Its A Masonic World After All - Ride The Red Pill Express!

Its A Masonic World After All - Ride The Red Pill Express!

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There. Is nothing wrong with your television do. Not attempt, to. We, are now controlling, the transmission. We. Control, the horizontal. With a thousand, channels or, expand. One, single. Image to, crystal, clarity, and. Beyond. And conceive. All, juicy. You. Are about to experience, the, awe and, mystery, which reaches. From the deepest, inner mind to, the. Daddy. Is. It really, you, yes my dear. I guarantee. It. So. Meet me. Down on. Main Street. Please, don't be, late don't, make me. Wait just, meet me, down on. Main Street. We'll, take a, ride on an, old horse. Car. I'll buy. You a. Chocolate. And. You'll, be the, sweetest. Girl by, far the jato. Oh the. Fireman's. Band is, gonna play. So. Me be. Gone, on, makes me. They. Pay. Da. Raining. Down on. Main Street. We. Let. The popcorn. Stand. Stream. You. You. The. Media maker is a persistent. Violator, of the, need to include a globe portrait, within their passing narrative why. They. Are incestuous, ly bluffing, their way through a make-believe vantage. Point the, video camera, held so far back, as to capture, the whole of our supposedly, marbled. As it wanders aimlessly. Through the sackcloth of, space the. Documentary, genre holds, much blame I have. Observed that, such glimpses, of the heathens, globe, predictably. Beds with the shot I'm about to describe we. Quickly cut into the habitual, routine of people all, of whom issue from, a hodgepodge of cultures, navigating. The current of their commuter, built both. Shots are worthy of comparison as, they, and the globe are on their way to a feckless job. With. Such incautious, glances, that creation, from, the ceiling of space the media maker most certainly, airs and yet. In light of the Copernican, revolution. Particularly. The augmented, reality which, entitles, us to a belief in it this. Is how our tutors, wish that we perceive ourselves from. An ascendancy, of which only God, has granted himself permission. But. Once or twice in the Bible's unfolding, narrative is the breadth of the earth revealed, from above, here. As always it is presumably, delivered, as we, might deduce from. The perspective, of God's throne. Isaiah. 40:22. Informs, us it is. He that sitteth upon the circle of, the earth and the, inhabitants thereof, are as grasshoppers, that. Stretcheth, out the heavens as, a curtain and, spreadeth. Them, out as a tent, to, dwell in my. Cereal, reader will likely understand, and willingly, accept, the, wondrous picture, which is framed here nowhere. Does the Bible recognize.

An Infinite, abyss of blacker, than black space as some. Astronauts, have described their own isaiah, 40:22. Experience. The. Wishful reasoning, for the circle, of the earth representing. A ball, rather. Than a circle, has been so, thoroughly, reputed. As to, expose, the self deceived and despairing, heart which, obstinately. Refuses, it, regardless. They. Prefer the astronauts isaiah, 40:22. Account, over, the lord's own eyewitness. Statement, that, is their loss they would, rather expand, on the human, experience, by, indulging, in the esoteric, fantasies. Of deep space beyond, our own line of vision which. The bible outright rejects, but augmented, reality affords. My. Serial, reader will concur heaven, stretched, out as occurred. Over. The roof of the tent is a poor, description, of space yet. Admittedly, it, accommodates, everything, we know of Hebrew, cosmology. Before. The Copernican, revolution, we, shall also not accommodate, occult, wisdom, as a consideration. Where, their ever such, attempts, to gaze perversely. Down upon the earth when, discussing the nature of human, being let alone imagined, I think. Not if. We, are to navigate, through the treacherous avenues, of augmented. Reality then. We must do so with brave, and voracious, conviction. The. Media is a wet, sponge, dripping. With subliminal, messaging, which, hopes to knock upon the Gnostic, heart within each of us and lights, the divine spark. Walt. Disney World receives, over 52. Million visitors, per year the. Disney theme parks, which, includes Disneyland, in Anaheim California. Currently. Dominates, any and all of the world's most photographed. Places beating. Out the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Yosemite. National Park, New, York and, Paris, landmarks then. The massively, impressive. Geodesic. Sphere which. Serves as a symbolic. Structure, for Epcot, needs, very little introduction. We. Know it as spaceship, earth its. Storyline, was conceived, by eminent science-fiction. Author Ray. Bradbury. One. In which we are promised, to take. A journey, through time unlike. Any ever, experienced. Or imagined. Spiraling. Gently upward, into, the geosphere through. The strata, of ages past time. Machine, vehicles, carry. Its guests to the very beginning, of communication. Not. God, spoke, as the, Bible records but, rather to a cro-magnon. Cave where, early, man first began documenting events, on his wall. Thousands. Of years soon passed to the Kingdom of Egypt where, we witnessed papyrus, invented, thereby. Making the cro-magnons. Wall portable. The. Phoenicians, will of course invent. The alphabet. According. To Walt, Disney World published, in 1986, a time. Traveler within spaceship, earth will, observe the movable type press, invented, in which the evolution. Of communication gathers. Speed with. The age of invention new. Communication. Technologies developed at an incredibly, Swift pace to. This point the time machines have been ascending, into the dome of spaceship, earth before. Beginning their descent the, vehicles turn and we, see the blue and white oases, of Earth against. The dark and, mysterious star. Sprinkled, galaxies, for, the first time we, see our planet as. Is a traveling. Spaceship, this. Is the spaceship earth experience, a voyage, that fills its travelers, with an insight into man's evolution from. The dawn of our yesterday, to the sunrise of tomorrow. Anyone. Who has ridden spaceship, earth may, recall the narrator's, parting, words spoken. Now by Judy Dench which, neatly sums up the challenge of a future set apart from God's promises. Having. Gaze upon creation, as only our God has a right to ironically. Here, a counterfeit. Creation, the, rider begins, his descent, to, earth like. The Stardust, of our evolutionary, region and hears. These words. Tomorrow's. World approaches, so. Let us listen and learn let. Us explore, and question and understand, let. Us go forth and discover the wisdom, to guide great, spaceship, earth through, the Uncharted Seas, of the future, let. Us dare, to. Fulfill, our, destiny with. His journey through the evolution, of communication finally. Complete the, gas has returned, to the Gateway of EPCOT where. The future, of planet, Earth awaits. And just. Beyond the lagoon the, world itself, invokes. Exploration. With. The Copernican, revolution, employed, as his filter the, guest may choose his experience.

