Labour Party Annual Conference 2018: LEADER'S SPEECH

Labour Party Annual Conference 2018: LEADER'S SPEECH

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Please, welcome the, leader of the Labour Party and our, next prime minister Jeremy. Corbyn. Thank. You. Thank. You thank. Your conference, for that fantastic, welcome. And I, want to start in the way that I know you'd all want me to start by, thanking the workers, the, fantastic. Staff at this conference center. All. Those that work in the hotels and restaurants all, across Liverpool, and a, really, big thank you to all the, Labour Party staff who make this whole conference, possible and, run it so well thank, you to all of them. And. A. Huge. Huge, thank you to the, people of Liverpool. You. It. Is a fantastic. City, and you've, made us so welcome, here this week as you, always do whenever, we're in Liverpool thank you so much for the spirit and the humour of Liverpool. And. If I could also do this I want to say a big, thank you to all of my family for, the support that they give me and the, help and advice that they give me. There. Is actually always a great deal of advice being given. But. In particular I would like to say a big thank you to my wife Lara. To. Erase me frezzer amia poyo, gracias, Laurita and. Congratulations. To, conference, to, all of you on what I think, we can all agree on unanimously, has been a great conference a conference, a. Conference. Of, a Labour Party, that's ready to take charge, to. Start the work of, rebuilding. Rebuilding. Our divided, country. This. Year we mark the centenary, of the representation. Of the People Act which. Saw 8 million, women, getting, the vote for the first time along. With five, and a half million, working-class. Men. We. Now have more women members of the Labor Party than, the entire membership male. And female of the conservative, and Liberal Democrat parties put together. And. We. Marked that said to me with Jenny Formby as our new general secretary. I've. Known Jenny for many years who retained integrity. Her determination, they. Are real, assets, to our party. And. Since. Jenny took over we've registered significant. Electoral, successes, in May. We. Saw the only, bit of blue in Greater. Manchester turn. Red as labour won back Trafford, council, I. Know. There's, a bit of Liverpool, Manchester rivalry. I've just been told about it, and. It can become a bit of a thing so I'll just say this there's. Not a single Conservative. Councillor on the early side either. And. Not. A single, Tory, councillor, in this great city of Liverpool. And. Across the country we built on the gains labour made in the general election, in the southwest. We won back Plymouth. Well done Plymouth. In. The north we won Kirk please well done Kirk please. And. We. Had our best counsel, results, in London since. 1971. In. Scotland. - in. Scotland. - labour, is once again offering, a message of hope, and real, change the, choice is clear, investment. And a fairer society under, Labour or. Austerity, under, the Tories timidly, accepted, by the SNP. We've. Also been raising more money for our party, but not, a penny, of our funds came. From a dodgy donor, or a shady, businessman. Club. Our. Money comes, from hundreds, of thousands, of people across our country who believe in. What we all stand, for so, I don't. Have to play tennis with an oligarch, in order to keep the party organization running. Because. Labor trades, in hope for the many not favors, for the few. Our. Mass, membership. Is not just, a source of funds of course that's. Membership. And our. Millions, of affiliated, trade union members are the voice of their, workplaces, and their communities, and with, our new community, organizers. We will anchor everything. We do everything. We do in people's, day-to-day. Experiences. That, is our, strength, and together, we're, gonna change Britain. Those, of you with eagle, eyes may, have noticed that not everyone, is entirely, happy about all of this. It. Turns out that the billionaires, who, apparently own the bulk of the British press don't, like us one, little, bit. Now. It could, be because. We're going to clamp down on tax. Dodging or. Maybe. Because. We don't fawn over them at white tie dinners and cocktail, parties. Or. It, could, even be, because, Tom Watson, has been campaigning, for a second, part of the Leveson meter inquiry, to be set up. Thank. You Tom. Something. The last Prime Minister, promised, but, fail. To deliver, we. Must and we will, protect. The freedom, of the, press to challenge, unaccountable. Power. Journalists. From. Turkey to my an MA and Columbia, are being, imprisoned harassed. And, sometimes. Killed by.

