Jim Rohn: Stop Wishing for Life to be Easier ( Jim Rohn Psychology )

Jim Rohn: Stop Wishing for Life to be Easier ( Jim Rohn Psychology )

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-. A lot of people ambition. Is kind of a mystery, the. Dictionary says it's, an eager desire for. Distinction, power, or, fame. But. What does that really mean. Well. Let's start with the word eager, all. By itself, eager is kind of exciting. Kids. Are eager for their birthday, parties, they. Expect, to be the center of attention get. Lots of presents eat. Too much, I guess. Grown-ups are eager for birthdays too, unless. Of course they're, embarrassed, at the number of candles, on the cake outnumber. Their achievements. But. We can be eager to see a ball game eager, to see our kids in a dance recital. Eager. To see an old friend. Eager. To shop for a new car. Eager. Sounds like a lot of fun. But. Do you ever hear people say they are eager to live a better life. Eager. To have a better family. Eager. To make a lot of money, probably. Not and that's a, problem because, how, I see it living a better life having. A better family, and making, a lot of money takes. An eager desire. We. Have the remarkable ability, to, get exactly, what we must have but. There is a difference, between wishes. And desires. We've. All heard people say oh I wish I could just drop 5 pounds, I want, to be a little lighter and we've. Probably said it ourselves especially. After a big holiday, dinner of Turkey and homemade. Pie and every. Other thing we can possibly stuff, ourselves with in one. 8-hour period of, time and, even. Though we may wish we could breathe a little easier in our clothing, we. Have to have the desire to exercise. A little more and, eat a little less, the. I wish, I could lose weight has to become I have. The eager desire to. Lose weight, I'm. Also sure you've heard people talk about wishing, they had more money to pay the bills or. Take a vacation. Or just, to take a little pressure off of, life but. Before their lifestyle, can change, their. Wish needs, to become a desire. If they. Really desired, change, they. Wouldn't spend their evenings just, watching, TV and wishing. They were doing something more, the. Backbone, of an eager desire to, change is, discipline. True. Ambition, is disciplined, eager desire. It's. That little part within us that says if, I, want to be ready for that meeting tomorrow I need. To finish preparing for it today, if. I want to make sure I can pay for my kids college education I need. To start saving today. If. I want a better life tomorrow, I need. To start working on it today. Ambition. Is a minute-by-minute day-by-day. Mentality. To. Have the ambition to work towards, a better family life a newer, car a bigger, house a, financially. Secure future, you. Have to live it every. Moment. If. Living a successful life was, easy I'm. Sure more people would be successful if just. Being ambitious, was, enough I'm. Sure all of the broken, perplexed, people in the world wouldn't, be broken perplexed. While. Most people spend most of their lives struggling, to earn a living a much. Smaller number seem, to have everything going, their way, instead. Of just earning a living the. Smaller group is busily working at building, and enjoying a fortune. Everything. Just seems to work out for them and, here. Sits the much larger, group, wandering. In awe on how. Life can be so unfair, complicated. And unjust. So. What's the major difference, between the, little group with so much and the. Larger group with so little. Despite. All the factors, that affect our lives, like.

The Kind of parents, we have the schools we attended, the. Part of the country we grew up in none. Has as much potential, power for doing good. As the, ability to dream. Dreams. Are a projection, of the kind of life we want to lead dreams. Can drive you, dreams. Can make you skip over obstacles, when. We allow our dreams to pull us they unleash a creative. Force that can overpower everything, in, our way, to. Unleash this power though, your. Dreams must be well defined a, fuzzy. Future has little pull power. Well-defined, dreams, are not fuzzy. Wishes. Are fuzzy, to. Really achieve your, dreams to really have your future plans pull, you your. Dreams must be vivid if. You've. Ever hiked the 14,000. Foot peak in the Rocky Mountains, one. Thought has surely come to mind how. Did the settlers, of this country, do it how. Did they get from the east coast to the west coast. By. Foot, carrying. One day's supply of food, and water is hard enough, can, you imagine hauling. All of your worldly goods with you mile. After mile day, after, day month, after month. These. People, had dreams big. Ones they. Had ambition, they. Didn't focus on the hardship, of getting up the mountain, in. Their minds, they were already on the other side their. Bodies, just hadn't, gotten them there yet. Despite. All of their pains and struggles, births, and, deaths along the way, those. Who made it to the other side had, a single, vision to. Reach the land of continuous, sunshine, and, extraordinary. Wealth, to. Start over where anything, was possible where. Everything, was possible, their. Dreams were stronger, than the obstacles, in their way. You've. Got to be a dreamer, you've. Got to see the future finished, in advance, you've. Got to seek California. While you're climbing. 14,000. Foot Peaks, you've. Got to see the finish line while, you're running the race, you've. Got to hear the cheers when you're in the middle of a monster, project. And you've, got to be willing to put yourself through the paces of doing. The uncomfortable. Until it becomes comfortable. Because. That's how you realize, your dreams. Our. Great country was founded with dreams, they've. Always been important, dreams. Are what caused thousands. Of people to leave their homes and families and start over in a, land where anything, was possible, to. This day dreams, continue to bring people to our land of opportunity. To. A country where you can start with little and end. Up with a lot to. America. Don't. You sometimes wonder why so, many immigrants, who come to America can, build a new life and a fortune while many of the people who were born here are barely. Surviving. They. Have a dream a defined. Goal. Ambition. Aside. From the pioneers that crossed the prairies, and the mountains to reach their vision of hope and future, promises, there.

