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BMW’s 8 NA V8/286 hp NA V8/400 hp 3-cylinder hybrid/374 hp Twin-turbo V8/625 hp Emmanuel! Just take a look at what we've brought! Four 8. BMW’s 8. I tried to illustrate the evolution between the generations up to the M8, my new daily. The 8 are BMW's top of the range cars. It starts with the 840. BMW used to be about performance, not luxury, and now, boom; here we go! - It was your dad's. - I bought him back... family heirloom. Back then, he was looking for a GT car.

He had a house in the south of France and went back and forth between Brussels and Mougins. So, high-speed motorway... ... high-speed motorway and, uh– the noise you hear around the place is because you're at the Pog on Track. We have supercars in all directions. [Engine roaring] And all these supercars belong to my friend Emmanuel, a mutual friend and me.

We decided to have fun on the drag strip and on the track. He is already on the other side of the world. I come back to these back and forth at absolutely shameful speeds that would get us jailed or even beheaded today. Back then, it took us just over six hours to get to Mougins.

It was made for that. It was not a sports car, but a GT one. We bought it new in 1994, it is 27 years old, and you can see that it was very well made. The materials aged very well. Now, it's clear that,

especially compared to your M8 which reminds me of the Techfest because it's so over-equipped. This one is clearly super, ultra, mega outdated. But at the time, we still had a lot of little gadgets... - Was there already any kind of tech? - There are lots of things.

For example, I can't remember if it's at 140 or 160 km/h, but when leaving the toll, you didn't have to touch the sunroof or the windows, because everything automatically goes up at 140 or 150 km/h. There are little things like that. Another very nice, iconic thing from those years is the headlights. But first let me show you the inside. The seats have just been refurbished, they are beautiful.

I'll let you listen to the start-up. The engine really sounds like an American V8. You really have that sound.

Listen. [Cold start]. This kind of start is typical of the American V8. - Look at the headlights. - Yeah!

Can you get them up? Please! It's so beautiful, so classy! Hop! And, voilà! There is another car from those years, which also has headlights... - A Ferrari? - Exactly, a Ferrari! The 456 GT also has headlights that are just popping out and really give a beautiful look. What I also like a lot - is the shark's nose. - Yes, very small nostrils. - Let me show you the engine. - And the nostrils. Nowadays, BMW grills are like that. Can you feel how it runs? It's smooth and rounded.

It's not a sports car, and it never has been. It really is a GT car. You have to let it drop. You have a good boot, really roomy back seats.

- There's also a nice design thing. - The clash of generations. - See? - Ah, yes! We have this frameless side. - That's also classy! It's really beautiful. - It's a very nice car. - Everything is driver-oriented. Plus all the BMW stuff. You put it in reverse,

the mirror leans down to see the pavement... For 1994, 27 years ago! Today, you complain if you don't have that in the Mini... This car is very well equipped for its time. And then check this out: It's in great condition, but it's also ageing very well. Well, yeah. Family heirloom.

It just came out of the body shop. I had a few small cracks repaired prior to the buyout. And step by step, I’ll do a few things. I really want her to stay in good condition, in memory of this. - It's beautiful, congratulations! - Thank you. And I loved this car. If I became a BMW fan,

- it's because of this car. - Really? I remember as a child waiting for my mother somewhere in the street, and I see this nose passing by! I see it from the side. My heart began to race, and here I am with an M8. - In this case, it's a great story.

- The car world is full of great stories. - Yes, exactly. It is a beautiful story. - How much horsepower? - 286. - Not bad! - 306 in our Minis, it's clear that it's a bit outdated, even if you see the 16″ wheels, etc. Back then, it was very good. Congrats. That's the great thing about cars. It's his dad's car, It means a lot to Emmanuel.

For me too, although the reasons are totally different. Cars leave their mark. It does make sense. It has multiple meanings, I like it a lot. This one also means a lot... - It means a lot to me that you invited me to join this quartet. It certainly represents an era. On top of that, it also has something to do with your car enthusiasm.

I am very proud for it. It gives it a good visibility. And that makes a nice line up. I'm the one who's flattered that you brought such a nice car. The Z8 also had an impact on me because back then, In 2000, I wanted to buy it, but I couldn't because it was too expensive. I have, however, long dreamed of the BMW catalogue.

