Improve your daily experience - GitHub Universe 2019

Improve your daily experience - GitHub Universe 2019

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Now, while we've been hard, at work and busy extending. Github, to cover these DevOps, workflows, over the last year, we've also been really focused, on investing in the core daily of experience, of just coding, and collaborating. On github and so to showcase, some, of the work that the team has been doing please welcome my colleague, Neha, Batra. Sneha. And I'm the engineering, manager of, the github desktop, product which simplifies, your daily, workflow by helping you visualize, your changes, and share, your code easily so, before. I go into that I kind of want to walk down memory lane with you so, do. You remember the first time you learn git and you. Had this five step recipe, yeah. I did too and I actually had to post it on my desk just to remember all of the steps that I needed to take and that was years ago now, I'm pretty good at get I mean I would hope so as the engineering manager of, this product. But what. I think is really important, is that my co-workers and I are fueled by the fact that from setting up York machine, to, pushing it, doesn't have to be this difficult. That's. Why from the moment that you download, desktop, we, have a tutorial for you that helps you connect your editor invites. You to clone. And add, your repository, and then. From that point you get to do what you do best which, is writing, your code and gearing up for your commits so, let's, take a look at how desktop lets you come in and push your code without having to type anything, into your command line and this. Video plays in real-time and, so I have to keep up with it so let's see wish me luck all right. Okay. So, what, you're seeing here is that the minute you tab in you get to see your diff you get to add the lines that you want to add you, get to add the files that you want to add and then we have emoji support and you can write your commits you can even add a co-author and share that credit so, right here amanda is writing two commits and all, she has to do she is to push her code we, push the code we fetch the latest from your repository, we, sync it up and all, you have to do after that is create, your pull request which we have, a support for as well. So. I know it's hard to see but in those 30 seconds, I showed, you 12 features, of github desktop, that aren't built into the git commit flow, yeah. It's. Not great. We. Do this for you because as advanced, developers, you deserve, to save your brain cycles, for real problems, not get problems and you know what for, your coworker who still has that get post-it note on their desk they deserve the same thing as well and. For your manager. Who still thinks they're cool and can code like, myself, github. Desktop extends my shelf life a little bit longer and I'll, take it. So. That was just the git commit flow but github desktop gives you a lot more. So. You see these commits like these git commands that you might be using on a daily basis, these, are the magical, incantations. That you don't have to use anymore and github desktop, because, those are built-in so, how is exciting is that yeah. I. Bet. We forgot some of those features so Twitter I know you're listening just. Let us know what we missed so, out of those. These. Are the ones that we shipped in the last six months so, yeah, we're busy we've, been listening to your problems and we're shipping regularly, to make sure that your daily experience is better. Github. Desktop, is a GUI that connects git and github and we make it simple and efficient we. Make it so that when, we know that we have millions of users out, there we, want to save them a few minutes over time because that really adds up so we. Don't just shave off seconds, off of each commit we make sure that you don't end up in that place in the first place so. We're. Building the experience, that you deserve to have whether you're on a Mac Windows. Or using github enterprise and we, know that once your code is done and you're ready to gift it out and give it to the world you, want it wrapped packaged. Reviewed, and shipped as fast as possible, so no. One wants to spend more time wrapping that gift and then on the gift itself right so, for the folks out there who just want a faster, more efficient way to work every day this, simple, no hassle gift bag called, github desktop is for you. Did. I mention it's free because. That's exactly how, important your daily experience is to us. So. Check. Us out download, our upgrade to the latest version and we're open source so you can always come and check out our repository, and to you all in the audience come visit us at the ass github, booth and show, us your daily workflow well, chat will download it together and we'll see what your day-to-day could look like on github desktop and.