Are Other amazing examples. Of how ambition. Has shaped America. Take. Ben Franklin, for instance when, most people think of Ben Franklin, they remember, the kite and the lightning bolt and the, discovery, of electricity, what. A lot of people may not know is that. Ben Franklin was, one of the first riders, to address, self-making. When. Franklin, started Poor, Richard's Almanack. In 1732. He. Used the blank spaces between, the crop data and the. Weather information to, insert clever, bits of moral, and practical advice. I'm. Sure you've heard the saying fish, and company, start to stink in three days. Well. That was one of hundreds of Ben Franklin's, comments, on life. Another. Was diligence. Is the mother of good luck, you. Know it's amazing how hard-working, smart. Working people have, all the luck. We. Sometimes hear, of a brand-new, musical, group and overnight. Success, they. Must have been in the right place at the right time knew. The right people had. A friend to help them out but. If you've ever watched an interview with, some of these faux you'll probably hear, that their overnight success. Took. Several years. Diligence. Is the mother of good luck, now. In addition to these witticisms. Ben Franklin, gave us three principles, of success and ambition, that have withstood the, test of time, number. One happiness. Doesn't come from big pieces of great success, but. From small advantages. Hammered, out day, by day, what. Mr. Franklin is saying here, is that we must be happy with what we've got when. We're in pursuit of what we want. Too. Often we say oh I'll, be happy when I just, get that promotion, I'll. Be happy when I just land that contract. I'll. Be happy when I just have more money I'll. Be happy when I just. Just. What you. Won't be any happier when you reach your goals than you are right now it. Just doesn't work that way. Abraham. Lincoln said it best, he. Said you'll be as happy as you make up your mind to, be. Right. Now whether you're on your way whether. You've already gotten, there you'll. Be as happy as you make up your mind to be now. Right. Now. Being. Happy on the way doesn't mean you can't aim for great things after. All look. At everything Franklin, accomplished, in his lifetime, it. Means that big achievements, come one small, advantage. At a time, it. Means that you've got to enjoy the, journey, it. Means that you must enjoy and take pride in your little accomplishments. It. Means enjoying, who you are becoming in pursuit. Of your eager desire every. Day, every. Single day. Ben, Franklin's second principle said that. Life is plastic. Within. Each of us is the power to mold mold. Ourselves. And mold our environment. It. Is up to each of us to begin this molding, process, with. A final product in mind and, it. Is within our power to work it and form it every minute every day, every. Month every. Year. By. Using your mind and your abilities, and your attitude, to work a little each day on molding, your life, you'll. Soon see how magnificent. Your power is to gain those small advantages. Each day, the. Little steps it takes to build up to success. Principle. Number three. Success. Is a pleasure. Success. Is a pleasure, if. What you are doing today, isn't satisfying, gratifying. Guess what you're. Really not successful. If. You are not fulfilled, with what you are doing today you cannot, possibly, be successful, it, doesn't matter how many worldly. Possessions, you may have how, many cars how, many toys how. Much money if. You're not happy with your life as it is you. Cannot be successful. Now. I know that success is a relative, term it means different things to different people to a. School kid success. May mean a star on top of his latest test, to. A homemaker it probably means that she has a well-run, household, and a wonderful, family, to. An outside professional, it's. Most likely the thrill of closing, a major contract. Or. The pride in accepting, a performance, bonus, or. Being, named the top producing, salesperson. But. The one thing you will hear from everyone who is successful, is that. They are happy with who they are and, what. They are doing, they.

