantic dinner on a cruise? That will cost a lot of money, do you have any ideas that are cool and low cost? Take a tour of the brewery. There are a few small craft breweries here that offer tours that are pretty cheap, and you'll get to taste a ton of delicious beers in the process. That's a good idea, but he probably doesn't like it. You two can fly a hot air balloon.

The view below is super romantic from above. It will be crowded and noisy. James likes water sports right? Why don't you guys go scuba diving or something? Sports are not romantic. The final idea, a meal cooked by yourself.

It's not a bad idea, but it's a bit normal. Before the meal, we can have a game. We are not children anymore. There are lots of brain games and fun for the birthday celebration.

Which game? Escape Room. I've heard that I'm scared. Do you watch horror movies? I know this game from the movie. Have you ever played this game before? I haven't, is it like in the movies? It's basically the same thing.

You will attempt to solve different riddles to get out of a locked room. Sounds interesting. I'll look online to see if there are any more interesting elements to the game. So we'll have a DIY evening and an escape room. Can you take care of the food? Oh, of course, I'm a super chef.

What about decorations? I don't know where to find them. You can buy them. The problem is I don't know where to buy them. You can find them at the souvenir shop. I'm not sure if they have or not? You can buy it online.

Okay, let me handle that. What about birthday cake? Should I buy it or make it? It makes more sense if you make it yourself. It will take quite a while.

You can make it the day before and then put it in the fridge. Then I'll make a birthday cake. When is James's birthday? Next Thursday. Wednesday I will come to help you decorate the house. I appreciate that, please remember to prepare the game well.

Don't worry about it, see you on Wednesday. Thanks, Jennifer, you are the best! What do you think of my decorations? It's beautiful, but it lacks a lot of things. Missing what? We need beautiful tablecloths. A numbered balloon of his age.

How old is he? He is 25 years old. So we need balloons numbered 25. Where do I get those balloons? Maybe we have to go to the store.

I'm going to start the car right now. I will search for the nearest store. What else are we missing? I think we should get lanterns and a happy birthday wall banner.

Do you have a gift for him yet? I have it. What is this? A picture I drew. Nice. I haven't bought him a present yet. There are many gifts here.

Let me see. Giving this bouquet is reasonable. Looks like that's enough, let's go home. All seems to be done.

Have you set up the games yet? I have the game set up. Let me have a look. No, since you also participate in the game, I have to keep it a secret from you to be fair to everyone. Does the winner have a gift? I'm wrapping gifts for the game. It's almost time for the party, I have to set out the food and drinks.

I'll turn on the music and set out the candles and matches. He's here. Hi Lucy and Jennifer, this is my friend Peter. Hi Peter, glad you're here. Hi, nice to meet you.

Your house is so beautiful. Thank you. Please come in, you are on time. Oh, you surprised me so much. The food I cooked, hopefully, it's not too bad. If you cook it, it's delicious.

Please enjoy the food and cakes made by me. Wishing you many more years of good health and prosperity. Happy birthday! Here’s to more life, adventures, and love with you to come! Happy birthday, James! Thank you all, what an unforgettable birthday for me. Now make a wish and blow out the candles.

Happy birthday to my irreplaceable best friend. Jennifer, please introduce the game you prepared. This game is called "The Escape Room" We are currently in a locked room and can only get out by solving the game's puzzles. What if we can't solve it? I can't imagine the consequences the losers have to endure.

Haha! Sounds creepy, can I not join the game? It's too late because you're locked in this room. That's right, and to get out of the room, the three of you have to solve puzzles to find the unique key. First will be decoding the maze. In this maze consisting of random letters on pathways or at intersections. The three of you just finding the right way through the maze will reveal the combinations of letters that create clues to the next puzzle. The game begins, are you ready? We are ready.

This pathway. No, this is the right pathway. This pathway is more accurate.

We found our way out of the maze. The letters that make up the word "ibox". What is "ibox"? Maybe Jennifer missed the letter n, "inbox" is correct, I should check my mailbox.

I'm not mistaken, let's deduce. “i” usually stands for Internet. Look for something in the shape of a box. That's right, that's the router. It is boxy and provides internet. There is a paper under the routing box.

Your clue is in something bigger than a watermelon but lighter than a feather? What's so strange? It's a balloon. There are too many balloons. Find which balloon has unique isopoints.

There's only one balloon with the number 25 printed on it. There are no clues in this balloon. Notice the strangeness of the paper.

