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iungo ICO 2018 | Mark Cuban Bitcoin | Ledger Nano S | MyEtherWallet

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Hey what's going on everyone crypto, Austin here today, we're gonna discuss, what's. Going on with the market we're also going to talk about. An ICO that I found that may. Be a pretty, good gem to get into we're, also gonna discuss a little bit about news and I'm. Gonna share with you how to, operate. A nano, ledger. Along. With my ether, wallet, and we're, gonna do that when we come right, back. All right well let's jump right in first thing let's look at the market where uh five. Hundred and fifty billion, currently. As you. Know we shed around two hundred sixty, or so from its bhai forty. Five billion, in twenty five i'l u m-- BTC. Dominance at 34% their Bitcoin, is holding strong at eleven, thousand, it's been there for a while after. Its dip a few days ago so a theorem. Over a thousand, ripple a dollar fifty three that's about fifty percent or so of its. High as well and. You go scroll through and see all the different currencies. Here and how they're doing and you'll, see that you. Know for, the most part outside of maker which, I don't even know what maker is but we could dig into it if you like. There's. Most. Of them in the red right and even the ones that you see that might be in the green that's, within. The last 24, hours so that's still below. Its. Highest, high right, so, if. You go from one day to the next and you see all green sometimes deceiving. You thinking wow the. Market is doing really good well, it is versus, the previous day but it doesn't necessarily mean it's doing good versus its highest moment right so, that's. Market, talk there I found two interesting, articles, today one, of which was from Mark Cuban. He made this yesterday or this, this article came out on CNBC, make it and Mark. Cuban said that says. That the Dallas Mavericks will, accept Bitcoin in the next season whoo. That's. A smart move right and, think about the publicity and, mainstream. This this is gonna bring to Bitcoin so this is very exciting, and huge. News, right you, can read the article there, just look it up very, interesting, stuff to look at the. Other article, found it was the, future of Bitcoin here, and this, was by fortune, and. It's. It just talks about is it gonna be big or not right and let's just watch this real quick sone lee a two-minute video but very interesting stuff so let's go through it. No. Stock no. Currency, in the world no. Other security. On the market today trades the way that Bitcoin has sort. Of been until recently pretty isolated now, you can't have a conversation without, Bitcoin, showing up it is a, huge, deal, this thing has rocketed. To space one of the main uses of Bitcoin is is a vehicle for perpetrating. Fraud I'm, seeing predictions for Bitcoin in 2018, from anywhere from forty. Thousand dollars to five hundred thousand, and above, it's like nothing we've ever seen before there's, still a huge question is does this thing have a future, so, Bitcoin was the first blockchain, the original, cryptocurrency, but. With that meant, it also had a lot of mistakes and imperfections.

Look, Bitcoin, has flaws, it is not a perfect, system this thing is still young it's still undergoing active, development, it's open, source so anyone in, the world can, join, in and make this better it's supposed to be outside, the reach of governments. And regulators and Beggs there, will be no. Real, non, controlled, currency, in the world there's. No government that's going to put up with it for long at any point, governments. Even though they don't have control over Bitcoin, they, could make it much more difficult if not impossible to. Use it there's more than two billion people in the world who are unbanked for them Bitcoin. And cryptocurrency is, a potential, way to be able to participate in. A modern economy people. Are excited about Bitcoin, because it represents an entirely, new, asset class that hasn't existed before, and in some ways it signifies, a revolution. In finance so for, Bitcoin to actually go mainstream, it has to have so much technological. Improvement. And development that, it just currently does not have so, there's a big question as to whether Bitcoin. Will actually be able to scale and become the universal, currency that so many of its believers hope it will be even if Bitcoin doesn't break out as a means, of payment it still, has a lot of potential simply, as a sort of common, like gold 2018. Is going to be the year where we're going to see a lot of Wall Street big banks hedge funds and institutions, come, into