Are Happy, content. Satisfied. Success. Is a pleasure. What. Have you done today that makes this day successful. Think. About it and write, it down if. At the end of the day you can jot down the, thing that have made it a good day you will, soon see patterns, forming. This. Really is a good habit to get into, when. You can see a pattern of pleasure. You'll. Know you're on the road to success so. Take, note of mr. Franklin's, three principles, of success and ambition, number. One big achievements, come one small, advantage. At a time. One. Step at a time one day at a time. Number. Two you, have the power to mold, your life to. Make it whatever you want to shape, it and reshape. It and number. Three success. Is measured through pleasure, this. Is the key one, success. Is measured through pleasure you've, got to be happy along, the way you've. Got to learn to give yourself, a pat on the back, good. Job you need to tell yourself I'm, proud, of me today, you've. Got to be happy you've, got to learn to enjoy the process. These. Are really common-sense ideas. They're. Practical, and William, James agreed he's another American, great one, of the most notable, philosophers. And psychologists. In our history and he. Founded a philosophy, called pragmatism. To. Be pragmatic is, to be practical. To. Test the validity of a concept, by its practical. Results, to. Actually question something and rate. Its usefulness, by what it can do for you, to. Hear a method of doing something and figuring out if, it's. Even worth your while. One. Of the issues mr. James dealt with in his lifetime was, what, does it mean to be a success, a, significant. Person, after. Years of pondering. This question, William. James describes, success, as a combination, of two things, number. One an inner. Ideal, which is followed persistently. With, courage, and, number. Two outer. Achievement. Related, to that ideal. Let's. Go back to number one and inner. Ideal, which is followed, persistently. With courage, I. Take. That to mean defining, a goal and having the resolve to complete it, no. Matter what I'll. Do it or die. Promise. Yourself you'll read the books until, your skills change, go, to the seminars, until, you get a handle on it do. It until it makes sense. Practice. It until you've got it right, don't. Give up until you, get where you want to be however, long that is step. By step piece by piece. Book by book, seminar. By seminar, do, it until. Go. For it, until, is a very important, word it's magic. It, means that you'll never give up don't. Miss the chance to grow to pay the price, until. You learn change. Grow. You'll. Discover some of life's great, treasures, when you pay that price. William. James second, part to success dealt with the outer achievement. Related, to that ideal. You. Need both aspects, to really be a success, but. What dr. James realized, about his philosophy of success was that the first part is indeed, more.

Important, Than, the second. Going. For it as. Long as you're working toward, your inner goal your dream then success, is possible, but. Once you give up your inner vision then. You can never become successful, you. Never will become, successful. Until. Doesn't, even matter. Now. Maybe the person who's been working on a project for 10 years can be successful. In his own right if. He's honestly working toward it, doing. Everything to. Make himself worthy, of reaching the dream. Really. Happy with where he is, doing. It until. Then. Maybe he is a success, it's. A personal, thing going. For it one step at a time. Going. For small accomplishments. Along the way for however long it takes. So. Let's think about this for a moment, what, outside, evidence, or results, or proof can be seen when. You accomplish your goals one step at a time. You'll. Start to see things change around you little, things not major things, but. Little everyday, things. Things. You may not even notice unless. You are paying attention. If. You're one of those who'd rather stay up late and get, up late only, to discover that your workplace doesn't fit your schedule and you. Roll out of bed cursing. The alarm clock every morning maybe. You could start with the little change of going to bed half, an hour earlier, than normal and, maybe. You'll see in time, of course you, can't train your body overnight. Maybe. You'll find out that you jump out of bed in a better mood and that your. Day will start better and that. You'll get more done and that. The people around you that caused you problems aren't, so hard to work with after all. It. All starts by making one little, change, and, adding. To it every. Day, you. See you can't change what's going on around you, without first changing. What's going on within. You. Start. Changing how you look at morning's, and sure enough people will. Start changing how they look at you, when. You start changing how you think how, you act, how you treat, others how you treat, yourself. When. You start responding. Instead of reacting, to life life. Will start responding, to you. I'm, telling, you that you can do it with your lifestyle, you can do it with your sales career. You. Can do it with your management, career, you. Can do it with any part of your life if you. Are looking for equities unmatched, don't, curse the only thing you have seed, and soils, sunshine. And rain. Miracle. And seasons. But. Start processing, things like we're covering in this program, and change. Will take off for you you cannot believe what can happen in such. A short period of time so. You, ask yourself what. Small changes, can I start making today. Well. You can start in your car on your way to work, if. You're sitting on the highway stop, and go traffic, moving. At about 15, miles per hour tops. Look. At the guy or the lady sitting next to you and give them a smile or. Thumbs, up or, even, wave. Now. Some people might think you're a little strange but hey you'll. Feel better and. Tomorrow. When you get into the office how about a big cheery hello to the people at the front desk, and, everyone. You see on the way to your office and when. You get home tonight how about giving, your wife or husband, and kids big hugs, instead. Of collapsing, on, the sofa. When. You start with the little things that make others happy improve. Their day you'll. Find that these little things add up to big ones. So. What happens when you start taking charge of your own personal, happiness, your. Own life, do. You think that these little things will somehow make a difference, in meeting your goals, you. Bet they will you. Can't do it alone you can't be successful, by yourself, it's. Hard to find a rich hermit you know. The, ambitious, person realizes, that each of us needs, all of us, you. All by yourself, may have finalised the company's marketing, plan or finished. Up the sales projections or even wrote the mission statement, for the year to come even. If you did this all by yourself, you. Really had the help of all of those around you who tolerated, and supported, your needs to, be undisturbed, or.

