Justin Sun Live | Tron Virtual Machine Testnet launch & New Project Atlas | English

Justin Sun Live | Tron Virtual Machine Testnet launch & New Project Atlas |  English

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Prominent, has. Been running smoothly, as. Of July 30. Funny. Thing. Sgt. The. Plot I reached was. Over, one meeting. We. Will have a little celebration, for this. Later today. The. Peak member of the single, day transaction. Martyrs. Forty. Nine thousand, five hundred and, eighty. Global. Dogs reached, three. Hundred sixty, two and. The. Total member accounts. Address. Was. Seventy. Four thousand, four, hundred and, how, more. Than 40, mainstream, exchange. Including. Finance. Beatrix. BitFenix. Happy. For. P and the oke acts has. Completes. The. Polka, migration, from. The ab c-- pocket, opens Hume the trust he, acts without. Any, financial. Loss, of our users, we, Nepal, we. Have burned more. Than. That. He to billing. 424. Minute. 660. 4154. GRC. Party, tokens. Ninety. Two. Point. Four. Two percent, of the total. Before. We complete. The migration the. Remaining, kayaks tokens, will, you remain, balanced, for, exchange, and finance. And gates, the aisle bid, max one. Of the most prestigious, digital. SF futures, exchange, Lodge. TRX, contracts. Meanwhile. Chart. Tragedy. Added, a brand, new credit card option for TR exporters, which. Means the market potential of the. Being. Further of knowledge mentoring, what, is like free wallets and ladder, now. Supports. Bringing. Better, user, experience. To our card, holders, child. Is also working with, front. Half which. Will provide. Extensive. Application. Scenarios, for. The trance technologies. Most importantly. Trump. Completes. Its, acquisition. Which be horrid the. Leading. Player. The, PTO key interest rate with. The, most support we, see will be downloading, Network. Bernard. Provides, the top notch downloading, services. For. More than 1, billion, users from. 138. Countries, the. Petition, and able trial and a bit hard to, become the largest the, decentralized, ecosystem. In the world today, we, launched the winner version, of the TBI, in. The following months Kimia, will, be tested, by all the, trunk community, members. Opens. The thirties. Sgt. Tom. Will completes, is men. They operate, at large the official, version of the tibia. So. These. Weights for hours, the eighties we. Can enjoy, a visual, version of the tibia helium. Is completely. Compatible, with easier. Only. Faster, and more affordable. The. Robbers are able, to use the man screaming keep, well makers, such. As remyxx. Travel. And grabs, 3GS. As well. As Freud, extension. Of the, browser to. Create, es face, up from their work next, month's tram. Will provide, a sandbox, to its, global community. To test, the we are and find, parts. Then. According. To the feedback received. Trough, will, initiate. It, awoke. In campaign, about as ours. Which. Are, adjusting, the, beta version. After. Reaching the community, consensus. All. SS, of the community. Will. Upgrade. The. Program, of the TV app into, a new stage so, visual, world of the TV app which. Will be launched in the offered Saturdays is. Going, to be more stable most secure and the. Equips, with, optimized. Compile. And instruction. Set, the. Ecosystem, including, the, development towards. Developing. And. Gave. An 20 moments for. Eventually. Bring, about, a more, efficient. And more. User-friendly, virtual. Machine with. Higher, performance. Finally, I'd like you, say, a few things about our, project. Secret. Project, now, we, rename it like a class. After. The be quiet acquisition. For. The 30. Applause. We. Have, completed. Initial. Team, building, and has. Set up a deployment plan for. The next three months. We. Will review, the further details, by the end of the orders. Kearney, we, are exploring. The possibility. Of. Using. The, tropical. To, improve, the default, protocol, in. Order to make the, hard part called faster, and lessened. The, lifespan, of the Bighorns. Works, I, hope. The inflation, of the trunk and a bit Harlan will. Allow both parties, to work better as what, in the future by, reading, the trial Network, it could be forest, we. Aim to improve. The. Currently, existing, appraisal. At. This point there, is no incentives. For peers, who. Have completed. Following. You, continue, to see. We. Extended. We. Tended, to accept, the. Rewards, to, the peers who. See Horace. Infusing. More, resources, into, the parent ecosystem. The. Trunk network will. Serve as an, underlying protocol, for, the project, Atlas. Hundreds. Of meetings, users, of the. BT users, across. The globe will. Become, a part of the trunk ecosystem. Baturin. Will be the largest application, on, the, Tron memory. Which. Will allow the Trump, Sebastia. Serum, on daily, transaction. And, also. Become the most influential. Public. Chat in the world, the. Equation. Of BitTorrent, and, the trough will. Over, new possibilities. To, global. Payments and the settlement, of the, Trump alike, content. The. Creator, of this product will, reach hundreds, of millions, of the, global users, through. Is decentralized, network. Without. Any, intermediaries. Where. A industry, will be, significantly. Affected by, these. Changes per, day Atlas, will. Be now associated. Themselves. With, any, mining. Projects. Nor. Will have any negative, impacts, on the big hearted user experience.

