Let's Play Factorio Vanilla Lazy Bastard - Ep. 2 - Iron Plate Production!

Let's Play Factorio Vanilla Lazy Bastard - Ep. 2 - Iron Plate Production!

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Hello. Runtime over here and welcome back to, another episode of our, let's play of. Factorial. We are working on the lazy, bastard, achievement, still on version. 6.5. Or. 0.6, teen 5 or something like that and. We're. Trying to get the a lazy bastard achievement. Finished, before, version. 17. Is released, or. Announced. At any point here, in coming, days and so on and so forth so I'm trying to get this done before that occurs, because with. The new changes coming to. To. The game in 17, the lazy bastard achievement could very well be. Easier. Because. On, amay ssin and everything is changing so that you can basically build there's. Gonna be no cap on. Materials. In the low-level assembler. Anymore so. Should. Help tremendously, and. Get through some of these builds, anywho, we are working towards that we have built. In the last episode 104. Of our 111. Crafts that we can build ourselves or, pretty, much at. The endgame with that respect, so, now we are, you, know when we last left off I was burning through a couple of our Tech's here to, get to automation 2, so. That we can start making more. Complex, items. In our assemblers, and that will be our thing for a while, going, on here. In terms of what we're going to do, or. What we're gonna need to get done, research. Wise we we still are just gonna work our way down the red science, tech we. Don't really have green science, up and running yet so we're not going to worry too too much about that. Do. We go down steel. You. Know that's something turrets, I think we can hold off on the turrets for right now as well as the stone walls we're not really in a point, where we. Need that I think, logistics. Actually. Is probably gonna be the. Ideal, situation here, so we're gonna go ahead and do, something, along, those lines alright so now that that's done we're not gonna get research, going quite, quite yet. What I'm gonna do, is. I'm gonna grab you and I'm gonna you say, over here and you. Are going to just make me some. More gear wheels for, the time being, we, are going, to need. To. Make our own assembly, machine too however. I'm. Gonna make sure that we construct, the circuits, and the, assaut and get the assembly machine in our inventory so we only use up one of our builds. Here so, instead, of doing that actually let's go ahead and make some circuits. Here oh. That's. Not good we need copper, plates okay so go, ahead and just, make a few of our copper, cables, here so, that we have that going for us a little bit because. I really want to get our production. Or at least our raw resources, starting, to gather up and bring it into our general, area here I'm not sure, where. We want to expand. To. I. Mean. Over here would be the logical, choice because, there's a lot of room to move, but. I'm. Tempted to go this way because all, the resources, are like right, here so, we, could start like a bus this, route, we. Got a lot of things in the way though just, kind, of annoying, but, me we might go we might go to, the left here and. Just. Have everything sort of you, know come down here onto a mainline. Bus going on there so, I think that's what we're gonna look to do, you. Are, gonna, go ahead and get picked up you're gonna get put down and, just, meet me a couple. Electronic. Circuits, for right now please and, thank you, to. Do let's, go ahead and pick you up take, you in my inventory and then we can go ahead and just make one so if you see we have all the mint areas it's all white, which means we have everything in our inventory so we don't have to make anything in. Addition, to you. Know any raw materials, to make the assembly machine - we can just go ahead and click, that and now we've, got our mess. Machine, an assembly. Machine - excellent. So now we should be good for a good, long while. What I'm going to do is I'm gonna plop that down and what, I really, want right now is. I'm. Late throw down another, burner, oh, right. And you get this thing I forgot about this. To. Do, long. Running so yeah we're not running any mods in this in this series and go ahead and pick you up. Which. You, know there's a lot of running around if you've not if you've only played with mods I think in my previous, let's, play I was, playing with a couple you know quality, of life mods Longreach and so on so forth makes things a lot, nicer but, I wanted to get the lazy. Bastards, achievement in the vanilla game if you're not familiar the. Achievements, are broken, up into two. Areas. If you run mods and with without, mods so you can get the achievement when, run iman's but it's a separate sort of achievement, list which is pretty nice actually. All. Right what. Do we want I, want. I do kind of want the burner drills. Yeah. Yeah, because. I want electric, drills for all the other minute materials, and belts, and everything but I kind of just want a. Two. Burner drills, feeding, each other up here, and gathering. Up some coal, initially. Alternatively. We could just start, belting.