Provided, Service, to you during the project. Maybe. You should thank those people every. Once in a while with a dinner certificate. Or a, bouquet, of flowers, or. 18, holes of golf. Even. A thank-you note thank-you. Notes are so important, after. All without your support team you. Probably, wouldn't be where you are today you. Can't, be successful by yourself, so. Thank them thank those. Around you and let. Them know just how important, they are to you. Be. It your office personnel, or your family or your friends a thank, you sure goes a long way. So. Is it important, to do a little extra for these people, as you are working your way toward, your goals I think, so I'm. Sure you do too. Once. You've decided that you're going to set sail go, for it and let. Loose on your new charted, course you. Don't have to worry about the winds that will most certainly blow, around you the, obstacles, the. Negativity, that will stand in your way, you. Don't have to worry about what other people will say you. Just have to keep your mind on your course. Those. Winds may blow fast, and furious but, if you know your path if you, know where you are going they. Will help push you toward, the dreams and goals and, treasures, that you, have already decided, you're going after, your. Goals will push you forward, ahead. Of the stormy, weather. There. Are some amazing people around that we can learn from today. People. Who have already braved, the storms, and come out on top. People. Who are still alive today. People. Who started with nothing and ended. Up with something great, famous. People not so famous people, maybe. Even people you know but. Don't know their stories. People. Who had an early vision, and ambition. People. Who turned their focused dreams into the reality, of success. One. Of my friends tells the story about her dad, she. Thinks he's cheap she. Gives him a hard time every time they go to one of those, all-you-can-eat. Places, because. He eats all he can eat until. He can't move until. He needs to take something for indigestion. But. She knows where he came from his. History and. Understands. Just why he is the way he is. He. Eats all he can eat because, he. Was raised in an orphanage a place. Where you had to grab all you could or, you'd, be hungry. But, the real story behind her father is that he made himself a millionaire. With. Nothing more than a dream, he. Watched his own father drown, when he was four, was. Taken away from his mother a few years later and put into an orphanage, because. He was so bad. Raised. By other people. Strangers. After. Growing up in foster homes he decided to go out on his own, he. Barely finished, high school but. He found a job as a vacuum cleaner salesman. He. Did well really. Well, but. The woman he loved didn't want to marry a vacuum, cleaner salesman and, he. Really didn't want to be one so. He went to college went. On to medical school. Prospered. Really, prospered. Led. A tremendously. Successful life, as a radiologist, and, is. Now retired. Goes. Fishing. Rides. Is Harley. Stories. Of success are all around us everywhere. Take. The time to talk to these people or read their stories, you. Might learn something you. Might find out that they have already traveled, the path you are now on. You. Know when most of us think of Jesse Jackson, we think of the political Jesse, Jackson, but. What most of us don't realize, is. That before Jesse, Jackson, went to the streets to gain votes, he. Went to the ghettos with. A message for inner-city youth. During. His rallies, he would have the street kids repeat after him I am. Somebody. Jesse. Jackson's, message, to these kids was that ambition. Is a moral, imperative. To. Be a good person you, have to have ambition, you. Have to try to do something good with your life you. Have to try to get out of where you are today, or, make. Where you are a better place tomorrow. You. Have to or, anything. Else is a waste. Mr.. Jackson knew that his contribution, to life began, with America's, youth where. He could make a difference, before bad attitudes, and, and habits took over for good, he. Went to make a difference, with a disadvantaged. Youth of America. What.

