IRF Quality Reporting Program (QRP) Resources

IRF Quality Reporting Program (QRP) Resources

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So. We, want to as always start with the acronyms. For the presentation. And I was hoping I could take two minutes to tell you a quick story I mentioned. My oldest daughter yesterday the kindergarten, teacher well. I also have a son and when. My son was about four years old he used to attend the day care center at the hospital, where I worked, I was the nurse manager of, an IR u and, oftentimes. My, day would go longer, than the hours of the daycare center and so, I would, run across the street to the daycare center pick him up bring him back to my office where I had a little table to the side with some Legos, and things like that and he used to play in my office and then, we would go home together it was a great great, opportunity for, an employee to have the daycare center but, I remember, vividly and every time these. Acronyms. Go up it, reminds, me of this story, he. And I were driving home in the car and he. Says to me he's, for mommy. When, I grow up I want to be a nurse, and, I'm sitting in the front seat driving with, such pride thinking. Wow you, know as a mom I've really done it alright I'm. Working, I got a great job and, now I'm raising this, young man whose, group. Wants to grow up to be a helpful, person, and, kind and all the values, I want from him and I'm, sitting there so thrilled. With myself honestly. And I look in my rearview mirrors. I'm driving, back to him and I said oh Michael that's wonderful, honey, why do you want to be a nurse and he. Said well mommy nurses, get to talk in alphabets, he. Had been hearing us talk in, the, in the unit, all the time CDC. CMS. DVT. NPO. And, he, just thought it would be very fun to grow up and speak in alphabets, so just. A little story and. There's. A lot of them right. Okay. So we're going to do a quick overview of some of the resources, available to us as providers. We're, going to demonstrate, hopefully. With, with ease the. Website. Navigation that's, available to, us describe. Some of the resources, and the help desks, I think we've heard from the. Folks from RTI, and CMS on a number of occasions that they want us to use the help desk they want us to submit questions and, I, think we can see that, through. Some, of the changes they've made in. The in the sections, they are listening, to some of the comments and hearing, what we're saying through the help desk so we, really have a responsibility, to, make sure we're using those help desks, and. Review, the Medicare, administrative. Contractor. Information. To, correct and update any facility, information, and then, just a review of the earth, qrp, and again. The objectives, are to identify, the resources available to us as earth providers. And. Get an understanding of, the program and lab navigate. And locate some, of the items, for. Submission, requirements. So. We did have to put up this disclaimer, because this. Presentation. Is being videotaped. So. That it will be available for folks, who couldn't make it here today to view, and we wanted to be sure that that folks, understand, that the content, that we share today is current. Today but. At the time that they view it it may be different information, so you can read through this disclaimer. Okay. So. The first question we wanted to ask and Chris gross who did the old fashioned polling with the hand-raising but, I'm going to ask you to use your slide, oh and just, tell me how often do you visit the, earth qrp, webpage, on the Centers, for Medicare, and, Medicare, website. There's. No wrong answer. Is. It very frequently. Occasionally. Rarely. Or, quite, frankly never if you've never done that before, and there's. No wrong answer. All. Right so we have a real variety here, we've. Got 21%. Saying very, frequently, about, 40%. Of you guys are saying, occasionally. We've got 23, percent, at rarely and we've got some real honest people who say at 17%, that they never do and that's, okay. Okay. So what we are going to do is go through, the. Website. And maybe provide some insight I didn't. Want to share that one of the things that I did over the, last probably, year, year and a half is I. Have chosen to, on my Outlook, calendar booked, a meeting with, myself and. I've, titled. It CMS, qrp. It's. Three o'clock on Mondays. It goes from three to four o'clock and every. Monday I am in my office I, get a cup of coffee and I, sit at my desk half, shut the door and I log. In to the website and, just review what's. Happened, in the last week and it. Gives me an opportunity to, sort of step, back and make, sure that I'm staying on top of all the information, if I, look and there's not much going on then I sort of navigate, to a page that maybe, I'm less familiar with or take, an opportunity to just sort of review something I'm less familiar with I'm.

