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Intelligent meetings in Microsoft Teams  - BRK2188

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All. Right welcome. Everyone. How's. Everyone's ignite going. Whoo. Yeah. Excellent. Excellent. Well. Welcome to intelligent. Meeting session my name is Heidi Gottman's myself. And my esteemed colleague, I'm, a hero we'll be taking you through intelligent. Meetings in Microsoft. Teams today I am, the director, of meetings for our product, marketing organization, and I'd like to introduce my. Esteemed colleague, on a. Hey. I'm gonna put on the car I'm an engineer, with Microsoft, teams I happen, to be the group program manager but I'd, love to talk to you about take credit man that you this is your baby. Talking. - exactly. Well we've got some, some. Good, things. To take you through today. You've. Seen our vision, that we showed on Monday around the future of meetings we, showed you a little bit about what's available today, so. We just want to double click into into. A few, of those areas but, starting off a little bit around what motivated, us to take, communications. And insert, it in the context, of collaboration, within Microsoft teams. Show, you a little bit about what users are telling us and. Like. What are the pain points that are driving them towards new ways of working we. Want to go through and talk about some of the principles that are important, to us. As we talk about developing. The meeting product of course, we're gonna jump, into some demos, and. Talk about roadmap because everybody, loves a little roadmap and we're gonna wrap up today with, my friend Tom from Air New Zealand who's. Gonna take us through how they're. Using Microsoft, teams for communication, and collaboration so. It's an action-packed, agenda. My, friend Tom who will be up here shortly. So. You might have seen this slide before what. We wanted to do before, we jumped into the technology was give you a little bit of context, on organizations. And the, way individuals are. Changing. The, way that meetings need to get done so, when. We look at the way that organizations are. Being aligned. The wait employees, and those organizations, are working as, is. No surprise more, people than ever are working remotely in fact. Over. Half of our meetings have at least one remote attendee on average, most.

Of Our. Remote. Attendees, like the option, to be able to join on mobile so having a best-in-class, mobile, experience is really, important to us more than ever and video. Is becoming the norm being able to see the, whites of your eyes that, when you're communicating is. More important than ever and we'll, talk a little bit about why. Now. When we talk about. What. Is it that we need to, get work done you almost, need to to. Get. A little context, on what, is it that's keeping us from getting work done today, in. Many cases, we're already connecting, over various communication, technologies. But. What we have found through our research it, is not, the, technology, that is the problem. People. Need assistance when. It comes to running, and being, part of effective, meetings there's. Stresses. In today's meetings, meetings, go longer, than planned notes. Don't get sent, follow-ups. Get, forgotten and over. Time that means you have to have multiple meetings to get the same thing accomplished. So. What we wanted to do within Microsoft, teams it's not just about taking. The, communication. Technology. That we've built over the last decade, plus through, various, iterations of. Our product, you know Microsoft, has been a leader in the, meetings space. For a number of years and so, it just becomes a matter of how do we ensure that the tech the next revision of the technology, does more. It's. About helping, our end, users stay connected but, also stay, productive and. Also. Stay, organized so Microsoft teams we believe is the answer you. Know you've heard this week about it being the fastest growing application, in Microsoft, history, something. We're all really excited about and and live with a passion, on a daily basis so, bringing, in weaving, in those core communication, functionalities. Chat. Meetings calming. Aligning. It with collaboration. Because communication, and collaboration really. Go together they are two sides of the same coin. Customizing. Your space using third-party add-ins, and applications. And of course built, on top of the, office 365 substrate. So. When we painted this new vision of communication. With teams it becomes, about intelligence. I mentioned, being. Able, to have, organized. Conversations. Staying connected there's, also this layer of intelligence, that we, can take advantage of because we're built on top of, office. And Microsoft 365, we. Have the. Ability. Over time to be able to offer those proactive, assistance, to, end-users, pre-meeting. During. The meeting and post meeting we'll, be able to surface up suggestions. For things like files and all, of that results, and end users being able to have a more singular, place to, get work done and. Allows. Everybody to be, more effective, so with, that I thought I would share and hand, over to my colleague Ahmed. To talk through the. Core product, pillars, that are driving how, we're developing Microsoft. Teams so ami, hey. Thank You Heidi. As. You know teams, is, the. Hub for collaboration. And communication. When. We started on this journey, several. Years ago it became a present that people, didn't, just. Want to jump. Through multiple workflows, and hoops to get their work done we. Wanted to help teams, and. Individual, individuals, get their work done using, a seamless, experience, that. Provides all of the context, in terms of like, chat and documents, that they work on. To. Get their, work done easily and so. We have built meetings, into the heart of teams, so. That you can meet anywhere. From where you are you, can meet intelligently. With all of the context, and you. Can meet with confidence. That, meetings always work. We. Have a consistent, experience. If you at home whether.

