LET THERE BE LIGHT! – Let there be the light of truth and let there BE LOVE!!

LET THERE BE LIGHT! – Let there be the light of truth and let there BE LOVE!!

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The. Event is, coming soon, I. Greet. You in love and the light of the Infinite Creator. My. Fellow subscribers. YouTube. Has started. To shut down shadows. That. Don't agree with their views and. Blaming, their decision, on their, guidelines. This. Is the highest form, of censorship. Controlled. By the Cabal to keep. Us from knowing the truth, there. Has been several, channels, terminated. By their, so called violation. Of their guidelines. Including. Our sister, channel, event. Is coming soon and, three. Other sister. Channels, of ours, we. Feel it's, a matter of time before, they create a violation. Of their guidelines, to. Shut this channel, down we. Have created, a channel on dailymotion. Which. Is an alternative. To YouTube please. Go to, dailymotion. Dot-com. And, subscribe. And view our videos, as well. Tell. Your friends, also that. We have our new, channel, the. Event, is coming, soon on. Dailymotion. Calm. Let's. Unite and, keep, this very, important, channel alive. Victory. Of the, light. Let. There be light -. Let there be the light of truth and let there be love by. Edward Morgan, the. Following information has, been put together to awaken, people to a greater understanding of, themselves and, inspire, action steps toward a sustainable, life it is my desire that all awaken, to their true nature it. Has not been easy for me while self examining, myself and my reality to come to the realization I have been molded to support the reality, I woke up to under. Social hypnosis we are the problem when we are blind that we are unwittingly doing, ourselves harm. I had. To accept that I was being used as a frequency, generator and, supporting, the agenda, with the thoughts I was thinking the words I was speaking and the frequency, of the emotions, I was expressing. I was. The one that was supporting, the destruction, of the Earth's natural energetics. By participating, in the purchasing, and use of destructive, technologies. I was, the one not being conscious, and conscientious. Of the poisons, I was purchasing, the, light bulb came on and I realized, it is not just the 1% that are enslaving, us we are the ones enslaving, ourselves.

As We are the ones working in the factories, selling, the smart gadgets and using, the electronics, with their radiation, purchasing. And using the poisonous, cleaners, shampoos. Toothpastes. Picked. When we are not educated to their harmful effect, I would. Hope that everyone, would be interested in examining, the information. I have presented here and take appropriate actions. Towards, a sustainable world. Yes. It would do the world a world of good if we as a collective became, more conscious and conscientious. As we wake up to the reality of things can. We as a collective make the choice to shift, our reality, know, the truth and you will be free speak. Only of what you want know. Thyself and take inspired action I have, taken up with a habit of asking myself what action can I take to feel good and bring forth the beautiful, reality based, on abundance and cooperation. Not lack and competitiveness. People. Say that life is a dream the, world of form or the earth realm is a dream what. Is preventing in, vigils from seeing that we are the dreamer in the dream itself in holding. Fast to our perception, of ourselves and, our reality are we really living our spiritual, truth there. Seems to be two realities running, simultaneously. We, have the fictional, world and we have the actualized, world we, have the artificial reality, based in fraud and corporate, fiction, and our natural reality. Based in facts and universal. Laws we. Have our inner world and we have our outer world, with. An outer world built on fraud it is a rarity, that we speak facts bringing, up the subject of truth we, have artificial, intelligence and we have natural intelligence, the latter seems to be becoming obsolete, we. Are allowing for our natural intelligence to, be distilling, out of our genome in favor of artificial, intelligence and for. What exactly, truth, is factual and found through direct experience of, a thing it, is only through, our awareness, of a think that it is actualized, in physical, reality I, had, no idea of the corruption taking, place and the courtroom until I was a witness, to it just. Because I had not yet actualized. It into my reality does not mean it did not already exist for the. Dreamer does something exist even though it is not in the dreamers, realm of experience it. Would seem actualization. Is a double-edged, sword perhaps. It is time to speak our truth and live by universal, laws or the cosmic law of oneness the law of love I was. Told it is our belief and something that makes it real to. This I asked if I stopped believing in bankers, and tax collectors, would this make them disappear out, of my reality if I, stopped believing in the dream would I become, non-existent, which.

