Is There A Method To President Trump's Handling Of Justin Trudeau? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Is There A Method To President Trump's Handling Of Justin Trudeau? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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I'm. Happy to announce that, we've released a joint communique. By. All seven, countries we, had some strong firm, conversations. On trade and specifically. American. Tariffs, I, reiterated. To President Trump, that these tariffs threatened to harm industry, and workers, on, both, sides of our border I stand. Ready to work closely with the President to resolve this dispute swiftly. But as I have consistently, said I will, always protect. Canadian. Workers and Canadian. Interests. Okay. Bad oh god. What. Is going on shocking. So rude the Canadians, it is so. Typically. Canadian, yeah god what's. Wrong with them okay, do they not know how to act on the world stage so, when you say what's that a boot that, Canadian, or is that like Minnesota, all I know is it's really. The. People up north are, so rude. Yeah, thank, God for people in the Trump administration they. Know how to stand, up to this yeah what she holy. Sh. He. Really kind of stabbed this in the back he, really actually you know what he. Did a great disservice to, the whole. G7. He betrayed oh dude yes he did because. They. Were united. In the, g7 so, they had this bilateral, meeting, we were very close to making a deal with Canada, on NAFTA. Bilaterally. Perhaps, and then, we, leave and Trudeau, pulls this sophomoric, political. Stunt for domestic, consumption. There's, a special, place in hell for any foreign leader that, engages, in bad faith diplomacy. With President, Donald J Trump and then tries, to stab, him in the back on, the way out the door and that's what bad faith Justin, Trudeau did with that stunt press conference. That's what weak dishonest. Justin, Trudeau did and that comes right from Air Force One. Stop. So. Anyway. We. Have with us did this, sort through what these Canadians, again, have done I mean, if. You're ever seen. South Park or you saw John, Candy. And Canadian, bacon you, understand, exactly what. These Canadians, have coming to them and Washington, we have NBC, News Capitol correspondent host. Of KCDC, on MSNBC, Casey Hahn, chief. White House correspondent for, the New York Times Peter Baker editor-in-chief. Of, the Atlantic. Magazine. Jeffrey, happy Goldberg, also, senior, advisor at the Center for Strategic and, International Studies, one. Sarat a he's a senior, national security analyst for NBC News, and MSNBC. So. Now, Jeffrey. That we have gone from act. 1 this morning at 6 o'clock was horror shocked and you know act, 2 now we're trying, to laugh a little bit about it act 3 is building, the wall between Canada the United which. Is going to be a very expensive wall very. Very. Long it's gonna be though a beautiful, wall and let me tell you something. Pay. For it today the insert but there, will be taps in the wall and molten beer will flow and maple unabated and maple, dividuals. Most, American is, Canadian. I think it is okay. So. I guess what really is so surprising, is you have Justin Trudeau's a, very. Measure of remarks. By. Canadian, standards, polite, by Canadian, standards, right and then you have Navarro and. My. God. Other. Administration. Officials coming. Out a, Kudlow, coming, out and, an attack stabbed in the back it's that special place in hell right, there there was absolutely, nothing in those comments, so what is it about Trudeau, we've been trying to figure this out the, trans Donald, Trump into the largest, snowflake. To, ever fall, is. The, melting snow the ground of. An international, I'm serious, if Donald, Trump was offended, by that, then he, redefines. The term snow flake well remember. Two things one, is I mean some of this is not that hard Obama, very close to Justin Trudeau Justin, Trudeau global, progressive, icon not, that hard to understand, where they would be structural, resentment, there on the part of Donald Trump number, two and.