An Admirable mission. I'm. Sure you know that the same principles, he teaches, apply, to you when. You get up tomorrow morning and are standing in front of the mirror getting ready for the day remind, yourself, that you. Are somebody, that you. Are important. And that. You can make the changes, that will move you closer to your ideal future. Listening. To the words of people like Jesse Jackson are. Of total, importance, because. Motivation. Lasting, motivation. Is backed. With education. Many. Of these people have written books on their journeys, these. Books tell the stories, and give the secrets that we, can all learn from. Let's. Say you decided to take a trip just a short one maybe, for a weekend, let's. Say you want to go away to a place you've, never been before, wouldn't. You want to find someone who had been there ask. Them a few questions. What's. The best way to get there the safest, route the. Quickest route, what. Do I need to bring to be totally, prepared, what. Fun things should I look for on the way, what. Dangers, do I need to avoid. By. Talking, with someone who has already been there it'll. Make your trip that much more enjoyable. It's. The same thing with life by. Listening to those who are farther along in the journey the journey you are interested, in taking and, learning. From their successes, and failures, you. Just, might pick up something that will make your journey that, much better. Listening. To the stories of others can be motivating. Captivating. They. Can provide that extra push you've been looking for they. Can demonstrate what, the power of ambition, is truly, all about, they've. Been there their. Knowledge, is valuable and. When. You use that knowledge and motivation to take action, you'll. Gain momentum. Eventually. You will find that, the key to motivation. True motivation. Is right there, inside. You. You won't have to look elsewhere to get pumped up turned, on charged. Up, with. The right knowledge behind, you you, will learn how to motivate yourself. With. The right knowledge you will find yourself, becoming inspired. On your own by. Your own learning by your own discovering. You. Won't have to hope that somebody, comes along to, turn you on in the morning, they. Might not show up you'll. Find that your journey of pursuit, is the. Best alarm clock in, the world. Joseph. Epstein, wrote a book called, ambition. In. His book Epstein, defines, ambition. As the fuel of achievement. He. Says that everybody has a need for achievement to. Do well to. Get somewhere in life to, be better, to. Achieve. Achievement. Means moving, forward, and in. Order to move forward, you must be motivated, inspired. Ambitious. You. Must have dreams and goals that create, ambition. Good. Ambition, positive. Ambition. Now. Ambition, does not mean being greedy, it. Does not mean being selfish, it. Does not mean getting ahead at the expense, of others. Ambition. Is not greed ambition, is. Not avarice, an all-consuming.

Desire For, wealth. Ambition. Is not hoping, you can win at the expense, of others, do. You suppose Judas, was ambitious. He. Ended up with thirty pieces of silver a fortune. In those days. Was. Judas successful, because he had all that money, no. Judas, sold out. Was. Judas happy when it was all over with, no. The. Money didn't make him happy. What. He did to get the money certainly didn't make him happy, what. Judas became, in, the pursuit of his fortune, caused him to end his own life. What. Drove him was not ambition, ambition. Is. Not greed ambition. Is. An eager desire to, achieve an. Eager. Desire to, get ahead in life to. Do more for your family, to prosper, in health wealth. And relationships. Now. Desire, does not always translate into ambition. Desire. Is what you want for yourself a bigger. House a better, car a fatter, bank account a better life I. Desire. To have these things. Ambition. Is how. You get their. Desire. Is sometimes, healthy, desire. Is sometimes, unhealthy. Desire. Might say I want the tallest, building, in town, the. Destructive, side of desire might urge you to tear all of the other buildings, down I guess. That's one way to do it you. Might get away with tearing down the first one and maybe the second, one but. In your desire to tear them all down sooner. Or later some, guy is going, to be standing, out in front of his building saying I'm. On to you get. Out of here and pretty. Soon you're no longer known as a builder, you're. Known as a destroyer. Now. The second way to have the tallest building in town is to see it dream, it and plan. It and put. Your team on it work on it go. Through all of the steps to get there do. It right, have. The ambition to be the owner of the tallest building, in town and, go. Through all of the right steps to get there, if you. Really want it and have, the skills to do it and the. Patience, to weather all of the storms, your. Ambition, will lead you there. Having. The ambition, to do what it takes to get you where you want to go is good. Ambition. Is creative, and constructive. Ambition. Is an expression, it's. Something, inside of you you want to express, in a. Positive, way. I'm. Sure you have dreams of accomplishing, great things, are. You. Ambitious enough, to realize these dreams are, your. Dreams strong enough to pull you toward your future, are. They vivid enough to see the end result now, are. They. Worthy of doing. Until you, get there, what. Are your reasons for creating, these dreams. Reasons. Vary from person to person I. Bet. If you did a little soul-searching you. Could come up with a fairly strong list, the. List of reasons, why. Is it so important, to achieve these dreams what are you trying to express. These. Reasons, for accomplishing, great things are different for everybody. There. Are personal reasons, sometimes. Uniquely. Personal reasons. Some. People do well for the recognition. Some. People do well because. Of the way it makes them feel. They. Love the feeling of being a winner and that. Is one of the best reasons. Once. In a while I hear someone say if, I had a million dollars I'd, never work another day in my life hey. That's probably why the good Lord sees, to it that, he doesn't get his million, because.