Brings Up the question what. Is life our. Feelings, real if. Feelings, are not real is the body a real hum. I've. Heard it said the world is a stage and we are mere actors upon it do. You buy it who. Is writing the script, who, are better yet what is the dreamer the. Earth realm has been hijacked from, the beginning, there. Are no countries only corporations. I am, sure most people are not aware that, Canada, is listed, as a company, on the US Securities, and Exchange, Commission, website has SiC number oooo - 300, nine eight company name Canada, located, in the state of District, of Columbia, do. You think people would continue to vote and pay taxes, if they knew the truth, cast. Into the sea of broken, promises and cast into an ocean of deceit we can either sink or swim the choice is ours are, we going to continue to allow the script, to be written for us not in as the US as in the United States of America, as in all of us as the, entirety of mankind. Are we going to join hands as one and be the authority, author of, our reality, for. Us is in all of us ISM, the entire human, race is in the twelve tribes of men we must first understand, and understand, the problem, it, is an understanding, and understanding the. Problem, that we can begin to take corrective actions, for change the. Problem runs very deep deeper. Than we can imagine, people. Are blind to the fact that there is something deeply disturbing with, the oligarchy. System, we are now born into, this. Insane, system created, by the ethically, morally, and spiritually, bankrupt. Are, we. Fully awake within the dream were only slightly informed. Again. Born. Alive means, each. Product, each, product, each, product. Born. Alive being. The product of conception after, complete expulsion or extraction, from mother irrespective. Of the duration, of the pregnancy which. Breathes or shows any other evidence of, life such as beating of the heart pulsation. Of the umbilical, cord or definite, movement of voluntary, muscles, whether or not the umbilical, cord has been cut or the placenta, is attached each. Product, of such birth is considered, live born and fully recognized, as a human, person main, each. Product, each, product, each, product, get. It yet even. The waste material, is a product, except. A man is not a product. This video is a must-see to understand, the lie we have been registered, under a great, fraud of enormous, proportion, the, birth certificate, BC slash Kolbe certificate, of live birth is, an artificial.

Person Corporate, person, that is not you you are just the surety and agent, employee, for the owners of the created, person / corporation. / entity, the, bc, / Kolb is an creation, of the government, they, own your name and everything, you have titled, and that all caps name you, don't that. Is how they enslave, the people and lay claim to everything, you own including your children watch, this and gain some knowledge to free yourself, from the corporate bank owned US government, system by. Curtis Kallenbach, 6, 2016. Wake. Up people, there. Is a war going on it is a war against human intelligence a, war against, the evolution, of consciousness thus, a war against life itself, we, have failed to commit the narcissistic. Psychopaths, in high places driven. By the illusion of power the. Deadly trait of a narcissistic. Psychopath, sociopath. Is that they will strive to win the game at all costs, even if it means his/her. Own demise. Blinded. By greed and drunk, on the illusion of power these, megalomaniacs. Are very dangerous, we, see these criminals, in politics, yet we continue to vote in pay taxes, why. Is that exactly. People. Seem to think I do not love those that would see our world destroyed, the. Thing is I do love them my. Love has not been enough to change their behavior, it, is said we have free will yet our will is being stolen by those that would do harm to a child when. Brute force is used against, the will them free will is a misnomer we. Are not living by the right use of will when our will to have power over others is enforceable. By laws by. Not living by the right use of will we are overriding, the sovereignty of all living matter in this, we are violating cosmic. Law which is the law of love to. Honor our cells and honor life we must be in service to life itself, if. People, actually knew, the truth they would stop voting and stop paying taxes, immediately. Question. Mark notice, this, is a call to consciousness, for every man and woman quickly share link everywhere, dot where you conduct, when you can do not stop use. Forums, comments, slash message, boards be relentless, without. Your knowledge the government. Banking. And legal, systems have trespassed against, your inalienable human, rights, in order to