Lessons of Success from 8 Extraordinary Individuals | #TomFerryShow

Lessons of Success from 8 Extraordinary Individuals | #TomFerryShow

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Hey welcome to the Tom Fairy show today I'm introducing you to seven, extraordinary. Individuals, and their thoughts on success. Hey. Welcome to the Tom Fairy show today. I want, to reveal for you and answer, a question, that I get more than anything else which is Tom what. Is the thing that makes people so wildly successful and, and. When I look back over the totality, of my life it's, its mentorship, its. Exposure, its ultimately, what one, of my mentors called the arc of perspective. Seeing, things differently. So you can go out and take action and dominate. In whatever, landscape. You're interested in so, what I decided to do today is do, a little mashup of eight, people that I look to as inspiration. As friendship, as mentor, as an ARCA perspective, starting, with a guy named Mike Vance Mike, was my mentor between 28, and 30 years old a personal, coach mentor. If you will where, we talked all the time about what, was possible now for context, I understand he. Worked for a guy named Walt Disney for the last eight years of Walt's life he was the Dean of the Disney University, he, launched, Orlando, he helped create, things like the Magic Kingdom Club Card Mondays, for schools he, did so many things for Walt and when he left he didn't just finish there he, took on another young mentor a guy you probably, heard of named Steve Jobs and mentored. Steve for years during the early days and towards the end of his career along. With people like Mother Teresa, and Jack, Welch so, when you talk about the ARCA perspective, and why I think differently, it's, because of Mike enjoy, this there, should be a sign up here back of me that that, really says Walt Disney because much of what I am I owe to the good luck that I had to work with Walt and I, think one of the keys one, of the really, big ideas, that I learned, from Walt if you want to really think out of the box build, highly, creative, organizations. That. Is you always give credit to people who deserve the credit you, never use serve other people's ideas you never plagiarize, people's ideas you never let people get sucked up into the. Anonymity, of teams, but. Rather make, sure that, there is signature. And make sure that the individual, more, than any other time is. Given. The recognition, that they deserve it's. One of the big things that we're not doing as well as we could do today, in teamwork, is the individual. Recognition and it will be a weak, weak link if we don't do it it was one of the things that Walt Disney was so great at I'm sure some of you here perhaps know wall. During, his lifetime received, 41. Academy, Awards I don't. Believe there's anybody ever came even close, to receiving 41, Academy. Awards I don't, imagine, any, of you however know that he, never went to receive one of them himself, the. Only exception. That he ever made he wit Shirley. Temple wanted to give him some of you remember little he. Got a statuette, that had seven, little Dwarfs, on it it. Had the the, regular Academy was then seven little dwarf eight Academy, Awards that's the only one everyone to get and the, reason was this. Was his out-of-the-box, thinking he said I didn't, do it send, the team to get the Academy, Award that worked, on the project that tells, you everything, you need to know about Walt Disney what kind of a person he was that. As leader, he didn't usurp, the stage he, didn't take the credit he wasn't the big man and that's how you build, magnificent.