Bitcoin and blockchain in a way that we have not seen before it's. Hard to say whether bitcoins bubble but there are some people who would say look, money is the bubble that doesn't pop Bitcoin, could be the next big thing or it, could be worth nothing, tomorrow. All. Right so hopefully you found that pretty interesting. Money. Is the bubble, that doesn't, pop right so what, I did was after. I, saw. That video I actually, went, and broke out, the calculator, and I wanted to find out one thing right and we could go through this exercise together but I wanted, to find out I broke, out the calculator and I was like okay well what if Bitcoin, doesn't. Repeat what it did in two thousand fifteen sixteen seventeen but, just repeats, what it did in 2017. Because if you actually. Put. The numbers together including. 2016. You're even getting a greater number right but let's say for example that it. Actually, just, does what it did in 2017. Which is go up, 20. Times right, and let's, say it goes up 20. Times versus, the start of this year okay and. So last year it went from when. I remember. It about a thousand. 46, or so to. 20, thousand okay and that's about 20x, that's about 20 times the amount right so, let's let's let's say let's, let's, just you, know, assume. That it does the same thing in 2017. And here's, what it would look like the. Two the year, started off a little rocky for a Bitcoin right right around 13,000. Okay. So 13,000. Per Bitcoin now. Let's take that. And times, it by the 20x. That it did last year and watch. This. 260,000, if Bitcoin. Duplicates. What it did last year you're. Looking at each, Bitcoin, being. 260,000. By the end of this year now do I think that's gonna happen of course, not I don't think it's gonna hit. 260,000. What I actually think it's gonna hit. 500,000. I think, it's gonna hit, 500,000. And you know what I might. Be completely wrong I might be too optimistic I don't know I might be crazy that's okay this, is just my own crazy, opinion, anyways, but, if. Even, if it hits 260,000, that's a very, beautiful number, if it hits a hundred, thousand that would be an awesome number but I think based on your last year's projection, and we haven't seen the, rest of the world in this thing yet think, about it only three percent or so is into cryptocurrencies.

What, If five. Percent, whatever, that look like what if 10 percent what would that look like what would 20%. Look like right of the, population, into this thing I was, just talking, to my, wife and she. Was explaining to one of her friends yeah you, know my. Husband is doing this crip cryptocurrency. Thing, Bitcoin, thing and it. Was funny cuz my. Wife's friend was like actually. My friend as well but, her. Response was isn't, isn't Bitcoin. For like illegal, stuff, in and and criminal. Things and had, no clue right so imagine all of the people, including the ones that are doubters and naysayers or. Whatever get into it then the number is gonna be through. The roof isn't it just, amazing stuff, anyways I wanted to share that bit of information with you hopefully you enjoy that alright so I'm, not gonna get into the ICO quite yet because I'm getting a lot of questions on how, on earth do, we use. How. Do we get into I SEOs with. My. Ether, wallet. And. Maybe. Use it with a ledger, right so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna walk you through how to use. A ledger okay if you've seen a ledger before, this, is what the little guy looks like hopefully, you can see that there. It's. Got this cable they could unplug. And plug back in and. This is what actually turns it on and hooks it up to your computer there there's, a series of codes here that you can use it's, usually starts, off with a 5 there and you, use a series, of coasts actually unlock the ledger and any. ERC. 20 token, you, pretty, much use with the ledger along, with my heat either, wallet. With. Your ether wallet let's go through here real quick here and I'm gonna show you. The. Link so I always, save, the links. On. To. Your. Desktop and once you click on the link right let's go and click on it once, you click on that link make. Sure make. Sure and make sure you do this okay make, sure that the address, on top here actually, matches. What. The site, that you're trying to go to okay and the, reason for that is because there's, a lot of sites that are spoofs and that will change the actual name. Of the, wallet up here so once, you get into the site it's real, simple to use real, simple you're just gonna go to you, see here new wallet if you create a new wallet, when you first do that make sure that you you, write down your keys it's real kita you do that, but.