control you and profit, from your labor it's, time to learn the truth about this violation, and turn the tables this. Video will show you how, Christopher. J in conversation. With Hugh Reilly everyone. Is supposed to be born with von alienable, and inalienable, rights. Inalienable. Rights, not, transferable. To another or not capable of, being taken away or denied, inalienable. Rights, is, a right according, to natural law a right that cannot be taken away denied. Or transferred. No. Automatic count.txt, available. Why. Do we as a collective, still support, the church in the state even though we see that they are not interested in spiritual, evolution even. Though we see the crimes being committed by, the church and the crimes being committed by, the state we continue, to vote in pay taxes, even. Though we see that Canada, is not sovereign we still stand up and sing the national anthem. We. Have been negligent in our use of words even thought we are told that in the beginning was the word all. Words are word spells, my. Awakening, to self my awakenings, have happened and stages, as I had an inherent, desire to know what God is and why I be, what. I have noticed on the most part is that while we have been programmed, to wait for a savior we have not sought enlightenment, or sought self-realization. Most. Of mankind is, held to the psychology, of beliefs even though we know that beliefs, exist, only in the mind of the thinker a belief. A thought one keeps thinking beliefs. Are on their way to knowledge it. Is only an experience, that we move from belief to knowing history. Keeps repeating itself, as we are in a perpetual loop of discontent. We must go within to dig for the gold, why, have we stuck to the notion that there are things that cannot, be knowable, why. Can we not understand, the manifested.

World There. Are those that are educated, from birth in the etymology, of language, they, are molded, in the dark heart, from, a very young age they learned the art of invocation, in the power of the spoken world they. Live in a world of ceremony, and deliberate. In the casting, of spells it. Will serves us all to speak of what we want it, is important, to understand, that all words are word spells in that our focus is either destructive, to life where it is supporting, life are we, secretly being molded to be a frequency, generator to keep the status quo do. We really want to continue to be held to a very shallow, understanding of who and what we are we. Have been blind, to the fact that the crucifixion of Yeshua was the death of the Christ and the birth of their Lord Jesus the, Antichrist, they. Have created the Gregorian. Calendar to. Distort our alignment with stargates. These. Are men behaving, badly getting, away with their perversions, with immunity and impunity, as they hide behind the, cloak of the church with. This awaken people to the truth we. Have not understood the, nature of violence we. Are our own nd, Christ when we maintain, the separation, of the spirit from the corporeal, the. Perpetuation. Of dualistic, thinking, and perceiving, is preventing, the Christ state why, would anyone not want to evolve spiritually. The. Reality, of child molestation. By the Roman Catholic Church, has surfaced, time and time again and yet, somehow, it, continues, to happen if you, watch the movie spotlight, perhaps, you have an idea of just how things are going down but. Let's break it down to date while. You can't put a price on the innocence, of a child you, can put a price on just how much the Roman Catholic, Church has paid out in lawsuits over the neverending epidemic. Of child molestation. Wreaking, havoc in its ranks, he. Is a great web of lies we are entangled in the. Perfect, front for the narcissistic. Psychopath and/or. Sociopath. Driven for control in, the, following video, Christ Hitchens greatest, speech he. Is a voice of reason in an unreasonable world clearly, built on destruction, why. Do the religious love their God more than they love life clearly. Worshipping, a god does not give a man in Moreland or compassionate. Compass did. You know that your confessions, of sins can be used to come back in. Blackmailing. Men and women in high places is, keeping the Machine rolling forward, while the perversion, of these men in high places is, showing up on our streets, they. Had devised a safety net for themselves, if people do try and break free as they can steal everything, from us in the name of the laws they have created, they, are glorified. Pirates, that have stolen an entire planet and entrapped, the inhabitants. They, can bind the spirit yet they cannot steal the soul what. Has been happening behind, the scenes is grossly disturbing. How, any mentally, stable man could allow it is