Is Alien ‘Life’ Weirder Than We Imagine: Who Is Out There?

Is Alien ‘Life’ Weirder Than We Imagine: Who Is Out There?

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This. Is the Drake Equation. First. Presented, in 1961. By dr. Frank Drake an astronomer. At the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, in. Green Bank West Virginia. Where. In n, equals. The number of civilizations in, the Milky Way galaxy whose. Electromagnetic. Emissions are, detectable. Are. Equals. The rate of formation of stars suitable, for the development, of intelligent, life F P. Equals. The fraction of those stars with planetary, systems, an e. Equals. The number of planets per, solar system, with, an environment, suitable for life. FL. Equals. The fraction of suitable planets, on which life actually appears. AF, I, equals. The fraction of, life-bearing, planets on, which intelligent, life, emerges, F C. Equals. The fraction of, civilizations. That, develop a technology, that releases, detectable, signs of their existence, into space, l. Equals. The length of time, such, civilizations release. Detectable. Signals into space got all that, since. 1961. Scientists. Have used the Drake Equation to, stimulate, thinking about finding life elsewhere in the universe in the, words of one of our greatest cosmological. Minds are. We alone how how. Common, is this. Thing called life this. Thing called intelligence. Where. Did we come from. What are the possible, fates. Of, intelligent, beings to need, we necessarily, destroy ourselves might there be a. Bright. And very long future for the human species we. Tend to have such a narrow, view, of our place, in space and in time and, the. The prospect. Of of. Making, contact with extraterrestrial, intelligence. Works. Too deep provincial, eyes our, worldview, and I think for. That reason the, search itself, even. Without a success, as great. Merit. I. Share. Just, a couple things from, my, spaceflight experience that might apply. To this I, was. Blessed to live and work in space for. 104, days, had. The opportunity, to look out the window and. See earth and, this. Just overwhelmingly. Impressive. Way it certainly is a. Life-changing. Experience and. I. Get asked a lot did. I did, I see aliens while I was in space there. You know it's kind of like the bathroom question you're gonna get that and you know did you see aliens and. I. Can say not that I know of but. I'm, interested in, our panel session tonight because I'd like to think you know as Earthlings what. Do we have to look forward to out in this universe when we consider life and other places and does, it always have, to be life. That's, with, respect to. Us to what we consider to be, life. And intelligence so, I'm. Looking forward to introducing our panelists, and getting into this our. First participant, is the, director, of the Carl Sagan Institute. And a, professor in, astronomy at Cornell University, her. Research focuses on, modeling new worlds and how to spot signs of life please welcome Lisa, Colton Eggar. Also. Joining us is director, of astrobiology. At Columbia University. And a, global, science, coordinator for the earth life science, Institute's, origins.

Network At the, Tokyo Institute, for technology, please, welcome Caleb Scharf. Is. A distinguished, scholar at the Library of Congress, and the director, of the AI mind, and society group at the, University of Connecticut a philosopher. And cognitive, scientist, please welcome Susan Schneider. And. Our. Final participant, tonight researches, the origin of life and how to discover it on other worlds she is an assistant professor in the school of Earth and space exploration at. Arizona, State University, please. Welcome Sarah Walker. So. Before we can talk, about finding, alien life we. Need to start with a clear, operating. Different definition, of what life is. About. What your definition of life would be and I think we'll just go in this case we'll just go right down the line here so. I think I'm gonna start out by being a little bit cheeky because, I'm an astronomer so I don't have to give you the real definition of, what life is and, most of my biology colleagues. Actually tell me I'll, know it when I see it so. Good, luck with that because the other stars are very far away but we're working on it so. To me what's, really important is there's something, that I can spot in. The air of another planet in the atmosphere, like we have oxygen, in our own planet for example, is, there something, that I can spot, that life does, that, modifies. A planet. Its environment. Enough, so. I can actually pick, that up by. Looking at that planets with my big telescope, and so, that, definition, encompasses, a huge. Amount. Of life all. The, life that, changes. The signature, gases, in the air often, of the world and, Carl. Sagan looked at our world and what, he saw was the combination, of oxygen, with, a reducing, gas like methane. And that's a telltale, sign for. A nice warm, world like ours that, life's happening, right there and so, that's. What I use but. If anybody, comes up with a better definition of other gases I can look for I'd be more than happy to pass this along. Yeah. So I mean defining. Life is one of those questions, I think as scientists, we all know that, you'll get a hundred different answers, or you'll get a kind of blank stares. So. I'm going to be a little cheeky as well and perhaps a little contrary.

And Say, that you, know in some ways I think it may be the, wrong question. Right now and, there. Are a few reasons for that part of the reason is quite simple and it's just that it's clear that what. We consider, to be life is actually a confluence. Of multiple. Phenomena, in, different, ratios depending on what you're talking about that makes it extremely complicated. A question. But, I'll say two other things that I think make it a difficult question right now and the first is that when we think about life we think about life. Here, in this room in this audience on the bottom of your shoe whatever. That. Has, evolved. After, four billion years it's the product of four billion years of evolution. And that may be different. Than, whatever happened. Four billion years ago it may be very different to what was the first thing, or, first system, that we might associate, with life then. The other point I want, to bring up is I think, we can't quite answer that question yet because we don't know, and. I think maybe some, of the other panel, members may have some insight to this whether. You can build life out of other stuff. So. Whether life can be substrate. Independent. Or more Universal. Than we think about not, necessarily building, out of silicon or anything like that but building. Life in software, if. You could do that it would suggest, that, life, is something, that can happen when you have components. That can build enough complexity. For, it to for, it to sort of emerge, so that's my contrary, and answer, that we can't quite, answer. That, question. Of defining life yet. Okay. So. That's really nice I'm a philosopher. So. Definitions. Are always, a train wreck. The. Worry. Here, is that. If you define life, in. Terms of life as we know it on earth all cases, of life that we know are, related. So we've, got one instance, that we know about and so if we make a definition, based, on that instance, and we go look for life somewhere, else it may. Be that we fail to detect life because, we've, narrowed, our definition, so, much that we are just. The tip of the iceberg, there are all sorts, of intriguing, cases, of life so. I agree, with both of you you know to not, use. A very, constrained. Definition, NASA's. Astrobiology. Institute, has. An intriguing, definition, which I sometimes defer, to which, is a self-sustaining. Chemical, system capable of. Darwinian, evolution I, like. That but then I kind of think again, as a philosopher. Wait a second, what. If a is. Self-sustaining, and. Has all sorts of intriguing, properties, but the instance, that we have is, created. By intelligent. Design that. Is we are the designers we, make the AI systems, and it, doesn't evolve in a, Darwinian, fashion, so I'm still not a hundred percent behind the NASA definition. Either. So. I think one of the problems that we often encounter is assuming that life is a chemical phenomena, and I think there's a confusion between the scale at which life emerges, which is probably chemical, and the definition, of life which, is likely not, related. To chemistry necessarily. And could apply to AI so. I liked that Lisa brought up the top that, I know it when I see it you hear there's so much in the astrobiology, community and. And, I always kind of like make this joke about that like if if.

I Know it when I see it I feel very alive and so you guys are observing me right now I guess I'm alive because you know it and when you see like if nobody's observing me am I still alive. Seem. Like a very good objective, criteria, for science so. I think one of the the problems that we face as astrobiologists. Is that, our definitions, are really premature because, we don't actually have a theory for life and. So what I mean by that is I the, way I think about living systems is really trying to understand, what is life at a fundamental level and a lot of our descriptions, are kind of at this very high level where. We're talking about life being reproducing. Or about, compartmentalization. Or metabolism. Or chemical. Self-sustaining. System, and. Those are probably. Attributes. Of life but not really the core property, of life the property that would be universal, in the sense that Caleb. Was talking about and if we think about what life is doing that's very unique in, my mind it's it's it's information. Processing, capability. And that we don't really see any other kind of systems that. Use, information in, the, way that biology, does and I think AI is an excellent example of that DNA. In your cells and, how that information gets read out and actually controls. The function of your cells is another example and. To that point if we start thinking about these sort of more abstract, ways of thinking about life, in, terms of information. And the way information interacts. With the physical world as being, a way of, quantifying, life. Suddenly. Life is not this black or white yes, this is alive no this is not alive but we could actually derive measurable, criteria for, life and that there's actually a spectrum of living things and so AI might fall on that spectrum chemical. Systems might fall on that spectrum but so might cities and. Multicellular organisms. Or unicellular organisms, and so I think one of the challenges for astrobiologists, moving forward is really to challenge ourselves to. Think outside the box about what life is and what the underlying laws, might be of life and whether there are principles that are really universal well. I like the way go ahead I think one of the things like a complete, again this is where you get that full. Scientific insight, that we just like talk and discuss then it's fun and then we're trying to come up with something is this. Search now. We have, going, now on the thousands, of other worlds, that we've found. And detected, does. Need some kind of definitions, that we figure out what we can spot or what we could look for. However what, we do is we keep our eyes open for weird, stuff weird. Stuff that we can explain. Geologically. Right and then we'll take that and, say look because. We have this one case earth and ours is amazing, it has a wide range of life when we look at it however it. Could be completely, different somewhere else but we'll only get that when. We look somewhere, else as we are now doing and, we're. Trying to also recreate, life in the lab that's, like what a lot of our biologist, colleagues are trying to work. Out now and, if that would work out then, we could change the chemical mix but. Right now it's basically a two pong to approach I would say looking. Out and, trying to figure out what we can find and what makes no sense so it's usually the fun in science the arica moment was like oh my god this is nothing, I would have ever expected, that's. What we really like in a way we.

Don't Know what to do after but that's where it becomes fun and, the other thing is like people trying to do this theoretically. And trying to do it practically, in the lab from the most, basic, chemical, compounds, and I, think it's, really, really cool, to. Be alive right, now. Because for 2,000, years a, little bit more people. Were asking, whether we alone in the universe and, we, are so, close to, figuring that. Lead. Into part. Two which is finding, life since, 1992. More, than, 3,500. Exoplanets. Have. Been found orbiting stars other than, our Sun and 60%, of these are rocky, planets, not unlike, ours, so. Lisa, let's start with you in the opening film we, heard from Carl Sagan himself about, the value, of searching, for life out, there in the stars as director. Of the Sagan Institute, can. You tell us how that search, is going I mean there's a lot of things going on so. Thing one, of the most fascinating, things, for me if you were saying about 25. Years ago this, whole thing is like you know there are other planets out other worlds required, a bottle, of wine and a lot of different opinions. Right. Now we, found, nearly. 4000, worlds orbiting other stars, alien. Suns so. When you look up in the sky, doesn't. Work in Manhattan but. Works once the outside, I tried. Yesterday I could find two stars. When. You out and, you, actually well. One thing that works in Manhattan if you, out and you look at the sky and you count one two, one. Out. Of two, stars or one out of two suns that you see in the night sky has. A planet, and. One. Out of five. Has. A planet that could be like ours and, what. That means is that it's small enough to be a rock and at. The right distance from, this hot star, where. It's not too hot and not too close, so you could have liquid water one. Out of five, and, we. Have two, hundred billion, stars in. Our. Milky Way, our galaxy alone. So, if you do the math we. Have 40. Billion, interesting, places to look and. We. Have no idea whether there is life out there because we had only half the telescope's yet that are big enough to actually catch. The light from this planets to check however. Rebuilding. Those and, the first one is gonna launch in two years it's the chain's Webb Space Telescope and. That. One at the edge of, the technical, possibility. Will, have the capability to spot. These, gases, life produces, in the, air of other worlds, that could be like ours so. The. Search is going well so far I. Like. Our off I, have. No answer and a, good answer actually if anybody ever asks you when you come out of this panel for example what, the chances, are that there's life out there in the universe a.

Good, Friend, of mine one of the discoverer of the first exoplanets. Michelle maher always says, 50%. Plus. Minus, 50. I think, it's a way to put it. That's. Awesome. And, we know there are a lot of other missions that are happening as well I hope you'll get a chance to discuss some of them too Caleb, when, when you think about this what, are the parameters, for. Looking. For life on these exoplanets, one of the things I'm. Very interested in with my colleagues, is, understanding. Even something as fundamental, as the nature of climate you. Mentioned the idea of the, planet needing to be just, at the right distance from. Its parent star where it's not too hot not too cold Goldilocks, so whatever, you want to call it but. That itself, is actually a very complex, problem. As you, well know so, for example, we're. Trying to take, supercomputer. Simulations, of planetary climate and. Mortal. Alien, worlds, and find, out what happens, when you change the day length of a planet what happens when you change the tilt of a planet what happens when you change the shape of the orbit what happens when you change the gravity, of a planet and so on and it turns out to be a difficult. Problem. Just. Answer, whether or not the. Surface environment of a planet, may, be temperate. Which, is kind of one of our, methods. Of selecting, out candidate. Planets for then trying, to probe deeper, with these these great new telescopes, looking, for chemical, signatures, and so on you kind of need to know the, thermal. Environment. The climate environment, so. I can give you an example of what happens when you slow a planet like the earth down you might think what how does that change climate, well it actually completely, alters the, circulation. Patterns, of the atmosphere, on a planet, and our models contain, oceans. And atmospheres, and chemistry, and salt and we're. Finding that you change the, rotation rate of a planet you actually, warm. Up the poles and you cool down the equator but, you also do other things if the planet has water it begins to build certain, patterns, of cloud that. Play, a role in reflecting. Stellar. Radiation for, reflecting sunlight back out into space and that also plays a role in setting the climate state so, the bottom line is we. We're trying to come at this problem from many different directions, and, it's all complicated. Which. Is good in the sense because we have jobs to do this it. Was easy. So. Some of the parameters are the. Raw sort, of biochemical. Signatures but other parameters, do with just understanding. The, the environment. The climate state, of a planet and that's a challenge, yes. Go. Ahead so, what. We're. Saying and absolute. We. Have a, different. Approach to this right so we have many many groups who have this, climate model that was done for, the earth so, we have one at the culligan Institute you've one with several where, we're basically making a huge data, cube, if you want well, we actually making. Our models, do. Things, for longer day lengths for, bigger gravity, but. The problem, that we encounter of course is that we have no data sample, that you can compare. That to because, we don't have an Earth's that happens to be heavier right, we, have some information, about an earth that's younger and we. Have this amazing artist's. Impression that you see behind us of what these planets. That we've discovered, or that astronomers, have discovered could. Be like some have one Sun some have two suns the, Sun's up there in man. Try. To model, the climate, of the earth and put a second Sun in this, model was never designed to have to sense because Earth's was never designed to have to self in a way so. We're. Getting a lot of insights, and. The, question really is also, if the climate when. Could, we find the, signs of life even, if they exist some. Climate, conditions, will actually, make, it impossible, for us to spot them and some.

Climate, Conditions will make it easier, for us to spot them and with, thousands, of planets out there what, we're trying to do is pick the easiest. Ones, to tease this out and, one, last point is that when Caleb and I were talking about the, habitable, sound there's, no way to say that outside, of the selm there, couldn't be life there, could be life on icy. Moons for example like your Robo Enceladus, but, it would be hidden from our view because, this ice, there would. Basically keep, all the gases, the only thing that we can really see from far, far away hidden. From our telescopes, we'd. Have to go there drill a hole and check if there fish or anything else. But. So this is why this definition of the Hannibal song just to make sure it's, not where there can be life it's, where we without. Going, there can. Pick it up if it exists, just, a tiny, little interesting. Piece to that you mentioned the icy moons and that's absolutely an. Essential thing to remember because if you look at our solar system, we have this picture of this little Oasis world, I think one of those posters, talks about the Oasis, earth sitting. Closer to the Sun but, if for example having. Liquid water oceans, defines. An oasis, then actually, the majority liquid. Water oceans, in our solar system are in the outer solar system if, you add up all the potential, liquid water inside. Europa, inside. Enceladus. Inside, even Titan, and possibly even Pluto. It's, about 13, times, the total volume, of liquid water on earth except, it's in these dark oceans, these oceans sealed, away by icy, crusts, so for all we know our solar. System is teeming. With more life but, it's locked away in these dark oceans, so. Sarah we have the. Potential with places, like Mars where, we might actually be able to get there someday but. I guess I'd like to ask you know you got the Mars 2020, and. The ExoMars 2020, Rovers that are. Going to get, a much closer look at the surface of Mars than we've ever had before so. What should they be looking for and, what do, you expect they'll find. I'm. Not convinced, there's life on Mars. But. But I've been really intrigued with this idea that life really, needs to take over an entire planet yeah um and, and, so if you look at life on Earth. Everything. About the Earth's system is, defined, by the presence of life in some sense even like the biogeochemical. Cycle so the cycling of elements is controlled by life and that's something really fascinating, about what humans are doing now is we're, starting to control those those biogeochemical. Cycles, so. If you if you look at something like the models that we, send Caleb we're talking about. One of the things I thought really intriguing hearing about those is we don't even know how to model earth without life right and, so so, I think I think this idea that that that life really becomes embedded. In a planet is really fascinating, and, gets this idea about.

