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Tonight. The South Texas blood, and tissue center currently, in need of donations, from all blood types a city program aims to keep low-income, residents from getting priced out of their homes plus, we'll tell you about a scam, alert you should know about involving. Someone claiming to be with the San Antonio Airport. Thanks. For joining us for ke sath news at 9:00 streaming, live right here in the case at 12 newsroom I'm Courtney Friedman filling in for Myra Arthur the South Texas blood and tissue center sending, out a plea, for donations, tonight they say blood uses, up and donations, are down so, they're mean of all types of blood types so just how bad is the situation right, now the South Texas blood and tissue center is currently, projected to, meet only about 50%. Of the need for blood over the next week to replenish their supply they currently need about 515. Donations, a day they're, working to get a total of 4,100. Blood donations, by the end of the month the center says they want to avoid a situation that, could possibly force hospitals, to postpone, blood transfusions. We. Rarely reach this point where we have or we're asking, people to come in and donate because there. Is we're less we have less than a day supply, of blood on certain, days the. South Texas blood and tissue center says in these situations. They typically, reach out to surrounding, communities for help but other communities, are seeing similar shortages, the center supplies, blood, to one to, hundreds, of hospitals, and clinics in 48. Counties, in an effort to entice more people to donate the Center is currently offering a free movie, ticket and coupon, for, a free two piece chicken meal from Bill Miller if you want to donate this weekend or next week you can call two one zero seven. Three 155. 90 or visit, our website Cosette calm. Low. Income families, who can't afford to get their homes up to code have the chance to apply for help from the city the program, isn't new but it's drastically, grown over the years last. Year the program helped, 18 families this, year thanks to 6.5. Million dollars, in federal and city funds 80 families, have their homes rehabbed, the same amount of funding will be available to help 81, low-income families, next year Sara.

Costa Spoke, with. A couple, whose home. Was. Recently, redone by the city. Pablo. And Esperanza Haneda, have lived in their house in the southeast side for 22, years their home hasn't always had the fresh look of new paint new floors, the, headed as home was built in 1952. The plumbing was corroded, the electrical, wiring was not up to date there, was no insulation, and no central, heating or, air-conditioning we don't get to enjoy the whole house because for the same reason we, never have you know central, air or what I mean Pablo is in his late 60s and disabled, he says there is no way they could afford the, $70,000, of renovations. To their home to, keep it up to city code until. The city stepped in. Thanks. To the city's owner-occupied. Rehabilitation. And reconstruction program. The, head Etta's have a new kitchen bathroom. Roof electrical. Wiring plumbing, insulation. In central, heating and a/c the. City can invest up to 90 thousand dollars per home, there. Are several qualifications, some, are that you must be the homeowner of a single-family, home, within, the San Antonio City Limits and you must have a clear property, title to the home the funding for the program more than doubled after a 2017. Housing, policy, task force found that many, city residents, couldn't afford to keep their homes up to code the, goal of the program is to avoid families, from having to abandon their homes and to, improve low income neighborhoods, we, hope it improves, the quality of life of that family but, also the quality of life of the neighbors as well, the. City is accepting, applications, until September, 24th, 81, families, will be chosen through a lottery system on October 1st, Courtney okay, here a couple questions can, anyone, apply for this and if so one would construction, begin now. Construction, for the homes will take place next year and there is a really, long list of qualifications. Including, income, level you can find all of those qualifications. On our website at Casey calm Courtney, thank. You Sarah a scam alert tonight for frequent fliers San Antonio police say it involves someone pretending, to work for the San Antonio International. Airport according. To officers a scammer, sent someone else an email claiming, they had a parcel, at the airport with the victim's name written on it and cash inside, the, scammer then set up a deal to split the money 70/30. As long, as the other person could confirm, their identity, through email police, say that's when the victim got this red flag, the. Person. Allegedly, representing. The airport asked. To go offline, and be. Contacted. By personal, email instead of Airport email that will never happen if, the San Antonio Airport, reaches out to you by phone or by email, it will all be via, airport email or airport. Phone numbers, the. Victim then called the airport to let them know what was going on police say this is the only victim, to come forward in a situation, like this but, there could be others. Now. Let's turn to the nine at 9 these are some of the most interesting stories making headlines around, the world the country and right here at home Baer, County Sheriff Xavier Salazar speaking, out about the arrest of a former deputy shocking. Images showed the damage left by fires in the Amazon, and a man pulled over for riding a scooter on a Tennessee, Highway. Here's. Tonight's nine at nine in New York City a man crushed to death by the elevator, in his apartment building and I no longer feel safe getting back in the elevator again the man was trying to get off the elevator when, it dropped he got stuck between the door and the elevator shaft and the elevator, crushed him investigators. Are looking into what went wrong, a, former. Bear County deputy arrested, today minutes, after he handed in his resignation, Justin, store Lee was arrested, for violating bond, conditions, related, to a pending family violence charge, against, him store, Lee had been with the sheriff's office since, July 2014, he. Has been almost. Constantly. Under, some sort of disciplinary, sanction. The. End of a police chase in Crockett, Texas ends, with a driver attempting, to ram through a police, barricade after.

