Igniting the Future: The STEM Education Revolution

Igniting the Future: The STEM Education Revolution

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The following is brought to you at limited commercial interruptions thanks. To the generous contributions of. The Northeast Florida Regional, STEM to hub Board of Directors. It's. A world changing, every day at lightning-fast. Speed, we, had the Industrial Revolution we, have a technology, revolution right, now the trains left the station I think what's most amazing is really the pace of change and, everything seems, to be centered around technology, and the evolution, of technology, our relationships, between human, beings and, humanoid, robots will be normalized. It's gonna happen when, machine. Learning, and artificial intelligence help us make decisions that's, happening, now it's moving, at such a fast pace that, it's disrupting. Just about every business in, America I'd. Love to think we even knew what we were gonna see over the next 10 to 15 years. So, think about how much it permeates, our lives right now how, often we ask Alexa, to do something that we used to do for ourselves how, serious, to the place that we need to go think. About that doubling two years from now then compound, that with ten years from now we're moving now towards, a Jetsons, age but. With this Jetsons. Age will come a dramatic, impact on, our workforce. Robotic. Automation, is rapidly. Changing the, workplace, the, result is, estimated, that 65. Percent of, jobs today will. Not exist, in ten years there, just won't be opportunities. For cashiers. Bank, tellers even. Pilots, and drivers, now. That might sound alarming. But, there is actually great opportunity. Here for those, who have the proper skill sets needed for the 21st, century. Hi. I'm, Melanie Lawson, welcome, to igniting, the future the STEM education. Revolution. Over. The next hour we, are going to help you understand, how, this new world will impact our children's, future, let's, face it the, world is transforming. Because of the advancement, of technology and it's, clear that success, will, demand, new skills new thinking, and a new way to educate, our kids so, they can thrive in the 21st century. What. We need are people who can work together to harness that energy to, do things that are significant, what, we need are people that can think about ways to use that power to solve some of the problems that we face in the world what, we need are more engineers, more inventors, more people that can shape that in ways that are going to favorably, impact our societies, the, technologies, we need them to become experts, in they, don't exist today in fact many of the jobs that we need them to do the, jobs don't exist today the types of jobs that are out there are the types of professions, are out there we're already starting to see that movement, some, people call it a gig economy because. It's skill base so, it's the, less of this is my profession, but more of the skills that I offer it's. Far more wide-ranging. So, it's almost thing about your personal personalized. Career so. We'll be collaborating in, put. Teams to solve quick problems, but these problems are very complex, in nature the. Skills demanded, are very complex as well I am, excited, about the future because. Of where. I've seen, us grow and, where. I know we, can go and where. We're going is to that place of huge. Opportunity. In the, world of stem that's, science. Technology. Engineering, math. And medicine, there, are currently over a million, open, jobs the. State of Florida has, 27,000. Computer. Science jobs open, in the state of Florida the average, income, in, the state of Florida, broadly. Is 42,000, dollars these. Jobs pay about double that so. $85,000. And up when, the demand rises. And accelerates, at the pace at as now it creates a huge shortage, in the workforce and but.

The Diversification, of the types of positions companies, want is what really makes it unique because it's it's, not just your traditional software, developers, it's AI its data analytics. Its, business intelligence it's, a pretty diverse what companies want once. You see that the opportunity, is real because I think that's the thing is the kids don't know they. Haven't had enough examples to, see that. This is something real that if I have. The exposure to programming, it's gonna create real opportunities, my salary, went from. 35,000. Up to 150,000. Within just a couple of years because, I had sat near, programmers, that taught me how to program language the, opportunities. Are endless but. The challenge, is getting people qualified. For these jobs that haven't, even been created. So. If the speed and the. Capability, of computing. Power is doubling. Every two years then, what we teach people now is not going to be what they're doing, when they enter the workforce so. If you think about that what we need to do is develop, young people who know that they're always in beta and that, they need to know how to think how to have computational. Ability, how, to problem-solve. How to be critical in their thinking collaborate. With others and where to go when they don't have the information the, world is changing, faster, than we can keep up with so as educators, we're. Just trying, so, hard to, push. Our students and meet our students needs and prepare them for the jobs that don't exist today most, kids don't have someone, in their home or even in their life that has been any, of these tech in computer science great, careers, and so, you know it's really important, that we develop a way in lots of different ways to, make sure we can highlight, what these different careers, are for, students, while they're in school while they're out of school and while, they have the opportunity, to really choose, the, right courses and activities, that they do in, order, to move them closer to, these, careers, we. Have a responsibility, we have to do this our, kids have to get, exposed to these technologies we have to give them the skills that they need to be successful because, there only will be so many winners in this new economy and it's important that we give it here in Northeast Florida and we get it right so.