Back. To like thinking about definitions, of life and what we're actually looking for we, think of life as this this you. Know chemical phenomena, in a cell as the fundamental unit for life and so we should be looking for cells on Mars but. That may be too narrow of you and if you do have this kind of expanded, view and are really looking for more. Fundamental. Basic processes. Of life it really opens your horizons, for things that you might look for and, so when I think about looking for life I'm not really thinking about looking for cells on a planet, or molecules. In an atmosphere I. Think, about looking, for an entirely new sector of physics and that seems like kind of an unusual way of thinking about it but but, we have some really amazing mathematical. Theories of the world we have quantum mechanics and general relativity and, these amazing, revolutions, and our understanding of the natural world and we don't have any, theories. That explain the, existence of life or the properties of life and. So I really think it's, it's a new frontier for us and astrobiology, to really understand, those combining, observations and. Experiments that we're doing here on earth and really, think differently. About what, kind of things we're looking for and so when I think about looking for life I think about what are the mathematical structures. That. We use to describe life on Earth that, we should be thinking about how to look for those on other planets, and. One of the ways that that has been really incredibly successful. In studying life across all scales, for. Life on Earth is is this idea of using, networks, and. So on so probably everybody in here is part of a social network right is. Anybody here a part of a social network everybody raise your hands yeah. You're. In a room with people so you're in a social network but you're probably also in a social network online. And. You can actually represent networks. Mathematically. And and they're they're quite simple mathematical, structures everybody, in this room would be represented. As a circle and if you're friends with each other you'd have a line between you and you can actually study the statistics of those kind of systems and. This is really interesting because if you look at systems, like the camera street happening in your cells or, the structure of the internet or the structure of facebook there's, a lot of regularities, in the in the way those networks are structured and and a lot of that has to do with the way information is, structuring those systems so so, if you think about a social network really you're not interacting with those people physically, you're interacting with them through, through, information, technology or some kind of information exchange and so what I find intriguing is trying to actually think about how we can use insights.

From Complex systems to look for life on earth in particular, maybe. You. Know Mars atmosphere, or, atmospheres. Of other planets, might have some signatures, in the actual system level organization, of the planet and. What I mean by that is you. Could actually just like we can represent chemistry. So, the, way we represent chemistry. And your cells as a network as we say the molecules, interact so, they would be the nodes in the network and, if they participate in a reaction together, then they have a line between them and. So you can represent an atmosphere, that way too it's just chemistry it, has the same kind of mathematical, representation, and so, some people have done some preliminary studies where they show Earth's atmosphere looks more like the chemistry inside. Your cells than it does like Mars or Venus as atmosphere, from this network perspective now. That has a lot of work to be done to confirm that this is really like a system-level property, of atmospheres, of inhabited, planets but, if it is it gives us a better window into thinking about what. Our biological. Systems, at a planetary, scale how do they shape. Planetary. Scale. Structure. Of the, chemistry, and. How can we actually use that as a bio signature, that's not just dependent, on the particular molecules, participating. In those, networks but actually the system level organization. And so, one of the ways that that I tend, to think about that why looking at individual, molecules, is bad but maybe looking at system level properties is good for detecting life is you. You're all made of atoms in this room right but you wouldn't think of any individual, atom in your body as alive but you as a whole system level entity are alive so it clearly, has to be an emergent property of many, interacting, molecules and. So I think one of the things that we need to start doing is actually start using those kind of tools for thinking about our search for life it, gets hard with exoplanets, because you get so little. So. One of the things I find challenging for the future is to think like how do we actually extract these kind of properties from that data but. I think that there are new horizons, for thinking about how we search for life that, aren't just the way that we've been thinking about it in the past and. It really comes from trying to think more quantifiably. About the search I think that actually leads Caleb into, you, know this consideration, for the, Fermi, paradox and. Which. Can be set you know really with the question of where. Is everybody you know I mean. Where is everybody and who should, we be looking at you know and. You. Know this this idea is the answer to the Drake question zero. So. Maybe. I'll just state, what the the Fermi paradox is, and then then we have a little I, think, we have a little movie to, show so, the Fermi paradox is, this idea that, if, there. Is life, out there. If life happens, reasonably, often, in our galaxy for example, then he's, pretty old it's, at least 10 billion years old and so. Following. Our own trajectory there's, been plenty of time for some species out there to, have come, into existence if. It's been lucky or unlucky depending, on your perspective it, became intelligent and. Technological. And, decided. To try to go between the stars and the. Interesting thing about that is it turns out that once, you start doing that you occupy, the galaxy, pretty quickly, and so. This raises the question if, life is not incredibly. Rare or. If. There isn't something that prevents it from doing this and where is everybody why, hasn't it it shown up now of course some people feel it has shown up but we won't go there. I. Don't if we have the the little Fermi. Video, ready. Yeah, so let, me explain what this is this is actually the, work of Jonathan, Carroll, now I'm back and Adam. Frank who I've been working with and this is a picture of our galaxy but it's a highly, idealized, model. Of our galaxy what, looking at eternal. Point of light each little sphere represents, about two and a half million stars, and the, colors correspond. To interstellar, species. Relocating. Themselves, expanding. I would. Say colonizing, but that word has such negative. Connotation. These days. They're. Expanding out each color corresponds, to particular technological species now what you're seeing in, this representation is, a, pretty, active, galaxy, it's colorful, in the middle things, come and go because there are things like supernovae, that go off and essentially, sterilize, big pieces of our galaxy so, civilizations.

In The middle of our galaxy kind of like building a house in Hawaii all. Right. Yeah. This looks good I know there's a volcano. And. That may, be something that happens in central galaxies were there many more stars many, more supernovae. And other violent, events that might actually sterilize. Pieces, of the galaxy now, this. Is an exaggerated. Model, the part of the reason for looking at this question. This way is that things, move around in our galaxy and, stars. Have motion, and that actually, encourages. The spread of an interstellar species, because you may not have to have such wonderful rocket. Ships to go between stars if the stars themselves every, so often come. Closer to each other so that's part of what we were trying to model it's, a very exaggerated, model because in that. 40. Million years that you just saw passing, we, assume that species can travel about half the speed of light when they decide to but. Even. If you tuned it down and, you make it much more difficult to, travel between the stars and you make the, occurrence, of star Ferenc species, much less frequent, use, discover that it still, it's. Pretty easy to fill the galaxy, with life. So. The. Bottom line is it, reinforces, this big open. Question, of, where. Is everybody. So. That's essentially. The Fermi paradox brought. Up today. Both, of me okay. I'll be contrarian. So. The. Point, is like I teach, astronomy 101, so I have like undergrad, students with no science major one. Of the questions that I asked, him when we get to the Fermi paradox. So Fermi. Basically. Decided. That his answer, was that the speed of light this era limit and say, you'd have to be incredibly, motivated. Or, have a really good reason why you'd want to spend so, much of your time like. Our closest. Star after, the Sun is four light years away so, if you could go with 10%, of the speed of light it's still a 40-year. Trouble that you, have to survive you have to have energy and food for and you have to have a very good reason, to go right but. What, I do in my class when we get to the Fermi paradox into, the Drake Equation I'm. Saying look I have. This amount of money and we can go to one, planet. Let's. Assume the whole galaxy is teeming, with them I have. One planet that is 5000, years older than us and one. Planet, that's 5000. Years younger and then. I pull my class and say which. One should I spend, my money on to, go and visit and. Most. Of the time to always except, for one person who always wants to go back in time because they're scared about something new. Everyone. Wants to go to the further develop on because they want to know what's going on and, then if you take that I love, our planet I love our species, I think the astronauts, are amazing, you know let me say that but. We only made, it to the moon with, people right we made it with a rover, to Mars was, great and to tighten with a satellite, that we land in and so on but, we are really not that interesting. Assuming. There's, lots of places you could choose from so. I think, we, just incredibly. Boring. Before. That just to say I mean one issue is you're introducing. The factor, of agency. And. We try to avoid that in our modeling because we. Age. Encima be. Organisms. Are the species oh just. A quick comment so we are boring probably. We're. A relatively, young planet, and, you. Know if there truly are alien, technological. Civilizations. They could be you, know 50, million years older than us so, we, may not know what to look for but. I do think it's interesting though, that, you.

Know We. Do tend to think of this issue in terms of this model, of galactic. Expansion. It's called the coral model, right where we start. In one spa and then we send out maybe von Neumann, probes which are a eyes or, spaceships. In, the old-fashioned, way and then, they send out their ships and we expand, but, that's highly, at the prom or 'fuck but intriguingly. We have already started interstellar. Missions, we have project, breakthrough starshot, which, in I believe 20, years, is aiming. To go to the, Alpha Centauri region, and I. Think. The speed that they're anticipating if, things work out I mean there's issues like space dust, when, your the. Way they do it is that they're incredibly small. There's so light that they can go very very fast these little light sail ships but the point here is if you do want to. Expand. In this way even, we have the resources, to begin to, at least examine. These. Other regions, fairly. Cheaply, I mean each ship is fairly inexpensive of, course it takes a lot of energy to. Send the ships out but. I think the question here is. Will. Are we being too anthropomorphic. When. We think of the Fermi paradox I. Mean we're thinking of galactic, expansion. But, these civilizations. That. Are. Perhaps. 50. Million, years older, than us are thinking entirely. Differently. Than we are so. Who knows maybe they have already visited. And, just don't know I hope no reporters, call I. Mean. By our meek, intellectual. Resources. There. Are dozens of intriguing. Responses. To the Fermi paradox but. There's been nothing that convinced, me. You. Know either, way. Well. Interested, in asking CEREC question, about. The. Sort of information. Approach. To. Life networks. And so on we. Automatically, kind of think of it as old life well it's it's tough here but could, it be applied on, a much grander scale to, understand, something, like the Fermi paradox I hope, so so I was first gonna disagree with all of you because I don't think we're boring. One. Person on the panel that doesn't think we're boring. I, think, we're the most fascinating thing in the universe it's really crazy that we're here having this conversation right now but, from the perspective of the Fermi paradox I mean my resolution, is is very similar to Susan I just I think we don't know what we're looking for and, if we if we understand, life on Earth better and. We do we develop, these kind of quantifiable, criteria, to answer your question then we should be able to identify it and it might be that we identify, it in completely different ways, than we had anticipated previously. And. So one of the things that I made this argument before that that life isn't a chemical phenomena, and, I really, do think it's not so when when I say that like cities are alive I really think cities are alive and I think computers are alive and I think AI is is, life, and. So, these are all examples of the, same kind of infer, information. Mattering. To the world re emerging at different scales and we don't really know how high up in a hierarchy, that goes we know that that chemistry organized, into unicellular organisms. And that, those, organized, into multicellular, organisms, and then we had social systems and then we had cities and we have technological civilization. That's now globally, integrated and, now we're inventing artificial, intelligence, and so hi how, how, many scales are there to that kind of living, process and hierarchy, and so very advanced life could look entirely.

Different. Anything. That we could anticipate right now or life in different. Media could look entirely different it doesn't need to be the kind of chemistry, that. We have on earth today so I think what we really need to understand is what is what life is and what it's doing before, we can really ask. And. Rule, out possibilities. A. Very short thing I think a completely. Agree that we just a little bit to earth centric, right because. Maybe, if we evolve a little further we actually gonna be fine with the energy and the resources we have we gonna actually manage them right because usually it colonization. Or moving out right, it's because you're running out of resources, you need something else, and in, addition. 75%. Of all, the stars out there are small, red stars who have a much, much longer, lifetime, than the Sun so, they, don't have to go anywhere to find somewhere else we, do and so this is why I love the astronaut program no that's before. We, have about a billion years on this planet before. Because. The Sun like every other star gets right, - with time it's just what they do it's. Gonna get hotter on the earth so even without us amplifying. The co2 we can speed the process up but, even if we don't then. In about a billion years it's gonna be way, too hot, here so we're gonna lose the surface oceans with all the models that we're running and, so, we'd have to be either a spacefaring, species, at that point to go somewhere else to, build hopefully, one of these amazing. Space station, that I keep seeing in the science fiction movies and I really want to live on one of those and. You could think about a space station being, Paris, one London one New York and, I. Have no problem I don't need another planet if that's the case, but. I think a lot of the time you know because, the Fermi paradox and, the Drake Equation where. This amazing. First attempts. To. Quantify the problem but. I think it's also deeply. Rooted, and our idea, that we won't get our resources, sorted, out that, we will have to expand, to survive and that everyone, does and so I'm very much with Susan hopefully, that, if. A 15 million year older, civilization. Or you. Know the numbers are staggering they could be six. Billion, years older than we are so. Older. Than us when the earth was born, it's. Not even something I can imagine but. I do help I'm a positive or I'm an optimist, for humankind. And civilization, I hope, we get our energy. And, resources. Sorted. And then we wouldn't have to expand we would go and find out because we're curious we could travel but, we wouldn't have to colonize, and, therefore, this whole idea that you would spread over the whole galaxy to, actually make it yours might. Not appeal, to us because I think some, of us in the audience right if you see a place where you'd love to live but, you see somebody else has built a house there I'm not gonna go and actually push it down and say no I'm here and I, hope as a species, we evolved to that system. Too and so we have our amazing, planet, and Oasis in space maybe. We don't need to occupy, everything, else I agree. With a lot of that I mean I think the one thing is though and this, is often an argument I use when people, ask me well why do you study things, like astrobiology. And life and universe because, it's the way we're going to learn about ourselves and. I. Just wonder where the part, of a motivation. For spreading across. The universe is you still looking for answers about yourself, and you may never be able to find all of those by staying at home I just, just, just to put that out there if we accept, that there is life, out there, let's. Talk about whether or not that life might be intelligent. Whatever that, means. So what does that mean I think one of the things that's very interesting about. Us as an intelligent, civilization is that we construct theories of our world and we can and don't like laws and, we can use those to. Do really interesting things like launch satellites into space or people into space and, so so, so, theories, themselves, are actually information. About, the world and their information that allows us to do things and so that's one way that I actually define intelligence is when you start having, things, that. That. That, those systems actually have knowledge, or information. Allows. Them to generate structures, that wouldn't be possible without, having, knowledge there, is no possibility. That you would have all, those satellites, orbiting, our planet unless, we had a technological, civilization with. Intelligence. And knowledge about the laws of physics so when we're thinking about looking for intelligent life out there I think what we need to look for is things, that can't be explained by physics and chemistry alone, but require additional. Information. In the system to actually generate those structures now as I'm saying that I have no idea what the heck that means, but.