Stuff Down there and maybe I mean maybe that's, should. Be the priority. Let's. Do it let's build what, we can that we only can build one of these can we. Yeah. Well, that's a shame. Okay. I think I, think. What we want. Is. More assemblers, I. Mean. We can keep just the one assembly and then just build a few, of the assembly, machine ones at least initially, and, go ahead and have you build me out some more. Electronic. Circuits, get, those going, and. Then. Where. Do we want want. This over here I assume I mean there is something to be said about getting, the, electric. The. Coal flowing, to at least our power so that we don't have to worry too much about that, but. I do want to get our research. Going. Fairly. Regularly here so we're. Gonna go ahead take, you back you. Are going to build me an assembler. Just. Build me a couple yeah. That should be good we can always recycle, the, level once, down. The line here so, you. Let's. Go ahead and just pick this guy up you are, gonna get put down right. Here. I. Can. Put it up here. Because. Let's. Do this, I'm going to go ahead and. Where. Do we want to put this kind. Of want to let's. Do it like right there, or if just start with, okay. And, then. You know we're gonna need to meet some. Some. Power, plate cables here. But. Oh right, we need to, do. Boards. Plates now, and just get that started so you're gonna go up there we are going to can I build it. Oh, yeah I don't want to click on that. And. We're gonna need some belts because, I'm gonna feed. This down here because. I need to get this thing automated. And. I don't know maybe maybe this would be better to start over here so that we can feed this into production. As, soon as possible because we, need. What. Do we need for the science, gear. Weirdos okay, yeah so we need copper, plates and gear, rails for our red science pack so we're gonna need to get some automation, going. Fairly. Quickly here okay. So let's go ahead and get that started because I do want to get this this, logistic. Stuff going fairly, quickly unfortunately. Yeah. We don't actually well no we do have. Electric. Inserters. So. It shouldn't take us that, much time to get that set, up tell, you what you are going to go ahead and make this do I have the Marine Resources I do. Alright, so then I get. Now I do not all right you just, I don't know but down there and. You. Go. Here. Or something like that just. Yet. Eventually I mean this is probably all going to be taken up at some point but.

We're Definitely gonna want. Things. Working out here so what I want is I. Want. Put. Because. I want something in the like. That I guess. Boom. Give, me a box, box. It up please yeah, right there you, are going to be, not. A -, you're gonna be a 1 because I just want you to. Come. On me, back my hand. Make. Me some, iron gear wheels something, like that will do, for right now and, then, let's, go ahead and make, a couple arms, here. Which. I need a gear wheels did, you do, give me these put, them in here. Alright. So we got this started, that's, gonna be fine. We. Will want some electronic, circuits, as well at, least you, know something, going on there. Or yeah you give, me this, down here I'm gonna lock that in because we're gonna want those quite a bit you're gonna go there you're gonna go there whoops there. We go. Excellent. Go. And just well, we probably. Want a good bit of those so I think that's gonna be fine, why, aren't you taking out of here. Yeah. What. You. Have power. Mmm. Okay. Your. Art you are producing. Okay. There goes our science, that, is somewhat, productive. But. Yeah we really, need more just, in general more of these which. Is fine. Give me some belts because we're gonna need those I, will also need some electric mining drills as well, but. Once again we need. More. Of those. And. Just keep. Those those, generating. And everything about that let's, do it and put you down. Yeah. I'm. Fine with that thank, you very much, we. Got one electric, mining drill I would, like to get just a rudimentary, line going up here in order to start processing. This how many do we have over here now. Many. Many. At all anymore. We need more gear wheels what we need so, let's grab you and just. Dump you and there, why, are, you not. Pulling. Out of there iron, gear wheel, iron. Gear well. Huh, I don't know if you know let me know in the comments, no. Idea why that this. Thing isn't working. I. Mean. We. Could redo it and. Maybe. That's what we want to do let's, do, something, let's, let's redo this maybe there's something funky going on with. That. Should be working, not. Sure, why it's not let's do that and, then. What. We'll do is. Something. Like. This. And. Just. Meet. Those. And. You. Should be dumping into this and that should be fine right. Orden. So. That's not working either. You. Need iron gear gear, wheels but. You're not actually, taking. And dumping why is that. Are. You driving, out of here yet no. I. Don't. Know something's, something's, up something's really. Funky there, all. Right go ahead and grab those that's, gonna be fine, and.

