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Invicta Power Play 10.14

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Simple. Delicious. Nutritious. Fuel. Up with diet support, products, from nutrition, expert, JJ, virgin to assist in your wellness journey, Wednesday. 8:00 a.m. Eastern. What. Makes you think if, it's, watches, we've, got a treat, for you, we're, bringing you the best watches, from a variety of brands it's, your one stop watch shop the must watch miniseries. Holiday, edition on evine. Redefine. And luxury during, the premiere, of Ron, white shoes life, from, Los Angeles Friday. 12:00 a.m. Eastern. Well. Good evening everyone. And happy winter it actually, we all woke up to a lot of snow here in Minnesota, so. You know what that means right it's time to shop for the holidays and we have the perfect power play show for you in fact we're going to kick off this two hours segment with a holiday, gift segment, in this, show by the way I'm Kennedy I want to welcome you win I've got three, guests tonight our Invicta representatives, justin rana justin and ryan are both here as well as our Invicta buyer dustin. With the d he'll be joining us during, our guests a guest list, segment, coming, up next hour so, we have a lot of work to get to let me preview some of the highlights that are coming up in our two-hour power-play, show and don't forget this is a part of our must watch, miniseries. Event where, we have a lot, of brands to share with you including edocs which is coming up with the today's top value a little, bit later, tonight, well. For, the first time ever we are taking one of the single. Most popular. Both. Deuce magnums, and this is a classic all drenched, in gold down, to the lowest price ever we are also this, the holiday, gifts Beckmann going, to be sharing with you some, of the best. Gifts of the season one of the number one top selling watches of all time the, gran lupa and the baby loofah with that beautiful abalone, dial and, speaking, of abalone. We. Are gonna be moving into our breakdown segment, a little bit later in the show I would not wait, for, that segment to, order this timepiece, it, is a brand-new, on a bracelet, drenched. In gold. Red-hot. Abalone. Dial at, a red-hot, price only. For our power-play show and then we're gonna be talking a lot about gifting. Over the course of the show today this is a beyond, belief, markdown, only, for our power-play, show tonight in, an object, art fully. Skeletonized. Automatic. Movement, at under, $50. Is as classic as it gets I love the leather straps you choose goldtone of which i fewer than 80 or, the silvertone, now i, am. Not quite sure what's going on here other. Than madness, we're. Talking holiday gifts we're, talking, stocking, up and we're talking about holiday return privileges, through the end of January so it's time to shop for, the first time and perhaps the last time ever you. Are getting a massive. On, a bracelet, drenched, in gold Speedway, VIPRE in a gen three. $99.99. It's never been done before it, will likely not, be done, again. So, please. Lock. It in so, we, actually have, two. Spectacular. Sub-aqua. Noma. Meteorite. Dial diamond. Timepieces, and. There's bins a little bit of confusion as to why. We. Have two, different item numbers and it's a very very simple answer and I want to show you them both and just remind you that we only have a couple of each left for the holidays so, the first one I'm going to share with you if you dive in close to that meteorite, dial you, will find that this reserve level, meteorite.

Diamond Timepiece, by the way featuring 168. Diamonds, this. Is the one that features all, black. Accents. On the dial I have, a half-dozen left for the holidays and yes, in addition the Stix value pay we, have 12. Month. Financing. Available. On the evine credit card now this, is the numbered limited edition of 500 pieces made for the world the. Other one, which we made available last night and I think there are four left is. The identical, specialties, of aqua the, identical, meteorite, dial the identical. 168. Diamond, couch with. A numbered limited edition, on the back of, 500, pieces what, makes this different is the color on the hands, and around, those luminous, hour markers, and the, date window are blue. So. If you like those blue markers, I have four, left. That, is six, five five seven eight nine, if. You prefer the black against, the meteorite, six. Four six seven three seven. Six three they're. Both numbered limited editions we will not get to presentation. On it because there are only a few remaining any order. That you place today that's over five hundred dollars qualifies, for twelve months financing so, let's, stock up for some gifts. Well, the, whole gangs in town it's. Like a family reunion of sorts that's right in Victor Ryan is with us of course Ryan Johnson, Justin, Zimmer is waiting in the wings it's, taken a while to get that Magnum, strapped, on right. That's. A big watch it'll, be out a little bit and Dustin. Dustin, is our Invicta buyer so if you have any questions, for the buyer of this line he's gonna be out next hour in our guest list segment so this shows a lot of fun because we really, get to break down what this brand is all about we, get just so huge varieties, and we kind of get to segment, them in this first segment since we're almost there, is all about holiday gifting right well that's it and it's just not your typical Invicta, show so it's it's we're more interactive. We'd love to be able to interact with you as Kenny had mentioned we have these different segments, that are going on we have Brad behind the mobile camera who is totally awesome and gives us these great shots too so it's a lot of fun so tune in here for the next two hours so we're gonna begin this segment with one of the final presentations. Of today's top value, and Jeff I don't want to ruin your display, so if you have I, can, take my off okay, so I'm gonna take one off the display but I want to start right here first. Of all it's October it. Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and if. You have someone who, is celebrating. Recovery, survival. What, an amazing. Gift this can be this, is a rare diamond edition, it is a rare pink box I love it for the sweet 16 er I love, it for the grandma, on Mother's Day I love it for the bridesmaids, but, most of all what I love are these, 70, diamonds.

