LeadFunnelCloud Review - ✋STOP✋ Don't Buy Without My SUPER Bonuses!

LeadFunnelCloud Review - ✋STOP✋ Don't Buy Without My SUPER Bonuses!

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Hey how's it going it's Samuel from Samuel Zion reviews calm and welcome to my lead funnel cloud review okay, I've got early bird access to this to, the software, and I've been you know playing around with it for the past couple of days checking, out if it's actually, worth it if it's actually what it says it it is and you know basically going behind the actual product and seeing if it's, gonna be something worth you know showing to you guys and I'm sure you guys wanna know the same thing if it lives up to its hype well, I'm gonna let you know all that in this video review okay, I'm also gonna, be showing you some custom. And exclusive. Bonuses that I've created. Just for, a leave funnel cloud and I'll be showing to you that first and foremost so, if that's what you're looking for only and then I'll be showing you that and then you can go ahead and make your purchase if you're the orders contend. With the product and after, that I'll be going to in the actual, members, area and the actual software, itself and you know giving you a quick demo of it talking. A bit about it what I like but I didn't like and after. That I'll also, be going to a sales page and finally. We'll end it there and I'll give my final thoughts on it okay so, we're gonna go through all that right, after this video intro. All. Right so first off you could be watching, this video on YouTube, and if you're watching it on YouTube, at any, time you wanna click on the video description right down below and you'll, see a link you can click that link in your head over to this blog post which. Is much more descriptive, you can even read my review if you don't want to watch it and that's, totally fine as well and you, can do all that on this blog post and at the end of this blog post you're. Gonna see by. The way throughout the blog post you'll see these caddies. Active. Links that you can click the head over to the, sales page at any time and pick up your. Copy, but. Apart, from that at, the bottom let's look at all my custom bonuses and other exclusive bonuses, that I'm giving away for. Lead funnel cloud and the first bonus, I'm giving away is a complete. Walkthrough, of Lee funnel cloud now this is this gonna be a video, that I shoot and because I've been playing around with this software, for a while now I kind. Of know what. It does and what it's good at and I can I believe. I can give it way better walk, through an explanation of the software, then, kind, of a generic one that, is that comes with actual actual. Software so. That's, what I'm gonna be doing in this first, bonus, of it so we did that I sure I'm gonna be showing you step-by-step setting, up a whole, campaign. Of a lead funnel cloud list, building you, know, page. And a whole funnel and you'll, see exactly how I'm doing it and you'll be able to actually you know take, that knowledge and imply. It and get results much faster so. This is something that I made myself nobody. Else is offering this and this is something that I think's gonna help you a lot I get, you know started faster, and you know quite frankly understand. It I understand, what it is right from the starting point right so that's not my first bonus now. The second, bonus. Is my. Number one recommended course which is launch jacking it's a course by law Jono Armstrong, this, is something that I you, know picked up a couple, of months ago when, it first came out but now you can get this for, free as a bonus for picking up need funnel cloud through. This page. And this course. Right here has. Personally. Helped me you know add in, additional, $150. To, $400. For everything, every campaign I promote, any affiliate. Stuff I do and just in general added, that, additional. Revenue stream into my business it's super powerful and it's something that if you're a total new you haven't made any money online you. Should check this out again you're gonna be getting it for free we're, picking up lead funnel cloud through, this blog post now the third morning giving away is one of my own premium, courses that's still being sold on where your plus for thirteen dollars and this, is called the 48-hour income, system okay and this is a case study by my friend and partner Jeff, Crowe and on. How he made five hundred dollars in a single day with a special, method he uses for all his affiliate campaigns, and this, method multiplies, his commissions every time he's used it so it's all revealed in the 48 hour income system a premium.

