June 6, 2018: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

June 6, 2018: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

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Major. Funding for NJTV. News is provided, in part by the, members of the New Jersey Education Association. Making. Public, schools great, for every child and, PSEG. We. Make things work for communities. Tonight. On NJTV news your, votes counted. New. Jersey's congressional. Primary, results, offer some hope for Democrats, and at, the Senate level for Republicans. And. Environmental. Summit celebrates, rebuilding. Camden cleaner and, greener. Six. Of the state's top hospital, executives, give their outlook on the future of health care. Plus. We'll show you why one town's taking, measures to guard against guns in grade, schools, and a, teacher's retiring, but his holiday, gift for vets has given his students, a lesson to live by those. Stories and more next on, NJTV, news. Live. From the Agnes Baris NJTV, studio at - Gateway, Center in Newark, this is NJTV. News with, Mary Alice Williams. Hello. Thank you for joining us New Jersey shaping, up as a political, battleground. In November's, national, election, after Democrats. Nominated. Some candidates, considered, among the party's best bets to win in Republican, strongholds, and Republicans. Seeing an opening to nab a Senate, seat held by a Democrat, chief. Political correspondent Michael. Aaron has a rundown, of the races, and their implications. When. Bob Menendez, voted, yesterday he probably didn't, anticipate Lisa, McCormick. A small. Newspaper owner from Rahway she, reported, spending no money on her campaign, and got no media coverage and yet, last night in the Democratic, primary, for US, Senate, she got nearly four of every ten Democratic. Votes here's. Part of a video she put, together you, need to make the changes, that we want to see in our way and. It's not about money. Menendez. Made no mention of her in this video he released last night from Washington, I want, to thank people all across New Jersey for this victory but, our next challenge, matters, even more, every. Campaign is a choice but, I believe the one this November, is pretty clear because, the stakes have, never been higher, Menendez. Talked about his record and attacked, the man who won last night's Republican primary. My opponent, greedy, drug company CEO Bob ujin is going, to have to answer for his record of driving. Up prices for cancer, patients while, making millions, for himself, in mountainside, Hugin, gave his victory, speech in a room full of Republicans. Bob, Menendez, thinks, that New Jersey voters will blindly, vote for him just, because as a Democrat. Wrong. Bob, and, he's the wrong Bob. The. Former CEO of Celgene, corporation said. That company's drug pricing, policies, are entirely, defensible. Frankly. Celgene. Has done more good for, people in the, last 25. Minutes than Bob Menendez, has done in Washington for. 25. Years. Last. Night's numbers showed, a certain weakness in Democratic, support, for Menendez, says. Pollster, Patrick, Murray the, fact that Bob Menendez barely, broke 60%. Against, a candidate who for, the vast majority of people who supported her was just simply a name, on a piece of paper they had no idea who Lisa McCormick was says. A lot about how unhappy some, Democrats are the choice, that they were presented, with. The. Congressional, races Mike, and Cheryl prevailed, in district 11 the, former Navy pilot racked, up 76, percent, of the vote in a five-person, Democratic. Field I am so, honored, to, be your candidate. And. I am so proud to declare, that, we are ready here. In New Jersey, to. Flip this seat and turn the 11th, district, blue. On. The Republican, side Assemblyman. Jay Webber won with 39%, of, the vote to, a surprisingly. High 30%. For Peters enough Ville and only, 21%, for, Tony G we. Asked Webber how he plans, to go up against Mikey Sherrill we do what we've done all, spring, and that is talk about issues that people care about maintaining. And creating an opportunity society, creating, jobs for Americans, keeping taxes low cutting, spending talking. About immigration, in a common-sense way talking about health care in a common-sense way, empowering.