Not, Only, around the dial of this, angel. Which by the way is the last women's today's top value of the year from Invicta but, diamonds on the bar bracelet, and. Then you get that love knot bracelet as well the, entire set. With. Over a quarter carat of diamonds pumps, you for. $21.50. This is the rose gold it is by far the most limited, it is my pick I have to say I also love, that I'm gonna grab it in just a second here the steel version, and then we have the gold-tone which is the layers of yellow gold over the, steel but, what's important to note is this is not a. Mystery. Metal this. Is not a fashion, watch this, is fine jewelry done, Invictus steel executed. With genuine, and so important right and yeah and we have that fashion experience, that goes along with the watch so in the watch industry we talk about fashion fashion. Watches it's watches that are built not. That with that good of quality out there and so what we do is we still build an exceptional, watch but we have that fashion aspect, that's included, in just, as you'll see here it's not the typical size that we actually have can be usually it's a thirty millimeter so it's just a little bit over an inch in terms of diameter but if you look at the dial we've, included in a beautiful, grade a mother-of-pearl, and. Then we just have the qu hand movement, we don't have any other busyness, on the inside the dial so even though it's smaller it's, still extremely easy to be able to read but it just has that modern. Sophisticated. Lady, look that, you have when you have this watch on and then, the bracelets, you have two different bracelets that go along you have either the knot cuff or the diamond cuff and, the diamond cuff actually has 14, additional diamonds. On it seven. On each side that you get and you can layer on the same wrist you can layer on the opposite, wrist whatever you want to do but the great thing is you have options you know the beautiful thing about this timepiece is its classic, its forever last, night we had a very young model joining us her name is Morgan I know she does a lot of shows of you and Todd Newton and she, was wearing this really hip fun funky, outfit with jeans and a golden sweater and she had these three pieces on and it looked hip and up to date and that big layering, look yes I'm with the younger gals like my daughter who's 20 they, love to achieve on my, wrist although I was wearing the same watch in a different color it, had a completely different vibe and that's what I love about this, whether, it's your grandmother, your mother your daughter your, granddaughter this. Is such a classic, style that it will live on forever so if you're giving that gift that you hope to be heirloom to, signify either that huge event in your life that giant accomplishment, please. Think about gifting, classic, over trendy, because then it will be a part of that families, you, know heirloom. Chest for, literally generations. This is Invicta quality that you could expect it is the last today's top value of the year for the women and we're gonna have something that the women can you know slip, into for sure that will be today's top values but this will be the final angel, I love. It as a standalone, I love. It layered think, about this you could also give, pieces separately if you want to write well of course you could you get you can give the loss first and then follow up a little bit later with the braces or do it the opposite way and the final complete of, the whole set would then be the wash for you so premium. Stainless steel that we use and that is a color when you're ordering the silvertone if you're looking at either the gold-tone or the the. The gold-tone, or the rosetone that's, 18, karat gold that we've actually applied to, that, premium stainless, steel to give you that solid, gold look but, you know what nothing, wrong with 70 diamonds going around the bezel and this timepieces darn rapid wrong with. Actually complimenting, it with either one or two bracelets even on the same wrist it really just you know jazz up that look a little bit more women, they have they, have their earrings, you have your necklaces, you have your rings out there why, don't you complement or give to her that, perfect complement, to her, already, accessory, marginal, this is the steel version, we, have the rose gold over the, steel version, we have the gold-tone which is yellow over the steel version this, like all pieces will come with your three year warranty from Invicta if, you if you typically need to have an eight inch bracelet, I think this is gonna be a little too tight on you if you get up to seven and a half seven and three-quarters, this should accommodate your wrist very nicely, here's the good news it, is officially, risk-free, shopping why, do I say that we, typically, have a 30-day money-back guarantee, policy but, right now we.

Have Extended, return privileges, through the end of January, so you can feel free to buy, this for mom buy it for grandmother buy for whomever put it under the tree offered, for Hanukkah and if, it's just not the right size or maybe you, don't know that your sister shopping at her home and you both put the same watch under the tree for Mom on Mother's Day I'm used for Christmas for Mother's Day listen to me every, day is Mother's Day for Christmas you, have through the end of January holiday. Return, privileges. But that's kind of a true statement isn't it I agree, wholeheartedly entirely. Never. Argue. With you a lot that, is one thing I will not argue, so my question, have. You done your holiday shopping at Ryan Johnson not yet, but. It's about time to start so come two months from right now you know what most of the guys are gonna be doing scrambling, freaking out because, they haven't purchased for their daughters and their granddaughters, and their wives and their moms right. It's I know it's a holiday tradition for most of you men no it's more of a ritual it's a ritual ritual. How nice would it be to be able to chill two months from now and know that you've got it handled you've got it done and that you can be gifting her diamonds. In, an addictive timepiece, and have six months to pay it off interest-free here's. Another thing if you're buying a lot of these maybe for a bunch of bridesmaids, or maybe you're lucky enough to have ten granddaughters, right, if you plays from Invicta order that's over four hundred and ninety-nine dollars that. Order any Invicta order that's over four ninety-nine instantly. Qualifies, for 12, month, financing on. The evine card if you don't have the even card it's as simple as calling us applying, for it over the phone lines if you're approved for the evine card over the phone lines guess what you can use it tonight before. The plastic, comes home and if, you, make those minimum, monthly payments and, pay your entire order off within the year that's allotted those. Payments, just like value pay will be interest-free, so. I don't see where you can go wrong and getting that evine card the cool thing about the evine card is sometimes we do extended, payments, sometimes. We do huge discounts, other days like on fashion day the other day we do free shipping on, the, eve on card so, it's. It's a good thing to have especially if you want to make holiday shopping easier, so, no matter what her taste no matter what her age no, matter what she does for a living and guys today with the value pay of 2150 no matter what your budget I think we found the diamond watch for her I think so yeah we have watches, that have fewer diamonds is we have watches that have more diamonds than what you see so I think it's not really that perfect blend of what you get along with this and a little bit over to mere size for you but still quite elegant, on the wrist so here's what Ryan's gonna do we simulcast. This power-play show on our, youtube channel yes, so did, you post it so they could get to the here's. How you do it if you want to you can go to Eve, I'm comm board. Slash, power, play okay I'll be with Justin he's, on the computer right now we could answer some of your questions so again be viacom a forward slash power, play now on power play, Ryan. Might be giving you some sneak peeks at, a brand new blue label the, last time he did this on the blue label brand divert it sold out before it made it to air we. Have a pro diver that we are supposed to see next time it, may sell out before it, gets to air so if you have any questions, our buyer, our Invicta a vine Invicta buyer Dustin. With Dee is, hanging out with Ryan not just in. Our. YouTube channel and there you're gonna chat with you I'm like crazy right now now keep, in mind at the top of the hour in.