Course You'll be getting instant and complete access, to it with, your purchase of lead funnel cloud through, this blog post bonus. Number four is another premium course of mine called affiliate, domination blueprint. Also being sold on the world plus marketplace for $13, it got a deal of the day it's sold like crazy and people absolutely loved it now this is an A to Z affiliate, marketing blueprint, to start making hundred dollars per day online so, if you want if you are not getting the success you have been getting with affiliate marketing and you, want a genuine, good guide I think, this one this one, course, is gonna help you a lot with that and the cool thing is that with, lead funnel cloud as a software. To use you're gonna be finding. This course much more easier to implement it's, gonna be a breeze for you and just. These through these to go so. Hand-in-hand so if you have lead, funnel cloud which you don't have that much knowledge and, internet marketing and affiliate marketing, to, actually have a proven system to use lead funnel cloud with this. Course is gonna help you out with that now. Bonus. Number five is just a cool little case study of how to make two thousand dollars in twenty minutes with, Facebook, groups okay this is a very powerful face. Type of case study that I actually got rights to give away to my blog readers and in this case that he Brennan mesh Brennan. Mace who's a huge. Word. Plus you know vendor and affiliate, he's gonna show you how he made two thousand dollars in twenty minutes in with Facebook, groups and this is amazing, fast, cash taken, and it, works perfectly, with leaf on a cloud as well you'll see once, we go inside lead. Funnel cloud just accommodates, all these bonuses so. Nicely, and you can see exactly how I actually use this exact, method myself and, I, made about 500 $600. Didn't put nearly as much effort as Brendan did but, it really does work and it still works fantastically, if you just take action on it okay so that's another awesome, bonus that you'll be getting for free and it's, gonna be delivered to you instantly, in with, along with your purchase of the. Funnel cloud okay now, bonus, number six is you get all of the vendor bonuses, included. So. If, so. Most. Of the time you know vendors and other. Vendors of leave funnel cloud also did this they, give their affiliates. Certain. Bonuses, to help in their promotions, and 99%. Of affiliates, they're, just gonna give you one or five or three of these bonuses, and that's going to be their entire bonus mangal they're not gonna give anything else because they're lazy or maybe, they just don't care that much whatever, the reason is they're. Just gonna give you that so I'm actually gonna give you every, single bonus. That the vendor has given us just gonna give, that all, those to you in addition, to my own bonuses, that you can see above these premium courses above you're gonna get those as well and, I'll show you those bonuses, in case you were interested in seeing what they are and there, are 16, additional, bonuses that you're gonna get at 16, additional ones okay and the first one is Facebook quiz, creator so you can create really cool quizzes, on Facebook they help in today have really helped with engagement, and really, getting people to reply to your posts, and stuff like that that builds up your you know your.

Profiles. Image in facebook and every, time you're posting stuff if it's affiliate, you know promotions, or whatever a lot, more people see your posts and in addition is just all, around you all really help you with your internet. Marketing and branding, so that's your first bonus. The second bonus is the newbie traffic system and this, is basically a system that's going to show you how to get free target, traffic, traffic. And. Like the best quality, it's gonna be showing you that and it's gonna allow you to boost your your questions with lead funnel clouds so this works perfectly wheelie funnel cloud as well and next. We have rapid, lead magnets so this. Is a quick and easy lead, magnet funnel, I'll. Help you build very quick and, good-looking. Lead magnets, and it's, gonna help with lead, from the cloud because of course the funnel cloud is amazing, for building. List building. Funnels. So you'll be able to build different. List building photos with a click of a button and this is gonna help you get your lead magnets for that as well and I'm. Gonna go through the rest of the bonuses button by the names because it's gonna take forever if I go to all six three all sixteen like this so, if you if you're interested just pause the video and read the descriptions, of each of the ones but the net bonus number four is affiliate, marketing mistakes, and. Bonus. Number five is WP, support, bot so it's gonna be help you it's give me like a support, bar for you for, your business and sales, funnel fast-track, is bonus number 6 WP. Notification. Bar is bonus number seven profit. Maximizer, is bonus number eight and then, we have WP. Email timer plus as a bonus number nine survey. Funnel bonus, number ten instant. Content creator, then, you're getting viral, list autopilot. Geo. Visitor. Four, figure affiliate, promotion, okay that's below that one looks interesting WP. Easy viral, contest, jvzoo. Sales funnels and, those. That's it so those are the 16, additional. Really. High-quality bonuses. You're gonna be getting this is not PLR this, is custom created to suit leave, lead. Funnel. Cloud and it's really gonna help you specifically. With that software okay so those are all my bonuses, if you're interested, again any time just come over to this page click on the video description in, YouTube and your head over to this page and you can click on any of the active links so, and they'll just take you straight to leave funnel cloud so right above, or under. You as you can see and I must let you know that only 50, bonus bundles, are available, so after 50 bonus bundles, where it says this this red part it'll say no more 50 no more bonus bundles available, and if. That says if it says that then you're not gonna get my bonus bundles because these are very premium. And something I wanna strict to, just the first 50 people that come to this page and pick these up okay so you, wanna come in quick and you don't want to delay on that as well okay so now with that said let's get on to my review, of lead funnel cloud okay, so here we're on the sales page of lead, we'll cloud as you can see and it says sick, of tired, and sick and tired of feeling to build a profitable list, and as you know the. Money is in the list rate and I cannot literally. I cannot emphasize this enough that if you aren't building your email list right now. You. Need to be doing that because if you want to literally, build something, that you could just make money on demand, with it's an email list I know why you may have not done that to this point it's, probably because you know the capture, pages although all, the law technical, stuff that's involved with that it's just too much to like, understand, but, I think that with. Lead funnel cloud where everything, is created. For you with the click of a button or with a couple of clicks of a button I think, there's no excuse for you to just you know try this out and this combined, with again my, affiliate, domination blueprint.