How Do we go about making sure our students, are properly trained for these new jobs well, here's the good news the, movement is already underway, in Northeast, Florida to, help our young people become the innovators, of the future. Leading. The charge is a not-for-profit organization, called. The stem - hub it, was founded, four years ago by Jacksonville, entrepreneur, Gary, Chartrand, who, was at the time the Florida Board of Education chairman. It, became very apparent to, me that we. Were failing our kids by not infusing. 21st, century skills into the curriculum, for. Our students, we finally did get computer science standards, passed we do have them today but. I thought that I'd come back to my local community here, in Northeast Florida and take. What I learned at the State Board of Education. Try. To communicate that to the business, community at large and the vision was to, have the business community, come together and. Help, supplement and, look for the gaps that are out there where. We're not addressing, these, 21st century skills. Chartrand. Commissioned, a study to understand. The state of stem in Northeast, Florida then. Using the data he, brought together the, business community, to develop the mission and vision for. The stem - hub we, have 20 corporate. Board members that have invested, in this initiative, and, it. Quite, frankly took off like a rocket the, stem to hub is led by Kathleen. Scofield, a visionary. Leader who's, worked in both the private and educational. Sectors the. Stem to hub is an accelerator. And a disrupter. And we. Bring together the best pieces. Of the, work that others are doing and, synthesize. It so, that all of the, strengths, come together to, make an incredible opportunity for, our students, and ultimately, for, economic, development and. Fueling, the economic, future requires. Funding, today, Aaron. Bean is a Florida state senator from Fernandina, Beach he, works behind the scenes to help secure, appropriations. That drive, this work, my job as a legislator, really is to remind other legislators, our priority, and what it should be and how far behind we, are in keeping up with the demand of, those high-end, engineering. And STEM jobs that. Are out there that we can't fill a first. Step towards getting those jobs filled, is, refreshing. The educational. System with the latest and innovative, technology, since, technology is disrupting. Just about every business in America I think our school, system needs to be disrupted, as well, and so, if we don't have a school system that is preparing our kids for the 21st century with.

