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LearningRx, High Achievers and WaterStation Technology on Franchise Business Radio

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It's. Time for another episode of, the, franchise, business, radio show, broadcasting. Live from the pro business, channel studios, in Atlanta, sponsored. By franchise. Intellect, a full-service, franchise, consulting, and development, firm more, info at franchise. Intellect, comm, also. Made possible in part by social. Joel the social, media experts, that provide a hyperlocal, presence, for your franchise, more. Info and social. Joey com. And now here's, your host, Pam Kurt. Welcome. Welcome to the franchise business radio show this is your host Pamela, Currie and once. Again we've got a studio, of some wonderful. Franchise, professionals, and it's a simple reminder to our listeners, franchise. Business radio is a platform, for bringing together franchise, professionals. And, resources. To connect, educate. And collaborate, to, serve the franchise, community, and consumer. Hi. Everybody welcome. Yeah. We this is gonna be a great show because not only do, we have guests in the studio but, we actually have guests calling. Into the studio so, what I'd like to do is let's just go around and have in introductions. Kimberly. Who are you and what brings you here I am Kimberly Alexander, I'm with high achievers, and I am here to talk about our, high achievers, franchises, that we have welcome, looking forward to learning more about that I county, after my own heart by the way development. I, and. I'm sorry Suzy, and Beth Suzy, I'm Suzy, McDaniel, I'm one. Of the executive, directors of LearningRx. In Atlanta, and Alpharetta, Johns Creek and, we. Are a brain training center. And. I'm Beth are down I'm the other executive. Director and owner of lunar, X in both Atlanta, Buckhead and Alfreda Johns Creek wonderful, and what's kind of neat is we've got obviously. Franchisees. In the, studio and calling, in as a representative, from the franchisor. Tania, please, introduce yourself, hi. I'm Tanya, Mitchell and, I had franchise, development for, LearningRx, excellent. Well let's go ahead and kick off with learning or act if we could and and by the way I do want to let our listeners know that we are gonna have another call and gas we'll call it the surprise guest that's, happening a little bit later in, the show, Tanya.

I'd Like, to come start with you being virtual. Obviously. You've spent the last 20 years educating. Training thousands. Of professionals, on how to improve learning and processing, through personal, one-on-one, brain. Training. I it's. My understanding that, you head up sales development. For LearningRx. Yeah. Great. Could, you just tell us a couple little things about your background. So. My my father is the founder of LearningRx, dr.. Ken Gibson and I. Was. The first non doctor, to. Run. A brain training center, in Gulf Breeze Florida. About. 20 years ago and, it. Was very successful and. We realized that to really bring brain training. To. The, country, and to help as many people as we could that franchising. Would be the best format. For us that, makes sense well and here, we have two examples sitting. In the studio right now I. Could, sue see could I go ahead and kick off with you how, long have you been a franchisee, give us a little bit of background on yourself well. My. Background started, in physical, therapy Beth, and I actually have, known each other for many years we met in physical, therapy school at Emory University and. We. Both worked at the Atlanta VA hospital, for over 10 years together got. Married, got married, had kids of our own and our kids started struggling in, various, ways in school and so. We. Decided. To make a transition, to, LearningRx. Because when. We looked into the - the background of the company we thought this is exactly what we're looking for to help our kids Wow and. That's how long how long ago was that that you became a franchisee, that, was 10 years ago Wow. And I can't, I mean not to take you back in time capsule, time like, would you recall what number, you were in the franchise, system we, part of the first generation, of franchisees. You know like we were part of the first generation. Yeah, yeah, so it was exciting we knew when, we saw it that this was like Susie said exactly what we needed for our children, it was very, different than anything else that's out there we had started reading about neuroplasticity. And. People. Wonder. Why we would make that transition from a physical therapist, to doing this and I, said it's like doing physical therapy on your brain so, it's not as different as it seems no, that makes sense to me Tanya, I. Kind of wanna I'm never gonna be taking two different perspectives here, right we want we want to get those sort of your the knowledge of you on the franchisor level, and we also want to tap into the knowledge of, our franchisees that we have in the studio. Why, do franchisees. Even choose LearningRx, I mean Suzy and Beth kind of alluded to that. Why. LearningRx. Over other educational. Concepts, yes. I'd agree with what they said we actually just finished our franchise. Business, Review survey.