Authoritarian, Governments. And powerful. Corporate, interests, just for. Doing their job of trying, to find out the truth of the, oppression that happens in their societies, but, here. The. Free Press has far too often meant, the freedom to spread lies and half-truths, and to smear the powerless, not, take on the powerful. You. Challenge. Their. Propaganda, of privilege, by, using the mass media of the 21st, century, social, media and. We'll. Do it in traditional, ways to on. The doorsteps, in the town centers at the school gates in the community centers so. That people know there. Is a Labour Party, that, will stand up for them, and is, ready to, rebuild and transform, Britain. Next. Next. Year marks. The 200th, anniversary of, the, Peterloo, massacre, when. 15, peaceful, demonstrators, were, killed and hundreds. Injured on the streets of Manchester by. Troops sent in by the Tories, to suppress, the struggle, for, democratic, rights the. Great English poet Percy. Shelley wrote, a poem about the massacre, and that, was the origin of our slogan, for the many not, the few. Among. Those killed at Peterloo was a man named John, Ashworth, and a. Woman named Sarah, Jones in the. Next Labour government, our very own John Ashworth as health secretary, and Sarah Jones as housing minister will be carrying forward the struggle, to protect and extend democratic. Rights hopefully. Hopefully. They, won't become martyrs, in the process. And. We. Will honor. The. Heroes of Peter loo by. Being true to their course with, the Labour Party fighting for democracy and social justice against. Poverty and inequality and, discrimination and, if, we. Are to get the chance to put these values into practice in government we're, going to need unity. To. Do it our. Movement. Our. Movement, has achieved nothing. When. Divided, the only, winners have. Been the rich and the, party, of the rich the, Conservatives, real. Unity, is based. On the. Freedom to disagree. And debate and then. Come together around a democratic, decision as we've, done this week so, we, need to foster a much greater culture, of tolerance. And end. To abuse online and, in, person we. Must learn. We, must learn to. Listen a bit more and shout, a bit less to, focus, on what unites us to, accept, losing, a vote while maintaining the, right to. Pick up the, debate again we, are on a journey together, and we can only complete, that journey together. Our. Party, must, speak for the overwhelming, majority of our country, labour, is a broad, church and can be brought a still I, want. To lead in that spirit, after. All I appointed. John McDonald. Despite. Him. Being a Liverpool fan. And. Andrew. Gwyn who, supports. Magister city as, you can see there's lots of unity around the shadow cabinet. Conference. We're. Winning the public debate we've. Defined, the new Common Sense and that's. Where our party, can stand united. This. Summer was. Tough. Ours. Is, the party of equality. For all the. Party that has pioneered every. Progressive initiative. To, root out racism. From our society. But. Conference. Being. Anti-racist. Means we must listen to those communities, suffering. Discrimination and, abuse, I believe.

