KMS Engine - SR20 na 600+ KM !!

KMS Engine - SR20 na 600+ KM !!

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Hello everybody, welcome in our new episode with ... KMS engine, HI! what are we gonna record today? apple of your eye? it'll sound so sentimental right now we'll show engine which it all started from what kind of engine we have here? kindly SR 2.0l the same as Coobcio one day made in Nissan Micra SR20 right? yes Coobcio couldn't have VTC as far as I know VTC so variable valve timing? yeah, he could have red or black top so it's kind of something unique? no, they just appeared like this, this model appeared in s14 and it's swapped to s13 and here I want to refer to .. you see first tunings, modifications which we made

16 years ago, specifically on this engine you can say that I learnt on this engine that's why you like it so much in what kind of cars? earlier I had episodes with mazda's engines but I'll tell you another time okay and then we started with Nissan, it's funny story I went to UK for that car and I returned to Poland driving it s14, and watch out .. then s14 from 1999 with tuning SR on 350HP you could buy for 5000 GBP and it was tuned SR already tuned? yes what?! wow! Apex intercooler, inlets turbo was usually serial, but there was some injectors, some Apexes.. but I wasn't so lucky and you started from this engine? yes 16 years ago?! yes, seriously shit.. what were you tuning it up? right I wanted refer to it, because it'll be a story about this engine too, but let's make it sequentially at that time in Poland market was entering Ecumaster, and its first product was DET3 DET3 - I can relate let's say a piggy it wasn't stand alone yet back in that time when you had stand alone you were the guy In Poland then was this forged engine just a couple, I guess 3 or 4 which 2 or 3 of them were made on stand alone Apexi, when somebody had Apexi in that time ... then woooow !!

It doesn't mean anything to me I'm interested in it too shortly those were such funny times now you have better access to parts, back then you had to order everything from USA there weren't such support like right now we have easier right now, and this engine it well known like 1,8T what are we gonna do? Here just seasonal checkup, because we built this engine less than 2 years ago this car was used for a year for drift training we need to do dyno, and tune it up a little bit because we'll change fuel here, a new garrett turbocharger flew in G30660 I hope that at this moment we would be able to make more power, because previously on this setup which I'll tell you more about in a moment Here was turbo TurboWorks GTX30 and we made 460HP, 530Nm 460HP from 2.0l yes, but you know I'm aware that there was stronger SR in Poland but I was able to break 500HP so I think it's quite good result it's awesome result! I know that from 2.0l in different companies in Poland were made for 600/700HP we're talking about 2.0l engine, which is old, what special is has that it's possible here to make such powers, what's the differences? this construction has its advantages and disadvantages. This engine is good, because it's lightweight the engine block is aluminum

Aluminum block? yes. We have very good head, which parts are available and you have a lot of them, when it comes about shafts, springs, plates and so on in those days there wasn't such nice things like this, actually there were but very expensive and hardly available in polish people dreams here you have turbowork's setup which is waiting on store shelf you're buying it and mounting, so it has changed a little what else .. and basics stuff, forged pistons and crank Exactly. I can tell you what is made here at this moment

or you want me to tell how it began here, when this car arrived you can tell what is made here, right now from the beginning.. this car arrived 2 years ago for software specifically this engine, but it has different specification and it was made on DET3 and at the very beginning I told Arek that I won't tune it on DET3, I want to make it on stand alone why? you know what .. it's more stable, if you want to do this in a way that customer are not going back to you, so it's better to do this on good controller and this "piggy" solutions are outdated, it shouldn't be made like this in my opinion, now we have newer technologies which works better and it's also less secure? yes it's all about let's say cheating the controller so it's kind of a box? yes, and here we have stand alone, which we're fully programing and it depends on us how this engine will work, and what parameters it'll has so you told your customer that you want to make it on stand alone, so I suppose on ecumaster black? yes, back in that time it was ecumaster classic so we made it all work and after 2 days after careful analysis of this engine we always make it before software, before any steps, we checked it with camera we had our suspicions that the compression was a little bit weird, but what it means .. it's like you throw here the drum of the lottery drawing machine, and you had here like in euro jackpot - every numer was different what pushed us to it, 2 pistons were burned so we decided not to took on this case without disassembling whole engine, and rebuild this block what the owner said? he was very surprised, because 3 days earlier he bought this car and he was convinced that someone who sold it to him ... 3 days was enough for the buyer to be convinced ..