He Would just quit. Family. Is another reason a motivator. For doing well some. People do extremely, well because, of other people, and that's. A powerful reason, sometimes. We will do something for someone else that we would not do for ourselves I. Know. A lady who, was getting back on track from financial, disaster. Even. Though she didn't have much of anything left, her. Primary motivator. Was to keep her daughter in private school, an, expensive. One one. Of the best in the country. Although. Her goal was to financially, surpass, where she was before her economic fall, her. Main reason, to work all of those extra hours was, to give her little girl the best possible. Education as. You. Can well imagine wanting. To do something, for someone else led. Her to all sorts, of other accomplishments, as well. How. Fortunate, are the people who find themselves greatly. Affected, by someone. Else, it's. Powerful. What. Has you getting up early hitting it hard all day and staying, up late. What. Has you inspired. What. Are your reasons for doing well, what's. At the core of your quest. What. Is the power behind your, ambition. Think. About it jot it down. Do. Some soul-searching. Define. Your reasons so they will work better for you so now. We have determined, that it's in your best self-interest. To be ambitious. Self-interest. Self-preservation. As. Human. Beings we can't help but be interested, in our own self-preservation. We. Can't help but be self-interested. It's. One of the strongest urges. We have. Interested. In our preservation, interested. In our development. Interested. In our success. There's. Certainly nothing wrong with self-interest. But, here's the clue. Self-interest. Must be enlightened, as to, what truly serves, us best. When. I found out that self-interest, was okay that was, a big relief to me, now. We're not talking about selfish. We're. Talking about self-interest. Self-interest. Needs to be educated, enlightened. Self-interest. Is willing to be benefited, by service, to, others, not. At the expense of others. Self-interest. At the expense, of others starts, to be greed. Evil. Hoping. You go up as someone goes, down hoping, to attain while. Someone, else loses. I, win. You lose we. Call that the beginnings, of evil the. Dark side of our nature. Wishing. To benefit, at, the expense of others. Enlightened. Self-interest, wishes, to benefit at the service, of others a. Friend. Of mine tells this little story about a person she hears from about every three months or so, this. Guy calls to solicit, money for food baskets, for homeless, families. She's. Happy to give her money to them. She. Was unfortunately homeless, for a short period of time and. She. Knows the position these people are in, this. Group is legit she. Checked them out, but.