Tomorrow's. Dreams and future world or, the various ethnic countries which makes up planet Earth's legend, centralized. Governance in World Showcase but. Whatever his outcome Epcot's globular, geosphere, almost. Always, looms, upon, his horizon, it. Has brilliant indoctrination. I have. A confession to make spaceship. Earth is my, favorite, ride at Walt Disney World, perhaps. Because history, is my strong suit but there's more throughout. Our marriage, nearing two decades, now. Mrs. Hadley and I have managed, to become closeted. Disney theme park addicts though. Closeted, no longer living. Most of our lives in Southern California we, probably made, a dozen, pilgrimages. To the Magic Kingdom and that, was before we, succumbed to annual, passes, the. Amusements, which could be found there not, only in Walt Disney World for theme parks -. Water parks and its dozens, of creature comfort, resorts, but the choicest. Medley, of fine dining experiences. Certified. The fact that no two trips, in any given year were, exactly, alike in fact. Mrs.. Hadley and I were Annual Pass holders, when we succumbed, to the reality, of flat earth over, a spirited, dinner conversation. The, Disney World experience, would never be the same and. That is a good thing. Mrs.. Hadley and I were pushing, her twin sons in their stroller Mouse, ears pronounced, upon both toddler, heads and the, world apart, from the real which, Disney World bases its very, cornerstone, upon, was, suddenly stripped, away with unsettling. Clarity, it, was it. Was more of a revelation, a bittersweet. Aftertaste. Tugging, at her heart and, mine, with. Widen eyes my, wife said spaceship. Earth is a globe they, want you to think the. Earth is a globe and yet, the countries of World Showcase are as flat as Florida. The. Whole illusion, came, toppling down, we. Let our subscription, expire and we, have yet to renew them the, addiction, however remains, I confess. It hasn't been easy we've, only recently talked, about going I even. Picked up the phone to make reservations. I can't. Help it hey. I, want. More of the mouse even. Now our house is filled with Disney products. Anticipating. The children which God would one day bless us with was, in itself a maze of disappointments. How. We waited, how we waited, and we waited and, we fed our Disney addiction, in part, because we dreamed of one day filling, the imaginations, of our children in Main, streets clean swept gutters as we.

And Now. That we have children of our own the Lord has asked us to surrender the. Disney theme park experience all. Of it we. Almost went anyways, but. This is not about my twitching, fingertips, because, the Disney theme park experience, is, an affront to the, holiness, of the Lord in the, Magic Kingdom published, in 1986. Disney. Paints, its prized, Florida, destination, as a world, apart from the real if we. Are to accept, Disney's, premise, then. We must also detach, ourselves from, the moral, paraphernalia. Which clothes the otherwise naked Christian, faith, for, example, Disney. Has described, the Haunted, Mansion as a poltergeist. Paradise. By, merely participating. In Madame Liotta's. Conjuring. Of familiar. Spirits, we, are willingly, engaging. In a complete, subversion, of Leviticus. 1931. And. 2027. And, Deuteronomy. 18, 10 through 13. Necromancy. Is a damnable. Offense, worthy. Of death. Disney. Makes a joke of it and expects. Us to laugh along, particularly. When. Hitchhiking, ghosts follow us home Leviticus. 26, says and the, soul that, turneth, after. Such as have, familiar, spirits and after, wizards to. Go a whoring after, them I will. Even set my face against, that soul and, will, cut him off from among, his people, next. We find ourselves at Pirates of the Caribbean a boat. Guided, tour which outlines, the capturing, pillaging. And burning of. A seacoast, town by a crew, of swashbucklers. Who, would shiver the Timbers of Blackbeard. According. To Walt Disney World and yet. While, their victims may fret just a bit they seem to be having as much fun as the Buccaneers, here. The eleventh psalmist, confronts, us he. Writes the, Lord tests the righteous, but. His soul hates, the wicked and the one who loves violence. Disney's. Animal Kingdom devotes. An entire land. To, teaching, children about dinosaurs. And the hundred plus million, years their evolutionary. Narrative demands, it's, e ticket attraction. Aptly, named dinosaur, a fast-moving. Chiropractic. Inducing, darkride which, has described, as a turbulent. Journey through the Cretaceous, period takes, scissors to the opening chapters of Genesis, if one. Is to sit back and enjoy the ride he, must, forsake. The eyewitness, testimony of, his creator and comply, it's. Disneyland, camera, part most. Will recognize, it as Indiana, Jones Adventure temple. Of the forbidden I same. Exact ride system and track different, story in which, the demon Mara offers. His visitor, one of three choices earthly. Riches eternal. Youth or visions. Of the future, how. About you did, you take gifts from demons. With. Pandora, the land of avatar a massive. Themed area based on James Cameron's, series of films we. Are challenged, to another philosophical. Quandary, what. Makes us uniquely. Human some. Transhumanists. So-called. Uploaders. Holds. Of the idea that technology will, eventually allow us to separate, mind from body and enjoy. A material. Eternal. Life either. In the heavens or cyberspace. Avatar. Accepts. This premise, but, taxon, and amman ism in such. A construct. Souls. Or spirits exist, not. Only in man and fauna but in flora in rocks, even, in natural phenomena, such as mountains, rivers and streams if, consciousness.

Can Be transferred, to another body, at will today, mail tomorrow, female, an entirely, new sexual, organ the day thereafter then. The very fact that we are created, in God's image has, been arrested tried. And disproved. Avatar. Would have us know that the Bible, is an ill-conceived. Lie the. True Christian will have no part in this I recall. Seeing a shirt at Walt Disney World which. Said very simply eat sleep. Disney. Connect, and, that, speaks, of the Disney World experience, it most. Certainly did for mrs., Hagley and I'm or. As I like to call it, psychodrama. Walt. Disney World is nothing, less than a, psychodrama. Often. Employed within psychotherapy. The, willing participant. Uses spontaneous. Dramatization. And role-playing, all, under the guise of self presentation in, order to investigate, and gain insight, into his life as a. Therapy. Model it is a means of altering one's values. And works. Particularly, well in molding, the morality of children contrary, to their parents. Psychodrama. Is arguably. The most common, form of magic practiced. And likely. The sole discipline, of magic which, all occultist, seem to agree upon it. Is magic. Real. Magic not. The pointy, hat and broomstick. Magic, which Disney parades, for cheering audiences, though. The large 25-story. Magic, wand held, by a representation, of Mickey Mouse's hand, which, was constructed upon spaceship, earth sphere should. Still turn heads. Unfortunately. It didn't, mind psychodrama. Was how Anton, LaVey described. Magical, ritual in the Satanic Bible his, position, was that the ritual, was cathartic. A, purification. And predation, of emotions, particularly. Pity, and fear through. Art or any extreme, change in emotion, that results in renewal, and restoration and, proved, psychological. Benefits regardless, of whether or not the practice directly. Influenced the outside world. When. Aptly applied psychodrama. Includes, elements of theatre often. Conducted, on a stage or a space, that serves as a staged, area, where, props can be used, the. Fellow addicts, will likely, concur, disney refers, to all, guests, accessible. Areas, of the parks as on stage in. The. Theatre and it's double first published, in 1938. French, surrealist, Antoni are Todd writes aside. From tripling. Witchcraft of country, sorcerers, there. Are tricks of global hoodoo in which, all alerted. Consciousnesses. Participate. Periodically. That. Is how strange, forces, are aroused and transported, to the astral, vault, to, the dark dome which is composed above, all of us the, poisonous. Adhesiveness. Of the evil, minds of most people, the formidable, tentacular. Oppression. Of a kind of civic magic, which will soon appear, undisguised. Psychodrama. Is performance. Witchcraft, global. Voodoo civic, magic public, sorcery, consider. The demon Tinkerbell zipping, alongside the, simultaneous. Swing of a spotlight to, announce an incoming display, of fireworks or. Our. Mickey. Mouse commanding, Satan, rather, ironically. With, his mighty white glove and wand while, over the loudspeaker, we are the soft, COO of a child believed. By, garnishing, the audience's, well full participation. Like, an entire nation glued, to the television screen, during the Apollo 11 moon landing and Apollo, 13s, malfunction. The, spell is cast this. Is the occult masterful. Hand at play, performance. Witchcraft. Knowing. Then that Disney's a cesspool. Of falsehoods, the, Apostle, John would implore, of us not, to love and practice falsehood, in revelation. 22:15. He, writes concerning and, eternity, in heaven, outside. Are the dogs and, sorcerers. And, the, sexually, immoral and murderers and. Idolaters, and. Everyone. Who loves and practices. Falsehood. On, a, much. Larger, stage the, media has become not only a persistent. Violator, of isaiah 40:22. But. A cult of drama and violence, the 9/11. False flag event as well, as dozens of theater nightclub. School, church in concert, shootings none, of which will, be outright, mentioned, here are, arguably.