it was sad that it came from me, I was pouring cold water on Marek, but unfortunately this is how it was it turned out that 4 pistons were burnt, extremely burnt you even have some photos yes, I'll show you, actually I have it on my phone, but I'm not sure if it'll be visible enough let's make a deal that you will send it to me, and I'll attach it here on screen and it was a big disbelief... it was like.. but how? this engine is working, everything is okay... and now I wanted to say to you and imagine what if I would agree for that? you know how it could end up for me? I would go for dyno, make it the best I could .. you would do someone the world of good yeah, in a certain sense, but all the blame would fall on me this is how we met, we trusted each other so Marek decided to make it right, and from A to Z he decided to rebuild the engine with us and make software in one place and it's working till now, hopefully as long as it's possible so you made oversized? okay so let's get to it, what specifically was made here at the beginning we threw new pistons and cranks pistons we have from Diamond pistons, where compression ratio is 9:1 so higher than serial ones like 8,5, which are usually used for SR, because we wanted this engine to get up earlier to have it higher final compression there isn't any problem with knocking combustion? actually no, here we used.. when we're mounting forged parts we can order gasket with specific thickness and just measure combustion chamber and it's all correctly selected and there isn't any problem with it what's next .. ball sockets ACL, bolts ARP top and bottom timing gear is serial, but brand new regulation wheel and whole cover Brain Crower, so the springs, plates it was made then? earlier? yes so 2 years ago? back then the engine building began, let's say it's almost 2 years ago from over a year this car is driving and it behaves well, we checked compression before dyno day, because in next week we'll go and run it ... wait .. tomorrow

yes, tomorrow, but probably it will all end up in one episode today's episode is more about engine, we'll make sth here yes you will turn the screws I wanted to tell you something awesome about this head I know that this topic is well known, and everybody knows what is it about, but maybe there is someone who didn't see this for example me we'll remove this cover, and by the way you'll see Brian's shafts, springs and plates, because it all will be visible you'll see here some weird metal strips, which are mounted and they're called arm stoppers I'm curious if you would know what is it for okay, once you'll show me this, I will figuring it out, what is it used for what else .. when it comes about setup.. a new intake manifold flew in, whole fuel system, previous injectors were 980mm Bosch now .. it's interesting because we'll change fuel, anyway you already know what Warter fuel e85 is

yeah I know now so here the story will be the same, so to increase safety and thanks to this fuel we'll have better results the car is used for drifting? yes, I hope that Marek one day will take part in competition, for now it's more like trainings, on Jastrząb racetrack he is doing very well so .. he has a predisposition will you screw sth today? and I don't mean about recording only I know what are you asking about, it's' your creativity, because I'm just hired here as cameraman okay have you ever driven such SR? yes, I had the opportunity to drive Micra when Micra's owner found out about it wasn't really happy and in such RWD? no, never Someone like it, someone don't, that is the specification of this engine it depend on what turbo you have, but if you had to compare 6 cylinder engine ... it doesn't get up you know, I don't want to insult this engine, because I like it very much but when it's getting up, it last longer than 1 second yeah, then it's blowing out Especially with powers such as 400/500HP, this engines sounds like they're gonna blow up in a moment I had an opportunity to be on Jastrzab racetrack on drifting event, anyway with Grzegorz Hypki I even know which cars you saw, red and blue s14? it's not about that cars, I meant most cars on that event was naturally aspirated when somebody has turbo it seems like level up when it comes about costs and skills I guess because such turbo which getting up fast is a problem sometimes have you ever driven such car? Naturally aspirated in drifting events? To be honest I have never driven such car yes, I have yeah me too, but you know ... guys were handling it, but more than once it ended up with clutch kicking so you don't have it in turbo cars yeah Here you have turbo so you can always safe yourself with kicking the clutch so your journey with SR20 began with car for drift? no, it was street car oh really? yes, obviously the steering wheel was on the other side, banana's leather inside oh shit I look with sentiment at those times, because you could buy cheap cars in set with nice 18' rim, some good tyres those cars had many gifts like meters ????? as if we knew as much as we know today.. we would buy these cars

