Implosion Energy Breakthroughs! Sonic Cavitation, Nano Geometry, Conservation

Implosion Energy Breakthroughs! Sonic Cavitation, Nano Geometry, Conservation

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Oh. My. Name is Jason for belly and. I invite you to take a look at the information, I've compiled, on, my Facebook page and, on. My youtube channel, all. Of the information you can find in the video description click. Show. More and. It will have a bunch of links and info, that. We, can all research. So. My. Deal is trying. To find out information. Regarding. Science, the. Suppressed. Studies. That are not talked about mainstream and, trying. To put information on the table so, that we can all sort through it together and apply, it in regards. To machines, powering. Our homes and. Just bettering. Our health in general, so. This. Video is going to be dealing with some very, technical and. Profound. Concepts, a lot, of it's going to be controversial. Talking. About energy, Einstein. Newton. Walter. Russell John, Searle. Cavitation. Sonoluminescence. And. A bunch of other stuff, so. Look. At the first few, minutes of this video, first. Six, or seven minutes just. To get an idea, of what. We're. Going to be talking about and getting into just. To get your interest and take. A look through the information in the video description again, just, familiarize, yourself, with the, type of information that, I am trying to put. Out and trying. To ask. And, this. Is a team effort as. I still have a lot of questions I'm. Still using gasoline, in my car and, I'm still paying for my electric bill in my house I don't. Like that I'm. Sure none. Of you do either so. That's why I spend, a lot of time, to. Search for ways that we can, change. Things for, ourselves using. What's around us and. Just. Acknowledging, the hidden Sciences, that, aren't promoted, in mainstream, so. This video is dealing with in, information, not. Promoted. In mainstream. So. Beware, thank. You. It's. A process called sonoluminescence. The. First time I saw sonoluminescence, was. In a darkened room I. Was. Transfixed. To look at this. Spherical. Flask. Of fluid. And. You'd look into the center and in, the center see a, glowing. Blue. Purple. Light, which. Could be seen with the unaided eye. It. Looked like a star in the heavens. SEF, Putterman called it the, star in a jar a tiny. Spot of bright light contained. In a flask of liquid. This. Star in a jar is. Made when. A sound wave is, passed through a small bubble inside a flask, of liquid and this. Sound wave makes. The bubble do something, remarkable. First. It expands. Then. It collapses. And this. Collapse happens, so violently, that. Vapor molecules, trapped inside the, bubble slam. Together and, heat, up so much that. The bubble gives, off an incredible, burst of heat and light. Several. Thousand, times a second. Giving. The appearance of a, star. What. Made the phenomenon, so exciting, was, the temperature, of this star in a jar on its. Surface alone, the, light burns at tens of thousands, of degrees. Hiding. Under the rock is a pistol. Shrimp and, he is packing a lethal, weapon. This. Crab is heading, into trouble. Our. Shrimp, is ready, for a fight a. First. Sight it looks like he's punching the intruder with his claw.

But. In fact something. Much stranger is going on something. We can only see if we, look again in, slow, motion. That. Sound we hear is not from the claw itself, but, from an amazing invisible, force. The. Claws snap happened so fast it causes, a high velocity water jet which, shoots forward at almost 60 miles an hour, fast. Enough to vaporize the water and. Form a bubble. But. This is no ordinary pup. For. An instant it's as hot as the surface of the Sun and. As it collapses, this vast energy is released like. A superheated. Shockwave. Stunning. Or even killing it, spread. The. Knockout punch comes, not from the claw but. From the superhot power of. Bubble. Demonstrate. How much power he could generate with just a short thrust at his fist Bruce showed off what he called his one-inch, punch. Martial. Arts fans saw, Bruce. What. He has tried to do is to capture the intriguing effective noticed in that vibrating bullet pipe and use it to create a coping new water heater one, that works without any heat source, it's. Nothing that produces what amounts to a well-engineered what the hell it measures, the water fed into it raises, the temperature to boiling point or to steam in, microseconds, don't replace household, or industrial boilers I happen. To call these machines pumps oh yeah. There's a hypersonic pump that has a rubber located, inside it's a story that has holes more in it it's specific angles and de ups ranging, from a few hundred holes up to a few thousand depending on whether we're going to make hot waters think the. Key to the machine seems, to be the number and the design of the holes in the rotor Biggs. Has experimented, with many different combinations to get the best results. The. Rotor fits that into a steel chamber with only a very small gap between the two what are they speaking to the gap and, the rotor spun rapidly by a small elector Clinton. Has. Experienced, the motors pummel the Hammers through the homes in seconds it flows out of a cylinder is hot in the floor steam what's, so extraordinary about, that all the looking machine is, the claim of it is more than 100 percent efficient more, energy has been measured ton of height in the form of leaders feeling and the electrode energy needed to turn the renter the time for this is over unity, scientifically. This is supposed to be impossible because it overturned the fundamental, law of conservation of energy just. A side note it. Seems that the pistol, shrimp is overturning, the laws of conservation of, energy by, generating, heat equal to the Sun without having, the mass of the Sun it, seems. That the sonoluminescence, phenomenon. Is generating.

More Power out than in seemingly. Because. It is generating, the heat and light equal, to suns and stars, without, having the mass of the Suns and the Stars something. Else is going on. Look. At this it's, an ultra efficient, LED that puts out more power than is pumped in according. To MIT. And. It says that the. Extra energy comes from the interaction, of lattice, vibrations. So. What temperature, is the pistol, shrimps claw, during. The point where the bubble is at its highest temperature. And. Compare. That to the surface of the Sun. Can. We be misinterpreting. The. Sun's temperature, with. The temperature, around the Sun just, as we might be misinterpreting. The temperature of the bubble versus the claw that generates the bubble the, intersecting, wave fields, are. What generate, the heat the. Implosion, but. The claw itself, is not. Hot. So. We're. Gonna get to that in a little bit. Or. We can also ask how. Hot. Is an ionized, particle. It's. Not really a logical, question. But. A particle. Itself that's ionized might not necessarily be, hot. But. When it's in motion or. If the electricity, from that charge arcs. On to something else you, can. Measure the temperature, within, that arc of electricity. But. The particle, itself that was ionized, is. Not. Hot. Not. Necessarily. So. The discharge, that you measure. Contains. The heat within it. But. The actual object, that is discharging. Might, not necessarily be, hot. What. I have here is basically a magnet, and a chrome-plated neodymium. Magnet sitting in water sitting. On a metal plate with, an old tiny insulator, that's sitting on and. What I do is I basically apply a voltage this side of the magnet, okay nursing, a a. Helical. Vortex. Like a miniature tornado. Basically. Through the gas bubbles, that are being generated by the electricity, and, it's investing, this magnetic flux, to. Be shown, by. The Franklin called flame frame dragging, the. Of, the bubbles it's, absolutely incredible this, is I don't think you're gonna see this anywhere on YouTube. John. Had also stumbled on yet another amazing, breakthrough, we have nothing his, machine could actually burn salt water. John. Kansas, discovered, that his radio frequency, generator, could release the oxygen, and hydrogen from saltwater and create, an incredibly, intense flame, just, like that but that was like inside a fire cylinder, you, can see the bottom fire that would be in the cylinder I can, put my hand in here put your hand into the beam nothing, happens, put, in a fluorescent bulb and it lights up immediately.

At. The apv, company laboratory, in Akron top, engineers, have checked out John's amazing, invention, and they were amazed, and, we saw it go up to 1,500 degrees centigrade, the. Temperature, and. It's. Incredible. This, simple Stirling, engine is running with the heat generated, by the flames coming off that test tube the fuel nothing. More than salt water so, that could be a steam engine a steam turbine, could. Be a car that if you wanted to be this, is the most abundant. Element, in the, world water and. Salt water is everywhere at. The end to see it burn actually. Gives me chills so. Imagine, the possibilities. And. So, I'm starting to compare, all of these people's, work and all. Of these different, things the. Commonalities. Between. What. Generates, this phenomenon. And. In, looking at that, I found. That all. Of them have a geometric, lattice. Structure. So. I put this paper together called. Atomic, alignment, etheric. Diodes, and magnetization. And. I also put a nine part video to go along with that but. I uploaded on YouTube called atomic. Feng-shui, what. A magnet, is and why. So. I invite, you to also look at that which. Will help put. In context, the rest of this information. So. I started looking into more. Geometries. On. The surface and the, lattice of something as a whole and going. Back to this cavitation. A hydra, sonic pump, here. Are the parts to the pump we. See in the upper left it's. A cylinder with, holes. Poured into it or, dimples, so, I, started looking into. Water. Structure. Icers and how, water, starts to flow over, things, in. Different, environments in, different tubes or different, shapes. Fluid. Mechanics. Started. Looking into the aerodynamics. Of golf balls. Original. Ones had, triangular. Dimples didn't, work out too well then. They had sort of a square. Mesh also. Didn't work out well now. The standard is hemispherical. Dimples. About. 432. Dimples average. Now. We have these new balls, with hexagonal. Dimples. About. 332. We. Compare the efficiency, and the, aerodynamic, quality. Of these, shapes and the. Hexagons, seem to be the most efficient. Now. That we've gone over some basic concepts, and have, context. In this. Next part we're going to take a look at more examples of, water.

Biomimicry. I'm. Gonna take a different look at the model of the atom solar. System, so-called, overunity, and a, lot more. Take. Note to the geometric structure. Of the honeycomb and. Looking. At the aerodynamics, of the golf ball. Hexagons. Are the most efficient. So. Can we combine that with the hydra sonic pump to. Make that even more efficient. Instead. Of having cylindrical. Holes drilled into it would. It be more efficient to have hexagonal. Dimples or hexagonal holes. Pretty. Much we're looking for a cylindrical. Honeycomb. And I. Have never seen an image of that on the, internet other, than a 3d. Graphic, of a, carbon, nanotube. So. Why not apply that to a macro level and spin. It and. See what happens. This. Image comes from a book called my. World, written. By Victor, graben akov a. Russian. Entomologist. Studying, very strange, things that he called the, cavernous, structure. Effect. Cavernous. Structure, creates. Cavitation. And, this. Is a wooden, dreidel. With. Holes. That he drilled into it and, when he spun it and put his hands next to it he said he could feel a type of heat but. It wasn't normal heat it. Was resulting, from the cavernous, structure. So. Compare, this to the Hydra sonic comp once again. Continuing. Research, into. Fluid dynamics. Honeycomb. Structures, and, water. I came. Upon the work of dr. Masaru Emoto and. Clayton. Knowlton. Clayton. Nolte has a device, he. Calls a water structure, Iser which. Has, spheres. Stacked. On top of each other inside, of a PVC pipe when. The water flows through that pipe it's forced, to run over the spheres in a geometric path. So. The geometric structure. Of the spheres, structure. Eise's the, water as it flows through. But. Taking a closer look inside a Clayton Nolte's device I so that they weren't just spheres. They had some texture, to them and I. Tried to zoom in here and, it seems that there, is some sort of a hexagonal. Texture. To. His spheres so. It's more than just a smooth. Sphere there's something, even. More to, the hexagonal structure. So. I put together my own water, structure, izing setup so. That I can experiment. And see. How water flows and combine. A bunch of different technologies, and. You. Can see the videos I put together and, I've experimented, with in. The video description. Every. Day I watch how water flows, every. Day I try, something new just, observe. A. Year. Ago I put together this video called, fist. Fights with physicists. And. This. Next segment is, going to be from that video and, I also included, a bit from a documentary, called, water, the. Great mystery. Here. Are a few, pictures, of Dan winters imploder. Nozzle.

Here. Is the, design in 3d and. Also. Compared, to the caduceus. The. Water cycled, through Dan winters imploder, system, is enhanced. By. Enhanced. I mean. It has, documented, lower, surface, tension and increases. The zeta potential, in the blood stream. Zeta. Potential, is the. Electric, potential, and increased. Conductivity. In, the. Blood this. Means increasing, the capacitance. Per, brain synapse. Circulating. Water in a specific vortex. Before. Watering, plants will. Result, in dramatic growth of up, to three and a half times bigger. Compare. These findings, to the documentary, called water. The. Great mystery. With. Modern technology, it is possible, to structure, eyes water, artificially. When. Seeds were grown under laboratory conditions using. This kind of water the, soy sprouts had, six times greater photon, radiation than, when ordinary, water was used, using. Structure, eyes water makes vegetables, ripen faster and increases. The amount of useful micro, elements and vegetable, proteins, several fold. If. We look at the shoots the treated ones were long even, and strong while the untreated, ones were short thin and weak if we, look at the plants today those. From the selected, seeds have all ripened, but, the ones from non selected, seeds have not we. Have to say that using structure, eyes dwara really, does affect the growth of vegetables, and fruits. This. Man from the documentary is collecting. Samples of water from, a remote area in Venezuela. Who, were later tested, for the electric conductivity. Professor. Co-wrote coves laboratory, has developed, an instrument, that can determine the energetics, of water it. Works, on the basis of the Kirlian affect, everything. That enters a strong electromagnetic, field. Begins, to emit light. The. Greater energy the object possesses. The, brighter it shines. The. Water from Venezuela, was compared, with ordinary drinking, water. We. Can say that this water is not double, not, triple, but, it is 40,000. Times more active so. These are really two fundamentally. Different substances. And water. Of this type this water which. Immediately activates. The body it, activates, the whole system. But. Not by drinking ordinary, water, have. To drink structure, eyes water, which, means that you are geometrically. Reordering. The water or. You're, just sending, that water down a geometric, path. Natural. Is like a waterfall. You, can have it flow around. Spears, you can have it flow down a vortex, there, are an infinite, number of ways that you can restructure, your water because. This technology is a know-how, that you. Can apply this know-how. To, any given device in technology, and, make. Your own device and sell them to other people or, you can just tell people how it all works and, everybody. Can build their own devices based on this information. So. When you drink, this type of water, it. Allows for your blood to. Become more electrically, conductive, and you. Have a lot of benefits, you water plants with it they grow a lot faster and. It's just a lot, of weird stuff to look into and test out for yourself. So. In this next part, we see an upper. Left, an. Excerpt. From Walter, Russell's book called atomic, suicide. And, we. See sickle. Cells on the right all, compacted, together and healthy, cells on the left in. The. Lower left hand corner we. See again the. Compacted. Cells and the freely, floating, red. Blood cells. And. In the upper right we see an example of bio magnetism. Somebody. Was just treated, by having magnets. Put on specific, parts of their body, for. A couple hours and then they, tested their blood again. Wow. And. Then here's, an example of. Magnets. That I have I've broken a lot of magnets, and they collect, together in a big chunk, just. So happens they looked very similar, to the acidic. Blood or the. Unhealthy. Blood and, then magnets. That are able. To, freely. Float around each other. They. Look much like the red blood cells so. Down here we have an example of the tap water on the Left the structured, water on the right which seems to encapsulate all of the impurities of the water. There. Are a lot of other examples, here's. Another. Acidic. Blood versus. Alkaline. Blood. Let. Us see how this type of water affects human, blood. The. Doctors drawing blood from a patient's finger using. A special microscope we, shall be able to see the condition, of her body from this drop. These. Are red blood cells and they've lost their, electrical. Charge so, they're all stuck, together in a formation, called a reuleaux here's, a huge, simplest, simplest. SAR, associated. With heart disease, and.

Arthritis. And. Lung. Disease. And many, other conditions, that, could be coming, in the future the, doctor asks, the patient to drink a small amount of structure, eyes water. After. 12 minutes the doctor again draws blood from the patient and studies, it. So. You can see that the cells then become buoyant, they, become slippery, and, they. Have their electrical, charge so they repel, each other that, allows them to carry oxygen and, it. Means that we're changing the pH of the blood back to an aerobic, environment rather than an anaerobic, environment. I think. That's utterly amazing, that. That a water could that just drinking, water could, do that and. We're gonna go and see this little segment from top. Secret, water it's a documentary, from 2005. At. All events the machine, contains, pipes made of titanium and ceramic. Membranes, through, which the water is conducted, and in some way activated. What. Happens to normal, moscow tap water in a matter of seconds, is illustrated. Here by a test involving, a few drops of ink on. The, left plain. Tap, water on, the, right Bucky. Is altered, activated. Water. While. As might be expected the. Ink colors. The tap water the. Activated. Water swallows. It up completely. Much. Of what happens here beggars, scientific. Explanation. Well. There are plenty of scientific, explanations. Out there and there. Are plenty of products to help validate those, explanations. Now. We're going to start taking a look at bio, mimicry. Because. Most of these amazing results just come from imitating, nature. The. More that we attempt, to mimic nature and combine. That with human, and Genuity. The. More that we will be able to reap results, that. Mainstream, models might not account, for and. From. What I can conclude. Geometry. Equals, power. More. Accurately. Collective. Geometry. Is directly. Proportional. To electrical, conductivity. So. The more that you can account for, geometry. On, small, scales working. Together it. Will contribute to a larger benefit, as a whole. And. That's what nature does on very small scales nano, scale and beyond, things are arranged, and geometric, fashions, which allow for energies, to. Either pass around or through, which. Results, in eddy. Currents, and a, lot of other benefits. In, the. Next part of the video we're. Going to take a look at Jay Harmons, perspectives. And the. Difference between propellers. And impellers. We're. Also going to go back to the concept, of cavitation. And look, at that in relation, to the model of the atom and. The solar system, and, John. Searles, technology. Some. Of the work of Walter Russell and. See what else we can cram in here. So. Here we have the, picture, of the Lilly impeller, or the teks impeller, next. To some diagrams. From Walter Russell, from. 1926. Now. We're gonna take a look at the. Difference in efficiency, of a propeller, and impeller. Take. A look at this, video. Something. To exist that must be moving so, every, single thing in this universe, is moving the, interesting thing is that all, of that movement in, nature, has, a particular, spiraling. Top nature, never ever moves in a straight line no, such thing, so that is makes it streamline in principle.