This Is a consistent, aspect. Of Donald Trump's foreign policy, thinking. Allies. Can't be trusted, all of our allies are somehow or other I've let my ribbing us well, I mean it's. Versary, this. Is the adversaries. Are given the benefit down we're gonna find out tonight our time tonight tomorrow and Singapore, we're gonna we're gonna be listening to Donald Trump describe the, leader of North Korea which is the most murderous regime, and the face of the planet we're probably going to be listening to him describe the. Leader of North Korea in terms more gentle, than the terms he used to describe far more the leader of Canada, he's never criticized, Vladimir, Putin but, he's he's, attacked, Angela, Merkel he's attacked, Justin, Trudeau. By. The way if only. If only. Norman. Rockwell were still alive today that, would be someone's. Renaissance painting, level photographing. The. German state photographers, you get a prize I think. He will or she, will. So. I'm, just wondering though Jeffery is Donald. Trump and I mean, it seriously, is he a mad genius is he a mad political, genius picking. These fights that do great damage to. America's. National. Security but, at the same time, hitting. The conservative. Base right, where they live going. Against. Progressive, Europe going, against. Progressive. Canada. Maybe. Maybe this is such a mad genius quality, here that he's secretly trying, helped Trudeau because of course this is making this is making the Canadian permanecer tremendously, popular this, is good for Donald Trump's base this this isn't some weird, pro-wrestling. Way a win-win, for the, for the two parties involved, is, there a kind of a genius behind this, you. Know the problem, the problem with the crazy Nixon approach to foreign policy you, know my leaders crazy you don't know what he's gonna do you better give in the, problem is that is that you, there has to be a plan behind it and there can't be a element, of actual craziness, in the in the operation, of that of that plan and so this, is this is working without a net here and and, the consequences, are too grave to for, the risk that he's. Taking in terms of breaking apart the, post-world, War two international Western, alliance, well Peter this is now the, second president, in, a row that many foreign policy, critics have, gone after. For. Not having, an overarching. International. Fame of course there, is no comparison, between Barack, Obama and. And and Donald, Trump in most, aspects, but we quietly, heard, critiques. And I know Jeffrey did I be gently had the the. The most, important, interview probably Barack. Obama's, on foreign policy, certainly. The second term but what. You quietly heard from. A lot, of donald brock, obama's international critics where there. Was no overarching. Theme, it was just as he famously said don't do stupid stuff but. Now we have donald trump that's, taken that and turned. It in spinal. Tap parlance, to 11 yeah yeah, this is the first g7. Where there was more WWF, and there was WTO, right i mean this is this. Was that this long, it took you. But. The truth is this is his doctrine. His doctrine, is we, have been shafted, the United States has been shafted for years right whether it be trade whether it be security, by our friends and our foes doesn't, matter and it's it's America first his definition of America first is, they. Had cheated us and I and only I alone, to use his phrase can, do something about it and if, you know the specific facts set the specific you know substance. Of the dispute doesn't really matter so much as this idea, that I'm going to stand up for us in a way that Barack Obama didn't, and you're right it does I think played a certain part of the American audience that's looking for a champion if you watch his he supported yesterday what they were saying is finally, somebody is standing up okay Canadians, weren't necessarily, high. On the list for a lot of people but it is the idea that we are standing up now what is the other possible. Explanation. Here the other possible explanation, is he feels going into this meeting with Kim jong-un that he needs to demonstrate strength. Right, there theory, the case is now other people don't have their the case is we're showing we are strong and that will intimidate, him, into, you. Know being more deferential to us other people say he's showing weakness because he's, cast aside allies but I think, the theory going on Air Force one at that point was we're showing strength so one the the, central premise of Donald Trump's foreign policy, of his trade policy, is that the United States are suckers that, we've taken part in an international order since 1945. Right that. That. Is, just a time and time again hurt, America, yeah I you. Know we have Steve Rattner on and we. Have he's a bit of a chart ologist, I have become a chart all adjust myself I spent all weekend, where's your whiteboard.