47. Minutes from, right now. Not. Only a what's in the box special, but. A fancy schmancy. What's, in the box it's this Mansi case we, are. Going to shock thrilling to me all, of you give, any hints on this you want to give out any hints you know what I started to give hints yesterday, I got in trouble so so I'm gonna give him it. Has something to do with what you guys love to do on Sunday. That. A good hint about too much other hints. Are. You thinking to yourself I would. Have got in trouble if I said that. Well. Justin. Zimmer is here as well as Dustin. Who is our buyers well, as in Victor Ryan but. Our today's top value we launched it last night huge, news, in the world of the sub-aqua Noma, series this, of aqua Noma is the one of the most popular collections, in and Victor's branded, the single largest one, ever built. 256, millimeters in a sub 3 with the Selita movement right yeah it's to be 500, on the inside, alright, so. This. Is. Amazing. It, is one of the number one top selling. Bolt. Zeus magnums, that our inventory. The. Last time, I believe that I saw, this was back in May, so I've not seen these two executions since May it's been some time and, today. For the first time ever we're. Taking, this down to the lowest, price ever in, fact. 70%. Off. Which. Is a very very big deal when you're talking about what, it costs, to build a timepiece, of this, stature if you would like it we have the blue strap. With a blue dial or the black strap with the black dial to. Be able to get this home for under $50. Is a very, very, big, deal and again if you have any specific questions about this watch if you're a little afraid to go on air with us Dustin, and Ryan are on our YouTube, channel right now chatting with everyone certainly, ask them as well and we can check in with them every once in a while but. A really, special, watch that, is is, pretty much exclusive, to Invicta right yeah this is a generation. 1 design, as well so if you know we've we've done some modifications over, the years but this is the one that everybody looks for this is the generation, 1 on the strap which means it's, for everybody to you got a smaller wrist you can get this on your wrist because of the strap and we're, taking it down to the lowest price you have ever seen, a bolt, Zeus Magnum that's something that's very very big tonight because, we're talking about a level of art and engineering that, takes it beyond, with.

What Reserve means so first off this isn't Victor Reserve so it means we're taking a design engineering right to the edge then we have those watches in our collection we call masterpieces. The Russian diver novelist, the original, generation one bolt Zeus these are those famous case designs, the magnum one, of those as well but, then we get into the design on this now typically and we start talking about depth and dimension we're, talking about these deep dish style dials which we absolutely have on this, watch that is stunning that's something that we're really well known for but now look, at the sides of the watch this. Is one of those watches we, talked about lead times as far as production lines and things like that six, months plus with this close to a year, that's how long it takes to produce something like this because of the complexity, of the build keep in mind when we started building this coming. Up with new techniques, new, machines, to, make this watch happen, and one of the biggest deals lots. Of the collectors saw the renderings, so, right when it came out a couple of minutes that's as long as this would last and then they were completely, sold out for a year. Complete, year before they came back this is currently, the most highly sought after watch, we have hands down and right. Now it's a thousand-dollar, watch, a, thousand-dollar. Watch for two ninety-eight ninety-nine, well we just we never can take a watch bill down to under $300, this is a must-have buy it's only for our watch mini series event we have 31, hours, of this events day two we, only few more hours available, and when. This is gone what's, the likelihood, that we can call Invicta and say hey can, you make us more before Christmas no see that's what we're talking about so the complexity, of the watch think about this Pro tires we love right that would be you, know on the the smaller, time as far as being able to produce these I mean you're not going to be able to produce these before the holidays things like that because of the complexity, of what we get into on top, of that not only with the engineering, and how much materials, removed everything else is custom custom-built. The, crystals, on the you know the main dial on the sub dial this variation, you actually have a whole nother complication. Hold other movements. To movements, that's something that's really cool here too you have the Ronda 54 TD on the, main and the rod at 10:42. That's attached to separate, module. This is a separate, standalone, watch, if you think about it attached, to the timepiece this is the crown all you do is pull that up and then you can set, the time on that independently. Everything. On here is custom-made, for this build now when we originally launched this I reached out to the the, production manager the production, designer, on this, watch to really get his thoughts on this one and this was crafted, and built modeled. After machines. Of war machines from the battlefield, this thing is built like a tank and that's where you're getting powerful, you feel powerful and, you're getting all that premium, solid, stainless steel, and now the reason why we had to perfect new techniques is because it's so solid to, remove, all of the material, that you get into here is next, generation, on this, build but still built to, to professional, dive specifications. They're over, 600. Feet so if you're wearing this when we talk cruise watches by the way cruising in February this. Is a cruise watch this. Is a cruise watch the, best of the best this is a gray, level piece here today for, $49. And 83 cents in value pay I always get questions from the ladies can I wear it you know what it's entirely, up to you whether or not you can wear it but in terms of physically, being able to wear a heavy watch like this so doesn't spin on your wrist I think, as long as your purses analytics inches, yeah I think you can wear it my wrist measures six inches I normally wear a six and a half to seven inch bracelet because, this.

Strap Is so wide because, there are dual keepers. That stay in place because they're silicone ladies, you, can add absolutely rock this watch and we fought on the cruise right there's, so many women who absolutely, dig, living. In these larger timepieces, and if you look at my wrists on the profile it, actually does curve try wrist perfectly well you know that's another that's another art of watch building, watch making you know the balance the, balance, of the watch it becomes even more important, when you get into a 50 to 52 millimeter case size twenty, millimeters, thick so it is sitting higher up off the wrist it is built properly, so, it sits, on your wrist and the balance is right so it doesn't try to flip off your wrist before you even strap it on your wrist so that's something we pay huge attention to as well the case back is done beautifully so here's another test when you see a case back that's this decorated. You, know that the watch manufacturer. Is taking great care and, engineering. All of the other design, details, here you have that cable design motif you can see it's a screw down case back you have the raised bolt Zeus name and everything, that's been done on the back now we talk about flame fusion flame, fusion. Is a material, we have developed, after many years at Invicta giving, you the surface that's impact resistant scratch resistant, but you have to to, custom, crystals, when we talk about custom look how it's cut very, expensive, to produce a crystal like this and then you have the crystal here too and then the luminous feature on the hands and our markers super-luminova so. Really is what the collectors are looking for complex, case design extremely. Unique proper. Materials, and components super-luminova. So, this thing glows like a flashlight in the dark and texture. On the dial that's beautiful. This is currently, the lowest priced bolt Zeus Magnum on our website, in the classic, design now, there might be one with a cable, that I think Kathy and Ryan brought you earlier today those, are in the Hydra plated finishes, if you don't want the hydro plated finish and you prefer having the classic, without the cable you cannot, find them they're bolts loose Magnum on our website and a lowest a little, at a low price like this if you want something fun and funky. And that hydra painted finish go, online to Yvonne comm Evi any comm and you might see a Hydra plated version or still or two still available, on our website we're, kind, of playing with you right now and a couple different platforms, we're live on, a vine. And. In. Victor Ryan and Dustin, that's, Justin, with the D Justin. With the D our buyer our, chat with everybody on our YouTube, channel right now so if you have any questions certainly break in and ask, them oh so, on. Your mark. Get. Set. We. Have 100. Brand, new, never-before-seen. 40, millimeter pro, diver blue. Label, automatics. That. Price is over-the-top, beyond. Belief for the ladies who saw the blue label with the diamonds, but didn't, want to get into that price point this. Is a perfect. Option for you and for, the men who missed, the. Forty, seven millimeter grand Ivor blue label which sold out in the preview last week yeah you, may want to get this by the way this is a true dive time piece we do not expect, it to last a, presentation. To be honest with awesome yeah the blue label it's, gonna disappear, you know blue label, for that price this doesn't happen mechanical. Automatic I think when we toss it over to Ryan to check it on social media he's gonna be trying it on it's gonna be gone in minutes for sure so, my. Very first Invicta ever from, many years ago almost 20 years ago was, a lupa still. Today when I give a gift of Invicta to, relatives, to friends, I, 99%. Of the time gift, a lupa women. Love it men, love it it's a style that everyone can wear and it's a truly iconic look. For Invicta, today. Voice, you need holiday gifts for employees, for, clients. For sisters, for brothers we, have the grand for him or the, baby for her with. Red, Christmas, abalone better, than awesome, on a bracelet, in your choice of either the gold tone that's layers, of, gold over, the steel or. The. Gunmetal choice or, the. Silvertone choice today so you have a choice at 58 99 on a $10, value pay yeah it's not which one do you need it's how many do, you like. $9.83.