Course Which, shows you how, to set up for your marketing with list. Building all that sorts of stuff I think, you are all set up you have the training and you get the software to just make this the most easiest, thing literally within a couple minutes, you can have your own list building. Campaigns. And funnels all set up and ready to go okay discover. A copy/paste, system to build that builds your you proven, lead funnels, that can get you traffic leads, and recruitment, recurring, commissions hands-free. Okay this is 100%, newbie, friendly it's, super easy to use and you. Can watch the video to find out how there's gonna be a video here that's, gonna help you so this is just a preview right now the actual sales page hasn't gone live of course the course is gonna go live on September. 11th, at 9 a.m. est so right now it's September 10th but, yeah so of course we have to watch the video and go to that but I'm just gonna go through some of the points here for you and talk. What they are basically, about your first time you didn't get, 25. Ready, to use lead funnels, okay so Ju just add your affiliate, link to, these funnels that's all you do and you. Are all set up and ready to go no creating the bonus, but the pages you know getting a designer to make it look all pretty, making. It like you know integrate, with all the other stuff, going. Out and spending you know hundreds, of dollars per month on those different, landing. Page software's, and all, that sorts of stuff that's what I really love about this I'll get more about on this later but you know your, typical landing, page software's they, cost anywhere. From you know $99. Per month to even more than that for. The really good ones and I. Personally, thought lead funnel cloud did the exact, same thing if not even more because this also that shows you how to get traffic, traffic's also included, in the software itself and that's. Something that other software's another, you know sites, don't have and these. Guys are doing it for a one-time, price during launch week so it's no monthly cost and it's no outlandish. You know two hundred three hundred dollar one-time. Fee either it's very very cheap and that's why I really, appreciate. These guys doing this and you know giving something to the marketplace that is really gonna help the, marketplace, out especially newbies, that just can't afford those you know expensive softwares, now, apart.

From The twenty five rate use lead funnel as you also can get ready. To use follow up emails so you can use these follow up emails to you know follow, up with your leads and you don't make money on autopilot because you won't have to actually reach out to them message them sell, anything to them your follow-up, sequences, do all that and you can do whatever you want honestly so that's that's the whole benefit, and cool thing about you know email marketing and list building now. After. That you get a hundred proven, to convert products. That, you can use with, these funnels and you, can promote the most popular, digital products on the top of for your networks like jvzoo, paid comm Clickbank, and others and you get fifty i catchy. Lead templates, as well okay so you get you can build an endless supply of free fresh ways to build you a huge list with, these fifty I can't you lead templates, then, we have floods, of viral social traffic's like I said once. You create your funnel is you can also instantly, with the click of a button share. These funnels on you know all of the, viral. Social media platforms, and once you do that you're going to be just getting Accords, of traffic coming in from these different places if you set them up the right way and it's, really not that hard it's just a matter of creating an account maybe adding a page, with those accounts, or something like that and then. After that just sharing your funnel to these pages and just watching the traffic come in and you, know building up your email list on autopilot okay. Then they also have you, know facebook. Messenger integration. So if you want to you know instantly. Add, facebook Messenger, boxes, to your to. Your funnels you can do that as well I. Personally. Haven't tried that on the software because I've never used chat boxes yet but, I'm sure that part, would work fine as well and I'm sure if you're a total newbie you, might not want to do that right away but that feature is there which is pretty cool you can try kind, of try that out in the future, now, it's also GDP, or compliance, something that means there's not going to be any issues there, you.