- How much did this cost in 2000? - It was more than 800,000 francs. - It was expensive for its time. - So about €125,000? Well, 125,000 quid at the time, eh! Yes, plus inflation, etc.! But I should have bought it anyway,

because the selling price is higher nowadays. A nice model can exceed €200,000. And it has long been cheaper than the starting price. It's really the sale, and curves like that. One moment it's out of fashion and the next it becomes a classic. So, convertible, but you also have a hard top that you can put on or remove. It's quite nice. It's an element that is now often found on sports cars, but... there you go.

It appeared here first, with a large logo. And what I like about this car, is that it doesn't feel like it has BMW DNA, like it is outside the brand. It's quite unique.

It’s, uh– Fisker! Uh–, wait. Chris Bangle was the designer at the time. I loved the Chris Bangle era. - You liked Chris Bangle? - I was a big fan! the famous 7-series boot - coming out? Oh boy... - But, yeah!

And there's more happening as we speak! It’s getting crazy over here. Henrik Fisker, the father of the Fisker Karma. And an Aston, I believe. The V8 Vantage. And under Chris Bangle, Fisker drew this: it's neo-retro. He was inspired by a BMW from the 1950s, the 506, I think, Uh– They're waving to me to tell me it's not the 506, - but the: - 507.

It's the 507, sorry, I mixed up! I mixed up Peugeot and BMW! It was already a roadster. There was already a long nose. It still looks very much like the 507. It's neo-retro. There were these two beans very horizontal - Yeah. - on the 507. They have taken up its philosophy.

Yeah, definitely. By introducing new elements. It's good that you're here, because I find that even in terms of interior design... We need to look at this.

But the interior design, you see that it’s the kind of object where they questioned the position of the elements. So they came up with 'innovations', which will not be kept in the end. For example the ignition key. [Laughter] So, let's demonstrate! Yes, but some things have been kept and are found in many cars today. The ignition key is up there. And on top of that, you have to press "Engine start".

You have to do both. Oops. Okay, it's in neutral. - Reverse motion wipers - That's just great! moving from the outside to the inside. The gauges are not in front of the driver, but in the centre. - This is quite original. - Yeah.

- But, why not? - “Why not?” uh– [Laughter] No, it’s never been seen again! Let's just say that having to take your eyes off the road to look at the rev counter... Ce qui a été conservé et qui est très moderne, c’est ce caractère épuré des instruments. - It's true that it's ultra-pure. - Nothing is written. You have to guess everything. It looks like Apple before its time. It is true that there is very little literature.

Here, to adjust the mirrors. It's very clean. There is a form of simplicity that is very well done. What really drove me nuts back then was the red interior. Grey with a bright red interior. That was something.

- It's true that... - The little sound! [Engine roaring] It's amazing how these designers... These engine manufacturers... How everything has evolved.

- Ah, yes! - The values, the... Even the engines’ response. Today, there is no more inertia. It builds up rpm and calm down just as hard. V8. It was the V8 of the M5 of that time.

It was already 400 hp and 500 Nm of torque. Let's have a look at the engine. I like to look at engines. Nathan, do you have anything to say about the interior? Oh, yes, it's amazing. Indeed, the neo-retro is pushed to the limit.

It feels like the steering wheel is 50 years old. The plastic running from the door... - That's practically a line. - A strip. - A strip, thank you! This is the beauty of the French language: everything has a name.

It is really stunning. They made some experiments. Door storage. It's timeless, yes. There is some evidence that it has aged, like the mirrors.

It's out of date. The back end is crazy. This was the first and last time we saw a back with lights like these. It's fantastic and we never see any.

- No, it's super rare. - No, it's really rare. Ah, well, the V8 is well behind! If I draw a line from the axle, there... The story of the gas struts only holding halfway... I have a Ferrari from the 1990s, I know. The umbrella is not in the boot by chance. Hoopla! This is the emergency gas struts! - So, this is the engine of the M5 of that time - ... which according to our friend, the owner, consumes a lot of oil.

