IWA 2018 - Hier erfahren Sie auch warum Pulsar nicht liefern kann

IWA 2018 - Hier erfahren Sie auch warum Pulsar nicht liefern kann

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Along. With seniors here pair Pusa on. Premier, east max night at halogen hello max hello and. We. Are now looking again, on. All our new products, so here. In your hands is something that looks pretty much like the. Well-known, trail, but. It is a little bit bigger well. The, reason why it's bigger is actually. It. Has the built-in laser. Rangefinder. And, this. Model is very, new, we, only showed, it first, time on, the shot show this year and now we are making the European, presentation. So. The model will be called trail lrf, will, also has have. Different. Lines, like the X Q line and the XP, line. Pretty. Much with. All the same features as, our, highly. Popular, trail models. Just. Here. You will have a. Very. Accurate laser, rangefinder. With an accuracy, of plus. Minus. One meter and it. Can work in two modes scanning. Mode and single time measurement. Very, nice so it's pretty much the same laser rangefinder, from. The. Precision. And from the usage as we know it from the apex, the. Principle. Is similar, however the. Unit. The range-finding unit, is smaller as, you can pair it to the apex, you will see the difference, that this, part right here is, much. Smaller, than in Apex very. Nice to. Its taste nice and compact, and handy right. This, is what we wanted, to achieve. So. That the unit is compact. That doesn't. Lose its. Visual. Outline. Also. You. Know we wanted to give, the, user. The two. Two. In one let's say the rangefinder, and, precise. Rifle scope very. Neat very nice when can we expect it, this is always a big concern with some. Of your products when can be expected, to appear on our market. On. Other markets. Europa. Austria. Well. For European, market, I, would say the end of the year. And. This. This, is the situation, right now we, will start, sales, at the end of the year or they hopefully, that's. The target that's, the target all right very nice thank you. Here. We got something, that looks completely new, to me is it, by Nicola it, is a, thermal, imaging fully, thermal, imaging binocular. With, a sensor. Resolution 640. By, 480. Similar. Features, to alien. Models, to, binocular, versions but. For, two eyes actually, so. You can adjust the width of your eyes right, the interpupillary distance can. Be easily adjusted. The. Battery, is same. As in trail and alien, that's convenient right, built-in. Video recorder, and Wi-Fi, feature as with all our devices, all. Right so. It's now. You're. Now able to look with both eyes at. The same time so you have a nice, a, nice. Observation. Feeling. That's that's true it's very, comfortable, and if. You look inside if, you look in the device and you try to you. Know up, make. Observation, for a long time you. Will understand. That it's not well, not. That. Stressful. For, the eyes anymore. Yeah it's not a very. -. That's. Very nice so it will be available with 50, ml option, and the high resolution sensor and. There. Might be another, version as well exactly. There, will be two versions. XQ. 38. So. You consider the smaller lens now at the 38 at the 50 mil, xp-50. Now, the XQ. Traditionally. Will have sensor, Resolution, 384 by, 288, pixels, and the, XP. Will. Have the. 640. By 480. Sensor. Resolution very, nice, very. Nice, so that the user can choose which. One they want to go it's also from from the from the weight very. Convenient, it's not to have it's not like a regular by dark light it's it feels nice and rugged oh yeah, oh yeah it's I feel as a piece of a group it has a piece of rubber even so, that you can hold nicely even if it's wet soft touch rubber you know to. Make, it more. Convenient. For their hands on this side here. You have the, the. Radiator, on the bottom right, now. So. To stabilize the image quality together, a better image quality exam, time observation. Exactly, right very. Nice, and. Whenever I think wow what a cool product what a great product how could you possibly improve. This one then, you're pulling out pulling out something else out of her pocket and saying, look, what I got here well.