More Than twenty mile pursuit, police. Use their cars to block the road that's, when this happened, the suspect, rammed his car into a cruiser no, officers, were inside at the time. Was arrested and is facing several, charges. More. Than two dozen people were hurt after a commuter, train crash, in Sacramento. It happened when a light rail hit a maintenance, train 13, people had to be sent to the hospital. Protests. In Hong Kong still, going on after, three months, demonstrators. Formed a human chain across, Hong, Kong today in a show of solidarity the. Human chain is one of several events planned, in what will be the 12th consecutive week. Of protests. A, Simon. Tonio High School student arrested in connection with a serious crash last month, 18, year old Haleh renee gala Bay was allegedly. Behind the wheel of a car that hit a jogger as it rolled off the road, investigators. Say gala Bay was driving, 74. In a 40 mile per hour speed limit zone, the, jogger suffered, a traumatic, brain injury another, driver involved was hospitalized, but has since been released. These. Satellite, images showed, the Amazon, rainforest before. And after, the fires the, Amazon, is the largest rainforest in the world and now it's burning faster, than ever before the. Rainforest, produces about 20%. Of the world's oxygen. Doctors. In Missouri find a brown recluse spider inside. A woman's, ear they, woke. Up Tuesday. Morning hearing, a bunch of machine. And water. In my left ear when the woman went to the doctor she learned there wasn't water in her ear it was a dime-sized, spider. Luckily, the woman was not bitten bites, from brown recluse spiders can cause muscle pain difficulty, breathing and other serious, symptoms. Nashville. Police pull, over a man for riding a scooter on the highway, the, man rode for about four miles before he was stopped since, the man was from out of town he was just issued a warning to, read more about these nine stories, just sent a case at calm / news at nine. Okay. But at what point, do. You just think oh. Okay. I'm on a highway right now on a scooter time to just you walk up the hill and get on a street right, like Tyson whatever, go go up an on-ramp, and just. Find your way out come on and I feel like once you're on the highway you can't turn around so, but, on a scooter you could I mean you could literally get off and start walking, in the grass I just I don't buy that excuse, the decision-making. Process, did not go well to begin with okay, well. What. I will say is it, doesn't take much to have the whole news you're running, to the window because we heard like maybe a few powders of rain and a half of us were outside rolling. Up your windows. Mine. Were closed but I can't speak for everybody yeah we did have a nice little downpour briefly, I mean this is a five. To ten minute downpour them popped up over, downtown earlier, this, evening and this is a look at 48 hour rainfall totals some good rain along, the coastal plain within, about 60, to, 65 miles from the coastline particularly.