For. Our users. Modulus. Is only going to present. The, currents, with Marcato and making. It stronger and more, come. Competence. Starting, from today. Trump. Will, enter a new phase of. Expanding. Our current, ecosystem. We. Are grateful, for what we have achieved in the past and, we. Are looking forward to see what. The future holds for us, now. I'd like to introduce our. CTO, Rosen. For the polar introduction. Of our caveat, hello, everyone I'm Lucy in the city of charm it's been over a month since we last met in the past months my colleagues and I have been busy with TV and development, toka migration, technical. Integration with, exchanges, and most importantly, building, at the ecosystem, today. We launched TVN which, is a historic, moment for Chong for, this is a new chapter of our dia ecosystem. Vivian. Is compatible, with avian, and allows, the app developers. On avian to migrate to TV in almost. For free our, tech director, of public Chan markers, or go into details later now, I will briefly introduce the, progress of the DF ecosystem. And that of the changes, toka migration, first. I would like to say a few things about a day of ecosystem. We all know that in order for the developers, to work on the apps things like efficient, user-friendly, developing, tools documents. And tutorials. Will, surface some of the most important, prerequisites. Asturian, has spent a lot of time on these runs and we want to make sure that we do a good job on this to only. A well-rounded environment. Will attract more developers, which, is why we've been focusing on tools documents. In tutorials, we've, divided the tools into three parts the first one is development, tools the second one is engine tool and the, third one is third party tools for. Developers, to a user would need Chunghwa a charm, equivalent. For its turbines with three. Jas, chumming. Which is similar to a servant's madam asked chum, truffle also similar to truffle, and charmer mix trance, version of Linux to, develop an entire deal yet. Truffle and remix have their pros and cons we're, combining the features of these two into one to, make things easier for our developers, the, one thing is trance can transport.

And Browser it's. Similar to other. Skanda, Isle we, also have Chong ganache similar. To Kailash in, addition, we added a feature called local block Explorer, which, enables, developers. To test, on a virtual local setting more easily. The. Above are the basic, tools we have for the app developers, and will also provide 20 different types of game templates, so that developers could refer to them and easily, create a DF of their own detailed. Documents, and Torrio's will be provided, as well to, help developers, learn how to develop a PF quickly, with the tools in. Conclusion, by providing easy-to-use, tools, and various templates, plus, detailed, deep documents, and tutorials, were, able to empower our users to develop popular. Games like for most 3d this, is it for, our development tools the. Second part is engine tool we, know that most games on Assyrian, now are webkinz with limited, tau, the, most popular, ones now as many users may know by age 5 and app games and they, have two most the a you of course. This games are very complicated as, they're developed, based on game engines. We. Will work with engine, suppliers to work on developing engines, and public Chan SDK, there, will be there, will that, way developers, will be able to develop more complex games or, settle the payment after, each game or each day to prevent TPS, from being too high, moving. On this will be one of our priorities to differentiate, ourselves from, the Syrian developers. Will be able to create more sizable games based on charm which, will further expand, out the app ecosystem. The. Sir tool is sir party tool tech. Dual network is an example which is a side chain able to carry some of the data from the Syrian man that it's, mostly applied in games and social apps it's, very popular among developers. Because, they provide a user-friendly API. Interface, that, allows users. To develop new projects, more easily we. Will also reach out to loon, network and try to work out a charm, loon, network for more convenient, the app development.