That's What we should talk about to get into Ryan I talk about iconic, collections all the time you know we talked to sub aquas and all your bolts and all these these these collections, the pro divers, but really, well put us on the map is this watch right here so I have no idea why. It's 58 dollars and 99 cents other than we are celebrating the holiday, edition of. This big event right now so you can get into this iconic style but in 2001, 2002. Quickly. Became the best-selling style, in the world and now you can get that on your wrist for, under $10, but then we. Upgrade. The, dial to, genuine, abalone, and two of the most rare colors. Ever, look at the red talked about a pop of red you're, going to see how it plays differently, to if you have the gold-tone variation. Dressing it up with that red beautiful. If you want it to pop even more gunmetal, with, the gunmetal it's popping beautifully on this watch - this, is what it's all about still, employing the same finishing, techniques, the same materials. This is flame fusion, and that domed crystal, which is magnifying, that gorgeous gorgeous material, same. Finishing, techniques on, these watches so high-end designs. It's just something special at 58 99 Udo in the gold the rabble of the red abalone, plays reds and pink, and like oranges, in the, gunmetal it plays a little bit where you see those golden, colors coming through on that red and then if your preference is not to have the red but rather to have the classic abalone if you get the stainless steel versions, those, feature the classic abalone colors right so as there is the stainless available, in the larger two it is but, Jeff, is sizing, it right now I'll show what you in the ladies I see I think he wants it from stone I see yeah yeah but here, it is and this is also available in the grand as well but if you choose the steel version classic. Green blue, abalone. I, mean. This is what it's all about bracelet. Version of the lupa you have the push button deployment, clasp on this, watch to everything. That you want for nine dollars and 83 s that's one gloved F you, don't have to run out your part of the show buddy one, glove Jeff we adore him he's, been with us since day one of Invicta right I want, you to be here Jeff, 17, 17, years, all, 17. Years that a Victor's been a part of our family there you go and and, he was in New York with us in one glove, Jeff yeah because he's got to keep those watches, from, not being smudgy. That's. True you think that you. Think that work if we gave Ryan. No no, that's, his nickname sludgy, you know to. Love Ryan. No. One's gonna stick should we check in with them rain check in with Ryan and, with Dustin, they are chatting with all of you on our YouTube channel which is running simultaneously you, know the great thing about YouTube is you can watch the show mm-hmm you can scroll down and shop the show you can share the show with a friend so they can shop it tomorrow and you can chat also very interactive yeah so, what's going on over there and YouTube guys well.

Dustin's Actually replying, back to a lot of customers they were asking about some of the Star Wars timepieces, and some lebrons pro diver is that right yeah they want to know when the Han Solo s1. Rally is coming out and that you'll see that and just in the Chewie and the Chewie guys they, want the Chewie that's win that's, a beginning of December, you'll see that okay great, so yeah we're on we're. Online chatting, with some of the collectors out there if you want to be a part of the chat ask Dustin, he is the buyer for Yves I advise and Victor watches go, to Yves I'm calm, forward slash power play enjoying. The community here tonight so we'd love to hear from you he's the guy with the inside scoop so all the times when you text. Us messages, or send us messages, just in a Ryan and myself we're like we don't know just. So. He's here today during, the show for the full two hours or. You can have a question you can call it in and stump Dustin should we do that I think we should I think, we should do that that would be a good segment, dump, Dustin see if you can ask him a historic, question, and see if he can remember it rapid-fire, maybe even that would be fun we should have planned that next, time Dustin, yeah. Next, time all right so if you're looking for gifts this is the most iconic it, is in, terms of a dial, material. Really, the most highly sought after right, now and everyone's going for the abalone and can, you think about a more perfect and Victor watch to gift no this is your Christmas then red abalone. For Christmas rice is it I mean the dial materials, highly sought after the, loop is unique, by itself, I mean this is a beautiful, piece any time that you start kind of a departure from a typically just round case, design you get into something special so this is what's called a rounded, Chino variation. That's the shape of the case then, you have that exaggerated. Dome, on the crystal, those, are the main design aspects, of this piece even the case back on this one is done right so the balance is there this one is done in the premium stainless steel bracelet I mean these are all the upgrades all the upgrades on the loop for under $10, on a value. Pay now that crystal, is very expensive, to build this way to because of the cut because of the dome and it is magnifying. That, material, throughout the show I think we will start talking a little bit about numbered limited editions, a little bit later, now this one's not a numbered limited edition, but it is a one-of-a-kind. Piece and I love that about these watches and that's because of the material, so no two dials. Will have the exact, same patterns. The exact same look to them I think in the watch community. That, goes a long way too so, if you just joined us I want to tune you in to what's happening we are in our holiday gift segment, we're gonna break it down with some brand new pieces coming up and then and a, half hour from right now. What's. In the box, no. We're not going to show anybody it's. Going down. In. 30, minutes, this will be a part of our deeper dive like this so I gave you a hint earlier me give you another self. Our deeper dive segment, is all about automatic, movements, mm-hmm, so. I've already given a couple hints going. Down to the lowest price ever next, hour we're gonna we're, gonna head into a deeper dive segment, about automatic movements, including that new blue label pro diver and, then, we. Have our our guests, list. Which. Is. Dustin's. List how. Much I always always. Want to know what Dustin's Justin. Okay. You guys we're going to blow the. Roof off the. Joints with, that bolt at under. $100. And guys almost. Have gone from the tees half. Sold out from the teeth now in the Grand Iver debuted, it. Sold out in the preview, so. Don't, let this you. Know miss you and for the ladies that didn't, want the diamonds, on their forty millimeter Blue Label to remember that or maybe that wasn't your price range, that's the deal great option, the, steel for that price gonna, dive deep in just a little bit but first we're breaking it dinner.