Lavaca County but even in the hill country we've, got some good rain showers even ongoing right now and most of what you see across Baer County was from yesterday. But look at this activity, still alive in, the, hill country Edwards. County this is good for you moving into reality. I know these folks are smiling, right now even northern. Gillespie County getting in on some of it now, I don't anticipate, this, to remain, intact and actually, make it to San Antonio it, should start to lose its steam here within, an hour, 84. Degrees dew point is 69 so it feels like 88 still, in the 90s off, to the south west of town but the rain cooled air 73. In Rock, Springs how's, that huh, and little, pockets of Texas have the rain cooled air today because of the, showers, that we've been seeing across parts of the state so some, portions, of the state cashing, in on the rain still, a good disturbance, disturbance. Offshore, again today and, that has some good rain with it unfortunately it's taking it all to Louisiana, so around here it's gonna look and feel a lot like tomorrow, will look and feel a lot like today mixture. Of Sun and clouds notice, as we go to 9 a.m. just partly cloudy then, we get into the afternoon and we start to see those isolated. Little pop-up, downpours, here, and there that are fairly short-lived, it's basically, weather lottery, that's what this is it's like rain lottery if, you. Get hit by it you just happen to be one of the lucky few okay because they're fairly random, 78. In the morning 97, in the afternoon were given it a 30%, chance tomorrow into. Sunday not. As good of a chance about, 10%. And then next week unfortunately. Just looking sunny and dry with a high temperature for. The most part just in the upper 90s. Just. Because you see something trending, online doesn't mean it's accurate at the end of every week The Associated Press puts, together a roundup, of some of the most popular, but completely untrue, stories, and images of the past several days let's, take a look our first claim of the night Instagram, is changing its privacy policy, and to stop the platform, from acquiring, users photos, users, must repost, a message stating, they do not give the platform, or other entities, permission, to use their pictures or information this, post has been shared widely, on Instagram, this week including. By several, high-profile figures such, as energy secretary. And former Texas Governor Rick Perry here, are the facts a spokesperson, for, Facebook, which owns Instagram told, the AP that there's no truth to these posts to, learn more about your privacy on Instagram, read the apps data, policy, here's. Another one a court upholds a North Dakota law stripping, voting rights from Native Americans, but this isn't true, Native, Americans, are still eligible to vote in the state there, is however a change to North Dakota's voter ID law, that's been criticized, for suppressing, Native, American votes that, law requires voters to provide an ID listing. And address but not all residents, on tribal land have one that, rule is facing legal challenges, one. More claim to fact-check tonight, according, to some social media posts, National, Geographic is, participating. In a fundraising campaign that, would give a dollar for every Instagram. Like to benefit, the Amazon, following. Their fires there despite several accounts sharing this information national. You graphic is not participating, in this campaign these, accounts have been posting. Pictures of a 1989. Amazon, rainforest, fire with the text reading one, like equals, $1, and partnered, with at NatGeo. But, the AP reports, the National Geographic is, not affiliated with these accounts, a. San. Antonio lawmaker. Who's been calling for action, to curb gun violence in, the wake of that deadly shooting in El Paso is now giving away gun, trigger locks for trigger. Locks for free State, Representative Roland, Gutierrez, cited the NRA and Texas DPS saying, the device is a best practice for securing, firearms. The trigger lock giveaway is happening tomorrow at mission library, from, 9:00 until 10:00 in the morning the representative, has brought 100 locks, and will have them available on, a first-come, first-serve. Basis. A wait, list will, also be available for, those who miss out. We'll. Be back in just a minute. You. Immigration. And the situation, at the border is an ever-evolving story, that we've been covering for months but today for, the first time we can show you the inside of the nation's largest family, Detention Center in Dili southwest, of San Antonio case, that was a part of a media tour South Texas family, residential, center the privately, run facility, for ice holds, 900, women and children who were brought from the border the privately, operated facilities. Spread over the 55 acre property, appeared. To have almost everything the mothers and children would, need during a limited-time stay, but, this tour comes on the heels of the Trump administration rule.