We. Genuinely, want to know what you think so come with your thoughts let us know what you're curious about and I'll see you there. So. Github desktop is just one way that we work to make your daily experience better but, to tell you more about improving the daily experience on github calm please, welcome my colleague Mario, Rodriguez. Since. Neha and hello everyone my, name is Mario Rodriguez, I am the lead enterprise product, manager like, all of you I spend a lot of time navigating within. And across github, repos searching. The four bits of code, finding. Instances, along the way now, we, can all agree that sometimes finding. Exactly. What you're looking for might, be a little bit challenging well. Let's, talk about how we're changing, that so. Let's, start with code, navigation, I am. In, this scientist, codebase and I. Am imagine, I'm exploring, it reading the code I read really really fast I'm a fast learner just believe me on that, and. I get to this piece of code and I'm. Like I wonder how this method is actually being used in this code base now. Cloning, the repo. Building. It just to answer, that simple question it's a dragon it's really a waste of your time you. Know you want it quick you want it in line and, you want it in the browser so. What. If you could just click on it and, right there see okay. This is the definition of the product but also, final. References, so. That's. Right, starting, today semantic. Code navigation, in your browser, no, IDE no, need to clone no, need to build for. All. Ruby. Python, and go repositories, where you think about that. We're. Really excited about this and, we're. Actually doing this for those techies, and when I go we're doing this without having to build your code it's, based on a semantic library and that, it's open source so amazing, props to the team together. Says so I'm really excited about it so let's. Do a jump to death to code search and in. Code search let's be honest you need, great code search many. Times as a developer, you're really looking for a needle in a haystack, and you need quick results, with high relevance. So. Let's. Take a look at Robby's on my seashell repo, you're. Here and you know why you. Know you want to actually find something something is specific, so, but. If you, press F on your keyboard to, actually launch a new search experience. Very, simple, very smooth let's. Search for or we see SH because with my accent that gets tricky, so. I put, that in there and boom. You found it first, try we get the exact match you're looking for nothing else to, search results, instead of doses, of, hundreds, across the current github search and, I, could see that you're little skeptical, right now meaning is this really, better Mario, you show me search results, right so. Let's contrast it and then I really, expect you to clap by the way. So. These. Are the results with. The old search. Engine, that we had so, 70, same same search 70. Actual. Results back highest. Relevance, was, what you seen in the screen right there and, again let's go to the new one, new. Engine two. Matches, two. Matches. We. Love you too don't, don't worry about all, right so. Are. You could search experience supports. Hide relevance with exact stream match and option, modifiers, it's, actually gonna go in beta we're learning more and more so please sign, up and wiggle, you in as soon as possible but we're really excited about this as well all. Right now, let's switch from individuals. To teams, because teams is really where the magic happens. Kol. Reviews are the life and heard of software teams around, 87. Million pull requests converge on, github last year, so. As a team you want to avoid burnout you want to minimize time to mark time to review you want to minimize time to merge as well, well, you, know cannot help your teams achieve this with, code review assignment, so. Let's. Jump again, so I'm overhearing a team I go, to settings and I go to code review assignment, i naval, auto assignment, and. Then I'm gonna switch my algorithm, I don't like round robin I'm actually gonna go and pick, load balance see mainly because I want to make sure that no one is overtaxed, so, so.

I Do that and I click safe so. What. I'm expected, to happen now is next, time IPR is assigned to my team then, it should actually rather to the right person and do, a load balance so in this case I'm. Gonna select. You. Know dad and boom it's right there just. To highlight a little bit more in soo-min it went from my actual team to Nami and then, we remove the team so, all of this is now. Built natively, into, github so, what you said about that. You. Don't need to install anything else, just go to your team set, it up and start. Using it oh but. We're not done yet. You also want, to make, sure that your PRS don't, go and you, know get reviewed in time and actually your project keeps moving right, and we got you also cover on that and to do that we have a feature called reminders. So, again, I go to my team and in my team I go to my sentence and instead of assignment, I'm just gonna say, reminders, are how many reminders set up right now I click, on it i select, my slide channel. Put. A couple things with the standards at 10 a.m. so 9 a.m. on the default settings are perfectly fine for me but. I actually do not want all of the repos and when I actually go ahead and select, one of them to be able to do, better so we're gonna do an awesome universal, ml repo and then I'm gonna press create and then, next. Day and none a.m. in slack, you're. Gonna get this, which. Is reminders. Of your pull requests what, is actually outstanding. How long it is and who is assigned to and now it's a team you're gonna be able to review it again. This. Is available, natively. Into, the platform and. We're. Super excited to actually bring it out of beta so please sign up whenever, you get a sense. Thank. You. Now. Daily experiences, also expand. To. Our enterprise customers in fact you, know github is used by over half of Fortune 100, and. We're, heavily. Investing. In bringing, the best tools workflows, and open-source technologies. To enterprise, customers you, saw a little bit of this actually, you got a glimpse on it and a razor-sharp, focus, on enterprise. On. Our satellite conference, in May in, Berlin we. Announced or around, 10 to 15 features and we put in beta that were mainly, targeting, our enterprise customers and. I'm, happy to tell you that over the last six months so since May up to today all of those features have actually going to, general durability they're all available now to our enterprise customers which, is great we, never done this and you, know I was actually very surprised, I was able to get here today and do that.

