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Haha hello it is the springtime Oh in the summer is right around the corner and guess what it was just the ITP show here just a few days ago what is ITP you might be asking ITP, is a two-year, master's program right here at Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, it's where I teach it's where I spend almost all of my time and, the show of the student work just happened earlier this week I did a livestream, you can watch the full two-hour our archive, of me wandering, around with a microphone in. Link. To that in this video's description but, if you just want to see a shorter, highlight, reel of some of the projects all the amazing crazy things the weird stuff that the students are up to here take. A look at this video more, information about all the projects in this video's description links. And all the people's names and all that sort of stuff so thanks, for watching and I'll be back soon with coding, tutorial perhaps goodbye. My. Name is Jim Schmitz, and this is my Google, Streetview, style of transfer project the, idea is to take pictures from Google Street View and then. Apply a style transfer, algorithm, to, all the frames to make an animation so it looks like you're flying through a animated. Painting in this case the. Highway. In Idaho is being transformed, a combination. Of, seated. Nude by Picasso, and this other photograph, by, cat. Connor and photographer, so. My name is Ella Nichols and I created an interactive cubist mirror i'm calling at the painting mirror because if you stand close. Enough to it you'll, see fragmented, reflections, of yourself and you can move those pieces around and create, your own portrait. Does. It like, so, this is just it's left over in the position from where people were before yes. The shapes are but the let's live video moving, into, the shapes if you, find something that you like you can double tap the screen and the preserve it on Instagram, and pick it up later. So. My name is tarek Gutierrez, and I just completed my first year at ITP, my. Piece is entitled misunderstood. It's an interactive. Installation. Where you can place on this hoodie and when, you flip up the hood you hear this audio narrative of a young black boys encounter, with a police officer so, it's. A two-part narrative the first part is me. Telling my actual, story so, when I was 13 years old I was stopped by a white police officer, so I'm recounting, that in the first aspect of the narrative the, second aspect is more speculative, aspect, of like what could have happened so. I'm tired with the piece misunderstood. Because. I think it's often times at that point of misunderstanding. Where, these, incidents, of police brutality become. Deadly I didn't, realize there was gonna be like tactile feedback and, that really surprised, me and, I think that's there. Was very, loud gunshots, and I would feel vibrating. In the in parts of the hoodie which really, you know I I do I probably shouldn't be listening to this anymore because I'm doing this like live stream but it was I just didn't want to didn't want to take it off so it's really impact that's great thank, you great work Tarek my, name is ty.

My. Project, is poly note which. Is a. Sequencer. A web-based, multiplayer. Sequencer. These. Are. Different. Instruments, that you kind of pick and then, you. Can. Put. Them on. The. World the color and the shape is the instrument and, the. Velocity. Determine. The height determines the amplitude, and it's. Completely, a multi player so, what. Happens here is. Going. To be here the same pattern and we can play together anything, like that yeah. Hey. I'm Anthony I'm, Keith Donna I'm Kathy and I'm Asha and this is our project search divides us so. Search divides us is a project made, for playful communications, of serious, research, so what we tried to do was take a serious research, topic which was bias, and search engine optimization, and then communicate, that playfully, and. So, for this class we were tasked to collaborate. With an NYU professor and. Dr.. Charlton McIlwain and, he's concerned with how the way that the Internet's architecture, currently works today, limit. And constrains, what we actually see and this can create eventually, segregation. And problematic ways we've created, a kind of a fun game to express, that so this is what the search engine thinks you should live based, on your profile has, found one recommendation, for you, Ahmadi. Mosey on oh this. Is my thesis project Ohio which is a line, of neo. Retro, experimental. Cameras so basically emerges, the digital. And analog photo, experience, so you take. Photos with a digital camera, but it immediately applies filters, that mimic the quality of a film. Camera and it mimics the whole experience and there's no screen and, all. Of that, and. If people want to find out more or you do you have a website about it yet or what can you tell us what the URL is which. Is oj Oro, and. Where does the name come from it's Spanish, a little is Spanish, for gold, and I translate, it to English so it means really, that these are essentially tools for you to explore your own artistry, or goal tonight hi, my name is Xue and my project, is called it will be perfect from now on, it's. A kinetic sculpture and, it as a research, on being, an only child under, the one-child policy in, China and, then it got bigger and I started thinking about how power. Structures, and policy affect, individuals, and. Identities. And their individuality, so, I decided to create, this kinetic sculpture as a response, to that and basically.