After The second or third time this guy called same. Guy, after. The second or third time he called she started, talking to him about other. Stuff turns out this guy is broke. Living. In a hotel. Looking. For any construction, job he can find. Any. Job at all but. What's unique about this guy is that. He donates, two or three hours a night every. Night, to. Call people, and get money to feed the homeless. Every. Night from. His hotel room. Now. Most people would say this guy should use those hours every night to work a second job or, a third job. But. While he's way down on the ladder of success he, feels it's important, to help those less fortunate than. He is, he. Has a roof over his head, he. Makes enough to feed himself and my. Friend says that every time she talks to this guy every. 2 or 3 months he's doing better he's. Digging himself out of debt, he's. Starting, to save money he. Thinks he'll be able to move into an apartment in another month or two. Now. Recently, an interesting thing happened my friend was talking with an associate of hers she's, single lives. In a big house. Needs. To find a handyman to help her out on a regular basis. Someone. Who can build an addition, onto her house. So. My friend told her about this guy the. Only reason this guy ended up being hired was that my friends associate, was touched by his dedication, to service, while, he himself. Was. Down and out. Service. Success. At the service, of others. Now. This guy is enriched, by any stretch but through. My friends, network he now has constant, work doing. Things around several, people's houses, and now. He's in a place of his own and guess. What he does every night he's. Still making phone calls to, get money to. Feed the homeless, what. Great character, this man has. Enlightened. Self-interest leads to wealth. Self-preservation. Leads. To poverty. Somebody. Says well I can't be concerned about other people I have. To pay attention to myself. Well. Then, you'll, always have to, somebody. Says I can't be concerned about other people's bills I've, got enough worries trying, to pay my own. Well. Then you'll have to worry about them for the rest of your life, the. Best way to get that monkey off your back is, to turn your attention around. Once. I understood some of this stuff I'm telling you it, revolutionized. My whole life. Now. Self-interest, is okay yes, but. Here's what self-interest, must be if you, truly want to be happy it must be enlightened. It. Says don't keep your attention on yourself if you want your life to work out well, turn. Your attention to, others. In. Your own self-interest, be. Enlightened, truly. Act in your own self-interest, by making, an investment, in service, to others. Next. If you, wish to receive. Now. There's nothing wrong with wishing, to receive it's, part, of self-interest. But. Here's the enlightened, part if. You wish to receive you, must give. Some. People say if you give it's gone no. No. Not. If you're educated, if you're. Stupid yes it's gone but. If you're enlightened chances. Are if you give you've. Invested, and. What. Do we expect an, investment, to do. Return. Get. Back what you put out no we, expect, it to return, multiplied. Bigger. Greater. Better. My. Father taught me way back. Son. Always, do more than, what you get paid for. Now. Some individuals, might argue with that they'd. Say no you're, going to mess up the whole program, I know. They're, wrong in, my. Own self-interest. I did what my father taught, me to always do, more than. I got paid for why. To. Make an investment, in my future, do. More than you get paid for to make an investment. In, your future and it's, paid off for me. If. You're wanting that big promotion are, you going to go up to your boss and say just, give it to me I'll, work harder, if you just give me that promotion no. It doesn't work that way you've. Got to do more in your current position so. That you get noticed, so. You stand out from everybody else, so.

The Boss says hey we've. Got this position opening, up and I think we should give it to Nancy, she. Does so much more than we expect. Just. Imagine, what she'll do if we give her this promotion. You've. Got to do more than you're paid for, you've got to it's, an investment, in your future. It's. One thing to make a sale I'm. Telling, you if you make a sale. You'll make a living, if you. Go beyond making, the sale and serve, people by, keeping in touch, calling. Them before they call you, writing. A thank-you note sales. Will lead to multiple sales you. Can make a fortune. If. The, customer, is well taken care of. People. Who are well taken care of will open doors you can't get through by. Yourself. All. Of us have found ways to make a living what. Got interesting, for me early on was, to figure out ways to make a fortune. You'd. Say well mr. owned how would I deserve, to make a fortune it's easy. Render. Fortunes, of service. People. Will do things you cannot believe for people who give them good. Service. Here's. One of the greatest gifts you can give anybody the gift, of attention, in return. They will do extraordinary, things, for your career, take. You by the hand and, lead. You to more people than you could meet by, yourself. Always. Do more, than. You get paid for. Next. In enlightened, self-interest life, responds. To deserve not, need. Life. Responds. To deserve, not need. Life. Was not designed to give us what we need. Life. Was designed to give us what we deserve. What. We deserve. Once, you understand, that little, life principle, in your own self-interest, I'm telling, you it's. Life-changing. The. Ancient law does not go like this if you. Need you will reap no. It doesn't work that way a lot. Of people out there are hoping it works that way but, no it doesn't the. Ancient law goes like this if you plant. You. Will reap if, you. Sow, you. Will reap. Somebody. Says well I really, need to reap well. Then you really need to plant in, your. Own self-interest. Your. Own self-interest, needs to be educated, in how to plant how to. Do it so everybody. Wins, because. Life doesn't respond, to need, you. Can't go to the soil and say I, need a crop the. Soil just smiles at you and here's. What the soil says don't bring me your need bring, me some, seed. Bring. Me some effort bring, me some discipline. Bring. Me some interest, bring. Me some service, bring. Me these things and I'll return to you x, 2 x 5 x 10. X. You. Can't come with need you've, got to come with seed. You've. Got to come with willingness, you've, got to come with skills. You've. Got to be willing to learn willing, to change willing.

