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hello and welcome to a new video on a channel this time it's again about the jogging 11.6 inch car radio with a different operating system last time i showed you how to or how i played the current firmware from january 2021 on the device there Has anyone seen that I temporarily threw it into the car? Currently it is like that I drove it a few times I tried a few things I just got it behind me again, we'll pack it on the table, we'll look at the connections and then we see what comes where so I will tell a little bit more about what I have used so far, maybe one week, maybe two weeks, that the radio is good and when I find it bad and in the second part I will connect the part again and me I'm going to look a little bit about the user interface that hung up at the point of the user interface e is very different from the one on my old radio , in my other video I also took apart a 19 inch domradio and wanted a tree is also built in is currently playing in the octavia from us and so I pull relatively well can explain differences in any case it looks different and then we look at the part two dogs the first thing is that we walk the part once on the main how it is assembled how it is not assembled what comes to what and that's why i don't just take the part on the table well then there is the good piece so we have the radio i do it again that is relatively stuck great that is so stuck that i just broke two noses there is luck Replacement noses are automatically included because they probably know that something like that is going to happen, that's a shame with the rest of the radio, we've already looked at it there ss now the aperture is still there what we see is the cable that is in here for the connection that is relatively long that means theoretically depending on how you want to connect the radio you have a lot of space but you can also use the cable here Fold it in more or less completely and then connect the radio to the radio from the front, which is something that is quickly overlooked here in front and so to speak that there is a micro sd card slot that means you can use micro sd cards a do with music navi apps whatever else the complete unit is really not really it is not deep, we have a relatively shallow depth here so that we can easily do that if we don't have much space a chunk and it looks like this from the back it's actually quite funny if you look at the instructions so I have instructions here and in instructions and the radio unfortunately looks a little different here was a stop gps connection and so on and so on so that you just can't really rely on these instructions think about what page but most of it is actually correct I think the thing is a bit to the side so that you can see it but relatively simply we have an optical output optical output so that we can enter our processor directly, which is very practical for home applications if you really want to connect a dsp power amplifier or something to it, you can use that very well the next cable that comes out is actually the sim card slot that means you can also put it relatively far forward so that you can quickly change the SIM card without removing the radio practical if you change often often then we actually have two connections here are all connections that are somehow higher quality designed here so a protective cap on it we have two connections for both 4g antennas 4g or lte antennas that is very practical then we have a row in the row it is the input for an external video and sound input in the instructions says what about dvb t module that means if you are in dvb t module here want to connect yellow is the video and right left is a normal cinch socket next we have our normal cinch outputs for the preamplifier output i.e. right back front back right left and front left here we have our subwoofer output that means if we have one subwoofer then we can have the subwoofer output and here there is a corps digital output that means, just like the optical output, we can also go with a corks cable directly into our power amplifier or into the dsp a normal iso antenna connection that that means you can use the adapter with the big berkel that was actually there for a fact that fakhri is so f Unctioned so far was of course not included but what I bought for my car was included in my adapter set the microphone input is for the hands-free device microphone was included with the radio that means just plug in the microphone and you have a hands-free device that works again then we have here two usb ports where there are two usb ports one is marked with otg on which I also had the stick for the firmware update whether it would also work in others I can not say at the moment , but maybe something special is unfortunately not there really a guide at the point we still have the pot for the gps antenna there comes just normal game antenna which is also included in the scope of delivery and then we also have the radio gps here comes the jackpot that means here are the complete cables for loudspeaker power to the plus et cetera pp and then we have a couple of antennas again there is nothing useful here to know on what I can but see from the instructions may be that we put on here is nothing but I have not seen anywhere else that's actually here are antennas bluetooth and wifi two thick a thin I am assuming that the thin the bluetooth 5.1 is and the two thicker content the 5 gigahertz wifi antennas and then we have two three actually four more ports it's interesting we have a port normally for infrared was nothing because it is not what it is we can have one so for probably bus input we have a campus output that is actually already connected directly to the plug there are no instructions i have no idea what all these things are for i can imagine that i can feed that the factory standard bus here can to what extent what brings or works or can adjust malt I haven't found anything then close Lich it goes on but I ca n't configure it doesn't bring me much without instructions, maybe you could bring something out or give the people more information we'll come back to things about jogging afterwards so that's all we saw from the beginning , that's the complete radio Here we have the connection for the port again, that means we don't see much at the moment, I have to wait a minute so we have the connection plan for the jackpot, actually that means we see on the keyboard we still have an antenna connection, we have an antenna connection twice, that is Quasi a remote output where power is on when the radio is on we have speaker connections for the front and rear we have a 12 volt battery that is the same cable that comes in we have reverse gear then we do not have a connection that means the light is in ours auto switched on then the display takes off to the one from the display we come again soon we have kiki 21 what is key döring said unfortunately also not acc we have the parking brake acc at the point is then stop that is plus we have the parking brake to stop I say in manufacturer radios of pcs is so that you can only make settings if you the parking brake is on so you can do it while standing really doesn't matter and we have black that of course everyone has the ground - 12 volts is definitely