Teams That's how you build great, new companies, great, organizations. Like you've got here is to really make sure that the credit goes where it should go I hope, you enjoyed that in 2009. I met this character, I hired him to speak at one of my summits and boy, was it an absolute, hoot, today. He's arguably, the, most influential. Most. Successful, entrepreneur, in the social landscape you've, probably seen it before here's, my pal Gary Vaynerchuk here's. What I mean some. People have made millions, of dollars because. They were good at six-second. Vines, right. Other. People have made Billy millions of dollars because they knew how to make Star Wars you, can do anything like. So. The reason I love the camera and following, around is because, you can get all three categories out, of it you can get video you. Can transcribe, it into audio and then you can get a writer because what they have to do is watch this. Get, a theme, maybe it's selling versus branding, but then they have to ask me for direct questions to round out the article and then, turn it into first person and then that becomes my LinkedIn article but you understand, one, article, of 31, years of real estate and the 31 things that I've learned as a LinkedIn, post. Is. Money making telling, you guys that right now and, you understand some people want to go and then monetize it as being the person some, of you don't want to build your personal brand I just think you'll sell a lot more real estate when, you put out content as long as for you and you and everybody at home that, it is not there solely, to be a top of the funnel gatherer, the. Reason content marketing doesn't work the way it was traditionally taught is it, was its intent, its seed, was. To create awareness to get you into a funnel to collect your email and phone to make a sale it's, like bad parenting, if it's flawed the, tactics don't matter you. Made content, you, wrote a good title so Google would put you on the home page so, people would land and give you a phone number and, an email so that you could call them and sell them something if. You, can get out of that and you, literally, just, make the content, to bring people value the. Practicality. Of the Karma is extraordinary. If you wrote the 31, years and 31, tips along with the 31 years in real estate for, the sake of helping my sister, and everybody that looks like her, and that's. It not, to get the Triple A people, to, become part of your team you will get the Triple A people to come part of your team it is super counterintuitive, but. It is fundamentally. The obvious. Thing and it does not come natural to people because. We don't deploy empathy, and we, don't deploy patience, and we know to play a lot of things that are all them all these soft and warm feelings are the magic, of the killers of the world and people don't see it so if, you, believe that right now is the single greatest time on the planet to be alive talk, about an ARCA perspective, you're gonna dig Peter Diamandis what. What's the last piece of advice you so listen your. Mindset. Is your. Most important, asset how, you think, the world is, going if, you're negative if you're fearful, what. Kind of investments, you're gonna make with you money and your time and.

How Are you gonna grow your mindset ski and then educating, yourself is key right how do you how, do you keep yourself abreast, of what the technologies, are if, nothing, else so that you can start to when they become available you're, one of the first agents. To say yeah I want to experiment with that if you have a mindset which is so retrospective. You're fearful, of the future versus. Anticipating. And being excited, about the future and, how do you educate yourself where do you go to find out what's going on in augmented reality in. Robotics, and AI and so forth but it's about educating. Yourself, right, you are your mindset, and your knowledge is your most important, asset and and. This, is the most extreme. For. You for your kids for, the world yes yes, staying, in that theme of mindset, matters, tom bill you is someone I met a few years ago who built a billion-dollar, business using. The right mental strategies a lot, of hard work and social. At it's very best, check out tom so, once, you believe boys, and girls that you are a human, and that humans are the ultimate adaptation, machine then it's merely a question of am I willing to put in the work cuz the only way that we adapted, through stressors. Yeah, so like you go into a gym to break the muscle down, right to put yourself into that fight-or-flight to literally, give your body the signal adapt or die yeah, once you give your body that signal it will adapt it will change if you put yourself through that so the growth mindset isn't just thinking it's cool it's like really, an obsession to say okay the only way that I'm going to get better and adapt, and evolve in the direction that I want to go it's, not enough to believe that now you have to put yourself through that process and once you fall in love of that process then it becomes a lot a lot easier because, the pain of recognizing, that you're wrong is really, just a stepping stone to doing, something even better and the only people that are really gonna succeed are the ones that find the power in that that, realize. That for the human animal to adapt to grow to get better you've got to be willing to suffer and push past the pain point the difficulty, the boredom, yeah just something a lot of people don't see coming to, be able to push you all of that because you want and believe in that thing you're trying to create so, much that. You'll you know to quote, the meet or the Shawshank. Redemption you would literally crawl through a river to, get to the other side like, and finding that thing and I don't most people are actually excited, by the vision of their own future and because they're not excited they're actually not trying to make it happen can we talk about a dirty secret yeah please, most, of you don't want what you say you want like they don't and like, deep down in them there's something that they that, could, be and and, this is the problem it could be an ember of something that could turn into a raging fire and, they think that there's skin they're gonna dig around and uncover a raging fire doesn't work like that you build a raging fire through the process, yeah most, people aren't excited enough about their future which is why they don't have the energy to push which is why I don't have the desperation.