Gotta. Have a side note, nothing. Ever travels, in a straight line, all. Things, come from a rotating frame of reference, unless. Walter Russell put it all, Direction. Is curved and all, motion, is spiral. When. I froze. The Whirlpool but you see in your bathtub you pull the plug out there's. The whirlpool if you freeze that well so it's, exactly the same geometry. As a, hurricane, or a tornado, or any, other spiral or cochlea of your ear this, shape is archetypal, in nature and so when I froze this I was then able to rotate it and create. Because. I had a frozen whirlpool, I was able to create a whirlpool so, one, of the first things that I used, it on particularly. In America there are great, big holding tanks, well, that water gets stagnant, the. Municipalities. That manage that water have to put chlorine and chloramines. Into, the water, the, problem is better solved, by, mixing that water generally, throughout the world if you want to mix the water it's very expensive, I put, one of these frozen whirlpools. In the bottom of one of these tanks six. Inches high four inches wide and I rotated, it with a couple of hundred watts of power a couple of light bulbs of power and I found it was able to mix an entire tank, of water 10 million gallons which, from, an engineering point of view is not. Even conceivably, possible so. From there I started, adapting these shapes into fans, fans. Use 18%. Of the world's electrical, energy, they're not terribly efficient, we, found time and time again we, could take the best fan in the world and reduce its energy by. As, much as 30% so, pretty much everything in an industrial, world can be improved by taking. These shapes from nature and. Reconfiguring. What. Engineers, build today. More. Order more power you. Can always have more order can, always refine, things more always. Have more geometry. More. Nanoscopic, textures. Can. Always have things working, together to. Achieve a, synergistic. Outcome. Listen. To what that man said, he. Said, 200. Watts. Can. Move 85. Million, pounds. That's. 10, million gallons of water so. A. Helicopter. Blade in that water spinning, with 200 watts, do. You think that would achieve the same vortex. The. Same amount of power no. Because. It's only spinning, on a 2d. Flat, plane. Need. To have three, dimensions, of, spin. So. Why, not mount, Tesla. Turbines, or, something. Like that inside, of the industrial. Tank so. As the vortex is being generated by that 200 Watts the. Weight of that water is being, funneled through some, Tesla turbines, and. Possibly. Generates some excess. Power while. Moving that amount, of water. Here. Is Paul, a la vía let's book called secrets. Of anti-gravity, propulsion I, liked. The book overall, especially, chapter, 10 dealing, with Professor, Searles technology. And. Also he might have wanted to change the title from anti-gravity. Propulsion, to. Anti-gravity, impulsion. Because. It seems that, impellers. Are much more efficient, than propellers. And impulsion. Systems, so. This brings us to Victor, Shaw burgers, implosion. Repulsing. And. The benefits, from his device the weight reduction. The. Air and water being sucked. Through helical. Grooves. Ordered. Grooves, working. Collectively at tangential, angles so, there's. A lot of stuff to look into this particular device, and viktor, schauberger in, general.

Here. We see a propeller, blade, something. Like a ceiling fan. Propeller. Blades spin, on a 2d, flat, plane. The. Angles, of the blades might, be tilted, a little bit but. All in all the, blade itself spins, on a 2d flat plane. The. Image on the lower right is the. Path, that. It traces, while. Traveling, in the air traveling. Through, space. The. Propeller, spins and it. Traces, that path. Like. An Archimedes, screw. But. The difference between a propeller, and an, Archimedes, screw is. That the screw is the actual, shape. But. The propeller, blade traces, so. The propeller blade just spins in 2d but it's, traveling. Forward. So. The propeller traces that shape but, the Archimedes, screw is the. Actual, shape. So. That's a main difference between a propeller, and an impeller, propeller. Spins in 2d impeller. Spins in 3d. Another. Big difference between, a propeller, and an impeller, is. That the propeller, pushes. Outwardly. And an. Impeller. Pushes. Inwardly. It. Doesn't pull it. Doesn't attract, or suck anything in. It's. Pushed, in the, inverse, direction through. The impeller, it's. The inverse, push and, because. It pushes inwardly it creates, an inward, vortex. So. You take the vortex, you spin a vortex, and you. Make another one, if. You take a propeller, and you, spin it, it's. Being. Ejected. Outward, radially, all that energy and if. You move forward, you're gonna trace a helical, trajectory. But. If you actually form, an, object. To. A helix. Then. You spin that it's going to be even more beneficial, but. Even an Archimedes. Screw, is. Cylindrical. But. A vortex, is more. The shape, of nature a logarithmic. Spiral. Things. Might trace a cylindrical, path. While. Spinning. But. Nature itself is more of a 3d, vortex, shape and. That's what we need to mimic is, spinning, 3d, vortex, shapes or having. Coils. In. Cones, rather, than cylinders, and. See what happens there. And. We put that in a huge tank of water and there's our device. And. There's our competitors, device. And. We do the job better, well. Most flow is looked at as two-dimensional, so. If you've got a wing printer, let's say that's a wing you're, looking at the flow going over the top and under, the bottom you're.

Not Looking at the flow going this way so. Everything, in nature has three dimensions, most. Of our science is really dealing with two dimensions, so most of our tools are as well, so. You. Can see the spiral here in, the end that's a pretty familiar spiral, you see in your whirlpool and. That's. Easily understood but it's two dimensions, it's, this, dimension, and this dimension but look, we've got a third dimension and you. Can see it's changing in the third dimension that's very complicated. I mean it's infinitely complicated. If. You think about it every. Living thing goes, through a liquid phase and that's development, so, it takes on the geometry of turbulence so every living thing on earth as. These. Geometries built into it from, the cochlea of your ear to, the spacing, between your teeth the, size of your teeth -. Even. If I look at my finger the, length of that in. Proportion, to that bone and a proportion, to that bone are. The same proportions, that you find in these spirals, so it's everywhere. Wanted. To mention one more thing before we change subjects. Regarding. Viktor schauberger we. See his, device. Here, and. Then we can compare, that to a more, modern, unit, called a disperser. And. Wanted. To bring it back even further, taking. A look at this object which. Was uncovered, from ancient, Egypt in the. Valley of the Nile, I. Believe. That this could be an impeller. See. That says the mysterious, Egypt. Try lobed disk. To. Me it looks just like an impeller. And it just so happens it was uncovered, in the Valley of the Nile where, large, amounts of water would need to be circulated. And. Also compared the Egyptian piece to the first avrocar, from, 1958. Now. I also heard. That Archimedes, got, his idea for the screw after. He visited Egypt. Which. Is even more significant. Here. Are a couple picture. Comparisons, of the. Differences, between propulsion. And impulsion, a propeller. And impeller. Waste. And efficiency. Big. And small Yang, and Yin. So. In the upper left, we, have the. Pecs, impeller, compared, to a regular. Turbine, and, the. Lower left we have a, regular. Diesel. Engine compared, to Rafael, more Gatos myt. Engine. Or the mighty engine. And. On. The, right we have a, comparison. Between a nuclear, power plant and, professor. John Searles, s e-g. We'll. Get into, that later. So. Taking, a look at the difference between waste. Heat. And, efficiency. Let's. Take a look at the difference between fire, and ice or, Edison. And Tesla, or. Explosions. And implosions, I. Wanted. To offer a couple of my perspectives. On, lightning. And thunder, I. Think. Thunder is the result of an implosion, or the collapse of the atmosphere, I was. Watching, a lightning storms in the San Francisco area here on Thursday, April 12th.

Quite. A few hours was, huge, a huge show, got some cool shots on the camera and I was comparing the lightning and thunder to the sonoluminescence. Lightning. Is blue and violet fire. Is red and orange. Implosive. Energy seems to be blue in X of energy seems to be read a loud. Pop is created, from the violent implosion, of a cavitation, bubble and a. Bluish light is associated, with that not. A red light that, I have seen. Tesla's. Light bulb had. A bluish, hue, Edison's. Rather. The, one that Edison. Improvised. From Tesla, glows, red, the. Shuttle coming into an atmosphere has, a hot streak trailing behind it from friction pushing. Its way through the atmosphere, all. The heat of a lightning bolt though is contained. Within the, bolt just. Like all of the heat of the sonoluminescence, contained. Within the bubble you. Can. Swat at the bubble underwater and break it up and make a million little bubbles at which point the heat might be distributed, throughout those little bubbles but, all that heat is still contained within the bubbles. The. Gunshots, are explosions. Notice. The red fire from the bullets takes. Gunpowder to create an explosive, force which projects. The bullet thus. The term projectile. But. Lightning is different I think. Something is impelling, not propelling. Take. A look at that picture of a volcano with the lightning around it as, the volcano explodes. And projects. Ash into the air it's. Charging, the atmosphere, and changing the pressure potential, and there. Is such varying, extreme, pressures, in a short amount of time it. Releases, arcs, of electricity. So. Pay attention to the sound of an implosive bubble, versus an explosive, bang see, if you can tell the difference listen. To that pistol shrimp again I. Think. The, sound of a Tesla coil is, different. Than, the sound of an explosion. I, think. We're hearing the atmosphere, collapsing, at given frequencies, rather, than a wave pushing, through the atmosphere, at a given frequency with. A Tesla coil. If. You blow up a balloon underwater, and then. Quickly suck, all the air back into your lungs the. Surrounding, water will collapse to the point where the balloon just occupied, that space. But. If you collapse the balloon fast enough, the. Water will slap together from the collapse and it, will cause a sound, but. It's the result of an implosion, not an explosion, the. Sound from an explosion will carry radiation, with it, sound. From an implosion, might not carry radiation, because nothing is radiating. It's, a different dynamic to achieve sound. Other. People might think thunder is an explosive, sound but I do not think so. Now. We're going to get into the more interesting, aspects, of this stuff the, implications. Of controlled, cavitation. On the atomic level, Hutchison's. Experiments. Professor. John Searles technology. Addressed, the solar system. Einstein's. Fallacies, Rose, alien science and, let's. See what else we can do. In. Order to address controlled, cavitation. On the atomic level we. Have to first take a look at the mainstream, model of the atom in relation. To reality. So. We're gonna have story time. Using. Basic logic, and Occam's razor let's. Take a closer look at quantum mechanics. Occam's. Razor means. That the simplest, solution is most. Likely the correct one so. Here, is mainstream sciences. Version, of Occam's razor. There. Once was a magical, kingdom and this. Kingdom, exploded. Into existence from, nothing. The. Smallest parts, of that kingdom they call atoms and they. Are made up of one-sided coins, and one-sided, magnets, called, protons, and electrons, with. An O sided, magnet called a neutron. They. Say the proton, is an all positive, magnet and an. Electron, is a massless magnet, but, it's all negative but, that. Positive magnet, and the imaginary, negative, magnet don't go together oh no no, this.

Is A magical, kingdom and in. This fantasy world positive. And negative magnets orbit each other on a 2d flat plane. Make. Sense so far right, now. All these positive magnets. Called protons, are compacted. Together somehow. Even. Though to positive. Poles of a magnet will, repel each other. Now. The electrons, are little balls of negativity, but. They aren't really there yet they. Orbit around those compacted, positive, magnets but. Wait not, really because, the little balls of negativity, are more like a cloud of probability at, the same time and those. Little guys pop, in and out of existence, that's. The technical phrase for we don't know what we're talking about now. That, we have all that explained, let's, move on to photons. Good. Old Occam's razor explains, it every time, the. Photon, is another massless, particle, and that's, the fastest, moving thing in the universe but. Wait there. Are other things called neutrinos that travel much faster but. Will just sweep those under the rug and call, it the product of a faulty wire and oh. Yeah tachyons. Travel faster, too but they, don't exist because the King said so, now. This. Sort, of fastest, moving massless, particle, is also a wave, and. It travels in perfectly straight lines like all ocean waves do because. The ocean is flat of course the. End. And. That's. The magical, story of quantum, mechanics, and mainstream. Sciences Occam's razor but. Don't worry there's. A bunch of equations, and formulae, to prove, that story so. It must be true. Well. I don't really see it that way and I. Know of many others who share the same opinions. All. Things, are in motion, all. Motion. Is polarized. Which. Means all things in motion have a north and a south, there's. No such thing as a one-sided ball or a singly, charged particle, it's. Illusions, of observation. Or. Misconceptions. Now. I have my own view, of the atom. Which. Is a little more simplistic, I. Say. That that, cluster, of protons. Is actually. A bunch of bucky balls or magnets. Compacted, together, and. Each of those little bucky balls in that cluster has. A north and a south but. Because the cluster has, mass. They're. Trying to call the entire cluster, a proton. If. People. Are interested, in an alternative, and different, perspectives, I would, strongly encourage looking. Into do EB Larson, and his collected, works and. Especially. Look, into, the book titled, the case against, the nuclear atom, which. Dewey B Larson eloquently, addresses. The misconceptions. Of the mainstream model of the atom and the, history of those ad hoc misconceptions. Here. Again we see a picture of Walter, Russell's diagram, of, the structure of the atom and it's vortex nature. In. 1926. Walter. Russell presented, the spiral, periodic, chart of the elements in two, formats an aerial. View and a side view and sent. Those to hundreds, of scientists, and also publishing the universal, one and sent. That to hundreds of scientists and universities, as well. With. His publication. Of the periodic, chart he. Predicted, the existence of deuterium, and tritium as. Well as all of the transi, rhenium elements such as plutonium. And neptunium. This. Is significant, again which we will see in a later video regarding.

Cavitation. By. 1927. Walter Russell had transmuted, water into 17, different substances. At the Westing Tinnell Schlampe laboratories. An. Alchemy. Ik action, will. Reap what they label a nuclear. Reaction. Which. Will be contained, within its own field, density a, field. Density is different, than a meniscus or wall, of a cell. And. Here. We see a picture comparison. Of John Keeley's model of the atom with. The standard, model of the proton, the quarks and. Dr.. Palisade, capiche ababa hots model. Of the universe in a fractal, form. So. I'm just wondering where. Cavitation. Is accounted, for in the current atomic model. We. See what happens when a propeller, blade of a, certain orientation spins. In, a medium, it. Creates, cavitation. Bubbles in its wake. So. A cluster, of magnets, the. Size of what they would label an atom. Spinning. Really quickly. Might. Generate, cavitation. Bubbles in its wake, so. How are scientists. Supposed, to discern the difference between. A solid, particle and a cavitation, bubble on the atomic scale. If. They. Don't account, for cavitation. Bubbles they. Might make up a bunch of equations to describe the behavior of solid particles a. Sono. Luminescent, bubble is the, result of an alchemy, ik implosion. Not. A standard, explosion. So. When scientists, are measuring datoria. Mand tritium, from. A sono luminescent. Implosion. They. Are trying to duplicate, that by. Taking datoria, mand tritium and smashing. It together in hopes, that they will implode. So. They're using an explosive, force hoping to create an implosion. It's. Absurd which. Is why I think many people have been, having. Difficulties, achieving. Cold, fusion since 1989, because, they're trying to explode. Things and smash them together in hopes that they will implode, within, themselves. Because. They think everything. Was initiated. From explosions. They're. Not looking at the other side of the coin. The, bang of a sono luminescent, bubble is, the last stage, of the cycle before it repeats again not. The first. An. Imploding. Cavitation. Bubble does not compress, to one point, the. North Pole of that bubble caves in on itself to form, a hole or a ring like, a donut, gee. Just like Marco Rodin's models and very. Similar to what Professor, John Searle says happens. During his magnetization, process. With the imprinting, of magnetic. Bubbles, he calls it. Now. Some people label. This new science, L. E and R or low energy nuclear reactions, like. The work of Andreia Rossi I just. Call it alchemy, he. Puts in nickel and hydrogen and comes out with copper, that's. Called transmutation. That's, alchemy, they. Can call it what they want make. Up new names because, we have stigmas, and negative, connotations, associated with, these old words, but. It's alchemy. Now. Let's take a look at this video regarding. Controlled, cavitation. At. Ariston we've, discovered, a way to harness the power of hydrodynamic. Cavitation. Hydrodynamic. Cavitation can, be produced by passing, a liquid through a constricted, channel at a specific velocity a, combination. Of pressure and kinetic, energy is created when the low-pressure cavern, created, downstream, from the local constriction, generates. High energy cavitation, bubbles, the. Formation, growth, and implosive collapse, of these cavitation. Or vapor bubbles, in the liquid releases. Tremendous, localized, energy in the form of shockwaves whether. The waves are disrupted, and more productive. Depends, on your ability to control. The process. At, the edges of the cavity small, amounts, of vapor break off falling, smaller, and smaller cavities, 100. Milliliters to 3 millimeters, in diameter with. Smaller cavities implode. Uniformly, under the high pressure surrounding, them. Control. Flow cavitation. Technology, controls. The location, sides. Density. And the intensity, of implosion, of the bubbles in the zone to, create optimum, process, conditions. It's. This advanced understanding of physics and the ability. To apply productive. Process, that, sets eras planning part of everyone. Else it is real meditation. Filled, with so many things and we have just begun to explore its, potential. Errors. Towing systems. Innovation. For the alternative. Fuel industry. Normally. Cavitation. Is only detrimental. And destructive, to a system, and impeller blades and propeller blades and you, can see here evidence. Of the, scarring, and the pock marks left behind from the imploding. Bubbles. Now. What's interesting to me is. Comparing. That damage, to. John Hutchison's, experiments.