Were All stronger, from listening, and learning. From, each other. The. Jewish people have suffered a long and terrible history of persecution, and genocide. I was. Humbled to see that, in a memorial two, years ago when I visited the former Nazi, concentration camp. And Terezin in the Czech Republic, the. Rau /. Anti-semitism, has, caused immense, hurt and anxiety. In the Jewish community and. Great dismay in the labour party, but. I hope and believe we can work together to draw a line under it I say, this to all in the Jewish community this. Party, this, movement, will, always, be implacable. Campaigners. Against, anti-semitism and. Racism in all, its forms, we are your ally. We. Are your ally and the next Labour government, would guarantee whatever support, necessary to ensure the security, of Jewish. Community, centers and places of worship as, we. Will for any other, community. Experiencing. Hateful, behavior, and physical. Attacks. We will work with Jewish, communities, to, eradicate anti-semitism, both, within our party, and wider society and with, your help I, will. Fight for that with every, breath that I possess, anti. Racism. Anti. Racism, is. Integral. To our very being it's, part of who, you all are it's, part of who we are of Who I am, so, conference, won't. Accept, when, I won't accept anything. Like. That when we're attacked by Tory hypocrites, who, accuse us of anti-semitism. One, day then endorse Viktor orbán's hard right government the next day. Or. When they accuse, others of racism, while they work to, create a hostile, environment for, all migrant. Communities. We. Can never. We. Can never be complacent, about the scourge of racism. Race. Hate is a. Growing threat that, has to be confronted, not. Just here in Britain but across Europe and the United States the. Far right is on, the rise, doing. What they always do, blaming minorities. Jews, Muslims. Migrants, for, the failure, of a, broken, economic, system. It's victims. Include. The. Windrush generation. Who helped rebuild britain, after the war and, then, were thrown under the bus by. A government, that reckoned there were votes to be had by pandering, to prejudice, the. Hostile. Environment policies. Shameful. Brainchild of, the present prime minister led. To the scandal. And the scandal, it is of British. Citizens, being, deported, detained, and left. Destitute. This. Is a nasty, cynical. Politics, that, demeans. Our whole, country. And. The. Tories. Still. Haven't learnt this. Week they received a letter from the. Anti-semitic. And Islamophobic. Hungarian, government thanking, them for their, solidarity. Just. At the same time as the rest of Europe were united, in. Being. Appalled, at, what the Hungarian, government has been doing our, party, will, never stay. Silent, in the face of growing. Islamophobia. Whether, from the far-right, on the. Streets or, the. Former Foreign Secretary disgraceful. Dog whistle jives at Muslim, women. Labor. Labor. Will work to bring communities, together it. Is only through the unity, of all, our people that we can deliver social, justice for anyone. Conference. Change, in. Our country is long. Overdue. Every. Month this government, remains in office things. Get, worse. Evidence. Of the. Failure, of privatization. And outsourcing, is piling. Up day after day, what's. Long been a scam is now. A crisis, just.

Look At the last few months, the. Birmingham prison. Run. By g4s, had, to be brought back into public ownership after the chief inspector, of prisons described, it as the, worst he'd. Ever visited, the. Privatized, probation, service, on the, brink of meltdown. Richard, Bergen the next Secretary of State for justice will end this scandal, on. The, railways the, East Coast franchise, has collapsed for the third time in a decade bailed. Out yet again by, the taxpayers, you, know what you get in a train at Kings Cross and you never know who, will be running the Train by the time you get to Edinburgh. Andy. McDonald our transport, secretary will end this shambles, and bring about a serious, sensible, transport, policy and the. Giant, privateer, Karelian has, gone bankrupt sunk. In a sea of reckless. Greed leaving. Hospitals, half, built, workers. Dumped, on the dole pensions. In peril, while the Karelian directors, continued. To stuff their pockets with bonuses, and dividends, and small, businesses, in the supply chain took, heavy losses all went, bust. And speaking. Of bankruptcy. The Tories are now extending, it into their own backyard, a. Conservative. Government of a concerned conservative, local councilors have combined, to push Northamptonshire. Over, the edge, putting, vital, services, to those who need on rely on them at risk. Eight. Years, of destructive. Austerity. And obsessive. Outsourcing. Have left either, councils. Teetering, on the precipice - and this, government must, be held to account for. Their social, vandalism. They're carrying out across the country. It. Is labor councils. And only labor councils. That. Are taking every step to. Protect people and services, and we must thank them for, it thank, those councillors for the work they do day, in and day out. Privatization. And, outsourcing. Are now a national, disaster, zone and labor. Labor. Is ready to, call time on this racket. We. Will. Rebuild. The, public realm and create. A genuinely. Mixed, economy, for the 21st, century and after. A decade of austerity, the, next Labour government, will, confront the challenge, of rebuilding our public services.