you would even take bank loan that's true the same is with the prices of this engine, for me it's unbelievable how much such SR costs? oh, it's interesting because I can tell you this, because when Marek was buying we were looking for an engine which is from a reliable source, so we bought this from our friend Jakub from Datsun Europe, and it was an engine form s15 whole swap, with 6 speed gearbox, as far as I can remember it was for 15000 PLN so it's not that little they're disturbing us all the time we need to meet in the evening yes, late hours, and nobody is disturbing I can remember that these engines cost 4000/5000 PLN so it also has changed and availability of this engines are lower you can draw conclusions that it would be appropriate to buy now these engines because after next few years, we would be mentioning these days the same as previous ones for example M50, which earlier cost 500/600 - 1000 PLN, and now this engine cost from 2000 PLN to 5000 PLN we're talking about the cheapest 6 cylinders engine which were mounted in many Kebab booths, and here we have the engines which are not many of them now, and they're imported so they're unique, and that's why the price is so high I'll change the topic of conversation for a moment after our recent episode with Barra engine some questions appeared about Nissan r34 what project is that it's very interesting project .. and there was viewers indignation that we didn't record skyline, but Barra okay then, we'll record it, but now this car is in stage... just a sneak peak, what car is it? there is made a swap on 2JZGE, which was forged, this project will be on 750/800HP it's street car so there isn't RB under the hood? there was, this RB was led by us for 3/4 years it was serial engine, never opened, and we made it on 530HP oh wow it was driving really nice, I know that the owner sold it and it still working in some car You have one RB in your workshop yes this datsun which was hanged on the roof behind you soon we'll start this engine, because we have left some cables to do, so if you're eager to see this .. then you're welcome you don't need to tell me twice this RB sound is just amazing and it's all about this sound In datsun waste gate is made to the ground, there isn't much power there, but wait.. like for datsun it's quite good result - 450/480HP but in this car we'll see how it'll be driven, because the most powerful datsun we made has 400HP and 600Nm till 3rd gear was difficult to keep it on the road this car is hard to drive, once I had a chance to drive it and ..

I had this car only for test drive, it was short so I don't have any opinion about it. And here is nice because in this car you have great suspension, brakes, adjustable rocker arms so it's prepared very well my biggest disappointment in datsun was basically the brakes Here the brakes are great but it cost much, it's branded, but I don't remember which company, if there will be a moment to talk about this car we'll say sth more, but this car is well prepared and it's a question for our viewers, let us know in comments which topic do you want to hear about Im not surprised that there was questions about Skyline, it's amazing car and now it's iconic car so let us know which car are you interested in so maybe one more topic .. LS you can also say something in few words I'll show you this engine today Im also interested in this engine we gained some experience during assembling and programming and to be honest this engine was introduced by many people as very difficult, complicated engine, but it turned out that it's simple construction although it had its nuances during assembling this project makes me happy, I love the way how this engine is working if we would drive in workshop with this car so the whole hall would tremble you'll see for yourself in a moment can't wait yeah it's awesome I recorded you on the background of the BMW, the viewers will ask .. "you're also making BMW?" yes, I'm also making BMW engines but that one is different Asian one yes, there we have 1JZ, which is also forged engine prepared for 580/600HP the best combination of Japanese and German automotive and there will be 8HP gearbox, which I think that will make great job in this car when it comes about transferring power Generally I like e34 yeah, me too it's nice, climatic car yeah that's true thanks for help Sometimes I can help how clean is it the engine is well-kept oil was changed quite regularly, I see silicone it was lifted once so please without hating it had to be mounted on a trip in the rush I mean valve cover because we changed the wheel Here it shouldn't be silicone? no, you need to apply here, in this places yeah okay, sure but there isn't much of this here, so I'll clean it I like it So okay, tell me where are arms stoppers? what? where is what? red stopper? arm stopper arm stopper, okay okay, maybe otherwise what is "Y" at first glance, according to you I think that it's about this yeah that's right okay this has "Y" shape I have this magical helper, this has it "y" shape so it simultaneously presses on both valve stems as you can see here yes Here we have hydraulic lifter which is also equipped with arm stopper which is helping this "y" not to fall down but whole clue ..