On The go at, your desk or if you're in the conference, room. We. Support all types of. Interactions. Including like one-on-one interactions. Like, small group, sessions, -, like formal, scheduled. Meetings. Or reviews, and large, events we. Just announced that we are. Making. Office. 365, live events, in public preview and we. Will show you how that works in teams. Not. Only you can have these, meetings and calls with people in your organization. But, you can also invite, your. External. Partners. And customers to these meetings. Teams. Is about contextual. Collaboration. By contextual, I mean that, all, of the, conversations. You have with people, all of the documents, that you work on they're, available, not. Only in teams. Collaboration. But also when you enter a meeting the same context. Is available, to you so, you can have a rich, productive. Face-to-face. Discussion. Virtually. With your team and not. Have to worry about going, and finding, the context, or documents, you need. We. Leverage AI for, meeting, assistance in several, ways one, of which we'll show you about. Recording. Meetings and, being able to play them back after. The fact from the cloud with. Rich transcription. And search. And. Lastly but not least we know that meetings, are can. Be painful we want to make sure that it just works for you we want you to meet confidently, so, we have the great audio, video and, sharing, experience. Not, only over wild. And Wi-Fi, networks, but, also over. Cellular networks, be it over like, LTE, or, twiggy or. Even lower bandwidth, networks and this. Is all possible using, our worldwide infrastructure. That. We have built as next-generation calling, services. And. Skype and teams that backhaul. All of your traffic from, you are across, the agile, Network and. All, of this is built in the same securely. The, compliance. And manageability aspects. Of office, 365, so you have the familiar tools. IT. Admins, need to manage. This and deploy this and moidu this as your. Deployment. Progresses. Pay. No attention to, the man behind the curtain. Sorry. About that, so. Meet anywhere is about a consistent, experience across. Your. Desktop I have, mobile form factors and also on the web they let you join meetings. Directly, from Chrome using, web RTC without, having to download any application, and, bringing. This experience, to room devices, and desk phones as well you. Have a great on-the-go, mobile, experience, if you've used the team's app you. Can join, meetings, at one tab either. In, full audio, video mode or in companion, mode so, you can present things from. Your mobile phone like you can share a photo or share a video or. Even share your iPhone screen often. You like walk into meetings with just my phone and previously. It wasn't possible to share any, content, from your phone and they have enabled that for teams meetings. Scheduling. Starting. And joining is very, easy a goal is to be able to start your, meeting in. Under. 30, seconds so you can start a one-on-one call a group, goal as will show you you. Can schedule channel, meetings like. In teams or scheduled. Private meetings which are you might be familiar from Skype for business and, invite. External. Partners, or customers who, can be federated users, or they, can be team's guest users, or, we can simply invite anybody by, email. When. These users, join they securely, join an internal, Lobby and you can admit them into the. Meeting and Lobby is a setting. That you can control, at a per user. Or an appurtenant, level and it's, designed for security. We. Have. Web-based join as I mentioned in chrome as well as edge with edge you get the full video experience, in chrome, today so audio, experience, we are working on adding video. To Chrome as well. Now. Let's talk about devices. So. Most rooms. Have, some form of meeting, room hardware, and we have a plethora of room, systems, that, you can choose from we. Have announcing. And ignored that we have all, of these partners in the Crestron, HP, Lenovo, Logitech. Polycom and yearling who have, room. Systems available to join. Teams. Meetings, and if you visit our expo floor you'll see all of these solutions at our, booth as well as our partner boots. Room. Fault is yet another example of where you can simply walk, into a room and see the meeting on the on the phone calendar and join, at one click without having, to like.

Find, A 1-800, number and dialing, it in and punching, the digits, we. Have, made it a lot more friction free and. Personal. Devices if you are a desk you can leverage the. New personal, devices that we are bringing, to market. You. See the list over there and. Then you can see some of these devices on the expo floor to my. Colleague earlier. And. Angela have a session after this at 2:15. It's, be arcade free one six eight in. Windemere, ex setting over on the other side I would encourage you to go and visit to learn more about these, cool devices that. You can use for joining teams meetings. Okay. So, now what if you have a. Existing. Room system in place a lot of you may have BTC. Endpoints, and will let you use those BTC endpoints, to connect two, teams meetings, so you can have the same HD video, and the, video based screen sharing experience, available on, those devices so you can simply connect using, H 2 3 3 2 3 except. Meeting rooms you can connect via our. Partners. Which, are Polycom back zip and blue jeans and connect, to the meetings in the cloud and, this. Is available, as a rich, experience you, can see every. Participant, you can see participants, in the roster, and it, scales to cloud scale using Azure. We. Have these. Partners. Making this available in like the September, or October time, frame and, I. Would encourage you to visit our floor. And Expo to yeah we actually, have all three of those partners demo able at our booth, so if you'd like to go down and see the the experience. You. Can go down and test, it and there are different, infrastructure, options, for, those partners so you, know Polycom and blue jeans is a. Hosted. Model where you are, paying a license, and enabling. Through their cloud versus, Peck zip is deployed in your own Azure, based infrastructure, so options. Which, are important, for I, know all you folks in the room who have different requirements yep. Surface. Hub so, you might have seen a surface up to announcements. We, have you're making meetings, available on surface have one today so this is available today that you can Joe walk to a surface up and like, tab that to join a team's meeting I mean full fidelity video. And content, and we. Are making this. Available on, surface to when, it ships, yeah. Yeah, you saw the neat, demo. On Monday everybody, did head, nods yes, very cool right so we're. Excited about integrating, with the surface 2, the. Second big area is meeting intelligence. So. I have a distributed, team worldwide. That works on meetings. We. Are based out of Bellevue and, Redmond, in the Seattle area but, we have like a sizeable, prague team. Here folks in london yeah folks in bangalore and so. What happens around the clock so, having like, a traditional meeting solution, where you just have in many experience, is not, sufficient. For us to convey all the context, across these. Time zones like, often we will discuss, something in bellevue in redmond and meet, about it and then our plot team will take over and run. With that right so, for that we have the nickel meetings lifecycle, which provides, the. Experience. Before during. And after a meeting so, you can chat with attendees, before, a. Meeting, to keep them up to speed on what is happening, you can, collaborate, on documents like, PowerPoint or, word or, other documents, and have them ready, for your meeting we, have a calendar experience. That will let you review. Your upcoming meetings look who's attending and. Make. Sure the right attendees will be present, now. During. A meeting the same content. And context, is available at your fingertips so, you can simply. Click that, powerpoint you're working on and go and present it of course we have stuff like desktop sharing an application sharing, which are traditional. Solutions, but, we, think that by. Leveraging, this. Context. Like powerpoints, and text that you're working on it can make your collaboration. And communication way easier. And. We know that there are a lot of you who are already doing these, types of, lifecycle.