To Grow willing. To put yourself out. Willing. To stand up to the bad weather. Willing. To pull out the weeds willing. To nurture, that's. The only way you get, a return. Once. You understand, these principles. Self-interest. Now truly, becomes, an exciting, challenge, making. Sure, everybody. Wins. Enlightened. Self-interest, makes, sure, that, everybody. Wins. Now. Here's another one, if, you. Want to find, you. Must search, and. If. You search you. Will find. In. Order to find you must search. You. Must go to church, you must go to the, seminar, you must go to the. Library, you've, got to go to the. Bookstore you've got to go to the, class, you've. Got to go to the, training you've. Got to go searching, why, if you. Search you will find you'll. Find ideas you'll, find inspiration. You'll find hope you'll. Find contacts. But. You've got to be out there on the search, on the, look. Life. Reserves, its treasures, for those who deserve it not, those who need it. Enlightened. Self-interest, giving. So that you will receive, searching. So that you will find. Making. Sure that everybody, wins all the, way around. Enlightened. Self-interest needs to be educated enlightened. Self-interest. Says, I will learn that life is not just the passing, of time I. Will. Learn that life is the collection of experiences, ups and downs highs. And lows laughter. And tears. You. Must decide to act you. Must have the discipline, to act, now. Here's what's important, about discipline. One discipline. Affects another discipline. All. Disciplines. Affect each other in fact, here's a good philosophical, phrase, everything. Affects, everything, else. Nothing. Stands alone. Don't. Be naive and say this doesn't matter of course it matters it, all matters. Some. Things may matter more than others but everything. Matters. If you'd rather sleep in than go for a walk around the neighborhood pretty. Soon it will matter. If. You'd rather spend your money instead of saving it pretty, soon it will matter, if. You'd rather put off a letter to an old friend instead, of corresponding. Regularly. Pretty. Soon it will matter if. You'd, rather work late every night instead, of going home and spending time with your family pretty. Soon it. Will matter, it. All matters.

Every. Letdown affects. The rest, if. You won't walk around the block you probably. Won't eat right and. You. Probably won't buy the books, and you probably won't attend the seminars, and you. Probably won't spend your money wisely and, after. Years of this it all adds up so the, key to reversing this process, is to start picking up the disciplines, it. Does matter it. All matters. Now. Here's the positive side. Every. New discipline, affects. The rest, every. New discipline, makes a difference, that's. Why action, is so important, the smallest, action, the least action. The. Action that you won't think will matter it, all matters. Take, it because. When you start accomplishing and, the. Value, starts to return you'll, find inspiration. To do the next one and the next one and the next one, if. You start walking around the block it'll. Inspire you to start, eating right you. Start eating right it'll inspire you, to get a book, you. Get a book and it'll inspire you, to get a journal, you get, a journal, and it'll inspire you to develop some skills. Disciplines. Affect each other lack. Affects, the rest of your life the. Key is to diminish the, lack. One. Of our greatest temptations. Is to just ease up a bit, to. Do just a little bit less than you're capable of to. Take a little break, somebody. Says it'll. Just affect my sales no. It'll. Affect your consciousness. It'll. Affect your philosophies. It'll. Affect your home life, it'll. Affect everything no. You can't, ease up a bit that's. What vacations are, for when you're at work work, when. You're on vacation rest. Wherever. You are be. There if, you. Think about vacation. When you're at work you'll surely think, about work when you're on vacation. You'll. Just mess it all up, so. Be disciplined, get. Involved. Do. All that it takes to get the job done get your health back get. Your bank account where it's supposed to be, get. Your family, in order get. Disciplined, be disciplined, every, day when. You set up the disciplines, that give your life structure. Miracles. Can happen. Multiplied. And I'm. Telling, you anybody, who wants, to make a drastic change in their income can do it I, was. Broken age 25, and a. Millionaire, at age 31. Everything. Around me was the same I changed. I. Refined. My philosophy, I read. The books I took the classes. Started. Looking at life a little differently. I'm. Telling, you it works.

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