Students, And parents and our in our education, system these are the issues that are on people's, minds it's what they talk about at the kitchen table we'll keep talking about those issues and we'll, be fine in the fall in, district, 2 on the Democratic, side State Senator Jeff Van drew of Cape May County won, with 55%, in, a four person field he. Reeled off a long list of goals we, know that we have challenges with our economy, and that while some parts of the country are doing better still. In South Jersey, we, are challenged, still in South Jersey we know that we need more opportunity. For the men the women the children the, future, Andrew. Will be favored, in the fall against, the surprise, winner of the Republican primary. Conservative. Seth Grossman, who beat her Singh in, district. 5 Bergen. County Attorney John McCain, narrowly, defeated, well-known conservative Steve. Lonegan, and will, take on Democratic, incumbent, Josh Scott heimer in the fall in. District, 7 Democrat, Tom Malinowski, won. Easily and, will take on incumbent Republican. Leonard Lance in the fall and, in. District 4 Democrat. Josh welly won the right to go up against Republican, incumbent, Chris Smith in the fall. Nationally. The Democrats need to pick up 24, seats to win back to the house and was. Looking, at last night's results here, and elsewhere, for, clues as to whether that will happen it's still early days I mean we have the, the results. From, yesterday's. Primary, suggest, that Democrats are enthused, about two, thirds of the primary vote was in, the only Democratic, side that's. A number that we've seen in the last couple of years so it's an increasing. Democratic. Enthusiasm. Particularly, in the three Republican health districts where there were, contested. Primaries on both sides and, that's in the second and the seventh and the eleventh we actually saw more Democrats, show up in those three districts and Republicans, to vote in those three districts and I think that's an, all-time first, so, there's energy on the Democratic, side in New Jersey right now but. The questionable, showing, by Senator Menendez, against, an unknown gives. Republicans. Something to crow about as well in, Newark, I'm Michael Aaron NJTV. News. Pollution. From stormwater, runoff, through, aging, sewer lines is a 15, billion, dollar dilemma, in New Jersey the. Senate, Environment and, Energy, Committee last month approved. A bill that would allow towns to set up stormwater, utilities. To manage the mess but, Camden, has other plans, senior, correspondent David. Cruz reports, the. Future, of Camden, City will not be built of brick and mortar alone at, the 6th Camden, environmental, summit at Rutgers Camden, rebuilding. From the ground up is taken, quite literally, Mayor, Frank Moran was, a keynote speaker first and foremost Camden, was an industrial, city we've, done a lot of remediation, over the last 25, years. Today, there is a lot of brick and mortar, going up in the city of Camden and simultaneously. We're addressing the infrastructure, to, control the flooding to. Educate, folks the importance, of green and. Recycling. And anything that has to do with improving the environment and that's that's our goal the irony of this waterfront, city is that the water can often end up everywhere the. Result of an antiquated, combined. Sewer system, that, the Camden collaborative, initiative, which, presented today's program hopes, to eliminate, by 2020. Because we have a combined sewer system an old sewer system in the city of Camden we do have a lot of instances, of flooding, of wastewater into our parks, into, people's homes, into. Roadways, which, really is, a quality of life issue for, the residents of the city it's a collaborative, effort it takes a village to make a great city great again, and nowhere. Is that more visible than with the work of the Camden power Corps members. Of which were honored today we, maintained. Rain gardens around the city we cleaned it endless in the city so that the storm water doesn't mix with rainwater, on the streets and overflow because I McKenna has a lot of flooding problems I think it's very important, for the like young adults of Canada to get back because. We're. Here right now like, we're the future so I mean, if if, the younger kids see us taking. Heat and and getting the. Environment together now and maybe. Along the long as they'll come on and do the same thing longtime Camden environmental, activists Olivia Glen was also, recognized, for her work in the city she now runs the division of parks and forestry, at, the state DEP when, you take an investment in improving your environment.

