January 2018: JW Broadcasting

January 2018: JW Broadcasting

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This. Is the January, 2018. Edition, of JW, broadcasting. Welcome. One and all. As. Mark numeri explained last month the. Governing body has approved, the annual meeting of the pennsylvania, corporation, to be broadcast, each year, as a monthly. JW, broadcasting, program, in, this. Way more translation. Teams around the world will, have the resources to make this program available, to viewers in many. More languages. This. Annual meeting was, indeed special. It. Was held on October 7. 2017. Since. It also included, the dedication, of many United States branch buildings, and the, dedication, of the world headquarters complex. It. Was presented, from the bethlo datoria m-- in Warwick, New York. Brother. Jeffery Jackson of the governing body was the chairman the monthly, program you're about to see consists. Of the dedications related aspects, of the event I'm. Sure you. Will enjoy the program. We're. Going to start off by asking, you a question, in fact the governing body has, directed, me to ask the English speaking brothers, this, question, what. Is what. If derice. Brother Smalley's prayer, he. Said and, we. Pray for the, vindication of, your name how would you have reacted hmm. Feel. Sorry for Jean. Well. It's true in English over the years we have tended. To be very careful, haven't we about. Saying, the, sanctification. Of Jehovah's. Name and, the, vindication, of his sovereignty. But. Is it necessarily. Wrong, for us to say that, Jehovah's, name could, be vindicated. Well. Back in 1965. The awake magazine, answered yes it would be wrong then. In 1995. The watchtower, made the point that. It reinforces that it said no, one's questioning Jehovah's. Name, so. There's no name need, to vindicate that name, but. The more we look at this subject the more we see and need to adjust our understanding. Particularly, in English. So. Let's think about the words associated, with this problem. First of all sanctify. What, the sanctify, mean well. It means to make holy or to treat something as holy and it's, very appropriate, isn't it that we pray for the sanctification of, Jehovah's. Name that's exactly, what Jesus told us to do let your name be sanctified. So you can relax there's no change with, regard to that but what, about the word vindicate. Or. Vindicate, usually. Indicates. Exonerating. Or proving, that someone, is correct, in something, they've done perhaps they've been criticized, and then. They're proved to be true or correct, and. What about the, word name. Does. It just, refer, to an identification. Or, a label, well. That's, usually not the case in the Bible is it it, oftentimes. Refers. To the reputation, of, the person not just their identifying. Name, or label, for. Example in proverbs chapter 22. Verse 1 it, tells us a good name is to be chosen rather. Than great wealth, now. In that case name. Is, referring, to the. Reputation of, the person, so. Let's think for a few minutes what. Really has Satan criticized. Down. Through time well. First of all he's criticized. Jehovah's. Reputation. His. Name, and secondly. He, has criticized, the rightfulness. Of Jehovah, sovereignty, or in other words the, way of ruling. So. Really, both, of these things Jehovah's, reputation. And his. Way of real ruling, need, to be vindicated. Satan. Has tried to besmirch the holy name of Jehovah in many ways one. Way is by painting. Him as a vengeful, harsh. God, or, in. The churches. Of Christian and believing, that he. Is a God that burns, people, in a fiery hell or, in the scriptures we see him implying, that Jehovah is a liar, who, holds back good things from his creatures. Well. In that case we can see that Jehovah's. Name or reputation does. Need to be exonerated. Or in, other words, vindicated. So. In summary. Jehovah's. Sovereignty, certainly. Needs to be vindicated, as we've always said but. Also his name as, a loving, God his reputation. Needs. To, be vindicated so, it's not wrong for us to say that. These actions, of, vindicating. Jehovah's sovereignty, vindicating. His name lead. To the sanctification, of, his, name now. At this point you're trying to think what does that mean simply. Put it's, not wrong, to say we. Pray for the vindication of, Jehovah's. Name, because. His reputation, certainly. Needs, to be exonerated, and, what a privilege, we have to. Be part of that well. What a way to start the annual meeting, right off the block. New, understanding. So, if this is how we're going to start with the chairman's and saying a few words what. Else is on the program, well. We're looking forward to seeing what, we can enjoy. Well. When we think, of this matter of the dedication. Program, I'm, sure you to appreciate, that, it's impossible. For us to tell, every.

Story, Of every. Experience, of how, our brothers and sisters have. Seen Jehovah's. Hand help them either in their personal, lives or in. The actual construction, work in. Just a few moments time, we're going to have an opportunity, to, see a specially, prepared video, that. Will tell us some of those stories, but. This video is, mainly, designed, to tell us about what happened with, the construction, here at Warwick. But. Before, we start to watch the video the, governing body asked, me to, express, appreciation, on, their behalf for. A very. Special. Group of brothers and sisters, who. Are we talking about well. Those thousands. Of brothers and sisters who, were working on all the, other projects. That were. Being, either, built, or renovated at, the same time as the, war we project so sometimes we focus on war but. All these other brothers, and sisters were likewise. Making, similar, sacrifices. And some. Of those projects, were huge. For. Example, Wallkill over. 1.1. Million, square, feet of facilities. But, were either built, or renovated or, remodeled, at Wallkill and. 302. Residents, rooms were added this. Required. 25,000. Sheets of drywall to, be hung and over. 450, 1,000. Feet, of electrical, wire cables, to be installed. Additionally. New, office space was made for 240. People now. When they added up how many brothers and sisters actually, helped with just the Wallkill project, they, came up with a figure of over, 6,000. Different individuals. Then. The brothers at one stage started, a Saturday work program, that. Was designed, to give extra help to the project, and, the. Bethel i'ts who have other assignments. Who in their spare time, offered. To give this extra help on a Saturday, numbered. 1544. And they, put in over 10,000. Hours of work then. We had 937. Outside, volunteers, from, 20 different states, here in the United States who. Contributed. Some, 18,000. Hours so, a lot of work went into. Renovating. And building, there at wallkill but. What about the quality, of the work there was it any, less, no. In, fact the. F residence, and the walk Hill office building, received, the highest award, of for green, globes from. The green building, initiative. That's the GBI. That. Was back in. 2015. Now. At that time a project manager, of GBI said, of the. 23, buildings, in the United States that, have been certified, with four green blobs since, 2006. The. Watchtower Wallkill, office building, achieved. The highest point, score with, 94. Percent now. Of course since, 2015, other, buildings. Have. Also received, these four. Green. Globes but, remember, also among, those buildings, that have received it are all seven, buildings, here, at Warwick. Well. We, could go on and on about Jehovah's, blessings, with regard to the Wallkill project, but, let's just take one example the wallkill chiller project, that, started, in December of 2010. It. Was critical, the brothers tell us to get the new chillers, operational. No later than, the first week in the following July, but. There, was a problem because they, wanted to make sure the presses, will continue, to operate, this. Is how. One of the brothers expressed, what happened he said by, mid June and remembered, July they had to have the chillers up and running things. Started, to get critical due. To the lack of response, from the specialists. From, the chiller fabricator. The. Purchasing, department called, repeatedly. But. Were unable to get, a commitment from the fabricator, to, meet our deadlines, so. What did the brothers do well they made it a matter of fervent, and urgent. Prayer, what.

