Insane Carburetor Project!!

Insane Carburetor Project!!

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Just. For the heck of it I'm gonna polish this carburetor to a mirror shine now. I'm not usually a fan of polished aluminum but I think it would look cool on this carburetor now it's been about 10 or so years since I've brought aluminum to a chrome-like finish so. Bear with me as I knock, off the rust so. There's a few things I want to pull off just to make the polishing, process a little bit easier mainly. The choke a few, of these screws and the. Cable guide up on top. This. Is what I'll be using to knock out the polishing, it's got a little electric, dremel tool along. With the accessories, that came with and then. A crap ton of other polish and supplies I've had around the shop alright, roll up your sleeves boys it's about to get dirty the first attachment I'll be trying out is this little cloth wheel and also. Supplied in the kit was, the stick of polishing, compound, and with any grinding or polishing project, you gotta wear a respirator. I'm. Starting, to realize this is gonna be a ton of work a lot more than I was hoping for it, wouldn't be bad just polishing out the football, but the carburetor body itself would need to be sanded down because, it's got this casting. Texture, on it and all that would need to be knocked down in order to polish it out to a mirror shine so what I'm gonna do instead is pull the carburetor completely, apart polish. The football and the, throttle cap and then. Seracote, the carburetor body this, should look pretty cool. Now. I've got the carburetor completely. Apart it is gonna be so much easier polishing. Out the football and throttle, cap over on the buffing machine first off I'm gonna clean up these two pieces with, a scotch brite wheel and what, this is gonna do is remove. Some of the scratches, smooth, out the finish and get it ready for the first stage of buffing. I've, got some ridges here on the edge of the football and some deeper scratches that, I'm gonna take care of with the sanding drum. The. First stage of buffing will be with what they call a sown wheel and a. Triply compound. So. The wheel I was using earlier this one right here actually is not a stone, wheel this. One on the buffer is indeed I came across it in the cabinet and it seems to work a lot better a little more aggressive after the first stage this stuff is starting to take shape, but you just wait until the final stage is done and that will involve using a loose style wheel along, with a white Rouge.

Not, Bad at all it's gonna clean up some of this buffing compound may. Be touched up a little bit and then call again well, guys I am gonna have to call that done polishing, definitely. Is not my strong point these. Things did not turn out quite perfect, but. You know what it, was a fun little challenge and I think it'll still look pretty cool all put together next. On the list is prepping. The carburetor body for sarah coding if you guys want to see the entire sarah coding process explained. In a video just, click the circle right up here in the corner so basically, the sarah coding process is first. Starting. Out by soaking it in acetone for, 30 minutes then Sam, bossing it followed up with a preheat, at 300, degrees for, a full hour then. Spring up the seracote and then. Curing the seracote back in the oven for another hour. Since, there's a few areas that do not want a sand blast or seracote I'm gonna have to do some masking here. That, was actually a whole lot of masking I don't, know why I've always enjoyed masking, though next, up is Sam blasting. I. Went. Ahead and touched up some of the masking since parts of it were peeling up from the sandblasting, and I, wanted to get all the sand out of the inside of the carburetor one. Thing I need to do before I run this part through the oven is cut. Some slits here. In the masking tape that way doesn't shrivel, up in the oven. All. Right I've got the carburetor hanging, and it's ready to go into the oven for the preheat process, which will burn off any remaining oil and residue. This, is what it looks like when you don't cut enough of a relief into the masking tape it'll. Shrivel, up in the oven once. I fix this it'll be ready to spray uh-oh, as I, was masking, I noticed there's some oil or some sort of residue coming out around these screws so. That's an indicator there's still some oil or something, left in the material, and that'll. Have to be removed before I spray, so, I'm gonna wipe it down with acetone, once again and then bake it in the oven for another hour now. I've got a lot of oil coming out of these screws so I'm just gonna pull them out and wreak, lean the whole carburetor, completely. Frustrating. I'm. Actually glad I went through and pulled this thing apart a little further now. I know 100% is, not gonna be anything leaking out and ruining that sarah coding so, now we just need to soak it in acetone mask. It off again and then, preheat. It in the oven and it, should be all ready to spray after that finally. The carburetor gassed out fine and there are no signs of any oil residue, time. To mix up some seracote and spray, out the carburetor so. I've got two seracote colors here, a burnt, bronze and a tungsten and I'm having a tough time deciding, between the two I know, I can't go wrong either way but, just, hard to know without having an actual. Part spray it out with either color in front of me. Hmm. I'm. Thinking for this carburetor a bronze, is gonna stand out more the. Tungsten is kind, of like a charcoal, color so. It's not gonna be like, that far off of what, color it is already so. I'm just gonna go with the bronze. All. Right I've had the carburetor in the oven for an hour now and it should be all cured, and good, to go check. That thing out for. You guys I love the look of seracote and want some work done make, sure you get a hold of Clayton over, at trick engineering, super. Good guy he'll set you up with some really good pricing and work I'll put his info down below, all. Right I've got the carburetor in a million pieces and it is now ready to go back together, thankfully. All Balls Racing sent over a carburetor, rebuild kit and it looks like it's got everything, I need to completely, overhaul the carburetor all.

