Karavanist 2021 kamp karavan fuarı || Yeni karavan arıyoruz (English subtitles)

Karavanist 2021 kamp karavan fuarı || Yeni karavan arıyoruz (English subtitles)

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We're at the caravan expo Karavanist. It's an expo of TÜYAP. We're going to check for you the new caravans, what's new. Also, my brother wants to buy a caravan so we will be doing some research.

You're van is mine already. We're trying to make him leave our van so we're pushing him to get his own. I'm looking for something like a tank. He wants a 6x6 or 4x4. Hopefully we will find something nice.

Since our products are subject to highways, they are licensed vehicles in the same time. That's why we have a certain standard for the dimensions. We can't go over 2.5 meters width. The length varies from 3 to 8 meters. We have different products, different roof alternatives with different heights. The maximum weight is 3.5 tonnes.

I guess we can design it to our own taste, right? We can customize it but without going against the highway regulations. How long is the delivery time? In average 60 days. Normally it's 45 days but now that we are also exporting it's around 60 days.

Is it possible to expand it by joining two houses together? It's physically possible but not really ideal. What our clients do is that they make a smaller module with a kitchen and living room, then they make a separate bigger one for the bedrooms and bathroom. What is the price range? The prices include a full kitchen and bathroom, all of the other mobile items are optional. The price ranges from 122.000 to 225.000 Turkish Liras + taxes. This one is the biggest one in length.

The other one is bigger in height, 30 cm higher than this one. It's almost 4 meters high. How many meters square is this one? 20 meters square. What are the features? This product is mostly for private use.

It's similar to a 1+1 appartment. It has a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. It has two separate doors so it can be used as two separate rooms. It's ideal for 4 people.

There is a sofa bed in the front side and a full bedroom on the backside, cupboards, thermosiphon, air conditioners in both rooms, and a wood stove. The kitchen is fully equipped with a refrigerator, stove and sink. So once you take this mobile house on a land you are fully equipped? Yes.

Thank you. Melis is our videographer for the day. There are camper trailers here, a bit smaller, probably more practical for camping. These fridges are cheaper compared to Dometic or Thetford brands. Caravan windows.

My brother has found something he likes, it's a Crawler I will get bored in this on a long road. You like this brand but this is a camper trailer. Camper trailers are too small for me. I have a world tour project with my wife.

We will do a world tour for two years and film a documentary. And I believe the car we need is this type, an expedition caravan. I think this is the one I will be purchasing.

Let's see if it's the case. Will I be able to live in it for two years? This is the vehicle. It even has a balcony. Crawler is a domestic brand. As you can hear, some people are saying it's like a war plane.

Can we do a world tour with this or not? The shower is nice, the bed is a bit too small. So is this the one you like? Yes, but in reality it's not as big as in the photos I saw on the net. Maybe it's because of the extra bunk beds.

Normally there's supposed to be a working desk here. It makes you feel safe but it's smaller than I expected. It looks bigger in pictures. I keep telling you to get a Sprinter 4x4 van and be comfortable but you keep saying you want something big. Yes but I also want it to be big on the inside. It's big outside but small inside.

This didn't turn out the way I expected. He didn't like it. No it's nice but probably not comfortable enough to live in it for two years. Get a Sprinter 4x4 and be happy. There's a double bed here. The bathroom, a cassette toilet here.

There's an open shower. A bunk bed here. What do you think about it? I like it and don't think the size is a problem. At least it gives you the feeling of safety. There's enough space to sleep, you can remove the bed on the back side and turn it into an office.

I think you should consider this vehicle. Yes but I don't know if it's worth 1.5 million Turkish Liras. But look at that balcony. Ok, let's continue.

Did you like anything so far? No. It will most likely be a truck. But you're looking for really big vehicles, if you could just look for a Mercedes 4x4... No I like big ones. He likes big ones. This really feels like a house.So I think the world tour will be possible with a bus.

I need something like a bus. I think this is what you need. It's like a regular home. This is it. You know these parts better.

Why do I always know the kitchen area better? These are secured buttons on the drawers, often used in caravans. This way the drawers don't open on bumpy roads. They used it everywhere.

The washing machine is quite big. Nice sink area for washing hands. There are cupboards everywhere which is great. The bedroom's quite nice.

Ali, what you need is a bus. Yes we've come to the conclusion that I need a bus. I need to get a bus driving license. You'll get it. The only problem is that you can't access all the roads with a big bus. Yes only the highways and all.

But I can get a motocross and use it after parking the bus. Hi, my name is Tuğba Atilla. I design bus caravans. I call this concept traveling home, I offer an independent lifestyle. The bus doesn't need electricity fromo outside, it has seven 395 Watt solar panels on the roof. There is a wind turbine on the back creating 2000 Watt energy, we've also used a 8 kVA generator.

A screen displays the energy we produce. For water, I have a 2 tonne water boiler made of chrome, it doesn't create any moss or smell. Depending on how we use it, the water can last for up to 1,5 - 2 months. The household appliances we used consume little water, the washing machine and dishwasher. We have a 420 liter refrigerator, it's A++.