Happened The brother continues, a few, days later I received a phone call telling, me that, there was a man from the chiller fabricator, waiting, for me in the main lobby, he. Wanted to quickly see, our startup schedule, and our installations. And then, give us a list of things we needed to complete, we. Explained that everything. Was ready and we, needed to begin the start-up in two weeks. Well. He went for a visit as. He walked, through the factories. He was amazed he. Said he has never seen, an installation. In all the 20 years that he's been doing this that, was ready to start on the first visit. Then. As he was continuing. To be amazed he. Said to the brother let. Me know who your insulators. Are I want. To hire them. Well. The brother said very. Wisely, he didn't tell him until later that most. Of the work was done by sisters, many of whom had no experience, at all then. We. Didn't say tell him that because we didn't want him to steal in my way to other projects. The. Brother then goes on to say eventually. He got enough courage to ask him well what caused, you to actually come to the lobby that day well, a man said he'd, received, an urgent trouble. Call from, another, customer in a nearby town so. He decided he'd just stop by watchtower on the way he. Then said the, trouble called turned out to be a false, alarm, well. The chilla started, on schedule, and everything, was operating, according to plan so that's just, one, of many now believe me they, sent me reams, of, papers. Of experiences. And those. That I didn't use please. Forgive me. But. Over. And over again we see the brothers expressing. How, they appreciated. The opportunity, to work on the Walker project, as well as the other projects, and how, they saw Jehovah's hand blessing. Them as many, of them sold homes, simplified. Their lives or put their lives on hold so. That they could be here with us so to all those brothers and sisters who were, working on all the peripheral, projects, we. Want to say to you thank. You thank. You from the bottom of our hearts. And. Now we have an opportunity to watch a video that's. Going to have an interview with the CPC. Who, are the CPC, the, construction. Project, committee who organized the work here at Warwick. Isaiah. Chapter 40 and verse 12, gives us a glimpse into the power and, the breath of Jehovah's hand remember. That's where it says that Jehovah holds all the water in the hollow of his hand he can measure, the universe, with the span of his hand and while, this is figurative, it, helps us to appreciate what Jehovah, can accomplish to, make sure his will takes place well.

When We look at the beautiful Warwick, project, we truly, see that, Jehovah's, hand was involved, in what took place there, now. Last year you remember at the annual meeting we had the interview of the five brothers who made up the construction. Project, committee and those, brothers, were, the ones who oversaw, and coordinated. The work of that project and they explained how the Warwick, project, took place well. This year at this special dedication, program, we, are again going to interview, these, dear brothers and this time they're. Going to tell us their experiences. And experiences, that they had that convinced, them that Jehovah's. Han was, in this project well, we've got some really touching, experiences. To relate about, ones who really, sacrificed. In order to volunteer, on the project, and how their family supported, them they're, really going to be beautiful and we also have some good experiences, in regards, to how, the. Work was accomplished, and seeing. Jehovah's, hand and, lastly, we're gonna see how Jehovah's, hand was really shown even, in non-believers. And what they experienced. And how the work was accomplished, let's get started with the aspect of how those, who came to work on the project, so Jehovah's, Han and I think rich, you had an overarching, comma that really convinced, you of this despite. Challenging. Weather and, long commutes, difficult, living situations, hard, jobs. Our. Brothers manifested. The fruit egde of the Spirit you could see that at work and you knew Jehovah was working with them and motivating, their work and it, really made the project something very special one. Couple. Had, decided. That with their circumstances. And their finances. That for. A maximum, they could come and work for three weeks on the project, which they did but. During, a third week they were asked if they could possibly extend. To, a fourth week so, they prayed to Jehovah please, just give us joy help, us not have anxiety, about this even, though our finances. Will be at zero we. Want to stay the fourth week they. Did, went. On their way home back to the airport and at, the departure gate there, was an announcement that the flight was overbooked they. Were looking for volunteers to take a later flight and in. Compensation the. Airline, would give a very significant, amount of cash well. They took the cash no, longer had their finances, a zero but. And that's not where they felt Jehovah's hand they felt at that last week the, joy while, they were working and not, having the anxiety over. What the final outcome might, be I'll, never forget the night that Troy called in, our room and, said. That, one. Of our volunteers, that were going to be arriving they.

Were Fixing, a tire alongside the road back at their home and, the. Brothers, young wife was, holding, the flashlight car. Veered off the road hit her killed her right in front of him yeah, he had already been invited and already scheduled, to come when, this happened we, didn't expect him to come then we reassured, him that it's. Okay to stay back and handle matters but he was determined to come what was amazing was to see how Jehovah, helped, him during that time his. Overseers, that were assigned, to care for him and the department he worked with they rallied, to him and in the end he says he, felt that this experience, helped, him to recover. Emotionally. Spiritually. And, he saw Jehovah's, blessings, in it and it gave him pure evidence that. Jehovah's, promises, will come true a. Brother. Came, for a week but. His, wife was, back home with, very serious, health problems, the wife told, her husband, you. Must, go you must. Go, this. Is the way I can make a sacrifice to, the project, so. Seeing. Jehovah's. Hand on sisters. Like that and they're so sacrifice, in spirit, it. Made us feel like those sisters were right there working on the project, as we. Got into the project as it became evident that this project, really was only gonna get done as a result of Jehova spirit we saw our, brothers. Transform. Themselves, they, recognized. That, we, were first, and foremost, spiritual. Men we, needed Jehovah's, blessing so before, meeting. Started, the brothers would get together and say, a prayer it, was clear to everyone who was only gonna be as a result of Jehovah spirit that this project, was gonna get done these overseers. Quickly. Became known, not. For their trade, skills but for being shepherds, they. Looked out for the brothers and sisters they, cared, about them so as a committee we assigned shepherding, calls to, ourselves three. To four a month and along. With other shepherding, within our departments, but you. Would see these dear brothers, and sisters come, in at the. End of a day for a shepherding, call dirt. Or grease from head to toe cold. Gloves. On ear warmers. Huge. Smiles. You, could just feel that Jehovah. Was just lifting, us up and moving us along another, day it was quite an experience it, was as if Jehovah, is telling us. Spirituality. Is more important, and each, other than, accomplishing, the work and that, really helped us to see where our priority, should be we, found that as long as we looked out for the friends spiritually, and emotionally as, best we could they did far and above anything. We could have ever hoped for it really was a wonderful, example how they responded, to a spiritual, atmosphere Troy. How about the local brothers and sisters they had a good. Share too you. Know the local brothers and sisters and the congregation surrounding. The project were, tremendous, quite, a few would come in early in the morning to help guide the buses to their parking spots to provide, safe walkways. To direct, traffic and parking and they, would get up very early. Freezing. Cold temperatures they, would work have, breakfast, and then they would have to go off to their secular work and taking care of their daily lives it. Was really a good example of self-sacrifice another, thing that they did which was, just. Outstanding as we up, to 700. Trips. To the airport on a given weekend. Volunteers. Coming volunteers, going and it was constant. For years. At a time and, yet, most, of those, Airport. Runs were done by, our local friends even, using their own vehicles, now you brothers poured yourself out on the project you personally. Saw Jehovah's hand helping, you just when you needed the most could you share, a few of those I remember. An instance where we. Were meeting with a, governing. Body member, on something, else, in. The conversation. That, just lent itself to the question. Just. What was it that made him, or the, rest of the governing body so, convinced. That this. Project, was going to get done on time, and. He explained during. The acquisition, of the property they had established terms. In the acquisition that, for them was, a sort of a cold test and Jehovah. Fulfilled, the test, exactly. As, they. Expected and from. That point on he mentioned, that he himself and.