disheartening, especially. When these individuals, work and law enforcement and, especially, if they have children of their own the. Elite network is very convoluted, as depicted, in the diagram, below no. Automatic count.txt available. No. Automatic count.txt, available. The. Sickest part of the whole thing is that we are the ones running the systems we. Are like spokes in the wheel keeping, the Machine rolling forward, as we destroy ourselves and destroy, life, ignorant. Is blind and arrogance, is deaf to the truth, image. May contain, text. How. Is it we can look at our politicians, and we see the corruption of the world and line up at the polls knowing, full well the games rigged, do, we really think miraculously. Things will change with our vote did. You know that in an oligarchy, voting. Is a tool to manufacture. The illusion of consent, if. There's one thing we've learned so, far from election, 2016. It's that the American, people do not understand, their government, the. Perception, is that we have a democracy, and that in this democracy we the people have vested power in our government, which we exercised, through the act of voting throw. The bastards, out has, long since been the war cry of the impotent, Democrat, yet, we no longer even have a democracy, to cling to and although, most people choose to ignore it this, fact of life has been visible for decades. And Oleg. Our kacal government, is a form of rule in which a small group of wealthy individuals, have, control, over the critical, mechanisms, of state power industry. And economy these. People are unelected unaccountable, and. They exercise, control on, half of their personal, financial, interests. Drawing, on the productive, power of a nation to support their lifestyles. And geopolitical. Ambitions the.

Ruling, Class in such a nation is often, comprised, of dynastic, families, who passed a baton of power back and forth between themselves. Managing. The illusion of change and devolution, while never actually ceding. Their franchise, over the masses, the. Worst crime syndicate, on the planet meet openly, once a year with immunity and impunity in what is known as the bio der Berg group it, is revealed that the violent herbart groups was founded, by Prince Bernhard in, 1954. Since. It first opened its doors these narcissistic. Psychopaths, have decided, the fate of the world while, sit in their boardrooms, organizing, Wars and destroying, lives today. The, bi-linear Berg group is still the same shadowy, and secretive, organization. That it was in 1954. When it was founded, in fact. Former. United States President, Gerald R Ford in 1965. Revealed, his thoughts about the exclusivity, of the bi-linear Berg group the. Former president was quoted, as saying you don't really belong to the organization one, gets an invitation, from the Prince the. Following, years after the by oder Berg group was established, the world's, only means of understanding what the organization. Is all about has, been derived from selectively, leaked information and the odd conspirator. Who has willingly divulged. Prohibited, information, such, as attendance, lists, since. Their first meeting the stage was set for these criminal, masterminds, to set their traps where world domination, and the implementation. Of the complete control of the minds of man with their smart grid also known as the five gene Network more. On this later now, why has no one gone, and and arrested, these criminal, masterminds. During, one of their meetings, the. List of attendees is, readily and rudely available, as advertised, every year please, visit the following website, to see the list of attendees for. 2017. And have a gander a small glimpse in on their agenda, if you are brave enough to know the truth and want to take action steps towards, change, now. Why would anyone continue. To call themselves a citizen, when they know the truth. Being, a citizen is an open license, to be raped tortured. Murdered. And robbed of all dignity, and robbed of are an inheritance, as heirs, benefactors. And beneficiaries. Of creation, so. When, my eyes were opened in 2000, and awakened, to the crimes of mass proportion, it becomes necessary for, me to step forward regardless. Of how difficult life become, people. Are in fear of speaking, out as the control grid is all-pervasive, that, they can steal everything, in they have so. For me it did not matter as I was only half living anyway, even. The so called true their alternative, news reporters, seem to be missing the real problem, I see. Them being fed information that, the powers that we want them to see while they slowly roll, out their agenda which is the binding of the spirit of mankind, and the complete enslavement, of the minds of men using this smart grid a ka 5g.