All Cycle. Dramatic exercises. They. Are orchestrated, in advance, and executed. Let. Him who has the eyes to see see. We. Have been conditioned. To cycle. Dramatic, experiences. For decades. Mrs.. Hadley and I were born into this norm so. Were you likely. In. Secret. Societies, in psychological. Warfare published. In 2001, Michael. A Hoffman, the second reminds, us of the rituals, gleaming. Ambition, he, writes. This theater of death began, as a ritual, of the cult members themselves and ended. As a giant magical. Ceremony, for the processing. Of the entire nation, this. Is the alchemical, cycle. Drama for, the transformation. Of humanity, we, are processing just. By reading or watching the, news and yet. There is a defining, difference, between the worldwide stage the. Unholy, union, of this present, reality, the. Media narrative wented. With a world, apart from the real, and when, I have been exclusively, describing. My. Reader cannot control, which tower the, occult wishes, to collapse which. Schools, or nightclubs, or entertainment. Venues, they concentrate, with the tears of Christ's, actors, nor, can i but. With due discipline, and diligence, we, can manage our, jurisdiction. In this stage of another kind to, say we are in love with the Lord and yet willingly, lust, for the flesh, of a man or, a woman is adultery. And rebellion. Against. Our creator thus. Saith Jesus as. The Apostle John would claim if, we say that we have fellowship with him and walk in darkness we, lie and, do, not the truth first. John 1:6, in the, same vein can. We lust, towards, a mastery, of abracadabra. Or play, the game of peekaboo into, necromancy. Or, simply, covet violence, even. As entertainment, would provided not. Forgetting, a thirst, for the possibilities. Which, transhumanism. Offers, our handicaps, insecurities. And sensuality. And still, love the Lord with Walt. Disney World I could go on the. Willing. And the ongoing performance wears, an RF, chip so, that his every footstep may, be tracked he. Is even photographed. Unaware, he, delivers, his very being, over to an almost omnipotent. Power from. The moment, he arrives power. To manipulate his EXO, centric, reality, with the esoteric, to. Manipulate, his, subconscious, with apostate. Desire, in, short, to. Manipulate, him and the values, of his children, the. Writer of Hebrews, 10:26, writes. For. If we sin, wilfully after that. We have received the knowledge of the truth there. Remaineth no more sacrifice for, sins. Magic. Is all around us, determination. Results. In magic. Imagination. Is a key for magic and practice. Makes better magic, to. This cause we, must not, apply. Over. The loudspeaker, we hear the voice of a, child softly. Cooing. Believe. Is. There, evidence in, the Bible that we do live, in a solar system with the Sun in the center of the universe and also, the earth being the third place. From, the Sun, according. To the. Early writers, it, did not the. Person. Who first found, that that belief was. Nicholas Copernicus he, had postulated or believes that, the earth is the third planet from. The Sun and that the. Sun is, in the center, of the universe however. If we go back to scripture scripture. Tells us that we are in, the center of the universe and that the earth was. Found it even, before the, Sun was, founded, right in scripture, scripture. Tells us that the Sun was, founded, on the fourth day of creation when, the earth was founded, on the first day of creation so, why would God create an earth and then later, on put, an earth in orbit around the Sun and make the Sun the center of the universe no it seems more likely that God has, placed us here in this earth realm to be his, special creation and, we, are at the center of the universe if I'm going to tell you where this idea came from today, we, have a whole, school, system that is based upon this model the solar system, but did you know that the solar system came, from the ancient Egyptians, whose are called practices. And magic, principles, were based on the Sun God rah rah was, the Sun God who was at the center of the universe and he, was surrounded by eight other gods those eight other gods were given names and attributes today. We know them as mercury Mars, Jupiter. Venus, Uranus. Saturn Neptune, and, Pluto but, according to the, tradition. Of the Egyptians. Raaah was, the all-seeing, all-knowing, Egyptian. God who was to be worshipped he was the creator man, and that he was the one who put in man, the breath of life here, what I'd like to do is point out the doctrines, of the great hermes and the great Hermes, was one, who. Nicolaus. Copernicus took. His founding, documents. From founding, thoughts from and notice. That this. Person.