Based, Processes. Through like DevOps. IT ops. This. Meeting. Capability. Just layers, an additional, component. Of fidelity so instead of it just being this like low bandwidth, chat, there's. The ability to escalate, to voice there's an ability to add video, multiple. Multiple. Individuals, can can, be pulled in with, just one click so this idea that we're just taking those those, agile. Based work streams and make, it even more high fidelity is, it's, super powerful and we've experienced, that even as the as the team's team. Yep. You can record a meeting and have it available for viewing later and search the transcript for keywords and I'll show you in the demo shortly. Yeah. Now. It's. Not just basic. Audio and, screen sharing that is kalakeya. Also worked on a rich video. Experience for, face-to-face video and you have a video gallery you, can you, can richly, engage in a face-to-face conversation, and. Recently, we. If you notice me announce background, blur which. Kind of learns out your background. Which. Really makes people. Easy to join it meeting, from where they are a for example. For. Example our like. I don't I'm waiting meetings from home often the morning and anybody who have kids you'll see the, kids wandering around get. Ready for school and so on my, daughter who succeeds I would like to like succumb and photo bomb or. Video bomb she calls it my meeting and so. I said oh we designed this feature for you I. Disappointed. Now but. For. Cats my cat yeah. Jumps. Up on the keyboard. Another. Thing would you announce is cloud recording and playback this. Is available worldwide we. Use as your media streams, if you're familiar with the service to store all. The videos and playback, as video on demand and you can see the speakers and the, transcription, for, that meeting. One. More thing the announcing, here. Is public preview of something called office 365, live events, so, previously, it was hard to. Broadcast. A meeting to like thousands, of people you had to go and schedule it and then produce produce, it it wasn't easy and it's, so stressful situations. For the producer, to, manage this all the cxo presentations. So, if you have made it really easy for you guys to go. And schedule, a meeting. A broadcast, meeting in teams you. Can produce it using, a rich producer, experience, and. Presenters. Can join from where they are. This. Works up to 10,000, attendees and, you can bring any. Kind of media for example you can share your screen and present that all if you have a, TriCaster. That has a video, and content stream you can plug into it and send, that out too. And. You can watch this too as a tender you can watch this on desktop, web and mobile and attendees. Can ask questions, when, we are manage Q & A and. All. This is very, straightforward and easy to set up for. Example I. Can. Go in teams and as. We do a new meeting I can just change the meeting type to a new live event, and when, I do that it just creates a live event and it, gives you a 10 d link and you can send it to whoever, you want in your, organization. Or even external, attendees, and, you can just click the link to watch the, live, event as a. Producer now, I can say that hey have these all these co-presenters. Presenting, the event and I'm going to take Babic, video, and he send, it out so everybody's viewing that and the, next thing I'm going to do is queue up content, on the side and what's times ready I'm going to present that content.

So That it goes out to the world so, it manages this, experience, in a sort, of seamless way and makes, correction. Very, easy so anybody can produce a live event you don't need a delegated, team of like, you know so. Many people to orchestrate. A live event that was required before. So. With that I, think. We will switch to a demo I will show you a, lot. Of this functionality working. We. Have like six machines in this demo so, what. Could go wrong yeah. So. We will give this a shot, but I'd even start off here, excellent. Right. So, oh. Hello. Teams. Meetings, really, need to give you the digital equivalent, of how, you work, with people to get your, job done so. Think about all the different ways you get your job done, you. Of, course you schedule a meeting right, you, go, into Outlook or in teams as the case may be invite, the attendees. Etc. That's really only one type of meeting right, think, about you go to the. Break room the. Watercooler you. Run into someone in the hallway, you. Have a work discussion, you. Decide to sync up. That's, a meeting right. You. Are within with someone you're on a whiteboard you see a designer. Walk by hey we're gonna pull him in we're gonna draw. Up on the whiteboard, that's. A meeting right. And of. Course you know something like this large one too many, you know auditorium. Style, presenting. That's. A meeting so the. Big thing I want everyone, to take away is that the. Traditional, way of thinking about meetings, is no longer really applicable map just because, we, need the technology to keep, us all organized as I mentioned before but because we need digital. Representations. For how we work so. I start, my day and I'm. Here, in my. Ex. 10:50 super launch team so. I. Might. Want to reach, out to. My. Planning. Group we're going to launch a new quadcopter. Called, the x10 50 and we started a group chat and. You'll. See here I have a few different participants, in here so I have MA and she'll Indra and I've. Named this chat so this is part of keeping, my private chats organized, so, you see I have a number of private chats here you, know various. People are online offline. But. I actually need to talk to aimer and she'll wonder live no. Problem I can just give him a ring again this is think of this like the digital equivalent of running into someone in the hallway or just quickly pulling two people together at their desks hey man can you come can, you come chat real quick so. We'll, just start a video call. Through. Magic of television. Okay. So. We've got, demo. Wi-Fi, here so. Whoo. The light the night, so. You get the idea right so we're able to within within, one click we're. Able to bring. Those people together, that's one digital, equivalent of working right. Spontaneous. We, didn't have to schedule this we didn't have to you, know do anything anything. Fancy we just literally added, video into the meeting adding, a different layer of fidelity onto, the communication, okay. So. That's a group chat video. Next. Up let's, look at how, we schedule, right so I. Might. Want to go in and schedule a new meeting I can either go. Here into teams and maybe, invite a few people maybe my friend on well, we'll, call it the x 1050. Spec. Review. We. Like spec reviews and engineering. So. We'll go ahead and bite my friend on a maybe, invite my friend. Salindra. And. You'll. See here I can actually, also. Use a scheduling, assistant to see you know free/busy, information. You. Know find a time that works for everybody you, know okay, looks like they're free there we'll go ahead and we'll, make that the time for the meeting now. We. Of course always want people to join a meeting and a high fidelity rich. Teams client experience not, always possible right and so what, we've done is we've continued, to build upon the, infrastructure, the worldwide infrastructure, for. PSTN. So, we, do have audio conferencing. Coordinates. Available to teams meetings so, up. To 90 dialing countries are covered, toll-free. Etc. So all those services are available as part of teams and so you see as part of the meeting invite I've got my one click join URL, I've got my PSTN, coordinates, and if, I had CV I like, um I was mentioning earlier from one of those three video. Interrupt partners I would also see a string down there for. My video units, so. That I could. Have those same you, know legacy, traditional, video units join now ideally. We want you to have a room, experience that's optimized for teams but we definitely want to make sure no one is left behind.

So. Next up. Outlook. So I'm not gonna go through and invite, that same meeting but you get the experience, we have an outlook plug-in for teams if, you want to schedule your meetings experiences, through outlook no, problem, one, click you've got your coordinates, generated, same. PSTN. Dialing. Capabilities, and again, if you did have CBI court configured. You would also see that the, CPU RI strings, as well there's. On Windows today but it's coming to Mac soon. Exactly. Now. Next, up. Now. Meetings themselves. Really. Think of them as just another part of the project so you've you heard from Angela and Mark yesterday all the cool things that are coming in teams right, and. So, teams is where your, project-based. Work is gonna happen it makes, total sense that. Meetings, are part of that project, right, so, we can store this meeting object, right, within the channel so you see here that I've got an engineering channel in my ex 10:50 super launch team and. You. Know I can load my usability, document, I've got an agenda that I posted, I've, got my recording, I can, you, know launch the recording, again just as part of the conversation you've probably seen this a few times this week so, just the idea that all of this context, is stored right within the channel and. Then of course you've got the ability to you. Know try on captions, do. The keyword search etc. And. We did announce GA, of this on Monday now. We. Also want, to recognize that not all meetings, are gonna happen within the context of a project, sometimes. You have meetings that are crossed organizational. Like say I need, to meet with finance, to talk about some forecast numbers right, I might, not engage, with them through teams and channels on a daily basis but I want to still join the meeting no, problem, I can. Join this same, meeting. Right. Here within. Teams now this, is the pre joint experience, for a scheduled meeting there's, a few things going on here I want to call out first. Things first I can. Optimize. My audio nobody, wants to join, in and be like can you hear me can, you hear me can, you hear me so you can decide whether or not you know what devices you want to use whether you want to join muted etc, you can also decide whether or not you want video turned on and off when, you join in the meeting we're. Also going to be able to add shortly. The ability to engage blur, right. Away so. We could turn blur on and join us in the meeting blurred so that you are distraction.