Every. One of the members. Of the governing body to a man were firmly, convinced. That it was Jehovah's will to, move from Brooklyn to Warwick I needed, to transmit, that confidence, to the brothers on the project, as well we, were getting ready to step. Off the bridge so to speak and some big decisions that we weren't going to be able to retract. Big. Dollars. That were going to be spent for product, that we weren't going to be able to send back, we. Needed more faith I can. Remember two instances. In particular where I personally, was, discouraged, and it you can kind of see it in our our family and both those times a governing. Body member showed up unscheduled. And visited. And made personal, expressions, to us expressions. To the family and it was just what we need it to keep us going but. Now let's change thought, a little bit we also talked. About how you saw Jehovah's hand and how the work was accomplished, Jehovah. Caused, our brothers to become. Not. Only good. Tradesman or world. Class expert. Tradesman. Is very common, to see them take off their hard hats say, a group, prayer they realize it was a part of their worship and it facilitated. Jehovah's, hand to be expressed through their work as well and, didn't, you notice Rick they felt a real need, to have, Jehovah's, spirit to be able to do what they needed to do so they would look for an opportunity. To, pray before. They tried to accomplish something that. Feeling. That they really cared and it was part of their worship was even reflected, in the. Prayerful, attitude, with which they went about the work we. Would often inform, the family of a. Difficult, challenge or, problem that we were facing either as a committee or as a project we. Would ask them to pray about it and. They. Would come back and tell us I've been praying about this and then we would hear their families back home we're, praying about it and we. Would, regularly. Get. Cards and letters from the field. Family. Worship projects, the kids would draw pictures and send them to us and they put care packages, hundreds. Of them together we. We even got cards. And letters from all over the world Japan. Australia and, Europe one. Sister from, Europe sent, about 65, pounds, of Swiss chocolate for. The family to enjoy and, Rick remember, our infamous, Friday afternoon, design. Coordination. And construction. Meeting every time after, prayer would start the same way we, don't have what. We need brothers. To, work next week we, don't have, sufficient. Enough, drawings, Rick. Would be there working he'd, be back and forth emailing, with other ones he'd be getting stuff sent in we, would conclude that meeting, at 5 o'clock on, a Friday every. Time with you. Know what we, have enough to work till next Friday and there poor Rick they would go again the following Friday please, start back up again but jehovah, would give us what, we needed as if it was telling us don't. Worry I've got this I've, got it under control, just, keep working you. Also mentioned, some comments regarding the use of the construction, groups and and how that came about we. Had the, most qualified. People, you could ever find, there. Ready to go to work we. Simply didn't have enough of it it, was it was a matter of numbers and so the, committee charged. A couple, of us to. Look in and see what, could we do to mobilize. The nation in an organized, way all we had was a Saturday afternoon, and I thought this isn't enough time you can't organize this effort, we. Sat down at 1:30. By. 3:00 p.m. what. Would become known as the Warwick construction, group effort. Jehovah. Built it he, laid it out in front, of us how. Each building would be careful yeah did we adjust a few things who went along absolutely, but. That was the framework we divided the country up into 11. Different areas we appointed three brothers in each area that would kind of help identify, the volunteers, and bring them reach out so volunteers tell them we need them explain, the work at a time it, was really an amazing arrangement. Of. The 27,000. Volunteers that. We had on-site. 21,000. Or organized. And sent to Warwick by these eleven construction. Groups so. They would do any, any. Initial, training, that they needed to do get organized, so, that they could come to Warwick and hit the ground running do you remember when. We had the challenge, with pipe insulation. Remember. How many miles, of pipes do we have hundreds. Of miles of, pipes, to insulate, that was a trade. That really didn't exist among, the Brotherhood in the United States at least not nearly the number we would need and.

So, Our construction, group brothers said well how hard can it be. We'll. Put. On training programs, and so one or two I think came to Bethel saw how it was done, the. Group started putting on training in the field out of Kingdom Hall or at. Her brother's home and, they. Trained about 2,000. Volunteers how, to do pipe insulation mostly, sisters and. They. Did all of that work and they did a really professional. Job. At it I think that also speaks to how. The role the sisters played on our project, the. Ones that were assigned there the ones in the field that were coming in they played a tremendous role we saw Jehovah's spirit on them in, helping us resolve problems, and accomplishing, the work and so forth so with, our training programs and orientation. The brothers quickly. Understood. That. Safety. And spirituality. Is a personal. Expression between them and Jehovah first, safety. Is a spiritual. Value it's something, that we, owe our brothers and sisters we owe our families, we owe to Jehovah, who is the source of life we. Had many non-believers involved. In this project how did they even get to see Jehovah's, hand in this we, were meeting with different officials, on a particular, aspect of the project, and, we. Had a bit of a difference of opinion, as to what would be needed, but. We. Really were not able to reach. An agreement with the officials. At. That point we realized taking. The secular. Technical. Approach wasn't, going to work push. The plans. Aside, set. A silent. Prayer and then, just ask the officials what. Can we do to, address your concerns what would you like to see us do that. Changed. The tone of a discussion it. Changed, from a technical, based discussion, to more, we're. Here to work together as neighbors to come to a common Accord, and we. Eventually worked out a compromise that met their concerns, a few weeks later we were back in front. Of the same officials, but on a totally different subject but before. We could even present. What we were there to talk about they. Stopped us and they just wanted to commend us for how good the last meeting we had when we were looking at each other because we, didn't think it went that well but. They pointed out how they, felt that they. Were dignified and they really, appreciated. The way we. Worked with them so it became clear to us that this. Project, wasn't entirely, about. Technical, issues but really. About, manifesting. Jehovah's. Hand through the footage of the spirit is we even dealt with the officials. We. Had a fuel. Truck that, was in a local, shop getting, repaired and a. Fuel truck is critical, for our project, because at 4 o'clock in the morning 4:30 our brothers are out there to fuel the equipment, so, we can get the work done that day they called it to go pick it up and the gentleman told him sorry we're closed, what project are you on he says well with the the work project, here at Chavez witnesses, of Watchtower go go Watchtower, oh no, problem I'm gonna leave the gate open I'm, gonna show you where the keys are I'll have, it there for you and you, can take the vehicle he says I trust you people one.