Of. Course with all these have this tools we, still would hold various, events to encourage, more developers, to join our community in, order, to build a robust, and sustainable channel. Ecosystem. It. Takes time for a system to grow and evolve which, is why we welcome all kinds of suggestions, from the developers, of cheong because. Your suggestions, were motivate us to improve our network making, it a better place for everyone, what. I would like to emphasize, is that our tech department is, relatively new and still growing we, have higher formal, engineers. From Google, and Facebook. There are very senior, dia developers. I believe, that as our teen girls we can better engage developers. By providing more targeted, troubleshooting. And more enhanced, infrastructure. Next. I will talk about chokha migration, was exchanges. Challenges. Men met on June, 25th, and the most important, thing to do after the magnet launch is the technical integration with, exchanges, so. Far for exchanges, including finance will be okay, gay tile, bitches. Provide, deposit, and withdraw, services, this picture will give you a brief brief, idea of dis exchanges, currently. We have burned about ninety two point four billion euro C 20 tokens, ninety. Two point four two percent, of the total which. Means that ninety two point four two percent of the tokens and exchanges, are now the new magnetic ins, users. Are now able to withdraw many tokens from exchanges, to vote for SR and realize. Other operations. Seven. Point five eight percent of the token remains us USA, 20 tokens which are still held by users, and part of exchanges, with, the Vitis TRC 20 tokens into two parts only, one hand exchanges, like besan still, supports, a or C 20 tokens on the other hand users, can also use the tokens, exchanges. Like finance, and Godot it's. Like depositing, the ERC 20 tokens into these exchanges, and they will give the users magnet tokens of us welcome Marcus to update us online at lunch and recent development, progress hi. Everyone this is Marcus, this, is the Roma that we released at our last last last livestream, following. This road map I will theory in on our progress as, well as the projects in our pipeline I'm happy, to say that all, of our development, work is going according to our plans all my. Servers, will release Odyssey, 2.0, on June, 25th, with, lunch our men net successfully. Currently, the men that has produced over 1 million blocks and it's very stable today. We're going to release policies, repeal our, TV and team mechanism. Team and testing team have worked really hard for about two months to make this happen we, will communicate with, the SRS, between, July, 31st to August 31st after we reach a consensus, the entire network will be upgraded, to a neighbor. I'm going, to introduce it in four parts one, operation. Of the men that two features, of Odyssey 3.3. Specifics, of the TVM in this ecosystem for. Progress, of the database well, first I would like to talk about operation, of the men that the, main man has been operating, smoothly since its launch on June 25th, currently. It has produced over 1 million box, 15s. Ours from the US China Great Britain South Africa, and other parts of the world have, been elected, in addition, we have issued more than 200 tokens on a map and have, completed the technical integration with, more than 50 exchanges, this. Has been a very smooth and successful launch, and, we, have designed a detailed supernote deportment solution, which has been shared with the community this, picture will give you a brief idea of, the solution, I won't go into further details about it it will be released later now. I would like to introduce some, features of other seas replay all our, resource development, as our, core, development, is the TVM framework, I will go into details, with this later in addition.

We Have introduced a comedy mechanism, now, dozens, of parameters, can be set in a decentralized manner. Joan is now able to run more stabilize through the committee, mechanism, on, top of that would have designed a new resource manager, to improve the deployment, and management of chancy, pu ram and starch as, for the exchange market we have added the feature of the resource exchange to, make the price of resources, more reasonable, count, database, which, has been optimized, since the release of the main that is more, practical and, more relevant to the blockchain field and therefore, can, provide better performance overall. Well. Now I would like to say a few things about the TVM first, I would like to tell you about some features of the TVM first. Of all we have implemented, the Tavian, framework, under, which we, could not only poor vvn, EVM. To Chung but also other VMS the, framework is now compatible with, EVM and can provide a faster, speed and lower utility, cost for. TV M we have two goals first, is to optimize the compiler which, is very challenging. Yeah very important, the, optimization, will allow the code to execute faster, with higher, and thus, consume, less resource. Second. Is to optimize instruction. Set through. Which users, can, easily perform voting, freezing, trading, and other functions, in a smart contract, additionally. We, have also embedded, the resource manager in the VM which, helps to improve resource, development. Last. But not least lemon to do search on database after, a month development, the architecture, group has implemented, a new blockchain, database, which, has many advantages. It helps introduce IO. By, more than 50%. It also supports abnormal. Data recovery, and break poke great, point continuation. It, also enables, the snapshot. Feature thanks. So much everyone, this, is so much for our technical progress. Hi. Everyone today. We. Have, our. Community. Whopper. Representative. Our go. Walk here. Lots, of people may familiar. With him because he developed the first version of the trance, contol RG right. Now is more popular, than console network, even. I visit, the Transkei. Already like every day so. I would. Like to invite the. Robot, you say, something and, and.