This. I guess can be moved well there you go you are you, are working, why can't why don't you accept that. If. I want these. There. You go I. Don't. Have something's. Weird but. Let's do it I don't want to use up too much of those that. Actually should be fine, I think okay. So we. Don't need those. We. Could use some stone furnaces, and I do have a number of those so let's go ahead and throw those in and. Get those out of the way and then we're gonna set up so our first ever smelting. Operation, we will need some, coal so. Might be beneficial to get though that running, as well. To. Do, can. I. Squeeze. You in somewhere not really, unfortunately. Do. I have. No. Not yet all, right tell you what you're done so, give me some, poles. Or. Not. Just. Make those. Wow, we are really, short on resources I, probably should have gathered, started, gathering a number of more resources, here go. Ahead and just generate some poles not. Gonna use up now. I might as well that's. Fine, we'll be done there all, right that's good give, me a 1 here to. Do and, drop. Alright. You need. What. We. Make any more of these I guess we can just get. As many as we can for, now. Because. I would like a token set up there. Go, ahead and give. Me all that thank, you, all, right so we're gonna grab you and get. A line, started. All. Right there, I think and then, on the other side. And. Just. Start. Going down, here. Did. You did you to do all right that should be okay then, you're gonna draw be. Dropped off here and. Should. Be alright so. Let's go ahead and start. Up. This. Route here, boom. And. Boom. We can always redo. That at some point that's. Gonna be fine so this is gonna be okay, I'm gonna just get. Ret rid of that for right now, we don't need it we just need it for. This. What. I might do boom, boom. It. Set up another box. We don't have, okay. I do have them in here let's, just grab these though I'm 49. Give. Me another box, thank you. Apparently. I already have all right you're. Gonna go there and then I'm just gonna dump, some. Coal into this box so that I have something, to grab on and fill. These things in and then what we'll do is we'll just start a line, out here in order to figure out where our smelting, is gonna be and I'm. Thinking, of down here doing the smelting. Processes. Because. There's a lot of room down here we're gonna built these. Things up and so on and so forth so I think we're gonna go ahead and do that. Military. Walls. Turrets. Might. Be worthwhile to get the turrets up and running, fairly, soon let's. Just go ahead and research, some military stuff I'm not expecting, us to have to deal with.

Any. Any. Belt. Or not any. Biters, anytime soon so hopefully, alright. You're done I'm not gonna keep, you there let's just pick you up for right now are. You you are waiting for resources. Which. I. Guess. Is okay. Doing. It and just start making, more of those that's gonna be fine all right so, that's good this, is we, could use some more okay, that's what we're gonna do, let's. Go ahead and get our production. Of mining. Stuff done and over with I'm gonna pick you up and grab. You and I'm, gonna run you down here. And, have. You start. Getting. Some more copper, plates to. Begin with, as. I don't think our, general. Setup. Is going to warrant, this anytime soon, derp derp derp derp, because. We want to work on the iron plate production. First and get that line running as soon. As possible, at least a token line I don't think we're gonna set up our main smelting. Operation. Over. Here just yet yeah. Thinking. Down here definitely I just. Want a token. Trickle. Of copper. Or not copper of iron. Coming down here so let's go ahead and set this up we. Can't at least. Plan. On, this. So. If I did something. Say. Like this. And. Then. Filled in the gaps up there I think that's gonna be the way to go so, let's, just do something. Like, this. Leaving. These gaps is I think important just for you. Know moving and moving. Between them because, we're not doing the mods I don't have like the squeak through mod and everything so just leave, these up a little bit some gaps we could, I. Guess. Go every other one or something like that but no that's fine as long as yeah it's gonna gather resources, within the, green. Area so it's not like we're not gathering, resources out of this little bit so that shouldn't be fine, you're. Done let's, go do we want to rotate. You I. Think. The. Answer is yes, we want to actually go this right this way and then, I'm gonna put down these. Something. Like this and, then. These, big guys are, going to be. Actually. Probably. Want to do it on this end for right now, let's. Do it that, way. And. I'm. Actually gonna move just so it's a little even. Do. That and. You. Are, going to, boo. Alright. Guess. That's gonna be fine we need to get this in here though. Yeah. Yeah. We let's redo this I don't like it. So. This is gonna be the raw copper, or, raw iron coming off of this this line here, and. We. Are going to be, mean, up with. This. Up. Here, yeah. You can. Probably go ahead and shut that down that's gonna be fine and. You're gonna be fine okay so. The raw iron. Is gonna come off of this belt and we. Are gonna want to sort, of just for. The time being have. A, line. Somewhere. And, what do I have in here Oh should, have kept that at some point because now I'm gonna have a ton of iron or, tire Nicole which is I guess far, and we'll just.