And. Here. We have a picture of, microscopic. Mixing. So. You have two particles, that, normally would just go together like two magnets or two bucky balls but. You can turn that magnet, into a bunch of tinier, magnets, individualized, in a grid at, which point you can pass those two through each other and then. You can reorganize. Them or recombine, them so that they are fused. Together in a new state and. Then. We look at John Hutchison's, experiments, with, this butter, knife in a, solid, block of metal. And. We see the cavitation, damage resulting. From that. There's. A lot more to, these types of Sciences. Imagine. What we can do on the atomic level this. Is microscopic, mixing, imagine. Atomic, mixing. But. It's not atomic fusion in the same regard as science, knows it currently, it's. A fusion resulting, from cavitation. So. Something. Other than electrons. Jumping, valence, is going, on here. In. The. Top left we. See a still image taken. From former, YouTube user magnet, vortexes. Video. This. Is a paper clip sandwiched, between two, neodymium, magnets, those. Magnets, are in front of an old TV, and. We can see what they call the charge distribution, from. The magnetic field lines. The. Image on the top right is. A nanoscopic, microscopy. Costing. Billions of, dollars over the course of many years and. They claim that for. The first time scientists. Image the charge distribution within, a single molecule. For. The first time huh. So, by that logic and the, picture comparison, we. Can say that two magnets, are acting like a single molecule, and. That evidence can be seen for less than $100, on an old TV. So. How much money do we really need to spend, what. Happens on a microt happens, on a macro, and all, scales in between. You.

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Hi Cullen. Do you recommend any books on astrotheology and etymology. THANKS

Interestingly Chinese internal martial arts use spiraling energy to generate power .

PEOPLE, let's put the internet to better use for ourselves by launching a quantum jumping biohack site or channel built with user-input so we can all benefit by quantum jumping into better timelines. Looking for computer and internet-savvy people. TIA. I have a lot of working ideas already, but I'm sure there are many more out there that people use daily that we could all benefit from.

Yes, there is likely millions of QJ methods and tools ... to be gained if we put away the porn and sports, geesh, people get busy with the right things.

Tesla had it figured out already if you believe the Philadelphia Experiment happened as claimed. I believed every life experience ever already happend and that we just kind of loop back into one of the lifes experienced in the universe we choose before doing so. Even time itself seems to be torroidal vortex.

At 1st I thought boring. But I thought I would give it 10 mins. Wish there was more. Nice job. Going to explore this deeper thnx.


Also I've seen something similar to your cluster structure, Im able to see energy have been for 12+ months, solid particles a white door for example. Seems to be saturated in energy especially when viewed in sunlight. Energy in powerlines are outlined. I suspect there's no end to this energy. Although the energy viewed via my smart phone differed then what is viewed in the air. The actual energy is usually the same in my experience. They just express itself differently. The energy in the screen, move in a more fixed pattern, while in the air is free form. Although energy in screens, have been noted, to act strangely on occasion. I have updates on effects, of opening my pineal gland, if you would like me to send them I will. Nice video! Peace and Love!

Near the end I got to thinking about the Philadelphia experiment. When the ship came back, some of the test subjects on board the ship were allegedly fused into the ship.


Thanks I'll watch it now :)

mantovannni also.. in the "x-files" show, they had an episode where a lizard was found inside of a rock after a "ufo" flybye. "Ufo" are known for "anti gravity".

mantovannni Yea, the butter knife in the metal...

see my video on the Htuchinson effect and philadelphia experiment,.

when people say that something is creating a heat equal to or greater than that of the sun, i automatically know that they are full of $#!+. nobody, and i mean NOBODY, knows how hot the sun is, because we do not even know what the sun IS, in the first place! for all we know, the sun is simply a focal point of light being created from outside a translucent parabolic barrier of some sort. thus, what we call "The Sun" (TS, or 39, 3rd 3y3), could simply be a projection from another source altogether. beyond that, "over unity" or perpetual motion machines SHOULD be repeatable, given any schematics uploaded to the interwebs; same with "star in a jar", or sonoluminescence. i'm not saying they are not possible, but i think healthy skepticism is the best position to take, at this point. many Flearfers think that these water-based jar-stars are an explanation for the stars that we see rotating above us, since biblically they would exist in what is described as the "waters above" the firmament. one thing is for sure, they are NOT giant balls of burning gas trillions and quadrillions of miles away; and we most certainly do NOT know how hot they are!

sure, but again, how can you model something when you don't even know what it IS, in the first place? to purport that you do, would mean to accept the claims of the standard model of theoretical physics and cosmology, which are proved to be nothing more than conjecture-based pseudoscience, that rely heavily on mathematical constructs that have no basis in reality. you are welcome to accept these first-tenets, a foundation of contradictions, as a basis for your understanding of the universe, but then again, isn't that sort of what the thunderbolts project is in part fighting against to begin with? makes no sense to me, accepting "a priori", illogical suppositions, to then try and disprove certain aspects of these fanciful beLIEfs, further down the proverbial road; but to each his own, i suppose.

it's all speculation at this point, since the ability to get up that high is outside what the general populace is allowed access to. this is why they can continually promise a return to the moon, and civilians in space, and nobody even realizes or cares when they cancel these trips, over, and over, and over again. it's logical to assume there is a barrier up there, simply due to the fact that we live in a closed-system, with pressure gradients and dynamic weather patterns. beyond that, there are things like "sun dogs", rainbows, lighting that reflects on opposite sides of the night sky, thunder reverberations, megacryometeors, tektites and libyan desert glass, restricted access to the poles, and much, much more, which also seem to indicate the existence of some hard, fast barrier above and/or around us. you are right to wonder, and you should keep doing so!

the SAFIRE project by thunderbolts project is the best thing we have to model the sun in the lab. its a cold plasma. powered externally by electrical filaments called birkeland currents, also modelled by christian birkeland in the late 1800s

Cass Andera i have been wondering that about the sun exactly what youdescribed makes the best sense. Noone knows what the hell it is. Or stars.Ive been wondering alot like what if they are bits of like from outside a bigger source. And would if these dumb idiot politicians and globalist cabals break the firmament would the waters come rushing in???right? There is alot of viseos being intriduced that shows their homemade rocketz with cameras showing a stable flat plane of earth NOT round ball, and these rockets cant penetrate past the firmament it hits a hard firmament preventing anything getting through, did we go to the moon? Absolutely NOT!

Cullen you are crushing it lately, much love and gratitude, the human race.

Water, the great mystery was one of the first documentaries that i ever watched and thought was truly profound. It made spirituality tangible. Thank you Cullen for sharing even more profound revelations on the subject.

Makes me feel better knowing the potential is there, yet unfortunately the masses (we) just don't have the brain capacity to meet that potential sometimes you wonder why you're here or even as so much to exist!!-$ ✊ it's just awful everything suppressed oppressed one generation being robbed after another races wiping each other out women destroying men and men losing their essence of integrity children losing their identity technology over imposed who am I kidding true order brings absolute real power because it's natural maybe there is a chance let me remind you to be water my friends and let it flow

I am only a mechanic,no science. Have they tried embedding magnets into these impellers? Just a thought!

Don't get caught with anything that produces free energy. You won't be fined. You won't be arrested. Your entire property would get wiped out. Possibly with you on it. You know how many people know about free energy and the high speed electromagnetic railway that travels at about Mach 3 or 4? Connects every continent. The difference is I know I can't have this stuff and stay away until they push this technology. Till then I only work with technology that is legally allowed. Thousands of people have created this stuff. Last thing they should do is put that online. For now.

Pulling energy from the Atmosphere itself? I always wondered if that was the reason they spray the skies.

Mike Steve Matt Cali Kelly Rachael I've seen a whole crowd of "people" stealing a white kids shoes because they were Jordans if I sprouted wings tomorrow and could fly around the hood someone would call the FAA

Mike Steve Matt Cali Kelly Rachael look what happened to whilem reike

Jet engine

Thanks C!!! Great Work!!!

Love that quantum mechanics story it makes so much more sense

Not sure if anyone knows this but ... our bodies have been implanted with negative alien mechanisms (frequencies). One of which is activated at certain age to speed up body deterioration so that we never actually receive connection to higher realms and remain reincarnating. Because if these implants we can only go as far as astral realms. The point is ... while its good to maintain a healthy container ... we will never live long enough to aquire enough wisdom to ascend until we find the way to get rid of these implants. I wish you all the best and hope that you find your souls purpose. Peace!!

Haris Diz it s not alien if you do not pray god. Some djin will take control of you.

Ite1 and ite2... Sentelli telescope reveals what seems to be and he had called inner terrestrial entity 1 and 2. I'm not completely on board with the extra terrestrial beings per say as I've not seen evidence to support it. Ufo means unidentified flying object... Which stands to reason if we cannot identify it we cannot conclude whence it came from. I do believe in frequency manipulation however.

Might take Theoria Apothasis and Lifting the Veil types together to work out how Rife actually made that work. Most Rife modern machines are subject to too much critique to be worth it beyond experimenting and working out his work as much has can possibly be done so.

from what ive read and watched so far some seem to be convincing some others not, i dont have any first hand experience either..

kitty Before I waste my time any further, do you even believe in the extra terrestrial hypothesis?


Haris Diz yes, negative inter-dimensional entities which are mostly thought of as extra- terrestrial in origin are known to be harvesting souls and manipulating our destiny for their own agenda!!

Has anyone heard of a device called the Rife frequency generator which you hold 2 copper cylinders in your hand. This little unit produces electric frequencies from 10 kHz range up to 3ghz by holding this device for 15 minutes 3 x a week it energises your cells back to normal as all cells in the body generate there own specific frequencies. There is also a device called the Lakhovsky device which was designed by Dr Lakhovsky who was friends with Tesla and got Tesla to design the machine. These systems are both similar in thought but different in design one uses radio waves and the other electiricity. These machines are still being used today to cure cancers and diseases and balance the body... Main stream medicine (big pharma) is dead against these and pushes radiation and chemo therapy which actually kills good cells more than the bad!! MMS is also known to kill all known cancers!!



Haris Diz very close to the truth.

Kundalini enegry moves in a spinal pattern yeah the Egyptians we're using zero point energy to move heavy objects

great please look into nano bubbles,REALITY is a HOLLOGRAPHIC REFLECTION of our collective THOUGHT, THOUGHT is the creator and WE are the thinkers

mick ward Wow! I wanna pick your brain !

Thank you. Always fascinating. Namasté.

Just thinking out loud...1. Purify the water using sonic captivation 2. Apply nano geometry to set or frame new structures 3. Then apply the force of thermodynamics to change the structures. 4. Then assimilate this water into the human bodyAlign the vibrational energy of this new water with the vibrational energy of the human body, thereby healing the body?

Hey Cullen, I've learned a lot from you and other teachers on Youtube. I have been annotating Grateful Dead lyrics and sharing them with everyone. I do not make youtube videos, but you do. I'd love to share all my annotations (esoteric) Will you consider making a video on this subject? Here's a sample.Long distance runner what you standing there for? Get up, get off, get out of the door You're playing cold music on the bar room floor, drowned in your laughter and dead to the core There's a dragon with matches loose on the town Take a whole pail of water just to cool him down GRATEFUL DEAD: Song, Fire on the Mountain  @  * Long Distance Runner represents Your Consciousness The Bar Room Floor represents Your Lower Consciousness The Dragon with Matches represents Kundalini Energy Water represents Truth Town represents You Mountain represents Higher Consciousness Fire represents Spirit According to Hermes, Dragon means Eternal ReasonFootnotes:  Dictionary of Scripture and Myth by G. A. Gaskell * Here is the Jerry Garcia Band singing about The Secret of the Light by Walter Russell*

And don't forget to PH the water? Or does the vibrational energy change the PH to 8.0?

This is one of the most intelligent presentations of evolutionary information I've ever seen. Amazing job.


Daniel Lewis i agree well done!

Cullen, excellent video!


Dude the kind of propulsion that is possible with this concept could take us anywhere in a blink! This is also very similar to how A-Bombs work, uh sort of, but less heavy on the insane engineering requirements (this comment relates to the Star in a Jar)

THUMBS UP! haha, it's just a habit, because it may be the only "like" i get. actually, i do not believe anything, since i am a nihilist; i only tentatively accept certain premises as true, in the interim of lacking sufficient information, in any given case. but again, it's not a thesis i'm presenting, but rather a critique of pseudoscientific ideas or theories, which are accepted "a priori" to any rational examination of the tenets which are proposed by them. and they are accepted by weight of authority alone, which is in and of itself a logical fallacy, and are thereafter propped up by mass-appeal, another logical fallacy which stems from the first. (brain) wash, rinse, repeat; and that is how you get a populace which is largely normalized to ideas which are, on the face of them, absurd and unproved. if people would only learn to think critically, and understand that our inductive reasoning can be tainted through indoctrination from a young age, and things which are simply "not so", normalized within our individual and social paradigms, then we wouldn't be having this discussion to begin with. nice jab about the flearfers, btw. it's always an easy win when you use an association fallacy, especially with FE! ;P

Cass Andera You can claim what you believe is obvious all you want but without an intellectual effort to prove your thesis I can't get into it. What you are doing is the same thing flat earthers do in every video. You are claiming what you believe, is simple logic and observation. However, it's not even a common view, because simple logic and basic observation don't lead most people to your conclusions. And liking your own comments is fairly obvious to notice when the thumb goes up immediately upon posting

tbh, i don't care if peeps think differently than i do. it's exactly the POINT, however, that because so MANY of us have been fooled into believing outright lies, that we now live in a world where potentially BILLIONS of human beings (so-called) are walking around in a completely false reality. differences of opinion are one thing, but mass-delusion is LITERALLY the root cause of all of the world's problems, at this point. so thank you, i WILL continue to wag my finger at people, if that's how you perceive it, because in point of fact a whole LOT of people are buying into some pretty silly, stupid, self-absorbed nonsense, that is allowing the world to go to hell, while they play around in fantasy-land and continue this trend with their own deluded offspring. i'm tryin' to break peoples' minds free of this absurd programming-- call it Santa Claus 2.0-- that adults should know better than to believe! still, if you absolutely WANT to believe, then have at it, mr deaf...

okay, beLIEve whatever you want. i'm just trying to get people to think, and not fall for hokey theories and obvious hoaxes; but ultimately everyone will still buy into them if they want to. a "nuke" is not the pinnacle of alchemy, because it's not real, and has never been proved. if you care to see how just how easily, and i mean VERY easily, faked all of that supposed "atom bomb" footage is, there's plenty of resources available here on YT, for your viewing pleasure. just look up "nuclear hoax", and spend a couple hours looking at ideas that run contrary to what you beLIEve. and i don't know how you can claim that "basically all it is" (like it's simple) is just birthing a star, in a reaction that has never been proved ("compressing the atom"), to create something that has likewise never been proved (hot atomic fusion stars). stars are just points of light in the sky, for all we know; and the idea that they are giant balls of gas burning for billions of years, trillions and quadrillions of miles away, is just silly fantasy. again, beLIEve that if you want, but don't act like it's a fact we all have to accept, as if there is any verifiable evidence for it. also, i'm not proposing any "theory", so you don't have to "buy into" it, or anything. i'm simply a critical thinker, who is more skeptical than many who seem all-to-eager to buy into any pseudoscientific idea that sounds remotely intriguing or fantastical to them, in their delusions of grandeur they like to call "reality". "shadows burned unto the ground"? haha, okay, take care now.

William Sullivan No, I literally mean propulsion, from the sudden expanse of heat energy created by extreme implosion. I am aware of impulsion. Starfish larvae use it to perfection.

Cass Andera I'm not buying that at all especially when the same basic concepts exist in this video and you can see it in action yourself. A nuke is the pinnacle of alchemy on so many levels but basically all it is, is a bomb that births a star by compressing the atom until it is exposed enough the same thing that made the 'star in a jar' happens. Except in thas case implosion is used to creat fusion or bombard the atom with neutrons. It is possible, it did happen, and there is tons of unclassified footage of this that you can watch. I'm not buying your theory. Japan was most certainly nuked. You can go see where the shadows of people were burned unto the ground there, still.

Deaf And Destruction impulsion..