And. There. Was some highlights, in you know where we outshine, the industry, and the number one, piece. Was, what we do our programs, and our services, that we offer and the, great impact, that we have on our customer, and. So people usually choose LearningRx. Because, of, our products, and you, can sell anything why not sell something, that you, know impact lives greatly, so. Reward, doesn't buy people to us it's the product yeah very rewarding, so if. I were a prospective, franchisee, I'm sure it's very different, from when Suzy, and Beth when went through it ten years ago as it is today but what, were some questions, that you think any prospective, franchisee. Should be asking. Who. Has a desire, to become. A franchisee. And get, involved in the process. This. For me or for Beth in Suzy I'm going to put that to you Tanya okay, so. I think, you. Know everyone. Likes, the idea of making a difference and, having their own business. But. I think the daily tasks, of what makes businesses, successful. Including a LearningRx, franchise, is, a good question to ask you. Know most. Service businesses. Acquire. Lots. Of networking lots, of marketing. And. Really, good sales skills. And so we, can train people how. To do those things but you. Know if you're not someone that enjoys those, tasks, then. You're investing, in something that's going to probably take a lot more energy from you than you. Know another type of employment or job make sense best. You see anything you, would add for, someone that's considering, becoming a LearningRx, franchisee. I mean. For us I would also add that just having, the passion for, the program helps. You with sales, so I didn't have a sales background or. Any. Sort, of a business background and I agree with Tonya you need those skills or it's a lot more effort for you but. The. Passion for, what you're doing, really. Comes across to the clients, that you're you know that you're getting and so so that's very helpful yeah. And if you have the passion and but. Maybe not the sales background like the two of us didn't have Tonya's. Right the home office does a great job of helping you develop those skills well, you know what you're bringing up a really good point very, often when I'm working with candidates, who are considering, franchise, ownership, I would, say a very important. Question, to get, answered, since we're talking about questions is customer acquisition, because it doesn't matter if you are offering, a product, or a service you, still need to acquire customers. So. Excellent. I, don't. Know if I'm going way back in your memory bank here or not but but. If, you could change anything about your first year is a LearningRx. Franchisee. Anything. Come to mind. Well. We were thinking about this and since we have two, franchises. Through. The through LearningRx we we, opened them both in two, totally different ways so the first one we started small and, and, grew and and it was Suzy and I and four trainers when we started the, second one five years later we started much bigger, and. Really, if we if we had to choose between the two we would go back to the first way and start, small and grow it as we went along okay. More I add more of a natural evolution. Organic. Yes yes, so. To speak so. Thinking. About how does the franchising, network help you grow your local, business I mean you. Can do this people might say well why don't I do this independently why, would I want to become a franchisee. And pay. That franchise, fee and there's what common. Questions, that come, to mind for anyone. That's, considering. Becoming, a franchisee. I'm, in, your opinions, why. Would you want to do it through a franchise network well, first. Of all the product is amazing and you're, not going to be able to come, up with your own product, in the way that LearningRx, has developed, it to this point not.

Without A lot of hard work and a lot of time so. You. Know I would say that what we love about the franchisee, network is that, like. We've been saying pretty much everyone, involved is very passionate about what they do and, so there's a lot of sharing of ideas and. Cross, referrals. And, helping. Each other out even from, different states. And. And, through, doing that I think it makes us all more successful. Absolutely. Up, here in and that and that's a value across, the board right there's some universal, values, I would say that. Go along with franchising. And being part of that pure exchange, is. Is. Huge, again. I, don't. Really classify, you as new business owners I mean you've been doing this for ten years so. You've. Exceeded. You. Know yet, that what, a lot of people never achieve, but if. You were to, give advice you, know like what major concerns. Of, new franchisees. I, mean. What advice would you give that, might be natural concerns, for a new franchisee, and Tania all open this up to you as well yeah, you. Know if you you probably work with a lot of new franchisees, more so than Batson Suzy what. What major concerns, do you see and, how. Would you address those. So. I think just like that and Suzy a lot of the people that we, get as candidates. We're. Looking, for the type of help that we offer so we work with people that. Help, with memory, and attention and. You. Know struggle, with learning maybe brain injury so, it's it's, sort of this new niche very, unique, business. So. We get a lot of family, members that really, want to help you. Know someone, in their family while. Opening, a business so they do not have. They. Do not have business, skills which is one of the great things about franchising. Is you. Know I was, just thinking about this because my husband just retired, from the Navy mm-hmm. And he started a new business and. There's. All these aspects, of business, that. You need to learn and you can either learn, that through an internship or. Apprenticeship. Or years. And years of experience mm-hmm. Where with a franchise you, get trained right away they you give all your secrets, all your business operations, to the new franchisee, so, coming. In usually, their questions, are around. I've. Never marketed, before, will you help me with marketing, mm-hm I. Don't. Know how to network I think I'll be good at it but I don't know how to do that, I. Don't I don't understand, QuickBooks. Or bookkeeping. So. It, usually has to do with business operations, because the majority of people are, family, members and, are not have not been in this industry or, have. Not run a business before.