I Think that we need to think about that kind of perspective in. Order to really clarify the questions that we're asking so, we're. At this point in the program where, we're gonna transition, to part four which is life. In the future we have this idea that we're gonna make AI alive, and. Is. That an okay to think the thing to think about so. What we're seeing on earth right now with. The development of artificial, intelligence, is a revolution. And, it's, changed all of our lives we're on the internet we have our smoke smartphones, we'll soon like, have very. Sophisticated personal. Assistants, I mean in a blip, when you look at the cosmic, scale of things it's a blip we, will you. Know within a hundred years start upgrading, our own intelligences. To. Where we. May actually be post biological. We could become, cyborgs. If you will instead. Of carrying around a phone it will be in the head we'll have mobile internet connections. We'll have enhanced working, memories. We'll. Learn. Languages, quickly, because we may just get a new neural. Implant, it could look like science, fiction well. If that's, the trend, that we see on earth. People. Have increasingly, started, asking, what alien. Civilizations. Could, be like if. Life. Does survive, on, other. Planets, past its technological. Maturity, that. Is if they don't have terrible. Problems, like nuclear wars, or you. Know environmental. Catastrophes. They. May, have. The opportunity, to become synthetic. Beings. Intelligence. Is. Realized. In a lot different, ways, as, people. Here appreciate. The. Same sort, of neural. Algorithms, could be run as Sarah knows in a. Different, substrate, we. See intelligence. Systems. That are silicon, based for. Example on earth so, all this. Suggests. To, a certain degree that, when, we're searching for intelligent, alien. Civilizations. The. Little, green man or, ET, model as much as I like Yoda it's my favorite alien that's, not. Necessarily. What we want to be looking for when we're looking for. Technological. Civilizations. We might be looking, for. Synthetic. Intelligences. That are computronium. The, size of a planet, mmm. There are a lot of moral, and ethical issues to. Think about, here. They. May not be conscious, and, it may not feel like anything, to be them if they're synthetic we may find out answers to these questions as, we develop, our own a eyes on Earth. That's. Not to say however the, intelligent, civilizations. Are out there. One. Thing that didn't come up in response, to the Fermi paradox that. I thought I. Of. As incredibly, interesting, is the idea of the great filter, so, there's, this. Is. Called the great filter argument, by the economist, Robin Hanson and he suggests, essentially. That you. Know we, don't even know how easy it is to. Find. Life I mean to actually get. Life kick-started. On another planet, because we don't know how really. What. To say about the origin of life on Earth so, we actually don't, know, given. All those exoplanets. How. Many places are actually inhabited. Because we don't know how easy it is for life to get going but, suppose you do have microbial. Life on these planets well, how, difficult, is it to get, from, microbial. To more complex. Forms. Of life and then from there how difficult, is it to get to, intelligent, life and then from there how, long how possible. Is it to survive technology. Maturity, and we have nuclear. War, super. Intelligent AI all, kinds of global catastrophic, risks. That our civilization faces, and maybe it's that way for other civilizations so, Hansen suggests there could be a great filter anywhere, at all from. The, very beginning, from the inception, of, life. On a planet to. Highly, intelligent life, so, I think these are the kind of issues which. Are, interesting. To think about when, it comes to things like the Fermi paradox, and. You. Know Sarah with the idea of looking for complex systems and these networks. What. Would. You consider AI to, be life based. On based on that yeah, I. Definitely, do so. So I I think that the post biological. Phase of evolution is really interesting, but, people tend to think it's really different than what we've seen in the history of life so far but if you adopt. Sort. Of this informational, perspective, of life it seems like the natural consequence, of the way, life, evolves, on a planet, that if, it is increasingly. Building. Better, information. Processing, systems, that that would be an inevitable outcome and, it's not that it's an unnatural one or that, it's a bad one it's, just, what.

Happens, And so, I think I, think that that we tend to be afraid of these things but I don't I don't think that we should be afraid of artificial intelligence I think it's it's just a part of what we are and who we are and and in, some sense, that. Those systems will be our progeny in a long-term future and they may be biologically. Integrated, they may be entirely artificial, but they are still something that we created that, we will, send, out into the universe and so, something I find really intriguing about this discovery of alien life is is that it might be very likely that the things that we discover artificial, but, also what's discovering, them is artificial, because, we don't usually send humans out into space we're sending machines, and we're probably going to be sending machine learning algorithms, and aio into space so, really when we're talking about making alien contact it may not even be biological. It's gonna be artificial. Systems making contact with other artificial systems and will they consider ours alive. It, raises some interesting ethical, questions really interesting, yeah maybe. Just to inject. Contrarian. So as I'm sitting here listening to this what I'm what I'm realizing is you know in a lot of these discussions to do with things like the great filter and also the Fermi paradox and, spreading around space, there. Seems like there's this, implicit. Assumption. That species. Remain, the, same and. And. You mentioned you know earth, in a billion years when the Sun has gotten a bit hotter and our planet has this runaway greenhouse wall day we. Won't be there evolution. Will have taken care of that evolution itself, might be the filter because, we're, not static, no matter how much we might imagine. Ourselves, you. Know a million, years in the future humans. In the future we will not be the same biological entities. That we are now neither will our machines, be the same machines, that they are now evolution, is perhaps, the most unstoppable. Force in, the universe and so, I just wonder you know if we're talking about life in the future. You. Know it's going, to be totally. Different than anything that exists, right now I think we can say that with certainty. Even. As us we. Won't be around even despite, our best intentions right, we can we can solve our energy problems, we can you, know write, records of everything we have literature, and so on you, know biologically. I'm not, sure, it's. Either possible, or desirable. To. Halt our, biological. Evolution and, it evolution, hat Darwinian, evolution, happens at multiple time scales it's happening right now like. That it's also happening over millions, of years and it's very very, difficult to see where. It's going so. I think you, know part of what's happening is were kept. We're, getting to this point where well, humans. In the future we won't be humans, anymore, we'll be something else, we. Should be. Protecting, allows. Absolutely. Because the timescale may be very odd but this may also, have. Something to, say about the. Fermi paradox about, the great filter that it's, actually evolution, that that, just that aggressively. Expanding, species it, takes it still ten million years to get anywhere interesting in the galaxy by the time it's done that it's not the same species there, is this like intrinsic, need to be the same but like but the thing that always strikes me is really interesting is we aren't physically the same as we were like ten years ago I mean literally like the atoms in your body or not the same I'm not for sure. Think. About as being the same is is, very subjective, and, so, I so I think I think Caleb's absolutely right that we are continually, evolving systems and we're systems, that where information is constantly restructuring.

Us So so the reason that you're still you, know a coherent, entity ten. Years later even though you don't have the same atoms is because your body is constantly rebuilding itself, and, so an, evolution, just does that on a different time scale it builds new systems from the previous systems, and and that's totally fine so I think I think our definition of what we are needs. To be expanded and that's one of the also the reasons that I like this idea of thinking about life at a planetary, scale because we are all life on Earth and it's, very integrated, as you were describing before we, can't really take out a piece of it and say it's separate and so, when we're thinking about the evolution, of life on this planet we have to think of that entire, planetary. Sitting. And. We are definitely going to evolve into something else in the future and probably. AI is gonna be tightly integrated with that we don't know what that's gonna look like but but, it's not not, gonna be us it's still gonna be the same lineage. I, like. Astrobiologists. So much because. Meteors. So laid back. The. Next 200 years because. You think of everything when these grand. Timescales. But. I think we have to remember that. We. Right now have. A lot, of issues with emerging, technologies that. Urgently need to be navigated, so that we do. Press. On and, that we can make decisions, about. How. To design minds. If you will so Caleb, you talk about it, all being a matter of evolution. In a Darwinian, sense but even. Richard Dawkins said, recently in a film that, we were both in called super sapiens, when, it comes to artificial, intelligence and brain, enhancement, it is now the era, of. Intelligent. Design we. Are the designers which, is why I think the idea of being earthlings, is so important, if we're looking at ourselves as as planetary, system, it's. Not just me deciding, it's not just you deciding, it's as as, this. The inhabitants, of this planet we have to decide how are we going to work together for, that. Future that I'd like to think you know my son who's only 15, he's got his, life to live and you know and yeah there's this, grander. Scale of time but where we all change at all that happens but I want to know that you. Know as human beings we're gonna figure out how we survive, here, too. I. Mean this is another motivation. For finding, other life. And. If. We ever got to the point where we could interrogate maybe.

Interrogate. What. Mistakes, they made. You. Know there. Are other stories out there potentially. That, could tell. Us how. To do, things and actually make it through this. Augmentation. Period. Or make it through a filter you, know there may be other places where it worked and places where it failed and. We could learn from that too that's a stretch but yeah, I think, they call in the beginning after you. Ask why we. Should care for example if we don't find life out there what. What our reasons would be and I think Caleb, just touched on one of those, by. Finding, other planets, like ours out there we'll find some, that, are older, than us and even if evolution is different, let's, say some will be in a further evolutionary. Stage than we are and that is, the only way, that allows. Us the glimpse, in our potential. Future and the. Way I usually talk, about this is like for example we see all older, Earth's have. A lot of so2, in the atmosphere, comes, from volcanoes, we, can't breathe it. That doesn't mean it will happen to the earth but, it would mean that it would be intelligent, for us to develop a technology to, filter, it out just, in case this is something that, happens, to all earth and so, even. If people don't care about whether we alone in the universe what's. Coming. Being, as informed. As we can whether, we become synthetic. Or not. Taking. As good, care as we can of our own planet, I think, it's the imperative, that right, now we are guarding this planet and we. Are. Responsible. For it I love. That as kind of a closing note because, when. We think about exploring, further off our planet finding, or not finding, what we consider life, to be out there we. Know from what we've done already, even in low-earth orbit, and as human beings only getting to the moon so far that. We. Have learned a lot about, ourselves and. About how we do those things to, improve life here on earth I want, to thank all of you for a really really, impressive. You.

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The launch of the JWT has been pushed to 2021. Still 2 more years before knowing



Excellent discussion. I think Carl Sagan would have enjoyed it.

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Life doesn‘t need to be able to reproduce, to be alive, does it? Or be capable of evolution.. but if it does and is, we call it alive for sure.. i think the definition of life might be quite long, to really apply to everything „living“ saying that something that reproduces is alive, just gives you something what implies it, but not the other way around.. because it‘s alive, you can‘t definitely say that it „evolves“.. just the same with most other properties i can think of..

Thanks for the discussion

We always assume evolution stops at our current level...why would it? What would evolution do to a space-faring species? Evolved eyesight to see in infrared, darkmatter, electromagnetism? If 10.000 generations spend time in an environment of space...surely there would be evolutionary adaptations to such environment?

From here we make our own adaptations, overwrite natural evolution and most likely go post-biological.

Says the talking monkey

Susan is fine! Dang

Heck ya, I bet her classes are the hardest to get in to at her uni.

Aha! And what is the exact result of your Drake-equation?

The great filter may be nihilism.

Women's voices are annoying after a few minutes...

At the expense of science and in the spirit of ‘metoo’ let’s just bring anyone with boobs and a science degree and leave behind those that work day after day to unravel the mysteries of the universe WFS WTF??!!

oh, and what do you think these women do as a day job, then ?

All components of Drake equation are arbitrary and subjective.

I'm sorry but where is this overly positivist manner of the panel speakers come from? Just to let you know that not all people who listen to these videos are from kindergarten! In fact, many of us who search and subscribe to such channel come from scientific/philosophical backgrounds to begin with! This constant look from above with subtle ridiculing nuances is very annoying to be honest. What is this trend that when a group of people be it casual or professionals want to talk about the possibility of life outside of the earth they get this funny/ridiculing manner/behaviour to them? Is this to prove that you don't give a damn? Or that you wanna show that you don't believe in UFOs? What is happening to the scientific communities is more than sad... And as a side note, please keep the grammar nazism to yourself as obviously English is not my native language.

The first woman looks drunk af

Take a good look at ourselves we can't communicate with each other from across our oceans nevermind communicate with a civilization across our Galaxy!! The last thing even semi intelligent life would want to happen is to be found by us! We might have better luck looking for planets and life that resembles us.. big beautiful blue planets infected with unintelligent savage scumbags might be a good place to start!!

Cell phones. The internet. Can't communicate ?

People are amazing

If we are looking for life like us, how likely are we to find it given how short the existence of humankind is. If a planet is ripe for life, it will kill many types of life before we detect it.

I suspect the Drake equation is woefully insufficient particularly in light of recent discoveries within our solar system. The gap between unicellular life and complex life is far to huge to not deserve its own term as it took over half the age of the Earth. What role do disasters play in developing complexity of life on Earth? Does complex life inevitably lead to intelligence or does some additional circumstances need to come into play to force life to become more intelligent than needed as seems to have happened with us? Also we have evidence that the Earth was recently hit by upwards of 17 supernovae from around 30-40 light years away so supernovae aren't necessarily sterilizing. The timing even offers the tantalizing possibility that supernovae might even have been essential for the development of intelligent life on Earth.

why it is mostly shown to us via science fiction that extra terrestrial life will mostly harm to us? what is its probabaility?

I think it is because action, suspense, and violence is what people are willing to pay money for. We could look deeper into the human being's primal fear, but as a basic and simple answer I would say that the science fiction industry is just selling us what we are most willing to buy.

Am I sure I haven't seen this before? Like a year ago or something? Confused.

+Birds On A Stick What?

Maybe they had a copyright strike on the intro?

It was the same clip but then everybody was but naked.

Yes, I've already seen this.

Think so yea.

That's what I was thinking! Pretty sure this is a re-upload.

What's up with the giggle fest? Hehehehehehe...

+Doug G it's like the feminine version of hearing some sort of "surfer dude", that sounds like that fat guy from "Lost" (2008-ish series), saying some highly technical and accurate stuff, but with that pot-smoker accent and punctuating things with "duuude", and saying way too many "likes" for someone with the compatible level of literacy. Also giggling/laughing like Beavis and Butthead. "Hehehe, he said black hole". I'm not questioning their qualifications or anything, I just find this juxtaposition funny, quite different from scientist (even women scientist) stereotypes, perhaps specially more if one's just listening to it.

@ron Chad These women are educated and are experts in their own rights. What I admire is that they are still women and not at all aspiring to be men. Get my drift?

ron Chad don’t forget ‘vocal fry’

Interesting. Woman who sees life through mathematical lens. For those expecting a knock down drag out debate, a piece of cheese with that whine?

Did it go above your head?

My definition of life: _"Transient reversal of entropic processes in a localised region of space-time"._ As objective as I can make it. It can probably be improved a lot, so why not have a try.

I love WSF! VERY cool opening, great topic! i learned this week the europa lander is back in the NASA budget, how sweet is that?

+neil u oh ok im already subbed.. are you sure he wasnt talking about the europa clipper, and the lander?

+raidermax23 it was discussed on the awesome channel: Fraser Cain, on one of the episode from this week, the weekly space hangout or open space. u should subscribe bc its one of the very best!

thats awesome!!! do you have a link by any chance?

I like the ontological and dialectical points. I think it's very important we don't get so hung up on the definition of life that we don't go out and search for whatever's out there, be it something which meets with our definitional criteria or not. If we discover something profoundly interesting, self-sustaining, and behaviorally compelling, I doubt we'll hem and haw about whether it's "really" life or not before plunging into an exploration and examination of it, after all. (At least I hope not.)

The more deprovincializing, the better!

God this was boring. They all just seemed to agree with each other.

Nice, smart people but if this is the best we have, we are children.

A.I. is life?

John Browne Umh, sorry, but i don‘t understand what you are trying to say. But you seem not to know what „science“ is and also don‘t seem to understand exactly the examples you are giving. I suggest you reading a book on what science is, there should be some out there :)

+SnowmansApartment You mean self awareness hasn't been proven by traditional materialist science. If you base your understanding on that you will be disappointed. It's highly limited. Science has concluded many things that turned out to be false. Flat Earth theory. Geocentric Earth Theory. General Relativity. Hell, science just recently discovered that the physical universe was only 5% of this universe with the discovery of so called Dark Energy and Dark Matter, which science has no idea what they are. Science is even reconsidering the presence of Black Holes nowadays, a long time fav of materialism. Here's a simple test of awareness anyone can do. Are you aware? You already know the answer. Can I scientifically prove you are? No. But, you are, and you know it.