"A-Bombs" are not real. hiroshima was a Jesuit hoax; the Black Pope Pedro Arrupe was there that day with his band of Jesuits, to create this fiction. it was done to construct the ultimate hoax threat, that of nuclear weapons and war, to perpetually hold over the heads of a cowering population, who had been consistently traumatized with "duck and cover" air-raid drills and cold war propaganda. that's why a nuclear attack has never happened since these supposed "A-Bombs" were dropped on Japan (who we have occupied ever since). kinda a coincidence that FUkushima (a big F U hoax) would happen to them as well, isn't it? haha

Hey cool and fascinating stuff as always! Been hoping you could suggest some reading materials, especially the books that got you started out in this direction, mainly. This stuff is super cool

2 minutes in and I’m worried this is gonna he deleted by the time I wake up and am able to rly listen. He’s talking a lot about all the same things I’m trying to find out. 19 and could benefit massively I’ve been on this path all my life but only knew less than a year ago

Brandon O'Neil my biggest advice I have for 19, is ebay,land and farm,and google search Cheap bare land, few names like Joe Zilfi American Dreamlands, howard Zonder realty and land(google)should come up just hit reply to ask me any questiins. My point im going with this is find a cheap bare lot you can pay a low monthly fee, i pay 250 a month for 40acres in WA mountains, I go there to reconnect with the mountains and earth, that is what you must do, Land is worth far more than gold, these gentleman ive mentio. Have several properties and willing to take as low as 100 bucks a month, you can easily watch primitive technology to learn of ways to improve the property using your own resource off the land. (wood,stone,water,food) Build a quick greenhouse like we did for year a round bounties of goodies, getoffthe grid as fast as possible because soon 5G will be a boiling pot for all the frogs who choose the city. But these men garenteed absolutly phenominal great bountiful properties. I no longer pay 1,000s for rent i live and own the top of a mountain 100% gaining interest and its developing, you need that more than ever, I give this advice from personnal experience. Good Luck! For meat we raise Yaks,Emus,Chickens,Rabbits,Geese, and Duck. I recommend buy as many edible animals as possible, learn to taxedermy their furs or hides for hats,gloves,hood insulaters, clothing,barters,or blankets. I have experience with this and would love to teach. If processing your own meat isnt easy for you look for a USDA butcher who will certify your meat with packaging for your freezer that can run on solar or dry ice is very effective for storing meat. Harvest meat the same time you harvest a garden. Everything you cook learn to can it for storage! I have sled dogs and i have a lifetime supply of meat broths an assortment of veggie broths i make their food when i make mine,easy peazy! Good luck on your endeavors, any?? Hit reply.bless you.

Brandon O'Neil Thought the same thing better Down load it if you like it peace Brother

i share


Yudit baz dont do it. Jew swindler inbreds might understand how to wipe out the euro tribes



Appreciate you Brother Have a outstanding Day @~

Vibration is free energy all around us, if you can miniaturize a vibration censor and amplify it sensitivity to it highest output, you will have free electric power, which you can increase by simply added more units to create a chain link, the smaller the more useful, underwater underground, on land or Sea, in air or in space. No Single Unit will be reliable unless paired.

This is what it is !!!

I want my 10 min back.

1951 Inventions Secrecy Act. 5000+ patents secretised.

Life loves spheres

Degauzing coils

The magnetic field of earth.

Cern is insane

We are the anti profit

Einstein was a joke

Edison was an idiot con man

After u showed that first creature he created his energy with a claw the mantis shrimp u showed after the first creature u said were the same thing well there not but they both have similar weapons. I dont thing the mantis shrimp even has claws.

The propeller traveling through a magnetic vortex could be get happened in the Bermuda triangle

3 plain added to a substance can jump it to quantum

Tesla gave us all this 100 years ago.

Sound of breathing energizes the body.

Monatomic water

I helps joints

Hi Don, love your comments, the bees amongst other insects are on the way out because of the use of microwaves by homo habilis technologicus ! CERN is fiddleling with the EM Field of our Planet despite they know of the potential danger, while Crop Circles explaining the true nature of the Universe. ....... CONCIOUSNESS is our weapon, and We are the Future. ...............OM

Lemon juice, ph balance of the blood

A pyramid will increase plant growth.

Bee's don't fly, they levitate, with sound.

The top of devils tower is covered in hexagons.


Flower of life

Stan Meyer died over this

The sun gives off sound and light, not heat.

Laws or physics, never understood this phrase, we are still way behind in tech.

Frequency, vibration, energy. 432 hertz, 3,6,9 Vortex math Bedini circuit Perpetual motion 1 in 10000 out generator

Zero point energy was invented by Tessa, it's pretty simple to build, I have used hho, water powered engines

Science today is a religion

It's really disheartening to see how many people are suckered by this crap. It's just as well they all discard their educations. They only learned how to pass tests, not the actual material. They didn't understand a d**n word of it. People like "lifting the veil" here are getting millions of clicks for deluding the gullible.

This is neat stuff to imagine/visualize the math for. Implosions insinuate that a Hole is filled with superexpanded materials that reconfigure to be miniscule, resulting in a gap to apear which fills in systematically, creating more voids before the first is properly filled, which invokes a trauma, while the initial hole closes causing fissures. It would create a re-exploiding centrifuge. That has no percievable end until it reaches an atnosphere of readily stabalized materials (air). I can do it in my garage. But i'd burn in hell for abandoning God's demand to live to kill rapists.

Back in the early 2,000s there was a Blackout in the Northeast region of the U.S. There was early word in the news that of a joint British Canadian U.S. experiment near Ottowa at that time. THEY say that this experiment was shooting ion beams into the atmosphere. As a result the ion beams generated a suction from the surrounding atmosphere 's energy ,pulling it down to earth and therefore surging the electrical grid. THEY later said it was a breaker in Cleveland. This might shed some extra LIGHT on this video?

Have Been looking at much of this and how it ties in well with the gospels of Jesus. Made a few videos if you get a moment. Thank you very much for sharing this. It’s appreciated. Prayers for love and patience for us all.

sharing too. Thank you, just for being you. Red and blue light radiation… when you create, @blueish@ is the theme. Hope as far one can see! Farewell, human

Well done my friend!

like the points in your intro allready.., :)

You mean: Tesla, Heavyside, Steinmetz, Maxwell, Faraday, right?

Sacred geometry for sure high technology in plain site. That Egyptian device was diverted water from the Nile and pushed through the pyramid to create a frequency over granite and a bed of crystals

Thermodynamics and modern physics are bullshit everything's moving you might not be,able to see the movement but it occurs it's said crystals may be alive just moving slowly we have been lied to check out 440 htz v 432 htz Westinghouse used Tesla's technology he stole it for profit.cavitation is sacred geometry like airplanes running on this same technology using the compression of air to power the plane plus all that energy that can be pulled out of the clouds from the friction static seems to me that an passenger jet could carry enough fuel in it's tanks in the wings they are using alternate technology look at the fuel trucks they are tiny just a small amount for take off or an emergency but simply compressed air turns the turbine and creates power DC to a battery bank once at altitude it's cake it's getting up they're massive energy the further you go up

Tachyons very interesting

This math illistrations bring FREEMASONIC images and art there must be a connection regarding the mystery schools and hidden technology

This is just like willhelm reicht and orgone energy

Sonic cavitation using frequencies

Same technology as Victor Schauburger used cavitation and fudion at room temp by water compression you can just thermodynamics in the trash can there is enough energy in a spoon to power a neighborhood scalar energy ether energy

This is very interesting...and may apply to the ""soft-rock"" megalithic structures....hummmm !!!


Excellent presentation, and very fascinating. Compiling the various tidbits of understanding into a more coherent form of totality. Much has come from this, and more will follow. Keep up the good work.

M H; Which lab was that?

Wow! Thanks

If a person drinks the structured water, will they become lightening rods ?? Awesome video...I love this stuff Gotta watch again

Six point stars. Yes Frequency electro magnetic Controls. The wooden nickel Being from New Orleans I remember catching a wooden nickel at the alla parade in 1969 .

Check out Thomsen-Berthelot My ancestor . I have been staring into the Sun since I was a child and I have seen the blue and purple creator lights and this just confirm it to me .Thanks a Trillion.

I believe cavitation produces a vibration/sound which is the transmitter of all energy and information according to resonance. A tuning fork vibrates another tuning fork of the same resonance. It appears the Heart creates a cavitation with the closing of one way valves sending a Sonic wave of electricity that energizes and informs the entire body and many feet beyond strongly and the entire less strongly with every beat. It seems likely to me that a one way valve was used to create a Sonic wave through the Great Pyramid which was filled with water that resonated with King and Queens chambers like the Sonic wave from the Heart resonates with the pineal and pituitary glands through the spinal fluid in the body. I think that the creation of a specific resonance is the key to free energy. I don't believe that the Rodin coil resonates to ambient radiation but doesn't create or sustain a vortex which is needed I believe. I believe that it's a conduit for energy but doesn't create it.

We share a Universe!

Oh yeah, I loved the video it has a lot of great information.

You have a few good points in your ideas! spirals are in deed in nearly everything, straight lines "are" a farce, explosions vs implosions, still debating if structured water is actually structured or just oxygenated, protons are magnets... neutrons are more or less proton electron pairs where the electron got too close and was bound within the magnetosphere of the proton. they happen to have a decay rate when not attached to a proton of 14.5 minutes (the time it takes before the down quark eventually is directly between the electron and one of the up quarks... ....

Okay, take it back. I'm half way through the video and very interested. The video with the shrimp etc. just set me off, I thought it was a juvenile scam, my apologies.

I understand your premise regarding the insulation of our earth however If the Sun is 149.6 million km away from Earth I very much doubt 600000 feet is going to make such a difference to being nearer the sun. There are surely other factors of nature at work here such as thin layer of air that account for the cold temperatures you have been fortunate to experience. Again I can’t personally prove it either way. I simply ask myself what exactly has NASA to gain by lying to us about the temperature in the first place? I will be the first to admit my ignorance on here once I see something tangible from the probe that goes against my years of thinking that the Sun is Hot. It’s a dying star burning up its ever depleting fuel & spectroscopes infrared technologies have all been designed & calibrated with this knowledge in mind. It’s an interesting debate

We thing the same. However you stay highly focused on this topic and it makes for greatness. We need to get you funding.

Searl effect has been attempted many, many times by highly skilled people and not achieved. That clown couldnt reproduce it himself let alone anyone trying to create his wild imagination. Hutchinson effect same thing, fraud.

Are you aware that temperature is not equivalent to energy bro? You need to look at mass as well. You really need to get some basics down.

The principles of a sonic screw driver like in Dr.Who micro dynamic vibrations .It is all the way I would make gravity wells of push pull actions at a distance John Hutchson's design that he has still in secrete experiment 's a wonderful man

You should read Dr. Gerald Pollack's studies on the 4th Phase of Water. Water in a hydrophylic jar exposed to IR will build offsetting lattice sheets of negatively charged water, pushing out ions and particulates into an [E]xclusion [Z]one, creating a charge difference. The EZ water forms in hexagonal molecular sheets and can comprise of millions of layers..

I like the way you explain things it make it easy to understand and fascinating. I hated school growing up cause my teachers were boring and didn’t care to connect with theyre students. You should also look into slim spurlings light life tools. He created the tensor ring and also more like the harmonizer which is unreal cause it can actually effect weather and pollution.

I to believe hexagons play a huge roll in our world. Even on top of Saturn there is a huge hexagon. Excellent work love people who think outside the box even though science people hate others that don’t conform with they’re way of thinking.

The impeller is the heart of a conch shell. So directly from nature using the conch shell minus its exterior removed.

This went downhill fairly quick. Wandering , spewing whatever .

What a great video well done ty for uploading

Separate the waters below from the waters above.

Policy changes to start. Theres existing tech that simply isnt used because the Power utility makes it financially impractical. For instance, there's a wonderful invention called a digester that uses a microorganism to convert manure into methane and environmentally safe waste water then burns off the methane to produce electricity. I know of two large scale dairy farmers in my area alone that bought and set up 10 of these (4 at one freestall barn, and 6 at the other larger freestall). Because the utility will not allow you to put energy into the system, ie will not pay YOU for power, they can only run a single digester, and then only at 10 to 15% efficiency most of the time. The real kick in the teeth comes when you reslize the negative effect that unused manure has on the environment since farmers have no choice financially but to go back to spreading it over fields, most of which are forced to spread more than is technically legal too, as theres just not enough land set for crops that can handle that. These machines should be running in every farm that can support one. Its sad that tech that wonderful is being stonewalled for no othet reason than greed... making power by ompletely eliminating a toxic pollutant that is a real problem in many rural areas of the country.

I wonder if the size of the geometrical design was directly proportional to the frequency of the material being used would enhance the effect of energy.

No... this is just silly. High temp doesn't mean lot's of energy. You have to understand heat capacity and find out the total mass of the material and even then you still need to know what the surrounding pressure is. People can compare a claw creating supercavitation, but I've seen people do it by gently rocking a vial back and forth, there may be in the thousands of atoms possibly in the tens of thousands of atoms reaching star "surface" temperatures, but that is such an unbelievably small amount of mass that it when it collapses down again, you wouldn't be able to see it. What I think I'm trying to say is I'm more impressed by the energy potential of super caps than crab claws. As for light production, LED's are already incredibly efficient, It wouldn't surprise me if MIT found a way to run some very weak diodes off of just ambient radio power... I mean, a foxhole radio works so why not? As for the guy who calls water an element and uses microwaves to break down the hydrogen bonds to turn that sterling engine. That's just the most silly of them yet. Microwave generation is 90% efficient at most, electrolysis water is 20% efficient at best, Stirling engines are at best 30% efficient and You can see his is among the lower efficiency sterling engines. If you put 100W in to his machine, you would get 40w out best case scenario.

Have you looked at Chesterhedron, his Name is Chester and a sculptor, he’s done a lot of work on shapes, one in particular that represents the heart and vortex shape. He’s a little boring but if you stick with it it’s amazing.

Loads of globe propaganda in this piece

Fascinating Info, Great Observation and Conjecture!!!

(INVERSE RATIOS) is the basis for understanding agitative results dealing dissimilar elements! Aggregate Fusion occurs by the molecular build up of heat formation which at specific temperatures will cause ignition of sub particles to produce gaseous States of degradation, i/e=ir-Loss..... ( ● )"\|/"( ● )


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! OM

and thunder makes lightning !

Great video...Hinting at zero point energy.

man this is an awesome and very informative video!!! Love it. I learned so much that i've never heard of or been taught in school! makes me wonder what the hell are they teaching lol. it should be this!

מענין מאוד היתי רוצה ליראוד יותר מהנושה .תודה

if its so powerful and hot then could that be the trick to getting fussion to keep fusing?

opps nevermind, after watching the whole things thats basically what it boils down to lol

it collapse very much the same way stars do

Walter Russell , a worthy Messanger ! ! ! Thanks Brother ! Peter

wow ... your brains rock. nice work! impressive!

omg this is gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have been wanting more info on marcos torodial donut lol This is better then the movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy shit i feel like I'm rolling balls, like the first batman movie to come out!!!!!

Good work young lad, I liked it it made my belly feel funny. I may at some point go back and dig up faraday he could be another path for those to come who seek a Devine feeling within Christmas

All knowledge rotatted 180 degrees /Satanism

The hex is more efficient because of less surface exposed to the friction of passing threw the air

He meant as an equal temp not BTUs

Very interesting great compilation I love these theory's but money will bury this info , someone has to always be in power

Lighting rips the fabric of space time and thunder is when it snaps back together? New Sub, good stuff here, will look forward and backward for more!

Absolutely awesome video..... thank you.....have subbed


that thing at 6 00 is a vacuum bubble and its not hot as sun lol

A completely disjointed presentation of bits of information with only hearsay "facts".

Pre WWII Victor Schauberber was using this to draw an aircraft through the air rather than push it .

what s the implosion and what s explos ion. !?

I believe cavitation produces a vibration/sound which is the transmitter of all energy and information according to resonance. A tuning fork vibrates another tuning fork of the same resonance. It appears the Heart creates a cavitation with the closing of one way valves sending a Sonic wave of electricity that energizes and informs the entire body and many feet beyond strongly and the entire Universe less strongly with every beat. It seems likely to me that a one way valve was used to create a Sonic wave through the Great Pyramid which was filled with water that resonated with King and Queens chambers like the Sonic wave from the Heart resonates with the pineal and pituitary glands through the spinal fluid in the body. I think that the creation of a specific resonance is the key to free energy. I believe that the Rodin coil resonates to ambient radiation but doesn't create or sustain a vortex which is needed I believe. I believe that it's a conduit for energy but doesn't create it.

At least one probably many more

You have to love science & nature... unless you're deluded... they are some of the few things that make life worth living :)

The Philadelphia experiment was just that... an experiment... imagine what they are up to these days.

amazing stuff. imagine if all the knowledge was applied unhindered....

Looks like robert dinero in cabdriver

Put this on every video platform you can

I restructure my water in my products and I can say it makes a very big difference.

Man that was some good stuff that someone else all ready Knows DUUH Ha just another great mind shot full of Holes,mean while back on the Ranch Gabby in drunk again.Recon if I get hem to drink some of this here Spacial he won't get drunk anymore,I have it just Explos ion what ever that means ??

A Plasma Vortex displacing air for an el. discharge = Thunder

Yaa I felt like I was in the frist grade again back 70 years ago,did not know much then maybe this is a frist grade lession recon ?

Dame if I know Haaaa ?

And a painter, too! (?)

Einstein didnt really do anything that really benefitted anyone unlike Tesla Schauberger Rife. Tesla spoke of Sub atomic particles and thought Einstein was basically a doofus and destructive.

I agree, so many holes in mainstream science... great video!