Well-said, Right I mean, in that and that's what your licensing, ultimately, those proven methods, of operation receiving. That recipe, book. Obviously. If it's a good franchisor there are some out there that that, aren't holding. Up to those values. Which. Time you talked a little bit about that so training. Right, what. Is your training program, like for your franchisees. Well. So we're personal. Brain trainers, and I mean that's that's, one of our mottos right, so the, idea of training for, us is extremely, important, and. When. Someone starts with us we have an online university, of I, think over maybe 200. Hours worth. Of training. We. Do job shadowing, we do corporate training, here at the home office in Colorado, and. Then we do a two on sites with people right away and. Then once they're done with that then they have a they're. Assigned a sales coach and a marketing coach for their first year so. They get weekly calls on, the different segments, of their operations. Until. We feel like their conversion, rates are high or if we can tweak things for them so lots and lots of training with us and. Training, until. They're. At the levels, that they want, to be at. So. I, mean anything to add around, that so you see it we, really like as franchisees, that there is a helpdesk that. You can call, 24/7. Pretty much and. Ask any kind of question and it doesn't matter if you've been in the system for 10 years or you've you're, new to the system so. I mean that just gives us a lot of supports. And a lot of confidence there's always someone we can ask a question about and we still do and as a business owner you wear so many different hats right, so it's nice to be able to have that like you're saying support, to, be able to turn to and. Peers. Let. Me I'd like to go ahead and and I want to just. Wrap. It up a little bit with a question, around the products. You. Know I'm. Gonna put on my consumer. Hat alright. Can. I kick it off with you Susie tell us a little bit about the products, in the LearningRx program. Well. As we've been mentioning it's a brain training program, and, essentially. What, we do is we typically, start with a test to, look at how you're processing, new information, so not what you know but things like long and short-term memory.

Problem-solving. Visual. Processing, processing. Speed, which is how quickly you can understand, something new as it's coming to you and once, we see where someone's strengths, and weaknesses, are then we can talk to them about what type of brain training program would be best for them but, everyone. Who trains is that with us initially, gets work on those core skills because, a majority of the time there there is a weakness or two or three or four and then, if if we have a client that's also struggling, with reading we can add a reading component onto and more a math component, or a comprehension, component. We also have a study our X component that, we can add when, necessary and, it's, is it safe for me to assume based upon what you're sharing with me this isn't just for children, right. So, we work on with students, of all ages starting. Around age five maybe, four and a half and, our. Oldest, client we've had so far as, 78mm. And this really is a life changing, product, so, I mean, with our own families, Suzy has a son who is struggling with attention issues I, have twin boys who were struggling with a reading, disorder and a, daughter who had a seizure disorder which. Damaged, her cognitive skills, so this, has been absolutely, life-changing for. Our own families. And then it's just so great to see these results, with. In the within the community, of all a you know people of all ages and all abilities so. It can be for enhancement, as well we, have a lot of college students who we train once they go to college, maybe, they didn't struggle in high school but they got there and they're their, strengths, couldn't compensate for their weaknesses, as well anymore sure, we, have some medical school students. And then we have adults, and older adults and, with all the research coming out on dementia now you. Know this is just we, have an ongoing study, about the great effects we're having with. Clients, with mild cognitive impairment and. So it's just gives me so much hope and excitement about all the people that we can help absolutely, what a great testimony, I mean both of you yeah I mean there's really nobody that can't benefit, from brain training it, sounds like Tanya, and, we're. Gonna have, to go to our next anything, you would like to add before, I ask for everyone's contact, information, because I want I want, those that are seeking out the service and need of it to know how to reach you, but. Anything else you would like to add, well. I, just want to thank Susie and best for being franchisees. With us they're. Some, of my favorite, people in the world and, one. Of the great things about franchising. Is that you. This, business. Family. Where, you, get to be with people. You. Know at least annually, and, you talk to them all the time, and it's. Just neat to change the world through, franchising. So that's what I would add and. If you wanted to learn about LearningRx, we, have a website, LearningRx. - franchise, comm, and, we. Do have great territories. All over we're celebrating, our 15th, year in franchising. And. We're. Ready to grow that. Is awesome congratulations by. The way, thanks. Thank you 15. Years and really, quick Tanya please give that. Side, again the, website. LearningRx. - franchise. Com