This. Year marks, the 70th anniversary of, the National Health Service Labor's. Proudest, creation, and it stands as a beacon a. Beacon. All over the world to those fighting for, universal health, care free, at the, point of need, its. Founder, an Aaron Bevin inspired. By the collective. Health provision, in his hometown of Tredegar, described. A free health services pure. Socialism, and so, it is. We. Will. We. All contribute. Through our taxes, so. That it is there for all of us whenever. We need it but. This conservatives. Government has pushed our NHS, into. Crisis, with. More people waiting longer in accidental, emergency, and to, see a doctor and over. 4 million people on, hospital, waiting lists and as. We're. Discussing earlier, there, is a mental health crisis, - causing. Real pain and anguish, a. Woman. Named Angela, wrote to me recently and, she said. My. Mentally. Ill daughter, was told she would have to wait 12, months, to, get an appointment with an appropriate, therapist, as. A mother I'm, at my wit's end to know how to help her anymore I would. Hate her to, become another suicide. Statistic. This. Has to stop and under. Labor it will we. Will deliver real. Parity, of esteem for. Mental health services to protect. People like Angela's. Daughter. Then. There's. A scandal, of the Tories six billion cuts to social care leaving. 400,000. Fewer older, people. Receiving care, to. Many of our older people condemned. To live alone, and, isolated. Often, ending, up at A&E through neglect then. Unable to leave hospital, because, it's not safe for them, austerity. Austerity. Is putting other strains, on the NHS, - 1. In 5 homes in England are now unfit, for human habitation, a hundred. And twenty, thousand. Children are, living in temporary, accommodation. So. As, John Healy has pledged we, will put a levy on those with second, homes think. Of it as a solidarity. Fund. A solidarity. Fun for, those with, two, homes to. Help those without. Any home. And. Labor. Will. Embark on the biggest home, building, program, in half a century. Meanwhile. For, too many people Social, Security has become a system, of, institutionalized. Bullying, and degradation. The. Tories have, created, a hostile, environment for. Disabled, people. Hundreds. Of people from all over the country write, to me about it every week people like, Richard who says this my. Wife was, diagnosed, with progressive, multiple sclerosis 20. Years ago a few. Months ago we were told she needed to reapply, for personal independence payments. She, had an assessment, by somebody, who was not medically. Trained we've. Now been told that all her benefited we stopped and, he aunts I. Have. Tried to be I have, tried to be her rock, but. The stress and suffering I could, see my wife going through is so, very cruel and, I've. Had to put, myself on antidepressants. These. Are human, consequences of, a Tory government that, puts tax cuts for the wealthy ahead of care for the disabled, people of our society. But. Labour. Is ready to put fairness, and, humanity. Back, at the heart of our public services, and as, Diane Abbott told us yesterday you, can't keep people safe on the cheap that's. Reflected, in the fears of people like Ruth who told me we've had an increase, in our council, tax, to pay for more police but, we have no police station, the only increase we've had is in the crime rate I worry, about my elderly parents safety in their own home home, Ruth's.

Fears Are not unfounded, violent. Crime is reason rising while police numbers, have, fallen to, their lowest level for 30 years the, Chief Constable of Bedford sure says we, do not have the resources to keep, residents safe and, no, one seems to be listening well labour. Is listening we'll put another 10,000, police officers back on our streets. Playing. A. Vital. Role in tackling. Crime and making people safer but. If, we. Want to reduce crime, more. Police are only part, of the solution, every. Study tells us that in investing. In young people and communities, is key, and crime. Thrives, amidst. Economic, failure. So. Under. Labor there, will be no, more left. Behind, areas. And no more forgotten. Communities. We. Know. We. Know the earliest years are a crucial, time to. Open up children's. Life chances, yesterday. I visited the greenhouse nursery here, in Liverpool and heard, their experiences, and talk to the children there but. Across the country, nurseries. Can't make ends meet youth. Clubs and nurseries, are closing. Decent. Early, years education is, now at risk of becoming a, privilege families. Most, in need are, not even, entitled, to it and many, who struggle, to claim it because, of the system's fragmented. And underfunded. Nature, this. Government's limited, childcare pledge, has turned out to be free in name, only, so. Today I can. Announce that labour will make 30, hours a week of free childcare, available for all two. Three and four-year-olds. And. And. We, will provide. Additional subsidized. Hours for childcare on top of the free 30 hours allowance. Free, for, those on the lowest incomes, and capped, at 4 pounds an hour - the rest. Labor. Will. Also. Invest, in the people who care for and educate, our children will. Raise the standards, of child care across the board with, a 10 year plan to. Shift to a graduate, led workforce, and improve, the pay and skills of all childcare staff. With. A new a. New. National, pay scale for all early, years workers, starting. At 10, pounds an hour. This, is, an. Investment. And a, pay rise for. A workforce. 98%, of whom are women and 85%. Of whom earn, around the, minimum wage pachi. Support, for child care is holding, back too, many parents and families, and the life chances of too many children. This. Universal. Free. High-quality child, care will benefit, parents, families and children all across, our country driving. Up standards, for child care will make the vital, difference for millions of our, children.