The We've welcomed. More developers, to we do our thinking. And the San Francisco office, to, communicate. With us thank you. I'm. Also. The develop, of tonkin, website. I have. Been in Beijing for the past week and I venture. To meet the team and talk about updates, that was presented today. And I, met today. To talk about. How. Later. On Oliva, suggests. And can. Help. Help. Want. To continue to grow, so. With the with. Release, that intimated a. Turn. If ready for mass adoption, tens, of thousands of solidity. Developers. Can start using the technology, they already know and they, can start writing smart contracts and the, developers. Can build application. Using only. Extension. Which, talk, to the, smart. Contraction, these. Advantages, paired with the high TPS, of the network the, proof that Iran is ready to, be able to support our, thousands. Of decentralized. Applications but, Iran has an advantage, beyond, just the technology and there are something equally as important. That will makes one I use, success, and that. You there, are community, you are reason, that Iran will become even, more successful, your. Enthusiasm. Participation. And encouragement, to the super high presentative has, allowed, the, super campuses has, allowed to sue technologies that, has been chosen by, the community to, flourish. Each of these super, representatives. Are receiving, t-rex which had already started. To invest, back into, the community and in, Tehran, I am. Excited, to see the super captions dish. Continue. To build grow, and, work. Towards, own unique, goals that, increase the, adaption, and the awareness. Of this incredible, network. They. Have a super representative. For everyone, if, you believe this run needs more decentralized, applications, their. Vote for super sensitive that. Provides. Funding, or even, build applications. Themselves. If. You believe that the, Tron, portal needs more education then. Vote for a super hyper sensitive that, provides, the resources for, new developers, and new users to, start working, on a throne protocol if, you, are a developer yourself. Then. Talk, to a super hyper sensitive and asked. For funding or even ask, them to help, out with marketing. With. It you can make your application. An Evo big and bigger, success, or if, you just want to receive. More Tron then. Vote for should be representative, yes, he watch their voters for. Holding. The. Choice is entirely, yours, right. Now only half of the 27, seats are, taken and are still great, teams who have big plans to. Make the Tron Network, I use success, so. You should. Consider. Give. Your, vote to teams, who, aren't a super representative, yet and who. Need your votes to, make their plan our reality. You, can also help. Out by being creative and proactive, and encouraging. Everyone to. Participate. In, the election. Because. I believe, if I'll work together then, together we, can truly build auditions. Watch web thank. You. Hi. Everyone. This. Is the ceremony I talked about since. We have the, Tron our work has reached. 1, million block. Time, so. We get a cake today, so, so. The Aerie developers. Who develop, the trial protocol. Guess, account. So. I will, have. A conference, and then, I will pass these two hours, and, everyone can get. Get. 1 cup cake. Thank. You I will take, first car. Hi. Everyone. We have finished this ceremony, and. Hope. You'll enjoy this time. Of life streaming and I'll. See you in the August thirties. When. Our. Trauma. Virtual machine will surely launching, our mana we, will also have, a live streaming, see. You in August, thirties. Fall. To the video.

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So all Tron does is copy others. Now they want to copy the RAM and CPU trading done at EOS. These people have no fucking shame.

You asked why "people investing in this plagiarism of a shitcoin?" You have my answer. I'm willing to take the risk. You may be right though. I'm not fanboy to any coin so I always keep an open mind. Time will tell. As we seen with facebook, copied platforms can make a massive amount of money if they have a well working product.

I am totally not talking about your investment here. I am talking about a project simply just copying everything it sees out there without having a tangible idea of its own. How do you think that would end? The real value of Tron will be revealed soon when all the whales realise this and leave.