wonderful. And, Suzie. And Beth I would also like to find out you have two locations here in in Atlanta, how. Does someone get in touch with you, well. You can you can go to our website, it's. LearningRx. Dot-com. Backslash. Atlanta. -, Buckhead. Excellent, or LearningRx. Comm backslash. Alpharetta, - Johns Creek and then our phone numbers for zero four two five two seven, two four, six, what's that phone number again it's. Actually, four oh four, to. Five brain. I. Love. It thank. You so much it's vintage been a pleasure learning, about LearningRx and just as a reminder LearningRx. Specializes, in one-on-one brain. Training. Franchise. Centers and it is a licensed opportunity. Currently, they have more than 80 learning. Centers, over, 300. Licensed, locations, around the world but plenty of room for growth as well so. If, you're interested in learning more about this opportunity, please. Don't hesitate to go to a learning or accident. - franchise, com that's. A mouthful. Excellent. Well let's go ahead thank Tonya thank you so much for being on the show virtually, I look forward to meeting you in person one, day and. We'll. Let you sign out and start your day but please continue to listen to the show at. Www.pedestrians. Well do. Florence. Is not invited here that's for sure I. Know. That we are gonna have another guest it's gonna be dialing in here and that's gonna be our surprise guest but, I want to go ahead and, speak.

With, Another. Great guest that we have in the studio I Cameron. Lee welcome, hi. Kimberly. Alexander. She's with high achievers, and I just want to give our listeners a little bit of a backdrop on you, you've, been an entrepreneur and, small business owner for 24, years yes, do you really want to date yourself that way I do because everyone looks at me like no you don't look oh my time. You. You obviously have deep experience you, don't and operated, several businesses, over the years and. Really have appreciate. Love the economic, and social impact, of small business can have on a community. In. The, last seven years it's my understanding that you were the owner of a regional company that, had companies across multiple states my husband and myself yes in. 2016. Yes I just sell that business and put your full effort into high achievers. Yes. May, I see that's what can you give me a brief description, of, high, achievers, but. What is it that you offer and do and, let's. Go ahead and we'll dive in. Absolutely. Actually high achievers has been around since 1998. And, started off as a seminar, business, and then, just. Evolution we have everything on our website you're welcome to go look at our story on high achievers calm in. 2016. My husband decided to take in a different direction because, that was our passion as far as helping small business owners so, we have franchises. Available, and we, do eight, some. Like. I guess in office. Trainings. And things like that kind of kind of like a test. Pilot, of a franchise, and, we're, helping small business owners that's our focus you know that you have coaching companies that want to focus on the five million and above clients. Well we want to focus on the the. Customers, or the business owner or small business owners that have under. Million. Dollars in sales less than 10 employees because. They may have they well they do have the passion and the heart to do that but they may not have the experience to, make sure they know how to build. A team to market themselves mm-hmm. And let, me speak on behalf of small business, owners we appreciate, that absolutely. Because, there's a lot of things I wish we would have known growing going into everything, we've done over the last 20-something. Years together my husband and myself so yes and, you kind of hit on something, there you know there are a lot of businesses, coaching. Consultants. Business, trainers. That, are out there, what. Makes high achievers, different. We. Have a we, have essential, business training I know we haven't talked about that much yet but what we offer through, our franchises and like I said into our test pilot that we're doing in our offices, we have twenty-four central, training modules. Whether its sales, processing, how to build a team vision. Mission core values financial, mastery we, are also using, a lot of able learning it's a B e l, action-based. Experiencial. Learning, so we're not like letting you sit there and we're just going to tell you everything no we're gonna have you up on your feet we may have you do team-building they have you build something, so. That way you have a process that kind. Of helps the expense you're Eric, experiential. Learning. Aspect. Of it so we're not just like dictating, yes so they're they're getting all that information not. Just like you, know just writing it down so, we're really helping them on all those different aspects of their lives as far. As building, a new business and. You know what I mean you really hit on something because, I have a background in training as well you know like, you said it's one thing to dictate, but, it's another thing to make it experiential. Right we're all nodding our heads in the studio I know this is radio but we're all nodding, your heads going that's so important, I an. Application. Right making it relevant it kind of makes it their idea too so it's it's kind of organic, happening, it's not like okay let me just tell you or you've got all the answers inside you go mm-hmm, so, when, I took, a look and I scrolled through the coaching staff.

