Lab Basic Router Configuration Cisco Packet Tracer

Lab  Basic Router Configuration Cisco Packet Tracer

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Hello, everybody that's. Now. Configuration. Time. This. Is gonna be our first configuration. Lap and I'm, feeling, really really. Excited. We. Have nine, steps, to accomplish, and. We'll. Simulate, this. Topology. In. The, cisco. Packet tracer. Application. We. Are going to go step, by step and, in. The first step. Our. Lab, says that cool, video router, host. Names and. First. Let's, set, this lap, in the. Packet. Tracer, then, configure. The host names as shown, in the figure. I'm. Switching. To the packet, tracer, I. Need. To take two, routers. But. First I want to talk something about cisco, packet tracer, this. Is a simulation, program that. You can use to simulate your, devices. Cisco, devices and. You. Can make some configuration, you. Can do any. Topology. That you want. Sometimes. This, tool may, not be supporting, some comments, but there's no problem. That's. Really, supporting, most of the comments in the CCNA, exam. So. Let's. Take a look to the my topology, I have, sorry. I have two others, and I. Can, choose the network. Devices from, this tab as you know as you, can see that. We. Have network. Devices tab and I want to remove the. Task. Bar to be. Sorry. Now. Let's put, two. Routers in, here. And. We need to zoom. That you can see better. We. Are to others and we need to, connect. These, routers with. A cable. I'm. Taking, the cable. And. Connecting. The brothers. From. The Gigabit. Ethernet. 0. 0. Parts. Let's. See that if I something, if. I have something more from at a blowjob no. It's. Ok I connected. My routers. To each other now. It's time to configure, the host, names I'm. Gonna configure, host name method. And I'm gonna configure, host. Name, Miami. For, the routers. I'm. Going, back to. Pick a tracer. And. To. Configure a device I, just. Click on the rudder and. I'm. Using the CLI, tab. Welcome. To CLI, guys, as. You. Can see that I'm in the. Command. Prompt, of the router. And. If. Cisco. Routers, are, asking. Something, like, that. When. They first. Reboot. When. They first put. Continue. With configuration. Dialog yes or no please answer yes or no if. You choose yes in the step you. Receive, a configuration. Dialog and router. Asks. You many. Questions if. You, want to configure. Hostname. You, want would you like to configure IP address, would you like to use some. Routing blockers, alibi, etc. I don't really recommend it we are going to use. Manual, configuration. Way so. I, don't. Want to, continue. With the configure, Belloc, I will never use this okay. I. Selected. No and. It's. Time to make some configuration. As, you'll. Remember from our sections. We, Randy. What. Not. User. Mod. This. Is the user exact, mode. If. I want to make, some configuration on, the router. I need. To, switch. To the, config. Mode, but. Before I go to the config mode I need. To go to enable, mode first so. I am, typing. Enable. All. Right. This. Sign. Switched. To the pound sign as you see which. Means that I'm in enabled, mode for now and. Let's. Use. A question, mark first. The. Question, marks. Shove. The, comp list of the commands that I can use in the privileged. Exec, mode as you can see that we have some comments that I can use in here. But. What I need to go what, but what I need to do is to go to, config. Mode I. Need. To type config. Terminal. To get to the. Configuration. Mode. That's. Ok everything, is fine, but. First before, configuring, hostname. I'm. Going to show you which. Comments, that I can, use in the config mode too so. Question. Mark. As. You. Can see that I can configure, triple-a. I, can, configure access, lists. I can. Configure. Hostname. I can, configure. Global. IP configuration. Key. License. Too. Much things that I can configure it can see. But. What I'm gonna do is to. Configure the hostname. That. The lab wants. Me from. To. Configure, the hostname my. Command, is hast. Name that's it. Hostname. It. Was. Madrid. For. This Rogers and that's. It. Enter. As soon. As I enter as you, can see the, host name of the router switch. To, Madrid. From. Router. Ok. Let's. Configure this rather to. Now. I will, never want you. Enable. Again, first. Now. I need to switch to the config mode. Now. It's time to configure, Miami. Hostname. Miami. And. There. And as. You can see that. Name. Switch to Miami as soon as I clicked. I, push. The enter. All. Right step, 1. Accomplished. Step. You configure. Enable. Password for, Madrid. And, enable. Secret password, for. Miami. And. Passwords. Are same. Network. E l want to try. Ok. Tweed. Remember, how to configure that. You. Will remember if you don't remember. Even. Now, oops sorry. Sorry. Sorry sorry. I am. In Madrid, and I'm gonna configure, and enable. Password, now.