Network Who, are we when our thoughts are not our own I, will. Believe that the leaders of Nations are not controlled, when I see the phone providers, recalling, all smartphones I will, believe the truth is being known when I see these reporters, speaking about, frequency, and the importance, of staying calm and taking right action, I will. Believe that there is change when the true keepers of the light are no longer being suppressed, the. Real problem, lies in apathy and not looking at the whole picture the problem. Lies in us the 99%. That have a mountain, of bills and a roof over, our head as we do not like to put ourselves in, discomfort even when the world is crashing, around our ears the, problem, lies in the emotional, and spiritual. Immaturity of, the masses even when we see the truth we are not willing to accept that we have been living a lie then. Again there have been far too many corrupt, humanoids, vested, and invested, in the status quo blinded. By greed and drunk on the illusion of power they are only concerned, with their stocks and bonds while they salivate over the balance in their bank account while. Dreaming, about that bigger boat in the newest bigger faster, car I call. Them humanoid, as they have distilled, out of their human genome, all that makes a human humane who. In their right mind would willfully, destroy life for a paycheck the. Covert operations, have never stopped. We do not hold the men and women accountable, for the choices they are making a lawsuit. Filed, against, the US National, Security Agency, reveals. A frightening array, of technologies, and programs, designed not only to keep tabs on individuals. But to do damage to the body matrix. John. St. Clair aqua, versus. National. Security, Agency, for. George G Meade MD, u.s., a, civil. Action 92o, 449. I, implore. You to read the following document. Which comprises, evidence, for a lawsuit filed at the u.s. courthouse in Washington, DC by, John st. Clair equai against, the National, Security Agency. Featuring. George G Meade Maryland. Civil. Action 90 204 for nine constitutes. His knowledge of the NSA structure. National. Security, activities, proprietary. Technologies. And covert, operations, to monitor individual, citizens, and for. Those invested, in real change the information exposing. The covert military operations. Taking place on the earth realm, is readily available these. Operations. Are intent Airy doubt on an unsuspecting, population. For years with immunity, and impunity the. Following, website, exposes, these operations. Which have never stopped, they have only gotten more sophisticated, as all it, is very despicable, what, man is capable of, allowing, to be conducted, against his fellow man. Psychiatry. Is based in violence clearly, visible when one studies the history and practices, of psychiatrists. Clearly. Psychiatry. Is devised, by narcissistic. Psychopaths, yet. The entire mental, health industry, continues, to operate even though it is all based on the theories and practices, of madmen, Lucifer.

Himself Stated, to me an enlightened, being would always have love as first cause yet. Those calling themselves sons, and daughters of Lucifer, are indoctrinated. To perpetuate. So-called, negativity. On purpose, an enlightened. Being with love as first calls would be an alignment, vibrationally. With the higher self in, alignment, with the higher self a being would be in a state of grace and being right thought right, thinking right, speech and right, action. And evolved, being would be in service to life itself, and support, Christ consciousness and enlightened. Being would be interested, in the reservation, to the expression, of oneness, a highly. Evolved beam would be living by cosmic, law not the laws of man designed, to imprison, the mind and body while thwart, and creativity, which. Begs the question why, is it lawsuits are ineffective, at seeing social, change the. Truth is we, live in an upside-down, world, why. Would so many continue, to want to live in a world based in fraud blackmail. Embezzlement. And entrapment. Perhaps, our social, programming, has us paralyzed, to such an extent that we do not have the wherewithal to take right action. Unfortunately. Trauma-based, mind control, is, a reality, we, have been fed lies for so long perhaps the majority, do not have the mental capacity to see the truth let alone do anything about it thank. God there are enough level heading wayshowers, ready to step up to the plate to free humanity to, take the steps towards spiritual, liberation, the. Subliminal, messaging, is prevalent in our global, culture, of consumerism it. Is not negative to look at things we. Can look at the truth and empower ourselves to, IT and, then decide to no longer allow it the, following video, reveals, how subliminal. Messaging, is used in advertising, we. Are the ones giving, meaning to life are, we going to allow them to exploit our children, and are, we going to continue to accept a lesser version of ourselves, ever. Since my awakening, in 2000, I have come to realize with realize that nothing of this world is as it appears I chose. To break free from predictive, programming, and stated as it is my. Life has not been easy as the ones I am exposing, controlling. Every aspect of life does have the means of stealing, everything