Dump In a whole lot of coal and that's gonna be okay. There. We go alright so let's go ahead and set this up. Okay. Grab. You move, you out of there because. What, I want is. Temporarily. We'll. Just plan on something. Like, this. Happening. And, then. Give me this. There. It's. Been so long since, I, played this I. Should. Get my actual, setup but I think it's something like. This. So one. On each side. We got the belt digit. To do like. So and then over, here, is. Going. To be sort, of like the line where. But. That's I mean that's the general thing we don't need we don't need to do the actual proper setup right here cuz we don't have enough room and I want to do it sort of down here, and I, don't have enough belt and just need to get this thing started to some degree so this is what we're gonna do we're just gonna belt down here, meet, up. Sort. Of like this. And. Do. Something. Something. Like this I think. At. Least for now and then, I'm just gonna put them on. Like. Right here. There. There, and there. And. You. Are going to be fed in that way that, way that. Way. And that way. Start. With two right now and that's gonna be fine and then you're just gonna go up and. Start. Finagling. Things of that route, we. I, think. Locate. Around something, like that and that should, get us started at least production-wise. We're. Not going, to be able to get. And. I do need, more. Belts. There. We go we're gonna use up what we have left, to make a little, bit more belt you're. Good there, and down. Here. There. And there and now we need just power so. That can be arranged. Let's. Go there. There. And now. We've got things flowing oh I just realized I could have just they, don't need all these belts. Alright, excellent, excellent. You, need. Power down here, so let's, go ahead and, put, that there and. Then. We need some, ooh. Oh, yeah, that's that's not great. There. There. And there and then there and we. Don't have another. Belt. Thing where's, my. This. Thing plop, you down and. Give. Me my logistics. Chute. Shoot. And, yeah. I know cat will have to we'll deal with that let's. Go with this and. I. Just. Put you right there for now. All. Right you're gonna stop and. You're gonna just smelt away I guess. All, right so there we go that's. Fantastic. I. Want. To get these in on, the same rail. Though. Well. I don't have the, splitters so, yeah, that's not gonna happen, all, right you're just gonna go that route and I, guess just throw in or token. Thing. Right there that's gonna be fine all, right. If. Something's, weird going, on here I don't know why. You're. Not. Grabbing. These well there you go why aren't you grabbing them oh. You're. Capped on. Science. Ah that's, okay, all right we're, getting there dump. You in there military's, finished, let's go ahead and unlock turrets, for, now, sure. All. Right so that's flowing, it's not pretty or anything but it's something. We've. Got that production and down here, we're out of freaking. Coal. On. These. So. Yeah. Okay, so we got that we'll grab you come. Back and set, you up once, we get a proper. Bus. Going I think I think for now that's gonna be okay. Not. Gonna worry too too much about it you, are okay. There. Why. Is that. All. Right tell you what you're gonna just. Dump. Here. And. Give. Me. Where's. My you. Give. Me a. Inserter. Please. No. All, right those. No. Did. You do copper. That's. What we really need just more copper, and you, know I think what we'll do is we'll probably set up a. Another. One of these sort. Of setups so that we can have the proper, line. Going. Just. Make a bunch of copper. Cables for me because, that's what we're gonna need and then up here I really. Can't do anything with, you can, we yeah. Go. Ahead and stop that and, give. Me some, inserters. By. Inserter I mean some of those. Yeah. A lot of this stuff I need to get automated, and, we've, already gone past are. A lot of time for right now but that's okay. Let's. Go ahead and just get this boom. Okay. That's, fine and, what did I want I wanted you, to. Start putting stuff. Into a crate. I think. Yeah. I wanted you to dump them in there. Something. Like that just so we have a good, stock, of. Iron. Gear wheels and I think that's gonna be okay you. Are going to be picked up and what. I want is one, of these so. We want to set up automation, for. Copper. Cables so that those, are being created into electric, circuits, I believe. Is what we're looking at right now so that's, gonna require I, guess, two things. Can-can, these make. Electric. Circuits they can so I need another one uh I need another one of those. Tattoos. So, let's deal with that do, I have all the parts. New. I need. These. Just. Give me those please. And thank you all, right you're good. Go. Ahead and dump those in there and that's, fine. Take. It good. Stuff, all, right so I just want something, rudimentary.