It Certainly builds, the Gateway to be engaged, civically in other matters so I think that it is wonderful to have them involved and I look forward to seeing, a lot from them in their future in the end a cleaner, greener environment is, critical to a city's economic, viability, former. Governor Jim Florio was, the congressman, who authored, the Superfund, legislation. And this event, today is extremely important, and, it's most interesting because it seems to put the lie to the, whole idea that somehow, the environment. And economic development, can't, be compatible that's, obviously, not the truth but to, Camden which is going through a massive, redevelopment. Project, that, is doing very much to. Enhance the well-being, of people here there's, also demonstrating, environmental, sensitivity, there's, still a lot here that needs cleaning up not, all of it has to do with the natural environment but. The foundation is set here where, camdenites, are taking efforts into their own hands, and doing, what they can hoping. To set an example for the rest of the city to, follow in Camden. I'm David Cruz, NJTV. News a, pollution. Case tops tonight's Business, News standing. By at the strategic, development groups to do at the NJ Cu School of Business is Rhonda, Schaeffler Rhonda Mary. Alice the US Attorney's, Office in New Jersey has, won its case against, a polluter, and Elizabeth. Biodiesel. Fuel company, has admitted to illegally. Discharging. Wastewater, into the Arthur Kill fuel. Bio one pleaded, guilty to, one count of, violating the Clean Water Act after, releasing 45, thousand, gallons of wastewater into, the waterway, during, two separate, occasions in, 2013. Fuel. Bio one will pay a 100, thousand dollar fine as part of its plea agreement, the, state has reached a settlement with an energy, supplier, accused, of scamming, and, overcharging. Customers during. The cold winter months of 2014. The, state allege that IDT. Energy, switched, customers. Energy, suppliers, without, their approval and, lied, to them about lower energy, rates as part of the agreement with the state attorney general's, office IDT. Will have to return, 1.2. Million dollars, to customers, and stop, its deceptive, practices, new. Jersey's biotech, businesses, are getting kudos in, a new industry, survey that is according to that survey, on investment. And innovation in, the biotech, sector which, was released at a national, biotech, conference, this week the, report showed the New Jersey biotechnology. Industry, increased, jobs by 2.6. Percent from. 2014 through, 2016, and employs. Nearly ninety, four thousand, workers in the Garden State and those, job gains came, even as employment fell in the broader pharmaceutical. Sector, perhaps. Even more impressive the number of life sciences, and biotech, patents, introduced. In new jersey over the last three years, topped seventy. Three hundred and that, is more than any other state, new. Jersey's bankers, believe the state is in good shape but they say that can change if governor, phil Murphy's tax proposals, are enacted, according. To the New Jersey bankers, Association's. Annual survey. A record. Ten percent of respondents rated. The state's economy as excellent. Forty two percent say, the economy is good now in comparison, to years ago only fifteen, percent of the respondents said the economy was good but, if the governor imposes, new taxes, 69. Percent of the bankers, believe the state's economy would, weaken, or decline. In. Theory. Any laid-off, worker, has a far, better shot, of getting a new job now than, ever before for, the second month in a row the government, reported, there are more open, positions, in the US economy than, there are people to fill them and the, gap is growing according, to a monthly report known, as the job openings, and labour turnover survey. It's commonly called the jolt report, this, year marks the first time this has ever happened since. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, started. Tracking these jolt, numbers back in 2000. But, employers complain, there's a skills, gap and they still can't find the right people for those open jobs, the. Latest company to report a hacking, incident, is the DNA, testing, and genealogy, service known, as my heritage. That, company, revealed that email addresses, were obtained, during the breach but, that sensitive, data including.