Labour. Is offering. A long overdue. Change, that will transform, people's, lives and, meet the needs of 21st, century. Britain for all. We're. Talking about rebuilding. Britain, this week but, I also want to make an appeal to the older generation who. Built modern Britain it. Was you who. Rebuilt our country, after the war kick-started. Our economy, built, our NHS, and created, our social, security system it, was your generation, that built the council, housing won, our rights at work and made our country a better place for all it was your work and taxes. That paid for a better retirement for, those who went before you so, we owe it to you the. Older generation, to, rebuild, Britain so your peace of mind and dignity. And. We. Will fulfill that, obligation with. The triple lock on pensions, protected. Along. With the winter fuel allowance a bus pass, and. A. National. Health and care service, that can look after you and your families, with the respect, that you deserve this. Is solidarity. Between, all generations. Conference. To. Rebuild our public services, and our communities, we're going to have to rebuild. And, transform. Our economy for. The 21st, century. We. Can no longer tolerate a setup where, the real economy in which millions work, is just. A sort of sideshow for, the City of London and for, banks fixated, on party gap profits, around, the world the, change, we need requires. New, ideas, and new thinking as well. As learning, from those that have worked in the past and in other countries we. Need to explore, new. Forms of ownership, and, public, enterprise, and learn, from. Creative, local initiatives, from those. Taken, by local councils, including Preston. In the northwest and let's, take up the call from. Tea you see general secretary, take. Up the call from tea you see general secretary Francis O'Grady to use new technologies. In automation, as an opportunity. Rather, than a threat a chance. To raise living standards and, give people more control over, their, own lives. And, if. Inequality. Is not, just a matter of incomes, it's about having a real say - that's. Why we're, not only determined, to rebuild our economy communities. And public services, but, also to. Democratize, them and change. The way our, economic, system is run in the interests, of the majority Joe. MacDonald's, proposals, for inclusive, ownership, funds will. Mean workers, sharing, more fairly in the rewards. Of successful, businesses, now. Listen carefully to the words of the Archbishop, of Canterbury, Justin Welby and read, the excellent Commission on economic justice report, he, was involved in which rightly argued. Economic. Justice, needs to be hardwired. Into the, way the economy works. The. 19th century, Chartist. Leader and poet, Ernest. Jones wrote, this and. What. We get and what, we give we. Know and, we. Know our share. We're. Not too low the. Cloth we weave but. Too low the. Cloth to, wear, he. Was making the point that, workers. Know the reality, and injustice, of their position, labor. Believes a workers. Position is on the board. That's. That's. Why we're proposing to give the workforce, of all large UK businesses the right to elect a third of the seats on the board giving.