As. Like as you said, we. Made, the accolade. Also. With an additional. Built-in. Laser, rangefinder, so, now you have two in one they'll be not in thermal imaging binoculars, and the rangefinder this is really convenient, the range-finding, unit, is pretty. Much the same as they use in trails so it's very accurate what's - 1 meter scanning. And single, time isn't and all this possible. Here, and, the, feet. Pretty. Much similar to the accolade. And Haley on units it's, very convenient if you're already, - one of your devices, no, matter of Helium trail, of water of. The same menu they all have very similar buttons. Very similar usage so if you can handle one you, can handle them all oh yeah. Using. It is very, very, simple, to. Use the rangefinder you just need to press this, small, button two times, same, question, as usual when can we get the, regular, accolade. And when can we get the accolades. Lrf. We. Plan, to. Start, shaping. Accolade. Starting. From June, okay. So, second target yes, somewhere that's the target and these. Ones will come a, little bit later, and I see here sander. We. Expect them a little bit earlier, than that I would say by August, alright. So. What do we have here here are some he Leon's but they are hovering somehow. Well. Balls. Are also developed. A line of mounts. Here you can see the c-clamp. Can, be used in different surfaces. And, they, are meant for mounting. Haley on stabili, as let's. Say - so. That it can be used as a kind. Of security camera with. The help of stream vision application, now it has a motion detection feature you. Can actually detect, motion, pointed. At let's. Say location of the observation. Where, you expect, some suspicious, activity and. Then. When, whenever something happens whenever, something moves there, your phone will give give you a signal or move and. You see the thermal image of what's going on right now right right, on the outside so this is an really. Useful and helpful application. Of this Wi-Fi streaming function, oh yeah and you can mount it like this in the horizontal first. Version. And it can also mount it vertically. So whatever you want to do the c-shaped. Clamp, can do whatever job, it was actually very convenient, and I've seen your holes I have a strap, or mount for trees or something so that if you have some, strange surface, you can also mount it on a tree or whatever shape you have oh definitely, we do, have some sort of on that. We. Do have some mounts here. Yeah, we, do have some months here they're fully adjustable, they have a lot of truly, adjustable you, can mount them on different.

Surfaces. Let's, say trees, bowls, istance. Anything. Also. There is the Picatinny mount on each of the amounts so that you can mount, any of our let's, say power vanes and. Feed. The device feed the power to the device, with. The help long lives right but you're using screen vision you have an increased, power consumption, and an increased observation. Time of course right and to have this, stream. Vision function for a long time it just use the power pack right, and you're going to go for a long time that's that's, the meaning, of this small actually very, nice, max. What I see here is a, forward F series device there's, two for one F to forward event series and, we're. All waiting for these devices, to come in big numbers but. They don't, what's. The reason well. I, must, say that the, main reason right, now is that, the, demand. On the market is very high the, unit itself offers, a wide, array of functionality. And the. Price is very good so what, we have encountered, this year is that, demand. For these units, have grown very rapidly and, also. Such factors, as, objective. Factors, of the market like the. PSA. In Bavaria. Also. Influence the demand, so. The. Factory is working really, hard to, produce the, numbers that are necessary, and they, are all posted, to the market as fast, as they are produced and, when you say market you mean really all, over the world all all, the countries in this situation, is not only in Austria, and. It's, all. Around Europe, all around the world so. We are working hard to satisfy trust, me the company is working as. Hard as possible to fix, the situation and. In January, we, actually, hired, 50. More. People 50. 50, more people at the factory. Actually well. That's, that's. What we need to produce. To, satisfy, the demand, and, it, will take some time to, train these people but. We, hope, that. In. In, the second half of the year the situation will improve we. Will start shipping more and, faster. So. You try, to keep the level of quality as high, as possible so that you first train your people so, that when you start chipping everything. Works perfectly, definitely. We want to avoid, any type. Of mistakes. We want to avoid anything. That can you. Know. Endanger. The face of the brand and. The quality, of the product yeah and, so with the second half of the year you say I, will. Be it will be better I hope, for the situation, will improve that's the plan at least that's the plan, all. Right so a little bit more waiting, it's three months to go about four months to go three, four months yeah and, we. Hope that we will improve the situation all right and then we finally get this really, neat functioning. Really neat, product, which, has a really, reasonable price yeah we, have to admit it is. One-of-a-kind. Product, like. I said the price/quality. Ratio here. In this product is very good, what's the reason for the high demand what's the reason for the delay exactly. And this is the reason for the high demand as you said and, also. Their high delay and it's. Like, I said all around the, world right now and like. I said the company is. Really. Putting a lot of efforts, to produce these, and to, send them as fast to the market as they are produced we. Are here now at the booth from hearing optics I'm here standing with Yvonne hello Eva hello, Richard I'm glad to see you thank, you for coming always a pleasure, we. Have here a variety of new products I've seen two. Of them are thermal one is a digital night vision yeah, actually it's free of this thermal, is also a thermal yes as, you can see yeah but it's all of the new models for 2018. 2019. Season. And I'm. Very glad that you will present it to, your customers, and public and hunters in, Austria very soon so, I know, a device that looks exactly like this because I have it already in my store and I like it very much it has very good image quality way, better than other competitors, in the same price price range and this. One now is, looking. Pretty much the same except. Of DX after the name what. Does this one try to tell me so, it's a good question no, projects, means that it's, a special modification. Of the, previous model very successful, what we had but, to make it more affordable for, the final customer we, lower, it some aspects, for example it. Has right now 19. Millimeter lens there's, no Wi-Fi connection, you can take a look for, lens but the most important, thing is a price because. It's still a lot of context who do not use thermal, who has no experience with thermal and you want to enjoy into. This new technology, and knowing. The specifics, of hunting. In Europe for example I know the fantasy usually want to detect the world war on some distances, like 100. Meter 150. Easily. Possible this one. It's easily possible so. You don't need to buy any like, a high-end product to use it for not, so special applications, but, it was developed, usually, with this kind of lens you can see I don't know four or five hundred meters usually, the big benefit, of those 90 millimeter lenses that are becoming quite, rare right now you, have a wide field, of view yeah, so if you're having any.