I've, Already created a wallet so I'm, just gonna jump in and show you how to how to work it so you're gonna go in and where. It says send ether and tokens, right and you're just gonna click on that there once, you go to this this, link. Here you're, gonna scroll down and find all. About. Nine different. Buttons. That you could click on I'm gonna use the ledger wallet here, and then, it asked me to connect the ledger wallet okay what. I recommend, doing is once you've set up my ether, wallet here the. First time is that you go through and read every. Single page to get more comfortable with it once, you get a hang of it it's super, easy super, simple to use so, the next thing we're gonna do is connect, the ledger right connect, to the ledger wallet so, in, order to do that you're gonna have to go, into your nano write and remember. Your nano is. Right. Here right, and you're. Gonna enter in whatever code, you put into your nano when you first registered, it okay, so, I'm. Gonna do that real quick here. Super. Easy to do once, you've done this a couple of times it becomes. Just super. Simple okay, now once you you actually, connect you're, gonna have to pick the etherium. One okay in your ledger you're gonna pick ethereal, hopefully. You can see that it. Says aetherium right there see it okay, a theorem, so, you're gonna pick a theorem. Okay. Once, you pick a theorem go ahead and click connect to ledger, wallet once. This screen pops up here okay. You're, gonna pick whatever address, you you have tokens, into or whatever address you have different. Cryptocurrencies. In and so, you're just gonna pick one for. Me it's the first one here most. People usually choose the first one I mean you could use any of them it really depends. On which one you want to store it in you, want to make sure that it says ledger. ETH. Up at the top here and then, you're gonna scroll down and unlock your wallet okay once, you unlock your wallet what its gonna do then it's, gonna, give you a number, of tokens at the bottom it's, also gonna give you an address here at the top okay now, I'm blurring, some of this out for, just for privacy reasons okay, but, if you go and you scroll down, okay. And you. Go show all tokens. Right here if you click on that it'll. Show you every, single token that you have that that's available here right. And what. You could also do is add a token, and a lot of the I cos when you're first. Trying. To get or receive these, tokens, and. Here's the thing when you're getting into an ice you never, use an exchange, to to, send, the, cryptocurrency, from. The exchange, to the ico that's. A very easy and quick way to lose your funds so. Always use my, ether wallet, or do. It straight from your ledger but, once, you get into it here you're. Gonna be able to add a token, when, you add a token, like for let's, say for example there's. A new IC o---- and they, don't have their token in my ether, wallet yet you, could actually with er-er see 20 tokens, create, that okay and they'll give you some information like the token contract, address tokens, symbol and decimals, usually the decimals, will be 18. Okay, and anyways, once you do that it'll, ask you the token symbols basically, the acronym, or the ticker that they use for that token and it'll. Look something like this, here like 80 X 80 T, 300. First so on and so forth okay and then you do that once you save, once. You save there what happens, is if the tokens, actually were sent to this address here, then. It will show up on your. List of tokens right I've. Got a list of tokens that on this account here but I'm, not showing those because, I have to go in and actually upload, it.