I Noticed. That each, of you had a why. WHYY. Listed. What is thought about our, why's are well. I'll. Say, it like this the whys are what, makes what, makes you take what's, what, is that you're gonna be able to make the most impact in the world my, why is and, I know this is crazy but it's from a movie from our, this child he used to watch when he was younger he's 23 now. My. Heard a TRD, so, whether it's my two legged humans. In my house my children and my husband or it's the four-legged girls, that I have the, dogs everything. I do whether it's a volunteering, or its helping small business owners anything, I'm able to give back to anyone that's. It's, for my heart that's. My wife. So. That's your why and I get, that you know big it's you, know what what brings. Out your passion right, your motivation, so, when looking through your website something else that I notice and you actually just brought it up and that, was it's, an acronym yes, able, learning, a ble. Tell. Us again what does that mean and what is that about its action based actually ABL oh and I may have been a Titan of typing what may have autocorrected love that action. Based experiencial. Learning, and like I said it's when we have our trainings, or our workshops, we're gonna have people up and moving and doing things and not you know kind of not totally. Getting them out of the comfort zone but we want them to actually remember that rather than just writing, it down they won't we want the action based fun, that's. Right a beol, just understand. And, again. Kind of poking around, tell. Us just, a little bit about, like. You said you are the franchisor. Right so you're the franchisor, and. What. Is it that you provide. To. Your members, and help me out a little bit there yes. Well we like I said we do have the kind of like a pilot franchisee, running in our office but then we also offer to our franchise, we want to make it a lifestyle, brand so, they can run everything from, their. Mobile device whether, it be a laptop an iPad or, a cell phone we. Want to make it where they can work four days a week and still, make the money they want to make and spend the time with their family, we. Want, to offer a world class to. Those folks we, have a central business training which I touched on with the 24, different modules, we, also have a master, minor appear, advisory, catalyst, groups where we have folks. If you think back you, know centuries ago when Edison and Ford, got. Together and they're like okay how can we fix this what can we do to get this problem solved that's what our peer to peer and our mastermind, groups are do we have the small business owners coming together okay. This is what I'm this is the issue I'm having let's all help me fix it exactly, so that's what our franchisees, are offering, to, those, folks of anywhere from 5 to 15 small business owners that they have the room and then we also have NEX, pert and I did did, say that correctly that's, NEX, PE RT next, pert business, coaching, and it's, kind of unique you.

Know The typical business coach, is like you know you have all the answers inside you kind of like I mentioned before or, a business consultant where, okay. I'm going to tell you what you need to do so you get it done yeah no we're not going to do that we're gonna make sure we kind of collaborate, it's gonna be kind. Of a business, cult-like a coach consultant, kind. Of thing I know my husband came up with that kind, of funny word but I cannot repeat it I mean it's not bad but I just don't remember how he said mesh, the words you'd like bitch the words together. So. When, if somebody comes on board as an expert coaching client they're gonna come. On board and they're like okay I need help with a business plan mm-hmm, they're gonna go to our business plan coach and, then they're like okay they're going to the process and everything through that and then like oh I'm ready to do marketing they're gonna go to our next expert, which. Is our marketing coach and they're gonna go through their marketing. Plan and just down the line we have a, plethora. Of different, coaches, that have expertise, they specialize, so you're going to go to the next expert. And. It you have something else I believe you offer it was achievement. Global, Summit oh we have a lifestyle, achievement, global summit it's, a mouth word mmm I'll always do LA. We. Have a lifestyle global lifestyle. Of achievement global summit coming up the, 15th to the 19th of October but it's open to the public the last few days and what, we're doing actually, with our franchises, across the globe they'll, will have a spring event so they'll be having a local impact in, working, with their community, and things like that and then, in the fall we'll all get together we'll have all of our franchisees our coaches, our, members, our team get, together we gonna, do something to kind of help each other but also kind of give back like this year on the this I actually open to the public we do have several tickets available just, a few and the pricing the pricing, decrease.

