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In. July with. 157. Thousand, new jobs added despite the numbers missing analysts, expectations. You're, watching outnumbered, on a fun, Friday, i'm harris faulkner here today republican strategist, and senior fellow for the independent, woman's voice to my right. Police, ability, post, of the intelligence, report, on the Fox Business Network, trish, regan is here democrat. Strategist, foxnews contributor, jessica, Tarlov and joining, us in the center seat fox news digital, politics, editor Chris dire Walt as I like to say this, is taya. It's. Always good to be here and it's great to be here on a summertime Friday and we can let it rip. New. Reaction, to the July labor, report, showing the unemployment, rate falling to three point, nine percent. That's. Near, an eighteen, year low, although. July's. Numbers, missed expectations. By the analyst jobs numbers, for May and June were revised upward, by, a total of 59 thousand, the White House saying today's report is just the latest sign the economy is on an upswing, watch, it. The. Economy, remains incredibly, strong. I mean 2000 in 2018. We're still at a pace of making. More gains in terms of jobs per, month than in the last two years I mean when you're talking about the fact that the unemployment number, this month was at three, point nine percent we've. Hit that eight times in history it's the eighth time we've hit it in history since 1970. Employers. Adding, 224, thousand, new workers, in the first six months of the year meanwhile. China announcing, it will slap additional, tariffs on 60 billion dollars worth, of US products, in response, to the White House plan to, increase proposed, tariffs on Chinese goods, our, number much bigger than that but, White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow signaled the president, will not be back knocking down. The. Chinese, had. Better not underestimate, the. Determination of. President, Trump to. Fall through, and seek. Zero. Tariffs, and non-tariff barriers. And subsidies. And a, level playing field and, major. Reforms. In IP. Theft. And, forced. Transfer of technologies. Wow, that's, a lot of numbers that's a lot of products, and you know what it is it. Is tough, on China well. It is tough on China and also happens to be tough on soybean, farmers and it also happens to be tough on people who sell. Things overseas, the, president's bet and he has explicitly, stated it the, economy is good right now now is the time to take the hit now there's gonna be a hit and he says look the markets up unemployment's. Down this, is the time to do it not when you're weak but when you're in a position of economic strength to start a trade war what. China is betting is that as the pain because we haven't really gotten it yet as a matter of fact we've gotten some benefits we saw in the second, quarter GDP numbers, that advanced, orders of soybeans from China helped jack that number up to that four percent. Trying. To get it so when the hurt comes China, is betting that the president will flinch Kudlow trying to send the message kewal alright sure, shriek and i watch them every day at 2:00 p.m. thank. You I know you've been talking about this, and the, concern, is, the. Time is now for the tariffs how, much time before people start to say we can't take it anymore the president, offered a twelve billion dollar aid package they. Want to trade not aid. Yeah. Look, people. Won't like this we're. Gonna have to pay more for stuff at Walmart right the all the little trinkets that people buy perhaps. Even stuff that we don't frankly need but. I think if you really push the American, public on it and you explain, the, dire situation we're, in with that so, if they continue, stealing six, hundred billion dollars in intellectual property every year from our technology, companies and we don't do anything about it if they continue, on this path of, taxing.