Know That's a new. Type, of policy, that's come up for European, website. Viewers and stuff like that you have to have certain things to make be. Able to promote or show stuff to them and this. Is gonna be hundred percent GDP, are compliant, so you won't have to go through the necessary, legal issues, of getting that set up separately, now, and finally this is super easy to follow so it's 100% cloud-based you don't have to download anything nothing. Needs to be put on your computer nothing needs to run on your computer it's, all on the internet, just like those other. $304. Courses, and so software's, that, do the same thing as this, this and the one-time price for this is only $29. And I'll. Actually show you the different, options. You have here. And. I just want to let you guys know also that if there is some type of coupon. I'm. Get I know all the details for those if something, comes up and they're offering, some type of discount coupon, you, can best, bet that I'll have them on my blog so, be displayed, clearly if that if there is someone that's valid currently so you can best tell you're gonna get the absolute best price for, this software, and this, whole bundle, logic in here on. My blog post you might have to go anywhere else for a coupon, or anything else everything's gonna be here for you I'm gonna make this as easy as possible for you to make a decision and see if lead, funnel cloud is for you okay so now there's gonna be three different, plants. That you can choose with leaf from the cloud now the first is the starter plan and, and. The second is the scale plan and then we have the professional clan which, is the most recommended, one now, the starter. Plan is gonna be just everything. Is included, with this and non-thinking where any of the features the, only thing that's not good that's gonna be different between them is the number of affiliate, funnels you can make so, with the starter plan you can only create one funnel, so you will have that template, the library, of the other you, know the high-paying, products, and the templates, and all other stuff but, you'll only be able to use one at. A time okay but in with, the scale plan and the professional, plan you'll be able to use multiples, so the scale plan you can use ten, and the multiple, plan a professional. Plan you can use unlimited, and that's the cool part and the price difference between, them is you. Know during launch week is only you know twenty dollars and with with, this early bird coupon if you come on early, you, can read cloud, early, at the checkout, and you're gonna get at an additional, $10, off so that's just $10, more than the, scale, plan and it's only you know the, difference is just astronomical so, you're gonna get unlimited, number, of silly, funnels here and you didn't get ten here which can route eventually, I don't want you guys to go through that so, because, the prices are so close right now I would highly recommend going, with the, professional, plan okay. Unless. You know you're open you're not gonna spend more than ten and that way in that case this is fine as well but in any case I would just still recommend, going with the professional, one just, so you're. Not gonna be regretting, that later on because, you, won't be able to upgrade. From the 29, to the 49 pack later on so if you purchase the, 29, pack then, the, thirty-nine pack because with the coupon the thirty-nine pack is you're. Gonna have to purchase that separately if you want to get that okay so, that, is basically, the sales phase now let's get on to my review I'll go over the upgrades, and stuff. Like that my thoughts on the course and stuff like that. So. Now. In. General. The I, think. I did a pretty good pretty, good explanation, of lis funnel cloud in general now it's good / - like there's, gonna be some a couple of upgrades that you can leak in that you can potentially, pick up if you were interested, now, there's three upgrades and the. First upgrade is let's.

See How many upgrades are there's four upgrades, but, the, first upgrade is lead funnel cloud elite can this is the elite. Version of. Lead, funnel cloud and this is going to be going for fifty dollars and with this yes you guys can create a hundred. Percent set-and-forget, funnels. And generate. Five times more traffic leads and five, times more recurring, passive Commission's, without. Any extra, effort so it's gonna unlock a few more features that you. May be interested in if you want to take a look at them you can look at them right here they, add. Quite, a lot. More features, that in those parts, now, update, number two is lead funnel cloud enterprise, so this is an enterprise version. It's going to add a couple more features more for, like you know big. Companies and stuff like that but if you find something that's really interesting to yourself I'm gonna pick them up of course it's still a huge, deal if you look at the competition if you look at other people they're offering you're charging $99. Per month for this stuff so I still. Definitely think it's totally, worth it if you want to even go for the enterprise, version although it's not necessary, and if, you don't think so about you might want to read through the additional, features that you get now, upgrade number three is leap funnel cloud reseller, so with this offering you can sell leave, funnel cloud and keep, a hundred percent of the profit so I'm sure you know what early reseller, licenses if you don't, basically. So. If you get the reseller license, and you you know promote lead funnel cloud to someone else if that, person purchases, the funnel cloud through you you'll, be able to get like, anything, that they purchase will be purchased the different. End and they purchased something else you'll, make a hundred percent of the profits the company and leave funnel cloud won't make anything, everything. Will go to you so if you're interested in that you can make pickup upgrade number three it's really, valuable considering. The amount of money you can make with this and how good the software is you, know G to just promote it's a no-brainer because it's so much cheaper than its competition but. Yeah, now. Upgrade number four is lead funnel cloud Premium, Membership so this is gonna be a twenty seven dollars per month membership, and you're. Gonna get just, five. New marketing templates, every single month you're, gonna get unlimited, business, domains. And subdomains and, you're gonna get unlimited, team, management eliminate client licenses.