Yes, it's yellow. Look for any yellow balloons? Oh here it is, there's something in the balloon. There are many small pieces of paper, let me fold them into something meaningful. The drawing is of a girl standing in front of a mirror.

Lucy, Is there a mirror in this room? There's a mirror here, but there's no clue. Do you stand in front of the mirror like a painting to see if there are any clues? Still nothing, wait, when I speak, words appear in this mirror. That's right, when you speak, there will be heat from your mouth on the mirror. “What you want to tell him will appear under the sun” "The one who wants to talk" is probably Lucy. "Him" is definitely James. If you want to put under the sun in this room, it can only be the glass window over there.

Lucy, say what you want to say to James in front of the window glass. If it acts like a mirror, I can say anything. Nothing appears at the window.

It’s not simple like that. The hint is that the games are different and may be related to previous games. Related to the previous game. Maybe related to balloons.

Let's put these three balloons in the sun, we'll get the result. Under the influence of sunlight, shapes appear on the balloon. You are such a smart person. But what are these similar shapes? Look around the room to see if it is the shape of what object? Here they are, popsicle sticks. There are a lot of squares on popsicle sticks.

Let's put these sticks close together. Can you think of what it is? It is a QR code. I just need to change the position of the stick and use my phone to scan the code. This code returns the text "The key in the safe with the password is the first letter of your name in the alphabet”.

The safe is here, but the password is a number, not a letter. In the clue there is "alphabet", so what is the order of the first letter of our name? The letter J is 10, L is 12, P is 16. The safe's password is 101216. Password is not correct. Since the game was installed when Jennifer didn't know Peter, the password was probably 1012.

That's right, the safe is open. Hooray, we have found the key. James, you are the main character of the party, open the door with this key. Okay, wow! There are many gifts here. There are also gifts from my parents and many close friends. How can that be? We've been in touch with a few people and have heard that they'd like to send you a gift for this special occasion.

What a big surprise, maybe I need a bigger car to carry these gifts. You design the game very well Jennifer. I have a question, how do you write hidden words on the mirror? I wrote on the mirror a solution of water mixed with a few drops of soap. How about the message on the balloon? It was written in ink made from lemon juice. It's already late, we gotta go.

Thank you so much for the party. You’re welcome. See you again. What do we do today? Did you forget that we're going to plant trees in the woods with Peter's team? Yeah right, we're going to green the forest.

Isn't the forest already green? There are parts of drought damage, Peter urges people to plant trees there. Peter is a good man. I have a question that I haven't said yet. Why should you be shy with me? It is private information about Peter.

About what? About his profession. You can ask him, it's normal to ask about work. I asked him already.

But I still don't quite understand. It's strange. I have never even seen him go to work. Me too now.

This is your summer vacation time. Why do you care? Because he's James's best friend. Doesn't affect you either. If Peter does something illegal it will affect my boyfriend. It's not as serious as you think.

Maybe James knows about his best friend. They've only known each other for a few months. What did he say he did? He said he's a hat hacker, building financial technology that isn't regulated by the government.

Now that sounds serious. Okay, I'll investigate him. Let's go meet the mysterious Peter. Hi guys. It's so crowded here.

I didn't think people would join so many. A meaningful action that helps us move, everyone will definitely like it. Let's get to work. I finally planted a tree. You planted this tree the wrong way. How to plant it correctly? You have to dig like this or the tree won't survive.

How do you know how to plant a tree? I took an online course. I must know how to guide people. Are you the team leader? We are all volunteers. Do you do volunteer work on weekends? I join quite a few volunteer groups many days of the week.

You don't work during the week? My job is quite flexible in terms of time. What do you do for a living, Peter? My work is quite difficult to explain. Did you do something illegal that's hard to say? Oh no, it's just that it's a bit professional. I'm only joking.

I heard you do something related to hacking the hat. See, I know a lot of people don't get it when I talk about my job. Maybe you just don't know how to explain it. Okay, I'll make it as easy to understand as possible.

I'm listening to this. About the hat you say is a white hat hacker, it means that I was hired by a few tech companies to find bugs in their systems. It's completely legal.

Oh, you are so good, what about money that is not regulated by the government? How do you know about that case? Oh, I just heard that. It's a cryptocurrency, you know about Bitcoin. This I know. I work for companies that make products based on blockchain technology.