One. Easy thing to do as well is as, you're going through here. You. Could go to ether. Htps. Ether scan tokens, Explorer, right here transaction. History and you, could do also display, address, ledger right here right so what. I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna click on this one here, it's. Gonna take us to another site. And. What this is gonna do is it's gonna give us the transactions. Within that, wallet, okay. Anyways. So. Let's go back real quick you. Could also click on the, token Explorer, right. Down here and you could see the type of tokens, that are actually, in that wallet right right. Here and. You'll. See here that my. 1100. Bar in my. 100. Sether, from. The, IC owes that I did recently showed, up okay, and so, anyways this is where you would get the information okay, all. Right so very, easy, to do the. The. Biggest key is once. You you've you've gotten. All the information you, wanted just, go ahead and you. Don't have to do anything with the actual, ledger you just unplug it just, unplug it from the system and store. It somewhere safe when, you do get a ledger, currently. There in backward they're in backorder until March I do have a link down below if you decide you wanted to it, is, gonna be in backorder so you probably won't receive it till March or so but it's always a good idea to, order. One ahead of time as I. Mentioned previously on, my other videos is don't, don't, ever buy a ledger from a third party I don't, care how cheap it is okay don't, ever buy, a ledger from a third party do not buy it from Amazon, you're not buying from eBay do not buy it from Newegg do not buy it from anyone, okay yeah despite. Me being a huge fan of Amazon, eBay Newegg, all of that I think they're fine companies, however with the ledger it's very very easy for someone to open up the package save. The. Key. That the keys to it and once. You use it and you upload your tokens to it they go in and change that okay so I don't recommend doing it go straight, and directly, to the ledger site, okay and you want to use a. Trustful. Link, to do that you, do not want to use just any link out there because people are out there looking, to steal. Cryptocurrencies. Because. As you know you are your own bank you are responsible. For your own cryptocurrencies, okay, so, that hopefully will clear up a little bit of confusion with, with using. The, ledger and trying, to get into these I cos keep. In mind that there's. A lot there's, a little bit more to it but it's everything. Is pretty easy everything, that I just went through with you is the. Pretty much basis, of it okay so there's not a lot more to that what. You want to do is transfer, some ether into your my ether wallet, and if. That's what they're taking for their icos then you're gonna transfer that to the address they provide, and then what they're gonna do is send you your, your, tokens, or your your your your coins directly. To your ether wallet or your, ledger if that's where you're gonna send it to okay and from your ether wallet you could actually transfer, it physically, to your ledger, if that's what you wanted to do as well if, you have any questions, please put them down on the comments below I will try to answer as many people as possible as you know if you leave a comment down below I try. To be as. Responsive. As I possibly, can okay so hopefully that that helps you out and get in some icos all right so let's, get into an ice-filled that I found that I think would be a great opportunity for myself this is one that I think I'm gonna invest into I'm gonna do that tonight because, we're I'm running out of time and so, I just want to go through it with you guys and see what you think as well so we've, got it's called in go I. I. Own. Go. Okay. I don't, know how to pronounce that but that's okay you get the just it's this right here okay. So. The crowd sale is live currently the.

Time Remaining is two days 16. Hours and 16 minutes there, was a soft cap that was reached and that's fantastic, that means there prop there's some popularity, there there's. Not a lot of people talking about it and I kind of don't like that because I like I SEOs that are like hyped because there's the. More the community that's, supporting, it out there the, the, better it tends to do even, if the. Technology. Of it doesn't do very well right so, if. You go through here you could see that they're gonna give you 15 percent bonus, currently, okay you could pay with Visa, MasterCard. Etherium Bitcoin or like corn so any of those I. Believe this is an e rc 20 token. If. You scroll down here I just looked at it and I looked at, it yesterday looked, at it today and I wanted to confirm that this is one that I wanted to get into and basically the way it works is this. This, new. Technology. Is basically the. The, AI. Unco. Network. For, everyone right powered by blockchain. So and what they're doing is and you can see here enjoy seamless, connectivity. Worldwide. Access with one account always secure web access, instantly, become part of a global network VPN. Services. Help connecting, developing, regions get paid for services provided and it's, like. Airbnb. For the internet access, okay so very exciting stuff there I did, do, a chat with them earlier and they were pretty responsive. I don't, know if they're gonna be up this late but, they, did respond, now, the just, of the token sale in what they're doing here is the ratio is one ether to 1,000, so you know and ether, currently, is about a and dollars so you're essentially. Getting one. In for about a dollar and ten cents okay to. Me that's a little high I like the ones that are below a dollar and once. I show you the market cap here you'll also see that it's a little bit higher than I like them at times but, it's, still. Pretty. Decent and I think, that if it, doubles, or triple, acts right and once we talk about the market cap we'll get a better idea but we. Could see how hard. Or easy that's gonna be but once, it doubles, or triple, acts you, know that's to me successful, if you double, your money in an IC o---- that's pretty successful, I know you're accustomed to hearing. You. Know some triple. Quadruple. Twenty times a thousand, x like liske but. Honestly. If it's double, or triple yeah. We should be pretty happy