Well. We. Won. Clock Jeff making me a little dizzy he's. Bringing, it in on the cart cam it is in fact the, coalition. Forces here let's get you off the Lupus Jeff thank you this. Is our breakdown segment, within Victor Ryan Ryan Johnson, and Justin Zimmer, Dustin, still chatting so if you have any questions about this x-wing, he's, over there chatting away on our YouTube channels Eve I'm calm, for it / power-play excellent. Easy to find so, this. Is one of the only X things we have in our inventory right now and, it is the first ever on a bracelet, drenched. In gold with, red. Glorious. Red abalone, let's. Start off by talking about, the, X Wing on its own because this, has been honestly. One of the most popular. Collections. From the most popular Styles washes in the victus brand I would say it's definitely one of the biggest styles, that we ported over from the Imperius collection from years and years ago so those of you that haven't been following us for a long time that's where it started, we still to this day I get some some questions about that I remember, back in that it was kind of funny somebody was very upset, that we had copied and furious and just to set the record straight it's. Always been Invicta I mean that's what imperious was it's just that we weren't moving forward, with that brand, under the Invicta umbrella so we poured it over these styles, and this, one is, just so stunning and striking I think when you see the design in the architecture, you can see why it's called the X swing on that shot you have the lug system, shaped, like the X then, you have the wings and the left and right side the pedal style function, pushers I mean it's one of the most highly sought after versions. We have in. Any one of our collections, but now yeah, but, now when you see this guys you're gonna understand, why this is a must have by. Tonight. This is the one that I put on my, Instagram, page look. At that red, abalone. New piece that is beautiful, so Ryan let's talk about this, abalone, craze because you've been a part of the invocation family for a very very long time I thought, it was going to be kind of like two years ago on that first cruise a flash. In the pan what, are you hearing from the customers, because they they just can't get enough of the style that's it they can't get enough we're, just trying to produce as much as possible out there and we're going some different directions with the Apple in was doing some of these dyed. Abalone, shells where we have like, you see today the red we've had some purple we just had the first yellow come out in a bowl not too long ago guess what that was the first one to sell out we've done some of the green variations, too so it continues. To be an extremely hot. Material for us to incorporate at, the company and we haven't, introduced it into every single collection. Yet but, we now have for the first time with, this x-wing and I think with that red abalone, dyed dial with, all that 18, karat gold that, is just bathed, over, this watch what, a timepiece you know this is one and I'm gonna put a note out to Justin since he's here live this, is one that's not been done in a mid or a woman's size yet I would love, to. See this he's, got a piece of paper and pencil in a woman's because I just think everything. About this is so, sleek and so elegant, and I think women love the architecture, of timepieces as much, as men do this, is a timepiece that fails I, wish I could pass it through my camera into your home into your TV right now like. A reserve, level. Timepiece. But Justin. The visuals, on this are also. More. Like a reserve level watch even though right keep in mind you know originally brought over and re-engineered, in the reserve line I mean that doesn't it doesn't have the the reserve logo on it but it's that same design.

And Now dressing, it up with, this style when we do it in the gold-tone by the way it really puts this over the top it is absolutely beautiful we'll start with the dial with that red abalone, you're gonna notice it's the first time I've really seen red do this you're, not just seeing the Reds look, it over here the greens that are popping out typically, it's just some shades of reds and and some light yellows and things like that this is one of the most vibrant. Red. Abalone, dials we have ever done on any one of our watches to date it's a color party it's a it's a party. Right. Here watch party, watch check this out the, gold-tone that's done on the dial you're gonna see multiple different kind of finishing techniques, you have a lot of the mirror polishing. Which, really stands out with the abalone, you have a little bit of that brush too which makes it easier to read some, of the other details one, of my favorite, designs in the X Wing right here look at this this, is that bezel, design it's actually machined. Out that's the crystal, that you can see in between, these, sections, mirror polishing, against screw design running. All the, way around and then the pedal style function, pusher so you can really start to enjoy, and really see the art in the engineering, that goes into a timepiece like this bracelet. Design, multi-link. Very, expensive. Cuts and the two different finishing, techniques, on this one again this one is made for. The boom-boom big screen. Gonna. Eat Justin though that watch doesn't it the boom-boom a big screen I. Agree, it is the coolest thing in a long time alright I'm gonna pass this over to Ryan so he can put this on as well this, has the, look, and the feel honestly. Of a reserved level timepiece of a timepiece that should be thousands, of dollars more we're, launching, it today it's brand new you've never seen this gold, drenched. Over, a bracelet. In an x-wing, with, I'm, gonna change the name from red abalone, to color party abalone color party, to. Color party, on Ryan's wrist right now how does it has a feel on your wrist I love it I have a couple like swings just in my personal collection I have a strap, variation, I have mother pearl but I don't have the abalone, shell and I'll, tell you this I paid, more for. My mother pearl version on a strap and it's, a beautiful watch don't get me wrong but. I paid more than what, you're getting this watch here, today so, it's it's a fantastic, way to be able to add to your collection I mean look at all this 18, karat, gold it's, like solid ingots of gold just, going around my wrist and wrapping up I mean you imagine. All the attention this is going to get because I mean first of all all that 18 karat gold and then, you have that unique red is something, that so many watch, manufacturers. Watch companies they, shy away from you, don't want to see for, some reason red just that doesn't fall within what they want to do and it's one of the things that we love it invictus we celebrate, color so much but you get the Reds and as Justin, pointed out in the big boom-boom screen, all, the different colors on the, inside with, that beautiful organic, material, being, that Apple you know it really puts this watch over the top in my opinion, and design are the finishing, techniques just looking at Ryan holding onto the watch took at the bezel mirror, polishing, you have the sections, on the sides that are brushed, it is done in such a way that highlights. The designs, of this piece the architectural. Designs, of this piece are highlighted, in the, finishing techniques, let's talk about quality real quick - this. Is built to true professional, dye specs in fact beyond, true, professional, dive specifications, starting at 20 atmospheres a, lot of pro divers will have those really. Do you need more than that probably not but now it starts to get into bragging, rights thousand. Feet thousand. Feet of water resistance on this bill just think about the, design and engineering already, with the multiple, design or the multiple pieces that goes into this case design but now the, structural integrity is there too one last thing keep. In mind a lot of the watches the newer variations, we talked about the beautiful crowns and we say they're modeled, after the. X-wing, crown, that's, this piece when, you start looking at the two-piece crown design on here it's beautiful. And that's our we have taken, this crown, modifying. It slightly and putting it now on some of our other top, designs, it all comes from this piece if you're new with us I do want to welcome you in this is a Sunday, night show that we feature every Sunday night for two full hours we, do simulcast. On our youtube channel which allows you to not only watch the show but shop the show you can share the show with a friend the prices that we offer you today will live on that, YouTube channel for a couple of days so, you can share it with a friends send it off and we do that quite often and you can also chat today, with.