Employees A genuine. Voice and. A. Stake and shifting. The balance at work in favor of the wealth creators. Improving. Both decision-making, and productivity. In the, process. Decisions. Taken in boardrooms, affect people's pay their jobs and their, pensions, workers. Deserve, a real say, in those decisions, it's. Actually, nothing for businesses, to be afraid of. They. Should welcome the. Expertise, and the, understanding. That workers, will bring to, the company board we. Will rebalance. We. Will rebalance, power, in the workplace, but. I say to visit, his large and small, labor. Will also deliver deliver. What you need to succeed and to expand, and modernize our, economy, more, investment, in transport. And housing and digital infrastructure, more, investment, in education and, skills, so workers can, be more productive action. To, save the high street as Rebecca, long Bailey set out yesterday, an action. To, deal with rip-off, bills that hit us all but. Most of all. Most. Of all a commitment. To, a brexit, that protects the jobs. The, economy and, trade, and, determined. Opposition to. One that does not. Ten. Years ago this month 10, years ago this month the whole edifice, of greed. Is good, deregulated. Financial, capitalism, lauded. For a generation, as the only way to run a modern economy came, crashing, down to earth with, devastating. Consequences, but. Instead of, making, essential. Changes, to a broken economic system the political and corporate establishment. Strained. Every sinew. To bail, out and prop up the system, that led to the crash in the first place the. Price of that has, not just been stagnation. Wages. Falling, for the longest period in recorded, history and almost, a decade of deeply. Damaging, cuts to public services, it's. Also, fueled. A growth of racism. And xenophobia and. As they - a crisis, in democracy, both at home and abroad. People. In this country, know that. The old way, of running things is not, working. Anymore. Unless. We unless. We the Labour Party, offer radical, solutions, others. Will, fill the gap with, the politics, of blame, and division. That's. Why Labour, speaks, for the new majority why. Last year we won the biggest increase in the Labour vote since 1945. And while Labour's ideas, have indeed caught, the mood of the times and. Conference. It, isn't me saying that no, not me it's. A former Conservative, Treasury Minister Lord, O'Neill, I've. Never thought to capture the mood of a Tory Minister before and let me say to his lordship, you're, welcome. Come. And join us in the new political mainstream, if, you wish. That's. Failed, free for all which, led to the crash of, a decade ago has. Also fueled. The global environmental. Crisis. And hamstrung. International. Efforts to tackle it, there. Is no bigger, threat facing humanity, than, climate change. And. 21. Years ago Labor's, then deputy, leader John, Prescott played a prominent role in keeping, the and helping to secure the Kyoto Protocol, thank you John and thank you for being here today and supporting. Us. That. United, the world's major economies behind. An agreement to cut carbon emissions and obliged them to give poorer countries, access, to, low-carbon, technology, it was about, solidarity. Recognizing. That the air we, breathe. Does. Not respect, national, boundaries. And we. All have, an interest in every. Nation of, reducing. Emissions, and giving, us all cleaner. Less, polluted, air, the. Contrast. With. The America, first posturing. Of Donald Trump and his, decision, to pull out of the Paris climate, change Accords. Could not be, sharper, we.

Only Have, one, planet. So. We must re engage, with countries seeking, to walk away from, Paris we, must also lead. By, example. Yesterday. Rebecca, long Bailey set out our plans for energy, developed. With our environment, shadow secretary, sue Heyman plans. That, are ambitious, that, will create hundreds. Of thousands of jobs will, make Britain the only developed country outside. Scandinavia. To be on track, to meet our climate change, obligations. That. Will mean working. With unions to. Ensure jobs, and skills are protected, as we, move towards, a low-carbon economy and working. With industry, to, change the way we build to, train the workforce that will retrofit, our homes and work, in the new energy industries, too so. I can announce today, I can. Announce this today that our program, of investment. And transformation. To achieve a 60, percent reduction, in emissions by 2030, will. Create over. 400,000. Skilled, jobs to, ensure that comes about good, jobs. Good. Jobs placed here and on Union rates bringing, skills and, security, to, communities, all over the country that have been held back for, far too long and, we. Will go further with. Plans to reduce greenhouse. Gas, emissions to, zero by. The middle, of the century and I am determined, that we achieved that I. Know. That, sounds ambitious and he is and. Will. Be delivered with, the most far-reaching program. Of investment. And transformation. In decades. Labor, will kick-start a, green, jobs revolution. That will help tackle climate change provides. A sustainable, energy for the future and create, skilled, jobs in every. Nation and region of this country. But. It's. It's. Not just the economic system. That is unsustainable. Britain's. Relationship with, the rest of the world our foreign policy, is no longer sustainable, either. We're. Entering a new fast. Changing, and more, dangerous world. Including. The, reckless attacks in Salisbury, which. The evidence painstakingly. Assembled by, the police now points clearly to the Russian state when. President, Trump takes, the u.s. out, of, the Paris Accord and tries to scrap, the, Iran nuclear. Deal moves. The US Embassy to Jerusalem. And pursues, aggressive, nationalism, and, trade wars he, is turning his back on international.