Beautiful beast. I mean "beautiful beast", beautiful car! Great car! So, the i8. We are jumping to 2014. I think the Coupé is from 2014. I wouldn't put my money on it, but I think that's correct. But the Roadster came out later. In 2017, I think.

Exactly. The design is very special. It's a very pleasant car to follow in traffic, with these vents and everything...

Look at that flat back. It really is something quite spectacular. So, it's a hybrid. - You can drive on electric power alone. - Yes, but not much... 35/40 km. It is an aluminium frame with a carbon cell. It's very complex. It was once explained to me in detail.

The Roadster has 374 horsepower. The doors are also spectacular. Hoopla.

- Here you can really see these carbon parts. - Ah, yes. It's a beautiful car. Even if the interior is futuristic, it looks liveable to me. It's not futurism to go and put things in foolish places. It looks quite usable to me. I have an M2 and you have an M8,

the controls seem to be in the right place. I'm going to take the top off. Very nice this little vertical storage! The roof folds into it. A very compact system. I am sitting far forward. I’ll put the roof back, it’s raining. Not a bad system. - Boom, better not to be too high. - Very compact, very nice!

Another frequent criticism of this car was that the combustion engine is very small. So, it's a 1500 cc three-cylinder. Moreover, it had very narrow tyres.

It did shake up some codes. I know several i8 Coupé owners, who were very happy with it and who, by the way, have driven their cars for miles. So, it's not just a show car. Well, I'm not a huge fan. The i8 never really grew on me. But the look is definitely different. The look is really nice, though.

It's really, uh- And the Roadster is definitely, uh- I’ll shut the window. With the roof down, it is very nice. The start-up is not spectacular, because now it's probably running.

Then it replaces the gym, by going in and out... Well, this marks the beginning of the electrifying at BMW, but exciting things are coming. The i4 looks pretty good.

- It should arrive soon. - I saw that you had made a topic on it. Yeah, I mentioned that. It should have a range of 590 km, which is pretty crazy. More than 500 horsepower

It's getting interesting! - I love it. This side is beautiful. - And now we come to the... - BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupé. - First time I've had an M. - Congratulations. "Competition" stands for the little extra horsepower.

It goes from 600 to 625 horsepower. The suspensions are a bit different. The top speed is 305 km/h. That's funny too. There is an option that unlocks it. You can go from like 260 km/h to 305 km/h max with an option.

Well, that's it. [Engine roaring] [Tyres screech] [Propeller noise] And "Gran Coupé", because it's based on a coupé, with a design that is pretty nice, lengthened... We still have doors at the back. So, there is a practical, aesthetic and, above all, technological side to it.

It's amazing how much technology is on board! Wow, we're comfy in here, aren't we? [Cold start]. Oh yes, we're fine here. So, with the "Setup" button we access to all the customisation be it the engine, the frame, the steering, the brakes...

In “Sport”, it's much more direct. You press only a little bit and it brakes. "MxDrive" is BMW's technology for switching from two-wheel drive, RWD, which is classic for BMW to four-wheel drive, which is quite new. There is even an in between mode, “Four Wheel Drive Sport”, which sends power mainly to the rear axle. On the steering wheel, we find the “M1” and “M2” customisation buttons. You do exactly what you want with them.

As you wish. In "M1", it's peaceful and in "M2", you unleash the underworld. The Motorsport colours are everywhere. Here, and there. There is a carbon trim that I have chosen.

Here you can charge your phone wirelessly. This is one of the two keys. You can even use your phone to view, for example, outdoor cameras, even remotely. You can see everything around your car. There are also three settings for the shift time.

So it's more or less sporty. It is more or less fast, but it is also less comfortable the further you go towards state 3. There is also the "M mode".

It is a set of three settings: “Road,” “Sport” or “Track”. I am in "Road" mode. Now, I'm in "Sport" mode. And the "Track" mode is specific to the Competition. It turns off so that you are not distracted by this information.

Here we are really focused on the essential information to drive on a track. We have the rev counter, the gear engaged, the speed, etc. You know, you can, uh– I switched to "Media". You have gesture control so, hop! That's turning it up. It can also turn it down or change the radio. I also have 16 speakers.