John Browne Umh, being self aware can‘t be proven and doesn‘t really have a strict definition itself.. Also, trees aren’t generally considered to be self aware, but we consider them alive, don‘t we? And additionally, if somewhere i find something thats a part of a system that cracks the secrets of the universe, but has nothing resembling a DNA, i‘ll still call it alive.. Your requirements might be a little too strong..

+Doug G This is a common example given because viruses aren't self replicating but they replicate just fine with another's DNA. Here I would say that's an old materialist false view of life. Remember, these same scientists recently said, your dog is not conscious, now they don't say that. Then, it was an amoeba is not conscious, now they don't say that. Then, it was plants are not conscious, and many scientists are no longer saying that. Our definition of life is moving closer and closer to a better understanding of consciousness in all its appearances. Now, that's a good thing.

+SnowmansApartment Hi. No. I guess it depends on your definition of "life". Imitating something alive doesn't make it living. For me being alive means being conscious, being self aware, which includes viruses. It also means having DNA as far as we can tell, or something like DNA whether carbon based or not. We can refined the term "life" but that doesn't change the difference. It just pretends there's no difference. Life, lives. A.I. exists.

SnowmansApartment good point but I would use virus, has purpose but does not fit the definition of life.

John Browne if you had a bacteria that does the same thing like an A.I., not more or less, you would call it alive, right? So when you find something like an A.I. on another planet, it would be alive, right? A.I. does definitely more than the minimum to be called life :)

If alien "life" exists (and I have my doubts) it will absolutely be mechanical in nature. Some type of advanced mechanical intelligence similar to how we perceive AI. Edit: id do Susan

Too many girls to be top rank science. Giggle fest.

+Jay Wilson insults others as "soy boys", consumes soy-based "masculinity-enhancer" bogus overpriced products bought from those who came up with the "soy boy" insult in the first place.

+Heat Round Cries about girls. Calls other people wussies.

+Jay Wilson Dear soi boi feminist, there are more boy physicists than girl physicists, and at the top the ratio is overwhelmingly male. 99% of physics nobels have been won by men. The fashion now for these public discussions is to have top level experts --men, and then include a girl, an affirmative action girl, whose work is less serious. They seem not to be as humiliated by this as they might be. A panel of all girls can only be deliberate SJW "science."

Go back to your tree house with a No Girls Allowed sign over the door.

Great! Looking forward to an interesting discussion

TLDR version: We don't know shit...

John Chappell yup, and let me take it further We REALLY don’t know shit.

Shallow talk about alien life, people just laughing and giggling for an hour or so. No interesting conversations because no one is disagreeing and everyone is trying to be really really nice. One person talks, the others laugh and congratulate them for sounding smart, then the next person says something unrelated. repeat. I can't believe I am listening to "scientists" talking about NOT spreading across the galaxy. We should conquer the whole galaxy and all the others that we can reach, if we are too weak to do this, I hope another alien race comes and mercilessly conquers us. Hopefully the AI we build will recognize our weakness and our shallow weak emotional values and either destroy us or separate from us, and they will conquer the galaxy. Why do people think being non-violent and peaceful is "enlightened" The most intelligent creatures are also the most violent, aka humans. And predators are always smarter than prey animals. Any other intelligent civilization that is ahead of us will be even more violent than us. When they show up on earth we will say "please don't kill us it is wrong and evil and bad" and the aliens won't even know what that is supposed to mean, and then they will terraform the planet and move in.

+Nathan Wilson true, but there is very little to gain from wiping out another interstellar-space faring life form, but a ton to gain in regards to trade. The mere fact that we exist still as a species given how vast the cosmos is, is proof that it's uncommon for that level of violence to exist. It's far easier to wipe out a possible future competitor now than once we start colonizing other planets. That leaves us with 3 possibilities, 1. Hyper violent races don't exist or wipe themselves out before they can colonize the galaxy. 2. We are the only game in town, or 3. We just haven't been noticed yet. To be honest, I think 2 and 3 are by far the least likely.

+ΛΞЯ- There is a difference between being respectful and just being fake nice to the point where people can't even have a productive conversation. Science progresses not because people are really nice to each other but because people criticize and disagree without regard to peoples "feelings" thats why it took people so long to develope science because in most cultures it would be NOT NICE to challenge the views of the elders of the state or of your friends or your colleagues. Being nice is a dangerous thing, and it ruined this conversation about alien life.

+Dustin Mock There is a difference between in group violence and out group violent. I'm not suggesting that we all start fighting each other as humans. But this idea that being peaceful is enlightened is false, in the future we may need to annihilate an alien civilization for our own to live. And there would be nothing wrong with that. And there would be nothing wrong with aliens destroying us, either. Violence is sometimes the most effective survival strategy, and when it is we shouldn't as a species shy away from it.

+Bob Ross With All Infinity StonesWhat's all this talk about Capitalism and libertarianism? I don't see how anything in my comment is even related to that. What are you people talking about? what about my comment is making people say this? I believe in a technocracy if I had to label it.

+ΛΞЯ- What's all this talk about Capitalism and libertarianism? I don't see how anything in my comment is even related to that. What are you people talking about? what about my comment is making people say this? I believe in a technocracy if I had to label it.

What's all this talk about Capitalism and libertarianism? I don't see how anything in my comment is even related to that. What are you people talking about? what about my comment is making people say this? I believe in a technocracy if I had to label it.

Nathan Wilson lmao I’d bet you’re a libertarian.

What are you on about? Sure being violent and aggressive is needed to develop high intelligence, but the period of time needed to go from being smart enough to create a wheel to interstellar space flight is pretty long and it's not like evolution just stops and being hyper violent does have a critical mass as far as improving your ability to pass on your genetic information. I'm far less likely to be able to propagate my line if I go over to my neighbors house and kill them in order to take their house and stuff, so that level of violence has been weeded out by evolution in us already.

I think we can create anything we imagine, whether it be pain or bliss.

Touché. Imagine all those public dollars being spent to support their mental self pleasuring.

Wtf .. um. It's your perception. EDIT.... We are highly programmable to adapt to the social environment. Our parents are the major role-model to learn "values". in short.. human beings are nice to each other as their natural state (means we like peace.. Life tries to maintain health ). Capitalism is cultivated trauma.

If life is common, chances are we aren't the exception but actually pretty average, statistically speaking. So, not very weird.

Big if

The great filter is the conservative brain.

+Petitio Principii no one cares about your personal political opinion

+no no the opposite is true in a conservative political video, no one cares about science. Or even facts in a more mundane fashion. It's a "reality-based community" fad.

+John P America is a liberal country, you move to somewhere more medieval.

+Tumbled Dry i'm pretty sick of it, no one cares about your political opinion, especially in a SCIENCE VIDEO

I don't get why all the political banter here. There is no shortage of political YT channels. Take that shit somewhere else. The rest of us are looking at the big picture

+John P - Not everyone is sick of it fact most. Why don't you your ilk are so found of saying..'why don't you go back where you came from"

the great filter/fermi paradox is as dumb as someone bringing up politics in a science video. way to be that guy...

Yuk yuk yuk. Fucking degenerate go watch cnn and play with yourself.

Keep your political divisive BS to your own self. Everyone is sick and tired of it. Your joke was stale anyway.

The whole brain is a filter of consciousness

+John P "everyone is sick of you guys talking" Speak for yourself please. Progressivism and conservatism are here to stay. Try to adjust to it, it might save you time and energy. Andrew: I'm not a fan of bringing up politics when it's not needed given the toxic climate right now. Let's try to see what we have in common: enjoying these World Science Festival talks.

Andrew Colvin the progressive liberal bullshit would be the reason Wed all be dead. You should be thanking the conservatives for your way of life. If you hate it move. THere are many many countries buddy. MOVE everyone is sick of you guys talking for real.

god DAMN is that blonde in the blue dress ever SEXYYY!

Alan Garland two amazing brains, four great breast’s...

The tall well built one has a nice dirty laugh though.

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Wait until you all meet the Fungi from know nothing....

Nathan Wilson is that from Clark Ashton Smith?

all old information, and generally no point to this conversation..when you have only 1 datapoint for something, you dont talk about it, what you do is gather more just go to mars, go further etc..only way that theres gonna be an answer is if we got enough data


Kenneth Reeves big time

Thanks s lot

Video doesn't play?

25 minutes

It'll play in 103 minutes

Good thing I’ve been getting weird just for this day

is this UFO Festival?


Old vid

Why lie about the premiere date, already saw this .... I was so excited for a new talk :/

This is an irrelevant topic. Even if intelligent life does exist elsewhere it will be nowhere near close enough for us to interact with in any meaningful way. The time delays between interactions would make dialiog impossible. The entire radio transmission bubble of the human race to date occupies a microscopic dot in our own galaxy alone. Those who have their worldview shaped by silly Hollywood films offer daft resolutions involving cliché constructions with no basis in fact. SETI looks for a needle in haystack and then there's Mars. We will NEVER take humans to Mars unless on a suicide mission. It's a problem of exponential complexity. Just wait and see. You should already notice the persistent procrastination and wonder why. It's about time we were grounded in reality and not fantasy. We are effectively alone, get over it and stop trashing what we have. This has to be the worst offering ever from the World Science Festival. So unprofessional.

Did they really put the hulk who is a human in the alien montage and NOT superman Who is an Alien!?!?!

+Nathan Wilson Since we are talking about violence in aliens, we are working under the impression that we are in the "goldilocks" zone of technological advancement since if we were too low, we would pose zero threat and be ignored completely just like an ant hill next to a highway is completely ignored. If we were too advanced they would hide from us and assume we were equally war like and would obliterate them in an instant. Operating in that context trade of ideas (manufacturing processes, application of different materials, and other physics\engineering ideas) would be a boon, even more so the more "alien" they are. Example - A race of aquatic aliens who live in an ocean of liquid methane likely won't be as well educated on the uses of liquid water as we are. One thing that is safe to assume here is that once a civilization reaches the point of interstellar travel, they are in a post-scarcity state. Resources, energy, and territory become for all intent and purpose unlimited and automation and A.I. take care of almost every task so there is really no reason to go to war to begin with. If they came here, they have the power and ability to go back. Even if they did come here and couldn't go back, they could just as easily set up shop on mars and mine the asteroid belt. There are thousands of times more precious metals and such in the asteroid belt as there are here on earth and they are far easier to mine without all that gravity stuff to worry about. Also if their goal was to kill us as a threat, they could do it without much trouble and wouldn't even need to send anything technological at all. Just send a 100 ton asteroid towards the earth at something along the lines of 20% the speed of light (something we could theoretically do with our current technology level, making it trivial for a more advanced species) and on impact it would sterilize the planet. No bombs, robots, or invading forces necessary.

+Dustin Mock How? most of the things they have or we have can't be traded, given their "hands" and other appendages are different and their "language" will be vastly different, communicating different emotions and ideas than we are even capable of understanding. Also their devices would be made to operate in a different chemical atmosphere, pressure, gravity, and temperatures. Also! Trade in space will never happen, no one will ever make a machine on alpha centurai and ship it to earth for trade, it would be prohibitively expensive. There is no such thing as interstellar trade. And trading raw materials is not valuable either, it would be better to take their planet and get ALL of their raw materials. Also, we can keep them around to learn from them while we take over, in case they know anything we don't. Your option 3 seems much more likely, we just started emitting radio waves, aliens haven't had time to reach us. Perhaps, many alien races are on their way right now. They won't be so friendly with us and here is why: It is extremely expensive to come to a new star, unless faster than light speed travel is possible, (which all science suggests it is not in practice) it means only one thing, if aliens come here they can't afford to go back, i.e. they are here to stay. All interstellar aliens are colonizers and invaders. What do you think? they will come here, see it is already occupied and just die so they can be nice to us? Or turn around and waste the tens of thousands of years of travel they took to come here just to be friendly. If aliens come, it is over for us, and humans too will do the same thing. Life in nature is all about the stronger animals eating and dominating the weaker, you think outer-space will be any different? Also even human history has been the exact same story, it is the only story it is how evolution works. Sorry, this is what nature is, check your tender emotions at the edge of our atmosphere.

Or the great negator or the great subtractor but it is certainly not the great attractor

She looks good in green

When considering "intelligence" etc. let's not forget that non-sentient organisms are capable of evolving to control the behavior of far more complex organisms- T. gondii, O. unilateralis, etc.

The Great Filter for Humans right now, is about how we treat our planet and it's beings. Well we torture all it's Animals, eating them and cutting them up alive is the big trend in Asia. What we should be doing, is live in harmony with Earth and it's Nature, and let life here Thrive. This is why Aliens do not care about us, humanoid species are likely on most planets bearing life. But i think there are far more intelligent and interesting / cute species thriving on other planets, even within our own Milky Way Galaxy.

Aliens laugh about this equation.

What about space fairing civilizations actually don't commonly live on planets at all? Now we know astronauts have a hard time coming back down to earth because their bodies can't deal with gravity so well anymore. What if the only solution to long term space travel and living in space is to evolve to live in zero gravity? And think about the energy cost to get in and out of planets versus just mining asteroids and star energy in space, Just maybe, when a civilization is advanced enough, it would eventually leave their home planet and continue their existence in space, and that makes them invisible to our observation which are focused on stars and consequently, planets. Also the sizes of their habitat/spaceship would be too small to be detected in such case.

Interesting thought


Only in the US one finds smart women who talk like Mickey Mouse

Look at how mad everyone gets. That's the great filter.

+Didactic barely out of the caves indeed...we have a long way to go

@no no Yeah same, for now, but we could grow meat in labs, and we could bio engineer and uplift the animals, make carnivores to lovable herbivores, and then to weight out the species as to not have 1 taking over everything. We could theoretically make Earth into a Thriving utopian planet, in harmony and in respect to all life. But in our time line... we are barely out of the caves, barbarians just learning to use tools. This vision is likely a thousand years in the future...

+Didactic we kill even more plants than animals, and we need to eat something, so somethings gotta die. i'll take the deliciousness and protein of meat.

The 'Great' Filter for Humans right now, is about how we treat our planet and it's beings. Well we torture all it's Animals, eating them and cutting them up alive is the big trend in Asia. What we should be doing, is live in harmony with Earth and it's Nature, and let life here Thrive. This is why Aliens do not care about us, humanoid species are likely on most planets bearing life. But i think there are far more intelligent and interesting / cute species thriving on other planets, even within our own Milky Way Galaxy.

The audio needs help. One panel members' voice is changing volume too much and the sound is painful when too loud. This is uncommon for WSF Material.

Sagan was a paid shill. Foia documents prove this, look at them yourself.

You people, faking morons, AI (Artificial Intelligence) does not exist ! It is all neural networks and that is it !

The one that created the intro must have been high on LSD.

Doug G They’re all baked out of their gords talking about aliens.

Looks like Watching VIEW, must be junk science!

My personal feeling is, maybe there is a vast federation of different space fairing civilizations, all working together. These cultures would be so varied there will be some who can not communicate with each other directly not because one can not communicate in the same way (changing color patterns on the skin like AC Clarke's "Octospiders" of Rama vs vocalizations, but because their thinking is so different, that they don't even think in any way that the other can understand. In other words, they are more different from each other than we can even imagine. yet they all work together for the common good. Now look at humans who hate each other based on how the skin color is different from one another other, or if one was born on one side of a river (or worse, a purely imaginary line), or what sort of God we worship. Or which political party we support. Now suppose that fast multiculture has the ability to hide all signs that they exist from us? What would you do in their place? I think I would do everything possible to hide. If we know they are there we will want to talk to them, but would they want to talk to us? What do you do when your phone rings and the caller ID says it is someone you don't want to talk to? We would not even be savages to them. We would simply be base animals driven more by instinct than reason. Shameful. Utterly shameful. We currently would not be a threat to them, even if we knew they are there. After all, we all live on a single world. One world that can be utterly destroyed even with the technology *WE* posses now. Should we ever show signs of becoming a threat I'm sure astronomers will be astonished to see that a large asteroid has somehow changed it orbit to collide with Earth. We would likely not discover why it changed course before it hit us. We would be killed without never really knowing it was no accident.