with that at least me anyways, but, either way I think this one's gonna be a long-term one even though the development, in their product, is actually, moving. Quite. Quite fast so you. Can see here that. Just. Scroll down there's. A video you could watch here we're not going to go through that because we already watched a video, today they. Talked about an airdrop announcement, that they're making. Here's. The freemium, business model that they're doing and basically. The way it works is that they provide a free service of plug-and-play software. Millions of global customers open source ready ecommerce, security. And no IT personnel, if, you want to do something premium, with their services, for. The users you'll see that I'm, sorry here's the the, users and here, is the providers, so the, users, will be able to get, all this free stuff here premium, providers will get all this stuff here and then for providers this, is what would happen and then on the premium side of this book what happened just scroll through and look at it very interesting stuff there the row map is pretty exciting, it was a little bit hard to follow because it had a lot of circles and and text, but basically what they did was they started back in 2016. They did research in the first or second quarter of 2017. By, the third quarter they, they, figured out the technical feasibility of, it the study planning testing coding core team established so on and so forth. Q4. They VP is when they rolled out the white paper and the MVP development, positive, feedback from the community encourages, the team to move forward and. They. Also at that time launched, the ignore. Network. LinkedIn. Executive joins the team as an advisor. Then. You see October November. December, and just goes, through all of it right so here's the exciting part it hits the exchanges, February, 2018. See, that hit there so hits the exchanges, February, 2018, so what that means is that this is one. IC o---- where if you're getting in at about a dollar and, you're, gonna get 15%. Based on what they're talking about or I'm getting in at a dollar that. In February, if I decided to sell this thing and it shoots up to two to three dollars right because they're at, that point once it hits the exchange there should be pretty.

Exciting. Support. From the community, and a lot of hype going on hopefully they're also going to invest in some marketing as well but, at that point if I decide to sell I could I am NOT gonna do that though because I think there is some room for, growth with this, technology. And because they're, so far ahead of the game it's. Very, very exciting where a lot of icos, they're, basically, selling you the dream right or selling you the idea or they're. Selling, you the blockchain, that. Hasn't been quite created. Or they're selling you a test or. Something like that with this one here you could go through it and see that they've got they've they're pretty far along down, the road with their services, and their technology, you, can see on the news here on the, bottom it's pretty exciting stuff you'll see the top advisors Dylan. Sharkey, senior, advisor at AI unco. Former. Head of sales solutions, and LinkedIn the largest global business, you'll, see the other one here blockchain advisor founder. Of mysterium. Network and you hopefully you're pretty familiar with that one so pretty, cool stuff there. The. MVP platform. You just, scroll through and look at it for yourself is it's very cool stuff it talks about global, isp, today the global Internet service, provider markets valued at more than six, hundred twenty billion annually it's basically controlled by around, 20 major incubate. Providers. The, team you'll see the entire team here and this is very exciting you can see all their information in LinkedIn and I like that transparency, so that way you, could do your your research and find out a little bit more about them I did, look up a couple of these individuals, just to check, it out one, one guy here, Ricardo's, founder. Of multiple med tech and yacht. Companies, successful. Entrepreneur, with a clear focus on, business, media, and cryptocurrency so, I like, the fact that they're in the cryptocurrency world or you, know they've been in it for a while so really, to me even though the. If. You look at their team it's not the strongest team right even though it's not the strongest. Team, they. Still have what. I would consider a pretty, pretty, soft solid. Team. To work with right now whether all of these end. Up staying or leaving or, growing or whatever, you. Know at this point that they're, pretty, well. Rounded excuse me and. So you can scroll through this look at it, you. Can see where they've been mentioned, previously, things, like that you. Go through their white paper their white paper was pretty bland, what, I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna go through and show you the white paper real quick. So. The executive summary there, emerges of plethora, of powerful personnel business internet applications has transformed how businesses, and consumers operate, explosive. Growth in the initial consumption is being propelled by rapid advances, in the Internet related infrastructure, services, despite. The explosive growth major, problems, still persist on users to get onto the information, superhighway one, of the problems with the local providers, and local connectivity is that it limits, limits. On the go usage, so, mobile, data plans implemented, use of restrictions, and relatively high fees so, I, don't. Know about you but if, I could get away from the. Current, mobile. Provider that I have that. Bloat. My phone up with a lot of different things and. You. Know my speeds aren't that great have a lot of empty holes I would be willing to try something new and I think this is this is one of them and, I believe they're decentralized. And so that that's. That. Might be a good, thing as well I don't, know for sure if that decentralize, because I didn't read that anywhere but I'm assuming, they are since it is, you. Know we're doing with blockchains in crypto currencies so you. Could read all this here I don't want to take too much time here but the, benefits instant, seamless, safe and automated, connectivity, with hassle free payments, affordable.