Rock Is being worshipped, in place, of the. The Lord of Abraham. Isaac and Jacob Jehovah. Is our God's name but, raah is the god of the occult and the underworld notice what they say praise. To. This rock god. Of ancient they called him the one who fashioned, the men the, one who made God's and began, creation, and he. Also created, all things even the heavens notice. Down here that, it says who, let rock come to make them glad as. The prints of eternity, that raah is the lord of eternity, in the lord of life who. Feels the lungs with air and who gives breath to every nostril, now, notice that this sounds very similar, to christian teaching when, it talks about in the beginning God created the, heavens in the earth and the Lord, is the one who reached. Down and found them or, form men and then, also breathe into men, the breath of life but. In the doctrines. Of. Hermes. We, can also find this same worship, of the. God rock who, is the. Sun God our. God is the. God Jehovah and, he. Is the Lord of life Jesus. Made this statement of others, who came before him he said I am the way the truth and the life no man, comes, to the Father except through me he, says I am the I am the Sheep gate I am the gate to the sheet and if, anyone, comes through the gate he. Shall go in and out and find green pastures. But, anyone, who comes in. Besides. Using the gate is a thief and a robber he said all who came before me are thieves and. Robbers is, what Jesus said because he says I am The Good Shepherd and the Good, Shepherd lays down his life for his sheep it was the secret knowledge and her medical practices. Of magic, that inspired, nicholas, copernicus to. Theorize that the earth was. Not the center of the universe according. To Copernicus. The Sun is at the center of the universe only. Copernicus. Did not come up with this belief based, on, mathematics. And careful. Rationalism. And scientific. Observation. As we, have been told his. Beliefs, were, based upon. Occultic. Beliefs. That were centered. In an, ancient pagan istic, belief system, the question remains today are you going to believe God are you going to believe man who, God told us in his word let, God be true and every, man a liar, well, like, subscribe. Or, don't but. Remember, until next time that Jesus, is the light of the world and the, truth shall, set you free. You. You.

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Disney is PURE EVIL.




Bunch of craziness. Jesus is coming back soon.

ra and the sun god worship comes from the babylonian baal who is based on nimrod; when nimrod died he was falsely diefied by his wife semiramis and after the tower of babel when God confounded their languages she sent a part of nimrod to each region of the world to be kept and each interpetation accross the world of the sun god, comes from the worship of nimrod.

Wake up Reading: Exodus 20 : 1 - 32, John 3: 16 -21, John 17, John 13 - 16, Matthew 5 - 7, 19 : 26, Proverbs 16 : 2, Proverbs 3 : 5, Mark 13, Luke 20 - 22, Revelation 1 - 7, 13 - 15, 18 - 22, Esther 4.

You need to watch the five videos that I uploaded this morning. 911.

yeah in jesus I trust

Round sun , Round moon, wahhla Round planets.

Earth is flat wake up


Free Masonary and Jesuit control is the capstone of Jewish power and control. The Free Masonic Jew Albert Pike founded the Klu Klux Klan and the Jew Ignatius Loyola was founder of the Jesuits. International Jews now control all the world's central banks. International Jews own all the major corporations world wide including the pharmaceutical industry and Rothschild controlled propaganda educational institutions world wide. International Jews own 96 percent of the major media outlets world wide. They control the IMF, World Bank and the U.N. and NATO. Those who control a nations money control that nation and their politicians along with their free mason sell outs. They are planning to eliminate a large portion of the world's population as they state that a smaller population would be easier to control under their one world government to be run from Jerusalem. Welcome to the Jew World Order.

Thanks so much for the eye opening teaching on Earth being in the center of the universe. The solar system revolving around the sun being a creation of the Egyptians, it makes perfect sense, yet I never thought about it in a Biblical way. I'm in my 50's and was taught about the solar system, Heaven forbid they teach you the truth in school, and this was before the communist manifesto became the norm in the public school system.

Fux all my gaming videos turned into conspiracy and hidden satanic bs... I've been watching dis stuff for...dam 2 wks allready... And now that I know.. now I can see it.. everywhere!! It's everywhere

Great presentation. The Kabbalah Sefirot "tree of life" (which is really the tree of knowledge of good and evil) is the model for the satanic solar system of the sun being at the center. The "light" at the center of the Sefirot tree is the mystical judaic Kabbalah god of this world, Ein Sof or Satan. If you dig deep enough you will see that this is Mystery Babylon the Great, the mother of harlots. There is one Mother but many daughter harlots who branch out of this Babylonian/Egyptian system. Revelation 11:8 identifies Mystery Babylon as Jerusalem, the Great City which is spiritually Sodom and Egypt, where our Lord was crucified. Then read Revelation 17 and 18 where Mystery Babylon is called the Great City. Then finally read Matthew 23 and compare word for word, the Words of Jesus in this chapter to Revelation 17 and 18...The blood of all the prophets is on her hands.

I LIKE your vids. But, the Earth ain't flat.

True! If the Earth was created first how could the sun be the center

Walt Disney was not a Freemason. He was rumored to have been a member of the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosæ Crucis (AMORC), which has its headquarters at 1342 Naglee Ave. San Jose CA. AMORC is not affiliated with Freemasonry. Regular Freemasons are banned from joining them. AMORC, Martinism, Memphis Misraim, the OTO, or anything that sprang from the Grand Orient are irregular and clandestine in regular Freemasonry.

craxd1 he was a freemason

Night and day happens at the same time as the world turns .if it were completely flat it would be either completely “day “ or “night “,but not both . Think it thru .

Its a Fake globe after all. Its all fake Space after all

I’m not a flat earth fan . So many people are so caught up in weather it’s flat or round ..... is salvation round or flat ? And does our salvation depend on such ? I think it’s good that we have differing views because it causes us to question and study . But lately I’ve seen many believers so caught up in the roundness or flatness of earth and arguing of such . It’s truly a defeat for believers . We walk by faith and not by sight . Is our salvation fully rounded and grounded in Christ or is it flat lacking carbonation. We can all draw our own conclusions of such . There’s so much deception out there and the earth just may be flat . I have always felt comfortable accepting it as a round earth or circle just like the Bible says . By faith not by sight . God bless you .

They fooled the sumararian people. Then wiped em out. They fooled alot of the Egyptians and then wiped them out. They fooling us and have started the process of wiping us out. They use some serious technology to do so. They control everything in the world hidden in Antarctica land of Oz. Ancient lost technology was never lost just hidden from us all. Tesla knew about it all he was going to spill the beans so they killed him off. They lie and make you believe what they want you to believe. Been going on for millions of year's that's the old saying history repeats itself.

Come on!!! The earth is not flat!!! Why does the moon have craters then???

Bless this channel

434 th like

Thanks for the vid. Truly. God in Heaven bless you and yours.

Its sad you can't trust anything anymore .

I haven't been there since I was a kid which was the 80's. But I remember my Dad complaining about the costs. That memory got me thinking why do we pay them $200 to walk in to a park that's there to brainwash us? I never got into to park but have watched my fair share of their movies. Now that they've bought Star Wars franchise it seems I'll be watching more. Prayers before watching or entering!! YWHW bless you & you channel!!!

Light production in fireflies is due to a type of chemical reaction called bioluminescence. This process occurs in specialized light-emitting organs, usually on a firefly's lower abdomen. The enzyme luciferase acts on the luciferin, in the presence of magnesium ions, ATP, and oxygen to produce light. Notice how they gave this light enzyme Lucifer's name and they call Lucifer the light bearer...

Great video!..It can feel so lonely being awake..