Our Goods via tariffs and we don't do the same if we don't fight back now I don't, know where we are 20 years from well talk to me just a second about that military, risk though so that people are clear I mean China is yoke, to North Korea they're yoked to some some players. Internationally. That, we want to have access and control to well. We have historically, in the, post-world, War two error always bend the world's hegemonic, power and we've, embraced that willingly. Part. Of being the world's hegemonic power is also being the world's largest economy, and we have enjoyed that position, from with liberal salt on, when, they say I regret it I'm sorry and I won't do it again this, is though how you don't do it again because, instead of doing one omnibus, 1.1. Trillion. Deficit. Exploding. Holy, cow hog trough you. Do little pieces and you get them across and that's what McConnell is doing that when they're passing with ninety two votes ninety three votes what, McConnell, is trying to do is, pen in so Jim Jordan is running, for speaker or, Minority, Leader sorry. There's. A lot of football left applies sounds great. The. House caucus is deeply divided right now because of the political ambitions of Kevin McCarthy and all of this stuff so what McConnell's gonna try to do is Penniman say here's, the package you. Want to take it or don't take it and. He's, trying to put the Senate in the driver's seat on this because the house is so divided yeah but can I just jump in with one thing cuz because one thing that Republicans when, you especially, control. Both chambers a House. And Senate you cannot come out and be wishy-washy, and split when the president is ready to move on something that, not only got him into office but got many to capitulate and see his way of the road well. And, tonight point also I think President, Trump sees immigration. As a driving, motivating, factor for the Republican, base and I think he is aware that we have a midterm election coming up and that, Democrats, are really motivated so I think he is pushing, the immigration, issue because, it is something get that gets Republicans, ginned up so actually let's do mcwrap well I actually you're right and I actually think that President Trump is smart about this because he gets his cake and he eats it too in the sense that he gets to go out there he gets to rile up Republicans, he's out there at the rally saying I'm fighting for immigration, we need a wall etc. Etc but, he's, I don't think he's gonna veto any sort of spending package the Democrats, and Republicans, ultimately come together on so I think he gets to eat his cake. I think. You're right how about you thank you I think this actually could. Turn into a strategy that benefits. The Republican, Party because right now you know the economy is doing okay right you know people have gotten. Bonuses. They they. Can get a job the GDP. Number is good so, they're like okay you know things are fine so how do you get them how do you get the Republican, base to, the, polls for the midterm you've got to create some kind of emotional. Argument. To be there and I think immigration is, it so it's in and I saw Jessica nodding her head when I was saying that a little. Bit President. Trump is extremely. Lucky, for is that he doesn't tend to get blamed when things go wrong for Republicans, so he can say Democrats and Republicans, couldn't sort this out I was, willing to make a deal no, one wanted to work with me establishment.

Republicans, Have helped him in that regard because it took them months to, get on board with whether or not they were even going to support this president, absolutely. And, certainly when it comes to immigration they've, taken their time because they are accounting, two very different constituencies. You have a whole caucus that has been running for decades, on reining. And entitlement, spending and, fixing, the data and the deficit, and president, trunk comes out with, his fancy tax. Cut that's added over trillion. In lost revenue, that's going straight to the deficit, and Paul, Ryan thinks, that's a big deal but he sees these crowds that are saying you know we, got to build a wall we got to build a wall lock her up and he's. In a tough spot because of it we talked about bringing voters to the polls health care the number-one is yep still always we've got to figure it out the GOP, at risk of losing a reliably. Red. Seat in the heartland can, president, Trump help the Republican, candidate cross the finish line so far he's having a good track, record we'll talk about it and, the, president is slamming. The. Quote Russia hoax just hours, after his administration. Sounds the alarm on election, meddling is it mixed, messaging, or just the president, venting some frustration, will, debate it stay close. To. Tell you about now there was a manhunt, for the suspect that, you see on the right hand side of your screen he, is a former, doctor of President, George HW Bush. He. We, have learned committed, suicide, when confronted, by police officers today, and so there is a news conference in Houston Texas, on the left of your screen talking. About that confrontation and, the fact that this man killed himself in front of police, officers, that former. Presidential, bush, doctor. Operated, we're told on the suspects, mom more. Than 20 years ago and she died on the operating, table, police. Say that the suspect went, after, the dr. Mark Hawks neck in, Texas, that, doctor was riding a bicycle, and was, fatally shot while. Riding that bicycle they, pointed, to the 65, year old suspect, Joseph Pappas, and now that suspect, is dead again, committed, suicide in front of, police officers, today as. We learn more about the story because as you can see on the left side of your screen that news conference is ongoing so perhaps we'll learn more about, that suspect, Joseph Pappas, but for now we know he's dead. There's. No question, that anyone who aligns themselves, with the president, I mean he brings a winning message he, is the. One who is able to help, so many of these individuals, as we know at the end of the day it's because of President Trump's policies, that were seeing such, success, and. I have to tell you I mean just seeing him in action, he's results-oriented. Well. Republicans hope President Trump is the key to winning a house special, election in Ohio mr.. Trump is looking to help Republican, Tory about arson beat Democrat, Danny O'Connor next week the, president tweeting, quote looking, forward to being in the great state of Ohio on Saturday, night where I'll be campaigning hard for a truly talented future, congressman Tory, Bowden, see you all then meanwhile.