Certainly, Going to look now for some of the data information, that they've shared. But. It's been helpful for me because it, was one of those kind of things and I don't know if you guys can relate you're all providers they it's something you want to get to but, you never get to it because of how busy you are so, when I booked it on my calendar it reminds, me every week and the, funny thing is there. Are a lot of people who have, access to my calendar and can book meetings, no. One has ever bumped. My, meeting, that says CMS. Quality reporting. So. It's a nice hour I have to myself in my office to, take the time to do this so it's, something to think about, so. Now we're gonna switch over to the website I'm. Hoping this works good. Give. Me one second. Okay and the. Folks in the back the gentleman in the back were kind enough to sort of enlarge this screen for me so hopefully you can see but. I also know that a lot of you have your laptop's there so if you want to kind of scroll along with me you're you're very welcome to do that as well, so. When you first log in to I just, do a Google search that's, how you've never been there just do f qrp, and trust, me it'll come right up and and you can click on and this, is really the landing page and where you start and it, really just gives an overview for, you of the quality, reporting. Information. That's available, up. At the top on this page it talks about the, training and some, opportunities and, really. You know I can't say it enough as, a provider, to get involved, the, open, door forums, if you've not done them before it's a great opportunity to listen. In and speak, your piece if you want to or. Just hear what's going on because. Our voice does matter and so it's important, that we get involved, I'm. Going to sort, of click over to my next first, piece. And that's, the spotlight, section and that's usually where I start, on my Monday afternoons, at 3:00 because. This is where you're going to get any news or new information. Announcements. And things that are coming and what, I like about it, is it is and I'm gonna try to scroll it down for you it is all dated, so you know when you are last on the site and you can kind of see what new information has, been available because they post the dates and everything so. If you're someone who says well you know once a week for me is really a little overkill, I don't feel I need to do it weekly maybe. Every other week you can kind of keep track of, when the last time you logged on and what the information was, available to, you then so we're gonna just scroll down and you can see you, know sometimes. Sometimes. It goes weekly. You'll get an announcement, sometimes it's more than a couple of weeks it just varies and, each. Of the sites is sort of set up the same where, the new information towards, the top and as you scroll down I don't wanna make anybody nauseous, it's, growing too fast. The. Older information, is towards the bottom. So. Spots, spotlight, is where I start. And. Back up and. Then. The reporting, measures is next, okay. So, here's where we find some additional information this, is where you'll find measure. Specifications. The, National, Quality forum measure identification. Numbers, let, me just see sure, you see so you can see the numbers are there the, earth quality, reporting, measures by payment determination. Year current. Definitions. For the quality measures, the. Measures user manual. And also, technical, specifications.

For Reporting, so. As you scroll down you can see all the different measures they, identify, the number when they. Are need. To be submitted, when they started, so it's a great, spot. If you've not been here before towards. The bottom of all the pages you'll, see a bunch of downloads, and some archived, information, on those. Mondays where there's less information that, I'm finding sometimes, they'll go through some of these archives. Or. Look at some of the downloaded, information just. For planning, I do a lot of the training at the facility, where I am I oversee, the, PPS, coordinators, as well as the pre-admission you, know the admission nurses and the case managers, and so, we try to incorporate as, a team, ways. To gather a lot of the information, that, we need for the earth pipe some. Of the items we try to get pre-admission. You know falls prior, to the hospital, surgery. Things like that so we work together on that. The. Next tab. Is the earth, and earth. Qrp. Manual, and I think Chris Chris gross mentioned, that this morning that this is, the. Portion of the manual, that's related, to the quality, reporting, components. And. What you're going to find here's a new, information, you can see it's all dated when it was posted and as, we scroll down towards the bottom I wanted to point out three things and, the. First one is the. Training manual, quality. Indicators. Version, 2.0, so, that's information, that we we need for the new earth pie you can click that on and download that for your staff and that's available, now so when you head back you, got your little action plans and you got your website information, here the. Other thing here is the change table, and I, don't know about you guys but I like to change tables, it, really does a nice job of comparing. What the current earth PI to. What the newer PI, needs. Are going to be and this. One's a little longer at first it was a little intimidating at 75, pages, but, when you actually look at the content the way the grid is set up it's really a lot more paper than it is content, and it, looks like there's more changes, and there are so I always. Start with the change table sort of highlight, what, the changes, are and then sort of move on from there with my action plan and then, here, is something, that Chris had asked me to really make sure I pointed, out to you and this, is the earth CDC. Submission. Guidance. And this is new and she, describes, it as the one-stop. Shopping, for your CDC kind, of information, and this has just been posted, so, it's new, it. Wasn't even something. I was going to bring up but Chris asked me to do so today so this, was posted I think just this week so that's something you're definitely going to want to go back to your office with, a cup of coffee shut. The door and look at that. Next. Tab is the earth quality, reporting, technical, information, and we're, going to talk a little bit about some of the help desks, and things afterwards, but this is where if you have any information regarding, your reporting. This. Is where you would want to go so. Sometimes, what I tend, to forget is that there, are other folks within our organizations. That need this information as well right so we're, up on the unit we're doing the earth pie and, we're clinicians. But there are our IT folks, and other people in our organization that really need this information, as well maybe our infection, control people need that CDC guideline, and our, facility, they do the reporting, related, to. Healthcare. Immunizations. And, our CODIS and things like that so it's, my responsibility to, merely make sure that they're aware that these, sources are available to them as well.