To Find the path because, they're not excited, enough by them so people took the time to develop that excitement, they really, would be able to do something extraordinary and, if, you haven't done what you want in your life it's all your fault so if you're like me and you've got all these ideas now, the one thing that we need to do more than anything else is position, ourselves and, market, ourselves to win and no, one has helped me more than this guy do both those things check, out my friend Jay brand I have a belief, system that everyone, in this room, has. Been innately. Programmed. In your DNA. For. Greatness you, want to be great you, have the capacity. To be great and yet if you look statistically one. Two. Percent of people, ever even get close to greatness now. First. Thing you can't be great until, you. Have a context, of knowing what greatness is. Supposed, to look like from, two. Different. Points of view one internally. How you're supposed, to think act. Communicate. See, situations. Differently, and then. Second, how, they, are supposed to be received, and acknowledged. By the market, so you know if you, don't know where to begin the easiest, way is to start thinking about your, life. Directly, or indirectly and, who out there, do. You think is great problem. That most people have in the and the privilege that I have I learned. Long ago a philosophy. Called optimization. It's. Nothing, more than the highest and best use but. You fill in the blank the highest and best use of your time your, opportunity, your, resources. Your efforts. Your. Your. Interactions. But you can't really optimize. If, you, have a limited context. Of what's possible, so, the, first thing you have to do is try to grasp of a larger, spectrum, of, optionality. And, possibility. So you can choose not. The. Most, powerful. But, the most. Success. Probable. You want the easiest, not, the hardest now so, then you figure a strategy. To get you and you, don't try to be a pole-vaulter the. First time out and set the Olympic record you just want constant, progress, that. You don't, retract. In a world with so much, noise, one. Thing that always makes us a rockstar, salesperson. Is the ability to build trust let's, hear from Todd Duncan what. Is the trust element come, in the whole thing I mean the first law has to do with trusting yourself you, know if you don't trust yourself in the, real estate business if you don't trust why, you're doing what you're doing if you don't trust your, motive if you don't trust kind, of the purity, of this, is about a relationship. Nothing, else matters the other thirteen laws you can throw them to the side, of the road, because they're just not going to matter and then when you when you create a plan I mean do you trust your plan you know if you don't trust your plan you're not going to execute the plan do. You trust your skills if, you don't trust your skills and you're not good you're, not going to go out and make the right calls on the right people and nail the business I mean if I mean Trust is everything so you're trusting yourself trusting. Your process, trusting your ability, trusting your team so why have, so many people and I know there's you know there's going to be a ton of comments on this why, is it that so many people just don't trust, themselves. The, process, that the script, the technique, the strategy, why is that I think it's I think it's two things I think it's fear you. Know in the commission-based world there's a lot of pressure to perform and, you, know the more you you, the more you focus on just performing, the less trust you actually create so, we need to mitigate fear, by having a purpose you know why am i an agent in the first place why am i trying to help seller sell and buyers by why I mean why is that it's got to be much more than the money it, was more than money then, the fear goes away and fear is replaced by confidence, in faith and if I have confidence. In faith then, I will, execute at a higher level then when I don't and here's what's interesting that whole idea creates, belief and whenever I succeed, in the marketplace because I have faith in myself and I have confidence around my motive and I'm able to do something that up until now I haven't been able to do that, my belief about what, I trust why I trust it goes, up and then I play it level two and then three and then all the way up to you know one other concepts level 10 so, it's a it's the it's. A numeral, you know thing that people need to get their head around if you don't trust you nobody, else is gonna trust you hey, at this point you got to be in a growth mindset listening, to all these insanely great people check, out my buddy Tiffany, Bova author of the book the growth IQ. She, works for a little company called Salesforce, in charge, of innovation.