let. Me assure you they have stolen everything, from me except they cannot take my knowing of my self away regardless. They. Cannot steal my love for life. Unfortunately. It has taken me longer than anticipated, to, recover from the abuse I have sustained, since being born to earth I have, persevered, drawing on my love for life itself. Which brings me to the questions, why. Do we live in such a violent world when we are light and our true nature is love how. Can we have peace if we have not identified, or are too afraid to identify, the problem, who. In their right mind would actively participate. In the destruction, of life for a paycheck, Ray, Ernest wrote in the article piercing. The corporate veil piercing. The corporate veil is a legal one which identifies. The process, where a court removes the protection, provided individual. Members of a corporation. For criminal, activity, and makes, these members, responsible, for their own actions in. Reality. According, to the original meaning of corporations. Is that these corporate, ou groups were established exactly. For that reason for. Unlawful, purposes, primarily. To escape punishment for, their crimes by, placing, the blame on a fictional organization. Responsible. To no one the. United. States government. Jumped. On the corporate bandwagon. The first part of the 1870s. By declaring, themselves a separate entity from constitutional. Government. This, of course, followed. The war between the states and the supposed Fourteenth, Amendment, which lawfully, never was but, lost septic by the newly formed corporation. Called the United. States, dot. The fact that the Constitution had, already established a United, States was inconsequential, Tatas, traitors and Congress, because it was the Constitution. Itself they want he destroyed and the war instigated. By the Jewish factions, of Europe was fought for his purpose, all, the flowery fictions, blamed for the war is pure fantasy. Corporations. Themselves, are, natural. Processes of society, that is when, the group if people gather for a particular, purpose such, as for forming a community they are a corporation. And there can be no criminal intent attached, thereto but, it is when corporations.

Are Established, with the power to declare themselves. Bankrupt. That makes them criminal, this, is the situation, of our government, today the. Richest most, powerful nation. On earth is bankrupt, just the, thought is ridiculous. Corporations. Are legal fictions, that is they, do not exist. And the minds of men dot anyone, can create a fantasy, in their own mind and make it do for them what they please but, these fantasies, cannot nor do they extend, to areas outside the realm of personal capacity. Corporations. Are made of living breathing, men, all with, the same ideas, and purposes, we can look upon them with the same limitations, as the individual, and that is, their jurisdiction is, confined, to the lawful area, of their creation, a corporation. Being, a legal fiction cannot. Think it cannot, act in any manner it cannot even communicate. With natural, man and for, this reason it must have somebody or bodies, to speak and act for it and the lawyers have set themselves up, for this task the. Enormity, of corporate, enterprises, is limited, only by imagination. And they are gold mines for the bar associations. Which, are corporations, themselves. Why. Do we not have world peace. Browsing. The UN website I found, the following statement, intriguing, and wondered, to myself why. Are the men and women at the UN invested, in world peace unsuccessful. In negotiating, a peace treaty, it. All comes down to the fact that money has become more important, than the health of our life the. Following statement. Was found on the UN website under mission statement. Preparing. Legal arrangements. For and providing, advice on legal aspects, of peacekeeping, and other United, Nations operations. And activities, we. Should all be interested, in the mission statement found. On the legal page of the UN you can find it here which. Brings up the subject of criminal negligence and, liability. What, is criminal, negligence. Criminal. Negligence law. Recklessly. Acting without reasonable. Caution and putting another person, at risk of injury or death or, failing to do something with the same consequences. Culpable. Negligence negligence. Non-performance. Carelessness. Neglect. Failure, to act with the prudence that a reasonable, person would exercise, under, the same circumstances. Law. Jurisprudence. The. Collection, of rules imposed, by Authority, civilization. Presupposes. Respect, for the law the great problem for jurisprudence. To allow freedom while enforcing. In the. Light of the truth I find the following statement, found on the UN website another, one of those head-banging, kinda, statements, that makes my head spin are. We living in the real world in which factual, evidence speaks, for itself or are we living in the upside down backwards world, in which freedom is slavery please. Bear with me as I review why this statement, made by the folks at the UN is far from the truth of things it. Is clear there can be no rights for men when the laws of the sea can be brought to land using the black magic, word spells known as Admiralty, / maritime, law I do, not, buy it we.