Library. A library, with unlimited hosting on fast servers and 200, GB bandwidth, per month so, you're gonna get the hosting, included with that getting. A lightning fast speed, and boost conversions with, their CDN services, so basically it's, a or premium membership with 4-leaf funnel cloud members if they're interested, those. Are some additional stuff that you can look at as well okay now here's my thoughts on lis funnel cloud overall. I highly recommend, de lis funnel cloud software, and here's why the, software makes a list building process so easy that it's, in just insane all, you have to do is literally grab, your affiliate link from whatever you. Want to promote and they, have the, whole funnel all you know set up and done for you all you have to do is just paste in your favorite link integrate. Your autoresponder which is so simple and after. That you just set it live you know you can share with the, one-click traffic, sources, that they have to, the different social medias, or you can even you know promote you, using, other traffic sources but, the main point is that your whole list, building, funnel. Is created, for you within minutes and that's amazing, and for a one-time price of like twenty, seven to thirty seven dollars I think that's a total steal for what they're offering here and again. I'll be showing you like the. Competition. That we have for, the event I'll. Show you the inside the members are in just a minute but, as you can see similar, to like leadpages. They. Have, is standard. Pram plan which is, only. Lets you create, a certain, number of. Pages. And it's very similar it is not set, up entire, funnels, for you like lead, funnel cloud this but, it's kind of similar and like the way you can create your pages and you have templates and you're gonna edit them but, they are doing it for thirty seven dollars per month the pro plan is for $79, per month and, there's an advanced, one. For three hundred twenty one dollars per month and this, is just 80, bucks per month every single month that you're gonna be having to pay for leadpages, and of, course you've probably heard of click funnels another competitor, and they, are, $99. Per month or even two hundred and ninety seven dollars per month if you, want to take the more superior, version and leave, funnel cloud is going for a one-time, $39, which is just insane and we.

Use I think you can use my coupon code to get in additional, $10, off and it's just one time so it's not gonna be a monthly fee for you which. Is why I highly. Recommend, the course okay. Let's. Get back to my review here. And go over so, I also, believe that the creators, of the product have done a great job in delivering on their promises, on the sales page I did not find any bugs any problems, with the pages the, Builder. That they have integrated, into lead funnel cloud is very similar to like click funnels and lead pages it's, like drag, and drop and it's, super simple to edit stuff on there and I, think it's built up to be super newbie friendly friendly newbies as well so I don't have I haven't found any problems with it I tested one a, couple of photos actually I deleted. Them afterwards, and then I tried. One with just, you know do try to bring like a bonus page with it and that, worked out pretty cool as well so, overall I didn't have any problems with lead funnel cloud I think they did deliver it exactly, how they promised and now. I'll just be going in the actual dashboard, as you can see here I actually. Got review access for this and. This. Is what you're gonna come into after you make your purchase on. The top right corner over here you can you know edit your profile, edit your what subscription, you are hot you have you, can add in a logo, if you want to have your own personal, business logo show up on all your funnels, but, I didn't do any of that I just tested, out the funnel and the left side here you have the dashboard. Some. Where you can go to you, know set up the funnel so you can see your report so how are your different funnels are doing how the stats. Are and stuff like that you have some training from the actual of a creator. So they did a pretty good job of explaining it in addition to that of course, as you know in my bonus I'm going to be giving an additional walkthrough. Entire. Like hold, and do the whole thing and then, they also have the bonuses, so remember I mentioned the 16 bonuses, from the vendors well, you're gonna get those delivered. Instantly inside, here not my own exclusive. Bonuses you're not gonna get those I just log mean so let me just log back in okay so I'm back inside and. So. Yeah like I was saying so those bonuses you'll get access to them right inside over here as you can see and they're, all gonna be done for you now the other bonuses the six bonuses. That I was offering which are exclusive. Nobody, else is offering them those, can are gonna be given to you in a separate bonus. Page. A bonus delivery page and you'll, see that rate where you go to access, here purchase. In jvzoo, under that sa bonus. Buy, you wanna click on that and you'll, be able to you'll be taken to that. Separate.