It's a bit confusing. It's called blockchain technology, which bitcoin is based on. Do you mine or trade Bitcoin? I just found out about it. I've heard a lot about it, but I don't understand it.

It's just one of many in my major. What's your major? I studied Computer Science and Engineering. Where did you study, Peter? I studied at MIT. Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a famous place for teaching technology. You must be very good at technology.

Probably enough to fix your computer for you. Haha, I can fix some simple mistakes. What I need is knowledge about bitcoins. What do you want to know? How to trade bitcoins.

It's so complicated. It's simple, whenever you want to trade I will guide you. That's great, I'll contact you soon. Remember your promise.

Of course, now let's continue to plant trees, it's quite late. Okay, I'm almost done. What are you doing Jennifer? I'm trying to figure out what Peter said.

So you don't understand his work as I do? I get it, I'm just learning more. What is his job like? He is simply a technology engineer. I also know a little about technology but don't understand. These are new technologies, a bit confusing. Is that why you have to search the internet? I don’t have time for that.

So why do you search about it? Do you remember you talked about digital currency? Yes, what is it? It's that bitcoin. I also hear about it a lot, it's going up in price. I see many friends get rich by trading bitcoin, I want to join too. I also have some savings and want to join.

Meeting Peter is our chance to get rich. You are so wise. Let me invite James to invest. I'm finally about to become a millionaire. Our chance has come.

I think we have to do it now or we will miss the opportunity. I'm calling James right now. He is a businessman who will surely have many good strategies.

Why do you call me at noon like this? We have a get-rich plan that wants you to join. Sounds interesting, what are we going to do? I just got to know Peter is a technologist, and he promised to help me trade bitcoin. Being good at technology is not necessarily good at trading digital currency. That's why we need you, you're a business person.

As far as I see bitcoin price is high and entering the market now has a lot of risks. I read in the newspaper that experts said the bitcoin price would double soon, if you don't buy it now you will regret it. I also considered trading but found it too risky. Don't miss this rare opportunity.

With you and Peter, we can't fail. Okay, but you have to promise to only invest the excess money. I will contact Peter, if he joins, we will have a promising investment team.

Hey Peter, we decided to start a crypto investment group. Have you considered it carefully? We have thought about it carefully. As promised, I will help with the transaction, but I will not participate.

Why don't you join us? I'm afraid it won't help me. It will double your fortune. Not knowing about cryptocurrencies can make you lose money. I see a lot of people making great income from crypto, so maybe this is your chance.

I thought about it, but in the end, I decided not to invest. What made you decide to do so? At that time I was afraid that I was FOMO. What is FOMO? It stands for "Fear of missing out".

Looks like I've heard of it. In this case, it is described as the fear that the decision not to participate in crypto investment was a wrong choice. And the week after bitcoin doubles, you'll regret it.

Or I could lose half of my savings. So the ratio is 50/50. FOMO is also beneficial if it makes you money. According to research, it affects mental health.

How does it affect psychology? It leads to negative social and emotional experiences, such as boredom and loneliness. As such, it can lead me to make bad investment decisions. Yes, especially when the price of cryptocurrencies is rising like this.

So I shouldn't buy bitcoin right now? It’s your decision, but you should do your research on investing, rather than buying and selling on impulse. What do you think? I think Peter has a point, maybe we should take an investment course before we start trading. I will buy investment books to read. I have been reading about Bitcoin all night, and am quite excited to enter the market.

If you don't want to participate in the market yet, but want to learn about it, you can sign up for a demo account. How does it work? Some crypto exchanges provide accounts with a certain amount of unreal money for users to practice trading. So if I lose, I won't lose money. And if your crypto goes up in value, you don't get the money either. So you can set up an account for me.

Wait a minute, I've turned on the laptop. How much will you invest? I’ll invest 1000 dollars. Create an account for me with the amount of 5000$. Set me up a 1 million dollar account. You invest too much. Just a demo account, haha.

Done. I have sent you usernames and passwords, you can buy bitcoin and any altcoin that the exchange supports. What are Altcoins? Altcoins or alternative coins is a term used to describe all cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. I will buy all the money. A week later. Look, the prices of the cryptocurrencies I bought have increased by half.

Unbelievable, you make 50% profit in a week. You should sell to maximize profit. Why, the price is still going up. One month later. My account is almost zero.

Some altcoins have huge price fluctuations. Luckily I only use a demo account.

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