Or Increase goes, up after tomorrow we're, going to the King Center on the 18th, so we're gonna go that's kind of part of our mission which is a social impact being able to see what dr. Martin Luther King I know we all grew up knowing. What, he's done but you know it's really cool to be able to go through and walk through, all those that information there they, were returned to the hotel there we're having it at the Omni at the battery, go. Through a take, flight learning, which is kind of like a personality style so we're going to work with folks, and how, they can really really. Deepen, their relationship, with their key, customers. Or clients, and. Then on Friday this is the part of the summit we have six speakers that are going to speak to Wow family. Or, if I'm sorry faith and then family and friends fitness. Finance. Fun, and field, and the. Reason why we want people to do that is because you, know we all have all those access backs but acts, aspects. In our lives are absolutely, and if you you know if you're something's, going on with your family or you're not you're, not fit and your health is a drag and you're having to worry all those things then your your fields not going to be so good your business is going to kind of be, lacking so. That's why we think of these six FS and no I promise, you I'm not saying a bad word they're all good words they're. All good words, throw. In a seven through a franchise. But. The reality is if you get all those areas, those six areas it you know you can't have balance because nothing's, going to be ever be balanced in every single aspect of that but, if you have harmony with that then, you're gonna be extremely successful in, your business career and, all those all those aspects of the six FS i like. That and we just what made me come to mind right away it was just you're right role working, so hard to have balance, and it's not really realistic in all those areas I don't think said to receive harmony, that's, that sends a completely, different message, yes excellent. So. I saw one page on the site and a, video about something, called the no coach, Prince. Oh it's hilarious you have to go see it is, it, was actually something we were doing several different video shoots and all of a sudden we asked my husband a question David and he's like oh it's a note coaching more like what and we're all like getting our cameras up and our phones everything to recording him and you, know I've got alluded to it already the note coaches like you know if you get a coach the typical, coach is like you have all the answers inside, you go and figure it out can you tell me let's work through that so your a lot of money for someone to tell you that you have all the answers but. Then like I said the consultant, is there just gonna get it done knock it out and you're like okay what did they do how, did we get here how do we fix that. But. The note coaches we're we're gonna come alongside those small business owners and really hold their hand get. Action plans to get processes, in place hold, them accountable and. Be, along, that journey with, them to help them be truly successful, wow that's powerful. So. Again if someone wanted to I just. Want to make sure that, all our listeners are clear because, there's two paths here in my opinion either, one you're already a, small, business owner and might, be seeking, out your services. Yes, and, that's how you'll become a member and a, little refresher how would they learn about this summit it might be a great way or Connie you, can either go to high achievers calm, and go and click on the button about lifestyle, of achievement, Global Summit okay and they're, able to go there they can find out all the information to, register online they, can also if they would like to stay at the Omni and I will tell you it is a better price than what they're getting right now because how well the Braves are doing so. With. That being said you. Know we have folks that are spending the night Thursday, night so they can be there first thing in the morning to go in you know get started not to deal with traffic mm-hm, so high achievers calm and, then click on that button for the lifestyle achievement Global Summit and if I wanted to learn what it would mean to actually become a franchisee.