Cooperation And, even, on international. Law. We. Need a government in Britain that not only keeps the country safe but, can also speak, out speak. Out for democratic, values and, human rights. Today's. Conservative. Government. Today's. Conservative, government continues, to collude, with the disastrous, saudi-led, war in Yemen turning, a blind eye to evidence, of war crimes and the devastating, suffering, of millions, of civilians, that's, why I was, honored to attend a vigil this week held, in Liverpool by the Yemeni, community, in protest. Against, what is taking place. Labour's. Foreign, policy, will be driven by progressive. Values and, international, solidarity, led. By our international, team Emily Thornbury, Cato sommore and near Griffith this. Means no. More, reckless. Wars of intervention, like Iraq, or Libya it means putting. It. Means putting, negotiation. Before, confrontation. Diplomacy. Before tub-thumping threats. And. It. Means. Championing. Human. Rights and democracy. Everywhere. Not, just, where, it's commercially, convenience. And. Working. Working, to resolve the worlds in Justices not. Standing, idly by or worse fueling. Them in the first place. Sometimes. Our. Hopes can be betrayed. Many. Of us campaign, for the release of an sang-soo she imprisoned. By the Mayan male military for fighting for democracy today. The Mayan male military government which an sang-soo, she nominally, leads stands. Accused of grave atrocities, against, the rahaga people, nearly. 1 million have fled to neighboring Bangladesh, and, women. And girls in particular face, appalling. Violence. We. Demand, that the. Mayan Mar government, ends, its horrific ethnic. Cleansing, and allows the reinga, people to return home and rebuild their communities, and their lives in safety, and security. And. Let. Me say a few words about the ongoing denial, of justice and rights to, the Palestinian, people, our. Party. Our. Party, is united, in condemning the, shooting of hundreds of unarmed demonstrators in, Gaza by Israeli, forces and the, passing of Israel's discriminatory. Nation state law the. Continuing, occupation. The. Expansion. Of illegal settlements, and the imprisonment. Of Palestinian. Children are, an outrage. We. Support. We, support, a two-state solution to, the conflict with, a secure, Israel and a viable and secure, Palestinian. State, but. A quarter. A century, on from the Oslo Accords, we, are no closer to justice or peace and the Palestinian, tragedy, continues, while. The outside world stands, by as my, great Israeli. Friend the. Late hurry Avenue, II who sadly died a short while ago put. It to me what. Is the, alternative to, peace a, catastrophe. For both peoples. And. In order to help make that. Two state settlement, a reality, we, will recognize. A Palestinian. State as soon as we take office. We. Will also make a far more determined. Effort to help bring an end to the terrible, war in Syria, a war. That has led to millions of refugees. Some. Of whom I met in Jordan, this summer wonderful, brave people, desperate. To go home, desperate, to see peace wondering, how, their families are getting on at home a short distance away and. Whose. Plight Alf dubs describes so powerfully, yes T L thank, you for that and thank you for all you do for Refugees, all the time. The. Syrian conflict has, been fueled by the military, intervention of, multiple. Powers, and it will need those same powers, to, deliver a negotiated. Peace settlement, to, end the killing and allow. Those. Wonderful, refugees, the right which, they want to return home, to, their, own country.

But. Labour's plans to, rebuild and transform, our country and its relationship, with the rest of the world having. To be made against the backdrop of huge. Uncertainty. About, brixon. Labor. Respects. The decision, of the British people in the referendum, but, no one no. One can, respect, the conduct, of the British government, since the vote took place. We. All hope that the people's decision would be followed by effective. And responsible. Negotiations. That, would reject living standards, and jobs, instead. The. Main negotiations. That have been taking place are, actually. Between different, factions of the Tory party and the only job the government is fighting to protect is that of the, Prime Minister. Teresa. May used to say that. No, deal is better, than a bad deal yet. Now after, two years of botched negotiations. She's, threatening the country with just that choice a bad, deal or no, deal that. Is. A threat to our whole, economy, especially. Our manufacturing. Industry, and the, tens of thousands, of skilled jobs in the supply chains here. In Britain now. Time. Is running out companies. Are losing patience. In the absence of any clarity, from the government they. Are planning. To relocate, jobs. Abroad, and in taking investment. With them some. Already. Started, and I fear more will follow, the. Tories are well aware of this but. Some, some. See. Breaks it is their opportunity, to. Impose a free-market, Shock, Doctrine, on Britain. The. Prime Minister is in New York today promising. That. A post brexit, Britain will, offer. The. Lowest cooperation. Taxes, of all, g20. Nations. Handouts. For, to the few paid. For by. The many and it already, tried. And failed strategy, for, boosting investment. Sajid. Javid has. Set out his plan for more tax giveaways, and ripping. Up people's pensions, rights Liam. Fox is it, Qing to secure and, scrap. Workers. Rights and privatize. The NHS, with. A side. Order of chlorinated. Chicken. And. Then. There's. Jacob Riis MOG. No. Jacob. Has expressed, his personal, faith in bricks it written it's, personal, and he's expressed, it so nicely.