Are The ones bringing meaning, to words we, are the ones bringing meaning, to life itself, are we, going to allow the corruption, of those that would choose to dominate, to keep us from our birthright, as heirs, benefactors. And, beneficiaries. Of creation. After. Many years of watching good men and women addressing, the United Nations with their concerns, with no response, or actual, change to social policy it became clear that something was amiss with this body of individuals, now. It is clear that the UN was a brainchild of, the Illuminati, to fulfill, their agenda for the complete binding, of the spirit of mankind, and the imprisonment, of the body of mankind, using their 5g, Network surveillance, control grid, for. Those brave enough to see their participation. In supporting, our own demise have a good read of what the megalomaniacs. Have so graciously herded, us into like cattle and/or she both equally, permissible, on the chopping block the. Problems, were born of the unholy Roman, Empire better known as the Roman Catholic, Church aka Vatican, and their creation, of the Bar Association, and their black magic, involving, black magic, gourd spells the. Idea, that the soul of men is owned by the megalomaniac. That created, the Dark Arts is unfounded, no. One can own the soul the. Problem, is the men and women indoctrinated. Into the dark hearts by their indoctrination, into the bar do believe it the. Clergy, and those indoctrinated. Into the Bar Association as, well as those in all walks seem, to be blind to the fact while they are dabbling in black magic using, implications. They are binding their spirit to the lower astral plane. They, are bound by contract to the they invoke for favors this. Binding, prevents, the evolution, of the spirit and has stagnated the, evolution, of consciousness, they. Are preventing, the evolution, of the soul of thus the evolution, of life itself, this. Contractual, agreement, should not have an impact on an individual, that seeks enlightenment, and self-realization. The. Sad fact is it does as a spiritually. Evolved soul and other evolved, being by the nature, of consciousness have, been prisoner to groupthink, the. Horrors of war rape, murder, torture. Pedophilia. As well as satanic ritual, abuse and sacrifice, are for The Binding of the soul, they call it spirit cooking this, deliberate. Perpetuation. Of negativity, by the Vatican has got to stop, the, crucifixion. Of Yeshu was the birth of their Jesus and the birth of the Antichrist a, false light when. People are called to believe in a savior they stop seeking enlightenment, and self-realization. The. Horrors, of war rape, murder, torture. Pedophilia. As well as satanic, ritual, abuse and sacrifice, are deliberate, they call it spirit cooking, negativity. Is deliberately, perpetuated. By the Luciferians. Krishnamurti. Said it best when talking about the human condition and the nature of violence, when, you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian, or a European or, anything, else you, are being violent, do. You see why it is violent, because, you are separating, yourself from the rest of mankind when. You separate, yourself by belief by, nationality, by, tradition, it breeds violence, so. A man who is seeking to understand, violence does not belong, to any country to any religion, to any political party or partial, system he is concerned, with the total understanding, of mankind, how. Many people, have actually sought, spiritual, liberation and, purification. By exercising. Their demons and resolving, their emotional, imbalance, while. We take the steps to achieve individual. Liberty spiritually, we must take action steps, on the ground to end all tyranny, thus putting an end to the assault on the human genome to allow for the evolution, of the physical, body to its Avatar, State I have. Personally, started the energetic, detox, of all quantum. Woman I have. Declared claim of right claim of divine proportion. As such I request, that all that has been stolen from me and we the people and deception, including, all money collected, in taxes, and interest as well as property, stolen, from me and we the people of earth and deception, we returned immediately when.