We, Have a franchise button, on there as well okay or they can go to high achievers, franchise, calm okay, excellent. Yeah any any other information on how to reach out to you the website, semester websites the best way or you're welcome to give us a call at six seven eight eight, eight eight zero two, zero, two and what's the number six seven eight eight eight eight zero two zero, two excellent. Wow will congratulations. Thank you so much and we're super excited I can't, wait that is the week of my birthday so I told David what a way to spend my birthday great. It's. Gonna be a lot of people there they get to celebrate with me not that I'm expecting gifts just to be able to be wrong folks. Can't. Hit nine eyes. Thank. You so much I welcome really great to have you on the show. And are. We, rich. Are we ready for our surprise guest. Yeah. Excellent. Well we do have a calling guest and actually he is I think, it's, safe for me dick I don't want to age or anything but, you. And I have been around you. And, I have been around in the franchise, world for quite some time. And. I just. Definitely. Want to welcome you to the franchise business radio show very excited to have you as a virtual, guest we. Have on calling, in we have dick Humphrey kiss with workstation. Technology. Workstation. Technology, designs. And manufacturers. Self, served water, vending. Machines, that are both planet, friendly and human. Healthy. And I, want to talk about that because this is a hot, topic and, much, much, needed. Dick. Before we do that would you mind just giving a little bit of a backdrop on yourself, for our listeners okay. I've got about 12 years experience in the area of franchising, part of that I was a managing. Partner with, a executive. Search, firm and getting involved with healthcare, for, sales and marketing for diagnostic. Medical imaging equipment, but. I've really enjoyed getting, into. The area of working, in the franchise, world and also. Franchising. Also has have businesses, opportunities. In fact the company I'm representing, right now water station, technology, is. A business, it's which. Means there is no upfront, franchise, fees that's required there's no monthly, fees. Over, a X, number of years that you have the their licensing, agreement, with so it brings some economical. Benefits, as well absolutely. And your, our listeners, you know that we kind of as franchise. Consultants. Which dick, and I've been in the franchise space for quite some time you kind of put things into buckets franchise, opportunity, or what we call a non franchise business opportunity, would that be fair to say dick yes. It is correct. Talk. To us a more, about water station. This. Epidemic, of, top, water contamination. Being. In our drinking, water. Health. You know it's it's a very serious, concern. Mm-hmm. And there, are links you can go to in, fact you can go to eat, WG, dot. Org. It'll, give you an interactive, map of United States you. Can, click. On Georgia, look. Or. Any, other city that you may be in the surrounding, areas of Atlanta even put your zip code in it'll. Actually tell you what water contaminants. Are coming out of your faucet that. You should not be drinking so. More and more people are hearing more about in fact there's 250. Million Americans, in all 50 states right, now they're, experiencing, this problem hmm now here's the issue well people say well gosh I better drink these. Plastic water bottles is going to be a lot safer well 40 percent of the water and those water bottles are actually, coming. Out of a faucet so. That's not helping, you and there's, another issue as some of the water that you're drinking it's reverse osmosis, which is important, to have there's. Some good and bad boys report reverse, osmosis one of the bad is that it's taking out both the good and the bad minerals, and by, taking out the good minerals, it's, now Lauren the pH level in our bodies down to a lower level that, we don't want it gets us down into the seven range and in fact, when we go in for an annual physical. Most. Of the time they're going to be looking at our blood pressure and our temperature, but they'll also look at our lipids they want to see what your pH level is if. You're dropping down to a seven that means you have some symptoms going on in your body you have a lot of acid.