Dustin. Who is our buyer he's off along the side he's on the YouTube channel any, questions that you might have I'm, gonna steal that for just a second Ryan because I know there are always women that say can I wear it is it gonna work you look so serious over there Dustin some. Serious questions. He's. Concentrating, alone. I'm over, here in the customers, a serious, face. It. Is hard to multitask, though you're trying to listen to what you're saying and, interact with the customers, so so, here it is on my wrist can I wear it yeah, actually I absolutely can would I I don't know that I would my general. Me is that, I will not wear watch whose, lugs go past my wrist line this. One doesn't go past my wrist line and I could absolutely, get. That bracelet, to taper if I had it sized around my wrist now do I want to wear a piece of the size in that stature I find a hundred percent that's personal, taste some women say absolutely, not others, say bring, it up okay I mean we talk heavily about the case design and everything but look at the bracelet, yeah the bracelet, itself is, worth, the price of admission on this one where you have that five link design everything, is crapped out of solid, chunks of premium, stainless steel and, you're gonna notice the custom designs once again when you start looking at some of these links those are produced just for that one spot that one spot, on this watch they're not interchangeable with, any other bracelet, that is custom and you can see it's a very thick bracelet, right but it's still flexible oh my, gosh these are selling out, we're. At the point in a year two. Months till Christmas that, we cannot call Invicta and say hey can you make us more the. Christmas orders are in the distribution, is happening worldwide guys. This could be it for the entire year, on that piece so. Coming, up next hour we have a deeper, dive segment, where we're gonna dive deep into automatic, movements, and one of the most popular. This past year has, been the turbine, we, have the green and we have the purple Purple's, like off-the-charts popular. Right now not, sure what's happening in terms of purple unless every guy in Minnesota who loves football shopping, but purple sells out every time is on the air and, a. Little bit later next hour we're.

Gonna Move into not, just Invicta, but the Invicta brand of, glycine. And, talk about a swiss-made, airman, justin job price under this is big so we have a lot to talk about on this the history, of this brand comes, with some cool packaging. That is actually a numbered. Limited, edition, I am jazz for that we have not had a glycine, on the air for, quite some time I think we only have four dozen sapphires. Swiss, made this, is everything the upgrades, remember. This watch miniseries, also features other brands, we featured Casio last night we are going to be featuring on edocs a little bit later tonight but, a. Deeper. Dive we're gonna give you a sneak peek at, our deeper dive segment from, next our next hour we're diving deep into what, it means to be an automatic about 60, seconds to. The. Blue label collection just, debuted, about two weeks ago every, single piece is sold out to the piece in fact the Grand Iver sold out in a preview, this. Is now the pro, diver it's. Only ever been done once before but it was done with a lot of diamonds so it was quite pricey so, if you prefer the non diamond version at this, point it's an a mark on your, mark get, set let's go, back, Ryan, to, the original, prototype or than a victim built their business on this is basically the watch but just plated right well that's it 89 89, 26, with a silvertone case. Silvertone, bracelet, black, bezel black tile mechanical. Automatic movements on the inside really, al built the company up from that one design and so we, still do different variations of that today I have a couple 40, millimeter Pro divers on bracelets myself some with the open heart my first watch once this size was it was 89, I think 89, 28 and so, what, you get is you get done you get that mechanical, automatic so, it's an NH 35, 8 and so, there's no battery on the inside it's, a watch it's 200 meters of water resistance as you can see I like to just with with the blue labels what we do on the case back it's still all blue but, then you have those yellow, letters. That just show up for that goal because what this whole, idea behind this collection is is to really have the watch be, that, blue with little accents, of the golden color which is totally opposite, of windows a big deal here right so it's classic pro diver it's upgraded it's mechanical, automatic it's, built to two professional, dive specs but now the.

Newest And hottest thing we have is blue label kind of like black label from years ago or yet black with kind of pops of red things like that this is blue all done in blue ionic plating multiple, different finishing, techniques, and that pop of gold everybody. Everybody. Is looking to get into blue label this is the most economical, way to do that this is $18. On a value. And, you're into, blue label, but it's, done with, all those upgrades, that Ryan was talking about look at this chip Minister sellout likely will have to kill the clock and go launched a blue label here the blue label is a very, limited, production line if you haven't noticed everyone that we've brought has sold out I don't know if we even have any on the website right now the, Grand Iver not even certain if it will make it back again in this year but at 108 Ryan, I think it's the most affordable blue label we've offered what oh it is the most affordable blue label we've offered with this size with this design. Everybody. Can, play this, is for men this can be for the women too that you get iconic. Design from this ad and Victor you can see even blue label on the case back as it says you, have the high polished finishing that goes along with it exhibition. Window out there too so if you want to get in really adjustment, and just nil it's the hottest thing that we have going on right now they, continue, to sell out and just, as we've had with the black labels, in in past we, don't make as big of a production run as we do like. With our typical run when we did the Black Label is about 10% of what we do for a typical that's about the same what you're getting with the blue label - so. Everyone. Right now needs. To strap themselves in. Because. This is going to be gone we. Then move on to an, objector. Our automatic. For under $50. We, are showing you the lowest price bolt, that we currently have an inventory we're going under $100, and then, we're. Breaking out the. Box, what's. In the box, well, we can't tell you what's in the box for.