Truth Girl I hear you truth girl

Truth Girl I've joined you in being awake, feels lonely still; still so few are

Truth Girl I agree...

Now you know why disgusting luciferian Disney start targeting your precious innocent children with the gender confusion in their luciferian cartoons,show's and luciferian movies because lucifer and his Roman catholic Jesuit society know brainwashed parents aren't paying enough attention to see what been pushed/operation depopulation aka population control,if they could persuade the children to be confused about their gender then less children will be born in future generation's/then it will be easier for lucifer,Roman catholic black Jesuit pope and Roman catholic Jesuit society keep controlling the entire World

Von Braun, Nazi co founder of NASA, tomb stone reads "The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork" Psalm19:1 They're lying and deceiving us about EVERYTHING

GREAT VID & TESTIMONY!! May God continue to bless you and your family for not surrendering to this evil fallen world.

Thanks for the video. I woke up to Disney by watching the movies and they have the hidden messages and they all start with something bad happening why show those things to little kids.

That Isaiah passage in Greek actually supports its literal premise of a spherical earth. God creating our sun as a stationary star is evidence of that. The most sinister thing Disney is using the globed objects for is advertising the NWO agenda. The dinosaurs' existence isn't necessarily a Luciferian hoax when Job 40:15-18 strongly implies God created them, even though secular education claims the planet is millions of years old. Christians don't have to completely detach ourselves from what science says, otherwise we shouldn't believe in the laws of gravity or momentum as well. To say we have to choose between our faith or science is super ridiculous when science itself isn't an inherent enemy.

This is off subject, but I'm in Aruba and I have the local advertising on the TV (I only watch that and the animals).., anyway, at the beginning of the loop on that local channel , it plays the same intro music as the beginning of your channel... Funny cause I think about your intro all the time now.. lol it IS a small world

I hope you have cleaned out your house of everything Disney. Demons attach themselves to that stuff, and you don't want rhem in your house. Great video. God bless you,.

"My people come out of her"...the WORLD,mother earth(?)..the illusion they created for us to live food,games,bills,striving for personal success,movies,all of it..fake illusion..not how we were meant to live..thats why they going back to 80's..after the trauma of the 60's n 70's thru wars n drugs...its when the illusion took full control of the and media went all in with the capital marketing to us...and they been pushing it into other countries since..its a matrix prison we cant see,until you finally do..and cant ever unsee it..add the Bible and it fits sad to see everyone not IS the grand delusion so as to believe the lie,when u reject the truth...Jesus Christ, "I am the TRUTH,the way,and the life"...God bless

I was mind controlled during indoctrination training in MKUltra using Disney imagery and The Wizard of OZ. I have always known how evil they are. I told people this all my life and was responded to with ridicule. I feel so sorry for people. God Bless.

No Disney for my family either. I went to Main Street Disney as an adult while at a convention once, and found it overly crowded and unimpressive. Even as a youngster, I had a gut instinct which was discernment, no doubt. So many Disney movies are chock-full of occultism. It greatly grieved and frightened me as a kid, and I recognize now that God was faithfully protecting my spirit. PARENTS: Take note. You're the gatekeeper for your young children in these early years. STAND GUARD and against the powers of darkness -- even those painted up as Disney characters.

25:18 I agree with you, but its easy to critizice those weak in the faith that fall under the lust of the flesh, specially for someone married. People don't want to be alone but still it can take years to find the appropriate person for some.

Did you know that in the mormon temple, they open their main ritual with images of outer space and images if other worlds. Mormons are unknowing freemasons. They do the handshakes and signs. Watch @newnamenoah on youtube to watch the rituals. Pretty creepy....and telling.

Bubble Popper. Yep, masonic with a religious twist.. What a scam. I think most adherents to secret societies are unwittingly worshiping Satan. Hell, protestant Christians practice pagan holidays dressed up as something sacred.. Who do THEY THINK THEY ARE FOOING ?

NASA gets 19 billion dollars a year for lies, CGI and movies. God made the earth flat, supported by Pillars. Anyone who has been on an airplane, and looked out the window, can see flat horizons in all directions for the entire flight. How can people in the outer hemisphere (not southern), see the North Star if the earth was a ball? Do you really feel like you are moving at 1000 mph? The earth is stationary.

Dennis Gannon u mean trillions

Dennis Gannon err its a bit more than that pal more like 7 trillion a year at least ?

Dennis Gannon True! !!

Excellent testimony and video!

The illusion started with our phoney history books, the spell was completed after the fake moon landing

sheila shoop I know why I hated history class so much.

Not being defensive. Most of us just can't stand all this stupid. Cause that's all it is. Stupid.

Still laughing, thanks again.

Says Woodle1 Snurz haha. That made my day. Thanks friend.

Saw a photo by Deguereo made in the 1920's of the moon and there is a view of the earth and it is round in that photo! But my question is what difference does it make? Round or flat? Why the lie?

Pagans worship the sun and place it in the middle of the solar system, if The Lord God is the creator of you and the Earth, where would he place the two of you? If the Universe is infinite, then you and God become insignificant in this existence. Copernicus and Darwin are both 33rd degree freemasons, thus luciferians, lucifer is the greatest deceiver. Who do you want to follow? Lucifer fell on the second day of creation with 200 out of 600 other angels or 1/3 or 33 percent. Get it? The Lord God also created the Firmament on the Second Day Of Creation. Why? Maybe to hold thos that fell prisoners until the end times? Hmmmmmm.......... Seek the truth and it shall set you free. Great question, but what I have shown you is that you lack the knowledge that will set you free from the system. Time to do some more homework, but just remember it is not a simple 5 minute lesson to understand this, it takes years of study to start seeing the bigger picture. It's a journey.

The themepark rides itself contain a lot of subliminal messages too! Im talking Efteling european themepark aswell as disneyland. Black white, blue white refering to good vs evil and the masonic lodge. cresents, knight templar crosses, pentagrams, sun worship, moon worship, magic themes; witches, trolls, magicians, dinosaurs, fairys, elves, monsters, jokers, clowns, horror and so on. Its crazy

First Name Nederlander? :-)

No more flat erf nonsense... It's nothing more than a psy-op to mock Christians, and "truthers." Please stop pushing flat erf, it's not biblical.

Flat earth is your own research. From Genesis to Revelation the Bible describes a flat earth. Proverbs 18:13 - He that answereth a matter before he heareth [it], it [is] folly and shame unto him.

Daniel Terry psy-op comment

You know what amazes me is that every planet we look at the moons and even the Sun are all round yet the Earth is flat?