Peter. Worked on the, WWF. I. Worked. On this chart will, tell you what's up all night doing it yeah but there there this, is America's. GDP. Post-1945. This. Came right here guys you got a pic you tell me what carrier I'm really, Unversity, we're gonna go to this one here we go so here's my whiteboard and. There, is something remarkable, about this, this, chart and this reality if you actually go, and I would invite viewers. At home to do this look. At the GDP, of the g7, nations look, at the GDP of, China, look, at the GDP of everybody, across the globe this, is not just, from 1945. To 1973. This, is from 1973. To. 2018. But, that. Unlike. Any other. Country. On the planet America's. GDP, even. Through 2008. Has continued. To go upward, it is the most breathtaking, a. Comparison. Of our. Economy, versus Britain's economy versus. Canada's, economy even, versus, China's economy versus. Japan's economy. There. Is no other country who. Is benefited. More. Since. 1945, anybody, looking, at this chart looking. At the real numbers, would, look at America, go oh my, god they. Have played us for suckers since. 1945. Well, I think, the challenge here is President. Travis Peter was saying C's friends, and enemies, who saw this tweet last night I like. In this regard they've been hammering, the United States in terms, of trade policy not. In terms of those numbers those numbers don't reflect I, think Donald Trump's world. View on trade, and foreign. Policy, it, has to do with the hard traditional. Industries. Manufacturing. A steel, aluminum. You know that those are things and mining like Donald Trump is obsessed I think. They're 18pt. Technologies. The, Chinese are working. On AI they're, worried about 20, no no and you're identifying exactly the problem with this which is I, think we're missing the 4 for the trees which is you have a major, challenge from China structurally. In terms of the economy in terms of technology, 5g, technology, AI quantum, computing, and frankly. We need our allies we need the West to align both. In terms of trade for all the reasons you described, but also because, there are real structural, challenges, from China as an, alternative, to the, US Western, based model, Admiral's degrees earlier in your show was talking about this. Point and I think that's a that's a really important. Strategic. Element. That's being missed here our. Friends and enemies aren't, alike and. I think we're missing the point here and I think the Trump administration is. Is missing, the opportunity to move, from tactical, leverage, to, strategic, leverage on these trade issues and as we moved from trade to North Korea Richard Haass tweeted, this analysis, want your thoughts on at the unraveling, of g7, summit works, in North, Korea's, favor, as a real. Donald Trump will not want to bust up two summits in a row less people conclude he is the problem, increases. Incentive. For Kim to, up his asks, and limit, his compromises. And for Trump to do the opposite, hardly. The ideal content. Jeffrey. This. Is actually. Exactly what Donald Trump would one he would want to deal with the North Koreans, that would end with, the denuclearization, of. North Korea and the removal, of all US troops on, the Korean, Peninsula right he talked about well the the, Richard. Might very well be right, but he's doing the thing that we all do which is analyzing, Donald. Trump's actions to the prism of how diplomacy. And power dynamic, usually, work, Donald. Trump might be impervious, to that kind of analysis, in. Any case you know Donald, Trump here you, could you could you could think of him as a very sort of. In. The bandwidth of normal presidential, behavior all presidents, want big deals Obama, wanted the, Iran. Deal Jimmy, Carter wanted a Middle East peace deal as Bill Clinton, and. Barack, Obama wants, his big deal so he's already going into this looking.