I went for the Bowers and Wilkins option. This is what the latest iteration of a BMW 8 looks like. It changes a lot from one generation to the next. I will talk about it later.

I will make a specific video in town and I will introduce you properly to the M-Pog. [Engine roaring] Well, it's good to have fun on the track, but now there are 22 cars to wash. I really needed help and that's why I reached out to Meguiar's who are sponsoring the first Pog on Track.

Hi guys. - Great day? - Yeah, it was great fun! We’re still in one piece. Nothing but good times. - You've made a mess of them! - Have you seen how dirty they are? First, on these cars, with the tyre size and the power, when adding the track - we have fun washing them. - They were spotless when they arrived!

I washed them with Meguiar's. This is the purpose of doing the car wash and the partnership. The aim was that the cars should always be perfect for the video. That's cool! And there are four of you, thank you! Shall we start with the wheels? Johann is waiting for the signal. - You want to do it? - Yeah, let’s go! What I like about Meguiar's, is that you are everywhere, At every track day, you are there with your tent, showing your products.

We talk a lot about Meguiar's among car enthusiasts. It is a popular brand. You make lots of products, but it is simple. Even if you come from the professional sector, it is still accessible and not very time-consuming. Our consumer range is aimed at all those who love cars. And this range is easy and pleasant to use.

The products are effective. You have seen them and used them. So the aim is to make it accessible and simple. As they always say, we'd rather spend more time driving than cleaning.

But I still want a clean car! You get more pleasure from a clean car. That’s it! [Laughter] The purpose of pre-washing is to remove as much dirt as possible. Then we rinse from the bottom to the top. Why? Because it is the high-pressure beam that removes the dirt. - If you rinse roughly - It's no use. The Ultimate Shampoo. No harsh products,

no dishwashing liquid. It is a neutral pH shampoo enriched with wax. It will enhance the shine of your car. No problem for your wrap. But if you had a car with a glossy finish it enhances the shine, and on the wrap it provides a water-repellent effect. You wash your car and you have this added value to play on the shine and the water-repellent effect. It's carnauba wax, you know? It smells a bit like banana and coconut.

- It is pleasant to use. - All right. Once washed, we use - the Hybrid Ceramic spray. - All right. It is a new technology that makes ceramics accessible. It is not real ceramic, very complicated to use, but it is a hybrid that makes it easier and more enjoyable to use. You spray it on the wet bodywork and then you rinse.

It's very quick, very easy to do. And this is for protection, water repellency and shine. So, we finish washing it the blue spray is sprayed, the Hybrid Ceramic, and then we dry it. Always dry it. This is very important. One may be tempted to drive up to 300 km/h to dry it, but it is not ideal for marks. This new collaboration is a real pleasure.

That way, we can meet again with great pleasure, Pog. Thank you so much. To recover the magical shine of its golden wheels, the sparkling blue of its carbon... And especially this perfect white! And especially the white which, by the way, is the same as on your car. - But that's the magic of the Hot! - What a beauty! Take a look at what Meguiar's and I have prepared for you! This is the Pog'uiars pack. I have chosen three products.

Let me show you. These are exclusive and limited products. Some do not even exist in France. I chose products from the US. Meguiar's is American and has been around for 120 years. So: I have a 35% discount to offer you on the Pog'uiars pack. First of all, I have chosen a conditioning shampoo.

That's almost two litres for this shampoo. It helps nourishing the paint and obtaining a very smooth surface for the water to glide over. You will have recognised the colours of the Pogini. Then I chose a quick wax in the colours of the McPog. So it helps to boost the shine and also the protection.

And finally, I got you a quick detailer in the colours of the Pogtador. Between two washes, it allows you to quickly remove fingerprints and dust. These are the three. The Pog'uiars pack is available on the Meguiar's website. The link is in the description. You get a 35% discount, so €39.90 for the pack.

The other good news is that this is it: it's Black Friday. Meguiar's gave me a code for you: the code "BlackFriday21", with which you will get a 20% discount on the entire Meguiar's website, except on packs like this one or on current discounts. So, I have to say I'm very proud to have my own cleaning products and a collaboration with this venerable brand that I know well and appreciate like many.

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