And. What. This particular, filtration. System that water, station technology, has it's a patent pending right now there's seven major steps they go through and one of them they put 20 natural minerals back into the water, itself and. By doing that now it takes the blood and makes it like micro, bubbles and float closer to the body a lot easier and faster and and it the, body becomes more alkalinity, based, and there's no more acid buildup so it flushes out the unwanted chemicals we don't want so. That's why the rule benefits, as far as the alkaline, water portion, though it allows you to feel considerably better and there's. Some major advantages, with it but there the, other issue to look at what people are drinking plastic water bottles, is that, epidemic, that's occurring in, the last two years fifty billion plastic, water bottles, came in in the United States and only twenty-three percent are, actually recycled. And, it takes a thousand, years or those bottles disintegrate, that's a very serious issue there's many colleges, many, cities now are banning plastic. Water bottles the, other issue is because, the the, cost, for recycling, there's small communities, can't even afford it anymore and. Now with the Chinese coming up starting, next year that we're not going to be able to have any waste delivered. To them anymore this, is a significant. Problem for the u.s. right now well. The benefit of this particular model, that and. Business, that we have it's a bottle of so. There's no need for any plastic, water bottles so we really say the environment is truly, an eco-friendly type, of the business so. I was just gonna say yet obviously. I mean, you you stated at all I mean we're, we're moving in the right direction, in. Regards, to, healthy. Water. What's. What's. The solution, with I mean how does water station, to help solve, that problem. Well. It filters. Out the unwanted, contaminants, mm-hm, number one number, two it eliminates, the. Bottles. And it becomes very eco-friendly, and, that eliminates the cost for, some of the recycling, costs where a lot of communities can't afford it anymore those are the three main benefits that it can address so. It sounds like a no-brainer and. For. Someone who maybe has a passion, for this or is looking for a non, franchise, business, opportunity. Talk. To me a little bit about who. Does your, business. Concept appeal. To. Well. We, we primarily work when those investors, are looking to diversify their portfolio, this is a 100, percent total, turnkey, mmm-hmm. Type of investment. So there's no need for the investor, to go, out and find locations. To service the equipment, and things like change filters, none of that occurs but. As there, is a management, group, that. The investor, partners. With as, a joint venture partnership, and. The, partnership, is the, investor, the funds, that they're providing, are used then to buy, the equipment, and. Then they have a management, team in place that will do all the searching of the locations, and. Prepare. The sites have. A units installed calibrate, and then operate, them on a day to day basis, and handle all the maintenance that's required, the.

Benefit, For the investor, is that they don't, have to do any of that activity. And they receive a in, actual, a check, in the middle of the month with, a profit, loss statement that. Also identified. With. A QuickBooks type, compatibility. For the CPAs to use for the tax purposes mm-hmm. And. Unlike. A lot of what. I call classic. Or traditional. Franchise models, where. You, as a business owner are, let's, say more hands-on or we like to refer to them as the active, owner operator, as some permit semi absentee, would. You classify water. Station. As a, passive. Ownership. Yes. Very much so yeah I got this passive, or turnkey, some people call it turn okay, beautiful, but it is definitely a passive, type ownership, which which is to me a very mix work water, station a very unique opportunity outside. Of your traditional, classic. Franchise businesses. Because. It is true investors model. If. Someone, wanted to learn more, about this opportunity, how. Would they get in touch with you deck well. They can call me I have a toll-free number it's eight seven, seven nine, four, one zero zero. Zero two and that's. In Central Time and also. You can go on the website it's water station, technology, dot-com. Excellent. Thank you so much well. I appreciate you calling in it would have been nice to have, you face-to-face but. I'll, take virtual when I can get it. Absolutely. Well. Thanks thanks a lot dick appreciate, you dialing in. We. Are going to go ahead and, we're, kind of coming down to the bottom of the hour here for franchise business radio again. This is your host Pamela, Currie founder. Of franchise intellect, and host of franchise business radio as. I mentioned earlier the mission of franchise business radio is to, do exactly this, so, you have platform, to bring together franchisee, professionals, and resources. To, connect, to. Educate, and to collaborate to serve the franchise community and consumer, and I, just want to thank all my guests for being on, the show today and if, we could quickly just go around if anyone has if, you could just again give us your contact information, for our listeners, and. How to reach out to you no. Matter what their objective, is to actually be a customer, or. If they want to look into the franchise opportunity. Beth. Thank. You for having us and again I'm Beth Ardo and this. Is Suzy McDaniel, and you can reach either one of us at LearningRx. Comm, and we. Are at the, Atlanta, Buckhead location, or Alpharetta. Johns Creek excellent. Thank You Kimberly. Yes, Kimberly Alexander, with high achievers, and. High, achievers, comm, or six seven eight eight eight eight zero two, zero two thank, you so much I'm excited about being here and thank you for having me yeah Wellcome pleasure to have you wonderful. Well thanks again to everybody for being on the show and that. Brings it to a rap thank. You, thank. You again for, joining Pam Korean, her guests on the franchise business, radio show, sponsored, by franchise. Intellect, a full-service franchise, consulting, and development, firm more, info. Franchise, intellect, calm also. Made possible in part by social. Jelly the social media experts, that provide a hyperlocal, presents, for your franchise, more, info, at social. Joey com, use. The social media links here to share today's show and check out more episodes, at franchise. Business, radio.com.

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