wrong ground is okay according to the battery - 12 volts alternating current in the car yes no we don't have that this is the complete part and as i said i already have it in the car from the point of view of the connection, which is actually really very practical is that you can move the pinnacles that i have just broken off here , that means you can move it from the one Adjust the height as you want it and is thus helped flexible from the installation in my smart is actually so that the display is relatively high compared to the m is a jeep frame and so I have to stop relatively far down at this point here it is actually so that the lowest position that I have here is very optimal that it fits everything pictures and videos are also from the installation like I can use the thing as a builder in the original smart cool audio socket because I really wanted to keep it because it looks really cool and we definitely get to there I have to do a little bit of the radio so for the optimal installation I will edit the radio a little and then it is actually plugged in , the whole fun is just by having the cable put in here then automatically lock these 22 things and then you can write it in here with a little force the whole fun snaps a lot of fun and there it is already that means the radius is assembled and the radio can be re-installed in the car i will show you the original radio that is the or Original radio that was built into the smart that is not particularly nice that gave us a relatively small display has here it also has an extra so loosen the screw connection it also has a completely different plug but the shape you can see as I have just assembled could it somehow roughly fit what i can say is that this box fits into the frame only this these guide rails here they are the ones that don't fit there but i also want to include them in the goring radio as i said it will be a video we give now jump but first into the car and watching us all the fun times from the user interface and let's first turn ignition on and see how fast the radio will actually start directly with the last played song probably greeted a little and change the title to the next song lead switching works quite cleanly when you see songs as filenames and not as i d3 tags in the overview otherwise per song if it's all yes in the overview unfortunately no back on the home screen lived the content the music bluetooth radio and apps first we start the radio on the radio you have to say the boys are great we go once all of them are now through which I have saved a also the saving works as expected simply press longer then the thing is saved there is hardly any latency the drive-in theater was also no problem then you turn on the music again via the start panel next we look us that a bluetooth mini is what we have just and press the good sign we have phone dialing call list bluetooth audio linked devices and the bluetooth settings go back to the start page next we press the navi button you can configure an app as a navi app for me it's google maps i had no network so nothing comes up and next we go to the setting g that 's almost like the gallery of apps are installed the most interesting probably not is the calculator works more you can't say more exciting is different from next the case manager we see a few africa flying around me that are installed why no idea and then we look the way again briefly we have normal analog equalizer we can provide the association we have the error to the front back right left we have 1 surround mode that sounds pretty interesting what exactly does I ca n't tell you and we still have things association positions like trend frequency or bass boost next we look at the gallery again that means if we can have any funny pictures on the stick or on the card now look at them can be exciting definitely not look at full 2 we just love it again the media player the media player is the well-known music welcomes us again we can switch and un d go back again if we install another one it will also appear here this overview the setting is also a bit interesting we have the connection settings the general settings the setting setting no idea next comes the installation setting there is pin 3368 that the installation spin for all devices then we still have the customers and echoes over the device then in any case the last exciting one also says 1 is the king of carling is quasi the android auto and play integration the connection takes a few seconds then the window appears on the note the because it just appears is new since the firmware update that I did last time play I need here now I don't think to explain it is just that the external screen of my mobile phone is completely synchronized because it means we see at that point nothing my battery we see a network what i have can go on with music go back and it is almost really my mobile phone as it is, that means when I start my mobile phone in the navigation then I have the navigation madrid back on the overview we can try the screen brightness again the screen brightness is usually regulated by the light from The car is not connected to me yet so I can do it by hand, just pull it down, unfortunately, not particularly bright because I'll come back to the summary again there we are back again I have removed the radio again I want to play around with it a little more I just have to adjust the bracket so that it is really nice and clean inside but in a nutshell I would say that basically what you like on the radio radio I definitely like the price of almost 300 euros for a huge display for full hd resolution of other ten operating system 6 gb ram the part is fast the part is fun the part is big everything is super big we will soon be big 11.6 inches is huge so in the smart it is actually so that the steering wheel covers part of the screen because it is too big but last time i sat in the octavia of us with the 9 inch android jin radio and thought to myself this is small luxury problems but size is definitely very nice the resolution the 90 what we have in octavia is much worse resolution i think not even verdi had 720p but something below here full hd resolution Of course it's definitely fun has doping but of course still struggling with is think I don't yet have that many radius of witnesses that have the resolution and accordingly many buttons are still much too small but we are at an advantage so we stay for now times everything cable is of course a function so here also over the 5g 5 gigahertz 55 gigahertz wlan options that we now have with the radio you can k play super do very well because sk's play going into the car had then connected to his mobile phone and can then stop immediately all use with google maps made and everything was great very big cinema android car I still happen to have a lie android other phone in the region when I get my turn that means I'll try that next so that you can see how other cars work on the part I'm very curious positive, in any case, the fast high were so I'll say in contrast to the other radios the I know I still have a pioneer radio i cannot radio is it actually so that this android boeing radio is simply instant on turns the motor on the thing is there music plays incredibly cool the radio is just as fast, so if now the radio