Well I have EOS and TRON. If I listened to talk like this I would have never bought EOS. I invested in it because I see it being widely used in the near future. Widely used means the value will go up. I don't care that they've made some mistakes, EOS has too but I still keep mine because I think it will be widely used. Fact is they are in 11th place on Coin Market Cap and it's for a reason. Whether that reason will keep it going past 11th place is anyones guess. I'm willing to bet some money on it. Best thing about all of this is no one if forcing you to put your money into it ;)

Nope. EOS hasnt copied anything from anyone. Name one thing they may have copied please. All Tron does is just make shitty copies of every idea in the Cryptosphere. The Bittorent thing is nothing. I dont see the use of it. Nothing special. I pity the fools investing in Tron. Really sorry for them. Lets not forget they also copied DPOS from EOS too. WTF is wrong with Justin Sun. And funny thing is he tweets every second like those things were his ideas. Honestly why are people investing in this plagiarism of a shitcoin?

lol everyone copies each other in crypto man, look around. Who else had an acquisition with one of the largest torrent sites on the web for $130 million?

My question is about total supply and circulating supply. If he burned that many ER20 tokens, what is TRONs total supply now? He burned billions, but the total new amount of TRON coins are???DRUM ROLL ANYONE?

Thanks for the response Tim

The total circulation is about 57 billion right now. There are 99 billion but 8 billion of the erc20 tokens have yet to be converted and 34 billion are locked away until 2020.

That was without doing more math and research, and if coinmarketcap has updated numbers.

They were simply burning the erc20 tokens. Nothing much to it. Tron is currently at 66 Billion, it appears that almost 30% of coins are gone or have not been swapped.

Thanks for the question. I'd like to know the answer to this as well.

After the 5 min mark he gets alot better but I agree they need a more experiences PR rep. Could even just be a team member or friend to get the message across more clearly for the potential investors who want a smooth public figure head to associate with the tron company. Also there is alot of cuts in this so im guessing they cut out the worst parts. Still happy. Looks like it will be a long haul investment but this is the only coins that so far has dreamed bigger then bitcoin and been following through!

I did this myself. Lol theirs was 50 minutes long with many many breaks so they could speak Mandarin. There was also blank spots with just a thumbnail in between a few areas. Check out the one on their twitter and you'll see a huge difference. I cleaned it up for ya's but I didn't take out any English words/info

WTH why didin't the get the voice dub over person from halfway through to do the whole dam thing in English at the same time, that person sounded way better.

I love Tron

yeah no one will invest in people with heavy accent, this guy need to work behind the scene as ceo,,, Hire an expert Marketing team. Sell sell sell

Stupid comment by a stupid person....

Lmao what? No one will invest? have you heard of a site called coinmarketcap.com? You can go there and see them near the top in number 11th out of 1707 and they've only been around for a very little bit. Let's be realistic here Broke Guy


Tron needs more ambassadors. The J man shouldn't have to be the only face of trx.

Well said Zack. Its still super early tho. Thanks for watching!


Thanks for watching bro

Justin Sun is on my last nerve. He is a bullshit artist and bigwig wannabe. Trx has been a total disaster so far. It's all smoke and mirrors, hype and nonsense. I like how he freely gives our money away promoting this turd instead of giving the investors something of value and some kind of return. Total FAIL Justin Sun you big piece of shit! Shame on you.

I definitely understand that and yea man, it would be really really nice to see the moon but we have no choice but to be patient for now, otherwise we'll lose our marbles ;) If you go back in the old charts of coins you'll see this kind of shit is pretty normal. Big booms always come after long winters

I know, you are right, i'm just irritated. Patience is not one of my virtues. I suffered long and hard with a silver investment...I was hoping things would move along quicker this go around.

I hear where you are coming from but something I think you are forgetting is TRON is not the only one in these shoes, there is so much awesome news in crypto right now and it doesn't reflect on the price. It's not the stock world and this will take months and months even years to really take off. You got into a market that is run by Bitcoin. 100% run by BTC so if BTC drops, it doesnt matter how much awesome news there is. This will all take time. This isn't the first time or the last that we will see crypto projects doing crappy numbers wise but doing great groundbreaking work. If Tron wasn't spending money like they are and staying in the lime lite, their coin would probably be worth less just like some of the coins that were in 10th, 9th, 8th place on coin market cap. Realistically speaking, you wont see a return until BTC returns, even if TRON cures cancer. I disagree about the garbage part, the acquisition of bittorent is huge IMO.