Again. If you scroll down there's some archived information, and you can click that on at, your leisure and kind, of go through it and really delve. Into that. The. Training tab of course is one of our favorites because it talks a lot about the training we're doing here today and also, about previous, trainings, that have occurred in the past these. Are great resources there's. No reason, to reinvent, the wheel when you go back this is a train-the-trainer type. Of activity. Or conference. So, the expectation, is that you are going back and training the folks that you work with on all of these items. And how to code them but, you don't need to create all your own educational. Materials, a lot of them are here too to, use, there. Was a question about the case study all, that will be those answers, will be posted we. Didn't want to give you the answers before we did the case study yesterday but we will be posting those answers and that's a great tool to use for your training. So. If we scroll down you'll see all the again I don't want to make you kind of sick here. If. You scroll down there's all kinds of downloads, here as well. As some if, you go back to the even the archives. You'll. See all the previous trainings, that we've done all the. PowerPoint. Presentations. Some, additional, case studies, and things the. Thing to keep in mind though, is, that. You want to make sure that if you're using these, training, materials, that they. Are the most up-to-date, materials. We've, heard from Anne Spenard yesterday. That some of these section, M sections, have changed, so, you're not going to want to go back and use the, you. Know you. Know August, training of 2017. Section M training. For your current training so, there's sections. That are unchanged. And you can use those materials but you want to make sure that you're got. The most up-to-date so. It's it's kind of fun to go through those I like to do that as well I'm. Gonna head back up. So. The public reporting, tab that's, another one that's, where you. Can find some public, reporting, updates. Resources. And educational, materials, the. Earth compare, fact sheet is a download, down. At the bottom and. So. If you haven't if you want to look at those kinds, of information, share. That with your staff you, know somebody asked the question yesterday, or made the comment you know it's it's really hard for staff, to be engaged in some of these measures, because it just feels like a lot of work so. I think, we. Need to pull them in on this and make sure that they understand, why they're collecting, the data and how, we can use it within our facilities. I'm. Going to point out this section yeah I don't know if you can see my little pointer there the frequently, asked questions that's, a great spot. To go to as well if you, have a question. Chances, are it's, been asked before. So. You could start there there are also great training, opportunities. Too because there's a great question, and then a very comprehensive, answer. That's been provided, so you can use those for your training as well. The. Quality reporting, and data submission. Deadlines, page so, this gives us some information. About the different ways, that we need to report, our, information. And. They've. Asked that I sort of open this page. To. Show you what this looks like I don't, know if you can see it but, it gives you sort of a grid, with, the reporting, periods, and when everything, is due and so, if you're unsure about that then, that resource, is available to you. I am, gonna point out this little tab to here to the patient experience, of care we have a speaker, coming in after lunch who's going to talk a little bit about that and this, tab may be important, to you after you hear him speak if you want to incorporate some event into your facility. So. You can see it's pretty easy to navigate there, are a lot of different, links within each page so even if you're not sure of what you're looking at sometimes I start somewhere and then I start clicking on the hyperlinks, and I end up all over the webpage and just, sort of let, it take me where it takes me so that I can just learn a little bit and have a better understanding, of what our facility. Needs to do. Okay. And I think if it's okay we're gonna head back to the PowerPoint, portion.