Love this channel! :) that vortex is a torsion field, or the Fibonacci sequence, water is a vibrational magnifier meaning it holds your state of emotion, Dr Emoto,

I’m ready to invest! Our daughter has been fighting cancer for 2 1/2 years. I’m ready to build a resonance chamber.

Once again , thank you Cullen for this presentation . I confirm many of these findings with my own experimental observations regarding the water permeability aspect of extra penetration into cellular structures . I have just recently , as of this past week , been very successful at acceleration of germination of plant structures . Using Schauberger's understandings ...a perfect tonal vortexing system , combined with magnets set up in a hyper-trochoid pattern and then additional spiral , combined with Royal Rife's knowledge of frequencies , ...plant germination time has been lessened by 50 % to as much as 300 % ...variations of different plants are already 4" in height in less than 10 days time . The best test subject was different tobacco seeds that require 28 days time to germinate , which using the information in this video , plus a bit more exacting knowledge , the time was shortened to just 6 days time x hundreds of seeds from 6 variations of tobacco , and the plants experimented on were of 40 different varieties , sprouting in just 3 days time were beets , peas , cucumbers, kohl rabi , strawberries , yellow squash , etc...and even though 10 days time has passed up until now , many more plants are 1" in height , and some are just beginning ... I do appreciate the knowledge of using the honeycomb formation for the fuel hammer in line system . In my opinion , the permeability aspect of increased plant growth , is the phase angle change of the hydrogen bond to the oxygen molecule , which is increased in size from an average of 104 degrees to 110 degrees or greater ... and again , just my opinion , but do consider using frequency applications on the fuel , and also use the impeller delivery system ... we all need better fuel economy ... once again , thank you for this great little presentation . T.... p.s.---when conducting my own water experiments , I found that a DC coil has better lasting structural integrity than using an AC coil , with regards to water structuring . A very serious mistake that most plant growers are making today is the N/P/K aspect to make plants growth bigger / better / faster ... understanding nature is the key as Schauberger explains in detail , so we must consider the field where the plants grow and not the plant , and going just one step further , think of the field as being alive and very similar in genetic makeup to human beings , and feed the field what it takes to make us super healthy ... you will grow the best tasting , and most beneficial plants you have ever eaten ... lol... just my ranting ...T...

You don't need the mass of the sun to produce it's surface temperatures. That is an erroneous presumptuous statement. It's the spike in pressure on the collapsing air bubble that also spikes the temperature. PV=nRT

The sun is very cold and is not ninety three million miles away from earth as NASA claims, the sun is not a huge humungous ball of fire there are no solar flares or sun spots, the sun is made of cold fusion and not of fire, as the sun's energy radiates down to earth becomes hot but the sun is very cold. The sun is approximately the size of the moon and both are very close to earth, the sun and moon are in earth's atmosphere approximately two hundred and fifty miles away from earth.

Some background music also run

Such a good video. I agree with the Egyptian disc theory for water cavitation. I went to sleep thinking about it and woke up remembering my dream of it spinning in the water. Freaky!

Well done. Great background wind chime like audio.

But I love old classic cars that run on gasoline and Diesel

I’m a HVAC mechanic and I spend plenty of time in mechanical rooms,, boiler rooms, etc., the amount of heat in most of these rooms is extraordinary, so basically all of that heat is wasted energy, we must find a way to utilize this heat by collecting it and using it as energy, thus becoming much more efficient. I can’t even explain how much energy is wasted, the different industries need to collaborate and create ways to minimize or if possible eradicate energy loss altogether, it is absolutely possible if we put our minds to it, it isn’t something we need to do it’s something we have to do.

Good video man, hope you can do more. I Love our Electric universe

Interestingly look at Kesha Foundation free Plasma Energy (Health Energy and space Travel )

what's up with the chipmunk voice?

My main interest is anti-gravity propulsion. But in many ways this the same technology involved in free energy generators.

Sound structures space


The commonality between these people is that they were suppressed ! Vigorously ! And the main reason was oil ! Or the monopolization of oil ! To rules the world !

yep it is alchemy ! science or physic or both even looked at the famous alchemy table of old ( fire water air aether void etc)and they found that all the element they found in the periodic table ? they fit in the old alchemy table! wow!

so technically you could make a turbine like we saw in the start of the video vertical but said thing could be made to generate its own resonance and you could had sound in the center shaft to further amplify? dam that is one powerfull technology

walter russal chart about octave? where can i get that chart!

moving in strait line without eyes or hear? call a friend and try it for a day! if you go where you shouldnt he steer you ! and experiment stop! ( ideally you do that in a big air filled sphere like we see in places! and then science expect light to do what nothing can do ? ya right!

lets be honest , this was taught of before! the issue back then was 3d printer didnt exist ! making these manually would be too costly

mimicking that tornade is easy since it use the Fibonacci prime sequence

so your saying that if someone willfully keep the blade at less the 29 degree in all direction ( kind of similar to the vertical water turbine thingy) it cost less energy ? didnt they say it was impossible to make in the past .oh forgot! we got 3d printer now so ya mold can be done now! dam nice find . i had forgotten

you ll likely need a crystal( probably graphene) or diamond so sono resonance technology

same can be done with mercury( dont try it on earth please . send that experiement close to the sun

that is likely how the 24 coffin like box were powering . an american has the receipe. add a diamond . and you got sono whatever! there was likely a box in each pyramid chamber! and a diamond in each box . add the mixture of the american in the box close the lit then put the electrum tip on top of the pyramid and get out of the pyramid

Get a life !

nice work !!

Excellent video man nice to see people exposing the suppressed technology that's really out there.If all these guy would make there inventions and intellectual property open source The Big Guys wouldn't be able to stop it.All the sheeple that just woke up and smelled The Big Wolf will be to busy researching and testing to give a fart.

So whatI have said for decades, stop moving to go faster

What a complete and utter dope this Lifting the Veil numb nuts is! All the water nonsense is like the hippies in the 1970's claiming that crops grow better within a pyramid. Almost every part of this video is absurd fantasy and heavy handed falsehoods. It presents scientific knowledge as if it was a silly magical notion rather than proven fact. Science is based upon methods that are reproducible by anyone, scientist or otherwise. That's how you know fact from fiction.

awesome work! will have to think about this a lot but initial gut feeling tells me you are on the money :D

Thank you. That Is one comprehensive overview.. . . . Who needs the veil anyway (?)

When you look back in history, scriptures, the Nazca Lines, geoglyphs, petroglyophs, hieroglyphs, sacred geomety etc ... we were taught all this, how did we forget??? Throw away everything you thought you ever knew, we have been lied to, we live in a technological construction which they hide to loot and plunder the glory.

amazing !

Is Victor Schauberger mentioned here any where?

yes. please share.

Yes, yes he is..

Makes no difference, if you understand it or not, but the most of the experiments are scientifically sound, and Russel, Schauberger, Tesla, Einstein...... all Hippies! Do not worry, even the Standard Model of Physics is a bit confusing for some.... (Higgs..Particle...Field....Process? )

Haha I love this video thank you Cullen great video I get it 100%! Much light love peace Namaste

56:55 Freemasonic compass and square...

all being suppressed by the snakes,!

While I agree with you, some extremely useful things were discovered in the early 20th century. The A.M.A. used its vast influence and money to keep these things out of the market. Chemical companies, manufacturing drugs for symptoms, will not allow cheap, helpful cures into the public domain. It's all about the money, sadly.

Superb! Anybody made a geet engine for their science project? It Is An Implosion, yes?

How many explosions in an explosion !Noone can Say.? Is how Many dimensions !

I want some of those pistol shrimp to drop into my ex’s hot tub next time I see her. I’m joking of coarse I would use an alligator.


Hello Lifting The Veil, if you can combine Keshe Foundation work with your work, you can tune water with exact same energy of what ever part of body is and not only body, you choose your world. Not only whole without full understandig. Knowledge is here, just dont jump to Keshe and want all in one hour. Mr.Searl was present also in of the workshops. Be patient, Be safe, peace and love.

You Should Do Science For A Living. Currently Youre Just Suckling At The Teet Of Science And Spitting Out The Milk You Dont Like.

Its all about frequency ... and the resonant point of the material targeted, is the start .... then, things get into freaky matter.

you need to be funded for this amazing job ! thank you very much Sir ♥

i work with these ideas, maybe one day we can brainstorm together.

there is another concept that i have been working on, involving the 369 concept, its basically very simple, yet explaining it seems more difficult then it actually should be.

anyway, the bottom line is that i personally believe that once we get the absolute fundamentals of these concepts, that is not very complicated in principle, the details will always reveal more & more mysteries, but the principals & function will be able to operate is extreme simplicity.

every single paradoxical phenomena is reaching into the zero point, they are all connected to one another.

just a rough draft of a few ideas i have discovered, resonance feedback multiplies output, soundwave can be converted into electricity threw piezoelectricity pickup, use a y-splitter to siphon half power back into the input & an output.

Incredibly interesting video ! I loved every minute of this .

I had a idea recently that there's so much debris in our field of sight of our sun that it gives a different appearance, creating a blinding glow of something different. If one was close to the rings of Jupiter at the right distance Jupiter might not be visible. If someone dropped a satellite with a video camera pointing directly at the Sun with another camera pointing exactly the opposite direction and kept it's position as the earth continues its revolution in 1/2 year there would be an answer of what would our sun(and debris) be blocking our view from.

I fucking love this video its great, very very interesting brother I've just subscribed to your channel. Nature and geometry are the very secrets to all aspects of life.

Wow i was stunned from the First Minute and my Brain was like a Sponge who needed this Information !! i also see that u really enjoyed it and with that Voice u would be one Hell of a Teacher ... the Kids would look at u like a Hero :D thx Ps: When my Brain worked on this i get to the next of ur Videos !! Sry my english is not so good ^^

Curly, Larry, and Moe :) Thanks for this LIFTING THE VEIL.

the light has always been there. all that happens is the area gets cleaned away from the light. the light is a singlarity and every thing in the universe is the light. we are the light. god is the light. prove me wrong if you can.

Great video

I like the electron dipoles atomic model. Mayas tell us the existence pulses, at  about 13 mil times/sec. That may be polarity switches.

Buddy you are absolutely on point I don't know how I know it but sacred geometry is the answer to it all vibration sound and color are going to be big factors the trick of this whole thing is when you figure it out you got to put it on the net don't try to get rich save the world and your life great work my brother I know you're going to do great I've been saying for 4 years now we need to get a scientist and someone who knows about the ancient religions sacred geometry who built the pyramids and I that I'll give you the key to free energy good luck I truly wish you the best

The hexagon allows vortices at their points. Saturn's north pole is a hexagon. Fluid dynamics at the cosmic level favors this shape. If you put hexagons on the cylinder of the pump I imagine it would have a massive, potentially dangerous increase of energy production. Be careful cranking it up.

Thomas Lucas yes exactly. Ive done full presentations explaining the dynamic that VORTICES comes ettmologically and functionslly from VERTICES! this is a huge understanding

Thank you

Just discovered your work and I am enjoying the wealth of knowledge compiled; keep ohm

Jon, Mark, I sent you this video in hopes it might help your health. Don't want you to end up like me. Just a heads up. If it doesn't help. just let me know, so I won't send you any more videos like this.

have u seen the group in keszler fields

Structured water quackery and pseudescience

thank you so much for this video it connects so many dots

this video for me is like winning the jackpot! thanks please make more videos like this.

Great video man.

Awsome Vidios Keep them Come ing thanks


Dude HHO Generator, in your car.

I was tempted to give this video a 'thumb's-down' because of the attempt a comic relief 6:50 minutes. This isn't Star Wars, thank you very much. This is a very serious subject and credibility must be maintained.


magnus, bernoulli, venturi effects are all applicable to atomic, molecular and gravitational​ forces in an ether-vortex model of space and form.

C.F. Kraft and O.C. Hilgenberg advanced this model very effectively.

what about the blender ?

What a weird crowd. OK impeller man, if the impeller is better then the propeller why don't you see impellers attached to motors to drive airplanes? Same reason... you are making crazy leaps in logic, like comparing sickle cells to broken magnets... OMG!

Well then, suppressed science you might want to tell people we had the cure for cancer in 1909 with the vitamin B-17 which of course is cheap and easy but does not support the pharmaceutical companies... educate yourself, no one else is going to.....

Hi Jason. I see that now, some years since our first encounter, you are still reaching for a focal point........Funny that! Daniel.

Einstein....others....Name dropper. ;)

I’m only part way through, but I have a couple comments. I appreciate your search for solutions. I am of similar thought. I have designed my own water filtration. I am intuitive, and I have been thinking a lot about the biblical quote about ‘the seas will burn’ as that seems the only escape from the smart grid. This salt water burning, is disheartening. Anyway, good video, I’m watching. You have my attention.

Nice compilation. Thank you.

Incredible video!

Where's the video to atomic feng shui? I've looked everywhere

you my friend,are spot on,thanks,and God bless

Incredibly fascinating! New thoughts on the nature of Sol and electricity

Stupid vid. Not put together right...

Havent got past the crab segment yet, the energy stored in everyday objects are immense while watching an excavator as a young boy i watched the pure white light generated by an excavator blade over a rock. Resonant frequency through sound can release the energy stored in molecules. The Joe Cell a man in Australia was shut down as he uncovered the secret to running a 1980 car on air with out fuel. Fuel is the ignition source for air but he stumbled upon a frequency generator that momentarily seperated the mixture of Gasses into their individual components just long enough to ignite the 20.5 percent oxygen and the Nitrogen getting better smoother running.The timing had to be adjusted as there was no carbon being genereted and Audi GM the Australian Army turned up. He was threatened by men in black suits so he stopped.

5:41 Hadoken! Amazing

why...... why do make your video so weird stop distorting every other video in your videos especially the sound it makes it quite difficult to learn from

Brilliant as always :)

Everybody knows so much in the comments, yea, free energy, you know how they built the pyramids, why am I not seeing any of these great things being done? Because you're a bunch o fuckin liars that's why. Well all be dead soon.

The zillions of rays from the Sun create heat only when they are concentrated. The atmosphere of the Earth has zillions of magnifying water droplets. This phenomena can be demonstrated by a child with a magnifying glass, and a poor unassuming bug.

What??? You mean the Earth is NOT FLAT?? How dare you! Where are my thumb screws! Great dissertation on collective information! But you have to admit ... this is fun! And we are so far behind we think we are first!

Fractal forms are ideal. The overall ideas you present are genius

Hi, First time on channel, I like it!! May I ask at what curve are the impellers made, like the golden mean, or one of the others??? Thanks Tony P

As hot as the sun is kinda hard to imagine .If it is the same as the sun does that mean it could power or heat NY city for a split second ?How is it e en possible to see the sun so clearly if it is 93 million mi away ? Doesnt make sense at all no matter how big it is you def wouldnt see the surface in detail .would my curly straw from the 80s work ?

Try the star in a jar .with Sulfurhexaflouride.

Have you seen the cone shaped tools Tellinger talks about, how they were used to levitate objects back in the day?

Lifting the Veil - How effective is shaking a glass Jar filled with water? Im guessing less effective because it scatter's the molecules. However, how effective is creating a vortex by hand in a glass Jar just by rotating the jar manually? Probably less effective but easily done by anyone.

I'm all in for unlimited energy been a subscriber for a long time gained knowledge on structured water but no unlimited energy gerard morin and john bendini is the closest I have came and studying sound which I haven't tried the john Searle thing has done nothing the joe cell is more efficient and probable I'm just discouraged after 20 years. Understanding the flat earth model has give me the best understanding of everything and is rock solid and if you would embrace it I am sure it would get you closer to your goal....

Right on man! So many of us know this to be true & the Sun is a plasma! Science will soon learn this with the new satellites going to the sun! & the universe is electric not magnetic!

I’m glad I found your things here ! I’m not a person who knows anything about Geometry but it’s interesting! I will keep doing what I’m doing but I will follow your work. Thanks for sharing

I DO NOT like the 9x screen. Will NOT subscribe.

Absolutely BRILLIANT! Not to sound punny but a valid and valuable perspective brother. Bless your heart and soul as well as your families. "intention" is also a valuable concept and i wonder has there been any study on prayer over water without mechanical influence? I LOVED this video. Rock on bro

Jason, I noticed you had used a graphic from the book Oahspe, in the sections termed "Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy" there are rather unique interpretations of the physical universe and our solar system. Some of these are like a mirror image of our common understanding, I have found them revealing. I have always enjoyed your work, especially with John Searl, is John still on the earthly plane? I do so appreciate his accomplishment! Got a great laugh from your term or title, "Fist Fights with Physicists". Glad to catch up with your info again, good work, we all need to bond with the untold saviors of humankind. They all died struggling to help us!

Fascinating. Thanks for compiling this.

are you a mason?

hutchinson is a conn he filmed his levitation stuff upside down

forget John Serle, he was a nutcase that 'once' made a a disk that started self spinning and took off through the roof of his house, he could never make the magnets that did this again and spent all his time making models, he never did have anything and was always trying to raise money for his 'invention' its an urban myth that nobody ever saw working

Min 17:00 you showed pics. from Dan Winter's Imploder, the most perfected Imploder as he really knows on what formula he based it on.

Preach about Jesus please

Dont wast your time here.

Ty for this jewel!!!

What about tribloluminousity?