Joshua Rounsville true and also the shadow of the earth crossing the moon is round its a fukin psy op or cointelpro to discredit tho I have seen some pretty unexplainable vids on the flat earth the way I look at is don't believe nothing unless you've seen it with ur own eyes but these NASA cunts are very deceptive and very satanic too jpl or in other words jack parsons labs ! G

The bible teaches the earth is unmovable, stationary and isn't a wet spinning ball rocket. All ancient Hebrews new the truth until the freemason kabbalah observer Copernicus summoned his THEORY of heliocentric model. Tough pill to swallow and many will choose to continue being deceived.



I like the post processing effect to make it look like miniature models.

Wipe your... face...


Robert Espinoza absolutely right!

LOL at dark helmet


A world full of laughs, yeah great! The world is damned and going straight to hell!

Great video!!! How true it is!!! Disney is evil!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

It's amazing that anyone wakes up with all the propaganda and brainwashing that is thrown at us every minute of our existence.

Watching this with awoken eyes is shocking. And all the money Disney is sucking out of these people that don't know any better. People go into debt to take their kids (babies include) on this plastic vacation full of insanity because its what everybody does. This is a dream vacation for families too.

The Earth is covered mostly with water, right? If water seeks its own level, then we are looking at the fact that most of the Earth is water and that water is flat. does that mean only the continents are bending to form the globe? We must think about these things and stop being fooled by those who want to get rid of our Creator. all you have to do is realize that most of us were educated by government schools from Nursery School through college. Even if it didn't say government on the brochure... Smiling...The books that were used told the same story. Those who are awake need to help awaken others before we are unable to say anything. Expect ridicule and challenges but don't let that stop you. Plant a seed and let everything else grow the way it should. The Spirit will take control.

I have been there also, never forget it

I was getting dizzy on the opening ride, moving so fast!!! Lol Oh boy "Spaceballs!!" Hahahahaha, play the beginning at .25 speed, its really freaky and creepy, or better yet play it at 2X if ya wanna get sick. Lol

Very good broadcast teaches alot no the question is are the blue pill people going to take the red pill and believe the truth... Jehovah.. the truth, the life , the light , the way!

It is very evident that there is NEVER given any glory to God. Look at Walt's signarure. You can see 666 in his last name. Evil to the core & should not be supported in any way.

It's heart breaking to know the truth about Walt Disney and the Luciferian world he created. People don't want to face the truth and will keep going because they live in an illusionary world.

I love this channel.

At first... I wasn't going to watch this one, since I already know about Walt Disney, Disney World and Disneyland... But I am glad that I watched and listened to what you had to say.... For you surely said a mouthful of truth here... And for all those who will not only listen to it, but are able to grasp and gleem the deeper meaning from what you have shared here, then the real truth will set one free, from all the deception, the lies, illusions and falsehoods... May HOLY GOD and Christ Jesus bless you, your wife and your family... As you continue on... Glory be to HOLY GOD in the Highest... through Jesus Christ our Lord... Btw.... You are correct in saying that we are at the center of the universe and not the sun. The final stages of this long battle and deep spiritual war of which I believe the true fate of the whole universe hinges on the final outcome of what happens here and depended greatly on the sacrifice of the most innocent blood. Indeed the universe hinges on what is being played out down here on this platform of free will called Earth, which is positioned front and center stage for all of the open heavens to view. That is why the Holy Bible states we are the apple of GOD'S Eye.. We are the center of all of HIS concern and attention. Not the sun, nor the moon, nor the wondering stars that we have been falsely indoctrinated and misled to believe are planets...

If you really listen to the song it's a small world you come to realize just how creepy it actually is.

Xiolee True I never listened to it because I thought it was silly and annoying. However finally having a listen on this video it is indeed creepy.

Isaiah 40: 17-31.....22, "It is He that sitteth upon the CIRCLE of the Earth....." Why does it matter if the earth is round or flat or square? This earth is reserved for Fire against the sinner and ungodly. In the day of the Lord, The shape will not matter. Soooooo Stupid to set your thoughts on such things. Just another tool, distraction of Satan to divide Christians. This whole world lieth in wickedness, and lies, duh.

Benito Raphael ....Truth does matter, Truth is not the same as a fact. Only Truth comes from the Word of the Creator and His Son. FACTS are determined by a compilation of information, could be found right, could be found wrong. Truth, from the Almighty is never wrong. That's the difference.

Truth matters.

I can relate so much to this! Our whole family was in love with Disney and we went there a handful of times until God woke us up and showed us the truth - and we chose to listen! I knew "how to disney" like a professional - how to beat the crowds and lines, how to snag the best reservations, how to get the best fastpasses! It was my hobby and I probably made it into an idol. I still miss it sometimes, but if it's bad for us, we're better off never going there ever again. I don't want to be asleep to what's really going on anymore. It's like candy with poison in the center.

Knowing the truth of geocentricism IS what will keep us from being decieved by the man of perdition, the lawless one, the anti-christ, and his mark of the beast system that will trick the blind who see his magical miracles with their own eyes and fool the deaf who hear him speak down fire from heaven. The whole world will fall down and worship these ancient beings they believe came from above their heads from far far away when in reality they've chosen to believe the lie of man and willfully worship the creation rather than the Creator. I believe "The Alien Invasion" could happen at any moment now....."they've" been preparing, prepping, priming, programing, preaching and, according to some, practicing this thing for for millinea. These CREATURES from the pit, which is below the earth that we all live on, or rather live within,( just like a tent),....are going to be presented as gods and most people are going to perceive them as gods. The world will marvel after the beast because they believe the beast is come down to them from the heavens above them, many millions of "light-years" away... That this beast is actually their ancestor(s) who "spawned" those on earth who call themselves humans and they will ridicule and oppose all who refuse to believe. The beast will say he is the now here to save his people from the evil powers that over-took planet earth by offering the thing that all will agree is the solution and all will willfully take part in.......unless you know the truth that this beast comes from under your feet and it's best you always keep him there!

Vary good video and to think? It's all true Disney did use man's thinking in the creation of the earth . I hope all the people that go though the Disney parks know the differences between God and the Devil .... Thank you for the eye opener God Bless you and your family. Keep on viding! Oh yea.. I know God has placed us on a flat earth I've known sense I was 10 years old I am one of God's people .. so I've got to tell you what Jesus said to everyone : Repent Be Baptized Everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ .

Jerusalem is the centre of the universe.

SMHP, here is a link to Cullen Smith, MK Ultra mind control, it is key to understanding the truth about our world, who, what, why, and how. The Illuminati are sabotaging our brains at birth and beyond, I know how they are doing it and would like to help you see too. The entire population are monarchs, all of us. Peace!