Again, Where we'll finalize. All this down the line but for right now I just need, things, being, made. You're, going to do copper plates that's fine you are going to do electric. Circuits. Which is okay, as well we, currently don't have a feed. Line in here so we're just gonna have to like manually, add copper. In here and and so on so forth, which. Is fine and then, you are, going to be fed, hmm. Okay. Let's. Fix that a little bit you're gonna be fed in there. Like. This. Copper. There you. Need iron, plates which we do have a line going so, I'll have to like finagle. Is though. Yeah. That's gonna have to be dealt with and you're just gonna come down here. And not. Reach so, we're going to move everything up because I'm not ready to build. Everything. We need right now, just. Go there and, then. Like. Right there I suppose though. You're. Gonna be that, you're. Going to be that and then. Yeah I need more. More. In Surtur's. Probably. Need a couple, actually. Okay. That's good it's, more than we need actually that's, fine, all. Right so that's good just need power over here and those will start to produce oh. There. Okay. Uh oh yeah. Let's grab that we don't need that I'm just gonna pick up some materials there, that's gonna be fine you. Are actually gonna be sort. Of like that. And. I'm fine with leaving that yeah we don't have the gear wheels be made but can. I finagled, is somewhere, and, the answer, is probably, a, negative. I. Mean. I could. Tear. That up. Put. This here. Which is initially, what I wanted, to do and. No. It's, not gonna work is it. No. Because, we can get farther. Away. Which. Is quite, quite. Annoying. Can. We do anything to resolve, that. And. The answer is probably, not. All. Right well can. I do can I do anything like if I put this there, and then. This. Here. You're. Not, quite high. Enough to actually get to this thing but we can we. Could do something. Let's. Tear this up tear, that up and then can, we. Yes. Yes. Yes yes all right you're gonna go in that, way you're, gonna go in there and you're gonna go in there all, right and then we're gonna cap you, at. 50, all right just so I have a place that I can grab gear wheels if I need them, all. Right so this is good you, are producing. Nothing. Yet. It's. Good dump you in there you're, going to go ahead and get dumped and, err and just start producing those and I'm gonna be fine with that you're. Gonna be put there and then there. And. Just. Get you some power so now we're producing, green, circuits. And, things, are rolling forward, next up is we're gonna need to get up automated, pickup. Over here, ASAP. But we. Want more belt production, what. Do the belts need. Yes. Let's, let's do that. Please. And thank, you. Just. Yet some token belt belt, things going I think that's gonna be fine. Give, me another. Couple. Chests, here thank you that should be fine and then, you're gonna go there you are going to go there, and wow our power is so. Not efficient, right now, so. Not efficient but that's fine so we got belts being created, which. Are the most important, thing right now. How. Is our power, powers. Powers. Fine right now we'll need, to address that at some point but, what I you know what I really want to do is get our proper. Smelting. And everything plan down I think I'm gonna do that in between episodes here, but, what do we need, I'd. Like to get more electric, drills going. Yeah. There we go so we got everything. For the electric drills is fine, we. Don't have this, though. Tell. You what let's do this. Can. I. Somehow. Any. Way shape, or form. Probably. Not okay. Fine. We'll just move it up one, there. Don't. Like that at all, not. A fan because. I want to be able to know, because ultimately the, line is gonna end. Mmm. Now. I guess, that's gonna be fine that's, that's, fine we'll. Deal with it that way okay, go ahead and just meet me at and, fold those and then. There. And. Give. Me some, more drills, I mean technically we don't need this to be automated. I could, just like bolt pick these up and then do, that and everything, is working as needed. Excellent. All, right so I think I'm just gonna do that rather, than try, to set some automation. Production. Here, there. We go all right you we're, gonna need more of this. Why. Are you producing, so slowly. Well. I know what it is and there's. Not much we can do about it let's. Go ahead and do, this. Just. To get more. Iron, cuz that's one thing we're gonna eat a lot of text. Done stone. Walls sure. Go. Ahead and give me all, the. All. The things here.

There. You go and. We. Didn't actually separate. These out did we yeah, yeah we don't kind. Of wanted. Be sure to separate, them, at. Least somewhat. There. And, then here. And here okay. And, then I need. More. Of these. Yeah. You're not actually making anything, are you. Probably. Because we're out of this. Yeah. I need, more. Of these all right can we finagler. This to. Some degree. The. Answer is yes okay so that's working, fantastic. I do need to go, down and get another stack, of copper. In order, to start coffee production again but, I think that'll have to wait I'll, do that in between episodes and next time we're gonna try to set up our actual proper smelting, down here I mean get the. The. Blueprints, for my smelt, or at least work those out in between episodes here. There. Sure, fill, you up and just. Thank. You very much and we'll, do that next time so thanks everyone for watching I hope you're enjoying the series if you are let me know by in that light but if you want to see more content I strongly urge you to subscribe to the channel otherwise. We'll. See you next time folks bye-bye.

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I have a question. When is the next software Inc episode? Love ur channel BTW. I hope you make a good career on yt one day

Hey Sam, Thanks! In terms of Software Inc - I have the next episode scheduled for Thursday :)

just started watching, but the solution for your iron plates was to bring the top two smelters down, and the bottom two up, and have them feed into a belt leading straight to your crafter :)

Yeah that would have made much more sense haha. This was a very haphazardly setup production line but luckily we do away with it soon :).

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