A New poll shows the candidates, neck-and-neck with voters, heading to the polls in just four days Ohio's. 12th has long been considered a safe Republican district. Chris. What, can we learn from the special elections we've seen so far the cycle democratic. Intensity, is up substantially. They're outperforming the, numbers that they should as. One. Might, expect in, the first midterm of any presidents term that you would see that but Democrats are performing, even beyond that to a certain degree but I'll tell you what if they if the Republican this district, has been in Republican. Hands for I believe. Ninety-four. Of the last 96 years. This. Is not a, swinging. District, this is a red. Red, red, traditional. Republican, coalition, district, I, do. Not don't say I don't believe, the polls I will be shocked, if the. Republicans, can manage to lose this and if they do then. Light, every, alarm everything. That they can they have to pay, attention to this if they can lose this seat they can lose in any district in the country well and for the viewers at home let's show this poll that, shows, the interest in the special, election as, you can see there are 66, percent of Democrats, are interested, 55 percent of the GOP, in the independents, 51, percent so, Trish. President. Trump is going to be in Ohio holding. A rally trying, to get the Republican, base excited, midterms, and special elections are about turning, out your base who do you think president Trump will be the difference maker here, he. Could be as. We were just talking about I mean look things are kind of good right now the economy's. Doing, well, so. A lot of people may sort of sit back and say okay you know everything's under control I don't I don't, need to go to the polls and I think he's, got it help. He's. Gonna help motivate that base in Ohio and I think there are sort, of issues, that are, relevant right now to sort of everyday Americans right, this idea of okay we need borders we can't get rid of ice we, can't be unrealistic, and just say we're going to open up to everyone in Mexico and Canada come this way and. I think, if he appeals, to that sort of common, core interest, that so many Americans. Have right now in protecting. Ourselves in our security, it'll. Help well, I think he's gonna have to drill down more on other, areas of policy he's really got to come at it hard on the economy, watching, the, rally last night in Pennsylvania, there was one sure thing he. Spent a lot of time talking about having been elected in 2016. Which is all about him right a candidate, was brought up on stage role, edit he was brought up on stage he's facing Bob Casey in that in, that state and. The president did you know heap lots of praise and, we've got to get more like him these, types of Republicans, on the hill and that sort of thing but, a lot of time as well on his, journey to get here and and the, policies. Are what will make people come out people can see what he's done with the economy, can, he do something with health care which is again a top atop. Their list which Democrats, are well aware of and are really hammering that yeah but they don't have any ideas to solve will they it going on with Obama care so far well go ahead I'll be quiet a. They. Do be, Danny O'Connor has come out against single-payer, as. A nationwide, plan he's also come out against abolishing ice Ohio, is a long way from the border wall so, that particular. Talking, point I don't think works as well here O'Connor much like Connor Lam has done a great job of, you, know making, himself into. The moderate candidate he stumbled a little bit about his support for Nancy Pelosi you think that I think do you think that impacted, him or do you think that hurt son might I don't know if it hurts him long-term what he's targeting right now and from that poll you show there are the independent, voters that's really now demonym. Is up a lot independents, are now ripe for the taking for Democrats. So he's focusing, there what's interesting about Paul derson though on the Republican, side is he's, a trump, republican and, a Kasich Republican, and that doesn't exist in a lot of right that is where John Kasich is a huge, fan of his and has said you know he's been great working with me. In the state legislature, and then you also have a trump rally so, maybe the secret sauce is somehow to have a moderate Republican, and the other secret sauce is if you want the brand I'm not sure that the what the net net effect for Trump in these districts are because, yes he does energize, the base but, he also energizes, the other base only, at the same margin as Mitt Romney though it, wasn't a big district, for him but a rising.

Tide Excites, both bases, and if you get the president, visit but the secret is if you want the president to come to your district be. Running in a county that is important to him in 2020, and he, will show up win, win I guess, you, get your cake and eat it too back to the faithful before all, right while our intelligence, Chiefs sound the alarm on Russia's election, meddling laying, out their fight against, the threat but hours later the president slammed the quote Russian, hoax whether, it's mixed messaging, or just the president, venting over collusion, accusations, plus, the growing showdown between the president, and the media as he, went after one of his favorite targets last night the winners and the losers in this latest car mesh coming, up so stay tuned. Smash. Shooting, in American, history and so. Many questions after, the gunman on the left of your screen was found dead inside of a hotel room that he had fired on to a crowd, at a Country Music Festival since. That day in October, it was our very first day on the air for. Outnumbered, over time we remember it well police now reporting, that they, may never know outside of the motive to actually, kill why, he did this the, sheriff, in Las Vegas Joe, Lombardo saying. Moments ago in a news conference that just wrapped up that shooter. Stephen paddock was quote an unremarkable. Man, who showed signs of a troubled, mind. Patek. Again found dead in that hotel room where he had opened fire killed. 58. People injured. Hundreds, others hundreds, of others at that Country Music Festival last, October, and now, police are saying that their, final, investigation, has, yielded, no, other suspects. To charge. In. The deaths of those 58 people and. They. Are now completing, it with the knowledge that they may never be, able to pinpoint and, outside. Motive. Outside. Of obviously, wanting, to kill Stephen. Paddock the. Suspect, on the left the scene that awful, awful night, in October. Will. Report any other details that come out of that news conference that has now wrapped up in Las Vegas Nevada, Trish. All. Right the White House putting on a show of force against, Russia top national security officials, all appearing, at yesterday's, press briefing, warning, that Russia is still trying to interfere in our elections, and saying. They are working to combat this, threat watch, this. The. Intelligence, community, continues. To be concerned about the. Threats of upcoming, US elections, both, the midterms, and the. Presidential, elections of 2020. In regards. To Russian, involvement, in the midterm elections, we, continue, to see a pervasive, messaging. Messaging, campaign. By. Russia to, try to. Weaken and divide. States, meanwhile. President Trump at a rally in Pennsylvania, last night defending. His summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and taken. A shot, a new, one at the Russia investigation. Watch this. We're. Being hindered, by. The Russian, hopes it's a hoax okay. I'll. Tell you what Russia's. Very unhappy, that. Trump won the.