Free. BBC. Dad from. The moment that you, start that, meeting so we can join this meeting. And. Here. We are hey guys. It's. Our team, back in Redmond. So thank you all for joining us today and by. The way I see a few things behind you guys you might want to you. Know remove. For. The audience here we're, very proud. Very. Proud of this so again. You see the kind of this rich high fidelity. High-definition. Video experience, and from, here we. Can share. Content like, desktop window if, we have powerpoints, we could share powerpoints. Now, you'll see here I can also extend, out and. Have. The same chat so you see here we're coordinating, hey wins everyone gonna join the meeting right. So we can have this chat out and available we, could also turn on meeting notes so, I click on here and we can take meeting notes which. Are stored right within the context, of that same meeting I, can. See who's in the meeting itself so we, see myself and, my colleagues, back in Redmond. But. I can also see that ash, I. Can, also see it whether they're muted or not and we, can invite somebody, else so if we wanted to pull in Solyndra I see he's not here slacker. We. Could pull him here. Very. Easily. Engineers. It's early it's, 10, o'clock. I don't. Know I think maybe we're gonna have to have a have a conversation so. At. Any rate so you can see that you know we've got this rich meetings, experience, and, but. We want to make sure that we also have a rich, experience for. The web as well. Go. Ahead and join. On. My, guest machine. So. We invited our. Reliable. Friend John, Doe, sorry. I can't think of anything more creative this morning it's a red party last night so, we. Have John Doe and he, also wants, to join this meeting right, no problem you'll notice that this, is Chrome we. Can, join. Right into this meeting, with. Just one click and we'll have. Somebody. From the meeting experience which here will show what the. You'll. Notice that we got a toast that. Says, someone. Is in, the lobby you can see here that John Doe has just. Knocked. On the front door so, to speak so, we need to decide do we let this guy in is he a known quantity. Okay. Yes he is. Let. Him in. And. Now, he's. In the meeting. Sorry. I didn't click there we go, so. Now he's in the meeting just like everybody else, now. On Chrome right now we don't support video, but. If we wanted to share content. Which. Yeah. So I'm going to transition this to my, machine where I've joined the meeting here too and as. You see the same experience. For, the meeting over here and, I. Can. Share, content using a share tray like highly explained, not, only can you share your desktop or, applications.

Of Windows but. You can also share like PowerPoint files for example here. I see recently. A. PowerPoint. We worked on recently so. To do that I can essentially click. That and then it, will open up the PowerPoint, natively. This is like a large PowerPoint, with about, 20 Meg's. All. Data on the Wi-Fi network so. It's coming up, why. Just coming up I will show you the, meeting notes feature which oh. So. This is what it looks like on the this is what it looks like on the guest experience right. So oh you, see the guest to seeing the, PowerPoint. Experience. And then I can control, the PowerPoint, from my machine or just by advancing, slides and this is no different from a regular, PowerPoint, presentation. Like with a clicker and, you can see the animations, over there which. We, do. In the PowerPoint they will also show to. My users. Yes. So. As a guest user it's important for me to feel like I'm having, a best-in-class experience. Right so, one, of the things that we hear from customers is, hey we need to be able to still collaborate, within a meeting like, taking. Control. Do. You want to share its, it. Just changed just okay. Mildred. Rules you know I can control the deck and I'm, controlling everybody's, experience. Cool. Right so. If. You have democratizes, sharing. Experience, because we often go to feedback and like, Skype for business earlier. About you, know sharing, is too hard to set up so in this case and simply, at one click I can go back and start sharing now. If you don't wanna share PowerPoint, and you just want to rely on desktop, sharing then. Okay. You, can pretty much start I can start and share my desktop and this will start sharing. My desktop screen. And the, same thing is available. For everybody just see. Yep. Now you noticed here that I didn't get any toasts, asking. Me to download something, so. I mean you so that, is the web RTC experience. That, you're seeing within Chrome, you. Want to comment on that, yeah. So web, RTC lets you join from, a web. Endpoint directly, without having to download this, and then essentially now it's using native Chrome to rent like. Video on content, I mean the only today. We don't show, video because there are limitations, in the chrome platform, about, multiple, videos and we are working to resolve that but, we'll bring that to market too because we we, wanted, to participate. In the frictionless, way. There's. One more thing I wanted to show you was that in this desktop share, if. You come over to this one Heidi okay. So. I'm going to go back to my, main machine so this is the machine I was just showing you before. And, I'm gonna request control, so many. Of you who have. Applications. That you're using for you. Know, desktop. Support or, again. Back to that kind, of core collaboration. You know I'm working with my peers who, we need to collaborate. On a document etc, Oh Heidi. Has control of my desktop I mean I've kind of stepped away from it and I'm, a big horse fan if. You follow me on twitter you'll notice I love. Ponies so, I'm gonna do this quick. Search for dressage. You're, welcome MAME so, he'll see some dancing horses in his, search results, so, I'm driving this straight.