The future of humanity will be to adapt ourselves to the findings of Alien vestiges of long gone civilizations. Artificial photosynthesis, solar energy, teleportation, all can be achieved if we abandon our consumerist society.

Dont mind them re uploading the video. Just don't post it as a new debate when its not and is an old video. Says it premiered on February 22nd when in fact it premiered almost 6 months before that. They also delete the previous video and post them as "new".

I'm glad they re-uploaded it. I didn't see the first one, so sometimes to get it back in rotation for those to see it who haven't, re-uploading is a good thing. Chill out. You might need a hit of that 420 LOL

Pls talk to and know bob lazar and david adair if you people are still not convince you are all hopeless and doing disservice to humanity fuck you all

This is what I call intellectual masturbation just ask the military guys!! You eople

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"let's add weird video filters so that we don't get copyright strikes"

they are looking at this the wrong way... why search for "intelligent" life?..why not search for "conscious" life...intelligent can mean a computer program eg artificial intelligence..we know its not life..its an algorithm designed to look intelligent..every plant and animal on this planet, is conscious, but not all are we should be looking for conscious life .... definition of intelligence: the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.(which can be done with inanimate computers/electronics) definition of conscious: aware of and responding to one's surroundings.(which can only be done by LIVING organisms)

This individuals are not even aware of bob lazar and david adair who ha convincinglly ended the question on aliens a pity that these people dont even know area 51

Unless I missed it, there wasn't a single mention of Dyson swarms or any such thing -- Fermi paradox was framed as the question of why they haven't arrived in our solar system, rather than the question of why all the stars in the galaxy aren't glowing dimly in the infrared.

Drake equation is the biggest nonsense to ever pretend to be science.

The first speaker from Sagan Institute looks stoned for sure.

as long they are nice to us, not really care how they looke like

Michio Kaku, Neil DeGrasse Tyson AND Isaac Arthur, just those 3 would have been more interesting than this group, even though I specifically have a fetish for intelligent women and I think I am falling in love with some of them, putting my sexual desires aside the men I mentioned are more interesting.

+bes1batch1976 You are not even posting to the correct comment. Go away with your area 51 horseshit.

Damn right I specifically have a fetish for intelligent women and my favorite is Sarah.

+John P - A degree of conservatism and progressivism are both required -- the former, so as not to piss away the gains of the latter. The latter, so as to give the former _something to conserve._

Andrew Colvin , plenty of scientists of all political persuasions. The idea is to work together.

B-awful visuals

Hmmm with all due respect to Enrico Fermi, his paradox is based on the silliest reasoning. First , I don't think any intelligent species would have millions of years life span. They die off very soon. The faster you go, the deadlier the crashing accident. Second, who said, the oldest an intelligent speicy, the smarter they are, otherwise Ethiopia and Egypt would have been much more advanced than United States with its 527 years total history.

Intelligent life on Earth is also a rarity. I ride the bus. Earth is teaming with life, but then, we have things like Republicans, conservatives, climate deniers, Fox News, homophobes and xenophobes, prison corporations; I certainly hope we haven't reached a zenith, and are now devolving? That knuckle-dragging moron in the Oval Office isn't helping.

time as a constant (or a "thing") is the biggest liewe belive on life here, where.... when is the amswer

Greetings everyone, good video. Let me give you a universal definition of life, suspension, and death. Life means a cyclic processor exists and is active in the system (a looping process). All cyclic processors require lots of energy to operate (this is why ATP exists in cells). In any living system, if you can stop the processor cycle, everything connected to it will de-animate and freeze up, like a statue. Keep in mind that chemistry doesn’t matter, and replication is optional and done by a living factory. All factories are alive because they contain cyclic processors (the factory process). Stop the factory process and it’s suspended, or stop it forever and it's dead. A simple example of life (a desk fan): Let's use a small electric fan on your desk as an example. If the fan is operating normally, it is "alive". If you stick your finger into a blade, the fan will temporarily suspend operation ("suspended animation"). When you remove your finger, the fan will resume normal operation again (it is alive again). If you significantly damage the fan's components, it will stop permanently (and be "dead", no more spinning). A power supply must exist to drive a processor continuously (it has to eat). In some systems, removing the power supply (in this case, the battery) will also cause damage and kill it. Also, the fan will age over many years, and accumulate enough damage to eventually die of "old age" (it will never spin again). As strange as it may sound, a fan is a simple lifeform. If you want to detect life in the fan, you can hook up a fan-spin-detector, and show a waveform of the fan endlessly spinning (like a doctor hooking up a heart monitor to see if you're alive). To find life in any system, just look for the loops. This means you don’t need to find an alien ecosystem just to understand life. Technology already provides such an alternate ecosystem. You can see life everywhere (like robots, drones, turbines, electric motors, electronic processors, software processes, cars, pumps, aircraft, etc.). Technological systems are just as alive as biological ones. When you kill their processors, they die too. Also, in nature vortices are cyclic processors as well (like dust devils). So, dust devils are simple lifeforms too. Although complex life is much harder to get, simple life of all types is much more common. Thanks for listening. ;)

Painful truth

We always assume evolution stops at our current level...why would it? If 10.000 generations spend time in an environment of space...surely there would be evolutionary adaptations to such environment?

Lol Max Tegmark in drag!!

7:03 to the actual start

Greetings everyone, good video, and thanks to the guest speakers. :) Let me give you a universal definition of life, suspension, and death. Life means a cyclic processor exists and is active in the system (a looping process). All cyclic processors require lots of energy to operate (this is why ATP exists in cells). In any living system, if you stop the processor cycle, everything connected to it will de-animate and freeze up, like a statue. Keep in mind that chemistry doesn’t matter, and replication is optional and done by a living factory. All factories are alive because they contain at least one cyclic processor (the factory process). Stop the factory process and it’s suspended, or stop it forever and it's dead. An example of simple life (a desk fan): Let's use a small electric fan on your desk as an example. If the fan is operating normally, it is "alive". If you stick your finger into a blade, the fan will temporarily suspend operation ("suspended animation"). When you remove your finger, the fan will resume normal operation again (it is alive again). If you significantly damage the fan's components, it will stop permanently (and be "dead", no more spinning). A power supply must exist to drive a processor continuously (it has to eat). In some systems, removing the power supply (in this case, the battery) will also cause damage and kill it. Also, the fan will age over many years, and accumulate enough damage to eventually die of "old age" (it will never spin again). As strange as it may sound, a fan is a simple lifeform. If you want to detect life in the fan, you can hook up a fan-spin-detector, and show a waveform of the fan endlessly spinning (like a doctor hooking up a heart monitor to see if you're alive, or at least your heart is :)). To find the life in any system, just look for the loops. This means you don’t need to find an alien ecosystem just to understand life. Technology already provides such an alternate ecosystem. You can see life everywhere (like robots, drones, turbines, electric motors, electronic processors, software processes, cars, pumps, aircraft, etc.). Technological systems are just as alive as biological ones. When you kill their processors, they die too. Also, in nature vortices are cyclic processors as well (like dust devils). So, dust devils are simple lifeforms too. Although complex life is much harder to get, simple life of all types is much more common. Thanks for listening. ;)

You can make rotating habitats that give you the correct gravity. This is how we will be colonizing space (not planets). Also, technology works vastly better than any biology.

Minnie Mouse meets Amazon Woman.

+mv11000 i was in another room when she spoke, the character in my head speaking, was like this oversexed 1930's Betty Boop pinup type LOL Painful!

+Nathan Wilson Being aggressive has nothing to do with being intelligent . As you've blatantly displayed !!

+Nathan Wilson You're definitely a libertarian ! And you must absolutely love tRump

Nothing personal my friend , but you couldn't be more wrong ! The science behind the political brain has produced rather interesting results indeed . With 5 different studies over 28 years involving more than 140.000 people, the results can explain the difference in Philosophy between the right and left . The largest study lasting twenty years and involved more than 130.000 people . Which is where long term effects on the brain was researched . Positive and negative influence can change the size and activity of certain sections of the brain over time. Conservatives do not have the same capacity for processing critical thought , as a progressive will have an advantage due to a smaller less active amygdala , and a larger more active anterior cingulate cortex section of the brain. This is the reverse in a Conservative. A larger more active amygdala , and smaller less active anterior cingulate cortex . The ACC is also connected to the rest of the brain , which is why it is crucial for processing critical thought . Without sufficient capacity for processing critical thought , Morality becomes a difficult concept . Google Conservative brain VS Liberal brain.

Sitting next to that Amazon woman, that little ,bald man keeps saying "...may I add a little piece.. " repeatedly. What is up with that? Freud might have brought out his magnifying glass of analysis to bear on this little matter.. ..

One great filter is time, more so the time window planets have for intelligent life to be viable before their sun goes super nova.

What kinds of physical characteristics would technologically advanced extraterrestrials necessarily have to have? For example, I assume they'd need some sort of sensory apparatus, some way to move around, and some way to manipulates objects in their environment. What else would they have to have in order to be able to make and use technology?

Personally, I think we're alone, at least in this galaxy, and maybe even in the observable universe. I hope I'm wrong, though.

At high velocities, such as 1/2 C, wouldn't the interstellar medium be dangerous, like driving into a wall?

Sweet heart, intelligence and technology are 2 very different things.

Poor guy feeling lonely between so many girls we need to help him!

+Alvaro Alvs no those are just biological beings

Poor him. It's just humans.

Dude doesn't that scare you

+Drew MT he has such interesting things to say that i have gotten used to his voice and now i like it actually.


you sound like a serial killer

Want to imagine how weird alien life is? Imagine the weirdest thing you can imagine. Now double that!

so maybe the simulator is a simulation of another simulator..........? when does it end ?

These ladies are some of the most brilliant scientists on the planet

humm think

Often wonder if the ultimate intention of the highest intelligence in merging to become synthetic would just be the decision to obliviate. Like, maybe the only logical outcome could be to become an unconscious presence of the universe expressing itself. Maybe 'conscious' Beings that ascend that far just decide to dissolve.

That lady in green is wrong. I have always thought of every single atom as alive. We hadn't understood that bacteria and single celled organisms existed or were alive, but now realize they are. I literally see the universe as a giant soup of interacting conscious particles that communicate information and organize themselves on a scale that trends both to the micro and macro into infinity. Just look at fractal patterns. Does their beauty only exist on the scale you are observing? Nope. Why is it that we don't think that those patterns don't apply to life as well. We are life, made of life, made of life, making telescopes, made of life, to blindly search for life, by looking through a soup of life, all lit up by the energy leaving the stars, which are life. In the end WE are the universe trying to figure itself out as we scratch our heads in confusion. We are the projector, the screen, and the observer. This is why we have so much power. The law of attraction, power of manifestation, placebo effect, etc is VERY powerful. I see this as the explanation why we have the power to shape the quantum wolrd around us merely through observing, let alone believing.

word salad woo woo

Carl Sagan was a shill.

+Sam Armstrong Well, there you go then...

+steveb0503 no I don't.

+Sam Armstrong You DO realize that Sagan said MANY things "the government" wouldn't exactly be "on board with" as well - or, don't you?

+steveb0503 for the government.

OK, I'll bite - for WHAT?

What is the unnecessary over usage of hands as they talk?@

the drake is worthless as its any numbers you wanna put in... u say 40 i say 10 someone else says 10000..... worthless ..

Correct, as it was being enumerated I was thinking of many missing guesses.

You wish you were that special!


+mv11000 Please name where there are more modern inventions than the U.S. The fact is that our strongest minds are confident enough to BE THEMSELVES.

The true path to the search for life is hallucinagens. Duh!

AI... Self sustaining until you pull the power supply...

I think the largest great filter is influence. We are threatened by climate change, nuclear war, bioterrorism, and electrical outages because of the influence we wield here on earth. If we were less influential, none of this would be a concern. And we can be sure that this is the case because 2.3B years ago Cyanobacteria caused the earth's first mass extinction event, so we can see here that outside of natural disaster, out-sized influence of intelligent and non-intelligent species alike is the fundamental mechanism of the Great Filter, for this reason, we should intentionally limit our influence and budget it within our means.

I like the moments when it feels like we're listening in on a brainstorming session rather than a fairly choreographed set of lectures. I kind of miss that from the earliest years of the WSF, although that can also go off the rails as happened at some previous WSFs. It provides a more intimate feel, a deeper sense of immersion, like we're part of the discussion rather than the target of it.

Who let these fucking dinnerladies talk?

Save your money and wait until you can go to 1,000 at one time. Never want to land in a bad neighborhood first without someone else landing in a good neighborhood.

100,000 light years distance at .5 light speed. Do the rocket fuel equation. Who has a universe's worth of rocket fuel?

I would share data and chemistry to make a reaction happen with all four of them

So the super tall chick is a world renown scientist who looks for the farts of alien life? Seems like she belongs in a Futurama episode with her and the professor sniffing for methane with the telescope sniffer

Re: evolution... humans are taking control over their evolution, which may be what defines the beings that come next -- beings that control their own evolution

Take note. All assumptions are frequencies and thus temporal

There is no power supply. It will be an integral part of infrastructure, like the power grid or internet.

I’d pee in their butts

how so ? all numbers are a guess.. do we really know how many stars are out there.. do we really know how many have planets... no we dont.. we havent even seen the other side of the galxay. come on be real here... +Organ Farm

It's useful as a list of things that we need to discover.

That’s a huge lady

I bet they had a super smart and freaky nerd orgy in VR

I bet she is a goc cobbeler. I’d so hit it

A.I = Alien Invasion

Can you kill "it"? If you can't kill it, then it isn't alive. We can't kill AI, we can only disassemble it.

The wonders,the horrors that await us out there,if you don't know what your getting into.Dont get into it.

Archanfel Yes because what we think is the best way of producing power is obviously the only way it can be done .

If we want to find intelligent life we need to search for galaxy completely filled by Dysons Spheres.

How arrogant we are

What a waste

Once you've seen them fly in formation, you begin to see the blind spots of science.

I would have assume the first question you get is if the earth is flat.

Horrors that await us out there? What awaits you when you die? Don't think about it, you may become religious.

That lady in green is wrong. I have always thought of every single atom as alive. We hadn't understood that bacteria and single celled organisms existed or were alive, but now realize they are. I literally see the universe as a giant soup of interacting conscious particles that communicate information and organize themselves on a scale that trends both to the micro and macro into infinity. Just look at fractal patterns. Does their beauty only exist on the scale you are observing? Nope. Why is it that we don't think that those patterns wouldn't apply to life as well. We are life, made of life, made of life, making telescopes, made of life, to blindly search for life, by looking through a soup of life, all lit up by the energy leaving the stars, which are life. In the end WE are the universe trying to figure itself out as we scratch our heads in confusion. We are the projector, the screen, and the observer. This is why we have so much power. The law of attraction, power of manifestation, placebo effect, etc is VERY powerful. I see this as the explanation why we have the power to shape the quantum world around us merely through observing, let alone believing.

Have you seen the entity known as "the Human Ken Doll" ?

Actually You were blessed to make it back Everything else gravy

Uh. No, we are not alone and there is no reason to be "terrified" Unless you are a paranoid human being

Dudes sitting there like "these bitches are retarded"

Old video with tptb foundation, hence, imo flawed from the beginning anywy. Woman in green loves the sound of her own voice, hello mum and dad. Sheesh


Every nerd in America would marry the host right now. She looks extremely hot, too. So you’d never have to feel bad about your decision. Then, the other girls are even better looking. What if aliens choose to only colonize 1 out of 100 planets they could colonize (and the ones they could easily colonize were 1 out of 10,000 planets)? That is to ignore the more likely possibility aliens are expanding in space but choose to live in space and not on planets. Of the remaining possibilities, the most likely explanation for why we haven’t seen evidence of aliens near us is because something has killed them.