For A success he's the you know the danger of any of these situations is that you have a president walking into the car dealership saying I'm not leaving here without a car and, the, car dealer says great we can make that happen for you and, so already, structurally. This is Kim. Kim who has won north korea has won this before it's even started, why would you say he's getting he's getting recognition by the President, of the United States you know can't see what surprised me the most about Donald, Trump and I will that I have, been completely, blindsided, on, this, front I was accused him of being a Democrat, of being a liberal always. Said that he would move but I said and, in part because this is what he had told me very, early. On in the campaign I'm gonna win the Republican, nomination then. I'm gonna move so, quickly to the middle it, will drive, everybody crazy, what. Surprised, me is he, continues, to see the world through this very small prism. And that, is what, I've always called the 33%, of you. Know the most, hardcore populist. Republican, base and. It seems this week-end. Behavior. And. Expanding. That 33, percent to, 40 percent to, 44, percent well, I think that that's really I mean that's that is a question that he could start to answer here, at this summit I think - Jeffrey Goldberg point if if he is able to come back with something that he can sell and Bob Costas, on this earlier that, he can sell to the American people as a big deal, they're, gonna be willing to give him credit for that some of this other you know the the stuff that we're talking about everyday kind. Of a side and I do think the the major question, here and ones are out so I'm interested in your your perspective, on this you, know the. President said he's. Going to be able to tell within a few minutes whether, or not Kim jong-un is willing to deal and he is essentially, putting all, of his hopes and dreams on, that one moment. And that is completely different from what we've seen in the past yeah it's a hyper personalized. Form, of diplomacy in some ways it's sort of the the counter to the Obama administration, right President. Obama was criticized for not being personal personal. Enough with his relationships, this in some ways is the is the exact opposite, hyper personalized, and I think the challenge here is is the president willing, to walk away and, he's. Tried to demonstrate that he's willing to do so but is this, summit too big a deal on the world stage for him to walk away can. The United States continue. To pressure with. Its maximum pressure campaign, isolation. Where as Jeffrey's described, is the summit really a window, for the North Korean regime to begin, its legitimation, we already know that he's being invited to. Russia, we, know that Bashar al-assad will visit, North Korea is this suddenly there's this moment an open, for North Korea regardless. Of what happens at the negotiating, table and so I think this is really a critical moment where, we determine whether or not not, only can Donald Trump deliver on a big, deal but, can we put a process in place that doesn't let North Korea out of the box too soon and we, get what we need whether, it's a year-long process or even longer to, actually verify, whatever. Denuclearization, plan, is mica we're. Talking about a guy who say my instincts, are great I'm gonna know the first minute I'm there yeah, let's just let's, just step. Back a second, and realize, that, this is the same guy who hired. Steve, Bannon, who, hired, Rex. Tillerson who. Hired Michael, Flynn who. Hired Paul, Manafort, who. Mott who hired, McMaster. Who hired all of these people, that he then turned, around and fired, right, and many of them now. Indited. Papadopoulos. Indicted, in this playing Flynn. Indicted. Charged, pled, guilty. Man. Affort more. Charges, being piled on day by day this, is not a guy who should be trusting, his gut it just described, the last year and a half have shown how bad, his gut instinct, is and you've seen the last year and a half what a relationship, with Donald Trump looks like and you just named a few of them that is what the relationships, are very short-lived, and you. Could take, this from his concept, of America, first to a lot of people are now calling it America, alone to Peter Baker now I would think it, almost looks like Trump alone and you've got people mistaking, Trump, you know it's almost like a Freudian, slip as a dictator, because, he's acting like one and there's, no sense to.

The Moves he makes except, for how they play to the base but, in terms of in his interpersonal, relations, on the world stage it's. Nothing about America doesn't appear to well I mean to your point into the to one's point he walks into the summit and Singapore. More. Isolated and Kim jong-un walks in less, isolated right and. The. Trick is if you are a negotiator, walking, in thinking what am I going to get, out of this what. Are the experiences you've seen in the last few weeks one is that the g7, negotiators. Sat down and they crafted, a communique, and they dealt with Trump's, objections, Trump didn't want this phrase and he didn't want that phrase in fine, we can make it work with come together we'll have a and, then the second it's all done boom he, pulls the rug out from under same thing happened on the Iran discussions, right Ryan, Hook from the state part went to Europe said hey what can we do and make a deal. That will keep me around agreement, in place but put more pressure on Iran the Europeans gave on some of these things and then suddenly President no I don't think this is nearly good enough so if you're North Korea the answer is the only person who matters is Donald. Trump because, anybody else as a negotiator, on America, can't close the deal and the only person matter so that's why you're starting this process, at the top rather than the bottom which would be the normal way you'd do it because you might as well just get straight to the decision-maker, nobody else matters Jeffrey. Does this weekend matter are, we are we over playing are. We over over. Analyzing. What happened, in Canada, or was, it as bad as oh it's, completely weather I think it's completely without precedent, this is not the way friends. Talk about friends, in public. Really, not the same way that people talk in private I mean that the truth is that the Canadian. US relationship, has been one of the miracles of. International. Relations, we, have a 3,000, mile peaceful, open, border with, this country there is stable democracy, we're a stable democracy or at least we we're a stable democracy for, a long time. And. And to upend that simply, for. Personal. Pique or whatever is is motivating. This or that or the assumption, that I'm going to get slightly better trade, deal with, this country that's. Really, unprecedented. And it's dangerous, and it's, a signal to our other allies South Korea Japan Australia, just, talking about in the Asian context, that. Our president, does not believe in stability, and. That's important, that's for sure one, Zarate, thank you do I hang, on good, to have you everyone. Else stay with us still ahead on Morning, Joe and NBC, News exclusive. We're learning a lot more about North Korea's reclusive, leader from someone who knew him what, Kim Jong Un's former, teacher is saying about the dictator today, thanks. For checking out MSNBC. On YouTube and may sure you subscribe, to stay up to date on the day's biggest stories and you can click on any, of the videos around us to watch more 4 Morning Joe and MSNBC. Thanks, so much for, watching.