You look like your sitting on a pinecone


You have the best info, thank you

FYI, the sun itself is cold (fusion) and also exists of bioluminescence and/or sonoluminescence. It's rather the resonance from the sun light that will generate heath when it reaches the earth. Implosion energy is what you want to look for and that is always cold. Explosion energy is always hot and is the big deception you want to get rid of. So a hot terra firma sun is a big lie. There are no terra firma stars or planets. It all exists of bioluminescence and/or sonoluminescence which is cold fusion implosion energy coming from sound (resonance). Just look to some flat earth models and you will understand free energy much better. It's a fact that we do not live on a globe. It always has been flat and it will stay flat to this day. You can check it out yourself, just look to a light house with binoculars. If you can see the light house over a distance of 40 km than there is no curvature. And I can go on and on with so much proof... but you can only convince yourself. But beware!...once you know you can't go back to the old globe model!

will it work if i just swish my water around in my glass before i drink it?

That was fascinating! Much food for thought...

they trying to create super explosion

god breathed life into this world because we a underwater bubble

nasa iss technolgy?

waters only structure is flowing or still

whats the best way wtf

how exactly did u measure the heat of bubble?and isnt rivers cold

whats a contro and why is it trying to vs. al

Gravity is a push.

Drop a lidded sarcophagus into the deep ocean.Shift the lid and you will under stand the pyramids source of power, that compression of air comes from. This explains the baffling of interior pyramid.

Kings chamber breathes. Ram pump up down is a liquid diaphragm, Water pressure to air pressure. Explains power source.

Kings chamber is a liquid daiphragm air pump. It breathes. Ram pump sonic pulse explains baffle design.

Getting energy from salt water seems miraculous until u realize that no energy comes without longterm systemic cost. complex life needed the oceans to be in a more or less steady state for billions of years to arrive at critters such as we.. what will happen if capitalist motives move to this technique at industrial scales? ocean water(hydro) is in fact no more infinite than hydrocarbons.

Ooo I'm British lets pronounce Sono like it had nothing to do with SOUND OR SONIC


Star in a Jar proves the stars above are held in a sort of liquid. There is a firmament. Earth is a plane, oceans can not curve, nothing can exist in the vacuum of space, anything made of carbon or metal is crushedin a vacuum, space impossible.

Awesome video. What a wonderful world this could be if only mainstream science and academia didn't exist.........

Thank you so much for all you do, your videos are very well structured and so informative :)

Fascinating but what about free energy which tesla wanted to give to the WORLD

Thank you very interesting, will share.

Over unity is a nice idea, I just wish that one day at least one person with a device that they claim produces more energy than it takes to run.... would actually run it from the generated energy it generates.... but they never seem to do that. Intriguing video by the way, keep up the good work.

P.S. Your concept of implosion is the same as that of Terence McKenna, a great thinker of our times. He believed that there was no one miracle" but that we are being drawn to an eschaton at the end. Goes along with my theory quite nicely, as there is no time and what we actually do have is speeding up to the final crash inward.

I was so delighted to find your site!! There was NOTHING new. I studied 2 classes of Physics on pass/fail. When the book said what the speed of light was we accepted it. However the next day, I read about neutrinos bombarding the Earth faster than the speed of light. When I asked my very German prof. about this, he (and he is really Polish) responded that my question was irrelevant. When I looked into it further (my style--don't believe anything) I found that a group of Physicists had just recently agreed to what they felt was the speed of light as there were so many varied readings. When I mentioned this to him in front f the class, he stated that all the variables, like the machines used to measure it varied, the observations of the scientists varied, their theories varied, and so on. My next question at the very Jesuit school was to my catholic philosophy priest. I said that if eternity is forever, than it can't exist. He looked astonished but not surprised. I explained that the cheribum or which ever class of angels spends all eternity singing praises to god. That he agreed. But, I questioned if heaven and hell are eternal, there can be no time for which the angels would be able to sing to (3/4,4/4 etc.) You need time to have music so heaven and hell are not eternal. No questions asked, however, after deciding to go to law school thinking the law would have the answers, I found that study even less rewarding, after turning down the Jesuits' offer for a full ride for my PhD. I believe they thought that as long as they had me under their collective wings, I couldn't cause any trouble. Well, questioning everything did not make me a very good trial lawyer, so went into the tax law so I dealt with numbers, which are also questionable. I still remained misunderstood, ended up living a boring life until now when I don't give a damn what anyone thinks. Thank you. P.S. Satan is the ruler of this world, why else could he have offered it to Jesus?

I'd like the pistol shrimps claw, i'd like to kick some people ass with it.

The sons of bitches who've suppressed this, all of this. Sound has been used for millennia to accomplish many of what we call the mysteries, but the Holy Roman cult of Western hegemony has both seized and denied access to the ancient knowledge contained herein. It's part of nature FFS! Over unity may be "impossible within a closed system," but we're either using open systems, or systems adhering to non-locality. If you don't understand what I just wrote, and want to reject this claim, the burden of proof is on you, MF; and if you understand but want to play devil's advocate, then fuck you twice. Trolls either don't do their research, or else they spread propaganda voluntarily. There's no other type of troll. They're either actively ignorant (including ALL shills) or passively uninformed, and both are unacceptable.

magnetflipper and later, magnetvortex, yea those were the days. too bad i didnt download all of his videos back then

Great video! Once people connect the energy/physics deception win the earth/globe deception there will be a great redistribution of wisdom and knowledge

35:55 reminds me of the mother/daughter references by the coral castle genius who obviously understood thee principles. He only worked at night which is when Schauberger observed his phenomenon

you have very interesting stuff here but be more scientific and clear up some stuff, you make many errors. For example no propellers do not spin 2D space as you mention the have a tilt hence 3D. They would have never worked if they were in 2D do you understand ? Don't contradict yourself if you want people to listen. Also propellers are made as such otherwise they would draw too much current and heat up a lot, their reason behind the slight tilt is to achieve speeds for necessary and stable hover and also not to heat up the motor as i explained. If you want you could play about with 3D printers and quad-copters and see for yourself.


There is no bell. Where the bell normally is there is a flag.

What if the sun wasn't really hot?

So, if im understanding the way they are using soundwaves in that light bubble... it sounds reasonable to me that a form of fusion is happening

Your thinking will always impress the mind here. Thanks!


ahh we kinda doing the same thing at the moment. think of it this way... nanobubbles. lol

This is amazing, I'm about to watch for the second time in a row...Walter Russell....Most memorable was, Jason said protons are actually cluster of tiny magnets with positive and negative poles. This resonates intuitively as truth, also wouldn't that explain the double slit experiment, and /or how we create physical reality with our thoughts? the wave doesn't become a particle until it is observed, and takes its form according to observation....these tiny (telepathic) magnets known as protons (perhaps know 6 seconds in advance) receive 'their orders', or assume their form according to our waking consciousness...the white light received through our eyes is flashing million/billion times a second, takes the left right route around the pineal gland, is 'translated' in the back of the brain, and 'the message' is sent back out the eyes, (meaning the brain tells the eyes what to see, not the other way around.) what we see in the visible light spectrum is based off the perceptions in our minds .., conscious co creator's...oh, but the tiny magnet clusters in the atom (of various forms), with bi polar conductivity, (would this mean they could turn and move any which way according to a frequency shift in consciousness? ),..magnet clusters, aka as protons, could this be the physical link to 'how' we create reality with our minds, ..these guys (magnet clusters) know 'their orders' from our pre- conscious thoughts , or, they know what form to take, just before we consciously perceive them? ('Them' , shape shifting tiny magnet clusters inside atoms, would collectively be all of what we perceive as physical reality; all atoms combined equal 3d reality as we know it.) I am wondering, and some what proposing, that these intuitive/telepathic/conscious/ matter forming wave particles with the expansive ability to transform and create physical reality via particle forming, is how we are co creating what we perceive as reality on the atomic level, via consciousness and light,.. and its happening so fast, million times faster than the blink of an eye,.. like what appears as motion picture, but is actually its countless 'snap shots' every moment, and the snapshots are based of our thoughts...We are Co creators...know what I'm sayin? Thank you Lifting the Veil for introducing me to Jason Verbelli :)

Amazing voice and video!

OH! WOW! I have been studying something that "Is" going to change things ! Those things of carbon ' nano tubes', They are called "Graphene" ! These things have been studied back in 2004 , nano tubes are nothing more than graphite , Graphene is what the name of it became! This is a 1 nano thick piece of graphite! Please check out "all" of the things that it can be used for! For example, It is 2 hundred times stronger than steel ,the electrical conductive is 1000 % better than any known conductor ,as in cooper ,steel or any other metals ! It also can filter saltwater into fresh water! There also studies going on for the use 'as' a battery! You see it also can hold an electric charge! 1 thin layer of this has been put on solar panels and it produced electric!

I had the same taught that some alchemists ware plasma cientes. Quantum fisica♡ Knowledge of the soul♡☆♡ Have a lovely day lol en thank you for your side of the coint I see many resembles ♡♧♡

If the old impellor is nanolayered in his glorious days. It confurt matter to rays to reseve without eating Instand trafle en delivery where you send it to become. Thanks to many people sharing there knowledge like you now we finely can opsurfe without being the opsurfer whit intangelmand like the lion is not there in spirit if he aproge his pray♡♧♡ Beautiful thank you

Neutron is born from untangled rays en to survive it creates division to create a electron en become a proton♡♧♡ Our thoughts create rays en they become part of the entety we are in a shared condition. En there fore we finely know way it is so tareble on some plases on eurth. Because not many people take resposebilletie jad♡♧♡ But we are growing ♡♧♡

It is the intention that intangels whit the Struktur the water ♡♧♡ If you do it to grow plans they grow if you do it to make the balance of your neber en you put the intention in it wil balance wil restored for them to leurn to understand if the wis to stay the same the illness wil come back. It is the beleave system en placma cience that reveals in more than 10 jears En many beleves en cult. We can do it without machine. Just give it a purfert to surfe♡♧♡

Hope you have good security, do not apply for any patents. You may think you are talking fundamental science, but you are reporting on criminal behavior of the elitist permanent global government. You know what happens when someone shows how criminal they are. They have been aware of what you are showing for ages, and we are ignorant of it because that is the way they want it. For all I know this video is 20 years old and you are already gone. Date of upload means nothing unless subject says date in video or references an event.

Hey I'm just going to throw this out there. I watched a video years ago . It was ufo related and the woman in the video said that she was told the the ufo was powered by a device that put an electrical charge into a spinning chamber filled with mercury. So my question to you is, can you cavitate mercury buy spinning it. If you can what would happen if you applied a charge to it?

Tesla found zero point energy.the got cures for many diseases and cancer anti aging etc but its not profitable and they would lose control of the masses.just imagine where we would be if they allowed technology to evolve without controlling what comes out and what stays hidden.i believe they can time travel etc.we would b shicked if we saw all the black projects etc

What's with the nine screens of the same picture. Very stupid, can't watch.

Fabulous documentary.... great information and scientific explanations. Such interesting topics. I have pondered apon many of these breakthroughs that sit silent over the years instead of being used to better our world. I recently came apon an ancient translated text in regard to humanities future development and spiritual understanding, it said, the Father while talking to Mary in a higher realm ( dimension) said, “ when they understand, the workings of the Square, the Triangle and Hexagon, they will advance. Great work, research and well put together.



Are you familiar with theoria apophosis on youtube?

Ok.. come on.. you send sound through water and you get light through implosion.. why isn’t this mainstream hell just in the church. Haha god “spoke” and ....

Only a few mins in just wanted to say thanks for your efforts bro. I appreciate it

Great piece of scientific investigation - keep it up.

Thank you God bless you keep you safe and strong


Blue all the way " many thanks

Everything super interesting. But for me it was a bit too much information and too much mixing. So what is the quintessence? How can Jon Doe apply this knowledge to his everyday life? Especially how do I apply (sacred) geometry into my life except for water informers and how/why does it work? I heard so often of the flower of life but couldnt really tell any effect on me. Did you yet find a comparison between mechanical water informers and a human doing it (e.g. praying)? That would be interesting, too :) Keep up your good work and be sure once you found a way to kill the industry that you spread the knowledge wisely. Learn from Tesla's and others' mistakes.

your on to something ,and your right there was no big bang ,we see only 10% of what is more real than are understanding can understand ,all we know is XYZ time , the other 90% is only knowable after death , and this is why people that have died talk about it . take care what you commune with my friend .

Do you happen to know anything about something called a brachistachronic curve (cycloid)? Try looking at it as a three dimensional convergent hyperbolic form. Measure your velocity over linear distance/time as compared to a straight line. Bud, you seem to have a rather sharp mind but to honest, you really should learn to step back a few paces and look at the 'over-all'. You're missing the point entirely, yet sit on the vary edge of being able to overcome Newtonian stagnation. I have just never understood why no one ever questions that arrogant (albeit brilliant, considering what he thought he knew.) asshole. Thx for the video tho. At least you put me back in touch with a few source materials that I had lost....

very interesting , but i really dont want to growt faster , even , thumbs up vor your share

Ultrasonic impulsion creating the cavitation through to infinite parallel dimensions/universes.

Great video. Thank you.

Tesla's technology 100 years old.

Particles are never hot or cold and you can have ultra high temperatures without the mass of the sun. Your knowledge is not good enough to learn somebody else.

Oh ye seekers after perpetual motion, how many vain chimeras have you pursued? Go and take your place with the alchemists. — Leonardo da Vinci, 1494

Most EXCELLENT VIDEO! Man after my own heart! LOL! Thank you for compiling all this for us. The true seeker has seen some but not all. I think the 3D star shaped inverted vortex splits the oxygen and hydrogen molecule. Seen a water nozzle and saved the image but Ive been sabatoged. It will all come back. I BELIEVE! LOL! Love Q-PID (a girl) : )-

I have constantly been bugged by imagery matching inverted vortexes. I saw a 'water nozzle' Compressed inverted spin vortex into a 'star shape' exit. Said to ''split the molecules'' of hydrogen and oxygen. Other studies I ran across about doing the same and re-emerging molecules together creates enough ''implosion energy'' to overunity. Wish I could share those links and images. However my laptop has been specifically screwed! Thanks Microsoft Metrotown! I now have no screenshot apps either for linking! Wah! Love Q-PID : )-

thanks for the video, I hope that the government Mafia doesn't come after you. might want to check out the Robert Adams motor, thanks again truth teller!

1) Google has the 2004 patent for time travel (applied for by one J. St. Clair) 2) In the Hidden Texts of NostraDamus there are 21 different types of free energy described, from individual use, community use up to intra stellar use . One can buy water generators right now (up to 3KVA) 3) India has been using community type free energy generators 4) The amerikan Navy uses the John Kanzius system for its cargo planes and ahs been since 2010 5) Anti Gravity systems appear in blueprinted documents dated May 1961 - and this free energy generator was secretaly attached to the moon lunar lander module 6) elite have had free energy since 1934

this is astonishing. At 18:32 it actually illustrates a disguised script Da Vinci wrote. " Delle maniche de coltegli fatte di corna di castrone," roughly translated using his alkhemye ciphers it becomes: From/by/because of made from its /cultured-harvested the sleeved eunuch’s horn/unicorn, Describing what we actually SEE at 18:32 min. This line, when further coded gives more information which I am still working on; but relates to advice given by both he and Nostradamus in the Hidden Texts which say to plant root vegetables in STEPPED CELLAR. The emphasis on STEPPED refers to the waterfall effect we also saw in this video. This is advice provided to Preppers relating to upcoming events... the question of how do we give these growing veges light - might be answered in this video as well. Go to The Hidden Texts of Nostradamus and then go to Folio 7 to see the pdf forum titled "2020" but read "What Are The Chances?" first. Because it tells us the sign of these events (directed energy weapons used on the public) that will "cue" the other events

Like spinning a hot can or bottle of beer in ice water... 15 turns. You get ice cold beer. I really enjoyed this. Everyone needs to know this along with their ABC & 123

"This Venezuelan water is fundamentally different substance from normal water..." -The dumbest crap on the internet. These pseudo people need to get a degree in real science and go from there.

We are too, and we totally agree with your concept can we get in touch with each other. Call us at 313-651-5349

Awesome video. What a wonderful world this could be if only mainstream science and academia didn't exist to create noise and imped and obstruct new science explorations.

I always thought lightening was a implosion . caused by the collapse of the plasma channel. Maybe a combination of the heat and implosion? I'm not sure. What I do know is . I don't want to be close enough to find out!!!

They have proven plants grow faster and better. when the water had been microwaved and allowed to cool! I guess that does the same!

Thank you for being such a beautiful soul. Ur videos are very helpful. Lifting the veil is hard. But In Time with ppl like u that will make the difference. Keep up the Great work! Domino effect.


It looks like a star, because that is the most likely way stars in the night sky are made. You can even see them blinking.

Should be given a Phd doctorate for clear and critical thinking for investigative scientific research. Excellent work

At about 50:30 or so I thought of course . Was not the first atomic bomb use an implosive force to set off the nuclear explosion....

41:58 this is a mantis shrimp. The first creature you showed was indeed a pistol shrimp. Their Weaponry works on entirely different principles and when you miss simple facts like this it undermines your credibility.