From His machine, so, kind, of back to that full fidelity meetings. Experience, right, so. He'll take back control, so. I can take back control or, in this case I can add the presentation, simply by clicking, that and so, that kind of brings you the, power of desktop, sharing and control, and it's. Often used by our customers, for, troubleshooting. Problems or, like Co working on it's, not an application for example we. Have customers, in the. Manufacturing. Sector want to work on auto cad application. And. The application is not designed for multi, desk use but you can simply share, that application and on your desktop and have, multiple people control. It at the same time. Okay. So. One, thing that we also get asked about I mentioned before the, stat about most. Remote. Users, working. On mobile, we. Spent a lot of time ensuring, that mobile, users felt. Like they had a best-in-class experience. For four. Meetings. You know you can see here I've got my activities, my chaps, my threads I've. Also got this. Same, rich. OneTouch, join. Experience, now. Do. You notice something different about about. This mobile join, you see the banner up top so. What's. Really cool about this, is that, this, is called companion. Join this. Means that I can automatically. Joins the meeting without my audio turned, on I'm literally, using this device for content, right. So I can join the meeting and, I'm. Gonna connect I'll still receive, video, but. I'm not participating over audio because I've already got another primary audio, device why. Is this cool has it have it has anybody encountered. A scenario. Where you want to be able to share like a picture, from. Your mobile phone like for example. Let's. Say. We. Have any MVPs in the room. Want. To share perhaps our MVP picture. From. Yesterday I, can. Show what you can see and. You can see that by. Going right to let's, say. So. You can see that what, the experience, looks like is. That you're seeing my rich. HD. Picture. Right, into the team's experience so you can think of all sorts of scenarios for, this right I took, a picture on a job site I. Want to be able to quickly share a retail, setup you, know I need to be able to let. People know that you, know hey I did a walkthrough and, you. Know here here's my experience, so mobile. Becomes, just another repository, and, source. For material, within the construct, of a meeting. Now. If I also want, to go back to mobile I can. Do things like. Sharing. Video. As well and this is important, so think about video. Being not. Just video for video calling but video as content, so, right now, sharing. My, video. And again you can imagine going out on a limb job site. And having my primary video, me. And sharing. Content, video, as well, right. Start. Presenting and. Then we'll show you what it looks like. On. Omae's. Machine. So. You can see everybody, back in Bellevue can see what a popular, session. Intelligent. Meetings is. Okay. Make us make us look good guys clap. Alright, thank you I'll, pay you later. Okay. So. We. Also want. To be able to, do. Want to do PowerPoint share from here yeah. Do you want we also want to be able to receive content, so, I'm out on a let's, say I'm working from home I need a full fidelity. Experience. On my mobile, Ami's. Presenting, the latest on that x 1050. Launch. Deck no. Problem, I. Can. Pull I can receive, that content, as a best-in-class. Experience, on mobile as well so. We'll, see if the Wi-Fi, gods are with us. And. You see I get the same prompts, as I. Did on the guest experience to take control and drive, the presentation. Somebody. Feed the hamsters, more. Okay. Not. Meant to be that's okay, oh, there. We go yay, and. I, can do a private viewing of the PowerPoint as well right, so this is PowerPoint, that's loaded. In the meeting I want to skip ahead to the end what are the freaking well. The file numbers let's just go for it okay. Let's go we. Should use the powerful insights but yeah. What. We have seen is that, like. A lot of our users are switching, to. Consuming. And joining meaning just from mobile so we have. About 30%. Of, our meeting attendees joined from mobile like, when it, you look back like three four years ago and, it was in the low single, digits, but now it's drastically, changed to me like like, in the 20% range and people. Join meeting some mobile like. Wherever they are at. Cool. Cool, thank, you all right so we'll go back to. Presentation. Yep and talk. About, what's. Coming it's. A little bit about oh never, mind that's right that's world. Confidence, confidence. So. We have designed an experience, for mobility first, right so it's not a second thought but me if I'm get gooed will design for mobile for, example you can join the meaning of at, your home or in your office and, you walk out of the door into, a car or a train and the.

Meeting Will stay up you don't have to do what I think so transitions, from a Wi-Fi, to. A cellular network. We. Have like really good video loss in audio loss recovery, mechanisms, so if you have a challenge network, for bandwidth, for example then the experience will kind of seamlessly. Dial. Back so, that you can still stay connected to. The. Meeting if, you get disconnected for, example will automatically, we connect you and where. We can't really help, you because like the network is like. Really. Really bad and we are out of luck we will kind. Of tell you things around like hey can turn off video for example to increase. Quality. Better or, like. For example in, certain, cases if you have a bad device, then. The device driver malfunction. Will tell you that hey this devices, and work switch to a different device or. If. There are multiple people in the meeting room who, are already speaking and you don't want to cause echo. By joining by multiple endpoints with, automatically, disable. Your microphone, so then you don't, result. An echo. So. We have a detailed, session today at 4 p.m. that talks with all about these, experiences my, colleague Richard and, Christian are doing that it's in the same room so, I will encourage you to attend that it's, a small sliver of the experience, on, a mobile phone as, you, transition. To different networks across evening. Alipore network across, it we can I think and, if I go. Of range. Of the cellular. Data connection, then it prompts me to like. You know call me back or dial into the meeting so I can always stay connected. Meeting. With conference is also about having the right tools at your disposal the. Easy way to manage meetings, in. Teams for example so, you have a per meeting user policy that, you can control, apply. To different people, we have a rich. Call, quality. Diagnostics. Portal that you can see the, call quality your users experiencing. You can drill down into specific. Instances. Of calls, or meetings for, a particular, user and. This. Is all available like I said through our intelligent, cloud and edge, they talk, about intelligent cloud and edge the, wait manifests, in. Teams and teams meetings is that we have if, worldwide deployment, through our data centers which, are kind of shown here and, that powers enterprise-grade, voice, video and meetings and it's very resilient for, example if you remember two weeks ago did, a hurricane, like florence hitting, the east coast it was gonna hit our healer center in Virginia so, we are all crap for that by failing overall traffic into us self and aptly before so we didn't experience any kind of like, outages, or issues and a customers can, I mean, carried, their business as usual, and. It's all maintained by the engineering, team so you don't have to worry about like, hey you know I don't know what's gonna happen when this, hurricane hits for example. Now. How. Do you get minimized traffic across the internet so you have a corporate, network you. You can connect that to the, Microsoft, global, network using. Appearing, points, which, are located in like you know a plethora of regions. Around, the world and then handoff traffic. To our network, and once, it's an on network, which, is this is the breadth of our network and I didn't draw the arcs, because it's too many to draw but, it gives you a sense of the. Diversity. And the pervasive. 'ti of it so it's, an it's across the Americas, like Africa, Emme. Asia Pacific, so. Even. Australia so if you are in any of these locations you, are traffic. Is going to go, to a closest, available at, your edge and then, get. Back all across the, module, network and with, claws applied to it so it can be assured of good, media quality. And. On top of that we, also have something called transport, relays which are also deployed, worldwide so. Some of if, your your users, may be behind, a firewall. Or in that or cannot connect over UDP, for example and they will connect over TCP through, all these village sites and we are deploying more as we speak a. Salute. To audio conferencing, I mean we didn't talk a whole lot about audio conferencing in this session because it's it's, only there it's available in 72 countries. Medallion. Number is about 90 countries and, about, 44 languages for ID ours so, this is one of the largest, audio, conferencing. Systems in the world and along. With teams meetings, you can take advantage of that so, the users can dial in if they need to from, where they are, so. With that I would, transition this to and bring over Tom, yes. More. Esteemed yeah, everybody, welcome Tom and New Zealand. So. We've, asked Tom to speak. For a few minutes about, Microsoft. Teams at Air New Zealand how they're using meetings, and, he's.