Okay. Great, I. Was. Worried about that. Okay. So now we're gonna talk a little bit about the earth help desks, as I said, before you, know I think you've heard a lot about them but I don't think we can hear enough about them so. One. Of the things that was said a couple of different times wanna again emphasize, it is that the help desks. Emails. Are not secured, so in the past they have received. You know HIPAA. Information. And they're asking that you not do that so if you're you have a question, and you email it to them don't don't. Include very specific information like, the patient's date of birth or social security number, you know you can create the scenario and explain the situation without, giving those HIPAA. Identifiable. Items. Here's. A nice little picture. Of the different, help desks, on a you, know a little. Grid kind, of thing one. Of the things we've done is we printed this out we laminated, it it's at the on the bulletin board next to the person who does the earth pie and she's. Got the helpdesk numbers, right there so she can access it pretty easily it's also on the web page and we'll go through a couple of these. Pretty quickly there, are six of them that are geared, for providers, and. Then. There is one that, is geared more towards. Our. Vendors, and we have a couple of our vendor, partners here today we. Rely on them so much and we, forget that they may, have questions too so they have a place to forward. Their questions to. So. We'll start with the earth qrp, helpdesk and don't you just love the little life, preserver. In the corner that's because they're here to save our lives if we, have any questions so, you. Would email your questions, and examples, of issues, that you would direct to this particular helpdesk, are. The. Earth qrp, requirements. Including, data submission, timelines, the, quality, indicator, items, if you had a question about the calculation, of the quality, measures, the. Provider training materials, maybe you looked, at something and you had questions related, to that or a general, qrp, question, this is where you would go they. Also have offered, that if after, you've. Sort of looked at the different help desk and you're just not sure where your question fits, you. Can always send it to this help desk and they will help triage, it out to, wherever it should, or. Could best be managed, for you. There. Is a CDC, in, NHSN. Help desk and these. Folks are available. Again, by email, to, answer our questions related.

To You, know kau DS, mrsa. Seed if the. Influenza, vaccination. Related. To those of us as employees, and. The NHSN. Enrollment, reporting, and data analysis so, you can email questions, that you have to them again. This might be a helpdesk. Email. That you share with your folks and infection, control if, they are the folks that that, submit, this information for you. Data. Submission. And data validation help. Desk again you clears a there's, a theme here for. These folks they not only provide, an email but there's also a phone number, if you prefer to call them and sometime it is nice to have an opportunity to sort of dialogue with somebody about. An issue you may have, these. Folks are available. To answer questions about. Qi, es, if you have a user name or password issue, even data. Or. Record. Submissions. CMG. Group or classifications. Questions. About caspere or questions, about Gerben if your. Facility. Uses, the Medicare, Durban. System. The. Public reporting, helpdesk also provides an email and again, examples. Here would be reporting. Periods for the Casper reports, or, the reviewing correct, measures. Included, in the provider preview, reports, the, earth compare, website. Earth, data. Available. On the Medicare. Data gov. So. You have a couple of different options and sometimes your questions you're not really sure but you, can again send them to that first help desk. Here's. Where clinical, questions, can go and again I love the fact that there's a phone, number, lots. Of times I do want to have. A conversation with, someone about it and explain the situation, other. Times, I like the email piece because, if I email them a question, about a particular, situation. So you have some one of those one-off oddball, things I, love. To print the email out and stick it in the section of my manual. So. That the next time that happens I have sort of record. Of what I need, to do with that situation, they. Tease me back at my facility because I'm still a paper person I print, out the manual, I I still buy books at Barnes & Noble I like to hold your book and. So I do have the training manuals, out and I do put, notes in it they tease. Me also that they're going to sell my manual. Because I've got so many notes and cheap things and sticky notes on different. Things that have come up over the years that. Have. Become so helpful, that they they tease me I could probably sell, them but. At this helpdesk, again you're going to, examples. Of issues or identification, information payer. Information. Some, medical information. Functional. Modifiers, and the FEM instrument, or any discharge information and. I call these guys fairly. Often and, they're very very helpful and again if you have questions, it's, great that it gets recorded somewhere. Because, if we're a lot of us are having these questions then. That, really. Allows. Them to sort of look at you, know where, clarity, might come, in and how they can address. It on a bigger scale than just. One. On one kind of thing. The. Earth Medicare, policy, help desk, is. Another, help desk. They provide an email if, you have questions about claims, or billing eligibility. And coverage, therapy, information. Or PI, requirements. For the non quality. Sections, these. Folks can be very helpful with that. One. Of the other things that our, facility, requires us to do if you're in sort of a leadership. Or management role, is we, all have to do community education. Where we go out into the community, and do talks for our community. And for it for the folks that access our hospital, and so, they come to you every year and say okay so what kind of classes do you want to teach and you know you kind of look at it and think I've done stroke, symptoms stroke. Prevention and. One. Of the folks in the community outreach. Group said would you ever consider doing a talk on Medicare, I said. Sure so I did, a talk, put, together a talk on Medicare, benefits, understanding. Your Medicare benefits and. They put it in the bulletin and I've done it four, times now to. A full, house. Understanding. Your Medicare benefits for. Policyholders. And for adult children of, policyholders. Has, been a. Tremendous. Way to get, you, know your your. Facility. Out there and to talk about it people don't understand, their Medicare benefits and that's I digress, I apologize, but I. Think. It's important that our policyholders. Understand, their benefits. Earth. Vendor issues help desk that's for the folks in the room that provide, that tremendous, service to those of us and. They have their own email. That they can ask, their questions, to to. Make sure that everything is up to speed for when we're ready to go October, one, examples. Of the issues that they may direct, to this group or the year of Pi data technical, specifications. The validation, utility, tool maybe some software, to make sure it meets, the.