Please. Pay attention that, I'm still in the config, mode. If. I want to go to the privileged, exec, mode I need to use exit. But. I need to configure in. The, configuration. Mode. So. Let's do, it the. Command is. Enabled. Password. To. Create an enable. Password on our rudder. Enable. Password. And. Let's see a. Question. Mark was, saying we. Can define a level, two also, but I'm not gonna do it. Oops. I'm, sorry Oh. My. Keyboard, is making, me crazy sometimes I'm. Just gonna set the password now, enable. Password, network. Al 1 2 3. That's. It and I'm. Gonna. Configure. It and enable. Script password on Miami. Enable. Password. Not. Password, ok. Please. Keep in mind that when, I try, to configure. Enable password I'm using enable, password comment. But. If I want to configure enable, secret I'm using, enable, secret comment, you, can easily showed, it. You. Can easily see that using the question, mark again as, you. Can see that after enable, we, have two options that we can use the. Password or the secret. Now. We are going to use secret. And. My. Password is the same. Network. Al 1. 2. 3. Ever. All. Right, we. Are going great. Step. Two. Accomplished. In. The step three. We. Need to configure the talent, for both brothers, and, passwords. Will be removed, one two three this time. Okay. Let's go and, do. It I. Configure. I want to configure D I. Want. To configure the mud first. My. God, I always, Miami. I wanna. Go to Madrid. Okay. I'm in Madrid. Now. If. You want to configure the telnet. On. A router. You. First go. To the, under. The mutual. Lines. Line. Let's. See that what I can use. Virtual. Lines are. Rita. Vty. As you can see it Lamy. Ty0. For. I'm. Using login. And. I. Need. To set a password password. My. Password, is. Remote. One two three and. Downloading. Okay. As you. Can see that iOS is giving me a warning first, login. Disabled, on. Five. Lines as, I. Told you in the sections. Until. Password, is set. And. When I set the password that's, gonna be enabled, but. It's. Okay that I. Typed. Login again -. Okay. Let's go to the Miami. Now, I'm. In Miami, oh. It's. Not I think yes it's ok. Line. Zero. For. Password. Remote. One two three again. What. Didn't, it type. Password. Remote. One. Two three. Login. And. That's. It. We. Are going pretty cool and. We. Accomplished, the third. Step -. Now. It's time to check, our configuration. With. Show. Run. Command. Use. Show, run command and check, the configuration. I'm. Gonna. Check. The configuration of Madrid. As. You can see I'm in. The config, line, mode, right now that's. A specific mode. If. I want to run the, show commands, I need. To go to the privileged, mode I, can. Go. With. Typing, exit. And exit. With. Two times and I can go to the privileged, mode, privilege. The exact mode but I. Can. Also go to the. Privileged. Mode using, ant in, the specific, mode, as. You can see that just, type ant and you're. In the privileged. Exact, map right now and let's. Type the. Show. Run comment that. Our. Lab. Wants. Us from but. I'm gonna show you something. Else right now I, typed. Show. Run. But. If I want to make sure that and, if. I want to see the complete. Form of the comment I need to press to tap.

And, I'm. Typing, tap. Right now I, push. The tab, button and, as. You can see that I have completed, the comment. The. Who version of the command is show running config. Alright. And. I, just entered. As. You. Can see that I. Can. See that I configured, a hostname. In. This rather. Which. Name. Madrid I. Said. A an. Enable. Password, Network, here one two three. And. These. Are the default configurations. And. I. Configure, the. Telnet. Please. Keep in mind that. Enable. Password is, in plain. Text in Madrid. Router and, let's. Go to the Miami now I. Am. In Miami. In. Miami, I will go to the privileged, exact, with double exit, exit. Exit. Show. Run. And. Who. The. First thing I need to pay, attention, is. I'm. Seeing. Something. Special in, here. As you. Can see that enable, secret password. Is. Not. In plain text, it's hashed. As. You see. So. That's a secure, method as I told you before, using. Enable, secret password, is a secure. As. You can see that I also, configure, the host name, and. I. Also. Configure, the. Telnet. And. Let's. That if my, enable, secret password, is working, or not. Enable. Secret password, is being used when. I try to switch, from, user mode to, the privileged, exec, mode I, am. In user mode now and, type. In. Abel again. Enter. Yeah. It's asking, me a password, right now as you can see that I'm. Typing, my password. Network. Yeah one. Two three. And. Yes. That's. True and. I. Mean, privileged. Exec mode right now. Alright, everything. Is going fine for, me now. And. Our. Fifth. Step, is saying. Me and. Creat. All passwords. In, show. Run output. How, we can do it. To. Accomplish this I'm Nick, I need to go to the moderate which my password. Is not encrypted, I. Want. To show you again. With. Show run. As. You can see that my enable, password is, in, clear text and if somebody, gets my show running config. He. Or she can easily display my enable, password which, is now good. Ok. So. I need to. Encrypt. This one too and I have two options to, accomplish, this, first. I can, use an. Enable. Secret password. But. I have, another, method, that, you can remember. From our sessions. And. That's. It I. Have. To go to the configure Maude, and I. Need. To type, service. I'm. Using a. Question. Mark and I. Wanna show you that if you if, you. See. Something, and. That's. It, encrypt. System. Passwords. As you can see that the command is. Service. Password, encryption. Enter. As. Soon. As I type this. Router. Encrypts. The two passwords in the show room and, let's. See that, exit. And. Show. From. Who. It. Was, network, al one, two three, just one, minute before. And. What. Is it right now as, you. Can see that. It. Was, encrypted. And. I. Can't understand, anything as I look at this I can understand. That that's network. Al one two three men all. Right. Pretty, cool. We. Have done this too now. In the sixth step. Choose. Proper. IP, addresses. For. Geeks. Zero zero interfaces. On but brothers, and.