Also Got a few giveaways so stick around and. With. That Tom please. Thanks. Guys. So. I, just, really want to talk to you about our, journey to start with with, teams my. Name's Tom and the product, manager for collaboration. At a, New, Zealand and. When. I started, just, under two years ago any. Zeeland was starting. Their digital transformation. And and teams. Was, introduced, at around about the same time. So. We kind. Of have. Gone along this journey together and. Teams has helped a huge amount now. Two years on we. We're. Almost like, 50 percent adopted, on teams so there's 12,000. People that work at any Zealand and there, are 6,000, adopted, users, and when I say adopted, I mean they're, using it daily, or all, the time for everything. This. Is the kind of an easy, ylim way of working that you can see on the slide so. And. This, is a completely, new way of working from, from two years ago we. Started our strategy. Our adoption strategy about a year ago and. We. Had about a thousand, users on when, we introduced. This and. In. In that time we've gone from one thousand, to six thousand, adopted. Users and. People have really taken this and, they using this every day so we we, have we, still have Yama we yam always was at. The company before teams and that's, still they've been used for a de loop but for all the team work we're collaborating. In teams were, chatting in teams a lot. Our chat, has now overtaken a. Chat, in teams has now overtaken our chat in Skype for business and. We're. Meeting in teams now as well even, though we still have Skype for business running, side by side and all of our meeting rooms are still got, Skype. Devices. In. We're. Seeing that people, are using new, ways of meeting a lot of the ways that we've. Seen today are being, used, in. Teams so, what. I'm really excited about is over the next couple of months we will, be removing, Skype from Air New Zealand and we'll, just, have, teams. All of our devices in our meeting rooms or poly comms and so on or our, Logitech's, will all be replaced with teams and then. There'll. Be no confusion about which. Device which, application. You should be using you just use teams. You. Have a great thing is that a New Zealand is a really, mobile company as you can imagine we've got people. At airports, all around the world we've. Got a lot of different sites in New, Zealand itself, in Auckland, in Christchurch. In Wellington and so on big big offices they all need to communicate and we're. A, highly, mobile workforce. There. Are iPads deployed to all frontline. Staff. Now all your. Ground crew and your, cabin, crew and so on and so having, this. Experience. On any device is super, important. Clickers. Dying. So, when, we did our adoption. Strategy we, we, had it really clearly mapped out and we've used a lot of the same strategies as has, been has been presented, a lot, of the sessions here, recently one, of the one of the biggest things for us there was data we. Started. Off by using just, the usage data but, now the the. Actual, reporting. That you've got in the admin Center is is really. Powerful and we, created this power bi report, which. Will hopefully get one screen in a second and and. That, gave, us incredible. Insight into, who. In the company was using teams and and, how much they were using it as well so we. Had this concept of a basic, user an adopted. User and a champion, user, basic.

User Was kind of like somebody who just had, started, and hadn't. Really got going and weren't interacting, and so on you can tell this from the data an adopted, user is somebody there is interacting. Is. Communicating. Is chatting, and so on, and. Then, a champion, user is. Somebody that is using. Using. Teams on all their devices. They're. They're, using on their mobile they're, using. They're. Using meetings they're calling, and so on so ah. This. This this, snapshot here is, just from a couple. A couple, of weeks ago and, and. It shows like. Which. Locations, are using teams like. I said which who are using it on their mobile app we've, we, spliced it across all the different divisions, across their New Zealand and and and. So it's. Almost like a little gamification. That we created and we put this out to all of our champions with about 200 champions, at Air New Zealand and and. This drove. A lot more adoption, we're, now at the stage where we don't actually do, any adoption, strategy. We're growing, organically, we've got in from June to set to, September. We went out by 2000 users without, without, hardly doing anything, with adopted, users so, and. That's really, helped a lot by by, our champions, Network we have we, gave out these. T-shirts, to all of our, champions, hello I'm a collaboration. Champion. Champion, it's got teams on the on, the, on the sleeve here and it's got a logo, on the back here we, also, gave out these these laptop. Stickers, which. If, anybody wants one I've got a whole roll here I can give away at the end because. It's important, to know that people are, on teams especially. When you've got skype learning at the same time in the company so, do you want to see some examples of. Yeah. Yes. Please, so we, are, using. Like. Said we've still got Skype running but teams, is taking over and, one. Of the things it's been really popular for it, has been. For. For learning, we we, have, this. Is quite ironic this is a learning. Meeting. Set up by our HR department to tell people how to use workday. Funnily. Enough there were 30 people that were joined this this. Meeting, they, didn't have any instruction, on how to use teams, they. Just joined this and and, were. Able to listen in and understand. How use workday so you could click through. So. The, presentation, is shown as. You can see there down the bottom there's this is early on in the meeting there's plus 12 on the bottom left there so. Quite a few people in the meeting. Next. One yeah, and then we've got the same of the rest of the presentation here. This. Was a demo, of some new technology, we wanted to show our maintenance, engineers, down, in Christchurch, and, so. To. Make sure we had as many people, there, as possible we decided to do the demo right in the middle of the hangar and. So. We set up a little area but we wanted to make sure everybody, in Auckland, could see this demo as well because it was a pretty cool demo so. If you just move on the next slide so we. Had, a had. It set up with teams. Running and the, next slide is is, showing. This, guy here he's actually helping me out so I'm taking. These photos but you can see teams, running there on my Mac and, he's. Holding a little drab respeaker, up and and a. A, webcam. That's connected, to that so that the people back in Auckland, can see exactly. What's happening in this demo and this is the view from Auckland. That, somebody sent me, of. What he could see in, through. His screen which, is pretty cool. We're. Seeing a lot of people using, the in channel experience now. We. Have teams, this is a this, is a leadership team and, we. Have teams are set. Up with. Maybe, just five or six people in there and if you just want to start a meeting, straightaway, with. Everybody, in that team clicking, that little video, button down on the bottom is awesome, just to just to get going straight away with the whole team this. One is an, example of recordings, this if you can just flick, through to, there, that's and. Then the next slide is is showing. Us the recording, as well so we're, using recordings, a lot now at any Xion to. This. One again was a. Bit. Of a learning thing and not, many people could. Attend that meet and there was massive, meeting, crashing, going on at the same time but. Everybody, got to see it afterwards, which. Was and it would never be possible before. Yeah. Thank. You that was great so, one of the things that when we were we, were getting to know each other that. We were talking through that I thought was so fascinating. Is some. Of the, the.