Animals, Like foxes, or something like there you can easily find and track them also if you're searching, for towns game then, you can easily search for the downed game because if you're concerning, very close to your animal, that you're searching for then, you, need the wide view of angle and this one provides exactly this what you're looking for so you can easily search your close area your vicinity, this. Is what I like about those 90 millimeter lenses yep. So you have a little bit more of feel of you now yes and it's cheaper, because you reduced it, by the Wi-Fi, and another thing it's auto focusing no needs to focus on on, the target you want so, it's doing only automatically. Put it to your eye yeah, and if you need it has an ocular, adjustment. Glasses. Or something adjusted. So with help you to find, it detective, target you need and you told me before this, is something I like very much that, this sticker is coming in the German language as well yeah because this. Is the only device I know that, has the manual stick, on its housing so if you forget how to use it you just look at the side of the device and it's written there so you see how, to use the device and, it's in English language but it will come in German language so, even for Austrian determined users we, have done a German device as well you have a showgirl a lot of requests about is like why, not to make in German right, take, a seat ask. With very good friends it's translated so we did we did it and for German market and for Austrian markets if you come with. Another, product it's the same it also has the sticker it also looks pretty much the same in the back and, he but, it's a prodigy, pro now yeah. It has a different, optics in the front it's way bigger. What. Can I tell me about this one so. As you already mentioned it's, bigger, lenses so, it has a 35, millimeter, lens so, it helps you to detect, and recognize objects. On the further distances, but so you see more details yeah more details, see and, actually. Yeah this is why we call it like prodigy, Pro because it's for professionals, mostly. Well, if you are satisfied we for example projects, you don't need something, more you can stay with projects but if you need a longer distance. Further. Detection, you can take prodigy, they all still have the two three and four times magnification as, money feature because the three times is, mostly missing with most devices but, actually two times is often too little yeah. Four times is too much and, the three times it's just good to go. Yeah. Yeah, in one day to do possible also the Stanford function so I can put it on Stanford you're pushing the power button yeah, and I can re-enable, it by pushing any button yes it will start to show because after you take a shot for example the chassis grab it you don't want to search for the power button you just push any button and it will be there yeah it's very nice if so everything stays the same except. The lens it's, not optimized for follow for. Follow distances. And more. Details very nice and, it fits so. You can connect it with your, smart, phone your laptop whatever. So. We can record videos, make.