Submission, Process and, any technical. Questions. That they may have, related. To the data specifications. Okay. So we're going to do a quick knowledge check go back to slide out for a minute, so which helpdesk should. You contact, if you have a question, about the, cloudy, quality. Measure. Do. You think you would direct it to the earth by clinical items, the, earth qrp. The. Data submission, and data validation or. Would you go with the cdc, nhsn. Looks. Like folks are. Feeling. Fairly confident, that it would go to the CDC and. That. Is correct that would be the helpdesk, now if you've directed it to the earth. Qrp. Nobody's, going to not answer your question, and they're not going to redirect you so no fears there. Now. Let's check number two if you're, unsure which helpdesk to contact, email, your questions, to the earth qrp, help desk for triage and a. Is true and B is false. Absolutely. Folks, are feeling confident, that it is true and that is absolutely true. Okay. We've got another one which, qrp, webpage, should, you visit to access, the training presentations. From today. Are. You going to go to the earth quality, reporting, measures information. Or qrp. Manual. Or the earth quality, reporting, training, or, the, earth quality, public reporting. That's. Great. 88%, of, you are, saying. You're going to go to the reporting, training, yes, and I'll, tell you though if you went to one of the other pages you'll, probably find, a hyperlink, that says if interested. In training and we'll take you over to that as well, so. It's. Pretty easy to navigate. So. Additional, resources, we want to talk about so. I mentioned, in the beginning the MAC contact. Information, and embedded, in the. Web sites you'll find. Information. Related to that but. There is a direct, website here, and if, you access, this website you'll, see a map of the United States and you, zoom in on your state and then, there's a drop-down box and, it will give you the information that you need in case, you need to update, any facility. Information. The. Earth qrp, data collection, and submission, requirements. So if you have specific questions related. To that here, is the website for that. Deadline, information, we've, talked about that a couple different times over the last couple of days so you want to make sure people understand, when their information is due. So. That you're prepared. Again. For. Information. About collection. And submission, of the quality, measure data using, the CDC, you can visit that and now we have that great, resource. That I pointed, out that, is the one-stop, shopping for the CDC information, that I encourage you to put. On your action plans for when you return to take. A look at. So. Rulemaking. Proposed, rules and final rules for those of us who have been working. In the rehab industry for a long time we know we start with the proposed rule coming out in April it's out and someone mentioned it the other day that they've they've already looked at it and, then we look for the final rule sometime, early August, right, so. You can find them directly if you've never looked before these are another couple of pages you can begin. To navigate the, federal registry, and also, the fee for service payment. Federal. Regulation, webpage. Again. Talking, a little bit more about, the, submission requirements. We. Are required, to. Submit quality, measures and standardized. Patient assessment data to CMS, we've talked about that for the last day and a half, failure. To submit the required quality, data could result in a 2% or two-point reduction in the Earth's annual, increase factor, which is also similar, to the apu.