DNA Results, were, stored on another server, that, was not compromised. On Wall, Street today stocks surged higher the Dow rally. 346. Points, and those, are our top business, stories. Support. For the business report provided, by Verizon. Lake, woods arming, all at schools with, metal detectors this, after, a nine-year-old, boy had a loaded, gun on a school bus and then brought it to Oak Street Elementary School, to, Lakewood students, were charged with weapons, offenses, yesterday, this, morning after school, officials met, with Township, police to review emergency, response, procedures and. Weapons, policies, they, announced metal detectors, already. In the district's middle and high schools will, be installed, in all elementary. Schools and all students, will be required to use only transparents, backpacks. Drivers. Head that tops tonight's Garden, State Express our, first stop Haddon, Heights where, high school students, are experiencing. The dangers, of drunk and distracted driving, without, the risk the, unites corporations. Arrived a live tour rolled in with high-tech simulators, impact, videos, and virtual. Reality, headsets, that give new drivers, a dose of how much damage, they can cause if their, attention, turns to texting, while driving a car the, National, Safety Council reports. That cell phone use while driving leads, to one point six million crashes. Each year, next. To Bayonne, where the high school's culinary, students, got a life lesson, in giving, for, the past decade, Bayonne High's longtime, culinary, instructor, Joe Barbaro, has, prepared, special, dinners around Thanksgiving. A Memorial Day for veterans, with, the help of his students, this, Memorial. Day mr., barbero told, the crowd of some 40 local veterans, his father Carlo, who, received a Purple Heart in World War two was, his inspiration for, starting the dinners now, he's retiring, so, this year US, Coast Guard members, stationed, in Bayonne came in to help and give, him and their tradition, a proper, send-off. Finally. Hoboken. And a retirement, tinged. With regret. Robinson. Jimenez, and his brother Mario have for three decades kept, a big banner supermarket. Open to serve the neighborhood, against. A rising tide of supermarkets. And superstorm, sandy, and following profits they, delivered, to, elderly shut-ins, and others but after. A fire in February, destroyed, their attached restaurant. They've, decided to call it quits, they're selling, big banner to a developer. Who plans to put up condos in, his place the, jimenez brothers are selling off their remaining inventory for. Half the price and. That's our Garden State Express for Wednesday June 6 something, up in your neighborhood tips, off. Navigating. The changing, landscape of health and hospital care is often confounding.

For Patients, and even, for the hospital's administrators. Briana, vanozza reports, during. His first several months in office governor Murphy, signed a handful, of major healthcare laws a controversial. Out-of-network, bill, to curb surprise, medical, bills want, to preserve the individual, mandate, under the Affordable, Care Act and reinstating. Funding, for women's health but if you ask six, of the state's top health executives, about the future of New Jersey's health care they'll, tell you we have a long way to go I think the industry is transforming. At a very rapid, pace I think, we're all beginning now to embrace, the new technologies. The new innovations, one, of them is the care transformation, that. We're all right, now a part of, in other words health care systems need to shift their focus to, a more comprehensive, holistic. Approach, in treating patients, navigating. Them through the system more efficiently, and that can't happen without serious. Changes, in addressing. Costs they're, not, open. And hard discussion, about changing the payment system making, it more transparent because. Today it's. Transactional. It's fee-for-service volume. Is a good thing the more you do the more you get paid the head of Holy Name Medical Center says, there's a severe, lack of transparency and, affordability, in the system meeting, the requirements. For something like a hip procedure doesn't, change from hospital, to hospital but. The price you pay and when you're made aware of it almost, always does. That's gonna really mean disrupting. Some of the existing power brokers, in the system that exists, whether the large systems on the providers, or the large payers on the payer side and, the only people who can really disrupt them are the large employers, and the government the key is to align all of the stakeholders. Incentives. For physicians, for hospitals. For insurers, purchasers. Of health care patients. There, has to be shared accountability it, also means making patients active, participants. In their health care and forging. More partnerships. Which may or may not mean more mergers, there. Are mergers for different reasons there are mergers, to be able to negotiate better with payers there are mergers, that actually. Use. Economies, of scale to improve, the care they're delivering to patients. And integrate, the care better along, the continuum of cares I know Trent there's been several pieces of legislation I've, been signed the out-of-network bill, being one that, again, the attempt, is to make it more user friendly more, transparent. And I think that's a good goal and, I think we're on that road and I think it helps everybody so, the future of healthcare will rely on technology. Greater, transparency, and. The need for consumers. To voice their demands, in Rutherford. Briana for nosey NJTV, news, the. 49, hospitals, that provide maternity. Services, have agreed to target, the state's unusually. High rates of c-section. Deliveries, which, can put both mother and baby, at risk, Leah Myshkin reports, a new. Leapfrog report shows New Jersey hospitals, are performing, too many c-sections. They're in the bottom five states in the country in terms of meeting recommended, standards, for. Pregnant, women it's, hard because we, want to listen, to our health care providers and trust them but. We also need, to to, the extent we can arm, ourselves with. Data. Like looking, at the Leapfrog safety.