Some Shots of, the games you got and whatever, I think, it's also nice future no for a provision provision. Is all Wi-Fi it's. Not the pro completely. Pro pro. For 90% I guess I, my pro. What. It's a pro so it has yeah yeah, all right let's. Seek with the thermals, this. Here is a very interesting product, because, what I see is, the rear end of a night vision it's the front end of a well known. Thermal. Device and it's. Combined, all. Together. Very. Lightweight I have to because, when it's, lying on the table it looks very solid, yes if I take it in my hand it actually is very lightweight, and. It's compared to a lightweight binocular, yeah. The. Main application, is that we. Wanted to make something, affordable. For for, example law enforcement, market or for high-end customers, who, asking for ok if produce, report is not enough and, they want to detect well boron 700, 800, meters or even more so. Border, Patrol this, is how we called it so we took an actually, it's, part it's from thermal, rifle scope that's from previous 7 goggles so, you have thermal core here. It, has a 50, millimeter objective lens. So. I don't know any other product, in this price range which. Can show the stimulus, specs. It. Doesn't exist that's true that's, true at the moment there and yeah. But it's almost 4, as you know limited market I guess and, it's nicely balanced, so if you're getting it in your hands it, feels nice it's, you. Can mount it on a tripod also. You know it will. See very, nice little drop and it has a also, optical magnification it's. About 3.5. Optical, magnification and. It has digital modification. Up to 14, power, 14. Power and, it varies what I love so much about this kind of housing is that you have buttons that you can easily feel in the dark yeah because this one is a little bit higher than the others it has an X on it this one has a little knob. On it so whatever you you trying to find you will stick with your finger to this button so you can easily find an excess all your buttons in the dark yeah this is very nice and convenient feature, in this one yeah in that case you don't need night vision to find buttons. Oh is. A focusing, for sure no much focus but because many of this work. Education. You need yes it's. Very important. Battery life time. Depends. On. Colder. 7, hours is plenty that is really good yeah, so now, one big question what about delivery. Times what can we expect for, the delivery times of these months when will they come yes. If you are talking about prodigies and prodigy pro new thermals, for hunters, and for. All their activities it will be available in the end of the March so where is - I think. You will get the first shipment. In. Stock, so. Production. Is the CIPA yeah ready to ship out to the customers, finally. In the middle of them there, is one line that looks pretty, similar, to a device I already know it is the movement patrol yeah but this one is now a little bit different it has rubberized. Connectors. Rubberized, buttons everywhere, and it, has something that I'll missed a little bit in the old world. Accessory. Rail it, has an accessory on top so, what is this device. What's, it called what can it do ok. We call it nice tails and it's. Mostly product for a mass market for. Example it's, not only for hunting for example it's for a lot of other activities, the, main reason here is to, give, to. Customers, to his, people, an opportunity. In tool and see, objects in the dark and of course not paying thousands. And thousands, of euros for high-end, nitrogen. Devices, like gentle. Gentle plus or even gen3, example. So if. This one actually. You can check YouTube, for new. Videos and check all. Of the videos recorded by this product I have seen that one guy for example he spotted and. Was. It a year I guess, in a field on the distance about 120. Meters at least which he. Wrote such a distance, I guess it was a little bit further for, this price, it's an incredible, result yes I, can. So I know the old one the old version of this product and yes, it works well it works very nicely the old one and, it, has an integrated IR, this one as well yeah it has nice lens and what, I like that the patents are even more, silent, now so you can hardly hear anything now, yeah this. Is also very nice yeah but I hope to reach as plenty of a focus you have everything you need for a night vision device ok memory, card again yeah, this is the dream B plug in so you can take pictures videos, yeah, you connected, to your computer to laptop and upload all the videos to use to it immediately if you see guys sneaking around your house you can make a picture you can make a video and use, it for security purposes, you can use it for hunting you can use it for everything you want yeah and one of the important future, of this device it's operated, by four double A batteries so.

Simple Why they weigh level you ain't cheap yeah and she say, cheap you can use accumulators, also. Very. Nice when, do we get this one also. In the end of the match very, soon all very soon very nice yeah I always. Bring products, which, will be available in, plus months no need to wait half, of year or even one more year I, never. Saw such products you know that's, what the product is see if you want to have it yes yes if, I'm showing it then it means it will be available very soon, all right Eva thank you very much for every match it. Was nice to meet you sir. Using. A cm stand from general, starlet and, here with me your stand I stand I see nice to meet you again nice to meet you again. This. Year we have something that's pretty unique on the market, and it's not only unique it's also neat, it. Is the batteries, that's, right yes can you tell me about this, well the quad rest is our product. That. We. Introduced. Approximately, five months ago to. Military. And law enforcement market, and also for. Hunters. And. People. Who just, enjoy shooting in general, it's. A unique product in the way that, it's. A combination of, thermal. And night. Vision and a camera as well all in one image so that's why we call it a compact fusion site. So. It has a two, separate channels. There. Are two lenses yes, on. Each other, I've, seen this one before but. For, houses. So if you want to look at the house and you have thermal, investigation, of it and have a daytime camera, to know where you're looking at the thermal, gives you the information about, that where the heat is coming out of your house you just have never ever seen it in something, like like, hunting cameras or. Rifle. Scopes or something like enthusiasts yes and this one is a device, it looks like your wolf found serious so I have the same buttons. They're rubberized and very good to feel in the dark very simple design. You have the same battery compartment, double-a, batteries very simple, design, but, this one is completely, different yeah this one is different because we've added a. Camera. That, enables you to see in the, broad daylight, real, image. In the visible invisible as you would see with the with you with the naked eye with, the regular rifle scope naked, eye whatever you're pretty much yes so, you can move between, thermal. Mode strictly, thermal to, visible. And near-infrared, which, is a daytime, and nighttime and there. Is a unique mode called fusion mode it's. A. Superposition. Of, both modes all in one image. So I can see for example you, standing there and, everything. That is boom is marked, that this is warming so I can easily find, you with the thermal signature, correct, and I can easily recognize. You as not only a person, but who you are actually because. I can see a real image. Occluded. Or superposition. Above the thermal image that, is correct so it's you have a this augmented. Vision, device, so, you have information about, colors. About other, objects, that, do not emit heat or as much heat but, you still have information. About where. The hottest objects are you can easily easily distinguish. Is it complicated, to be used no. It's very very simple because let's, say thermal channel if you're, just purely, in thermal channel works exactly, the same way as our thermal, imaging devices so, when customers.