Well, in all fairness, I am a realist and I certainly don't expect this thing to "moon" like everyone tries to suggest overnight. Having said that, you are correct, I have a lot riding on TRON, more than I should. I was hoping for some meager gains over time. It doesn't need to moon for me to make a fortune.. Here is my main complaint. Sun gives away money like its candy. I understand why he is doing it, but trx has only retreated, with all of the good news surrounding it. He has turned his marketing into gimmicks and sideshows. His product needs to produce and actually do something....as in raise income. Investors would like to see SOME kind of return....what we have seen so far has been garbage.

Lol you invested too much man. Its a crappy market and this company has shot up to 11th place out of 1700 coins. Do you expect it to moon by now? They are just getting started and they already beat out massive other coins and also bought one of the biggest torrent sites on the planet. This stuff doesnt happen over night but when all you care is about when moon then you are over invested and extended.


Yea agreed. lol it was like so yea, we have this thing called project atlas, its ok, it might help some people. I hope they're taking notes and working on getting their presentations better. They could use a better PR advisor I feel.

Who is that guy at last... Dutchmen? Als je nederlander bent stuur even bericht we kunnen wat voor elkaar betekenen. En eindelijk heb ik dan iemand binnen Tron.

Lan eleman... kac $ olacak onu söyle..

omg just stop

lol not going to happen and you know it.The future should be interesting for sure with this wacky project.

Excellent news n updates of Tron. Tron will get mass adoption.

I think so too. They have a long road to travel but I think they are dead serious about doing it. They will have growing pains just like many of the coins have. We'll see

They might be great developers but why did the butcher the cake so badly?!

lol yes, yes it is I will gladly admit it. The last part where Justin through up his hand and said Tron to the future was the icing on the cake. lol I think they will get better in time.

The whole "show" is a bit awkward.

lol cutting cake is not their thing. The awkward pause in the original video was worse than the cake cutting ceremony. We didn't know if the video was finished or what.

Dam Not Impressed, But I'm intrigued..lol


I hear that, we also should consider that many people in the crypto space are not polished corporate salesmen like many people are in the stock world as an example. Many of them are devs, non english, introverts IMO. As long as they keep writing good code and get a working product in order, I don't really care too much how awkward they are. I'll just laugh on the way to the moon ;)

I think that Guys like Justin Sun and his team are on such a level that it does not even dawn on them that the people on the outside looking in don't see the value of the inner working toward the long-term like they do which is sad because it's important info.

Yea it's not easy to be impressed by their live feeds and how they break news. We'll see what comes of it soon enough. Thanks for watching CJ

What's this? A kids party or so?

Justin does look like he's 11'teen

I give Justin Sun and TRON Team credit for the presentation

Yea I'll agree with that. They are smart for staying in the public eye. They could use some work of course but I do cut them some slack in many ways. I think the most important thing is they keep being transparent, in the public eye and keep writing that code. Thanks for watching David

Yet another disappointing announcement by justin.

Many alts are being sold off right now. I don't expect returns from TRX for months and months from now. I expect it to remain low for awhile. I think its best people expect the same so their hopes and dreams of Lambo arent shattered. These are testnet times IMO. We are very very very early adopters in a very speculative market

Tron being sold off.

What wouldn’t be disappointing to hear?

These nerds gonna make me rich or what

lol I think we have a long time to feel that but then again things do move pretty damn fast in crypto.

is this guy a robot?

Yea I hear you, they could def use some practice with the public speaking things. They obviously talk much better in their native tongue but yea, work is needed for sure

Guys hire some good marketing managers. Your project might be great, but you need to make it look so, at least during presentations. C`mon, take care of PR and marketing.

I dont know why they don't fucking listen. For a business, their communication is highly unprofessional.

Yea they could use some work for sure.

Wtf is he a robot worst talk I've seen on my whole life, how the fuck is he a good marketer

You seem very surprised. Is this your first time watching justin? He could use some English practice for sure. He would almost just be better off talking in his native tongue. I do give him credit for trying though. Can't get better without practicing. I'm going through it now. Not easy

Thank you :)

You are very welcome. Thanks so much for the comment

I watched some of your videos. Great stuff man. I think Tron will be a huge winner this year and for years to come.

Thanks sir, agreed!

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