Of The bus drivers he showed up late one morning and then he explained, why, he was late he. Had been assigned the wrong bus that morning and his dispatcher, made, him come back and switch buses he. Says I was so mad at him I told him these people are working for God they're. Not getting paid they have to get to work on time they have to do this work he then told the friends he says I know I'm, gonna be one of Jehovah's Witnesses, one day I'm going to serve my God Jehovah, and. Then he sat down he drove the friends to work their brother was out in the ministry, he, knocks on the gentleman's door the gentleman comes to Johnny starts his presentation. And interrupts. Him and says have you been to Warwick and the brother says well no no, one's allowed at Warwick it's a under construction, there was no I've been there I worked. There and it was very clean, organized. And the people were the most friendliest people I've ever seen it, was the best experience, of my life to, work on that project one. Of the jobs was to pull in this main feeder this main electrical line into, the end of the complex very, technical piece and so we had that scheduled, for just. December. 24th, and there, was a little bit of an aversion on the point of the contractors, that wanted, to be able to monitor when this was going in and we, said no I'm I'm sorry with this is the date we need to do this we're on a day-to-day schedule we need to accomplish well who's going to do it well as, you know we use women, a lot on this site and this is a crew of sisters well I can't believe that that's a heavy line and you that can't be striking, the ground it's, fragile until, it gets into the conduit he said well I wasn't working tomorrow I'm gonna call my wife and I'm gonna come in tomorrow anyway, sure. Enough he came in spent. A couple hours there our sisters, as usual, did phenomenal, work pulled. The line in got it done do, you remember how long it took them to do the two hours they, had her pulled in two hours yeah it's. Just phenomenal, he just shook his head and went home we. Hired the largest contractor, in that part of New York State to perform, a significant, amount of work on-site and toward. The end of the project the head of that company told. Us he said when you first came to us and you, described what you were going to build and the size of it and then, you told us the schedule, that you were, hoping to meet and then you told us you were gonna do it with volunteers he. Said when we were happy to take your money but when you left we, were literally laughing at you we. Knew there was no way you could ever do this much construction in that short of a time let. Alone with volunteers, and that this was going to be a disaster. We're not laughing anymore, so. They could see Jehovah's hand on that project well, we thank all of you for those very very, encouraging, experiences. It makes us think of, Isaiah. Chapter 59, in verse 1 which reminds, us that Jehovah's hand is not too short to, accomplish as well and this is truly, evident, on, this project and, I know you brothers, would as well as all of us to thank all who had a share in this all those who physically, came here to volunteer the local brothers and sisters who, supported, all from home and everybody, with everybody with their prayers we. Truly appreciate that, and we'd also like to thank you five brothers and the sacrifices, that you and your wives made during. This project and. Another evidence, for me that. Jehovah's hand was in this project is, you, five brothers are all friends, and just, interacting, with one another and being with you that you could see that that seventh, of Jehovah spirit but, ultimately, our, thanks, goes to Jehovah. For what took place because we know he ultimately was. Behind the success of this project and we're very thankful that all of us had a chance to witness and Jehovah's. Hand in action, in what took place. Well. That certainly was a beautiful. Experience wasn't it and for, those of us that are visiting, here if. You meet someone who worked on the project, make. Sure to ask them how did you see Jehova's, hand in helping. You personally, and in, the project and you may be surprised, at what stories, you learn by, asking that question.

Well. At this point what we're going to do is something a little different an interactive. Exam, or test to. See who qualifies. To remain in the auditorium, for that, now. What we'd like you to do is first of all you have to ask the answer the question how, many facilities. Are, being dedicated today. Then. List them in alphabetical, order. Well. You know we're not going to do that to you but. That little worry you felt will be allayed when you watch the, next video which. Tells you about the, facilities, that are going to be dedicated. To. Support the kingdom work, expansion. Has recently been, underway, within the United, States this. Involves. The construction of the new world headquarters at, Warwick along, with fifteen other buildings, being dedicated at, the, 2017. Annual, Meeting. Let's. Visit each site, and see. How these buildings, affect, us in our, kingdom service, and ultimately. Bring praise, to Jehovah. Videos. Have become an important, tool in our worship and, so. The need to produce them, faster, and in greater quantity, has risen dramatically. Five. Years, ago the department, produced one, feature film, each year, along. With a handful, of smaller videos. During. 2016. That, number, grew to more than, 350. Productions. The. Existing, facilities. In Patterson, consisted. Of three smaller, studios. To. Produce more content. Simultaneously. A larger. Production space, with multiple, stages was needed, in. Early, 2015. On Mount Ebal Road a large. Building. Less than five miles away from Patterson, was acquired. Originally. Built as a pharmaceutical. Warehouse the. Building had more than, 70,000. Square feet of, open, space. Work. Began, to convert the warehouse, into one large soundstage. And two smaller stages. Renovations. Were completed in. December, 2016. The. Request for videos is certainly not slowing down its increasing. So. We have scheduled, for 2017. Around. 420. Videos. That, will be used for various. Aspects, of the organization, so, we have seen the need to, have increased, personnel. Increase. Facilities, to, accommodate all these requests so. We can see that, Jehovah. Has raised up brothers. And sisters or, gifts, and men and women. Have been able to help produce the beautiful music we have the, videos, that are touching minds, and hearts, just. One mile away from Mount debo a 12,000. Square foot building was purchased and converted, into a carpentry, shop for building props and sets. The. Mountain View apartments. Were also purchased, and renovated, providing. Housing for, a hundred, Bethel family, members. From. The oversight, of, congregations. And meeting arrangements, to territory, assignments.