And Growth check, this so, Clayton Christensen, says in his book competing, against luck everything's, a job from point A to B right, so I need a ride a taxi. Ride or I need to get from one place to the next place that's the job I need done yes so why do I pick an uber over, a taxi. Yes right because the job still gets done so for me it's three things one I travel, around the world I don't have to carry currency, mm-hmm or I don't have to have money on me if I'm in the US okay and I don't have to worry about a credit card machine not working yep the the second one is that. It directly. Connects into my expense report now yeah, so it removes this other stuff I'd have to take and a, lot of times when I catch a cab it's, like I think, it was six dollars and it was really sixteen cuz I don't remember how much you see, yeah do you need to receive and I think you need to receive then fill it in yourself you're like oh I'm. Always on the wrong. Side of that equation right and the third reason is because I travel alone a lot someone. Will know where I was last yes, okay, so those are the three reasons not good for people like jameson winston whatever that football playing right now sorry, personal about but. If you but if you if you think about those two things the reason i chose one brand over, another, was totally experience-based. Yes and i have stood. On a street corner in, the, snow when it's freezing with my phone in my hand watching taxis, drive by waiting. For my uber yes during, surge pricing which. Means I'm actually willing to spend more yes so customers, have told us in a lot of research we've done in a lot of research that's out there that they'll actually spent, spend, I'm up to almost 15%. For. A better experience on a brand yes sink hotel think, home, you're gonna buy yes, one. Condo, over another condo, and one condo has a pool in a gym and a concierge, and all of those things that's all experience, based because your, apartment, right it's still a place you live and sleep the job is being done yeah the rest that the building has or the other amenities a home has is, the experience, someone puts into it and you know many people will say careful how much money you put in a house you might not get it out from, an investment standpoint right, because the other person might not appreciate that experience, the way you appreciates, that experience, right but that's all experience, based so, I think that when you start to realize that. You and what you deliver is also, part of that experience, it really changes the game really, change again sometimes, we just need a kick in the butt to get out there and do our absolute best this. Guy does it for me every time we hang out. Nick's. Opinion, I think, champions. Are born a lot. Of people think you, can make champions I respect. Your opinion. But. No matter who you are. Without. A team baby. It's. Almost, impossible to, be a champion. You. Can have all the talent in the world but, you must have a team and, a. Plan, in place. To. Develop talent and. Also. Along. The way you may have to adjust that, plan I. Flunked. A written test because, Italians, don't know how to read in college to become a Navy pilot. Instead. I became a master paratrooper. But. You know what everybody. Every. Time a plane went by I said. Someday I'm gonna fly me in the. Jet. 41. Years, later, I. Flew. With the Blue Angels baby in the f-18 and I did not do poopoo. Champions. Find, a, way, to. Make it happen. No. Matter how. Long it takes. They. Find a way. Champions. Find. A way they get through their nerves. Don't. Be embarrassed to, say that you're nervous.

Everyone. Is nervous. When. I made my first jump, an officer. Or a sergeant, jump first or last and the mast jump I happen. To be an officer, this. Little bump private, looked up at me he said, mr.. Lieutenant, you going to jump I, suggest. He. Said you're scared I said, something I have a diaper rod. And. Believe. Me every. Time I jumped, I was. Nervous, so. Don't be ashamed to, say you're nervous but, find, a way. To. Get over it never. Never, use, the, word I, can't. Do it. So. Many years ago. The. Young boy. 17. Years old I took him to Washington, DC to. Try to qualify to get into this big tournament, he. Had just signed a multi-million, dollar contract. With Nike. Got. Out on the court. Had. His hair all duded, up, looking. Good baby, and. He. Didn't make the. Qualifying, round I. Walked. Out at the coach's. Box. And. I said to his brother Phillip. Where's. My boy yet he. Said Nick he's. Across the street. Breaking. His rackets, I. Walked. Across the street everybody, and I. Said Andre what's. Wrong son. He. Said Nick I don't, have it. Can't do it. Said. On V. Do. I have a watch heart, no. Don't, you ever say. You. Can't do it, but. Say I will, do it. Two. Weeks later we, went to Vermont. Beat. The number six player of the world and. Went on to. Be one. Of the best players ever so. Ladies and gentlemen, I. Don't. Care what it takes. You'll. Find a way. So. Many people. Give. Up too quickly, if. You ain't nobody ain't. Nobody, want to talk about you and, no. Matter what they say, you. Say thank, you and let, the results of, what you do in life through the talking, for you. Okay. So. This is the first time we've ever done something like this on the tom ferry show I can't wait to get your feedback my, only, aim was to create that of ARCA perspective, to get you to think differently, and begin to believe is all my mentors and friends have helped me do to. Believe that, you can do it and that anything, is possible. Can't wait to see your comments see, you soon hey, I'm Tom ferry and I want to say welcome to real estate now there's a pretty good chance no one's told you there's an 87. Percent failure rate every, 5 years in, this business and, there's only two factors agents. Don't have the tools and they don't take the right action I'm going to invite you to click the link below and get access to the tools so, you can win in this business.

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