It's. An. Artificial. Erosion, of stones, with. My. Name is Roland Arnold, and. I. Am, interested in true randomness, because. Computational. Randomness, is kind of fake I don't want this so, I was interested how can I create true randomness and how can I make to wreden is somehow a spiritual, experience to people so, I created a stone, that. When. You knock at it and, you. Align with true randomness, of the radioactive. Particles inside, that stone, when. The patterns match it knocks. Back at you so, basically the universe talks, back to you because the to randomness is kind of a force in the universe. The. Universe is, talking to me so, I'm Barack. So. We're together work on this. And, we got inspiration from the, prisoner, system, panopticon and try to create, this project that, express our concern. About mass surveillance this. Is surveillance footage from cameras, that we set up all over the floor and it captures faces and, when you come in front of the installation, it captures your face from the camera on top and indexes, you against all of the photos that we found so, you only realize, you're being surveilled on once you come and face, your surveilled image and so this camera at the top that's, never, showing the image from that camera here, I know that one is capturing your face and indexing, them and across, all of the images, from the floor Wow, hi, my name is ivy and this is actually. A group project but, my, two partners, they have their own project over there so. This project is based on, research. Paper from. Neuroscience, Department, of Hawaii and. Research. Is about the imbalance of the human brain and so. You know brain there's two neurons which one the, one is excitation. Is intubation, so when they're not when, they're not balanced, they're. Gonna have seizures, or depression, or sickness other sickness, so people. Can classic play and, standing on those quads to find the balance of the brain so the white color is balanced so you, can step on one thank. You. Hi. I'm one Jimmy. This is my project madam Bhaskar, it's a to Kate about using. Creative. Technology, to do straight performance, and also, this is a performance, at date two. Weeks ago at Washington Square Park so. Generally. When I'm at is I'm using programming. Which, is like a web. Technology, and the credit like this socket, among all the users like always in a. Park. And they, can connect it to my backpack which, in. Which I can use my MIDI. Controller, to, send away shows and sound, to their phone to create is like very large soundscape. So, it's kind of like everybody, in the space x star to jam together and. That's. Why i did in this project hi, I'm sandy, and I've been growing conductive. Crystallized textile. Mana. Crops, who had been growing textiles, with. Embellish. Crystals. She used salt crystals and, so I decided to grow them using the electrolysis and, copper. So. How it works is that I have a positive and negative terminal, and then I'm submerging, it an electrolyte, solution. When, I apply current that moves positive, ions over. To the negative terminal, and then, it forms crystals over time so if you look over there you can see the, crystals forming and. These. Are some of my swatches. Close. Under a microscope they, have a very interesting composition. And. The, most exciting, thing is their. Conductive, so. You can, also see over there it's powering a working circuit. So. It has. Really. Interesting applications, I think my. Employee, I'm, fond of a socket and we. Made this VR piece called missing 10 hours which is a multiplayer. Game within, one person is in the we are experiencing. A girl story who lost all her memories. Because. By a rape, drug called GHB, and the, other person is controlling if. The, characters, the two guys in VR are doing good things or bad things to her it's also a multi ending games so, depends, depends. On the person. Who's holding the control panel right there. You, experience. Different things and, have, different endings, of the stories so. We have all like totally, sixteen ending into the story, I'm. Not even on this and I'm cher Chaudhary and we're gonna divide this time. So. This is living canvas and this is like data visualization. With living organisms so, what we did is like we trace people's. Paths on the force and, we cross that information. With some samples that we took from the different parts of the bill for the floor with bacteria, because, that information to. See how it looked like so this is 10 I to be students in just one day and. I have your parts drawn as to where you walked and where you moved around and. After. You've done all of that then. We're. Making the robot print, the seats filled also, the best part is that the robot moves on an XY also, that the you work, with the robot and when it's moving on your part you, are planting your own seeds. I'm. Isabella. And. I'm, IO. The.