And Transparent, accounting with single wallet globally, usage, based on preference. Price, speed, quality reviews, and global, providers Network recognizable. Brands benefits. Additional, revenue stream and. This is for the providers, additional. Revenue streams for individuals, and businesses cost savings access to global user base increase, engagement low, entry barrier cheap, free to use small fee based on revenue powerful. Web-based services, management tool network Abuse Prevention reports. Billing so on so for marketing, tools increased security reduce, legal liability, for corporate or, internet access so on and so forth and you could just kind of scroll through it one of the the things I want to talk to you guys about is, you. Could do all this research yourself just go through and read it lots of good information it, is like reading radio instructions, but that's usually, how it is with white paper you. Go, here and look at the numbers real quick and. Alright. So this is the exciting part this is the part where they talk a little bit about the tokens and remember in my previous video I I did, try to mention, I did mention everyone that you, know I like to stay within a token that I have a hundred, million or less right, because if they hit a hundred million that, would be worth one dollar if they hit two hundred million a be worth two to two dollars and I could see this being within. A billion okay and so that would at least get me to about ten dollars per token and with, the investment I'm gonna do I'm really looking for that so that that's a return that we're trying to get to if it goes even higher than that the, even, better right but currently. You'll see here it says that total total took tokens. For sale with 64 percent at 64, million. Tokens. Symbols ing. Okay, and. Generated. Per ethers one thousand soft, cap eight million hard cap 64, million they've, already hit the soft cap already. Percentage, of tokens for I, unders. Is twelve percent which is 12 million vested, for up to eight months, service. Gateway fund 12 million percentage, of tokens generated to bounty campaign, team advisers and partners 12, million date, of crowd sales start December, 7th and date. Of crowd sale ends 31st. Ok and I think it's either they hit their number or the crowd sale ends whatever whichever. Comes first. But that's exciting that it has a total. Of 100 million. Presale. Currently. I think we're in the ico tier 2 right here and. That's up to 16 million shortly. After the ICO I uncoated. Khun's, will be available, in major exchanges and will be used for payments, for the wireless network, boom. Immediate. I love that right a lot of the IPOs will draw things out for like a year or two or so on and so forth where this one is ready to go it is like you. Don't even have to wait usage, remaining ago services, increases ing tokus usage, therefore value. Should increase, with the growth and adoption, of the network and it's naturally, gonna grow right it should for, example if your theorems worth 300, US dollar and this explains a little bit about the price breakdown talks, about the budget allocation, exact budgets and you can look at that here as well and. So. You, know, if, you if you ask me I think this is a solid, one I did a lot of research and it's up there it does have its flaws that does have its risks things. Like the hype it's. Not as hyped I haven't heard of this one until now kind. Of Concerned me a little bit and I had to do some digging and really find this information, but outside of that everything, else, looks pretty good and it looks like one that I'm. Gonna be participating. In ok. Thank. You everyone I appreciate, you spending some time with me today hopefully, you've walked. Away some good information today. If, you ever have any suggestions. Or recommendations please. Leave them in the comment down below either, way, thumbs, up subscribe, and. Leave. Me a comment down below share.

This With your friends or family members I am trying to grow my channel and I'll. See you in the next video, bye, bye.

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