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To be fair, Canadian economy was better in the last recession because we regulate banks and didn't allow subprime mortgages.

I really hope when Trump orders to attack Canada, American Soldiers would stop themselves and think, I really hope that American soldiers would disobey their orders instead of carrying them out. I feel a huge danger coming towards Canadians .. and this is all serving Russian interests btw ... specially since we all know that Putin is planning a world take over.

Trump is simply jealous. He has no more depth than that. He's just a spoiled brat (who had a rich parent) having a tantrum.

Go Canada,standing up for the Commonwealth countries! The world is with Trudeau !!

Don't kid yourself.. Trump supports global expansion and he is only out for himself. Trudeau supports Canadian workers. What we need is a wall around Trump ... a prison wall for the Colluder in Chief. Give hm a miniature golf course and a gold toilet but no parole, no pardon, no twitter type communications. : D Build that wall! ... Build that wall! ... Build that wall! before he does irreparable damage.

16:59 He hired: Steve Bannon - twisted 'news' over social media and abused privacy to get trump elected Paul Maniford - had close ties to Russia who's support got trump elected e.t.c. I don't think those are good examples of trump being bad reading a room and seeing whether or not someone has value to him. Morality aside; a lot of his hires did things almost no one else in the country would have done to get him into office.

If you stand up to your friends it'll lead them to become better friends. If you never stand up to your friends they will stop acting like friends and will start taking advantage of you. You see this on the left a lot. Leftists are unwilling to stand up to each other, so so-called "sanctuary cities" still exist.

mr treadau why dont you dealwith us in australia

Not that they would ever figure out.

Rudy Guilianni Lite

Not only does JT make TRUMP look like a "short Guy", He makes TRUMP look like Moral Midget! ManBaby megalomaniac, needs another Diaper change!

Donald Trump called Canada a danger to American National Security as an excuse to place the tariffs on Canada. Then, Donald Trump falsely claimed that Canada burned down the White House during the war of 1812. Justin Trudeau's statement only said that Canada will stand up for itself by placing a dollar for dollar tariff if the U.S. puts tariffs on them. Justin Trudeau simply stated there will be Quid Pro Quo in regard to tariffs and we all know that Donald Trump speaks Quid Pro Quo! Donald Trump's method of negotiating is to bully people into submission because he must feel strong when he is actually weak! Only a weak person resorts to calling people names to demean and belittle them like Donald Trump does almost everyday! Donald Trump wants the world to be submissive to him, all the while we know that Donald Trump actually enjoys being submissive. Stormy Daniels demonstrated how much Donald Trump enjoys being the submissive when she revealed that he enjoyed being SPANKED by her! To keep the world from knowing how submissive he is, Donald Trump bullies everyone publicly who doesn't bow to the King! Donald Trump is behaving like a petulant child and is a danger to America! Trump behaves like he is the only leader who is permitted to stand up for his own country. This comment by Justin Trudeau had nothing to do with Korea and was all about Justin Trudeau saying that Canadians are proud and will stand up for Canada. The statement did not make Donald Trump look weak, Donald Trump's statement in response to Justin Trudeau's statement makes Donald Trump look weak! Donald Trump is behaving like a petulant child who has to show the world that he won't allow anyone to stand up for their own country. This is Donald Trump being the world bully on the world stage and he is using the comment by Justin Trudeau as two pronged excuse. Excuse #1; If the talks fail with Kim Jong-un, Donald Trump will blame the failure on Justin Trudeau. This behavior by Donald Trump is manipulative. Excuse #2; this is an excuse to back out of the agreement he agreed to at the G7. Donald Trump is a master manipulator and he is using this as an excuse to move America further away from its allies while he moves America closer to Russia, China And North Korea! Donald Trump is dangerous and HE is destroying our relationships with the western world. Justin Trudeau made a statement about his country and Donald Trump is offended that the leader of another country would have the audacity to speak the truth. Donald Trump verbally attacked Canada and Prime Minister Trudeau prior to the G7 meeting and the comment by Prime Minister Trudeau was not nearly as strong as the comments Trump made about Canada. Justin Trudeau's comment does not warrant this response by Donald Trump. When is Congress going to stand up for America and do their most important job which is to defend the Constitution and America from enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC! Donald Trump has done tremendous damage to America at home and on the world stage!