We use LG products. These are our solutions for water and electricity. We are trying to offer a lifestyle with the comfort of a home. It's made with a feminine touch. This is our third vehicle.

We make customized vehicles, everything is tailor-made. Even this graffiti here, it was made by 3 people in 15 days. I work on special requests.

Do you recommend it for a world tour? Of course, Mercedes has services all around the world so I recommend it. It's a functional and cool vehicle, it's a 1998 model made in 2005. We are offering a free and independent life with a modern vehicle. What is the price? 1,5 million Turkish Liras, it's a special price for the expo. But the other projects are more or less the same price because it's a tiring work.

For instance the wind turbine creating 2000 Watt energy that we have used takes 5-6 months to come from abroad. We work with products on a dollar and euro basis and unfortunately they are expensive. It's almost impossible for me to give a cheaper price, I'm offering a house that is fully independent. This price range is necessary in order to achieve this comfort.

What is the minimum budget required for a person looking to make a caravan bus? The maximum budget I guess has no limit. What is the minimum? Exactly, there is no limit for the maximum budget. There is absolutely no limit to what can be done, if you want we can even work on a sink made of gold. This depends on the person.

That's why I keep saying I do customized work. It's personalized and has no limits. When it comes to what's the minimum budget needed, it will be 750.000 - 800.000 Turkish Liras, excluding the vehicle. Each project I do has a different concept. This one has a boat, a motorcycle and a platform mounted on the bus to carry it. there's a 2006 model motorcycle, a professional mountain bike and regular bicycle in the front, 3 Tvs etc.

So this is what this project contains. The vehicle is included right? Yes the vehicle is included. So the prices vary depending on the project. But the minimum will be around 750.000 - 800.000 Turkish Liras. There is an expandable part in the front. It's really logic. Enjoyable.

They have the tent version here. When opened, it becomes a giant tent. I lost Melis. I found Melis. You ran out of battery? It has a very weird texture, I've never seen anything like this. It's like a popcorn ceiling or like asphalt.

Very interesting. I wonder what's the particularity of it, I'm sure it has a special property. We really liked your caravan, can you tell us about the textured paint? What is it called and what's the use? It's a paint called Line-X, used for isolation. Usually it's used inside the car.

In Turkey they started using it for pickup trucks and then for indoor isolation. It protects from strong impacts and works as sound isolation, it doesn't have a huge impact on weather isolation but it's still blocks it a little bit. The sofa turns into a bed right? Yes, you remove the table and convert it into a bed. This car is small so only two people can sleep in here.

Any other properties? Water, outdoor toilet and shower. There's a small double stove, a sink. What's the price of this van? It's around 80.000 - 90.000 Turkish Liras because of all the equipment. Hiqh quality material.

This one's really nice too. Sometimes we think about buying a camper trailer too. As MSM Yacht we work in the yacht sector.

This is the first time we made a caravan. The size of the van is 4.10 meters long and 2.10 meters wide. The sofa bed behind is 2.10 meters long, 1.50 meters wide,

the bunk beds are 2 meters long. This van accommodates 4 adults. There is a pop up roof system. It's completely fiber-coated outside. The furniture inside is made with marine teak wood veneer. We turned the yacht into a caravan.

It ranges from 145.000 Turkish Liras to 175.000 Turkish Liras + taxes. 1.6 diesel is enough to pull it, we don't really recommend 1.0 gasoline powered cars because it will exhaust the engine. A 1.6 diesel engine will be sufficient. There's a cassette toilet in the final version.

This is a totally tempered glass, we didn't use caravan glass. This glass is used in ovens. Here is the electricity source. This can be chrome or teak wood as per request, it's for bicycles. This extra space is for storage, you can access it from here, you can also access it from inside the vehicle under the couch.

Our favorite brands are here, Thetford and Truma. You can put the plates underneath and move the upper part. The three are the same product but with different heights, you can change the height as you wish. This one is 85 cm and the other one is 110 cm. These are ideal for people who have a tent, or for those who have a van but have no space for a kitchen.

There is a stove, a sink and it turns into a small box. This product costs 1950 Turkish Liras. We recommend it because it fits into a tiny box. When the pop-up roof is closed the height is 1.96 meters,

when opened it goes up to 2.60 meters. The pop-up roof is like ours, it doesn't go too high but it still increases the space. Cupboards are Melis' favorite items.

It's 89.000 Turkish Liras, a special price for the expo. Normally it's 119.000 Turkish Liras + taxes. So they really did a discount. It's totally locally produced. This is an off-road version. It's more functional compared to the smaller ones.

This is our campervan's great grandchild. We really liked this car, it's really practical. The price, excluding the car, just for the design is 175.820 Turkish Liras. We really love the design. It's almost equivalent to a big motocaravan.

Melis is in love with it, she doesn't want to leave. She's sleeping here tonight.

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