Private, Page okay that's not gonna be anywhere, inside here now as, you can see it's very very, easy to get, around in this members. Area let's, just go and create a funnel. And. As. You can see there's so many templates and options that we have here but, I really. Liked doing was setting, up. Promos. So if I go to promos the specific, courses, that. Are you, know just that, you can use that are already out there and you, can use these to, just you know put in your favorite link and you don't have to do anything else for them I think it was, probably. That's, the one that was now, the one, that I really like promoting. Here, was. Let's. Try, viral, for a second here. So. She shares so as you can see there's, a lot of like the common. Types of capture. Page ideas, like they have on the, leaf funnels and I, click click. Funnels. And all the other options, is as, well ready. To use that's what I want to say yes I'm ready to use our actual, you know courses, that you know they, have a whole, we. Have a whole page set up for them specifically, like crypto suite was, an amazingly, huge course, you know all these we were and. Let's. Go to meal a meal prima, right now select. This for example then, you would simply go on to, Google get, your affiliate link for meal primo, so just like male primogeniture. Straight. Right male. Primo. Network. With jvzoo, I'll put something generic in here for now. Google.com. Habitat. Now. The funnel, name I'll call it mail primo. Capture, there we go and the. Facebook messenger again I didn't use that personally, but if you know how to do that and you are interested in that you can definitely go for that. Now. Let's, do, this let's. Hit create. Oh I. Think I already had this one Chris let's just call him el primo, this time I. Already. Created a very exact. Same slug for one, male. Primo capture. There, we go. And. Here. As you can see it'll, pop up a page bullet for you which you can edit and you know integrate it with your autoresponder and, setup easily and as you can see it's super drag-and-drop, exactly. Like the one. The, two, 1971. $99. Per month $87, per month. Different, software's, out there and you can just simply edit, something any of this and say generate. Yeah. More of these you can edit some part of like that if you want you can integrate your autoresponder so. You can select it I haven't actually interview add in my autoresponder. My, a barber account with this but if you want you, just, have to do that from the settings then. You just select your list out of them you paste in your custom. Form and you, hit enter and then it's going to be integrated, then, you can edit the designs a bit with the sections, you can edit the SEO options make it ranked on Google by. You know adding some keywords adding a good description on the title and after. That you, can of course just edit the page save, it publish, it then you want to hit promote after that I'll just do that really quickly here, yes. Okay. So I, think. It just popped, me out of here so let's go back to my products. Just. Let it get really quickly. Select. Yep. Now. Let's, go to, promote. Okay. So autoresponders, not set so yeah I actually, reset. It this so anyway so once you go and hit promote, then. You have three, to five different, depending. On what package, you paid you have, social. Accounts that you can instantly just click on and it will automatically, select kind, of like a syndication, software. It'll, share it to those you. Know to those sites, and automatically, you have a nice, place where your new funnel, is showing after.

You Can go ahead and you, know do, some additional traffic strategies, you can get the URL and promote it elsewhere in different ways but, the whole point is that this creates an entire lead, capture, and. A whole list building, form, for you fun, like with like the whole like a couple of clicks of a button which I really think is super cool. Comparing. It to you know its competitors, and if you're newbie you. Haven't. Started you, know list, building yet I highly, recommend you get started with it right now and if course if you're an advanced marketer, you'd stop, 100%. Benefit from this because we're on all designers, we, can go and make those pages would look really nice and you know this, does it and a click and a couple clicks of a button for us so that's my whole. Lead funnel cloud review overall, I highly recommend, this I, highly. Suggest you pick it up combined with my bonuses, it's quite a awesome go you're getting here just, come into my blog. Post at any time go through it and click. On any of the active links here and once, you do that you, get taken over to the actual sales page where you'll be able to make your purchases and my, bonus is an elite funnel cloud, will be available in a jvzoo backend, after your purchase I hope, you enjoyed this review and I'll, see you in the next, review.

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