Project, Was made. For, a class called nothing creating, illusions, and it's. A three minute video, installation. That, uses, projection. Mapping and. Basically. We don't like to reveal too much of what the narrative sort, of treats. But it's three minutes and it's the, first person narrative, alone. Astronauts. And, his. Last, thoughts. Hi. I'm i'm mohammed i'm this. Project, is called by the way hi mom and dad in iran when I'm gonna show this to you later but. This project is called reactive display, which is the. Idea is like you, always look leaning, closer to look closer at things so, why doesn't that thing help, you out so. For example when I look at look, at this painting from, up close. Then. I can see all the. Better. A better example would be like the math charge you know you're in the subway you, want to look closer at the map to where you're going you always look close and it's very small but that can't be like okay what's a good Union and I can, look at Union or, like my stuff there's useful I can look at that. My. Name is Anita Bob Ozzie and my. Project is about energy. Was, actually, for my energy class it's an artistic, representation, of, the, different energy, sources around, the world so from this screen. You. Can see what the, different colors represent so. The yellow LEDs, represent, an solar, car the blue represent, hydro, red, represents, oil and. Then green, is biofuels. White. Is wind, energy so. It's it's. Just on, an. Artistic, piece and. So. From here you can see what different, countries you is what, different, form of energy as, yes. As a source of energy I'm Graham my project, is. But this. Applying. A yard to cardiac, patients, this. Is an uncommon, reality. A house, platform. To deliver education. And, improve. Medication, and hores, say. I'm a cardiac. Patient, after my. Surgery. I had. To take several. Medicines. In one day so I hoping this app can, the text on the bottom I want to show this to make it clear. It's. 3d, animated. Heart. Is. Telling, me why, this blood, bit about her could help you to decrease, my heart, rate and as an decrease, in my bladder failure. Brett bladder pressure. Hi I'm cami Sawadee and this. Is the Handy it's a soft robotic to help people with neuromuscular disorders. Regain. Finger, strength, through rehabilitation. Exercises. Like. I said this is a glove. And. So. Really. What happens is that when a person's, fingers are so weak it's, sort. Of flops down, and once it reaches this stage the. Muscles, don't. Allow, the person to open and close their fingers so. This. Helps, with open and close enough fingers and also. To teach a person how to do functional things like, pick up before or, get, dressed or something like that so. Usually. Like the first stage. Of this would be in the occupational, therapists office when the person gets fitted they, now put on the glove and, so, now the finger is in the glove and this helps them move it so. It. Helps them bend. And straighten and then pick, objects. Up my. Name is Molly. And I make this project called crossings, which. Is all idea the 3d scanning of my body then, I come a body in three different pieces and reassemble, them into the shape of the landscape yeah. And I make the animation, based, on the 3d model, that I have and it, shows the seven changes. My. Name is. Quick. Pop it here I try. To have. A kind of performance, and, you can perform as usual. You don't think that you are familiar with. And. You can, test. The project and. Yet see what happens I use, different Mahler for. Simulating. The movement, as I want I use, different motor for moving the upon the x and y x. And y-axes are also dizzy, for, the movement, of the body, hi, my name is Metro and I'm here to show you kilograms. Kilograms, is a slick. Pitch animation, technique it is also a photobooth so people have taken pictures, over here if you can probably. So if you notice actually. Let me bring this down so, this is mother of one of our residents, and you. Can see her not.

Sure How you see that it looks nicer on camera, interesting, so dance gonna dance gonna take a one picture over four seconds so it basically takes four pictures over four seconds just do one motion slowly, I'm going, to say go ready and go. So. This is one that looks like I'm, gonna print that out so, the photo that you took a while ago this is the same photo that you took a while ago I need to line it properly but you kind of see it red yeah. So. That's what you get my, name is Effie and my project, it's called travelling, New York men let's call it because I utilized. The. Classic. Traveling, salesman problem and, a genetic, algorithm to solve this, finding, the shortest route issue and. Also this is like a, practical. Adaptation. Of it because I'm actually using, it in a real-world problem, which is planning. A travel, route so. These are all the gardens and parks, in New York City. We. Can go to Jamaica Bay, and. Then I go to confirm. And. You can see the computer kind of just do it instantly oh wow that was very fast how many points with that just now. A little. Bit of animation to take you through all around. You.

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