Purchase. It they, say oh I know how to use it already so they don't. Need to read the manual sometimes, because, all, the function functionality, functionality, is, the same menu items are the same so it's very, very easy to use one button and you can say daytime, nighttime about, both yeah so that's that's it just with the with one touch of a button we can go between different modes it, also has a light. Sensor and the. Purpose, of it is to. Automatically. Or manually, switch. Between day. Mode, and night mode so. For. Example if you are in, an. Environment when. Lighting. Conditions change you. Have to make sure that. You still have you still see the, objects, you still have. Or. Even if I just sit. In a sunset and it's getting dark a darker darker darker and, until, a threshold. Which, you can set it yourself, it, switches. To night mode automatically. And so I could for example look, down so this global you, see there's an animal then I say okay I'm not quite sure what it is then, I could for example use an hour flashlight that I attached to my accessory. Rail turn. On our flashlights, and you if you need it yeah night, vision mode and say okay it's, a box it's a cat whatever it is, switch back to thermal, look for parts of whatever I want exactly extremely. Versatile, device, exactly. Powerful and another. Unique, feature is, that the fusion mode is completely, lag free so. There is no delays between, day. Or. Night image. And and thermal, you, can also adjust amount. Of thermal you want that. Is present in the in the image so, if you just simply want to see. What. It looks like in just visible visible, light you. Can decrease, the amount of thermal. Just. Press the plus minus buttons, okay, now, I see it now I want to see where the hardest objects, are and you can increase. Brightness. Or a lot we call it the thermal capacity of, thermal. Channel and you can have fully, working, and fully, fully. Blown like fusion device so. This one has no an, eyepiece in the back, yeah it also has a rifle. But. That's true that's true I could use it currently as a regular.

Rifle Scope yes, weapon on a rifle and use it as a rifle scope correct I could all without, them out just, as an observation device, mhm and, there's. Only one thing missing to use it as a clipper a clip-on, tie front attached it's coming it's, coming so they both meet some clip-on, solutions. Like, absolutely. Clamp mount. Is. That that is true and also this, device features, a optional, video. Recorder, so. With a micro. SD card in the battery compartment as. Usual, as usual yeah, that, is right so you can then. Record. And share. Your hunting experience, with friends and, tell, them everything. About this fusion mode in a configuration like here with eyepiece, for observation, or and. All the rifle, mount it is already available it. Is already available ok it's been an attachment, we still need to wait a little bit yeah it's coming it's coming up soon keep, you posted. Thank. You very much thanks. For good I appreciate it. And. We're. Standing here right in, front of a front detachment, that's, correct I've seen this one last year already but now, you're, presenting, it as a really final, product what can you tell me about it yeah finally, the finished with this product last year was like a prototype and. We. Had like almost, like six months or whatever. To test it check, it and now we're ready to go we sold bunch of them already so we got good review, good feedback so and now I can tell, that it's really good product but first of all first. Of all it's very small yeah oh, yeah. Very small it's good one oh, sorry. About that so it's made from metal with, a rubber cover, it's. 40 millimeter lens with a ask one point zero resolution. 640 by 480. 1.3. Up to 500 but. You're, able to connect. Like. Any power bank with, a USB cable. Do. We have to zero, the device yes. You don't have to series otherwise you, can make corrections in style. Menu. That's. It you're ready to go when I have zeroed the front, attachment, I can take it off put it back down take it off put it back on. The target yes very. Nice this is what is the most important, feature of a total. Detachment so, actually. Simple. Buttons. Ball. Little buddy I feel so, it's nice to grab, them nice to push them that's correct, that's also a nice switch you can feel the switch in the dark, tactical. Yeah so in a nighttime so, you don't need to see like though I'll, turn on just like it feel it plug it in and turn. On but. Like two seconds to or 30 seconds so. You. Don't need to put it on standby so you can turn a lifetime, all it five force continues, I need to turn