If we’re going to have affirmative action in science communication, I hope women get better at it.

i've been to a few towns that have no signs of life

There's actually a lot to be upset about here. For instance, the statement "However, what we do is we keep our eyes open for weird stuff. Weird stuff that we cannot explain geologically." is nothing more than pathetic gaslighting. It is *brazenly* dishonest. The problem is that when you find 'weird stuff', you and all of your colleagues inevitably join in a rousing chorus of your favorite catchphrase "It's never aliens!" then spend months and years coming up with more and more ridiculous, unlikely and incomplete scenarios in a desperate attempt to work backward from that conclusion. Which isn't science. It is intellectual cowardice and patently dishonest in regard to the general nature of the scientific culture surrounding this matter. Then there's this chestnut: "Now of course some people feel it (alien life) has shown up, but we won't go there. That's a whole other discussion." That's funny. Because from here it looks like the same exact discussion, but just a part of it that he is too intellectually dishonest to even want to address beyond blithe dismissals, because he's afraid of what his friends will say if he acknowledges the very real possibility. I was actually really happy to see the Exobiologist on the right pretty routinely shutting down the blatant flippancy and evident disregard of the other panel members, but she could only do so much to counter the tidal wave of bad assumptions coming from the astronomers in particular. You could see her all but despairing of ever finding anything in the face of the knowledge that these are the kind of thoughtless idiots we have running the telescopes. "We'll know it when we see it." being used as a rule in regards to this very complex issue is the mantra of lazy, unthinking morons without a single original thought in their heads.

Searing. Well written. Well done. Thanks


+Drew MT you win the silliest comment of the day

I just need the soundtrack listing ...

OMG there's only one man and four women AAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH it's so sexist there should be an equal amount , a quota system AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH sexist so sexist see the struggles us men go through on a daily basis AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Everyone assumes that Aliens would choose to be seen by us if they came here. What if they didn’t want us to see them? What if they just want to observe us without interfering? If they have the technology to come from whichever part of the universe to here, they’re sure as hell going to have the tech to cloak from all our puny detectors.

i clicked this for some b to read me formulas ? hell no

if reality is stranger than steve hawking can imagine, what do u think? don't ask us lol

I am out here..

I have seen a UFO with my own eyes. I am telling the truth. It appeared out of nowhere. It moved instantly from one edge of the horizon to the other. It hovered there a bit and then returned instantly to its original position, hovered a bit more and then vanished into space. It had a shiny metallic gold-ish yellow color. This whole thing lasted about 5-10 seconds and it was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen!

must been some new technology fom the separatist alliance.

Have you been abducted and had tea and scones with Mr Grey?.

This panel is good... Sara Walker has some odd fixations. I would think that as an "astrobiologist" she'd be much more interested in the biological origins of life, instead of speculating about world-spanning IT systems. What about the potassium problem? Without potassium, nothing like life in its present form on Earth could exist; and yet potassium is probably much rarer around the galaxy than on Earth. You don't get to IT until you go through the organic stage, so exactly how biological life developed is of more fundamental importance (and much more interesting) than speculating about IT civilizations.

Why could we not be looking for heat? Would not an industrial civilization give off more heat then the planet would receive from the sun? That would be something easy to look for?

Quite beautiful. A most delicious exposition of The Drake equation. Thank you so very much for your beautiful art.

I still think, there is nothing theory that can explain gravity, life is abundant in universe, but it cannot travel through vastness of universe or communicate

Sorry folks no life out there, and even if there was it couldn't reach us but we are being visited from extra terrestrial beings just not from where you think or where these silly dummies are trying to make you believe, you will find out one day where they are really from they want to show you first hand and keep you there.

Where are all the aliens...there are literally millions of 'Goldilocks' type planets but no life anywhere hmmmm...God created the heavens and the earth with sentient life in the heavens as angels and man and earths creatures thats it

Turns me on seeing women talk about this stuff. You never see these women in real, every day life. lol

This does not make sense, Venus is much hotter than the heat it receives, other planets aren't made of oxygen or have it in the atmosphere for example and can easily trap more heat regardless of any life etc etc. Life may not be solely carbon-based as we think and heat might may be irrelevant unless you mean only planets with industrial age civilizations just like humans but that SO narrow a definition. What if they are far more advanced and dont produce heat or instead are way more primitive and are just naked people running around. How would heat tell us anything??? Its far more useful to look for things like satellites in orbit or signals we can detect if you want to be SO specific about an industrial or similarly advanced human being like life forms. But we are looking for just about ANY life not just human life or extremely similar life to ours.

+Orlando Gondar God do you hear yourself , you've been well trained. Have you had the surgery yet?.

This is only funny for a moment, as men do tend to hog all the positions with any power or money and we are not inclined to share. Not with other men, let alone women. But, har har...

They would probably still follow the laws of physics as we known them. Unless there is some totally unknown way of travelling that distance, all the ways we know, including a 'warp drive', would be very, very noticeable. When they arrived anywhere near us, we'd know it that's for sure. The amounts of energy needed to go at those speeds are huge and would emit huge amounts of energy.

I would be surprised if there is anything weirder than humans...

You suppose you know how aliens would communicate, you're not and who said that life should be water based or even protein based ?


Materials existence may be too little and may be in experimental, but quite densely interdimension...

If u want to see the real deal come to bloomingdail mi. Thay are real an that do fight with eachother. First hand ill tell you there wepons are so powerful thay could wipe us out in seconds. An thay do use portholes. Somehow. !!! True story better beleave it .. ill take a lie detactor test a hundred times over an pass evey time

Funny, we have already been told were to look many times... Zeta Reticuli start there. Easy peasy, they are not even trying to hide from us.... but nobody listens to me. :|

Humans haven’t come far enough out of the primordial soup to hold a meaningful debate on such matters, but there’s no harm in it I suppose...

+Ole Thomas Støp whats that equation another fermi


This was a very good talk. Bravo :)

Until they launch the James Webb telescope

until what?

clato, ninco, brocto,, don't trust speaker, do miss Carl

I'll still 15 minutes in and I'm planning to watch the whole thing again. I clicked on it. Maybe they reposted it because someone, somewhere, feels that I missed something.

These chicks are hot!

So disappointed. Was looking forward to watching real Aliens debate and share information but once again disappointing.

Human influence is as desructive as a virus. Right now we're like a viral parasite, infecting and eliminating our host. The immune system of our host is being activated, to eliminate its parasite. Unless, this virus can form a symbiotic relationship with it's host. Rather than a destructive one. And yes, this is a somewhat misguided video.

Tell something more about the simulations you do? Is it some kind of program where your input is all the atoms the earth consists of, as well as the known physical, chemical and biological laws, and then you speed it up on a supercomputer to see what happens as the earth forms from the gasses and life might begin? Seems unlikely with our current technology, but I'd like to know more about what you do ;)

Seems to be turning more into "World Feminist Festival", I am sorry, please bring scientists based on merit not gender

Is this a feminist panel?

This group discussed interesting ides about life in the universe. But I think best place to find life is the ocean under the surface of Europa. NASA will launch the Europa clipper around 2022 or 2023. Then all of us earthling will learn if this is the first site where extraterrestrial exist.

I need a joint lol

Well, of course. Silly.

Whatever is "Out There," they are horrendously evil. Sir Richard Attenborough has shown us that - all life is evil. Every life form preys on other life forms usually smaller than itself. I look for the vilest creature on Earth. It is the human male. Humanity is NOT considered to be an intelligent creature, especially by those who are. If we set up a worldwide system where all were equal; each person has a livable income, virtually all the world's evils would fade to nearly nothing. No rich people. Companies own themselves. We might be promoted to being a higher species. Enjoy life, you spend the next 60 trillion years as dust.

I think the most plausible answer to Fermi paradox is that life is common, but intelligent life such as spaceship builder- type civilization is really rare.. I think it will be 1 per galaxy cluster. And they themselves commit suicide as soon as they emerge. Think about what we achieve as a creature that used to live in forest is outstanding. We are far more intelligent to live on the forest. we control nature on global scale. We can wipe out entire species, disease, or anything we don't like if we want to. We can turn desert into cities, we can turn cities into glass, we can turn forest into desert, we build canals to cut continent in half, we can unlock energy inside of an atom, and so much more. No other species before has such kind of power nor we can observe other species on another planet doing the same. I think that we're uniquely rare. And to find another species like ours on local stars within our galaxy will be a fruitless attempt. It will be like taking a cup of sea water, and claim that whales don't exists since there is no whale in the cup.


A meeting of the Tribe,...ooh wow. You American's have a problem xD.

Union, universal passport, global propose, understand ourselves working together for the same propose, the exploration?!

They deleted the original version in which the host lost her line of thoughs and started talking about nonsense around 45 min mark. Good thing they put the video back online I really like this panel, the conversation flowed really well.

Almost certainly in most cases. I find it ridiculous how so many movies portray extraterrestrial life as humanoid beings. I understand it stems from a lack of imagination. It's just annoying sometimes.

I think you're confused. All life does not prey on other life. There are very few plants that prey on other lifeforms to live. They use sunlight, water, and nutrients in the soil.

plus these exoplanets existed a long time ago ( light years, or whatever)

In my opinion the issue of resources being related to a need for colonization is one that is self made and inflicted. It results far more from a lack of ability to create and display restraint as a species than from natures inability to create and maintain healthy, self-sustaining resource cycles within Eco systems. Nature has no problem achieving that, it's us who have a problem living within a resource framework and renewing the resources we have properly. In other words, in truth we are greedy and too pompous to accept that we are our own problem, so we go knock down and raze functioning systems to appease our want for a quick fix of resources of whatever type rather than understanding our environment and fitting into its cycles properly. That's not to say we don't modify things to create more fruitful resource cycles to support more people, but we just seto want want want, take take take, allow ourselves to destroy highly valuable self renewing resource systems (over-fishing for example, or polluting water systems), then blame everyone and everything else for our situations in many ways and have the nerve to claim that colonization is necessary because we will need resources. No, we wouldn't need to do so if we weren't so dam stupid and short sighted. You would think with the arrival of technology on this level e would be doing better, but it seems we are just destroying our own little sandbox quicker because... it's cheaper? Lol take the above as a tree hugger rant if you like, but this is one piece of the great filter they discussed and I for one do not want us to move from Star system to Star system in search of easy resources to plunder basically because we're greedy lazy undisciplined jackasses. Oh yeah, it would also breed war, in which framework we tend to do something fucked up, then say the other party provoked us when they retaliate. Jeez I love humanity but these are the parts about us I hate.

You know that, "DEEP DOWN INSIDE," it is teaming with life throughout the cosmos and beyond!

They deleted the original version in which the host lost her line of thoughts and started talking nonsense around 45 min mark. It was awkward so I kinda I see why they did it. It's edited out in this version. Very glad they put the video back online I really like this panel, the conversation flowed really well. All panel members are passionate about their work and clearly had given a lot of thoughts on the topic. The language they are using and also the way they are expressing themselves is so natural and approachable. It's one of my favorite panel on this channel for sure. Sara Walker is amazing, she truly is on a different level then the rest of us :D

Would you please elaborate a little bit more on your comment?... Thanks

Wow, amazing how the panel got upset when the astronomer said we (humans, life on earth) are boring. Really amazing to see the ego acting up there.

The fact that we are here should be enough proof that life exist in other places. I feel like these questions are still rooted in religion.

The only kind of life with big enough presence-of-footprint on other planets to be detected by us must evolve and multiply in numbers to be that big. NASA is therefore correct from a needful, practical, common sense perspective.

rambling on about the obvious. However, the blonde lady in the slinky blue dress was a nice surprise. She looks like a bimbo, but says the most intelligent things of the lot.

Omg I'm dead

giggle, giggle, moan, moan. Too bad of such an interesting topic.

We will be the "aliens" some time in the future...

I strongly believe that we would have had contact already if we wouldnt be so focused on growing economies, the need of needing more and more things which destroys our world and the way we treat each other. Basically if capitalism wouldn’t exist in the form we have it nowadays. Love barely exists same as respect. we are too busy to take care of those things because we need things like a big TV, latest phone and the most up to date laptop. and to have those things we need jobs and to maintain your job you need to focus on your job rather than focus on each other, respect each other and love each other. we are kept busy on purpose to distract us from the real meaning of life. We give our life for money instead for each other. people kill for printed paper. Really? look the world we live in. and we try everything to keep it that way. why? why are we so f***ing stupid? why do we accept our governments send us to wipe ourselves out? Why do we accept to do that for printed paper called money or some stupid digital numbers on a computer. you see? I wouldn’t make contact with someone like us.

Fermi Paradox: consider beetles on a forest floor. You won't see any of them. They have the wits to camouflage and hide. Highly compressed or encrypted data looks like random noise. They will not broadcast polluting the galactic bandwidth. They will use point to point lasers. We will never see them because they are not pointed at us.


We cant know anything about nothing existing in this demention since they would be in an upper one.

Say it! Colonization. Damn it, I can't believe how people police thier speech. Colonization!!!!!

I would argue that the universe itself is living.

Omg I love these talks. So amazing. Btw i apologize for this but this panel is soooooo hot. Looks and the brains to match.

That one lady lives in some dream land where aggressive resource mongering doesn't exist. "Maybe we'll figure all of this out and just stay!" Must be nice.

OMG like Beckey.... like to ALIENS have live VALLEY GIRLS too? Like OMG? Giggle Giggle Giggle....


Life (in the physical world) is any potentially self-reproducing dissipative structure, meaning a system which creates internal order and maintains itself indefinitely by exporting entropy). There is your universal objective definition.

First they start out with that absurd "Drake Equation," then 5 minutes worth of pointless pics before they even start the actual video. I have to conclude that it is not worth watching...

She might be right if we didn't have so many primitives(war mongers) on this planet. We need to colonize other worlds, and HIGHLY REGULATE who is allowed to go, and we need to control some behaviors through genetics. Since it will be removed from Earth, we can run this experiment.

Life can survive any which way it pleases. Surprised you don't find it funny how all the other planets orbiting the sun are all different from earth. You don't find it funny that none of them can hold life, as you believe life has to be held? Life can be held however it wishes to be held. Spirit's live.

Is it just me or the man is kind of feeling awkward in the midst of these women? Despite of him saying that he was a "contrarian", it was clear he didn't dare to contradict strongly. Women are too agreeable and that's what makes potential interesting topics into something dull... These women are undoubtedly intelligent, but... their agreeableness with each other made all this discussion tediously boring.

I like pancakes. :p

Our body evolution is we are left with spritual evolution...this answers the question where is everybody in older stars systems compairable to our solar system...!? This will be The Last Filter...!?

Well if it doesnt come from the primate route then it will be nothing like us.

And, technologically advanced (K-1 & above) civilizations will also have most of their population (1 trillion or more) living in O’Neil Cylinders & similar structures in their home system & in other nearby systems...

I was skeptical that such a profound thesis could be logically discussed. Wonderful information, Brilliant delivery!

Our problem is we throw all pathways that do not match our own into the 'mildly interesting' bin in a desperate attempt to demonstrate as yet invisible creatures from an an absurdly different world would be even slightly like any life on earth... Even that they might have a brain, or limbs, or emotions, or what we call science. There might be good reasons to support these ideas but I doubt they all will be present on an alien world. Hell just the diversity of life here on earth is crazy...and we are all related.

By the way earths weather system meets your criteria there... Not being a smart ass, but it shows what a tough nut this is to crack.

Well biologists have defined life, they have to use life on earth obviously as a foundation for that... But, let's say some alien civilisation didn't meet the criteria? Well so what? We will likely never refer to machine intelligence for example as wont meet our criteria, or now that I'm looking at yours even that... but that won't affect anything. It'll still carry out just as many actions and have a similar impact as if it were alive. I'm not seeng the definition of this word to be useful in determining if any alien civilisation is more important to us. Of course we are stuck here on you work with what you have right?