I'm a new subscriber due to this video. Thank you. How wonderful! There is a channel of Kryon where they say in the future our water can be drawn from the ocean in a continuous flow with salt water removed using nanorobots yo remove the salt and very powerful magnets to remove the robots. The water is ready for purification and consumption. He also mentions heat can be safely drawn from geothermal going only 2 kilometers and not using water to drill down. He also says 5he world is going to get colder. I am hoping to spread the word to someone who will be able to create the processes. He also says Tesla is back (reincarnated). It will be someone just like you and your subscribers who will help us solve the problems of heat, energy and water.

Maybe you should get to know the story before telling it ..... To gain a better understanding of why its a story and not a direct explanation..... Then discover whats wrong with the brain. On the left side there is nothing right and on the right side there is nothing left ..... but its this equation that creates light within the brain Left + Right = Light more to it than this but for this purpose is all needed..... When you figure this out you will have your answer that you already know just dont think you do because of the conditioning here in our lovely country...... No child Left behind is not for that child's education but more a left brain conditioning when its the right brain that is the master and left brain the slave ........ The story Adam and Eve , Spirit and Soul, Alpha and Omega or two fish but most people become selfish and live by this ego disease that well makes them well trained dogs ..... and ignorant human beings....... That is by design to make anything you think only wrong ........ Back to the equation Left + Right = Light 20% + 80% = 100% Whole brained hearted ....... When you get to this point then you will know where the answer is....... The soul knows ....... Two parts to everything or is it three ......3, 6. 9 just states everything is the same thing....... repeated over and over...... So close yet so far away but be careful with how you handle this as we know from the past most dont live much longer after their discover because of trying to bring it to the knowledge of the masses....... it tends to piss off those that are in place and have been put in place to pass knowledge down to at a timed interval....... back to know the story and history....... not whats in the text books that is called a dogma and is just dog making of pup-pets ....... sheep....... androids........ that are just LEFT brain dominate and Ignorant well trained free dumb dumbasses..... That cant get past the exception to the rule attitude of the pup-pet making or dogma matrix Dogma Matrix Dog M through A Trix Alpha only Left only ........ Wrong, negative...... Learn what the two fish are before jumping into shit like this ........ you will get a lot further than thinking this or that which is by design to be wrong every time...... because thinking is nothing more than remembering begin with...... Not being a asshole just stating what the problem is ...... your brain functioning but dont think only its just you no its 99.8% of all in this great country of the free dumb ........ that dont understand the story mainly ...... and why and what it all is........ Still dont think so well reverse ego disease ...... Esa es I dog e That is I dog e , puppet is pup pet and we all have this ego conscious ....... you get past that ego disease you will learn more within the next years than you have in a life time ....... Like I say be careful with what you do with it ........ So close yet so far away the story told over and over ........remember only the ego takes things personally also ....,... oh the subtle hints...... Got to love our country ...... it is called a conscience a con and a science of cons....... turned into capitalism.......that capitalizes on the capital livestock...... Two Fish but most people become selfish that sells those two fish .......called their brain ........but gets a ego disease and emotions that makes them pup pets....... well trained dogs ...... Lifting the veil ........ huh......... Jesus , J es us , J is us the virgin birth and resurrection is what we are suppose to do...... called so called awakening but isnt we are all awake but more the breaking of the chains ....... people dont even understand the language they speak ....... the part that allowsthem to have knowledge speak ...... Left cant see whats right or whats right in front of......... third eye blind ....... I love this shit ...... and the word you are looking for is convoluted meaning all the unnecessary complexities. Called creating a need for someone or thing that is completely unnecessary or worse doesnt exist. The lesson of Discernment .... Pisces two fish...... That third party serpent snake in the damn way ....... back to that story ...... and lesson of discernment ...... people want to believe in what doesnt exist GOD and or over what does exist ........ DOG......... and a brain that will fix that word with what does every time no matter what we think ...... because Dog exist and they made sure of this by making dog mans best friend....... conformed to damn dogs in the company we keep..... behavior conditioning in this dog eat dog world and dog days of summer bs

Its funny what people project like making fun of the story telling but its in the story of that has the answers of....... Thats the soul and it does know ........ right brain the same also but its no child LEFT behind ........ wonder why

I did actually enjoy the video....... it brought back memories ...... so close yet so far away....... A story is away to say something without giving it away. Dont think the serpent has left anything untouched in hell either .......where is hell HELLO we introduce people into it everyday just by saying hello ...... which part people dont get Hell or O IDK........ or Good Morning Good Death to you also ........ how is the freedom i mean free dumb today........ now we know where 10% brain usage comes from .......... Socrates "Know thyself and thou shalt know the universe and the gods" Me " Know yourself and you will know everything else" in this self perpetuating thing called the universe ....... that is just nested and layered with everyone else also...... the multiverse and metaphysical collective that it is ...... but they have us connecting to consciousness a con collective of cons and devil himself ego I ........ that is the seeing all eye .......snake and eagle SAE Seeing all eye .

According to ancient Indian wisdom of Hinduism, first of all there was sound in the Universe and everything came thereafter. Now it is making sense.

So many “wow” moments watching this video the implications of this info is astonishing!

I like your soundtrack. Can you name few songs?

Nice dot connection Thank you for what brings you joy

Mr. Tesla.

As it was explained by earlier in your video it was the collapse of the bubble that generated the Pulse of energy released as heat and light, nothing to do with the temperature of the claw of the shrimp. Your reasoning is not sound. The immense mechanical energy from the pistol shrimp resulted in the friction source to attain the mechanism for which has been observed. Your line of questioning is far off point.


You do realize the audio on this videa is awful and yet important, enjoyed the info still

All things in this universe ARE motion.      Motion IS energy, and matter is made of energy.   Motion on the aether crystal (3D lattice) it's in.     I assume that the aether "particle" shapes that make up the crystal lattice are themselves an equal number of, regular tetrahedrons and regular square based pyramids.  The crystal's 60 degree structure would mean matter could made of the combined rotating motion in 6 vectors, not just 3.

8:00: Video considers it surprising to produce the heat of the sun without having the mass of the sun. *FACEPALM* What has one to do with the other? Stopped watching from here on and downvoted this nonsense video!

Ok, then how did the old Egyptians move hundred ton granite slabs? And how can I heat my house without fossil fuels?

quantum gravity research you will fall in love their  they are on the right path like you.

having also studied all of the people you showed in your montage I would say this ...that almost all of the technologies in question utilized both constant or direct current (DC) and alternating current in a state of superposition which amounted to more than basic analog additive synthesis most notably in the case of John R R Searl. I would also say that another common trait was/is a lack of vocab with which the operation of the respective device could be adequately described . as for the idea of a cylindrical/hexagonal honeycomb?? being an integral component for a successful OU device I am not so convinced...with respect to the EM spectra each 'honeycomb lattice acts as a tuned diffraction grating whose absorption band is related to the distance between any pair of opposing interior faces of the lattice cells this is true of all EM wave forms . The efficiency of said diffraction gratings is determined by the composition of the lattice cell walls...paramagnetic...diamagnetic...conductive...non conductive

If you understand the understand more about the universe than you realize... If the atoms in all of the matter stopped vibrating....we would fall through the relatively vast empty space inherent in the make up of the atoms

It depends on the size of the particle on the amount of heat

Unless the stars are alot closer and smaller than described by bullshit science

please educate yourself with the difference between heat and temperature . they are not the same thing. P.S in the grand scheme of things, the sun is not that hot!

Bet my bottom dollar no invention mentioned here works at all. Just con talk. Just a sham, no market value for obvious reasons.

8:27 Jesus... mass of the star is NOT required to heat up a tiny volume of water to few thousands of degrees - logic just hanged itself... Nobody with half a brain is saying you need a star to heat something to few thousands degrees (or tens of thousands) - we do it regularly. Also shrimp generating heat Equal to the Sun... Why Earth didn't evaporate yet then??? You're asking for trouble - learn how to formulate sentences logically first, then maybe do narrating of science videos.

Oh and Frank Chester has also discovered a new shape called the Unity of Love, if you haven't checked that out please do good Sir, Peace to the gods!!!!

This is a great doc and your experimentation is amazing, I remember reading your pdf doc on water revitalizers about 3 or 4 years ago. I was wondering if you have thought about incorporating the CHESTAHEDRON into these experiments in the form of orgonite, using shungite and gold and silver leaf?

Wowsers! Most appreciated and timely!

God it's You

You may be interested in; The Kybalion: Hermetic Philosophy, originally published in 1908 by a person or persons under the pseudonym of "the Three Initiates", is a book claiming to be the essence of the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus. ( the book of Thoth )

I regret that I could give it "like" only once. I wanted to press that button several times. Great job.

Christtos loannou I can see your point in explaining the contradictions and such but he says in the very beginning he is trying to learn this stuff as should we all and would anyone with further knowledge please help in making corrections, or expanding on information and ideals as well as sharing what you know and don't know about things etc. In other words, building/ being open source where everyone works together, give input and ideas etc. Someone could actually look at something and never known a thing about energy and ask can you do it this way and solve everything! So it isn't so much as the knowing and not knowing as it is sharing info that hopefully will lead to "free" energy breakthroughs!! I.E. energy that we can either build what is needed ourselves, buy a kit or hopefully not but if we must purchase a piece of equipment for one's home or business and then bye bye energy bill! I say hopefully not because it will be like solar panels were at first way, way too expensive, unless we get a humanitarian who actually cares and only wants the cost of the things to produce with a small up charge but nothing like they always do everything, instead of trying to become a millionaire over it!!!

Golf Balls @ 432 dimples average' :)

Thank you for putting this information together. Your lack of greed and desire to educate is inspiring. Around 36minutes you speak of cone shaped coils. Please see Otis T Carr utron design. His utron coil is the first documented coil I have managed to locate. Also download his booklet 'Atoms for peace' Thanks again. Keep up the great work

Have you looked into magnetic torus fields and how much energy comes from it can be used for levitatation. I noticed alot of torus shapes in your video.

Very smart. Your on to something. And yes they have been hiding all this from us. Good Job!

had to stop watching. probably good info, but get rid of the multiple images...

Just ask any Ford diesel mechanic about how the coolant cavitation in their diesel engines destroy the steel piston liners.

Remember' Some 'Entities' Dont Want The Answers Found' _ Us 'Sheep' Might Figure Out How To Drive a Tesla'

Sounds like the "silent magneto hydrodynamic propulsion units" or "caterpillars" from the Russian sub in Hunt for Red October.

Please watch the YouTube videos of Anthony Patch.... backs up your content.

Your bases,trial and error completed from those who have gone before you open up every possibility to fore see greater findings and bring resolve to so many misled. kodos and more to you.

18:49 ! Viktor Schauberger already built these and a machine that our government destroyed in transit from Germany ( a threat to the oil monopoly ) ! He also dig logging ! Water purification !

I give up on the second commercial. At 8minutes. No subscription.


Excellent dot connecting my boy!


Enlightening! Perhaps today's modern jet airliner engines are SECRETLY using Schauberger and other vortex adaptions to achieve power and fuel efficiency. Some feel the engines use no fuel at all!!

Awesome, your video actually speaks for itself for someone like me who has been consolidating and looking for the common pieces.... I’m halfway through it. I would think that if we are living in a projected 8E universe.... then it all boils down to a crystalline geometric lattice.... everything is made from a geometrical construct. I suspect the world wakes up fairly soon.

Q; has a Venturi system, a implosion moment? I got a old system : think a pyramid form where the air/liquid flows from the underside to the point where you get at that point a acceleration of the air/liquid hereby you create a vacuum space can it be that at one point there is a implosion? [ it's old idea from the past i worked on].....b.d.w. your video is very neat / clear to me thnxs for the share and work, i take a look at the others that got my interests.... you got a sub'r [sorry for the bad grammar / english....big head but no school]

those impellers can move millions of gallons of water at a very low use of energy

the laws of thermodynamics is hogwash

water will be the next hard drive as crystals will

cold fusion implosion at room temperature see Victor shauberger cavitations structuring of water implosion


Replicating the arc mode plasma of the surface of the sun in microcosm by a claw closing that effects a sound energy to water is amazing even if the guy did not articulate what was happening. You like to be right don't you ;-)

"Kilroy shat here" ;-)

Max Planck followed the Esoteric / Spiritual world. If you intend to do good [Sow good energies], you get good results in return. Max Planck said "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at, Change." :) start work with the greater good in mind. the Moment Ego steps in, please check it and balance your Aural energy and then continue to start working for the greater good. See the results.

Keep up the good work. We do not need accreditation from mainstream Scientific community. Follow the heart Since the soul knows it all. the moment you meditate inward many revelations will come to you. The more the doubt the harder you should push in that direction. There is so much of this dimension and the other 9 dimensions we know little of. All will be revealed according to his cup :) In all of this do not forget the Universe and everything within the ether is made out of the Yantra / Love energy. Share the love.

Great informational clips narrated by someone who sounds highly unsatisfied. The disgruntled nature detracts from any intended educational purpose. I'd hope the editor would consider listening to his own creation several times over to understand just how much healthier of a production he could make with a bit more compassion.

kind of makes e=mc2 obsolete

Should be at least 667 comments this is my second from 666 remember the Hindenburg what blew it up

Back when I was driving a semi 18 wheeler cross country in the USA I picked up a magnetic seat pad from the Japanese company Nikken. The first week I not only sat on it, but I also slept on it facedown, so as to energize the front of the body, not just the back. That week I drove coast to coast and a half, plus a 800 mile side trip to SF and back from LA, an ALL TIME RECORD HIGH MILEAGE for a solo driver me for one week, Sunday to Sunday, of 5400 miles. I cut the seat pad in half, discarding the bottom seat, saving the back, AND stopped sleeping on it. Just TOO MUCH energy. Later a Co-driver with 3 steel braces implanted surgically in his back said he would rather drive than sleep in the bunk it was so comfortable. I then told him about the magnets, suggesting their just might be a relationship, LOL!!!

Fake news 666

wiki claims its a scam

are you trying to be cute

really hate watching a video with 9 screens

More of your seeds will sprout and faster if you freeze them first. says me mother. Its true I believe.

Awesome vids

So more than likely our ocean waves are influenced by earths vibrations and flowing energies which is probably why it "cleans" itself and directs deposits into certain areas?

Here 29:33 Vortex Energy... Cave Paintings have shown this on their walls. They knew what it was. I picked up on that as a child... What Science don't understand they label as Religious Relics. The Vortex is the Key, to Good/Bad Power. 1. What is a Vortex? Lets look at a Grand Scale: Black Holes. We all know black holes pull matter into themselves, demolecularing anything that enters. Anything that draws matter into it's self creates a Vortex. Anything that creates a Vortex, creates a Event Horizon. Anything that creates a Event Horizon, creates Time Lines and makes a Black Hole. Here's the Bad... Lets say some nut-bar made one to power their world. In the excitement of a unlimited source of energy, no off switch was built into it. As they power it on, it eats all Matter... The End! After my Ideas were ridiculed I went Rouge! Throwing everything out I knew I conducted my own experiments. Physical Laws can be Bent & Broken. Think...! Every time a magnet passes a steel pole a pules is released. That pules can be collected and stored as Energy to be used later. I took Viktor Schauberger concept to the Next Stage. Particle Separation and Matter Compression. I redesigned the Turbine Engine casing for my use. After Blowing up 12 hand made units I put it away. I got other things I need to get done. Some Day I'ld like to finish what I started. 20yrs have past, I'm getting Old! Funny Thing is, we live on a Gigantic Magnetosphere... Radiant Energy is all around us. thx for the vid.

Impeller seems quite good find if it really does allow more power to be generated with same amount of "fuel" as with a regular turbine, it would give significant efficiency boost to almost all powerplants with a very simple and cost economic way, not to mention all other applications where it could be utilized.. Still a bit skeptical though, I would like to test and compare these just to see what can be done with such structure.. that 3d printer indeed starts to seem like a good investment day by day, so many things in which it could help, especially home inventors. :D

It seems that the reason we have life on Earth is that we have a sufficiently strong magnetic field which interacts with our Sun. The same happens on Jupiter and Saturn. They are farther away because they are bigger and need to avoid close contact. Neptune and Uranus may also be inhabited. It just occurred to me, so the thought is raw. Feel free to comment.

Wisdom Goddess Correction

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all those men you mentioned are freemason frauds! tesla is who you should study for answers to life!

Along these lines is the revolutionary information being disseminated by: YouTube, The Electric Universe. And: YouTube, Thunderbolts Project. Fear them not therefore, for there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; and hid, that it shall not be known. Mattithya/Matthew 10: 26.

Check out more patterns in nature inside Bill Mollison's Permaculture Designer's Manual, it will blow you away ;D

Did you know that down in Texas USA .. there is a TESLA Tower working. retired military are in charge of the company ... Stolen Tesla plans and factory's all taken by the US Military when Tesla Died.

How does one condense time ;) Good video.

You can structure water by stirring it with a spoon in your glass as per the German inventor of this.

lots of interesting bits of information like the pistol shrimp, the hydro-sonic pump ( using cavitation or was it the water hammer effect) to heat water. Or the guy splitting water using radio waves instead of electrolysis. The Hutchison effect, etc Good, interesting clips. With information well worth a second look and further research... and then you go and spoil it all with a lame attempt at disproving cosmology by calling astrophysics and "the big bang" theory, a fairy tale. I'm surprised you didn't get your bible out and started attacking evolution next. if you can't get your head around basic established knowledge, why should anyone listen to your ideas or findings?. By your own logic, using Occam's razor: You sound too dumb to understand elementary school level physics, therefore it stands to reason, You're too dumb to be taken seriously. Shame...people like Huchison deserve better than being linked to nonsense like this.

i understand water. my machine frees water of flourine and releases the trauma. i use vibration frequency, at first, the water screams... for 30-45 minutes. free of flourine and magnetic memory, it is its own lifeform. saying i know how to impart life to the water.