Because. He's decided, to base his new investment, fund in the. Euro zone. The. Tory brexit, ears unite. The politics, of the. 1950's. With the economics, of the 19th century. Daydreaming. About a Britannia. That, both rules, the waves and, waves. The rules. Labour's. Job is now to win, support for a deal that meets the needs of the country combined. With our plan to rebuild, and transform, with, investment, in our people and our economy our. Priority. Is clear. We, aim to get the best brexit, deal for jobs and living standards to underpin, our plans to upgrade our. Economy, and invest in every. Community and every region. That. Will bring people together and, meet, concerns, of both those who voted leave and those, who, voted remain. Conference. The way ahead is clear we. Will vote, against. Any reduction. In rights. Standards. Protections. And opposed, a deregulatory. Race, to, the bottom let. Me say to the country. Let. Me say to the country as it stands, labour will vote against, the checkers plan or whatever, is left of it and opposed. Leaving, the EU with. No deal and it. Is inconceivable. Inconceivable. That we should crash out of Europe with no deal it would be a national disaster that. Is why if Parliament. Votes, down a Tory deal or the government fails to reach any deal, at all we, would press for, a general, election. Failing. Failing. That all options on the table let me thank Pierce Tama, the man who would lead our brexit negotiations. Here. Having. Having. Got agreement, yesterday in this conference hall getting. One in Brussels should be a piece of cake. But. Let me also reach, out to the Prime Minister you see I'll reach out to everybody. Who's. Currently apparently. Doing the negotiations. Brexit. Is about, the future of our country and our, vital interests. It's. Not about leadership squabbles, or parliamentary posturing. I say. This too in all sincerity. And, helpfulness. If. You deliver a deal that, includes a customs union and no hard border in Ireland if you, protect jobs people's rights at work an environmental, and consumer standards. Then. We will support, that, sensible. Deal a deal that will be backed by most of businesses, in the world and trade unions but, if you can't negotiate that, deal then. You need to make way for a party, that can and will. Conference. Conference. Labor. Is. Offering, a real alternative, to the people of Britain a radical. Plan to. Rebuild and transform, our country an. Alternative. To. The politics, of austerity, of. Social. Division, and, of international conflict. Where. The Tories. Have. Divided. And ruled, we. Will, unite and govern, we. Represent, the, new common, sense of our time. And. We. Are ready, to deliver on it, we. Must speak for the people to. Whom this, reason may promise, so much but. It's delivered so, little and, we. Must take our message, to. Every, town city and, village, United. And ready. To win as we, were in. 1945. In 1964. And in, 1997. So. That when we meet, this. Time next year, let. It be as a Labour. Government. A. Labour. Government's, investing. In Britain after years of austerity, and neglect, bringing.

Our Country together after. A decade, at Division conference. Let every, constituency. Every. Community, know labour. Is ready. Confident. In our, ideas, clear. In, our plans committed. To, rebuild Britain. We. Don't want to live in a society. Where. Some of our fellow citizens sleep. Rough a. Strong. Society. Is one, that gives all young people the chance to. Realize their potential and in, which all of us know that if, our parents, need care they. Will get it our task our task, is to, build Britain, build. A Britain. Together. Build. A Britain for that security together and we. Can, thank. You conference. Let's go - come. Let's. Go - come.

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