so it's about this thing? this is arm stopper - yes. But it not available in serial, you can buy it as aftermarket topic this one is.. I don't remember which brand so this arm stopper is kind of a pause it's basic protection of SR, when you're making high torque so this "y" falls into .. weird working, especially on rev limit what I'll tell you in a moment what to do to protect it in worst cases it just breaks and it hits cam, valve Sometimes this valve hits the piston, and it can cause quite big damage in engine, to prevent it the easiest way, and the cheapest is just mounting this arm stoppers but as I said it doesn't guarantee in 100% that everything gonna be okay we learnt that from the internet a couple years ago. In factory car you have here let's say pits and one pit is smooth and the other one is with score line, as you can see here are 2 pits with two score lines and it already cause stiffening of this "Y" that it won't go on sides then it was like let's say only this one held it and from the other one could just slip and it's the first security method but also very important if it's about engine treatment is like when somebody makes us valves here so they're doing valve seats so for example in normal engine you can have different lengths of valve, because maybe one seat is more used and the other less and hydraulic lifter make it up. Here we have one hydro lifter which isn't able to make this difference up between these two so very important is that these valves has to be the same length, and in horizontal position for it not to work in form ..

and this is the whole clue, of course you can also buy ... this "Y" which cost a fortune, and it's made from very different material, lets say it's forged, and different shape and it cost very much and if you'll make in this form you'll add to this engine treatment, arm stoppers and one more thing which I'll tell you about but I need to turn on a computer it will interest you very much so that it doesn't fall off in form like.. when you make it to 7200/7300 RPM and higher so you need to make totally different rev limit in computer so everything what you're doing mechanical here so the type of rev limit changes you must also have a mapping in ecumaster black like in this case and normal rev limit works in a way that you have here 4 injectors and it comes to target and in this moment cut, and it turns off every and each of them. to say in the easiest way and here it will be made like... wait I need to turn on the computer it will descend gradually from cylinders so for example when we have target 7000rpm so on first cylinder we would have let's say 7000RPM and on second one we would have 6950rpm etc. so it's gentle ???????but first I need to take the computer Here we're choosing this tab of course you can turn it on/off because it's optional and in this case on 1st cylinder we have cut on 7200 rpm and then 7150 rpm etc of course you can change it here for 20 or 30 it depends on person who is programming this so after reaching rev limit just gradually descends on each cylinder from revs you're making this because it doesn't cause this hits when it comes about rev limit you know what I mean there isn't that hard "male cut" Exactly, it's just in some suspense, not very impressive there aren't any sound effects here, it sounds weird but thanks to this your engine is protected to work as long as it's possible so by the way we're eliminating some weaknesses of this SR engine this engine is awesome with big potential, but this head as you can see demand sth like oil galley in VQ35HR yeah for example the engine is great, but some things has to be replaced we're gonna have an engine which I'll tell you about later so let's say everything what is on the bottom, will be just the same plus ... but wait no.. it won't be the same because there will be Darton's cylinder barrel

and camshaft from RP22 and the head.. you've heard for sure about head???????? no I've never heard anything about this so you should ask Coobcio about it, he had dealt with this before right, Kuba was into SR and there isn't any option that these "Y" could fall down, it's solved there differently there are two variable valve timing it's similar like in Honda VT, is works like this more or less ????? so very simple that one head is less breakdowning so let's say .. better? yes, with bigger potential, it comes from naturally aspirated engines, so at the beginning it has better flow, it's filling up faster and it has better combustion chamber from engines issues before we'll take this car for dyno you want to tell something more? you can just show Brian's crower springs, plates shafts 264mm.. what else

VTC is of course connected to the computer , and it's working we usually use electric throttle so we have it connected to ... ???????? and thanks to this, I'll also show you this on dyno. Here ALS is made but in a way ... recently when we were doing ALS in Marian's car, can you remember what was going on with the car? yes and here this ALS will be working just like this rev limit, this cut. very gentle does it have sth to do with this type of rev limit? when you would do solid antilag system, so here despite all this securities it could also break so we wanted to make the owner more failure-free driving failure-free okay failure-free, but this ALS is a great thing, you just need to switch it on and it would help you stand up so ALS just helping the reaction to gas? yes, you're just pumped up all the time, you're not starting from underpressure .. so in such SR is a great thing huh? considering we have here now Garrett, which I'm very curious how it'll pass. this is the newest serie G30????? so expectations are high we used here higher AR 83 ????? because we'll have here ethanol so we didn't want that if there would be smaller ass then everything here would plug okay so you're saying 480HP? no, it has to be 500+ HP 500+ HP okay the customer is very demanding but also careful just the opposite of Adam Adam was saying "okay let's make it high", and here we have this magical numer 7000+rpm but we'll see, maybe I can convince him to roll it higher because this engine likes high revs, so the higher the more power you can gain we can show the back of the car, because the most important is fuel system this is what is wrong with my Nissan, I'm turning right and I don't have fuel. Come on, let's see this