it off you have ten, hours or something that's correct alright and now we are standing here in front of, the thermal, rifle scopes we already, have last, year however. They looked a bit different and, they. Have changed, quite, a bit also the menus have changed the functionality, didn't change and. So but tell. Me about it what's all new what can we expect out of it yeah. A person, would come, like, a pawn. All, our devices I, just. Say. Again made, from my own with, a rubber coat, what does give it to you first of all it's our IP 67, you don't feel metal dip sorry. Thick rubber. Inside. Its metal yeah well I solid. But yeah too heavy no it's not hard it's, about like 900. Grams. Only, yeah. So like. Hank. I told you like, a toy or the, turn on time it's, about 30 seconds the same as in, the clip on yeah. Because. If you hold it and the switch is right here can. Easily guesses, when, you have when you're in the shooting position just, cram it there's an aura correct.

Very Easily feel it and that's it. So. What else I can tell you 75. Millimeter lens with, AF 1.0. So you have a lot of different, lenses as far as I'm 40 million 40, million, 50, to 75, and the bigger one is 100. So. Yeah and. The. Ability to connect, a rangefinder. Without. Any ports. Bulldoze. You're having this accessory, rails on both sides, yeah actually just use one of the rails that's correct that's correct yourself, yeah, you can put it on the device or you can put on agrement, if you have on a weapon it depends, on you so because automation, is going on a display so. You don't need to connect the cords with anything. Power supply that's correct, SCR, 123, and so working, up to like six hours to mostly. Enough maybe more cause like you don't need you to concentrate, for. Em that says so. Nice. Yeah it's intelligible, that's that's kind of a, new thing here in the market that's very nice yeah you can take it on it off what. About the amounts for what rifles can I use because this is now a Picatinny, mount no this is this. B remote so you can use on any, zero. Mark, after, or even prison. With any other. Like. The office for example. Aw. For any. Private, alright it's very good then, the. Good fight this is very low actually so it's the lowest possible build height so Maria, it's. My little bar, in the back so it's convenient for your eye relief so, you can easily, on your eye that's very nice very nice design yeah. What, sensors does it feature ah. Lucian. Pixel size okay, yeah 5:44. This device it, has 17. Pixels. Oh yeah, we have 33. 84, by 282. Standard sizes that's correct, when can I get it if I ordered today can I have it today no, mostly. Yes. What about like one or two weeks okay. Yes, yes very nice leaping from Bellaire tour service from there boy any. Issues, yeah I know, your service is very good I already yeah. We had some situation. That was very good I have to admit that's good that's good all right so very nice. Very. Nice line of new rifle scopes big variety of devices, thank you very much love okay. Have a good one you too. Within. Here from, LA. Hello. Or yeah, um it's at us, they. Speak, perfect. But I ended up with a song Angus, Pullman hot namely, kinky rate with an annoying we. Are a tenant, and already if, I can't, afford Naaman I want of needham TV. This. Is just no interfere, in greater, intense, we gave our, newer fibberton. As. My office which are crafter hold onto an exam in, the owner of the hotel or. Variety now on. The escalators, actually, Naropa, of, here. To Omaha. Because, it I'll eat crickets understands, in Hammond off the price. New seated in. A partial from owns the. Rest is intensely, game you know a fillip top so, I'm still thinking about you know. Don, Esteban indirect, I skipped a disability. Under secretary and across America yeah it didn't get about Sonnen I want this is it and again between the two to protection greasy hair stylist this nasty has to feel contains, indecent for action or decision, footballers, were in, peril team ended, specifically, on his base as, the noble. Specificity. Over the paste on as. They get in public would, know. Is its top of the ski for easy here, yeah the city Amira is no prototype. Yes. And Eva. Contain. Up our monitor. Clinic. About. Illinois. Attorney yet Shawn danfa. Villarosa, she's mr. white. Futaba. Here is the. Grossest. Of the biblical, figure, distributing. Underrated, as. Omaha. You will become hero. CI, factor season out from. Job or busting, weed laughs an economy glow from all the programs results. Mission, angle modelizer, and, thence I was going to meet families. Roof, he. Thinkers get out bill, twinkly right owned.