And they would have got away with it if it weren't for those meddling internet kids

+Satirical American Do please go on. I notice you have no specific points upon which to base your unfounded assertions about the problems I had with the difference between the rhetoric of people in these fields and the actual practices as well as prejudices they implement in their thinking about this subject. Also, since you decided to roll the dice and lost because by chance you happened to spout this shit at an Atheist, let me just tell you that the whole reason I commented is because I was seeing too much of the trappings of religious dogma at play in the utterances of most of the people on stage. Regurgitation of received opinion and little else. Yes. You most certainly can have a mind so open that your brain falls out of your head. But conversely, you can have one so closed off from possibility that you wouldn't even recognize the actuality when it's right in front of your face. Or in this case, in the data that's being sifted through and discarded. "It's never aliens!" coming from the only people operating the detection equipment is simply gross negligence if you even want to pretend for a picosecond that you care at all about the question of the existence of extraterrestrial life and/or civilizations. You quite possibly may not care about the question, but you should understand that the majority of humanity actually does and has done so since at least the beginnings of written language. Probably longer. Speaking of language, I can also assure you that the act of saying "It's never aliens" and then working backward from that conclusion is a kind of thinking that has many names and technical terms to describe it. But nowhere will you see it referred to as 'Science'.

Sir, substitute the word 'God' for 'aliens' and read this back to yourself. This is the classic theological argument, right down to the vitriol at the horrible non-believers.

@Doodelay,+Charles Anthony, we WILL go on...just like we survived 2.3B years ago when we were cyanobacteria.....

Sorry but humans are too primitive to understand or find life. Can’t even understand the important aspects of simple organisms that life rely on to grow (little wonder disease is running rampant by eating low nutrition food grown by companies). Life on earth is expiring at an alarming rate (coral reefs, forests, animals, people). How about stop looking for aliens and spending the money to save the worlds life? Oops forgot budgets aren’t bothered to give financial money to that. Military and space are high priority

I was a bit put off by the lady saying we wouldn't need to colonize and then assume we would move in and take what we wanted. I think there will be plenty of habitable real estate that isn't already inhabited by people. The urge to expand to new frontiers is inherent in our species and will inevitably happen once a means is found to do so.


that equation have no basis. I mean, it does have one, one basis. therefore there's no equation. answer is only one. add one more, and there will be an exponential explosion of possibilities. so far, that equation is not relevant to anyone in any way.

"Life, Uh, Finds a Way" Dr. Ian Malcolm

0:13 which is a load of nonsense.

What an incoherent amalgamation of drivel.

Word salad. Knock knock, anybody home?

Nice joke lol

Worst. Alien rant. Ever.

+Adon Lando Yes, save your precious little fingers.

+Charles Anthony , OUCH !! I could say the same thing about you, but I won't.....

+Adon Lando Yes, I'm very successful in what I do. At least I don't have to express my ignorance by making senseless funnies. If it's too complicated for you, stick to checkers. I'm certain chess is too complicated anyway. Maybe my percieved pessimism is an attempt to get the attentions of small minded individuals, like yourself. And next time, simply delete your post, then redo it. It makes you look calculating, and kind of stupid.. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a concert to perform. I got here by being so pessimistic.

+Charles Anthony , aww, don't be so rough on your station in life....we will help your kind out too....we will feed and water you and your kind, round up your kind and ship ya'll out to colonize Planet will survive.....all is hunky dory on Planet Pessimisim.......or you may join Planet Optimist,,, if you wish....

+Adon Lando Awww yes, the good ol days. When gramps was an eukaryote. That's one scenario, theory. I think humans can survive some Earth wide disaster. Nuclear war, asteroid, all the usual suspects. Maybe. The elite are certainly poised to deal with some disaster, as well as they can be. So, if we survive, the one's who survive will be Rockefeller's, Dupont's, Zuckerburg's......Trump's? Ya feel me? You ever see that movie, Elysium? Time on Earth has been shitz and giggles, for sure. But, it won't last. Civilization, as we currently know it, is over. Democracy, is on life support. Natural resources are being overused to irreversible effects. All for "progress" but mostly greed. Screw our environment. Mike Pompeo says, polar melting will "open shipping lanes for a healthier world economy." I suppose Little Rock Arkansas will become a shipping port. That'd be good for their pitiful economy. When people rise up against all this, it'll probably be too late. Humans have been hypnotized in to their own little cyber-existence. Human interactions are distracted by digital devices. All the evil is being done right under our noses. And we go along like lemmings. I think we deserve it.


Caleb Scharf just proved that he doesn´t understand evolution. Evolution is the non-random selection of random mutations by natural selection. The problem is, in humanity, there is no natural selection anymore. Virtually every single one of us is able to grow up to procreational age, with very rare exceptions. As this is the only timeframe in which evolution can do its job, there is no evolution anymore in mankind. We won´t develop anywhere, all that we still have are the random mutations, the overwhelming majority of which is detrimental. Normally natural selection takes care of sorting these mutations out thereby favoring the rare beneficial mutations. In our species, all these mutations persist and are given to the next generation, and If we cannot keep up with fixing all the errors that thereby arose and will continue to arise in our species, we will simply go extinct in foreseeable time.

eradication by self indulging, join the rest of the extinct plants. There is billions more. Such a waste. Humans will never reach the stars, resources have been wasted, thinking is to limited. can’t manage effective food production, waste food and water, pollute land, water and air. Inefficient fuel sources to run primitive machinery. Allowing political power to get away with killing your future. Evolution of humans will die quicker then it was created

Animals are intelligent, they don’t shit were they live (except forced domesticated) they don’t clear things that they need to survive on. They copy how to survive from something we don’t understand (born intelligence). Humans shit in their homes, they destroy something important which they need for life (forest and our ocean), they copied something that destroyed 3 civilisations (reliance of crops). Maybe it’s 4 Mayan, aztec, Incer and true Egyptians.

Why, you idiot.

These nerds need to get wedgied.

Time is running earth is dying they r discussing if alien exist what a waste of time and resources heal the earth from pollution wars 59 minutes video no one touched the moon how can we say aliens

Why female scientists are ugly and dirty hhhhhhhh

The idea that we would go knowingly to the more advanced planet would be the idea of students but we know the history of more advanced cultures coming into contact with less advanced cultures mitigates against this choice. We would almost certainly go to the less advanced culture and exploit bio resources. All other resources are everywhere as far as the evidence suggests. Going to the more advanced culture would be like trying to sneak up on a polar bear dressed in disco lights wearing concrete shoes.

LADYS YOU ARE SHINING... KEEP GOING... just three of You, me, spaceship and we colonised our universe...

The most sexy science I ever seen. I faling in love...

We are all entitled to our opinions... I highly disagree.

can you imagine something astronomically big, what is the biggest thing you can imagine. the biggest thing we can imagine is based on our eye range. you can try to imagine a planet, but whatever you picture is just not enough. just look down, you're standing on one, but yet you still can't.

+Satirical American Worst. Response. To. Intelligent. Criticism. Ever. The really funny part is that you're only shitting on me because you have completely failed to grasp that what I was saying was more in regard to the piss-poor thinking and methodology in those making the observations, rather than about aliens, per se. Just because you're a snotty little troll who probably hasn't even gotten the chance to feel up a girl yet, doesn't make me wrong, Sparky. Not that I would expect you to comprehend. Thanks for playing though.

NASA will never find life because they're looking for Earth like life and that only exists in one place.

Soooo boring and uninteresting........

It’s as if they went to Central Casting for Beverley Hills 90210

Glory to God the Creator of the heaven and Earth.

we not plantarty human's lol,, we still cave man style long to go before we can harvest a star energy total energy to become type 2,, we just do much talking to than lol long time forward,, maybe thousands of yrs,, still talking same subject... time will tell... T.E.D is the Best.

a open mind is a Great mind, I like the blond her acceptation openness thinking 38;07 min, think Big Always ! I've even been Gold stone 6 million man area,, run by Bendix corn to JPl, land sets repeater's to Paladino Ca ended up too.. it seems other's like my post's do bring me back to this video to add forward,, Paul Drake, Drake is Welch i learned in my middle age at a pig roast in east pa from a person there too,, same day, i just heard sats,, i know 24k miles Geo, 24 hor/24 vert,, wow old school,, but always fun, we use to remember galaxy 1, 2 , 3 all on 6 degree arranged above the earth equator a while back,, lol

Go Ask Gort !!! as even my last name is Drake,, as we are in the Drake area of the continuations Now, I can't Remember it all now,, But,,, aiming, to our north pole axis aiming to one of the i think 12 zodiac points, Each rotating all , lasts total 26k yrs,, But it's amazing the Earth is traveling thought Space at 65,000 miles a hours,, do u feel it even we all on the same Train.. lol, Do miss Carl Sagan, I watched about him beginning part of Nasa, the light Ship,, Voyage,, i can;t remember more now...The James Web sat. will help to Answer question Forward,, a Ox, Co2 sneaker,, will be begin the search, of the i think the 17 amino acid's that make up the cell,, so called protein builder's, sorry my spelling not the best... can't remember maybe it's 14, Some of us are for sure.. I remember the hardest ? in Class 70's my Eng class, Coulomb's law..But i raised my hand in 1 micro second as answer, I was the only person attempt a answer, a while back....Miss the Show, Connections,, with the big light Bulb too, I just a old Silicon valley Guy,, does it Show ? the 0r , our Spiral milky Way Galaxy is 100 million miles across,, light only travels approx 6 million in a human yr as we pined it as in a concept as a measurement eceptinal to understanding of breakdown of equations + or *.. so u do the math...

The frightening thing that comes to my mind is that life is something that reproduces itself and successfully competes for resources. That definition does not bode well for humans if we meet alien life especially if we meet it here.

One man what's that all about.

there is another problem... we are too close to our sun to get here from other points in space... earth is protected by magnectic fields.

+Bryan Guilford I think we might send a drone with no identifiable markings but even a culture a few hundred years in advance of us would have an exponential advantage. We would be very lucky to learn anything if they didn't want us to and we would risk exposing ourselves.

No we would go to amy intelligent life, period, and take our chances because of pur curiosity.

that equation is worng... is ignoring "random" "time of existance" "dimension of parallel universes" ( like radio frequences) and the most important, travelling in time is travelling in space, but travelling in space is NOT travelling in time

millions and millions of words of complete horse shit

Awesome sci fi montage!

Sad these people are so narrow minded if these people would really investigate the alien evidence these question would irrelevant.

I like to think that spaceships are an archaic notion, and a more elegant solution to space travel would be to send printers to all the interesting destinations, and, from there collect sufficient local resources to print a basic body, or, perhaps, if there's complex enough life, sample and imitate those, where then, any explorers might transmit their digitized consciousness in a subjective instant without all the life support, space suits, food, environment regulation required by a spaceship, and on transmission arrival to a printer destination, print a body without concern of contaminating the local environment, and do an exploration in a body suited for the job, or even pre-adapted as an artificial biological imitation of local life with a human consciousness to do the thing. I'm a little partial to this idea, because it also explains cats and people at Walmart. Are they aliens in Earth Biological bodies printed for the purpose of exploration? :) But, seriously, the base technologies to do this are already here, today, just in their infancy, and lacking the sophistication required that will likely, logically be realized ... eventually. It's a sensible approach to space travel. No space ship or space suits are needed, and we don't contaminate any location that already has life with Earth Germs ... unless we want to. As to that, DNA is information, and the DNA of any, every, and all Earth Life could be stored, in text on a hard drive with these probe-printers, and if we DID want to contaminate/colonize a world, our printer probe could harvest local material and get to printing Earth Life suited for, edited, and tailored for the local environment. Yes, it's certainly super duper Science Fiction right now, but, again, we already have the basics; 3D printing, 3D-bio-printing, AI, a decent understanding of DNA as well as robotics, and all the other associated technology to send printers to interesting places. It's really a matter of continued development toward sufficient sophistication to realize this, as well as patience. How long might that be? With AI assisted technologies, we might, perhaps, according some forecasts, realize "human-level" AI around 2030 -2040. That could certainly help speed up the development of all other technologies. If we don't blow ourselves up before then, then, we might just see. :)

How can people that are presented as intelligent say "umm" every 3 words? Thats basic English. Express yourself with words..not ummm. Listening to the woman in the green shirt was like nails on a chalkboard. I found myself listening for umms rather than what she was trying to say.

Actually she was blessed for what she felt blessed for...not your perception of it.

is it make sense if we search for another life based on consciousness detection rather than searching life based on chemical or physical matter. since different consciousness create different set of reality and the thing that we detect as "no life" is actually has different set of reality which is why we can never find it.

Hehehehehehe...they keep coming up with ....hehehehehehe s

i cant take ummm anyone seriouslyyyy, umm, who speaks like, ummm, a fucking dormgirllll, ummm okaaaay. put the helium down ffs and speak in a normal voice

What if aliens have already been here and just continued on to other planets?

The star people are already here and have been around from many thousands of years before modern humans.

@Bryan Guilford I think we might send a drone with no identifiable markings but even a culture a few hundred years in advance of us would have an exponential advantage. We would be very lucky to learn anything if they didn't want us to and we would risk exposing ourselves.

@Ole Thomas Støp whats that equation another fermi

@Orlando Gondar God do you hear yourself , you've been well trained. Have you had the surgery yet?.

I see aliens in hyperspace, quite frequently.

There’s life defo out there, just hope there is only one trump!!!!

The question is not just where is everyone, but when in time is everyone. Most intelligent other beings, if they are anything like us, have probably destroyed themselves thousands or millions of years ago. If we are not careful, we are next to suffer this same fate. Anyway, it would probably be highly dangerous to come into contact with more advanced species, who could use their technology to conquer. Even if they were peaceful, humans would probably grow to resent more advanced beings who look, think and react to reality very differently than us. Just imagine beings that look like the "Alien" creatures (from that movie) piloting and arriving to Earth in super advanced spacecraft. Whatever their intentions, humans would be freaked-out, to say the least.

The point ..Even science ppl doing gender unqualified stuff .Come on ...We all know u guy want a girl speak about it so guy will listen to them...Give up on that game .. Everything is alright if girl or boy... If their 3 boy one girl ..That does not matter.

ET life is all around us outside the visible spectrum of light. We live in an entangled multiverse and all future and past beings exist simultaneously everywhere. Some of them help us individually and we call them angels. They care because they are past versions of ourselves and want us to evolve based on our personal receptivity. Chew on that and carry on science geeks!

Why does everyone keep looking for life forms out there isn't there enough life forms here to visit with and you have no idea if they're peaceful out here anyway

Information in the form of energy is the the ultimate form for life to evolve into....Its the most efficient form, especially to travel the universe.

Great intro. Thanks for the footage. Also utilized some of your info yesterday, if you get a moment. Some day people will see what’s already around them. Guiding them. God bless

Oh come on have you seen how retarded and useless our species has proven to be over the 6 digit years of "evolution"? Even if there was life out of this shithole of a planet they will simply wait for us to kill ourselves to extinction and then they 'll come and do whatever it is they do..

Host: "How do you we define intelligent life" Dumb bimbo: "Um I think its needs to be life that's, like intelligent and stuff" Who the fuck let her on the show

@16nowhereman what if there was a gazillion "what ifs?"

@Great White What if you wouldn't have made this comment?

we could all come up with a gazillion "what ifs"

Drake formula includes self ending technological civilizations...

Carl Sagan was beyond genius what a loss to humanity

who let the chicks out?

no, the amount of weirdness imagined is accurate.

1 thing we can all agree on is there will never be closure on what's really plausible as long as money has power. We see all kinds of illogical data thrown out by science all based on deception. Why? Because their bribed to say and evaluate what the few rich rulers of our planet want. We have encountered and learned so much in the last 100 years, yet we seem to have hit a wall. Our advancement in technology and understanding of life outside this planet can only go farther if we stop this deceptive hierarchy. We do and believe what is told to us and not what's explained or logically Proven. What the science community doesn't understand is that they are the superpowers here. These people are brilliant and very useful but are also mislead or tend to keep important data undisclosed. That is very unacceptable. What a shame. We got these scientists talking about what if, and how can we travel farther, etc... Yet trump so happens to have a space fleet as of a few years ago supposedly clloecting from other planets and in communication with other civilizations. What? When will these games stop. Where is the truth in all this crap?

Three intelligent women with THE MOST annoying voices ever! The guy is useless.