Plans, For. Like. Flight ops and. How teams is gonna fit in with that so maybe you can talk through about how like for, just a few minutes cabin, crew flight. Flight. Crew ground crew are. Gonna be using Microsoft teams, at Air, New Zealand and how communication. Is part of that yeah, it's super important, because. We. Are we, over, the past few years we've had a plural, for Asian of Apps to our ground crew and our cabin crew and so on our cabin crew have to deal with like 50, apps and. All. Four different things and so on we want to bring that all into a single app and we we see the future of that being. Just. One or two apps and hopefully the Menken vacation at will be teams. They. Need, to communicate, they, need to work as a team better on-time performances. Is super important for us and to, improve, on-time performance you, have to work as a team so. With. Them all having mobile devices, and, having. Teams they can communicate really, easily and efficiently. The. Same for ground crew the ground crew need to speak to the cabin, crew and, so, we're, we're, seeing team setup where you've got a like Wellington, Airport, you've. Got the ground crew in it one channel you've got the cabin crew in another channel you've got the pilots, in another Channel and then you've got the general channel where they can all talk and so on so and. Then setting up those channel meetings where ad. Hoc where you need to get something done you need to get something achieved quickly is, happening they can all have their private, channel conversations, at the cabin crew don't you know don't want to know about what the pilots are talking about they can just unfavorite. Those channels and so on so that we've, seen that happen a lot now across any, Zealand great, thank. You Tom so. You brought, a shirt for our audience, today should. Should, we give it away okay. Maybe. We'll give away the stickers how's that yeah know that. Both okay, maybe, did anybody fly here on air in New Zealand today I don't.

Know Any other come, on guys oh. So. This. Has been a great story thank, you so much so I'd. Like to invite the audience to come up and ask, some. Questions and. One. Thing you order to cover those the board's upcoming because I know you, guys have questions around here where. We're going next and while we don't have, specific. Published. Dates on what's coming when we, can share like, you know what's like. What's top of mind for us and what we are working on so, for example we have heard about scheduling, teams meeting from Outlook mag and outer web and team's mobile that's coming desktop. Sharing from, the chrome and video we talked about that's, coming soon to. The. Whiteboard integration, we, are working on like, an earnest, at Microsoft, and if you saw the whiteboard app being show and ignite from Microsoft. That app right. Within team so that you, can take advantage of the, inking and. The. Whiteboard experience, right in the team's meeting. We. Are working on proximity based join which I'll show you and, stuff. Around permitting, options, VDI. Is frequently, used in like a fin serve public. Sector industry, we, are working with our partners around. Like. Citrix and VMware, and a Microsoft video I team to, make this. Available on a virtual desktop endpoint, and. Lost. Without at least I will tell you a little bit about meanings, for on-premises, simpie customers, or we can take advantage of, that, this. Kind of shows you the scheduling. Experience, I won't go into that it's pretty straightforward deans toggle, this, is about desktop sharing and viewing video, in chrome, proximity-based. Join so like Heidi showed you that, banner companion. Yeah so you can essentially just log into a meeting room with your phone and it has a room, system near it and say hey you, look like you're in a room room. System do you want to join your meeting using, that device, and, then you say join it will just ring that device back and you can pick it up on that device so, it's very like. One touch seamless. Join of meetings, that, alleviates, like plugging, in cables. Required. To, start meetings today. Drive. Mode I mean I use this all the time I we. Simply got pulled, by, a state trooper fetching, my touching. My phone, and. So I could I couldn't tell him that I was working but. If I had drive more I could have told him like dude. This. Is like, the confessional. Right here. And. Lastly. The. This is where I think Skype for business if you have on-prem deployments, for I mean I understand. Your chat and voice and PBX, deployment, is on-premise and but. We want you, to be able to take advantage, of teams, and teams meetings, and collab in the cloud so, there's a more that we are introducing, which is like, meetings. And collab in the cloud and in that mode you won't have. Your. Chat or voice, in this in the team's canvas, but, you will have meetings and you can see all of the goodness that we shared with you earlier will. Be available. And this, more so you can participate in. Teams meetings, this, is huge and our. Friend Francois Durham you and myself will be talking more about this on Friday we. Have. Thousands. Of customers who have been on this UC journey with us over, the last decade plus so. Many people are excited about using teams, and meetings, but. They say to me hey Heidi it's. Gonna take me a while to get to the cloud I still have this huge. Server, infrastructure, how. Do I take advantage of it this orchestration. Both from a client and service, perspective is is huge so. Friday. Francois, joram you I believe it starts 11:15. Sweet. Amish, discussed. And in Francois session one richard has later today be. Good one two and then we have a session on Friday to kind of get into more of like live events, in more, detail and how we can take advantage of scheduling, and producing, live events, in an easy way. So. With that I think it would open up to questions questions now we can do questions. Can. You hear me yeah. Question, a road map zero. Planned for Cortana support in teams, good. Question so that's, something which we, are. Looking at you that's. Not something which you can share the time frame up at this time but we will be like. Teams is built on the UI and a fabric of office in 65 intelligence, so we are looking at Cortana yes okay. So it is coming yeah. How. About other browsers, like Firefox. Safari, for. WebRTC so. We want to fix chrome, person, and next we follow, up with like potentially, Safari or Firefox okay. Yeah thanks I. Have. A maybe couple of questions, it. Could also be answered, by the Air New Zealand Executive as, well as Microsoft the.