Right Let's get this thing back together a lot. Of times my projects, don't really go to plan throughout, videos things, will come up I'll have to shift things around but. There's always a workaround, I just, hate given up on a plan or a project but, with this carburetor I think, it would look pretty cool I'll polish it out but. It should look even better with the sarahx coated body and polish. Flow bolt and cap we'll. See how it turns out so, it should be pretty straightforward bolting. This carburetor back together the only thing I'm gonna walk you through is setting. The float height. So. How I'm gonna check the float height on this carburetor is by setting it level and letting. The floats extend. To their full length. So. They're the art extend it all the way out and. Then. I'm gonna let the floats return to the resting position so. Right there, so. It's not pushing, in the, needle or the valve just. Resting, right up on top of that plunger so, when I push the, floats down, that. Is compressing. The. Plunger. On the, needle valve there so, we want it resting right up on top so, I'll do that once again. So. Right there it's, at its resting, position and if. You can see there's a line on the floats here that, should be parallel with the. Football, line right here on the carburetor so, when the floats are in the resting, position right there we. Need those two lines parallel so. This one is just slightly off and to. Adjust that I'm gonna, bend the tab on the float just a little bit so in order to get the floats level with the football surface I'm, gonna have to bend this tab right here the tab up the needle valve is hanging from I'm. Gonna Bend that up just, a smidge. It. Really doesn't take much to, make an adjustment here. All. Right now let's check it again. So. That is looking pretty parallel right there I'm gonna call that good so, if your float level is too high meaning it's right about there you'll. Need to bend that tab down instead, of bending it up setting, your float height is something you definitely should not skip if, your float height is off it'll pretty much nullify, any jetting, changes and it'll. Really affect, the way the bike runs so get it right the first time. You. If. You guys would like to support what I'm doing with this channel I actually, just got some more stickers in stock head, over to prime Memex comm and grab your stickers. So. All balls provided, a new needle with this kit and I'm gonna go ahead and set the clip position, in the. Same spot as the original one so, this one is one, down from the top and how, this works is if, the clip is farther down that'll, richen it up and farther. Up will lean out the bike. A. Lot. Of times new o-rings don't really want to stay in a place so. Applying, a little bit of grease will help that out and this is where the mini grease gun really comes in handy I can. Put the grease exactly, where I need it and I put a couple dabs, on. This cover here. Of course. I'm gonna have to pop the cap off to get the thrall cable on but, I figured in the meantime might, as well see how it looks and steal. The carburetor up a little bit I also, got a new air screw as well I'm, gonna go ahead and install, that now. So. The factory, setting for the air screw is one and a half turns out from, lightly, seated, I'm.

Gonna Turn, this thing all the way in until it seats and then go one, in half turns out alright, right there is seated. All the way. You. Go half one. And, one. And a half and so what the air screw does is it controls the mixture from closed to about eight turn, to the throttle ideally. With this two-stroke carburetor you want to be between one and three turns, out if you're, below one turnout you need to go larger yep, larger. On the pilot jet and then. More, than three turns out you want to go smaller on the pilot jet and that last of all we have the throttle stop screw this. Is what controls the idle. And. This. Screw needs to be set with the engine running so I'm just gonna set it about. Where it was when, I pulled it apart and that. Should be I, want to say like two or three turns out alrighty, guys that is gonna be it for the carburetor assembly, turned, out absolutely wicked. Definitely. Happy with it. Real. Quick just gonna pick the winner of the giveaway from, that last video go. Ahead and tally, up the comments here looks. Like we've got 373. When. I hit start it's gonna pick a random comment. From that video. All. Right Tyler, Reece says, Honda, right, on man, all right Tyler message, me with your, shipping address here on YouTube and I, will get this master, cylinder kit over to you hopefully you can use it, if. You guys enjoyed watching this, carburetor get all decked out make, sure you smash that like button all, right thank you so much for watching everyone. You.

2018-05-09 19:52

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If you're curious about any of the supplies used throughout the video, I have them linked in the description. Enjoy guys!

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This would be cool on a CB750F/CB900F/CB1100F based RCB/RS1000 replica - the original Keihin CV carbs on the '76 RCB Endurance Racers were sandcast MAGNESIUM - I've heard they were something like $5000-$6000 for a rack of 'em, and that was in '76-'77 dollars! UNSANE - They charged a lot of $$$ for the works parts in those days! So I've always wanted to do a proper REPLICA of 'em, with that whole "MAGNESIUM PASSIVATE" tint on the carb bodies. They're not the only carbs used on these bikes, maybe not even the most interesting 'cause after all they were functionally similar to the street-bike carbs. Meanwhile there were plastic LECTRON carbs used on some of AHM's AMA Superbikes, there were Keihin racing carbs with clear float bowls, there was a ton of very interesting carbs used on the RCB's & RS1000's - But the fake Magnesium "works replica" project might be about the cheapest "race-replica" carburetor mod you could ever do with these bikes. They had some interesting multicolour "KEIHIN" stickers on 'em too, so of course you'd want to get a batch of those things printed up somehow. Could be awesome though, imho.....

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