Information. The. Report looked at n TS v cesarean, birth rates meaning first-time, mothers with a single, baby at term in the, head down position we're, told this is the population, least likely to need a c-section, but, the report shows only, nine out of 47 hospitals, in New Jersey met. The c-section standard, rate of no more than twenty, three point nine percent the best, on the list was Christ Hospital in Jersey City who reported, the lowest c-section, rate at 14, percent Center, State Medical Center and freehold on the other hand performed, the highest number of c-sections of the state at, forty two point one percent far. Above the recommended standard, centrist. State did give us a statement saying the hospital, is quote working. With our physicians, and clinicians on, improving, processes, to lower the number of c-sections, performed, the, hospitals, that are doing well, on this measure, they, have weekly, Huddle's, they go over, every, single c-section. In the hospital, and they just gasps. Was. This appropriate, leapfrog, Director of Operations Erica, mably also, stressed while there are times when a c-section, is necessary, and critical to protect the health of both mother and child's, in general. It's being used too often for, non-medical related, reasons putting. Everyone, at risk including. Potential, risk of wound, rupture, risk. Of infection, any. Number of things that can go wrong during, a surgical procedure and, as, for the baby there are some studies, that have shown some. Difficulty, breathing, some. Perhaps, difficulties. In beginning breastfeeding. And other challenges, that can make it more difficult for. The infant, if. A c-section, is performed, but why is it happening sometimes. It's a patient's choice either for scheduling, purposes or. For vanity, reasons but, Schwimmer says another, factor, is a doctor's time and scheduling, they're having a c-section because, the doctor, wants, to leave and he's he, or she has been there for 10 hours and, that he wants to he or she wants to go home Schwimmer says it also comes down to money that's why she says to improve c-section, rates you have to change the payment systems right now there's, a financial incentive, to, have a higher c-section.

Rates So it's really taking. Away those, financial, incentives, and putting in place financial. Incentives, where, hospitals. Are, and physicians. Are rewarded. For having those better birth outcomes but. There's something else women, planning to have a baby in the state should be aware of according, to the report New, Jersey, has the highest, episiotomy, rates, in the country, which is also an intervention, that is done, during labor. To. Widen the birth canal and many hospitals, are significantly. Struggling, with, very high rates of this usually, unnecessary, procedure, roughly three weeks after a leapfrogs, report was released new, jersey hospitals, the New Jersey Department of Health and New, Jersey Hospital, Association announced. They would be collaborating. For a statewide initiative, to, reduce non-medical. C-section, rates the press release said all 49, hospitals, that offer labor, and delivery programs, in the state agreed. To participate and, they hope to see, a 10%. Reduction in, NTS. V-- c-sections. By next summer for NJTV. News on, Leia Michigan. And, there's some noteworthy facts that help you know Jersey, distracted. Driving was involved, in some 1.4. Million motor, vehicle, accidents, in New Jersey between. 2004. And 2013. Camden. Is one of 21, New Jersey municipalities. It is a combined, sewer system, taking in both wastewater. And rain water 49. New Jersey hospitals, provide labor and delivery services, for expectant, mothers and the, number of biotech, patents, introduced, in New Jersey over, the last three years top, 73, hundred more than any other state, if, there's someone who you'd like to get to know Jersey share use hashtag, no Jersey tomorrow, on NJTV, news legal, sports betting is only a vote away to share, any story you've seen tonight go to NJTV. News dot org I'm Mary Alice Williams for all the men and women of NJTV, news thanks, for being here see you tomorrow.

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