A Thief is caught they must give up the goods the. Pope's and the Kings and/or queens are men and women first and foremost, there. Have been many that have been charged and convicted in, the international, common law court of justice, it's, dot-org, the. Final, verdict and sentence, of the international, common law court of justice in the, case of genocide in Canada by church and state includes. The court order issued to the defendants, issued, February 25th. 2013. There. Is a small, group of individuals that, are winning, in court they. Are sharing their information freely. Now. We need a group of activists, in every country to hold the clergy, the leaders and the politicians, of so-called Nations accountable. For their criminal negligence. My. Will is not to allow this destructive, behavior, how, is it my will has been overwritten, when it is written into the Galactic codes, that earth is a free will zone there. Is a group of highly intelligent people now taking, steps towards, change and winning in the insane court system devised for those that are interested in take an active role in exposing, the fraud and making change to the matrix of lives please watch the following video, and - to the website, and check out the empower movement. Planet. Earth is the last planet, in this universe under. The occupation, of the dark forces, the, last relic of galactic, wars that raged throughout, the galaxy, for millions of years as the. Galaxy, was being liberated from the grip of the dark forces, the, forces, of light have been evolving from a military force, created, in the urgent need to defend basic, liberties, of sentient, beings towards, a harmonious, galactic, and cosmic, society, as beings. Within the Galactic Confederation, have. Evolved, spiritually, and made their alignment and union with the ascended, masters they have discovered, an inner codex, that regulates, all interrelationships. Between beings. Of light and their relation, towards the dark for and occupied planets, this. Codex, is called the Galactic codex and represents. The legal basis for all actions of the Confederation. In this and other galaxies, this, codex is not a rigid set of external laws, but a systematized, code of inner ethics, of all souls of light that all beings of light accept with their free will because it reflects their inner truth we. Will now state the Galactic, codex in a form that is understandable. To an average awakened. Being in a human society, the. Point of the game is to love yourself now and to fully embody the truth of who and what you are as Source Energy do. Not wait to go home you are home I choose. To live in the truth of who and what I am I choose. To evolve the physical, vessel to its fullest, expression of, love we. Do not have to play the separation, game while in the physical, body let. Go of all imprinting, and allow for the evolution, of consciousness let. The body show us its infinite, potential, as the embodied, higher self expressing, as the soul's knowing, choose. To breath the breath of, life breath, a oneness breath, now. What intelligent, race would forego physical, well-being in, exchange for corporate, profit, our.

Thoughts, And feelings are electromagnetic, in, nature and, affect matter gregg. Braden gives, an incredible presentation. On the power of the heart our, body, matrix, is a generator, receiver. And transmitter of. Energy, we, receive information, from many levels of existence, Gregg, states in the following video, when we have a feeling in our hearts we are creating, an electrical, and magnetic waves, inside, of our bodies that extend, beyond our bodies into the world around us what. Is held in the electromagnetic. Field around our bodies, as an attractor, field what, thoughts and feelings, are we projecting, in our reality through, our bodies it, is important, for us to be honest with what we are holding in our hearts and projecting, into our world our emotional. Well-being reflects. In our physical, well-being and the well-being of. Our external world our, body, is our truth meter, whenever. Someone, comes to a universal. Truth the entire cosmos, gets an upgrade. If. You like our Channel please subscribe, and, click the bell to be notified of our new videos, feel. Free to share on your social media. Thanks. For watching see you next time.

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