President's, Remarks on the same day that a bipartisan, group of senators introduced, a bill to slap, stiff, new sanctions, on Russia for, interfering. In our elections, and, for Moscow's. Actions, in Syria and Ukraine. So. There's, a little bit of a disconnect here Chris between, with the president saying and. What members. Of his administration are, saying and what. The. Senate and, Congress is doing well, every White House every, White House especially. In the era of the permanent campaign likes. To talk out of both sides of its mouth and this, White, House is no different you have the, on the one side talking, to the squares talking, to the straitlaced say. We recognize, Mike Pence said, the other day unambiguous. The intelligence, community's, findings, about the 2016, election are accurate, we affirm them these this, is real so, you have for the for, the squares, an. Answer, that's like we take it seriously we understand, it and remember, by the way every. Human being in this country regardless of their political affiliation. Should, be concerned, and should demand of the, people who are elections officials in their counties and in their states that they take this seriously, this is serious business and that shouldn't be a partisan issue but, so you have further squares we, acknowledge, it we take it seriously we support the intelligence community and then the president is free to go out and talk to his base and say Matt Hoch smokes, whatever, we, won it's. Not about that so you can have two messages and they sound contradictory but every every administration. There's actually two different things that are going on in other words collusions. One thing and. Interference. Is another and it's important that the president understand, and recognize that because he ought to be able to say yeah okay there was interference and we're going to make sure it's not gonna happen again but let me make very clear I did. Everyone. On my team well I'm deliberately, conspire, with the Russians Jessica, to actually, take. This election, from Hillary Clinton well that's where he should have begun all of this and that's where he got about four or five days after Helsinki, went when enough people had, I assume, come into his office and said there are two different issues here and you need to be very clear and supportive, of the intelligence, community on. This front and you can also tell your base that, you know Muller and I think we're up to 17, angry Democrats, are coming after you for no good reason I. Totally. Take your point Chris but I do think it is actually, more dangerous than, just talking out of two sides of your mouth because this, is still part of Russia's disinformation, campaign. To have the president the United States of America, up there confusing, people and it but as to what is actually going on and it did go on it's also part of Russia's disinformation campaign, we just saw the Facebook accounts, that shut down which, are come from the left and get everybody riled up it's about extremity, of position, it's about it's it's about pulling out the grouse nests that is all, the way down at the bottom of the bucket scrape it up bring it up to the top and divide Americans, Harris.

You, Were gonna add something no, I was just gonna say that that's kind, of where the president was on the stage next to Putin in Helsinki, trying. To parse, the difference between the investigation. That was going on and what, we need to do to keep the Russians out of our electoral. Process and you're, right the president needs to do that part, of it though is political. It isn't all just about him trying to as Democrats, and critics have said save, is hide in the investigation, he also gets the politics, of being slightly oppositional. With these establishments, still and, real, quickly I think president, Trump should have done this a long time ago do this sort of press conference, because now he can say I've been tough on Russia in regard to sanctions we're doing everything we can to look ahead at 2018. And wise you know you're seeing one thing and then the rhetoric on the campaign trail, to. The base is little bit different anyway, president Trump taking aim at a favorite, target blasting. The mainstream. Media at a rally in Pennsylvania, after Sarah Huckabee. Sanders took, on a White House correspondent saying. She is sick, of personal, attacks against, her has, the hostility. And all this just gone too far we're going to debate it. It. Has attacked me personally, on a number of occasions including, your, own Network said, I should be harassed as a life sentence. You.

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