21st, Century skills then. We will failed those children. To, take part in, the American dream and the ability to earn a good living. Teachers, are just constantly. Striving right to find professional. Development, and tools and resources and funding, and all these things that are so difficult for teachers. To do on their own sometimes. Our teachers feel like they are in this race to help children, get the right answer as quickly as possible, engineers. Fail they. Take the data from their failure and learn from that failure they, develop, persistence and resilience and so, what we need is to provide more of those open-ended, projects, more chances, to think to experiment. To, learn from failure to journal, into study so, that students will be ready to fulfill that promise. Just. Like music isn't, for everybody, and sports isn't for, everybody but, exposure, to. Technology, is, important, because, if, you don't expose children to. What's. Happening in the world as a relates to technology, the. Light bulb will never go off one amazing thing that really stands out that's a bit new is how young children are, starting out with pretty advanced technology, and it's really shaping expectations. From parents from community members from teachers most. Importantly, about what kids are capable of at what age so whether we're talking about AI. Whether, we're talking about big data whether we're talking about coding, we're the barrier, to kids really being advanced, learners at a young age with technology. Schools. Need to have teachers that are trained to be, able to create, learning. Environments help. Kids develop complex. Problem-solving, skills. Opportunities. For students to collaborate together. For. Kids to critically, solve problems, together and lastly. To be creative, when you have those four C's, right, kids. Will be them more curious, to take risks, and, you need to be in an entrepreneurial, environment, like the United States we have kids that are entrepreneurial, and willing to take risks, because they have those skills and want to make something more make. Something different we've, got to have more tangible, work, for kids to put their hands on creating, real artifacts, that are important, to the students, for, the orchestra, and band students, standing. On in front of the stage in front of four or five hundred people that's, a real performance, how, do we make math how, do we make science, how to make engineering more. Like that performance, in the arts where there's a real audience with something, realistic that I've created or I've had a hand in creating if, we do it right and we give the the children the skills that they need to be able to compete in a global economy. The. Technology, skills that they need they. Will rise. To the top and they'll be able to find gainful employment and, I'll actually be very involved, in all the future inventions and all the great things technology can do. What. Specifically, is being, done to change the educational. Landscape for, technology, those, answers, and more when, we continue, with igniting, the future the, STEM education revolution. Named. The top spot for veterans, to live that's a Duvall thing a dinosaur, on Beach Boulevard. And. A, morning team when best time to tell you stories, you won't get anywhere else who helped you get around traffic tie-ups, with time-saver, traffic and, sends, news for jax breaking, news alerts to your phone so you can help keep your family safe to make sure your day gets started right you guessed it the morning show on Channel four the local. Station. Severe. Weather demands. Attention the, weather authority on, news for Jax always, watching, always tracking unleashing. An unmatched, Arsenal attacking, your local forecast with, high-powered, precision. Watching, every front alerting, you before floodwaters, surround, your neighborhood, tracking. Every system pinpointing. The problem areas to avoid on your commute standing, up to every storm so you don't have to fear Sofia. New for Jax always watching, always tracking. When, I am with you there's no place I'd, rather be.

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The Stem to hub code org and the University, of North Florida all, working, together to, help get teachers the, training, they need the. Relationship, we have at code.org, is to train, teachers on how to teach the k-12, coding, curriculum, which. Is inherent, to the standards of Florida and to, help teach teachers, how to, teach computer, science, two years ago seventeen. High schools in Duval County only one high school was teaching computer science this. Year all, high schools are teaching computer, science that partnership, with code.org. Helped. Us to train the teachers to be able to put it into the curriculum and all, the high schools in Duval County thanks. To the partnership with code.org I, would say close to 800. Teachers have, been trained, to, introduce, coding, to kids and that, translates, into tens. Of thousands. Of students. Who have now been introduced. To computer, science and coding we, have code.org, training, for, middle, school high school and elementary school, teachers they come in and learn how to keep coding to their students, we, also have hacking, stem lessons. That are super, cool where we bring and teach, and teach, them how to integrate. Computers. And. Robotics. Into regular. Science classrooms. And one of the reason that's called hacking stem is because we, are hacking current curriculum you're not changing what teachers are teaching in the classroom we are changing the tools that teachers are using so. Excel, becomes a tool for data science, hands-on. Learning and, all those four skills that introduced in, Northeast, Florida were so lucky it's a have stem to hub here to support us there are so many things that we would not be able to do without that not, just partnering. With code.org, and, Microsoft, and bringing, resources, and tools. To our students, that we can never secure. Funding for on our own, they've. Brought so. Much professional, development, to so many teachers here, that, it just doesn't exist anywhere, else and one, of the very exciting things, that's happening, here through. The University. Of North Florida is. Our, pre-service teachers. Are getting the opportunity to learn how to code and how, to build a robot before they, graduate, and before, they start teaching so. While we're working on workforce, development for our teachers we're. Also, making. The foundational. Skills of the new teachers, stronger. The. Stem to hub's partnership, with Microsoft, has been a game changer for the area targeting. Our many military. Families for. One they sponsor, a yearly event called, youth spark that, has introduced, hundreds, of military, dependent, children to stem, there's.