First Question to Microsoft, specifically, is when. Are you gonna enable, SMS. Feature, in, teams and how. Are you going to regulate it and the. Second question would be maybe a little funny or maybe already been asked, you. Have a video conference this is a scenario you have a video conference and some of your employees or one of your employee is using bad words or, sweating it you. Are recording. The video as, well, as having an transcript, recording but with, all the security controls. What. Does teams do, do have you ever seen with weather does it blank out the video whether it does it you, know strike out the the, text in the recording. How's. The control done. Second. Question first a. Big. F word in the record in the demo and, it's taken care of it but it will. Essentially. There's, a set of words which are blacklisted, and then it will blank, it out yeah, again, you. Know there may be certain words, which, are okay, for example a holy cow is okay to, a certain, sect of people but may not be okay to others. That's. Not that little not customisable, yet well, but the acknowledged this could be a problem so we'll work, on potentially. Having. A set of profanity, filters, that can be tailored. For a second question for the SMS one and, something teams is looking into I don't, have a timeframe that, I get here at this point yeah we we had this gentleman has been waiting for a while. I'll. Repeat the question. So, the question from another airline gentleman, was it. Could be good-good down you could just have. Ten minutes okay. It's. Being recorded okay, yeah so, so. The question was the, question was. What. Chat tools Tom, or were, you using and how do you manage the transition with Federation etc we we didn't have a lot to be honest a lot of people using, whatsapp, and Facebook, private. Private, meet private, groups and so on those. Are really reducing, now all the whatsapp chat is coming into teams again, because they want to keep it all in the company and keep it keep it separate we did have slack running in our it just in our IT in our department. But that is also reducing because they. Need to be on the same network as. The rest of the company and so that's, all reducing, mastery so there wasn't a huge amount it was mainly the big differences, is now Outlook.

Chat. Has reduced. And which, is great for everybody everybody's inboxes, are getting smaller. Yeah. That's I mean that's been slower, for. Sure we're, but it's it's picking, up now and again we it's. They, need to be told what to do whereas our, strategy so far has been given people choice now. We're at a point, in time where we've, got such good adoption, across all those early adopters and all and those business users that, the operational, people kind, of just need policy tell me what to use and we'll use it and that's what we're doing right now thank. You. So, GOP. Control, over, the sensitive. Data that's we shared in a meeting, and also complies. Recording. Good. Questions so for, the first part. We. Are going to make available, controls. That will let you. Apply. Policies, for chat and files, that are stored in the meeting with our third party. And. First party right you can disable for example you. Could click and disable its things like PowerPoint sharing, so if you want try it and then that, won't be shared you can also, have controls it seems that here you can share all point but not advanced, PowerPoint, slides for example and, we're adding stuff around present to attendee controls who can get, control who can do what oh. Yeah. So so for recording is controlled by policy you can say hey you know these people can record and these. People cannot record for example and you can you can control the. - who'll share - is, a controller is provided, by agile, media streams which is a of, a 65 service, and that. Limb that has the same kind of hackling, model, as you have in sharepoint for example. So. So if you saw the general session and if you didn't on Monday, Lauri right session, there was a demo of DLP, so you know creating policies, so that certain strings of characters that are shared within chat will, get blocked so. Those. Will be the same. Will, apply to the chats, are happening in meetings, your, other question around, compliance. Recording, so, other than just convenience, recording, which we showed you compliance, recording, automatic. We. Don't have a date for that but it's actively, being, talked. On worked on yeah, yeah, and, then over here for. Tom you mentioned 200. Or so champions, I wonder how big the user community those were spread across. So. We, had we. Have 12,000, employees is, that the question you're asking yeah yeah so 12,000, employees we. Actually had a lot more champions. Than now at, first because I, set, my bar maybe, a little bit too low, now, I've set the bar really high and you have to you. You've quite, a lot to do quite. A lot similar to the Microsoft way, and where you I want people to actually go out and spread the message that's. What you have to sign up for now on you're a champion at any zealand and. For. The Microsoft team it. Seemed like request. Control was used in two different ways, one where the, guests, had joined and they said request control and just got to advance slides but, then when. It was an, authenticated, user they said request control it, worked much like a dozen Skype for business where, they're actually you, know manipulating, my machine it was a function of what content we were sharing so we loaded a PowerPoint, and request, control actually, advances, the slides if it's PowerPoint, versus, if it's a desktop share which you, know you as an end user get. To make that choice on which modality. And you're. Going to engage it agreed but he is a IT, administrator, I understand, that real, end users that's confusing, sure. Thank. You thank, you that's parent feedback the. Thing is that in that, test. Option in case you can do a lot more with multiple cursors and so on in PowerPoint, it's more like advanced, right is the only thing you can do so the experience is slight few different, yeah. Oh. Well. Repeat the question. The. Question was. So. The question was, if. Cisco. On Prem video infrastructure. Can connect into teams at. This point there's no plan however, you. Could still use your so think about cisco infrastructure, as being your registrar, so your sip gateway and your h.323.

Or Your sip registrar's your h.323 gateway, and then you have the MCU, we. Can provide interest in Interop, into the into, teams via the MCU you, would still use the same dial plans the same management, infrastructure, so, don't feel. Encumbered. By, by. By, the. Fact that we're doing the MCU you could still maintain, the same, management. Infrastructure. Got. It so the question was can we use Sisk is there any plans to have Cisco as a cloud video Interop partner and at, this point now. Nothing. I can talk about something good don't know for sure but I'm glad we can have this conversation offline. Yeah. Finding. Finding a headset that works with a Mac has been a challenge, and when I talking very hit and miss when, I talked to the folks at Jabra, and Plantronics, and others they all tell me that they're. Waiting on a spec in order to have some official compatible. So. We have from, Jabra Jabra, already. Is a certified partner, they, have a set of devices in. Fact like you know we also announced the certification, program so all the Skype for business certified. Devices would also be team certified, devices and you can find more about this in the devices session which, is at 2:15. Your. Ex will, go deeper much deeper into all of the devices I'm. A Mac user and I've got a planter onyx headset in my bag there I'll show you how to as it works really well okay great, and we, only have time for maybe two more questions so. Sir. Yes, so I was wondering if you guys have. Any sort of timeline on a roll. Based security similar. To how discord, has it, so. Right now for example. Just. Membership, or ownership that's, not good enough for us, so. VN no we. Announced on Monday the team's admin. Role. If. You got a chance to see that general session and. Michael's demoed I'd, suggest you go check it out okay how. About creating your own roles like in some of the other. Options. Like slacker or disk Wars. I'm. Not sure, about that question but I think we'll have to refer you to the ID Pro manageability, side of it which I'm. Sure I can plug it the right people the session ID Pro to it, goes deeper into all the roles the. More important the PowerShell, available, for admins. And. It's probably a good question to bring up there okay thank you. Please. Oh. Okay. We have time for both gonna, be quick okay. Would. Be willing to share with you where he got

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