Earth's. Must, meet or exceed the two separate data completeness, thresholds. And we've talked about that again a couple times over the last couple of days, 95%. Threshold. For completion, of the quality, measures including. The standardized, patient, assessment, collected. Using, the earth PI and submitted, through the Q IES ASAP. System, and. We're. Required to submit a hundred percent threshold. For the quality measures the. Data collected, and submitted through the CDC. So. What is this threshold, for completion, of the quality measure data collected, using the CDC. 75%. 80% 90%. Or. A hundred percent. Yeah. Looks like, 95. Percent of the people are saying it is 100. Percent. Knowledge. Check number five what's the threshold for completion, of the quality measured and standard, patient, assessment data collected, using the earth PI and submitted, through the Q IES ASAP. System, is, it seventy-five percent eighty percent, 95. Percent or, a hundred, percent. Looks, like everyone's. Selecting. The correct answer. Which. Is 95%. That's. Right. So. We're, encouraging, you to stay connected you. You feel, more, informed the more often you're looking at the, information that's available and, the more often you check the earlier, you hear about the information which allows you more time to prepare and to. Sort of think about, your. Next steps back at your facility, the, open door forums, and listening sessions, are great opportunities, again if you haven't done that and, one of the things that we've been trying to do at our facility, is. Some. Of the senior members and I mean that senior, senior. Like older, members. You. Know you're worried about the industry and where it's going and passing. The baton on to a lot of the younger newer therapists. And nurses and, clinicians in, our industry, and so, I think those. Of us have been around a long time have a responsibility. Not, only to our facilities, but the industry in general to begin pulling these clinicians in early, and helping them to, see that there are career. Opportunities. Staying in rehab somebody mentioned the other day it's tough to keep a physical therapist, because of the paper our. Challenge, as as folks who've been doing this a long time is to make, that attractive. To them and provide them opportunities to. Get involved and so, maybe hosting. An open do you know sitting in on an open door forum and buying pizza for the folks who attend might be an opportunity, to get people engaged in some, of these things and, keep, them in your facility, so, we've been trying to do a little more of that one. Of the things we are gonna do before we end this session and go to lunch is we're going to do a quick scavenger. Hunt I forgot to announce that in the beginning I apologize, but, in your papers, and in your handouts, you do have a little, sheet. That says the earth qrp. Website. Scavenger. Hunt. And. We're. Asking that you work in your groups at your table, and navigate. Through the website and locate the, correct pages. For the items that are requested. Everybody. Find it it's a one pager, that looks well, they all kind of look, like. This, I. See. People going through all their pages I know a. Lot. Of good information to, bring back. Okay. So we're asking that you navigate, the website those, of you who have laptops. Share, with folks who maybe didn't bring one if you wouldn't mind and just.

See If we can find we'll take a 5-10. Minutes to go through and, see if, you can find the, items we've requested. And. While you're doing that I will tell you that my son did grow up to be a very kind and wonderful. Young man. He. Does not work in health care he is he. Works for a sports group, and does travels. With the team and does a lot of what these young technical. People are doing back there he does the videos and, post. Them online but. He does call his mother every week and he always ends the call with I love you mom so I think we're doing good. Okay. I think we're gonna reconvene, and. We're. Going to do this the old-fashioned. Way where you just shout, out the answer to me when I ask it okay. So for, today's training, agenda. Downloads. Of this section can be found where. So. Today's training, agenda, can be found in the download, section of this page. The. Quality reporting, training. Is that what I heard and that lovely, lady in the front row here thank you for shouting that out that's right so, the earth quality, reporting training, page, number. To this. Page communicates. Important. Announcements. And updates regarding, the earth qrp. That's. The spotlight, that's where I told you I always start. Open. It up okay. Number three the, change tables, for, the earth pie version 1.5. And version 2.0. Are located, in the downloads section of this page. Louder. The. Earth pie Quality Manual page that's right very, good. Okay. Number four this, page provides the current list of earth qrp. Measures, includes. Descriptions, of each measure links, to the measure specifications. And updates, to the measures and other, measure related. Updates. Yep. The guys in the front row here are telling. Me that it's the earth quality, reporting, measures, information. Very, good number. Five the registration. Link for today's training was posted, on the following, two pages. Yep. I heard it the quality reporting, training, page and also the spotlight. Page as. I said you know that some some things that listed a couple of different times or there's hyperlinks, it's really very, easy to navigate this. Page lists, the quality, measures currently reported, on the earth compare. Yes. The quality public, reporting, page yeah. And. Number. Seven, a document. Containing measure, and data submission, deadlines, for fiscal year 2019. Is available, in the download section of, this page I feel. Like it should be a Jeopardy thing you have to you have to answer in the form of a question what. Is. What. Is the. Earth quality, reporting, data submission. Deadlines, page. Okay. The. Earth PI quality, reporting, data submission. Deadlines, page. So. In summary the website, is your primary source of information regarding. All aspects, of the qrp, the. Number of help desks, are available, both for providers, and for vendors earth, should. Contact, their Mac to correct or update any facility. Information and, you. Should be familiar with your qrp submission, requirements. And after, this last day or so I'm, sure you will be and, if. You have any questions, related to what. I shared with you today you can enter it through slide, oh I'd. Be happy to talk. With anybody afterwards, about navigating. Just, as a provider and, if you have any questions, about that I'd be happy to talk to you about that too I think.

I'm Done.

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