One way to achieve longer battery powered quadcopter flight... make propellers three dimensional lol

It generates a temperature higher then the sun. But it does not have the mass of the sun. Energy = temperature * mass. Although the temperature is very very high, the mass is very very small (a few photons in a bubble.) No extra free energy is produced. There was a claim, that did not withstand scientific scrutiny... The idea is that there is sufficient temperature in the bubble to start nuclear fusion. That would produce excess energy (not free as mass would be converted to energy), but it would make for a very inexpensive fusion reactor.... Nothing happened. It is thought that the temperature in side the bubble is not that high...

Extremely interesting! Thanks!!!

interesting display of various spectacles. the explanations and comparisons are far from being scientific. for example, pure water do not conduct electricity. It is the impurities ions that do. what do you mean structured water? is ice more conductive then liquid?

Yeah where do I buy this structured water? Anyone, with 3d printers, interested making up there a structure?

Put a pythagora cup innard inside an hourglass and then put one side with water and one side with vacuum and apply sonoluminescence on water

Sure wish we could see sonoluminescence on a primer field core

jamesdaeron where can I get your machine ? I presently use a H2O Lab water Distillery System.

Time, is a diriviation of matter. Change the state of matter, and you might change "it's" time line... not your timeline. You're just an outside observer. You can only bend time and it's effectiveness. Anything else, is a wormhole, to you. If you want to "experience" time condensation, you might wanna wait untill your body expires... but then, you're dead. Take your pick lol There's only so much you can do, on this plane of existence. Scary and true.

As we hurl through space our solar system spins and throws off cavitation.

So you're saying electrons are simply generated by CAVITATION?! fucking brilliant. So the spin is drawn from the fabric of the a heat wave is created....

Lmao I loved the story time in the end. Please do more of those, brightened up my mood

Great video. Great explanations.

Corruption gets in the way of these better inventions from being used. A corrupt individual will pay off a corrupt politician to use a less effecient invention. That's what has happened many times in history.

Love this. Never give up the pursuit.

Regarding the statement "paying for electricity for my house ' all should investigate H.J.R.192 , public law 73.10 .

Great video!! As the man says, "Break THROUGH; or, break it off!!" I think we know what time it is... as, "timing is all, and the result of diligent practice..." and, "timing is the thing i'tz all just a matter of." Be ready! THANKS!! On the shoulders of giants we all stand... and, "If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is 'thank you,' it would suffice." --Meister Eckhart Way k'ewl video, indeed, brother! Really GREAT! Again, THANKS!!


Jason Verbelli no doubt this presentation has a lot of substance, i know somewhere i read that there is 5 water states unlike 3 that we know of solid, gas and liquid. With your info i believe your research has concluded that we are within reach of the other two water states. Good job

Is this about Energy or Health, I don't mind some strange technology, but the tangents keep me from believing your'e claims. feels like you dodging questions instead of answering them. Fascinating concepts though. But please stick to one topic, no one will mind a two part video on this topic

How you f****** coming fast!?

LOL, what a load of bollocks. The comments from the scientific illiterate plebs is the funniest.

I just spent the last hour researching. What a rabbit hole...

Hi there my name jade, I have been working on a theory that might be of your interest. I am not sure who to trust with this but I can tell that it’s far beyond my mind to compartmentalize and grasp in order to properly convey it.. it’s a “Spheric Tri-möbius” That all I can say for now. I would be greatly appreciative if you could devote a little time to converse, thank you..

LIFTING THE VEIL I friended you on Facebook but is there a way we could chat privately.. I’m just a little nervous about put this out there..

Entity jade Unyte sure

You should put a giant sphere neodymium magnet inside that giant sphere coil and rotate it :)

Ok....I can't watch any more of this complete CRAP. The content is almost completely false and illustrates how a completely uneducated moron misuses words and terminology he can't begin to understand. The only people who are going to be impressed by this RUBBISH are going to be similarly uneducated.

The conclusions drawn from observations are typical of uneducated people who can't relate one effect to a cause, and show no knowledge of the scientific method, i.e. rational thought. Also demonstrated is a good deal of dishonesty. The idea that there is suppressed science is a good example of paranoid illness. Also, the repeated use of words and terminology completely out of their actual meaning illustrates the lack of knowledge and education seen in these idiotic presentations. Occasionally presenting natural phenomena, that are perfectly well understood in an attempt to support the dishonest and incorrect claims is unimpressive and dishonest, and irrational.

I'm with you, Jason!  I do NOT like paying for energy when I KNOW we literally live in a SEA OF ENERGY all around us! The ETHER (Aether, Source Field, Torsion Field, whatever your favorite name for it is - IT IS VERY REAL). The examples I give people are easy to prove, but only one or two people have gone on to do any additional research and learned a few things, but MOST people are literally PROGRAMMED to ignore anything that does not come from academia or is out of the ordinary. I mean they get turned off like someone reached behind them and hit a power switch and their eyes glaze over and they ignore you. And most of us can see that our books in schools, colleges and universities are FILLED WITH LIES!  Intentionally leading us all down the wrong path so we do not discover the truth about so many things in the world of science, consciousness, spirituality, and especially HISTORY!  History as taught in our schools has intentionally been packed with total BULL CRAP! (pardon my language, but I MEAN IT!).

Your videos are more educational than all my years in college. I'd love to help in the future.

What about passing it (water)through Megatrons cube...

great vid

What ever happened to Realverbs? This is old, like 5 years old.

Awesomeness, appreciate ya for all your work and spirit

You can get most of these effects from the brain if you switch on your pineal gland with pure mescaline ... Reality can be .... Bent and twisted with high concentration if yogis. Some meditators start floating or even losing weight. I have been once around the universe and met the grays and shoot out of my body. Wanna know what the joint chiefs meeting was about this morning ? It's possible. If anyone thinks they are doing something in secret... Think again. Anyone can be anywhere anytime. You can be born again brother the same body and birthday and live that life over again. Time does not exist except in our own measurement of the earth paradigm. I have cured all my disease with frequency . The royal rife machine $10,000.... Google SOTA Silver Pulser SP-7 for sale and for $300 you can own a micro EMP tens unit type looking box and two leads go to the wrist. Kills all pathogens in the blood. Killung the source of all disease. It must manifest in the blood. Kills all pathogens known...I never thought I would be able to say that but hospitals and hospice need to be emptied out they are ignorant and dealing in ignorance. You have SV 40 monkey virus. Developed by Lee Oswald and the dept. Of health linear accelerator in New Orleans Oswald was running illegal specimens to labs set up in apt. Houses where people were living in. The biggest scandal in American history. They put it or allowed it in 92 million doses of polio vaccine....1957+63. A disease profit scheme was emplaced to kill americans . They then made the cure illegal...marijuana....and foisted chemo and radiation burning which actually mutates cancer virus into more deadly forms. Cobalt was a mistake. Then Dr. Oschner and his huge clinic took off but the linear accelerator at the public health hospital was hastily disassembled and hushed as the Garrison JFK murder trial was putting light on the vortex of disease found in Tulane and Oschners clinics and the cia secret labs being run by rogue agents off the rails Dr. Mary's Monkey. Biggest news in America and never on TV. CBS reported the incidence of cancer would not be as great as the threat of polio. Well. Now we have 50% cancer rates projected into 75% soon. Talk about not wanting to pay retirement. Most of the Class of 72 is gone now. My great grams died at 106. Gramps 92. We have more centenarians in our family. America can kill this horrid thing yet the gvt continues to cover it's ass. The oxidizers like hydrogen peroxide baking soda even Boraxo kills cancer. Marijuana drains the swamp of poisons heavy metals and mercury and round up and filth holding your immune system in check....better do it now you got the tools look up the protocols on you tube. Watch Run From The Cure movie you tube and Beck protocol

We had two forms of anti grav this cavitations method was well known to our crew in 1968. We had another method. But the grabinikov type stuff was out. I believe they eradicated the dragonfly whose wing casings were and antigrav unit. How else can a dragonfly flit about completely doing high speed direction changes like a J-33 sport model UFO... Read on. About what happened to us high school science geeks in 1974... Murder most foul

Can an LED be an energy transfer? Or information transfer. Fast ? I am quite jealous of this generation. I worked with the founders if rocky mountain technology ..Prescott... We picked up a nasa contract for a n oxygen accelerator ...$1/4 mil in our little science club...our ceo was the most important man in towns son. Col Whitman is not only a premiere gulf war surgeon but eighty years old. The head if the fort whipple military post and VA hospital. All our friends are Masons and kids had dead father inventors. And heir to a car fortune. Even a 400+ IQ boy. We had access to labs and machine shops hidden away and we had antigrav and free energy in the late sixties. It also caught men in black attention. 2 warnings and Roy was dead at 21...... I rest my case I am quite jealous of your generation and how this info cannot be hidden anymore. The web worked out well for the mud bloods

Defiantly just a new way to produce plasma, simple way to put it

thank you so much for your amazing information! I'm not a scientist, I'm not a fanatic religious, I'm just what is called a spiritual being. I can feel myself vibrating, and then I can feel how my whole body is recharging and I feel good. I didn't see a doctor in 15 years because I know that they are wrong in their approach to the human body, I believe in vibrational medicine because we are vibrational beings, I don't believe the STUPID science that is taught in schools because something inside me is telling me a different story than the Big Bang theory. I can understand why so many are religious. The holy books give them something they can relate better than the Stupid science they are forced to learn. When I see people like you I'm so happy, knowing that after all we are not doomed, we are going to find our way out off this madness, we are going to find our way to free energy , healthy structured water which will give us better health and better food and all together will take us to a higher consciousness to love and understand each other, to love and understand this Magnificent Plane we are living in and it's fantastic Nature. Thank you so much, and I'm sending you the most powerful vibration trough the frequency of LOVE!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thunder has to be an implosion. If it was an explosion surly they would be a sonic wave that would cause damage for some distance in the vicinity and carry on to have some lesser physical observable action until it dissipates.

thanks dude ! (Y)



what people fail to see or observe is that there are laws applied constantly trougout all the universe. from small to large it doesn't matter. here is one cold doesn't exist. or everything seeks level. and that gravity DOESN'T exist but a thermo differential or energy differential not gravity. observe everything and see what is familiar with the next thing. etc

Why burning water if water already has all the energy we need without having to destroy it`s structure and remove all of it`s elements from it by burning?

Love the content, dawgg! Had a question to make sure I'm 100% I'm gettin it all correctly. Did the "Structurized Water" begin life from the same tap as its "tap water" contender? Just wanted to see if the structurizer was the only differrence. But keep up the great work though. I LOVE stuff like this!!

I like your ideas in the lightning implosion section and would like to expand on it. As I understand it., Electricity travels to ground, so when lightning occurs being that it's natural in its efficiency, it leaves a void and the sound you hear is the atmosphere collapsing back in on itself. Also, you can try quenching hot metal in a clear pyrex beaker and observe this phenomenon to a smaller degree. What do you think?

Hello, what is your email? I have information for you I am sure you will find very interesting,

The electron is not massless, nor does mainstream science claim so: mass of an electron = 9.10938356 × 10-31 kilograms

Freemason logo is the 3,6,9 in plain sight.

I need to learn this, I once came across Gerard Morin, Im still searching..thank you for the upload.

that last bit thought was just reading off of another video yo.

We all want to have energy independence but the powers that be do not want us to have anything they can't charge us for, there are many examples of people inventing new energy technologies only to have their invention taken away or the person ends up dead, it's kind of scary.

I like your work but the Earth is actually flat and stationary. The earth's surface is 70% water.... Standing water is always level.... With a 70% LEVEL surface can the Earth still be a (((GLOBE)))???

Good man!

I,m wondering what this would have to do with Directed Energy Weapons used to start the fires in California

That segment on the water reminds me of the ASEA water my dad drinks.

Awesome video! Excellent information. You would definitely enjoy the lecture about harnessing pyramid & crystal power by Les Brown. I'll provide a link where you can check that out.

The power of sonic cavitation may explain the melted parts of the blocks of rocks that were observed in microscope? Probably, The Ancient Civilizations used the Sound (many frequencies) to Cut and Transport The Giant Blocks of Rock.

Amazing video Clear, convince, and chalk full of evidence. Great job.

Awesome video Mr. Verbelli. I enjoyed it thoroughly and watched it twice. The only thing I gotta speak my opinion to is the only LENR or Alchemy Rossi is doing is the transmutation of other peoples money into his personal bank account. (IMHO Rossi is a proven scammer) Other than that one thing I really, really thought this video was compelling and great. Many excellent ideas put forward and I am sure experiments will come. Thanks, Peace, Ben

what medium would be cavitated by said atomic mass spinning... what matrix would cavitate. why is the magnetic field strength of the buckeyballs so immense


Turkish translete make all videos please! We dont understand

Fascinating stuff - 'Electric Universe' has some aspects that go well along side a lot of this.

Waaaaaaaaaaaay too many ads very sad.

Greatest put together information I've heard in a while. So why are we not using it???

Bigbang in a bubble

+Ron Shekelson There's to much proof it's not what we are told bro I agree! Heres the best reason iv never heard and thought of recently!!! 1 WW1 and WW2 the Russians have never ever been attact from the north I think that would of been the best place to hit and it's not mentioned in any history book and you won't find it anywhere iv look everywhere!!!!! Russians didn't even defend the very north. #2 proof it's flat in Ww2 in Japan on a documentary a jap woman says we're being occupied by the white Americans from the west!!!!! If the world was round the Japanese lady would of said white men from east since if it was a globe the US is the first country east!!!! I think those 2 arguments are real proof cause I know my history and no one ever has a comeback just make jokes to change the subject!!!! Hope that helps man or did I trail off??? Lol

Your absolutely bang on with your reasoning!!! I'm not sure if you are aware of how astronomers with there massive telescopes on earth could possibly tell if universes are coming or going. I think your correct. Astronomers looking at a galaxy that it getting closer to us are blue and are contracting. Galaxies that are moving away are still expanding from and explosion and there trails are red!!! That's enough proof for myself, iv seen a few other thing and I'm comfortable to agree a 100% on what you said man!!!


Ah, marvelous compilation. But here's another clue or two. Alchemy was an attempt to work with mono-atomic elements in the metalics ranges of the periodic table. The nucleus goes high spin for what ever reason inducing the electrons into Cooper Pairs, discarding any odd ones, which foster or become photons, and increases in energy to interact beyond space time. The chief of which seems to be mono-atomic white powder of gold. These are in every living thing as a natural aspect. Can be concentrated from sea salt. They produce photons within the body which is room temperature super-conductivity. The resistance-less avenue for our conscious energy, the path for our prayers and meditations and all psychic phenomenon. This is what alchemy was really all about as an attempt to work with said high spin elements, the knowledge of which had been passed down from earlier civilizations possibly even prior to Sumer and on to Egypt and the Hebrews via Shew bread, if nothing else. The Arc of the Covenant may have been a large repository. Most arc of the covenant depictions look remarkably like a relaxation oscillator judging from the wings that arc forward to not quite touch. It's no wonder the single high priest allowed into the holly of hollies wore a breast plate and drug a line behind him. Not sure whether that was a ground cable or strictly so they could drag the body out if things went wrong. The clue here in my speculation is that the supposed lack of a negative atomic aspect is that it may be outside of space/time, in a separate or universal or ultimately higher dimension. Farmer Dave's white collar 7 million dollar effort discovery of mono-atomic elements from his soil contains the story of it's disappearance from sight during the later phase of cooking on a weight sensitive gas chromatograph platform where it weighed less than nothing in that phase. If it's true the Russian burn tables were 300 seconds instead of 30, they probably already knew as spectral analysis at the proper frequency didn't kick in until the latter portion. Hmm. I'm thinking there may be a three dimensional pre-occupation here that limits solution. Since gravity is a lineal implosion (mono-directional) and not radiant to any degree it would seem, that might link as well since the EU version sites atomic polarity as the real source, if I got them right. Thoughts?

Only halfway through and man... This is an amazing compilation of information

(14:28) and considering the fact that graphene—which might end up being the strongest flexible material of the future—also happens to be hexagonal in shape, there's a good chance that shape truly _is_ the most efficient.

GOOD SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not access some of your links; a lot of this information I have been researching independently and have come to a similar conclusion/purpose. Email me, I have some thoughts I would like your mind to play with. Thank you for your time, I shall be busy going over the wealth of information you have presented!

@ 38:48 there is a list of opposing forces or opposites. There is another list which uses different names. There is even a list out there that uses imagery. found it ten years ago and just cant seem to find it again. would you be able to provide a link or any info on where to find this information I am poorly explaining?


well none of them works ! everyone replicate things and no one consume less...... not the cavitation not the HHO- nothing.... in this 100 free energy devices why none got out ? cause it is a fraud

Love this, thanks for sharing

Great Channel, LOve the Work We Focus on Hydrogen and Making Hydrogen Fuel SecureSupplies


why are the vocals panned right..

Sounds like skimming tax payers money=corruption.

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