Configure. Them, and. Let's. First. Choose. Proper, IP addresses, for the interfaces. As. You, can see that the network ID. In. Here, between Madrid. And Miami routers. Are. This. One, my. Network, ID is, 10. 41:38, that. 0/24. Which, means that I can use the address space. From. 1. To. 254. Please. Keep in mind that I can't, use. The. Last IP address, because. This. Address, is being used for the. Broadcast. Traffic. So. I'm going to configure the gig 0/0 interface, of Madrid, wait. And. Here. Is going to be. Tapped, to. Okay. As I, told you in here I. Can. Choose whatever, I want. In. This range. So. I. Choose. This. One then let's configure them. I'm. Gonna configure the. Gig. 0 0 interfaces. And. Let's. Go I, need. To configure, I need, to go to configuration, mode and I. Need. To go to the. Interface. Mouth. Because. I'm gonna configure, an interface. Ok. Pretty straightforward. Interface. Gigabit. Ethernet. 0. 0. Enter. And. I'm. Gonna configure, my IP address IP. Address. That. One, and. My. Subnet. Mask, is slash. 24. Which means. 255. 255, 255, 0, and. I. Hit the enter. But. But. I need to tell you, in. Here, please. Never. Forget, to, use a command, when, you configure, an interface. Cisco. In. Cisco devices. Interfaces. Are. In. Shutdown. Mode. Differently, so, you need to, activate. The interface. Using. The no. Shutdown. Command. As. Soon. As I enter, it as, you. Can see that ICS. Log. Message in here, interface. Gigabit. Ethernet 0 0, change. State to up. It. Was down, before. Default. Ly as I told you. But. As soon as I typed no shutdown. It's. Up. Anymore. Alright. Let's. Go to the. Miami. Now. Where. Is that thing. I'm. In Miami, and making. The same configuration. Here. Interface. Gigabit. 0 0. And. IP. Address. That. To. 255. 255. 0. Enter. And that's. It, no. Man that's. Not add because. You didn't type no shutdown ok. No. Shut. And as, you can see that in the race change. State the up and, also. The. Land protocol, on the interface, you got zero zero change state up. Which. Means that. Miami. Is saying that oh my. God there's, somebody on my, Gigabit. Ethernet zeroes, your port, and. Okay. I'm sure. I'm seeing, that kind right now, and. As. You can see that. Here. Was read before and it's. Green. Anymore. That. Means this link is operated. Operated, at the, OSI. Layer. By. Alright. Pretty cool. That's. Okay too, and. What this guy wants me again from. This. Guy wants so much thing pink. Miami's, interface. From net red, I, will. Go to Madrid. And I. Will issue a pink comment, to. Pink, here. What. Was pink. If. I want to check that if I have reach ability, to, somewhere, I. Can. Use pink comment. I'm. Testing, that if I can send a packet, to here, and if the packet is coming. Back to me right. Now. Please. Keep in mind that. Verification. Commands. Work. On the, privileged. Exact, mode like show, comments, so, I need to go to propose X again, and. My. Command is just, pink nothing, else pink, pink. Oh. No. It. Was - and I, just hit tanner. And. Yes as you can see that I could pink I didn't. Get that request, time map message, and. My. Pink was. Successful. Step. Seven. Was, okay. In. The eighth step its share it's saying us to, use. Show, run command, and. Check. The configuration for. The last time okay and in. The last step. It's. Saying us to, save. Our, configurations. On both, rudders. Let's. Save the configuration first. I'm. In Madrid. Remember. That if I want to save the configuration. My. Command, is. Right. Memory which, I, using. The privileged, exec, mode. Again. Right. Memory. Enter. Is. Okay. And. Right, memory. It's. Not, okay because I'm not improved. Exactement, now I'm sorry. And. Right, memory. That's. It I. Saved. All of, my configuration, right now. Even. If I reboot, this device, right now. My. Configuration. Will, be with me, no. Problem right, now okay. Now. It's, time to. Take. A look to the shore. And we, are in Miami, and it should show ran. In. Miami, we have enable secret password, as you can see. And. We have IP. Address. Attached. To, the, interface. Kick. Zero zero. And. We. Have, our. Telnet. Configuration. And. My. Password is in, plain text and. That's. It. And. Look at today show running here -. We. Have hostname. We. Have encrypted. Password, in here even. If I use enable, password because I used service. Password, encryption. Command. In here. We. Have IP address, configured, under gig, 0 0. And. As. You can see that because, of I used, source, password.

Encryption. Command. My. Telnet password, was. Encrypted. -. Because. Of I didn't, use the service password, encryption, in Miami, it, was in plain, text but. In. Madrid. It was, encrypted, too. All right. We. Accomplished, all, the. Steps we, made. Our first, configuration. And. That. Was really great session, thanks. For viewing. And see. You later in the next. Lab.

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