And Other aspects, of the preaching work kingdom. Activities, are overseen by the branch committee with, Direction, provided. By the service, department. In. The United States branch there. Was a need for expanded. Facilities. To house these departments, at Wallkill, the. Work for the walk hill expansion, project, was. Basically, completed. In November of 2015. It. Involved, new construction, for residence buildings the, new F garage, and the. New office building, so. Between, the new and the renovated, facilities. It was over 1 million 118. Thousand, square feet you. Had to remember to at the same time all the departments. Are still running you know meanwhile, all these buildings, that are going up around us, I'm, sure didn't appear this way to the workers but to us it was like it was on a high-speed video, at the rate that it went up it was incredible. It wasn't, just their skills, and expertise, that they brought it was their zeal, that was their joy, it was their positive, attitude that they were able to maintain even despite, the heavy workload and that, engenders. Appreciation. And zeal. Among all of those who come in contact with, them many. Are taking advantage of, tools such as JW. Library, and the JW, language, app to read study. And teach. The Bible. The. Increased, use of technologies. Like these has created, the need for more, computer, engineers, and other personnel, to design, develop, and test this software. Workspace. And housing, for these volunteers, is now being provided at the river crest apartment, complex, in Fishkill. Another. Important, concern, of the United States, branch, involves. Caring for senior, members, of the Bethel family, to. Meet that need work, was completed, in 2016. On, Kongregate north, and south, congregate. Living is, really home. Care. Home care, for the most precious ones among our Bethel family we're surrounded by many wonderful, brothers and sisters, who are very hardworking, and, cares so much about us, and. This is such very hard blessings, our being able to be with friends that we've known for years it's like a reunion, that, doesn't, stop you always really taking good care of all of them the. Care that, our dear older, ones receive, is outstanding. And it's. True that we have people, who care but there's a reason it reflects jehovah's, view, of older ones he says in isaiah 46, for until. You grow, old I. Will. Carry you and. That's. How, those. Who've been trained by Jehovah treats. The older ones so it's really a, loving. Atmosphere that, they're in. To. Receive in store building, materials, a two hundred, and twenty thousand, square foot warehouse was, purchased, in 2014. In Montgomery. New York at, the Montgomery warehouse. Materials. Were staged and, residential, bathrooms, for Warwick were prefabricated. Speeding, up construction on, site the warehouse, continues. To be used as a storage facility for, both the u.s. branch and the world headquarters. In. 2014. Two, hotels, were purchased, Newburgh, Center a and Newburgh Center B being, centrally, located, between all, three sites these. Hotels, have been ideal, for housing temporary, workers, and hosting, guests, visiting, the Bethel facilities, these, hotels, were great health for the workers they were going to be now closer to the project before with that long commute, from Brooklyn on the, bus I was tiring by the time they got to work but. Now they were closer so, they could get a little more rest in the evenings in the mornings and be more productive. These. Workers, are lovable. You have to love them you, think about all the sacrifices they. Left homes sold, homes left, jobs. Businesses. A family. Friends. Their pets you, thanked them but, they thank you they, thanked you for the privilege of coming even though there are the ones that made so many sacrifices well, they're an encouragement, to the rest of us.

The. Plan to relocate the, world headquarters, to Warwick goes back more than eight years when. We first purchased this. 253. Acre property. 50. Miles northwest, of Brooklyn, some of the reasons that Brooklyn. Was so advantageous no, longer are such a key role for us and then, just the fact of living in a city that continues, it gets bigger, and bigger it, created, more and more complications. More costs, but. I often think even. So the. Real reason we moved out of Brooklyn is what. The governing body has said. From the beginning that, they are convinced. Jehovah's. Spirit directed, them to move, out of Brooklyn and to come up here to Warwick. New York and we're looking forward to some point in time we're gonna look back and we're gonna say what are all the other reasons why. Jehovah, directed, that to take place the. Warwick property, included, a number of abandoned. Buildings that needed to be demolished and, removed, once. The site was cleared, and plans were approved. Construction. Began on July 29. 2013. And, moved, at a remarkable. Pace, about. 4,000, a day were coming to the site over, 27,000. Of our brothers and sisters worked, here then you had everybody in Bethel from the governing body all, the way down to departments, everybody. Was united, in making. This project to success and, there. Were challenges but. They would be settled in peace and love and all the qualities. Of Jehovah's. Spirit that, is a modern-day miracle especially. When you think about the world we're living in that is so fragmented, and and, lack of unity, and so, you look at that just makes you so proud to, be part of this organization I remember. The first time visiting, Warwick, after a completion, I call, it a happy, sad moment, happy, because, now the buildings, were gonna be used for the intended purpose but. Sad because you didn't see the high-vis. Vest anymore. It, was a beautiful, scene with all those colorful vests, and now you didn't see them so it was sad you get choked up you, realize that behind, every vest, it was a beautiful, Kingdom, story, and you missed him. The. Environment, here at Warwick is just beautiful, it's, quiet, it's refreshing, and it makes me really appreciate. Jehovah's. Creation. Around us it's beautiful, to be here and I thank Jehovah, for the privilege Warwick. Is a complex, of eight buildings, more. Than a million and a half square feet, of construction. Bethel. Housing, is provided in four residence buildings, with, 569. Rooms, along, with another residence, in nearby Stirling Forest with, another 21 rooms and just. A short distance away is the, tuxedo facility. Computer. Department engineering, and the broadcasting. Studio, are located, here where. The monthly, broadcast, is produced, and now made available in. Over 130. Languages. The. Office, Services, Building primarily. Serves as the hub for, most world headquarters functions. The. Building, also includes, three, exhibits, where, visitors, can take self-guided. Tours. The. Bible, and the divine name which. Features, rare, Bibles, and highlights, how God's name, has been preserved. In the scriptures. The. Exhibit, a people. For Jehovah's, name a visual. History of Jehovah's, Witnesses, and world. Headquarters faith. In action which, explains, how witnesses, are organized, to study, teach, and live. By, what we learn in the Bible. You. Travel, anywhere in, the United States branch or, internationally. For that matter and there's, someone who has worked on Warwick and, the. Feeling that you get is, Warwick. Is not v-world, headquarters, it's our world, headquarters I've heard a number say when they go back home they're, never gonna be the same some. Have simplified, so, they've moved from a big house to an apartment others, have started pioneering so that's what they're going to do has. Really been a witness to the witnesses, Jehovah. Looks for opportunity, to bless his people that, makes him happy and you. Turn it around now and you look at all the work that's gone into this when he sees. All the those, who volunteer to come on the project, all of our brothers and sisters around the world who made donations those, who included, it in their prayers those who helped, others to come how, proud.