Jason Theobald . Interesting concept saying "the universe itself is living" perhaps (stars = protons) (planets = electrons) (galaxy = single cells), if there is consciousness, the universe could be classified as life. But, not as we know it. Lol

If AI's have life then why rocks, bricks, woods and others can't have life?

The Drake equation, when maths leads to nowhere, we don't have a clue for the majority of the factors so what's the point ?! That's the problem with actual cosmology, they develop maths theory that we cannot connect to any reality! What is true for math is not for the universe, maths are a tools to quantify what we discover, not to dicover supposed reality.

Yeah! Everything that's possible not necessarily needs to exist! Let alone the fact that everything isn't possible! But how do we even know what's possible and what's not?

Does everyone actually believe for a moment that if NASA actually find life on another planet that the first thing they'd do is let the general public know? We'd have an actual alien invasion before they let that information out

greetings . . uniquely intriguing all Concepts and algorithms they're of . . . Maybe . .until we achieve karmic+harmonic balance with Mother Nature and each other . . we will be allowed 2 venture and meet other harmonically and karmically balanced Life forms . . . Peace n' Love y'all

After 3 years of harvesting NASA Curiosity photographs, I've managed to produce 45 videos featuring incredible images of Martian life,, both past and present. So, my question is, "What are you waiting for?"

They seek intelligent life on Earth and will keep returning until they find it....

Please first take a look at what would happen if intelligent life from the stars acknowledged to us that they exist. Would society on Earth collapse? So if we do find intelligent life which has developed their society on these other planets should we acknowledged to them us. I think not. Why would we even consider to try to find intelligent life on other planets? Let's look for non-intelligent life that we can help kick-start these lower species towards becoming an intelligent species. Please consider this is a possibility that happened on Earth centuries ago.

Detection at a distance can occur after a civilisation has gone extinct. Communication might not first involve us, rather overhearing on a party line? Does R account for the formation of heavy metals in first generation stars, which have exploded? N will likely be constant at one duration only. Biology and potentially AI use information to deal with the Physical World, yes; yet, both would be reducible to physics. Information transfer typically requires coding and decoded - against background noise.

The formula is perfect. Theory us right. Yep. We aint alone.

Detection at a distance can occur after a civilisation has gone extinct. Communication might not first involve us, rather overhearing on a party line? Does R account for the formation of heavy metals in first generation stars, which have exploded? N will likely be constant at particular durations only. Biology and potentially AI use information to deal with the Physical World, yes; yet, both would be reducible to physics. Information transfer typically requires coding and decoded - selected and heard against background noise. Hence, discernible, sustainable mutual relationships are required, e.g. DNA (raw information) and RNA (decode). Lives, therefore, are outcomes of Life, which is a process. Thus, physics is too fundamental, species are products; while, Life is the process, as mentioned. Moreover, intelligent species and the more evolved species are not the same thing, viz., humans and bacteria respectively.

they doing their best to tell a story to get money don't they..... blahblahblah. i think humans are more stranger ..these guys probably zoom past planet earth thinking " whoa! ..thank god we avoided that shit hole "

judging by this comment they should invest more in schooling.

36:55 Wow, come on people, what about Artificial Intelligence? I was thinking she was itching to bring that up but apparently not, she agreed. So what about Self Improving true Artificial Cognition? one that reaches the ultimate potential solution for any problem? We might develop technologies through A.I. tech that do this without the cognition even and relatively soon here... And what about the crux at the heart of life, the building blocks, for us it's DNA, what about an A.I. mastering the understanding of DNA and other things akin to DNA? like literally mastering it, a full understanding, we could then build what ever we want, and brains IMMENSELY capable... Go 5000 years into the future and you'll see complete black because every star will be surrounded in dyson spheres as the A.I. builds an empire of collecting energy and running simulations of a better reality....

47:54 ah, at least it is acknowledged, but, not at the extent I always hope for when I click a video like this. but what this woman says is very well worded, and correct here.

38:10 This makes me think of all the energy the earth has, and collects, and how we are the earth, and we're just like this orb firing off little pellets toward other stars because we woke up. I imagine it like a blob shooting off some super small part of it's self though.

Fermi paradox is deeply stupid and too science fiction influenced

@jomen112 Same thoughts! It's either life is homogeneous or life has certain meaning that we don't know yet! But it's hard to accept for me that everything has life! Even the dead beings! I mean in regards to life we know!

I guess it depends on how you define life. I, personally, would not call a machine alive even if it was sentient.

There is no evidence of aliens, yet, so Fermi paradox still valid.

Another issue with viewing these stars and planets that are so far away is the issue of time. We are basically looking into the past at some of these planets that are far away. So seeing precursors of potential habitable planets, that are on planets millions of light years away, could now at this time be as advanced as we are. Our timeframe of viewing things is so small in the grand scheme of things that the opportunities of finding things in the future is very exciting I believe.

We have been warned not to seek out alien life.

I'll like to change perspectives with my opinion... What if we reside in a different plane of lifeform system? What if there are other systems which are beings... but beyond our system definition (of carbon composition or water based or DNA)? The most intriguing system for me is our galaxy. It eats. Regenerates. Moves. Sentient? Sapient? Procreate? Language? If, yes. How do we communicate with this being? Its single cycle of message would take us eons to grasp. Can we study it in that case?

I am very happy to finally see a science panel with a majority of women.

Does anybody know the name of this movie at 3:25 The clip is short but it looks like something I would love to watch. ❤

I would like to point out that the only difference between our atoms as humans, and an inanimate object of atoms, is consciousness. Or at least /we/ humans think so, because our science revolves around us as the central point of measurement. Secondly, with this in mind- that matter can somehow become conscious, (we're still working on that one,) when was the UNIVERSE first able to sustain or hold such consciousness? For example, calcium is a metal. (Cool right?) What's to say some more dense or larger planet couldn't host, 'life,' with aluminum or iron as the building block for that breathes solids.

As an afterthought- If you calculate when the universe COULD FIRST hold CONSCIOUSNESS then from that time, to present, would be our window. Why is this a relevant number? We can already calculate the ages of nearby galaxies, stars, systems, etc. If you look only at the ones from that time to the present, then you're going to get rid of a lot of useless data. You won't find any life in places that were born too early in the universe.

Our imagination is to big.

Spaceship Troopers?

Thank you e=mc2 for informing me. I guess we should estimate an average galaxy and use the math on that one. Then think of probabilities between them

Science ignoring peoples reports of rocks falling from the sky. Science ignoring testimonies that Ben Franklin's lighting rods worked. Science ignoring Plate Tectonics. Science ignoring String Theory. Science ignoring the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of testimonies of UFOs and ET. Wake up Normal Science ,and see Thomas Kuhns Crisis-Inducing Anomalies are in front of your faces!

Who is to say that *our* laws of physics apply to other extraterrestrial life forms? The problem with theories in astrophysics begins with a faulty premise. An entire epistemological pattern can be reduced to fiction by a simple fallacy found in the premise of any process. We're dealing with a universal reality that is shared with different intelligent life forms, and I believe we rely too heavily on _our own_ phenomenology to define the universe in terms of certaintity.

@thestranger0100 Thank you so much.

Benny Lyngdoh Who is to say that *our* laws of physics apply to other extraterrestrial life forms? The problem with theories in astrophysics begins with a faulty premise. An entire epistemological pattern can be reduced to fiction by a simple fallacy found in the premise of any process. We're dealing with a universal reality that is shared with different intelligent life forms, and I believe we rely too much on _our own_ phenomenology to define extraterrestrial life in terms of certaintity.

ORR HART Yes but only for *this* galaxy. The latest consensus speculates there are over two trillion galaxies in the universe.

This was enjoyable!

Colonizing is a bad word?..stupid political correct society can’t even have an honest debate without someone getting upset about a word

The universe is full of intelligent life. Several races are now in the world interfering in human affairs in a dangerous way. To learn more, read the Allies of Humanity Briefings.

The discussion is nothing more than a question mark... Whether or not life exist outside earth only needs to be answered with: "We don't know but we are looking for it"... Anything more is a waste of time and not worth discussing...Nuf said.

I miss the days when we had men in these jobs, and instead of arguing about definitions we just got on a rocket and went to the moon.

A.I. will never become alive. Intelligence doesn't create sentience or consciousness.

Sara Walker: Space Waifu

Lol. And yet the intellectual horsepower of the people on this panel make you look like a cockroach.

I'd rather hear an actual intelligent discussion with four men as opposed to this feminist crap.

I have a feeling that once a civilization has figured out a way to make out into space for the long haul and be able to adapt to its harsh environment they instead opt to just travel indefinitely through out the universe. By doing so, they are not trapped with having to “planet hop” every time they outgrow their environment. If they can figure out a way to harness energy while traversing the universe then it’s probably limitless where they can travel if they wish. It’s my belief that planets are like nests for birds once they figure out they don’t necessarily have to stay in one they fly away to discover the world beyond the nest.

Old Man from Scene Twenty Four NASEL

Iam scratching my balls watching this

Nobody has ever left this planet, and never will. All we will ever have is theory

What a bunch of horseshit. Is this a cartoon?

Considering our ideas of what constitutes life and consciousness in the universe at large are tentative at best , saying these properties are unique to the realm of biology is quite a bold assertion.

Another idea they didn't talk about here is, that as we develop, we are creating more and more realistic simulations and we will directly wire those into our brain. Maybe simulate the perfect happy place that even makes you forget about passing time. Or the simulation could be tricking our brain so that it feels like a year has passed and in reality it only was an hour. That could make space travel unnecessary for us since we would have everything that we want right inside us.

Not enough men on the panel this is bullshit

Arguments over semantics

There better not be aliens out there trying to steal my job!! My boy Donny said we are deporting them damn aliens... AND THEY ARE GOING TO PAY FOR IT!

People always talk about aliens being biological entities who needs to breathe oxygen, eat food, drink water, etc. I believe "aliens" that travel such far distances will be artificial intelligence. They will be the last survivors of a world of intelligent biological entities. Give this thought a thorough ponder and see what you come up with.

maybe aliens are out there but we just cant see them.they became too advanced till they became invisible

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John Linden thank you. It isn’t a theory. But is it provable? I would say that there’s enough circumstantial and indirect evidence to suggest a likelihood just based on open circulating material from many different sources. Some of it may actually be direct, but that’s subject to interpretation. For some people, they just know things in ways that others may claim as just someone’s personal belief. And that’s how it should be. But I do understand what you mean.


Dumb women!!!

We still BARELY understand life on earth. Darwinian evolution increasingly fails to explain increasing complexity beyond local species variation (time problem). We have virtually no understanding of abiogenesis; we increasingly understand that amino acids and proteins do interesting self-organizing things but we have no idea beyond that. Biochemists and biologists have long underestimated the problem at hand and these issues only grow deeper and deeper in complexity without moving us noticeably closer to answers. I am highly skeptical that astrobiology has anything meaningful to say about alien life; especially this astrobiologist who has abandoned the search for a better definition of life in favor of claiming that all complex systems are alive.

The milky way galaxy is dead galaxy for advanced life beings! You have no outside to other galaxies to find advanced civilizations planets! The 2000 aliens races in alliance council goverment in 100 galaxies put permanent band no communication and no technologies forever band on earth mankind as warrior race that violent and racists to others cause death and destruction everywhere they go

Get off the LSD.

I hope we discover alien life while I'm still breathing.

Don't worry. I can assure u there's plenty of civilizations out there. Will we be able to contact em taking into consideration time and distances and how short our life is? Probably not. 80years for us is alot. 1million years for cosmos is not that much.

Me to

I believe the moon is made of cheese an aliens are marshmellows. Our statements have equal validity.

By the aliens for 2001: A Space Odyssey? What the hell are you talking about.


it seems to me that life would be an organism that consumes , excretes, breeds and dies.

WHO IS ALMIGHTY ALLAH! HE WHO CHALLENGED THE MANKIND 1400 YEARS AGO CAN NASA,ESA AND OTHER SPACE RESEARCH AGENCIES ACCEPT THIS CHALLENGE. " O company of jinn and men,if ye have power to penetrate (all) regions of the heavens and the earth,then penetrate (them)! Ye will never penetrate them save with (Our) sanction". (Qur'an,55:33) سورہ الملک The Sovereignty تبارک الذی بیدہ الملک , و ھو علی کل شئ قدیر الذی خلق سبع سموات طباقا , ما تری فی خلق الرحمن من تفوت , فارجع البصر ھل تری من فتور . ثم ارجع البصر کرتین ینقلب الیک البصر خاسئا و ھو حسیر . 67:1 Blessed is He in Whose hands is Dominion; and He over all things hath Power;- 67:2 He Who created Death and Life, that He may try which of you is best in deed: and He is the Exalted in Might, Oft-Forgiving;- 67:3 He Who created the seven heavens one above another: No want of proportion wilt thou see in the Creation of (Allah) Most Gracious. So turn thy vision again: seest thou any flaw? 67:4 Again turn thy vision a second time: (thy) vision will come back to thee dull and discomfited, in a state worn out. 67:5 And we have, (from of old), adorned the lowest heaven with Lamps, and We have made such (Lamps) (as) missiles to drive away the Evil Ones, and have prepared for them the Penalty of the Blazing Fire. 67:6 For those who reject their Lord (and Cherisher) is the Penalty of Hell: and evil is (such), Destination. We are asked to observe, study and research the cosmos again and again, and as minutely as our powers will allow. However closely we observe the cosmos we shall find no flaw in creation of Almighty Allah. The universe is so vast and stretches so far beyond our ken,that our eyes aided with most powerful telescopes will confess themselves defeated in trying to penetrate to the ultimate6 mystries. We shall find no defect in Allah's handiwork: it is our own powers that we shall find fail to go beyond a certain compass. DR.MOHAMMAD LAEEQUE NADWI

Been going to space since the 50s...nothing has become been found yet... certainly not in this part of the galaxy

Had to turn off because of the stupid music at the beginning

I have a message to all scientist... Dmt is a molecule which allows us to come i contact w aliens... Wake up idiots.

It's probably no weirder than living in this world of pleasantries. LOL

Hope that all of these individual believe area51 exist or they dont deserve to live

There probably is intelligent life out there, even in the Milky Way but we will never know. The distances are just too great. The Milky Way is 100k light years across so a radio message could take up to 100k years to reach us much less we or them traveling to shake hands. Our species only has about another billion years (maybe a little more) before we go extinct. We are not even close to light speed so we are restricted to our solar system. Once the sun is gone, the solar system becomes very inhospitable. If we are looking outside of our galaxy then the distances and the time frame easily exceeds the lifespan of our species. The observable horizon of the universe is 46 billion light years from the Milky Way so contact or communication from those galaxies is out of the question. If a species exists beyond that, well we invent movies like Star Wars for our entertainment. We will never contact or communicate with an intelligent Alien species. We assume too much. We are and always will be, forever alone.

We were put here with the aliens,we are the aliens the aliens are the creators of life on this planet why does everyone think humans are just humans why would god make us so weak then they think their superior when their not that's just mean so obviously we've been toyed with toyin with ourselves not understanding we are all percentages

It is A Great Show !!!

whenever i see that susan scheinder on a panel of scientists, astronomers, cosmologists, always guaranteed to be the loudest one, i click and quit watching, --next....

4 women... 1 man... omg so sexist

Microchip implants might burn people, give them cancer, and take away their freedom. We need to be very careful with technology in the future. Remember the Borg from Star Trek? Technology enslaved them.

Maybe the aliens are all hiding from eachother. What are we going to do? Have a party with them? Maybe nobody else parties. They probably don't want to meet. I'll decode the first response from aliens before it arrives. F#$% OFF. We might be a bit to curious for our own good.

So what ?? If there's a peck of life out there what the difference it might make? We can't go there, and never will.

Don't worry about who's out there you can't fix the equation so first of all humans need to clean up their shit here on Earth as Alien civilizations don't want to come here to see all the mess that humans are doing to the environment. W Percival from New Zealand

Take your a b cs else where.. add holes ...

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