let's see the solution here look, why we don't have here a serial tank, because in s13 this problem is notorious changes was depending on throwing walbro??? so it was already good, but you know with first arrival on the racetrack the fuel was ending up and piston shelf Unfortunately you need to mount sth like this to work it out it looks really nice Here we have external fuel tank tell me, if I wanted to go on roads with sth like this, can I? no, unfortunately you're not allowed in supra you have this great solution, among others there is radium company those products are expensive but really valuable, you can mount the whole set which you're putting with 2 or 3 pumps and it's simultaneously swirl?????? and main pumps and you're putting it into tank, making wires for it and you can freely use it on the roads great solution these are solutions only for racetracks we can only look and be jealous it's not arranged, because we were changing the battery look what's going on it pressed two at a time it's interesting solution, can we see it in other engines? surely, but I didn't make so much engines I just made it here, but for sure this solution is also used in different cars in barra we had this single "Y" yes, there's single so it's more standard solution so it's dyno day hi it's the owner of the car Hello so Kamil, what are we gonna do today? Programming Programming... but, can we make high revs? not yet we threw previous diagram with previous turbo we're very curious how this Garrett turbo will give us power during driving off the tow truck we could heard that this turbo wants to live it got up already on idle gear Exactly did you make a software here before? yes can we see previous version and compare it to new one? yes, and today we're doing two programs first on 100 fuel so 2 fuels and two program maps on switch and tell me what turbo was earlier and what's now? GTX30, but I don't know the AR????? we'll attach it in description so Chinese turbo vs. Garrett G30660 tell me Marek as the owner, what ws the difference in price between those two turbo? Enormous.. several times more

so I hope that it would give several times more power this car was prepared for this, so intake manifold??? waste gate stayed as it ws we thought about it, that Marek will want to have more power someday so it was made with future-proof, okay. So what? let's get to work? what kind of oil are you pouring for engines like this? 15 50 300V ????? okay 300v competition for this engine from what kind of fuel are we starting? we have 100 fuel, we poured 20l so we'll see... Actually it was programmed on 100 before, but now we have larger injectors so we need to make software all over again so you'll maximize it on 100 yes and later on warter fuel we'll make a couple of runs to check how this turbo is getting up, but we need to lowered...

popych??? on Mac, not to przepustować this car, we'll see how it's getting up, how it's reacting if we need to replace spring in the waste gate or not so delicate settings and then we'll make 2nd option, we need to program the keyboard for Marek, to switch between programs but I think that I already made that this is additional option from ecumaster? Marek wants to have it done that he'll have fuel on one program, on one switch, and then he's switching to 2nd one and obviously he needs to pour off the fuel from tank he's pouring the alcohol, of course he also has fuel flex here .. we can even turn it on now what would be useless ... what is it by the way? this is ecumaster app made for android you have Bluetooth module turned on, and what the computer sees..

so it's substitute for ADU yes okay very trendy word - content so what, there is 3,5 % ... yes, but it's 100 fuel so check it out, it also has some alcohol Recently when we were programming Adam's car it was also visible that 100 fuel also contains some alcohol, but there was 5% I think okay, let's start, but first we need to calibrate dyno we're setting up a bottom part of fuel program in underpressure but I see that... it won't happen on alcohol program, but for example on fuel it's seems like on quite low opening we'll see what DC ???? it has now, it's working a little bit better right now but.. it has 1,5% and it works more smoothly

but by 1,0-1,5% on these large injectors I can feel that it opens differently from that one which lower capacity what are you looking for? remote it's very tight here I can barely contain you in the wide angle BMW was way more spacious yes the best for you was in red one, because you were sitting on the backseat and I made impact on result by the way many people said that it was a great idea when you did that when you showed it in completely different way but it's not always possible, like for example here we need to change the spring for smaller one, it turns out that that previous turbo needed more amount of gas to get up similarly for now without yes

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