is radio fm sender switching you have just seen in the video that works in stent i also know it from earlier i once had a nexus tablet so s too o another tablet had a radio stick on it, so you had a delay of two seconds and that was actually the runtime means you were sitting in the drive-in theater and somehow had the sound a second too late brings nothing here is unbelievable so it is faster than a panel or anything else I switch and the moment I press it the new transmitter is already in it you have definitely done very well ltm word yes I say so bright in the time where 5g comes out is is lte lte just bought not as the hottest accordingly radio came out radio certainly has already been told yet a while but passed to the spot I'm looking forward to the 5g videos what is more beautiful processing so the frame-I series in my first it is actually complete that is not plastic, it is milled in aluminum, screwed that is really very, very nice from behind the surface so clearly it is i Somehow it is planned for the complete construction somewhere next but it just looks when you see it from behind it looks like cacau I will probably process it again here completely from the back with plastic so that my complexion also has a dark complexion bauer you can actually see it in part that means you can see the frame of it and then it just bothers one main reason why i bought this radio is like for most of those who are somehow in the scene on the way, of course, the digital output at the point is doubled That means I have the optical and the quarks output and so I can put them in the power amplifier rhine and the ds psp or in the dsp power amplifier and then I really don't have any loss of quality that is the main reason for this radio for me and so if you continue to watch my videos we will also see things like then stop this radio on dsb output stage a n is tied up and then the entire song is used to its potential, the part actually has disadvantages in the meantime, I've only had it in the car for two weeks a few times , not often now and then in the dark, now and then in my light and there is already that one biggest disadvantage i have so far is the brightness it is actually so that the display is beautiful is big it is super resolved and is the pig is good when the sun hits it in summer everything is great the thing is also not anti-reflective and maybe also the foil could help again but at the moment not yet but it can't really be dark I once switched to my cell phone, I put a light on it that actually doesn't matter which one that worked relative gave me value values ​​from the unit I can't say i checked this display on the iphone as well as on the old job radio in our octavia and now this is called i have On all devices the brightness was set to a minimum but a white screen was called up and then I tested these screens with the one with my iphone stop in the darkest in the highest level result is the iphone has so little in the smallest resolution so not the smallest brightness levels that the app didn't react at all so 0 and went up to a maximum of 1750 unit, whatever unit is but 1750 is now worth what the maximum brightness of an iphone 11 is that is awesome next I took the 9 inch thing what I've boxed before that had a minimum value of 161 and a maximum value in the maximum brightness of 1405 so not quite as bright and a little not that dark but we've been driving around with the radio for over a year and that it's okay in summer works in winter works when it's dark that works when there is a cell everything works great that means difficult from wayne okay, the 11 inch what I have in front of me right now what is supposed to be in smart yes that has a minimum value of 694 and a maximum value of 1640 means the head of the maxi maximum brightness is almost on the iphone 11 because that means the thing is clearly bright so really bright and can also be significantly brighter than the journal should but in the dark it's still really damned hey i don't know what was thinking i made a request because it's our turn that means maybe we'll stop there info how I can somehow still do something to get it darker but it's just so bright that I say so if you go in the dark with a dark mode google maps it's okay that means you won't be disturbed as soon as you see the motif or something turns on that just comes out a little bit suddenly a light cover then you are just very blinded and your face is completely illuminated that means not good not good at all I hope we'll get there soon h find solutions second problem what i have but what i already had with the 19 year old was that in wireless cup play mode it actually means the reaction time when you press the button next song then the radio needs the radio in a second to stop this command Returning the iphone and the iphone doesn't bother much you notice a bit in the navi there is the navi just not around the curve although you have already driven into the curve but still annoying in complete flea that means I want to go back has another program, I know I know when the traffic light is on it is actually a bit delayed I know it from my pony radio because it is actually so that the cable is won I don't know whether it is solo or wired but then I press it and it reacts instantly that means so it should actually be the firmware update did not work at the point maybe I don't know cable connection works as far as I know j etzt completely technically not it is just via wireless but it's my turn what else do i have something else i noticed i wrote it down as soon as a call comes in that means if one is being called then it is basically the call program that is always in the foreground that means you can switch to maps and it comes but that the call program is high always comes this the phone program let's say what when the cell phone is connected to bluetooth this radio always comes up and can actually be operated Also luxury problems again but yes that is definitely what we noticed about this radio so far that it actually means we will make more videos where this beautiful radio is and I still like it, it has its difficulties but yes those we'll get it fixed in the next video I don't know exactly what I'm doing there are several possibilities either me already need one and shows the installation or I rather go to the navigation points rhine and to the setting there I have to look problems where we are again at a disadvantage is there are simply no instructions for it is called the menu items so I say sometimes the german translation was very horrible the english is okay but nonetheless you don't know what is doing what just like here somehow nobody can say anything and yes that is of course a bit difficult in terms of documentation, but we can certainly do it and stay tuned look at the next videos if you haven't done well yet I have my old videos on, that is, from unpacking and the firmware update, if necessary also unpacking the form of android 9 at the point when the radio is inside is and I can compare both usefully then there is also another android 9 inch against the 11.6 should now in the smart and then see you thank you for watching and stay tuned subscribe the bell although I never say thank you and see you soon

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