If you were to die today are you 100% sure you can go to heaven?. So, you must realize that you sinned, against a holy God therefore you are a sinner(Romans 3:23 - For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God), if 1 crime makes you a criminal, then 1 sin=you are a sinner. And God has to punish sin with hell forever( Revelation 20:5 - And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet [are], and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever). But, you can be saved/go to heaven because of Jesus Christ and only what He did( who is God by the way John 1:1 and 14 - In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God/And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.) by putting all your FAITH/TRUST from the HEART in the death on the cross for the forgiving of sins, burial and ressurection on the third day of Jesus Christ, the BLOOD of Jesus for the forgiving/cleasing of sins(1 Corinthians 15:1-4 - Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures), (Romans 5:9 - Much more then, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him. ). Ephesians 2:8-9 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God/ Not of works, lest any man should boast. You don't have to do anything to get to heaven, no work, just trust, RELY on what Jesus Christ did, in His blood for your salvation. Now if you put your trust in what Jesus did, you are going to heaven no matter what, you have eternal security(Ephesians 4:30 - And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption). Now of course grace is not a excuse to sin. Do not sin but not to get saved or stay saved but only to please God.( Romans 6:1-2 What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?), after death going to heaven or not you will face judgement. If saved, you will go to The Judgement Seat of Christ where your works you do after being saved are judged for rewards there.Also out of a good conscience we must not bother God by sinning because he died for us to be saved.

& thanks for links!

In the 80s, it began to leak out that Disney was a pervert, and many children were being molested and raped by employees. Somethings never change. But it was dismissed as a conspiracy against Disney. Sound familiar? That's when I decided to never go there. They have been violating our children's souls for too many years. Go La Brea Tar pits! Break open and consume it.!!

Kingdomof Hope why "break open and consume it"...?

Why are the thunbs up/down count unreadable?

I know 2 guys who worked there in their early 20s. They are nice people but very very asleep & Disney taught them how to be fake& phony& pleasant & wishy washy. Both men struggle with bisexuality,hmmm.

The Jesuits are behind the scenes of the Freemasons'/Knight of Malta!

Justen Peterson a freemason website says that they were created by the knights templar and since those knights are satanists, that would make freemasonary, as well . Freemasons were disbanded in America before they came out with the whole shriners hospital, it was to rebrand their image, so they would be allowed to be in society .

They like ninjas work in the shadow...

I have never been to Disneyland. And to think I was ridiculed by some. I actually let that hurt my feelings when I was much younger. Now, I am so dam proud of myself for never stepping foot in that Hell on earth.

Kingdomof Hope - Same here, friend. I'm pushing nearly 4 decades on this Earth, and never stepped one toe on Disney soil. Even as a child, I felt there was a creepy message behind their cartoons... Like painting a rattlesnake pink, just because it looks pretty don't mean it ain't dangerous. I also say no to that new Noah's Ark thing too, because it's deliberately not accurate to Scripture. The Ark was built like a rectangular box, God's treasure chest, to save His most valuable creations. It wasn't stylized like a ship, or God would have instructed Noah to build a ship... God said to build an ark, not a boat or ship. Peace!

Was forced to go as a child and what a waste of time and're smart to not go. They should call it the most boring place on earth.

Went to the Paris one. Truly hideous.

Kingdomof Hope same here

I agree with most of this, but their is still no real evidence or standing for a flat earth, yes the moon landing was most likely a fake, but the earth

His word also says circle many times not sphere

The earth is round and it is flat.

Robert I like a pizza!


Robert I yep, like a dominoes pizza. And you are living on a slice of pepperoni.

Robert I you mean its a circle

I always wondered when I was a child why the school system taught that humans came from monkey's. As I am awake I realize that there are Evil beings among us, and they wanted us to believe that we weren't made in our Creators imagine

*Princess Vespa*

Lee EightiesBaby LMAO.... funny she doesn't look drewish lol

Your anus

It's the ancient religion of the sun. As above So below. Obelisks are going up everywhere and most people don't know it. "Come out of her my people, for you suffer her plagues and pestilences."

its the babylonian worship of nimrod

Its nice to see you using Yahuah by name i love Yahusha my Elohim

Entertain us, with circuses, theatre, arts, movies, music, media occupy the minds make us Narcissistic all about me, not caring for the Rape & pillaging of the Earth & its people by hierarchy Zionists occult Freemason under the Jesuit order ( re branded Knights Templar ) for the synagogue of satan. Their moto do what thou wilt, don't give a ---- about anyone else. These low life don't care about us. They are peddling for a police state totalitarian NWO. These masons have a Masonic temple in every nation on Earth, be it Russia, China, Afghanistan, India, Australia, Poland yes even Korea you name it its their. On the mantle piece is what ever the belief system that nation holds, Muslim the Koran, Christian the bible, Hebrew the Tora, Hindus etc etc, they instil their own kind promote the them, give them awards great acclaim, run the think tanks, all in house. Controlling all our facets in life. They have infiltrated, corrupted & compromised all forms of governance, puppet Govts, dictatorships, kingdoms, controlling, military assets, police, judiciary systems, economy, money, education, forge & corrupt our culture with movies, music, theatre, arts, family breakdowns & all religions. They turn us against each other, Divide & Rule, distract, divert, occupy the minds, take attention off what their agendas are unabated, by creating false flag events to seize our freedom. What us to stay between the lines, ask no questions, be obedient, and get into your coral. In a pigs eye, to hell where their home is with their lucifer.

Alberta de la Guerre That's why Jews are taught to follow the Talmud....not the Tora. The Talmud teaches hatred for all non-Jews

robert hadjimouratis Jews aren't following the Tora. They follow the Talmud, which is why they don't care about any non-Jew.

robert hadjimouratis the masons have a lodge in every city in the us. I'm sure it's the same abroad.

Good comments guy's. I also kinda wanted to add ancient lost technology was never lost neither. They had everything we have back then that's how they built everything like the pyramids and all. You see ancient helicopters airplane's ships and they show astronots just like we got. Ufo's back then we still got. So many lies it's crazy. They destroyed the sumararian people then started over again then destroyed the Egyptians. Then started over again. They have begun destroying us now with the same technology they destroyed them with. Idk i just have an open mind like that. Lol but i found your comments verry educated you guy's definitely awake about things..

robert hadjimouratis I believe this now.

When God looks down he sees a circle. He's see everything

Es Al . Looking through your eyes as well as mine!

As a child I was never attracted to Disneyland, I've always believed and still do that God protects his own, my view of my surroundings is definitely far questionable within reason

We live in a MASON jar after all.

Caydeyn Chinensis....... Your thumbs up are stuck at 33 right now. 33 = M M

They started by controlling the containers...then the food in the containers too...then the quality and the price.

Prison for the mind

Caydeyn Chinensis .lol!

It's crazy how much manipulation we are subjected to on a daily basis.

The Earth is FLAT. NASA lies !