15 More minutes I'll tell you what's in the box i guarantee. Justin. Zimmer's not in the box, that'd. Be weird, so. Weird pretty. Interesting, to see them ah we. Got to find a box big enough that'd, be weird that could happen for Halloween right. I'm, just going to tell you. We. Also have a big. Visit. From our Invicta. Buyer, Dustin. Next hours well if you missed the earlier part of the show we do have the lowest price, in, our entire inventory on a classic. Reserve. Bull Zeus Magnum, without, the cable, there's not one without a cable at a lower price on our website in this jewel movement timepiece, you have blue or, you have black and yet, we get it home to you for under $50, in addition to that this is our gift segment, and during. This gift segment we could not not. Have a baby lupa and a grand lupa this is the best gift on on the face of the earth for any watch lover the, loop is available, in a grand, for, him a baby, for her if you choose gunmetal, or gold-tone, you will get the red abalone stainless. Steel you will get the classic, blue green, all right is everyone strapped in you. Need to be shopping, online right. Now if, you need gifts, how does under $50. And. The. Gold-tone we, are down to dozens. From, the preview dozens, not hundreds, dozens in the, silvertone about, 300, left when. You consider, what it takes not only to build an automatic movement but. Then to highly decorate, it because, you're gonna skeletonize, the dial so it shows off beautifully, just. The labor alone, is, probably worth more than $50, this, objective art that, collection is all automatic, movements, is classic. Its stylish, and right now my, brain is taken away who do I have to get for the holidays do I need to get coaches do I need to get teachers do I need to get Uncle, Joe do I need to get my son do I need graduation. Gifts, come springtime this. Will likely never ever ever happen again effect they're telling us that because this. Is a this show only, which means this hour and next are the only hours, you're, gonna be able to pick this up on a value pay of, eight. Dollars. And 17. Whether. Already worth the price of admission $48. You have a high-end genuine. Leather strap that right, out of the case you're wearing you're wearing it comfortably so if you are giving this as a gift that's, the ticket the watch doesn't have to be sized they're already wearing it they're enjoying it you can see the look of surprise on their face when, you give this to them now, more impressive, mechanical, automatic now this line is all about the arts the, art of watchmaking, the art of horology, and that's placing everything on display on this one the gold-tone almost. Completely gone you're gonna notice the movement done in gold-tone as well so it's very much matching, the strap very.

Rich Brown. Leather. I see why that one is going to be moving very very quickly but, if you're not sure if they like the gold-tone silvertone, hands-down, works with, everything. So mechanical automatic movements, on the inside no batteries, so it's very impressive, to gift something like this because you can see everything working. Together beautifully, here. How. Alright this watch with the movement of your wrist all right so Ryan and I talk. A lot about gifting, we, both have children as does Justin but we do a lot of gifts for the people I think that after. Your family the most important people in your life to gift are P bullets around your children to, say thank you to say how much you appreciate them so whether it's a coach or a teacher an employer. Or a mentor, a grandparent. Perhaps, what. Can you gift Ryne for under $50. These days that's gonna be something memorable. Useful. Right. Well we're looking at it right now we're wearing it and so, in the interesting, thing is to when you look at this watch on my wrist here, here's the thing is like we have so many different watches, out there for different occasions this is gonna be coming up next hour, and it's a did you wear your camels, handle you. Know. Because, when the camel pants come out there's often a camo dance he's got two pieces of camel on his. Shoes are one. The. Second piece guess the second piece of camo that's not the undershirt, the watch don't. Let them go, there so well here's here's what I wanted to say is be. Detracted. Is that, we make we make a larger, sizes out there are different colors but here is something maybe you want to just wear to the office you don't want to. For. Sale. Alright. I guess I have a special modeling segment coming up next hour so, but, my whole point is, that we have different designs different styles out there for different occasions and that's what our collectors, love and if you want to just have a little bit more of that you know sophisticated. You, know gentleman. Type of look with this or like women can step, in that sophisticated, science I was I to with this you, can do that with this 44, millimeter, and we, were talking about that calf leather strap it's, a nice upgrade when it comes to that feels like the watch was. Custom. Li made for you because the first time you put that watch on your wrist you're just gonna feel the softness of that leather wrapping around your wrist well let's, talk about this Justin because I know you got to go to the Basel watch fair when, you look at timepieces, that are highly decorated, this like, this I think the automatic, assumption is that they cost a lot of money am i right absolutely. And keep in mind on this one I mean we're looking at an eight dollar value, pay we're, talking about under $50. For the watch this is a two hundred dollar. Timepiece. The work is here the dial work is done beautifully it has that texture, it's, a high, and design tool also on gold-tone, is gone, silvertone. Same designs, remember, we were talking about finishing, techniques, at 48, dollars and 99 cents this has the same finishing, techniques, that. Watches we build that are thousands of dollars same thing same, material, premium, stainless steel you have flame fusion, crystals, front and back on this one so you have that scratch, resistant, impact resistant, material, and here you can see this is a great shot that illustrates, why these are so highly sought after you, can see the mainspring, that's, holding all of that, energy that's underneath the Invicta name right there at the 12 o'clock position and then, over at the 9 o'clock you, have that regulation. The, regulation that, it's releasing all of that energy regulating. The time and that's all being done where you can see that very.

