Interior & Exterior Detail // 1964 Jeep Willys

Interior & Exterior Detail // 1964 Jeep Willys

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In this, video we are detailing, this 1964. Metallic. Green Jeep, Willis, check. It out. Hello. Everybody, my name is Phil and welcome, to Miranda detailing, where we make satisfying. Detailing, videos if you're interested, in tutorials, tips reviews, or you just like to watch your vehicles get cleaned up then definitely subscribe and, click that bell that, way you don't miss stuff in today's, video, we are detailing. This. 1973. No.74. Jeep, Willys now. Some, people pronounce it willis, some people pronounce it, Willy's. But. Either way this, vehicle, is one-of-a-kind, it is amazing. Now, it has some. Original parts it has been resprayed, this. Is a tricky one because. You'll, notice that, the, paint is a metallic, green. But. It's single, stage so. There's no clear coat on this now. With single, stage paints, if you're going to compound, in polish that's fine but. If you're dealing with single stage metallics. Then. It's, a whole other story with. This we have to be very. Very, careful not. To be too aggressive so I just used McGuire's high-tech, wax which I did have a bottle of and I think it's appropriate for this vehicle being an older vehicle and vintage. Well, not really a vintage but in older wax but, with this I did, use my dual action polisher, but extremely. Delicately. It was, coming off on the pad as you will see so. When, it starts to do that and it's metallic paint you don't want to go any further. Because. That. Metallic, will start coming off into, the pad and then, you end up really, messing, up the paint so, always, watch out for that if it's single stage paint you, usually don't have a problem but if it's metallic whole. Other story the very very. Gentle but, you will notice that the interior, needed, some cleaning up it had, these cool, painted. Floors. In the back with, the wood slats I think it's like a teak wood that. Is put in between those, slats pretty, awesome, Jeep so, it's. Not perfect, but it has been restored to an acceptable, degree as, well as the engine, and that. Has. A lot of money put into it and as. Well as the. Gearbox. And everything else in there so we were very very gentle I wasn't going to go power washing inside. Of this antique, Jeep. Willis. Engine. Bay so, I did, clean it up just a little bit sprayed. Some of the 303. Aerospace. Protectant, on some of the rubbers and plastics and. Polished up the, aluminum head but that's about it I didn't really go too crazy in there because, it's too much of a liability but. It is going, to look beautiful when, we're done so enjoy, the video guys we'll see at the end. Mmm. Okay. Guys the, jeep Willis, or Willy's is done, now. This was a fun, job to work on, there. Was a lot of interior. Bits that just. Didn't want to clean up just because it's an old vehicle so we did our best with cleaning up the, leather and the floorboards. Especially, in the back and we, pay attention to the glass inside now but. Some of the rubber pieces and the seals were missing, he's gonna replace those anyway, the customer is so, we, didn't worry about that too much but, he definitely wanted it cleaned up and protected, and the inside, also, cleaned up in the leather conditions. So that is, looking great, so I hope you enjoyed the video guys if you have any questions or comments put, them down below I'll I. Will. Answer those as quickly as I can and again, if you are interested in any of the products, or tools that we have I do have some links below check. Out the link up here to our website, we have a brand new page that, lists, a ton, of the products and tools that we use and it's, very easy to, see, which products, that we use because we have huge, pictures, on the, website that way you can clearly see it and when you click on those it sends, you over to Amazon, that, way you can easily purchase, those products, so definitely consider checking, that out give, us a thumbs up if you have enjoyed the video share, it with others who may enjoy, it and as always remember to subscribe and, click that bell that way you get notifications when our videos drop each week and you don't miss stuff so thank you for watching have a great day.

2018-09-19 04:16

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Top 3 favorite video so far! Love your work. By any chance do you have the link to the last song you used? Anyway keep up the great work!

You guys are true masters of the art! Could get lost in a video playlist! Keep up the great work!

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