That Ends, an agreement limiting, how long migrant. Families can be detained for over two decades the, Flores settlement, mandated, they could not be held more than 20 days yet, a new regulation, could make it possible to hold them until asylum cases are declined. - rather than release them while their cases are pending the. Administration's. Rule still has to be examined by the federal judge who oversees, the Flores settlement, unless, there are legal delays the regulation, goes into effect in about two months, now. Let's turn to some of tonight's other big stories, the us-china trade war escalating. Tonight President Donald Trump says products, coming from China that were slated to be hit with the 10% tariff, on September, 1st will now face a 15 percent tariff the president, also says products, being taxed at 25 percent will, now be taxed at 30 percent starting, in October, the, president's, announcement came, after China, said it would pursue new tariffs, on 75. Billion dollars, worth of US product, Supreme, Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Reveals she's been treated for cancer for the fourth time Ginsburg. Recently, received three weeks of radiation therapy, for pancreatic cancer, earlier, this month doctors. Found a malignant, tumor according. To the Supreme Court the tumor was treated definitely, and there, is no evidence the disease spread the. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warning. About a new strain of Salmonella that's, resistant, to antibiotics, the common form of food poisoning affects, more than a million people each year most, recover without any medication, but serious, cases require, antibiotics but. A new strain of the infection, is not responding, as well to those medications, it has hospitalized, at least 60, people since last June and killed, two of them the, CDC, traced the bacteria, to beef in the US and cheese, in Mexico. We. Are down to the final four of our heavy metal Madness, bracket, here on KSAT news at 9:00 and on case at calm for the past couple of weeks we've been on a quest to find the best heavy-metal, band of all time and you the, viewers have been voting every week to give us your input the fourth round and our heavy metal Madness bracket, challenge is now complete, here's, a look at who's left, standing for, round five Black Sabbath vs., ac/dc, scorpions.

Pit It against Motley Crue you have until next Friday to vote in round five just go to kake.com slash, news at nine we'll, be right back. You. We. Have come to the end of another long week full of big local stories, from a tense meeting deciding, the fate of a local mayor to longtime bear county commissioner announcing, plans to leave public office RJ marques gives us a look in the week into ten. Cheers. And applause Phil to Sevilla City Hall Tuesday night as mayor Stan Boyle survived a vote to remove him. Boyle. Was under fire for 1998. Felony drug conviction, Texas, election coats as a candidate who has been convicted of a felony must, either be pardoned, or quote, otherwise released, from the resulting, disabilities. But, released from the resulting disabilities, portion, of the code has never been clearly defined leaving, it open to interpretation that. Was one of the reasons councilmembers, cited for voting to keep boi on as mayor the only thing that could remove Boyle now is a judge's, order. San. Antonio mayor Ron Nuremberg climate action and adaption plan was released Thursday, it outlined, a set of strategies to mitigate climate change some, key points included, an increase of carbon free energy and reducing, building and transportation. Energy consumption, the mayor also wants to promote biodiversity, and, healthy ecosystems. Longtime. Bear County Commissioner, Kevin Wolfe will not seek re-election will. Says he is leaving public office behind at least for now wolf has held public office since, 2005. But says he now wants to focus on his family and, get back to work in the private sector, there are cost. You. Pay, you. And your family, for living. Your, life and in the public eye and. We were more than willing to pay, those kind of cost well, still has about a year and a half left in his term. More. Than 60 schools in the San Antonio area received, an overall letter grade of an F in the latest Texas Education, Agency accountability. Ratings, 15. Schools within the San Antonio Independent School, District received FS 10 schools within the Edgewood Independent School District received an overall rating of an F as well schools, in the Northeast Judson East Central and South Side independent, school districts also appeared, on the list you, can find the full list on KC calm. Country. Legend Garth Brooks announced plans this week to perform at the iconic Green rooks officially, announced Tuesday that he's scheduled to perform at the oldest, dance hall in the Lone Star State on September, 23rd, but you can't just buy tickets, fans must win the exclusive, tickets through local country radio stations. Now. Let's check in with our Jake Marquez about what's trending on kake.com and, right, what's, up coordinate has been a fun, Friday but you. Don't want no laughing, matter here okay kado injuries, there's. A lot of apparently. Close. To 9,000, avacado injuries, to be exact, exact. ER visits, blamed. On avocado, related, injuries last year alone, we need some example, yeah so this is according to the US Consumer Product, Safety Commission and, I, kind.