That Must make job and he's just looking, to. Bless. Them for that I sometimes try, to imagine the conversations. In heaven between, the Angels and the kings in heaven, and how they're so proud of all these workers down, here and no, doubt many of them were involved in the project we think of the workers here on earth but, how about the workers in heaven they may have been involved in more than a few times with safety issues with. Legal, matters so Jehovah, was proud of everyone, his universal. Family both in heaven and on earth with, these projects, I. Feel. That's going to build up the spirituality. Of our, brothers and sisters as, they come and as, we know they're coming from all over the world and that's. Only going to further, advance, the work. These. Buildings, are beautiful and, it's. A beautiful setting that brings praise to Jehovah but. What will bring the greatest praise is how these buildings, these tools will be used, to. Honor his name to. Bring attention to his kingdom to, spearhead. The preaching room what. These buildings will help the governing body accomplish. Will, bring the greatest praise to Jehovah. So. Now we will be passing out those tests. Now. Now is the time for an interactive, part, of our program, where we have an opportunity to. Raise our voices in, praise, to Jehovah so, if you'd like to stand if you're able we're, going to sing our new dedication, song, at this, time and, remember, that's entitled, a place, that. Will bring you praise. Oh. What. A beautiful, song sang beautifully, but if you'd like to take your seats, we've. Now arrived, at the time a highlight, of our program, the, dedication. Talk and this is going to be given to us by the, longest-serving. Member, of the current governing body brother, Garrett lush and the, title, of his talk. Expansion. That, glorifies. Jehovah. Modern-day. Worship, of Jehovah, began, in a small way it, calls to mind the scripture, that says according. To Zechariah. 4:10. Who, has despised, the day of small beginnings. What. Is the context, of the scripture in, the. Year 537. Before, our Common Era Jehovah. Moved Persian, king Cyrus who. Had conquered Babylon, to. Release, the Israelites that, were held captive there, for 70. Years opening. The way for them to return to Jerusalem and, Judah, they. Were to restore, true worship, and rebuild, the temple that Nebuchadnezzar. Had destroyed. How. Many exiles. Returned to Jerusalem, from Babylon, in. 537. BCE. According. To a seraph or one about. 50,000. The. Footnote in the sixth edition of, Isaac lessers Bible, translation. Suggests. That, including. Women. And children the, number amounted. To about. 200,000. In. The seventh month of the year 537. The, altar, was set up and in the following year, 536. The, foundation, of the new temple was laid but. After laying the foundation, they neglected, to rebuilt, the, temple on, that foundation. Enemies. Round, about also. Discouraged. Them from doing so, the. Enemies succeeded, to place a ban on the work about. 15 years later in. 522. Before. Common Era. Two. Years after that in 520. Stirred, up by the Prophet, Haggai and Zechariah. Governor, Zahra bubble and Joshua, the high priest courageously. Resumed, the construction. Of the temple despite, the ban. Jehovah. Proclaimed, that the. Hands, of Zerubbabel have, laid the, foundation, of this house and his, own hands, will finish, it for who, has despised, the day of small beginnings. Zechariah. 4 9 and 10. The. Rebuilding, of Jehovah's, temple at Jerusalem, had a modest, beginning yes, but it was not to be despised, after. All it involved, true worship. Pure, worship, of, Jehovah. 520. BCE, saw, this day of small beginnings but. In 515. BC, twenty-two years after, the return from Babylon and, five, years after the construction, project, was resumed, the, temple, was completed. The. Former exiles, held the inauguration. Or, we could say dedication. Of this, house with, joy. It Ezra 613 through 16, and, this. Resulted. In. Jehovah's. Praise, he. Was glorified. By, the rebuilt, temple. There. Were also small beginnings, for the Christian, congregation, at Pentecost, thread. 33. Of our Common Era and. Jesus. Related, this, illustration. In, Matthew. Chapter 13. Verses. 31. And 32. The. Kingdom of the heavens is, like a mustard, grain, that. A man took and planted in his field it. Is in fact the tiniest, of all the seeds but when it has grown. It's the largest of, the vegetable, plants and becomes a tree so that the birds of heaven come, and find lodging, among its branches. What's. The meaning of Jesus, illustration. Of the mustard grain, the. Grain itself, represents. The kingdom message, as, well as what results, from the preaching of that message the, Christian congregation.

Like. The mustard grain that, is the tiniest, of all the seeds the, Christian congregation had, small, beginnings, in 33, of our Common Era however. Within a few decades the, congregation. Grew rapidly it. Expanded. Beyond all, expectations. Jesus. Tells us that the birds of heaven were able to find lodging, among its branches. These. Figurative. Birds picture. Right. Hearted, individuals, who find spiritual, food shade, and shelter within, the Christian. Congregation. There. Were also small beginnings, in modern, times. Consider. Our first headquarters. In. Modern, times Bible. Students, as we were called had. Headquarters, offices, first at 101 Fifth, Avenue, in Pittsburgh, and. The. After, at 44, Federal, Street Allegheny, Pennsylvania. By. The late 1880s. They. Built their own structure. Completed. In 1889. At, Arch Street it, was known as the the. Bible, House. Do. To continue, the expansion headquarters. Was. Transferred. To Brooklyn. New York in the, years. 1908. 1909. In. 1908, the old Plymouth Bethel. 13th, through 7 and 6th Street Brooklyn was. Purchased, it belonged to the Plymouth Congregational Church. Also. Under, 24, Columbia, Heights close by was purchased, from the Plymouth church it. Soon became the new, home. Of our headquarters staff, of, at that time 30 persons, and they. Called it Bethel, meaning. House of God, Bethel. Was the name the. Plymouth church had, given, to. Their building in history. The. Remodeled, hick Street building, then became known as the Brooklyn Tabernacle it. Housed offices and, an auditorium. On. January, 31, 1909. 350. Persons were present, the dedication. Of the, new headquarters. But. There were also small beginnings. In a different sense in. 1919. Of our, Common Era the. Statement. In Zechariah. 14, about small beginnings, of Clyde after. The Israelites, had returned from Babylon, was. Their parallel, in modern times, yes. In. Our century. For. Jehovah's anointed, Christians, it was a day of small, beginnings in. 1919. When, they were completely. Freed, from, domination. By Babylon, the Great the. World conglomerate. Of false religion, in. Order to, restore true, worship, or. Really, in the years before they had progressively. Cleansed. Themselves, from Babylon, the Great. From. 1914. To 1919. The, brothers lived through a number of crises, and tests, but. This came to an end in 1919. The. Memorial, of Christ's death was celebrated. On Sunday. April 13. 1919. With. 17,000, 961. Attending. In many lands, this. Was of course a lot less and a number of returnees, from literal, Babylon.