Yeah. Insurance. Claims ding. Bbrt. Intense really nine we. Have by. Other integer, standard. Auto gating the raw gets. Completely. Random. The. The heavy, curriculum. Is, ultimately, a, my, field in. Stay orders or few. Moles abided. Commerce the root of a drain, the. Unsightly, dust. And wonderful, to see Austin brightening so I thought maybe he with us amorphous, or tomorrow God. To. Give us super perfect and, how we know he'll faster by. Starlin. Ad. Australia. It's. Misty no answer does is told as. A child as, his fear on pricey. Paradigm. By desire to pay with us, Montiel. Grocer. Aku. Snickers. Is now understood enigma gate and a stuffed, pedophilia, finishing, out the Act since extreme fatigue after, the swim team Justin. Taste laughs. Come. A few midmark. Timber. The. Blight done of gliding, stupor, only. The hole on the bottom immune and, I want, to. See a bar in. Fact we see spoonful, of metal fatigue, elevator, with. A fifty. Faculty from. Behind the, various. Computer. Or. A super-healthy. In Hank Gianna, thank, you. It's. Obvious in his team stands from links, HDMI, Christina I love this dinner you, have to hear any phallic, no I cooked, polenta dear present here this endemic we teach the olive oil, most. Most activity or letici NASA's. Latest enjoy, be hard let's design brutal, treatment of semester on certain and various, interests, s effect as their goodness in Hammonds interest into the Linea all surviving, on skis, man and between on product after misrepresents design I think. They. Are member it's the. Matrix. Its. Complete, form heritage, that, image. Ionization. That Sigma. Basically. I say opposite semi-comatose. Tanta. Technique. And. It's life our online, store. By. The American, is. You. Know it has is about decent inverse P was a Vicki CI compact this is an answer compacted, generate big. Teaser photo and where this is a hoo-ee made the optic as a linking activity, in thinly catalytic, totally off belongs validate, all, this. In this a compact and powerful I spin, the corner two legs of, this. Hottest one section 50 pixel centimeters, vacuum of him for forego a song this pedal when it has trained someone PC, in fact of a human doctor she acting to appearance qualitative, twenties alone offload the disease associate activate, performance, the Mustang v8 that isn't super compact. Canadian, a spec homes so, it's much, more song to Pitino Assad. Serious if the house was. More technology, of the side. The, sensitive agonist at this is an act of Coach Cal good freakin guns. Ain't from Thailand also moon super Macy's it was my active Android, woman. She's a shot on three system healthy I could feel painful, to patina novel as a compact you will see if lee-sia. Cumulus. Design, was a donkey Fitness, year could darken. Decent level anthem that was a pixel value Yongkang also, capacity, focusing, on disk. Array shall appear on the sauces the other. Two. Peaks layer anything. This. Of the city's Rothman, she had come over from psyche, given. Off the other this, has Deaconess of this weekly and optimum cover. Me go walking does he saw it calmed it was until week stay with his men beat here come along again look about you know said TK's FFT, montage Sevilla off so he get this open, jumper right hidden controls. See. I go I like, it even from to me on an, Ashtanga. Mahmud. Song as a its notify gay it is nice to be autumn spirit and his hot dog and fat enjoyed strain and it has been completely she's, in the middle. Mantastic. Ice-t. Optic own as the most important, thing I don't have a confounder, it's as a country. Shot over the cheese limit. On. My count against in the middle of the key entities 2013, FIFA Mahindra of America, CI quotation, Tilly and over, Martin worked about, monarchs almost demonic, Argentina, here, comfortable mercy Jesus bits of fatigue escalate came into committed, because market, montage, this, has my currency feel Allah gave me elevating, few players a future, shrink, your, was, imminent give you a hot it's from Toledo practice and Yakov his, oxtail partition, you, know it. Hit undo look new look an instrument be often escalate your material eight exam. It's a force of spirit. In. Pomona. Komm dies alone in our Playa understand. An algorithm, which we are happy. Visit. A scuffle pocket and decently written. In. The book you all are feeling sorry. Conte. Of the. Mr.. Silva opiates, Bolivar. A second. And Christina thank. You. Seen this here are ten we are now here at the booth hell from ATL, I'm here with Greg hello Drake yep hello and I. Have. Here the new excite, 4k. Looks. Completely. Yeah. Then the exit has looked, until now yeah, it is a completely different design what.