Ishelle Nelson not proof. there is no real reason to lie about the planets shape. nasa lies yes, but their lies are invested in more important 'conspiracies' that ultimately make flat earth look like a joke. flat earth is just another divide and concur tactic especially since they know we can never prove its flat. all people do is create theories and test that ultimately prove nothing, because its meaningless. if only people invested their time where it mattered

NASA in Hebrew means deceive

Prove it

Azad Mamedov yessss


Oh the nostalgia of the good old days growing up in Orlando. Never missed the small world ride! No way in hell I'd take my kids... Sorry babies...

Great video; thank you for sharing.

Let them continue. It is very amusing.

Gforce nothing you said made a lick of sense.

OK, you are probably not going to like this, but the way this is dealt with in your video, realizing this arena we find ourselves isn't a spinning water ball (which I will point out is easily accessible and taught even at the earliest of age in our schools), you are automatically defaulted to something just as easily accessible within at least American culture, which is Christianity. Now before you draw conclusions as to where I am going with this, I am going to ask a question in which real Christianity must get a grip on. Per the Bible, it is documented that the risen , Jesus Christ is a physical being, still is, always will be. So we exist in an arena based on a fixed horizontal situation, to where, regardless of what elevation we reside, we stand vertical in relationship to the horizontal, i.e. : "The aircraft has leveled off at 21,000 feet; feel free to move about the cabin". This physical Jesus Christ ascended into heaven above the horizontal arena where we reside. Where is the physical Jesus Christ? Listen, I am not saying Jesus Christ isn't real, but what I am saying is that all information that is easily accessible to us needs to be thrown in the balance, and needs to be considered suspect as being disinformation. To me, especially to have only a spiritual encounter with "Jesus Christ" could very well leave one open to some counterfeit entity claiming to be Jesus, to where, and correct me if I am off to what the scripture shows, the real deal Jesus Christ is not only Spiritual, but flesh and bone spiritual entity, i.e. God in the flesh. Not flesh and blood, but Flesh and bone and not just spirit: "Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have". Luke 24:39 KJV The disciples had a physical encounter with the physical Jesus Christ; why should I expect any less of an experience?

Did you guys notice the all seeing eye inside the it's a small world ride

It makes me sick to the core! *##*^"

you lost me on that flat earth stuff

the rest is true

and row your boat


SuburbanoidMisfit111 what's amusing is you believing NASA. I'm laughing my butt off, you'll see. Try not to fall over buddy we're allegedly hurdling through space at 1.3 million miles per hour through our galaxy, and it's all because of a scientific theory, yes , a theory known as gravity. You have a good day now.

Nathan Watt where are you getting this information from? Is it from the same people who can't keep their story straight about what the Earth actually looks like via "real" satellite images? Example: NASA's official Earth image 2012: NASA's official Earth image 2013: Seems legit right? You know, outer space was looking really real in those new Star Wars movies, now that I think about it and every single Outer Space movie in the last 30 years it looks exactly like they portray it to look in real life, kind of makes you think.

Blessed Bee that's not entirely true, there are some Jews who only abide by the Torah. A lot are talmud Jews, but not all.

robert hadjimouratis I agree to some extent, however if you look at Hollywood, the contolled media and the music industry etc. you will see a definite pattern...they all are pushing the theme 'Do what they will' love...The Book of law by Allister Crowley. They push the eastern practices..elvis, Jim Morrison, Madonna , Katy Perry all of them. Why? Because their is a real book of the law : The Torah, which is do God's will!!! The eastern practices is calling up fallen spirits/ angels (basically the Wolf in sheep's clothing). That's why the Catholic Church is also doing yoga in the churches now. Mr Crowley started the procedure in his book of the law. The eastern religion will mix with the western religion. All in the name of the false love of Allister Crowley (do what they will) . That's why the celebs are pushing One Love, unity, etc. Puppets. And the Devil is the piper.

Flat, round, or square I'm on it. Wow!!!

Maria Atkins trust the Word of God

You're not alone

sheila shoop one could say it got worse after the moon landing lol

Amen! Disney Land, the land of Pedophiles and satanists! Lucifarian Zio Nazis!

Ugh! Flat Earfer! I usually like your videos, but this is stupid.


A mousetrap for people was the inception...after all

Please make a video on the Talmud.

It is lonely.....but itll pay off in the end. Just make sure to keep planting seeds!

Nathan Watt yea and they have yet to show us reall proof of a globe so what does that say

excellent.. loved the disney discussion... so true, for anyone who lets themselves see.

Movie/tv/entertainment industry run by liberals exclusively. These left wing democrats have campaigned tirelessly to legalize sex with children. 17 times since 1969 a Democrat in the United States has introduced legislation to lower the consent age to 12-14 depending on the region. All of these perverts being exposed now is a good thing. Way too many people idolize these douchebags and help facilitate the evil of pedophilia.

Walt Disney had never been a Freemason your argument is a house built on sand


Robert Espinoza Walt Disney was not a Freemason

If it was only true Thomas

Justen Peterson the SJ are not behind Freemasonry and the Knights of Malta are a separate organisation in the Catholic Church The Roman Catholic Church is virulently anti Masonic

Joseph Smith was himself a Freemason

Lucky you, my parents actually dragged me there along with my siblings

Theresa Savoy - what we see is temporal. The unseen is eternal. To me it is a waste of time to concentrate on the shape of the earth. The Bible said to concentrate on the heavenly things.



got that rite

+wafa wafa was fun yes he was

Nothin new under the sun


Disney = Evil

Jews are behind it all Jews and Phoenicians.

Freemasonry has nothing to do with lucifer or witchcraft or any other evil premise.... ignorance is bliss

Maybe, maybe not. I hope not. I would like to think he was a good person and he cared about people...... Even though I know better

ugh. I can't imagine what his own children went through

20:45 hmmmm

I just want to say that im enjoying this educational video.

New movie replicas is all about cloning here we go again.

The answer is short but sweet. God never can walk as man because God is Spirit who is Holy. It does not say that God can not make himself as a man and put His Spirit who is also God the Father, now He is called God the Son , because God listens to the crys of Israel. And He picked a young teen who was pure as never been touched and entered His Spirit into her body without having sexual relations. Out came Jesus the Messiah the true Savior of the world. But yet the world leaders thought it be better for one man to die then a whole nation to crumble. I choose to not be religious but to educate people who Christ really can be to them in a personal agreement who offers anyone eternal life who wants to recieve Him in ttheir lives. God bless those who want to be blessed.

If everyone who claims knew this to be true. The antichrist would have to plan more, but because many who claim to be christians and claim to listen to preachers that tell their congregation their is more then one way to heaven and even add in works, when Jesus said their is no works to get into heaven. Romans 3:23 quoted again, they do not have faith or show obedience and instead choose to marry even pagan wifes . Theirfore just makeing satans job much easier.

Demonic Disney corrupt

Other news