You Know because I was we were running on it and all of that but we made it so we're really happy about it and, it shows our commitment it really, you. Know we're, kind of humble and it shows our commitment on, that which is you know from an enterprise respected, yes we have an amazing, community but. We got your back in enterprise as well ok, so, if, we fast forward we. Also know that we're not done and we need to deliver github, Enterprise Server is a Tier one application. For many of you which, is mission-critical cannot go down so, we're, also heavily investing, in giving you the best tools and technology, to a minister github server, which, is on premises suffering at scale, so things, slide best-in-class. Observability, and remediation, high, availability across. Zones and sites so you don't have to be just in one data center and you could kind of have a logical, github press, across and. Then cloud native disaster, recovery because, you need that to actually achieve your goals and. With, that I'm. Also going to announce today our newest, release of github enterprise, which is 2.19. This release focuses, on fundamentals. Like, triage and maintain roles security. With Newgate as you can see over there support, for dependency, graph and many other developer productivity tools, so. Now. Everything, you heard me said today so from, navigation, search reminders. Will all to be available in the hub enterprise early, next year and, with. That I, want, to thank, you all in turn it over to Becca. Thanks. Mario hey. Everyone I'm Becca a product, manager here at github and, I'm here to talk to you today about notifications. For. Over a decade we've, been handling notifications. Of nearly every, kind on github and with, 40, million developers, doing, more than ever on github we, needed to refresh our system so you could more easily distinguish. The signal and, take action on the work that matters to you we. Know managing, notifications. On github has been all too painful, but, that changes today. This. Is the new notifications. Experience on github, so. How about we dive in and see just how powerful this is first. Things first let's take a look at these notifications in, my. Notification, list you'll, see icons, displaying. The type of notification being, received and their current status. Further. To the right there's, a label appended, to each item letting me know exactly why I was, being notified and, for. Those fast moving conversations. You can see just how much unread, activity, there is for a single issue or pull request as well, as the current participant, list. Zooming. Back out we can see that there are still many notifications, for, here right now for me to focus on so, let's, navigate to where my team really needs me right now which is my mentions filter an. App. Mention, is a pretty, high signal event someone. Wants my direct attention and typically.

Requires Some, sort of response from me we. Include mentions, as a default, filter for you here in the new notifications, experience, so you can quickly access where. Your team needs you most. Here. Are all the notifications, that have had a mention of my name thankfully. I look pretty, caught up here but, let me quickly dive into one of these to unblock my teammates. Now. With the all new notifications, experience, the, complete issue timeline, is previewed, within the notification experience. This, means that while I'm triaging my notifications. I can, take action. Immediately without switching context, or slowing, down, so. For this issue I'm going, to assign myself add it to my project board and make, sure folks know I'm gonna be taking this work on all within, the notification experience. With no context, switching. Since. I'm still working to unblock my team there's, a few other locations, I probably need to look at there. Are other default, filters that we include such, as team mentions, reviewer, crusts, but, for now I'm gonna jump on over to my custom, filter for, the notifications. Team to, be sure that there's no other work I'm holding up. With. The ability to add up to 15 custom, filters I've added, one today, for my team's product, feature work so I can easily zoom in to progress and blockers specific. To this feature set I have, a couple of notifications, here in this custom filter but, since these notifications all, look to be closed or merged let's, just select them all and mark them as done. Awesome. I'm at inbox zero for this filter. Pretty. Easy. Since. I spent some time cleaning out some of the high signal notifications. My inbox looks to be in a pretty manageable state, right now. To. Further accelerate your, triaging, workflow, we, have a familiar, set of keyboard shortcuts to, help you take action on any set of notifications. As we, continue, to build on top of the new notification, experience, we're, gonna continue introducing. More shortcuts to further improve your, daily experience, on github. Now. Before, we wrap up I need to check on one of my save notifications. Save. Notifications. For later allows. Me to further add a visual treatment to high signal notifications, within my inbox and it, gives me an easy way to quickly, return to the tasks, that I still need to get done so with that let's select this one. Here. You can see that the team is pretty excited, and ready to start shipping this new notifications, experience, so how, about we get this train rolling everyone.