And. Of these eighteen thousand. About. Four thousand, also, reported, field service. Many. Look down on the brothers yes, there were again small beginnings, but still they were approved, by Jehovah, and therefore. He caused. Expansion. Ever since. There's. Expansion, in a material, sense. In. Order to meet, together in worship last, year about 1,000. Properties were, purchased, and New, Kingdom house, constructed. On it in. Addition there were many more, where. Major. Or minor, renovations. Were done. Branch. Offices, are being expanded, or, newly, built remote. Translation. Offices, Bible, schools. Facilities. And assembly, halls in, the, United, States, have now 47. Active. Assembly, halls. Also. There is expansion, in, numbers, in. The Democratic, Republic of Congo there. Were almost 1.2. Million who. Attended the memorial this. Year. In. Mexico without. Central, America, there were about, 2.2. Million who, attended. Worldwide. About, 20, million attended, the, memorial of, Christ's, death last year. Each. Weekend, an average of. 5,300. New ones are getting baptized, and becoming. Our brothers, and sisters our. Worldwide, family, and, Brotherhood, grows. But. Our numerically, expansion in itself is not proof, that we have the truth other. Religions. Have many more members and some grow quickly, there. Are about 1.5, billion, Muslims in, the world second. Only to the number of named Christians, but. Numbers, alone prove nothing truth, is not measured, in numbers, but. The combination of, truth teeth teaching, true love high, moral, standard. Neutrality. Carrying. And sanctifying. God's, holy name together, with the increase, that, does, prove beyond doubt that Jehovah, has chosen us as his people. In. Isaiah, chapter, 60, verse 22. There's. This prophecy. That. Was so foretold, and it. Says. The. Little one will become a thousand, and the, small one a mighty nation. I myself. Jehovah. Will speed it up in its own time. Who. Is that mighty, nation. It's. The great crowd and the, anointed. Together. They, constitute. A, combined. Mighty. Nation, although, they are relatively, few when compared, to the present total world population of. More than 7.5. Billion. As, of March, this. Year. Many. Who visit, us at Warwick wallkill or Patterson, say. Oh you live here like in paradise and those, saying this may have, in mind the loving fellowship, that, we enjoy and, also, the beautiful surroundings. And the. Fact is that we do live in a, paradise, a. Spiritual. Paradise. But. What about you visitors, and all those who are watching this program by, streaming, and otherwise. The. Good news is, you. Are also in, the spiritual, paradise, all, our, worldwide, Brotherhood. Lives in this, spiritual. Paradise. Now. What is the spiritual paradise. It. Involves, our relationship. With Jehovah it. Involves, the spiritual. Food that we enjoy search by the faithful, slave it. Also involves, the loving relationship with, our brothers, in the congregation. And our worldwide Brotherhood, it. Includes, personal. Blessings, from Jehovah that He bestows, upon us, in everyday, life, the. Spiritual, paradise is the secure. Spiritually. Prosperous. Environment. Or, realm of activity, in which we worship, Jehovah, no.

Matter Where we live on earth we, are in this paradise. As long, as we, actively, support, the worship, of Jehovah. And endeavor to display, the new personality. The. Spiritual, paradise began, in a, limited, way in. 33. Of our, Common, Era at Pentecost, it. Underwent, changes during, the centuries, but was restored, in 1919. The. Spiritual, paradise relates, to the divine, approval, of, of the anointed, that became, evident, that year 1919. In. Comparison. With the first century, the, anointed enjoy increased. Spiritual. Prosperity. Since. That time and. Since. Nineteen thus. In 1930s. Those, with an earthly. Hope also. Entered the spiritual, paradise. And ultimately, the, spiritual, paradise will be in full, existence. And perfection. In, the new world. Do. We appreciate that spiritual. Paradise. Satan. Will try to, destroy. Our, spiritual, paradise he thinks he can succeed, because we seem vulnerable, he. May try to, rupp. The flow of spiritual. Food or, break up our unity, or stop us from zealously, preaching. All, elements. Of the spiritual, paradise. Through. Political, governments. He will try to face. True, worshipers, and true worship from the earth but. He will not succeed, he. Will be thrown into an. Abyss, 4000, years and after that he will be crushed out of existence. What. About the governments, that he controls, now. They. Will already be crushed, in Armageddon, forever. The. Messianic, Kingdom will take control of the earth that, eventually will. Become a perfect. Literal. Paradise, and then the, spiritual, paradise, and the physical, paradise, will exist. Concurrently, the. Expansion. Of the spiritual, paradise since 1919. Was paralleled. By material. Expansion. Let. Me take you back on history Lane firsts. Let's. Talk about our printing, efforts. 1920. We started, with a rotary press at Myrtle Avenue New. York. 1922. The, printer II was relocated, to 18, Concord, Street. From. Nineteen seven twenty. Seven to nineteen, eighty six, additional. Printer, II buildings, were bought and erected. On Adams. Street. But. What about residents, and office expansion. On. October, 10 1960. There, was the dedication. Of a. New residence. And office, building. At. 107. Columbia, Heights, 630. Brothers, attended, in the, ground floor Kingdom, Hall, the. New building, brother France Sid, reminds. Us of the psalmist, words that, everyone, in jehovah's, temple. Would, speak, his, glory. 1969. The. 119. Columbia, Heights residence, was built and dedicated. On made to in. The, same year a complex was spot from Squibb, & Sons pharmaceutical. And it, served as world headquarters. Until. We moved here to Warwick, the address was 2530. Columbia. Heights and it was dedicated on, March, 15, 1982. Later. Buildings, number, 48, and 50. Were. Also, joined to, the number. 30 building. Close. By is. The 85. J Street Lots a whole, city block that, was used for parking. Then. September 18, 1995. There was another important. Dedication. Program. 17. Residences. Had been added since, the previous. Dedication. Of the, Bethel residence, on may, 2 1969. Among. The added, residences. There was the Towers Hotel that. We bought, 1975. The, boss at Hotel Standish, hotel sliver. Building, the, 108. Aurora. Lemon building, the. Fairy story sand, street building, and the 97, Columbia, Heights, building, formerly. There. Was the Margaret hotel on that property. The. 360. Furman Street building, which housed our shipping, department and. Some other departments. Was, purchased. By us on March. 15. 1983. And, totally, renovated.

It. Had a million, square. Feet, of floor. Space. As. Of this date most. Of our properties, are almost, all of them have, been already sold, and this more. Than covered the expenses, needed, to build headquarters. Here. Well. What, about expansion, at, Wallkill, in. 1963. The. Farm at wallkill was purchased, from brothers. 75. Miles 120. Kilometers, away from new york new, residence, buildings, were completed, in, 1968. 71. And 73, a large. Printer, II was eventually built 73. And expanded. 1975. In. 2004. Printing, in New York was discontinued. And all, printing, was consolidated. At Wallkill on. May, 15 2005. There was the, dedication. Program. For the expanded. Wallkill. Complex. And, facilities. Today. We also dedicate. A, new residence. New parking, garage a new office, building at wallkill as, well as the Montgomery. Warehouse. And. Two nearby hotels, and diners, it has seen before, in the video. Wallkill, has become the national. Headquarters, for. The United States branch, and most. Of the branch committee, members live at, wallkill. Warwick. Is the worldwide, headquarters so. That's the difference. But. The was, also a complex, built at Patterson, in the, mid-1990s. With, offices. Residences. And theocratic, schools. And. On May 17, and. Following. Days 1999. Was, the dedication. Program. Recently. The Mount Ebal video, studios on, route 22, close. To Patterson, were added, and. Another. Building, now, Patterson, is also considered, as part, of world. Headquarters. Also. The tuxedo, building, that, we bought from a paper company and, where our broadcasting. Studio, is now is, part, of world, headquarters, it's. Situated, to just about 10 minutes from here on the same country, road, finally. We also dedicate, the river crest. Complex that was bought at Fishkill where. Several hundred methylase, live. Today. We will focus on the dedication, of our beautiful world headquarters. Complex. At Warwick, now. Why was it built here. Well. We trust that it was Jehovah. That wanted. Us to, build. It here. Well. What we learned from ancient times, is that according. To second Kings. 2327, that Jehovah. Was the one who chose, Jerusalem. As a center, of worship and. In, our time our, world, headquarters is, a center, that promotes. True worship, worldwide, and we believe it was chosen, by, Jehovah. All. The expansion. That we talked about glorifies. Jehovah, the Apostle Paul had the right attitude he, wrote in first Thessalonians. 2 6 nor have we been seeking, glory from. Men yes, we, seek Jehovah's. Glory not our own glory. He. Is the one that caused and blessed the construction, of our complexes. I'm, sure you agree. Jehovah. Is the one who blessed the, rebuilding, of the physical. Temple in the times of the rubber ball and, Jehovah said back then according, to Isaiah 60, verse 7. I will. Beautify. My glorious. House. Now. The prophecy, about the glorious, house in, our time refers, not to, the literal. Structures, of world headquarters, but. To our spiritual. Temple. Many. Would come, according to prophecy and, worship. In that spiritual.