And they say Americans don't get sarcasm. Well played Joe

The difference between Trump and President Barak Obama is that President Obama was educated. He had a law degree, he had been a senator, he was a polite man with a beautiful family that he was devoted to where D. Trump is a misogynistic, womanizer who has no clue of the history of America.

Are the GOP running on a South Park, "LET'S BLAME CANADA" Platform in November?!? Trump's Temper Tantrum was NOT genius, it was petty, and it made him look ridiculous internationally, and to most Americans.

trump doesn't understand the concept of allies. He has business partners or enemies. Putin is a business partner, as is Xi and Kim. If trump says someone is a 'friend', he means they have been useful to him to make him money or to make him look good (so that he can make more money). trump is all about himself and he always has been and, as much as he loves her, he would throw Ivanka under a bus to save himself.

No eyebrows today?

God these two are so dumb!

Does anybody really watch this show?

KKKristians will keep on excusing trump and find yet another reason to vote for him in 2020.

What Joe said about the GDP is correct. The problem is not GDP growth but rather how it is distributed. More and more, US wealth is falling into the hands of less and less people concentrated, more and more, on the 1%.

Putin is the ONLY one who benefits from NAFTA'S DEMISE! Even FOX Business says the US has a SURPLUS in Trade with CANADA: They're the ONLY ones NOT Screwing the US on Trade! Putin LOVES his Puppet Trump gutting the North American economy!

Poland may leave EU! Way to go! Black Pigeon Speaks Published on Jun 15, 2018

... As a Canadian. I hope you Americans get whatever you guys want... Whatever that is, not particularly sure... But if our governments were on better terms. Americans should know that we'd be the first country to help you guys out... Kinda at a loss in respects to how the tariffs could be justified by national security though

Everybodys seems to be worried about a "trade war". I don't buy that, but, if we did have a trade war - I like the US's chances, I'll take that bet any day.

that's what you get from lecturing the us for the muslim ban.

Typical Canadian behaviour: stabbing Yanks in the batty again.

NO ONE in Canada says "aboot", period.

It's my humble opinion that President Trump is, as usual, two steps ahead of everyone else.

Trudeau brought the Candyland game board. Too bad for him he was dealing with a 3-D chess player.

Hmmm Trump has hotels in Vancouver and Toronto Canada, maybe Canada needs to look into other investments he has in Canada to see what other possible conflict of interests he may have and start adding a tax to foreign owned hotels lol. As a Canadian I support the Trudeau Government to protect the interests of Canada. and another interestink that the american people dont hear much about: Canadians are so respectful to Trumps Heritage that they restored his families brothel:

If Trump is such a good and honest person and is there to protect christian voters, why is he a billionaire and own hotels, while there are poor homeless people in America? I am sure in the bible it says somewhere to give all your riches away and you will get ot back in other ways, when its time for you to go to heaven? All of the Christian voters who voted for Trump, I hope you take a good look at the bible and realize he has tricked you in every way! Every clip of him online shows he is looking down on others and it seems that he thinks he is better than everyone else, from his posture iland expressions. He just doesnt seem to have empathy, are there any clips where he is visiting street people or poor and trying to help them to have a better life? If so please direct me. The main clips i see is he is bullying countries and his own citizens and playing golf at his private resort.

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