Of Joke around about this because I feel, like some of these examples is just regular stuff I mean people cutting their fingers because. Yeah. That has a lot to do with it there was a funny one here where it, said someone fell off a stool while picking avocados. So, yeah. Be careful out there when, you're going, through here autos, are not only pricey they're dangerous, yeah, so. We, have we've, had a lot of fun with this article on KSAT calm if you want to read more about it go to our websites, okay all right Courtney a weekend, of course is here, and it's. Yeah, it's still hot outside but. There's. A lot of stuff to do and yes. You definitely want to get outside so, we've compiled, this list of, the 50-plus. Things, every, San Antonio, local, or tourist must try okay yeah so I'm assuming you can guess a few of them summer I go to the pearl obviously. Very popular there go to a Spurs game not, during his first season yet but well stuff, there yeah missions. Games all, sorts of different stuff here this is also taken. Into account all the the, rodeo, blue. Yes of course so there's, a ton, of stuff, here, if you're, looking for stuff to do our thinking, about stuff in, the future there is never a dull moment and definitely, not always got, something on menu. Absolutely, so yeah the full list is there on our website make sure you check that out okay now to the story, that's really kind, of been trending, throughout, the day I'm, sorry. Okay, this is 26-pound, cat named BJ is, up for adoption in Philadelphia. Oh my god it's like a leopard. Exactly. That is what some people are saying there he was people, are like it is innate there's a name for them right I'm. Not sure some, people are saying this is like a bobcat. Or something okay. Okay. What's a Bengal but there's a large, version of a bangle there's. A name for them they can jump like yeah, ten feet high or something Wow okay that's not good I mean any, closer to adopting this cat what up I'm on the opposite, realm like give me a giant. Jumping, cat, Wow. So. Yeah BJ, he's. Described, as a jumbo, sized package, of fluff, so yeah, oh I'm. In you're, all in I really, am, he'd be like a giant, cuddle, bunny there you go yeah that's a good way to think, about it so. He is available they're up for adoption in Philadelphia, if you want more on this story and the rest of the stuff that's on our website go to kake.com. Road Trip into Philly. Thanks. RJ won't, be right back. This. Is your daily tech and business three teams from cheddar officials. On Mount Everest are trying to take out the trash, starting in January 2020. Single-use, plastics, will, be banned from the area and it includes plastic, bags straws, food packaging, and water, bottles, authorities, in Nepal say the ban will cover the entire area where the mountain is located the. World's highest peak accumulates. Tons of trash every. Year a 45-day, cleanup effort on Everest, earlier this year removed, 11. Tons of that trash and the, fashion statements, made of g7 summit are usually, free subtle, typical, outfits Jenna consists, of sharps Navy suits and sensible. Shoes but this year 32, brands who could be Nike at Prada Burberry and Gucci, got together to proclaim and their commitment to fighting a man and made a climate, change the, company's signing a global pact to attack the climate crisis and protect, biodiversity, the. Factor will be presented, to leaders at this week's g7. And France and. Soon, you, will be able to search for text, and pictures that you've taken Google is rolling out new AI features, they're, gonna let users search their photo library, for text that appears in photos and screenshots. And, then they'll be able to copy and paste that text on to other apps it'll make it easy to grab and share Wi-Fi, passwords, what I struggle with google. Is rolling, out the compatibility, mode this month and that's, your shredder business and tech update I'm Kristin Schuler from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. You. You. Happy. Friday people all right we've got a problem I'm Terry all arguing, all right RJ.

Marquez Is here we're, gonna do a live first, bite taste test for these sandwiches. I told Andrew, what'd I tell you the other day I said now wait, does it have pickles, on it because then they could be going for chick-fil-a show. Enough -. I. Still. Think chick-fil-a, sandwiches, a little bit better person, like a 4.7. What, is this well, part of the chicken that be unsure. And. This is also just a hamburger bun, right. Wow, this weekend for most of us will just be hot and humid highs in the upper, 90s each afternoon, but we do have a slim chance of some isolated showers non, severe storms Friday evening and then again on Saturday, by Sunday rain chances start to clear out for Court. Whataburger. Time then there, are the biscuit, it's not a sandwich, it's a biscuit, it's not the same thing. Thank. You so much for watching the news at 9:00 don't forget to watch the Nightbeat starts at 10:00 either.

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