Temple It, is a figurative, house, of prayer. For. All the nations. According. To Isaiah, 56. Verse 7. Revelation. 7:9, prophesies. About a, great, crowd out of all the nations, now. What is their role and, position. Well. Let's. Look at it in. The Bible in Revelation. Chapter. Seven. And. In verse nine it says. After. This I saw and look a great, crowd, which. No man was able to number out of all nations and tribes and peoples and tongues. Standing. Before the, throne and, before the lamb dressed. In white robes, and there were palm branches, in their hands. It. Says that they stand, before the throne of God. Does. This mean that they, go to heaven. No. The. Earth is called God's, footstool. Isaiah. 66, verse. 1 so, even on earth the, gray crowd stands, before the throne of Jehovah. The. Great crowd consists, of Christians, with the hope to live forever in paradise on, earth revelation. 7:15. Says about them they are rendering him sacred, service, day and night we're, in front. Of the temple. No. It, says in, his. Temple. Where. Exactly is the great crowd serving. Yes. All of us no matter what hope we have serve Jehovah in, the. Spiritual, temple because. We, all worship Jehovah based, on Jesus. Sacrifice. So. What is the spiritual, temple. True. Or false it's, the same as a spiritual, paradise. False. Or. It. Refers to anointed. Christians. False. Again. The. Temples, in Bible, times constituted. A provision. Or. Arrangement. Of worshiping, Jehovah. So. The spiritual, temple is also an arrangement. Of worship. Based, on Jesus perfect, ransom, sacrifice and all, that worship Jehovah based, on his sacrifice, are in the spiritual, temple. Now. The spiritual. Paradise. On the other hand. Refers, to a condition. That. Allows us to serve. Jehovah with his approval and in peace with. Our brothers we. Can. Enhance the beauty, of the spiritual, paradise and, extend, its borders, by making, disciples and also. By displaying, the Christian personality. All. In the spiritual, paradise in Jehovah's praise without let-up it is as if they preach day and night Isaiah, 62, 6 goes on to say continuously. All, day long and all night long they, should not be silent, you, who make mention of Jehovah, do. Not rest. Yes. We are determined. Not to be silent, not, to rest mentioning. Jehovah. In. Chapter. 60 verse 6 in Isaiah, we. Read they, will proclaim, the, praises of, Jehovah. By, preaching the good news and, our expressions. In Kingdom Hall's we all contribute. To Jehovah's. Praise. Praising. Jehovah is one of the primary, objectives. Of our, meeting attendance, and our preaching activity. We. Understand, that we do not primarily, preach, to save people's, lives. Jehovah's. Praise is more important. Than the salvation, of people, why, because, Jehovah is more important, than people in. Hebrews. 13. Verse 15. It, says through. Him Christ, let, us always offer to, God a sacrifice, of. Praise. That. Is the fruit of our lips that, make public, declaration. To his name. Nobody. Can stop the expansion, even. Dictatorial. Governments. Including communist. Governments, could not stop the expansion, of course organization. Hitler. Could not Stalin. Could not trujillo, in the Dominican, Republic Republic. Could. Not Mussolini, in Italy could, not Ceausescu. Of Romania, couldna. Mouth Satan could, not in. The hot jar dictator, of communist, Albania. Could not nobody. Can because. Jehovah, is with us. What. About the former Soviet Union that included, Ukraine. Moldova. Belarus. And. Russia. In. 1991. There were less, than 50,000. Publishers. In the former, Soviet, Union now. They. Are approaching. 400,000. Publishers. Imagine. That. Increase. Or expansion. Within. The period of 1991. To. 1998. A total. Of. 220,000. 492. Were baptized, in, the former Soviet Union in. 1990. In Kiev, the capital of, Ukraine there, was just one congregation, now. There are about 75. 1993. Saw the largest baptism. Of true Christians, ever it, happened, also in Kiev Ukraine at. The convention. Seven. Thousand, four hundred and two were baptized. Restrictions. Cannot, stop the work, jehovah. Promised, i will. Oppose those, who oppose you and i will save my own sons i say. A 49. 24. 25. Shortly. Before Armageddon, prophecy. Shows we will be attacked by a coalition, of Nations or governments. Directed. By Satan's, and the demon Satan. And the demons we. Do not need to fear though Jehovah. Will protect, his people during the Great Tribulation, and, it. Stands to reason that he will also protect the physical headquarters. In. Zechariah. 2:8 he, says whoever. Touches, you, touches. The pupil, of my eye. Zechariah. To faith and I, will be come to her declares, Jehovah a wall of fire all, around in, protection. And, I will become the glory in her midst. Yes. Our headquarters, bring, glory, to, Jehovah. These, headquarters, facilities, and, related.

Buildings, Were, built to glorify, and praise Jehovah. Isaiah. 43. Verse. 21. Says the. People whom I formed for myself. What. For so. That they might declare. My, praise. Isaiah. 43, 21. But. To remember the text, it. Shows that the purpose, why Jehovah, has formed, us as his, people is to glorify. And, praise him, and. So. What is the purpose of the Christian congregation in, general, well again to bring praise to Jehovah, what's. The purpose of Warwick, headquarters. To. Praise Jehovah. Ephesians. 1:12, encourages. Us to serve. For, the praise of his glory. May. This new complex, and the, other buildings, that we dedicate today. Glorify. And praise our, dear Heavenly Father Jehovah. It. Is appropriate, now that we say a dedications. Prayer to, dedicate, all buildings. That have not been dedicated. Yet and brother. Leon, beaver who serves on the branch committee in the United States, will. Now represent us, in prayer. With. This prayer and your consent, I now declare all, our new buildings, as dedicated, to, Jehovah, and. We, thank all of you for your contributions in, various ways, manual. Labor financial. Contributions. And prayers. Now. What, is the opposite, of the, day of small beginnings the. Day. Of a big finish. Well is. The dedication, of our headquarters the big finish, or ending. No. Ending is in sight, it, is all relative in the. New world we might even consider the dedication, of Warwick, as a, small beginning. In, comparison. With the huge work that will be accomplished, in paradise, to, teach billions. Because. Billions. Will be resurrected. Isai

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