I'm. Gonna let Ryan know that we might need him here to, help us out so let's, see if we couldn't ping him and get him on stage. Thanks, Becca. Hi. Everybody I'm, Ryan Nystrom director, of engineering here at github and it, is so, exciting to be here to share with you a brand, new product, and that, is github. For. Mobile. That's. Right today. We, are announcing new. Fully, native apps for, Android, and iOS. Like. NAT mentioned earlier there, are over 40, million developers, using, github today, when. Get-up started, over 11 years ago, everything. Revolved, around get, and that, meant you needed a computer lugged, around with you, nowadays. We, don't just write code we. Collaborate. As team, members and we, review each other's code, today. It's, too hard to keep things moving, without a computer and that's. Why we built github for mobile now. You, can truly take github, with you anywhere, in the world we. Put so much care, into this app, so. That it fits your workflow, and I'm. Really, excited to walk you through some of our favorite features. The. First thing you'll see when you open github, for mobile is the new home screen here you, have access, to all of your work at. The, top we. Have issues, and pull requests, that you created, or, assigned to and more, jump. Into repositories. And organizations. That you interact with. Scroll. Down and you'll. See a new, section we, call favorites, for. Those of you that contribute, to tons, of repositories. We, added this section, so you can pin, favorite, repositories. And jump back into them right, from your home screen. Scroll. Down a little more and you'll see all the recent activity, on issues. And pull requests, that you created, or commented, on it, has never, been easier, to pick up on your work from, where you left off on your browser. At. The very top of home you. Can tap this plus button and file, a new issue to, any repository on, github. We. Also have a new tab for your notifications. When. You're done with notifications. Simply. Swipe them away. We. Partnered, with the notifications. Team here at github to build a unified experience, everywhere. And that includes, iOS. And. Android. All. Of, the amazing features you just saw Becca demo, will be available, across your devices, save. Done. And so, much more you. Can find the notifications. That you care the most about with, filters, either, by repository. Or all. The, custom, filters that you create on They. Will sync and go with you across, all your devices. Now. One of my favorite, features are, push. Notifications. We. Know some of you get tons, of github notifications. And we, don't want your phone constantly, dinging, and buzzing and it's, too easy to miss sometimes the, really, important, ones. We. Will send you a push notification whenever. Somebody, mentions, you in an issue pull, request or comment, that. Way you know it's important. Now. Let's drill into a pull request, here. I can, see everything, I need to know the, author, status. Branches. And more I can. Scroll down and read comments, reviews and, other timeline, activity, I, mentioned.

Before That these apps are all native that. Includes, this rich markdown, rendering, you see behind me we, put a ton, of time and care into this to make sure that you get the best possible experience on, your phone if, you. Want to see more information just, swipe. Up from the bottom here. You can see reviewers, through, it's assigned to labels. And tons, more if. I. Want to see what changed, in this pull request I can, tap into the files changed, view and here. View all of my code changes, in the poll. Again. This is all rendered natively, including. This gorgeous syntax, highlighting, but. We're not done there you. Can also swipe, up from the bottom and leave. A review on, any poll requests right from your phone comment. Approve, request. Changes, it has never, been easier to unblock, your projects, well, being nowhere near your desk. Now. If you want to see the status, on your pull, request we also include, all of that information you. Can view if there are change if you, have approvals. If there, are conflicts, and more, if you're. Ready to go, tap, the merge button and you'll trigger all of your CI or CD from, anywhere in the world I'm, telling, you this app makes me feel like I have superpowers and, we are geeking out so. Much over this thing. And. Speaking. Of geeking out I'm also. Really excited to bring github, into. The dark. We. Built an incredible. Dark mode experience, for both iOS and Android free. Night elves out there this is way easier on, your eyes during, those late night hack sessions. And. We didn't just stop with dark mode but. We also built an amazing iPad. Experience. We. Didn't just make things bigger but. We built entirely, new, user interfaces. And custom. Gestures we. Even have most, of the same keyboard shortcuts, you'll find on This, is the best github, experience, for iPad. And. We designed our iPhone. IPad, and Android apps to have absolute. Feature parity, they. Share a design, system, so they look familiar but. At the same time we want to respect each platforms, design, conventions, these. Apps are built native we want to make sure they feel native, too. So. That's just a taste of github for mobile, there are tons more features that I don't have time to go through. Github. For mobile is the, best, way to be connected, to your work stay. Up to date and keep, your projects, moving without. Needing a computer, and all. Of this is available starting. Today with. A beta on iOS. Just. Head over to slash. Mobile, and sign up when. Your invite us ready you'll receive an email with instructions on, how to install we. Have an Android beta in the works coming very soon and you, can look for both apps launching, together. Early. Next year, absolutely. For free and I cannot, wait for you to try it. If. You're. Interested in taking more of a deep dive into getup for mobile, please can be sure to join me later today for a session thank. You so much now, back to NAT.

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