Can You tell me about it so, it's still got a lot of the features of the XO tube but the main difference is first, of all is the mounting system so, it now sits on 30 millimeter rings the. Battery is now built in so you plug it in to charge it via USB. You'll get 18, hours battery life this would be my question 18, hours of 18 hours battery life when it's fully charged really, long yeah, and the next positive is the eye relief so on the x side - it had to be close to the eye but, you now get about a 3-inch eye relief on the scope it's all 9 centimeters, that's it yep, so again, the look of it is why I was trying to look more like a traditional optic. Where's. The X like - although add all the features you could. Tell that it wasn't it, was a digital scope so. Now instead of the battery cap you've got the zoom wheel on the left hand side you've, still got the focus wheels and the keypad on the top has been start focusing. By turning this wheel yeah, and you. Can just turn this wheel to zoom in zoom out to do a nice parry with gloves, on or something you can find it easily, easily. The buttons have become bigger yeah, and, you have a nice feel here so you can know the center, part on the left right yep and, then obviously the charges, so if, you show on this side where you still have the SD card slot and the charge and protected, by Robert this time you don't have to unscrew so no but, you have to protect it a slot, here and you have an USB slot here yeah and. Then you have these Mac's that will fit the IR torch on. When you're shooting at night if you use one which we don't use much, if you want to use a battery pack or something you could go here as well yeah all, right okay, yet it, adjustment. For your reticle. Yeah tomatoes reduce yes and. To. Play with it, just before a little chitchat, yeah and I've seen that the menu is pretty much the same exact. Of one use of all so there's one more symbol now in your in your menu and this is for Syria this, one is a feature, that I like very much because if, you want. To sear it you have to go deep in the menu and get around and so you've made the menu, and the use of it easier. Actually yeah so even a new design but easier. To use yep, so they've got the basic menu but if you want to unlock the advanced menu for the other options that can be unlocked on the scope as well so. It's more user friendly yeah, that's very nice very, good the, magnification range is it, will be available, with five to twenty yeah and three to fourteen yeah the same as the old one name is yes it is bigger but the same magnification yeah, however, what's the difference between the.

Old Five to twenty and the new five to twenty so. Again, it's got the usual. Nineteen. Features but the main difference we've, got a fork a sensor name so. In, the five twenty if you go up to twenty times magnification, there. Will be minimal, pixelation, of the image so don't really have digital zoom you always have kind. Of always until, fifteen times magnification you have 100%, picture, quality yeah it's no digital, zooming as we all work from other devices nope and it's also got the upgraded, core so it's got the obsidian four core as opposed, to the obsidian, too so less power consumption faster. Reaction, yeah better processor, very. Nice. Completely. Different the time it's. Not on the market available yet when, can be expected, we expected around many time me, yeah, is that realistic. That is realistic yeah that's okay. It's all very soon actually, yes very. We'll still be doing the Exide too as well we, will run the xi2 for about 18 months alongside. The exercise. Will. There be accessories, new, accessories, for it yep, so we've got a new laser rangefinder. That will screw on to the front of the scope can, they use the old one as well but you can involve, version has one big benefit they can use it with all the rifles yes, and I can use it with my mobile phone as an app to get to use it with regular rifle, scopes as a ballistics, computer yeah the. Old one is you still use the old one via bluetooth but the new one will screw on to the front and then, that will talk via bluetooth you hit hit hit that button talk. To my bluetooth back to the scope I don't lead to or to grab no, for watching us to press it on and it, works with the latest on, screen immediately that's the different that's who has yes yeah, all, right very nice it's. A new laser rangefinder, completely, new design very. Long battery life time I, think, I'm going to like this one good definitely will be popular all right take a reverse grip for them thank you. Benzie, Jesus or an others for doctors only test born contact, ENC owns on to the anger Brendan email address or a telephone AMA via. Foreign ins of sea.

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