Impressive So this isn't a quartz watch there's no battery, gears, levers, in Springs this is a perfectly. Engineered machine. That. You're wearing on your wrist for 8.8 dollars. And, 17. Cents gets mechanical, automatic, premium. Strap, on here in all the upgrades we've been talking and if you're wondering how that works if you're a new customer you're like the heck is he talking about eight dollars it's something we call value pay it's a monthly interest rate playing that payment plan that you make interest-free as you, wear the watch so, yeah your investment, to get at home is $18, and change plus, the shipping and tax and then, you wear it and if you're gifting, this you, have holiday return privileges, right now so it's really risk-free, shopping you, have through the end of January return, privileges. So if you're getting this you're not sure if dad's gonna like it or not and let's talk about the dance Ryan because with the dads this, is that classic look, but in an updated, size really right but that's exactly at 44 millimeters, I mean modern lady size traditional. Classic, gentleman size out there you, know and take it take a step out and try to get something a little bit different maybe to your collection and dress, it up with young. No. No. No no no. You guys aren't chiming in with me I was gonna do. Oh. We're. Not gonna try that one again all right. The. Blue level is gone and. Just. Wait blue this next hour we're going Swiss made, glycine. Is under, the family and brand umbrella of the Invicta watch family, this is the air man it is a numbered, limited edition, and fewer, than four dozen are, available. So. We might need to break out a box of Kleenex, for. Dustin, the buyer on this next item. Or. We need to thank him and open a bottle of champagne what are the other, because. Somebody. Not, quite sure who yeah. Took. The 50, millimeter speedway, Viper, yeah. With. A cable, so this is really a hybrid, Viper. Speedway. Gen 3 bolts. Touring. Edition touring edition, what did you say Dustin, Touring, right. It's. That everything, watch. It's. Never been under $100 so do you need a drink or a box of Kleenex for both Dustin, oh. He. Is, the one that does all. Of you guys on YouTube right now say. Thank You Justin, 1 2 3 thank Justin. So, this is gonna go very quickly even though we have a lot of them you have the black execution.

To Choose from which is very dressy, and very elegant and. Absolutely. My pick, we. Have the blue which, what, guy doesn't love gold and blue most. Guys do love the golden blue very classic, and then last but not least that gold tone dial for a little bit more of an elevated, look as well but. When you talk about a hybrid design, you, talk about a timepiece that typically, is triple. The cost of a regular watch right because you've got a little bolt in here you've got a little Speedway in here you've got some tree we've, got it's, a hybrid with some of our most beautiful, and expensive designs, you know we can talk about Speedway, this, bracelet, is designed, after it reserves, Speedway bracelet from many many years ago high-end once again we're talking extreme. Architecture. Solid. Stainless steel designs very, expensive. Centerlink with that texture, which is going to actually carry over to a lot of the other details on the bill then, reserve bolt series we have that cable influenced we are modifying and engineering. The bezel, where we can now suspend, that massive. Cable, and then, porting, over from, that to no variation. Of the s-1 is a variation. Of that dial. Work that Dustin was talking, about on here as well the touring, but it's more of the 3 o'clock to the 9 o'clock Edition, so this is the gen 3 latest. Design from, Speedway viper at. $99. Look at this we, are taking. $300. Off we talked about percent, off all the time 75%. Very impressive, we're talking real dollars, here though $300. To get into this bill $300. Off when you feel this watch Ryan if you were to shut your eyes are to put this into your hand it has, that reserve. Integrity. Feel. It's weighty, its hefty the the bracelet, is really built on reserve level specs right it is it was formerly. There's just an ad mentioned it was on a reserve, speedway, for a number of years and so this is what I have to say it simply stated this, watch has no business being, under $100. You, guys tune in to the right show at the, right time tonight and here. Is your chance to get a bolt under. $100. Wow I mean it's just it's, solid. Links that you get you get the upgraded, flame fusion crystal, that's a part of this timepiece also, the upgraded, check this out you even have the upgraded when I turn this washer on the, upgraded, scissors, style the, point closure, we, have solid end links that actually incorporate, in to the bracelet variation, that's more durable that's more of an expense as another upgrade that you get and the, fact that each one of these watches is, completely, made than 18 karat and for you if you're, buying this watch for yourself or if you're gifting, this watch people. Will never think that, you brought this watch home on a value pea. $16.66. I typically pick, one watch. In my show to calm or watch for the money than any other watch hands-down, this is it you will not find more watch for the money for the rest of the night you might find a watch you like better you might find a watch that might suit your dad better but in terms of the quantity, of, watch, you're getting the elements, that you're getting and, let's talk about that because when you talk about elements, every time I hear either Justin, or, dustin or ryan. List off features, my brain goes to change ashame to change the chain to ching i think, that the Qing er got broken. You're. Not paying for, all those. Today. If you're, new to, this brand, please. Stop. Right, here, and get this and I'm gonna give you a personal, guarantee that, this watch is going to blow your mind you are not going to believe that. You got this home on your wrist for under $20, and then, have the privilege to wear it as you pay it off over the next six months look at interest free yeah I mean no we're gonna talk about kind of the depth and dimension and the dial look at this huge, depth and dimension this. Is what an architectural, superior, dial should look like huge, globe luminous, markers that's, all done with trip night that's another material we have developed, using various illuminating, pigments that allows your type is to glow in the dark even the trim work around. Those globe luminous markers they're, done in that called multiple. Different finishing, techniques, you can see that sunray finished that series, of framing, details around the sub dials from that touring Edition, modification.

At The six o'clock and the nine o'clock to a disk, configuration so. We've put the rich time in on the dial of this piece too so all of these things added. Up for. $16.66. That's, it that's a dangerous, value, paper this year right there this, could be your first Invicta if you've never tried Invicta, quality, before you, get this watch home and you know what we're talking about the weights they're the engineering, is there the look is there it's hands down beautiful so, this. Is a must-have buy but. This price is not going to be a going-forward price, this is a holiday price this price was put together for this event this is our watch miniseries, event that goes through Wednesday this will not last through Wednesday, it is currently the lowest price. Any watch, of this, hybrid kind on our website and. This, is something we never do we're, doing it cuz, Dustin's, here our buyers, here a, little. Right. He, likes to show off everything is that what he does yeah. He. Does, Oh Dustin, did, you break out the skis this morning when you woke up my. Son and my my son and my husband, I came, downstairs with, snow in the backyard the snowboards were in the living room they were getting everything ready yeah, you. Know nothing's, gonna stick, I don't know I don't know we could well, we want to welcome into power play this is a two-hour Sunday. Night show that we feature every single, Monday night being in 8 p.m. Eastern so we're heading into our final hour but it's not the final out with Invicta Justin's gonna stay with me next

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