Also Huge, impact, through a unique, retraining. Initiative, the, Microsoft, software systems. Academy, teaches, software. Development. To transitioning, military members. We. Recognize there's a career skills gap that, we need IT folks, and the, military, veterans make a great, transition. Into the IT field. The, program itself it's an 18 week program, it's two nine week terms for, the cloud application, developer program specifically, they're going to be learning c-sharp, they're gonna be learning how to code they're going to be learning about Asher which is Microsoft's, government cloud this, is an amazing, opportunity if, you have any slight, interest whatsoever and, software. Development or in technology, as a whole this, opportunity, provides you just, a solid, foundation of. Having, people and resources they're available at your fingertips. It's. Kind of like getting your foot in the door and once you get that foot in the door it just opens, up your entire world, in. Addition, to MSSA, which has been a tremendous, benefit. To our military. Transitioning. Members, we. Have Microsoft. Partnering, with us to help us accelerate, our, work over. The summer Microsoft. Invited, 30, of our regional, leaders and teachers to, go out to campus, and spend. Two weeks learning. From, their experts, on hacking. Stem, building, our technical. Skills and then, we got to pick a problem, that we cared about and participate. In the global hackathon. And work, with their software, engineers, and builders to develop. A solution, to something we care about that, we took back and, we're now applying that in our classrooms, and I got to tell you we had really high expectations coming. Here and, it's been so. Much more than I ever could have hope, you, know you wonder on the front side is it the right investment, I can say without a doubt now, it's absolutely. The right investment, I loved it it's amazing, to see the growth and the. Passion. And the growth mindset that you all showed so, all the teachers day one they had no idea what a sensor is what, real-time data is and, it was heartening, to see the, science fair today where, they're talking about real-time data they are talking about building sensors, they are talking about building solar, cells are. You kidding me it is just, amazing. The growth, and the the, learning that has happened in such a short span of time is incredible. Amazon. Is another industry, giant, supporting, the stem to hub earlier. This spring Amazon, opened, up its local distribution, center, to stem students, allowing. Them the very first, sneak peek into the unbelievable. Amazon, world of robotics, and automation, what. I love most is, when we have those children come. Up in front of us and talk about how we change their lives by exposing, them to the STEM program in one shape the, smiles just like today when we visited with. Those students, lit up in the room and when they realized, that they, were you know they were receiving some tablets. Students. Visiting a place like Amazon is important, because the students, can see coding, and robotics, in action. Experiences. Like these increase, interest in all stem programs, which, are impacting, young people all over Northeast Florida schools. Are offering more, stem focused classes, and the stem to hub also, facilitates, after-school.

Programs, Focused. On such things as coding, drones. Cybersecurity. ESports. And bicycle, clubs but. By far the biggest program. Supported. By the stem - hub is, robotics. One. Of the real gems is a partnership, with, Renaissance, jacks Marc. McCombs is the energy, behind this organization. Which, is vitally, responsible, for area-wide, robotics, competitions, like the FIRST LEGO League. Renaissance. Jack's, came from the understanding that. Every. Kid in North Florida should. Have an opportunity. To solve a hard problem and build a robot get, the skills that they need to get a job create. Generational. Wealth transformed, the lives that they have and that of their family and have an opportunity to really create another, Renaissance, and through, the process, of a five year period we became the fastest-growing region, for competitive, youth robotics, on the globe I went from a hundred and fifty kids to. Four thousand kids in five, years. Record-breaking. First. Headquarters came down twice in three years because they thought that we were doing something well. We were doing something we're. Inspiring people. FIRST. LEGO League is one of four programs that gets you kindergarten, through twelfth grade as part of the first progression, of programs, in, kids age nine through 14 design, build a programmer robot they do a research, project, with a presentation, skit that gets judged a competition, they're, all guided by core values and if you can believe it 2,300. Kids last year built. A robot leading, the tournament system that we managed and got to a point where they can make patentable, advances, across. A real world theme I think it, is the greatest, program. To come along they, are dancing. There's, music, there's. Excitement. There's, laughter. And. Everybody's. Working, together if. You have a competition. There's. Always gonna be people that win but, the best part about the competitions that we host is, that nobody loses. That's. Crazy, we. Call it coopertition. You've. Got to compete but, you also teach, people while, you're there that's. What puts robotics, in like sports, in two completely different universes. Because, when you go to your football game you're trying to crush, your opponent. You. Go to the robotics, tournament you're trading secrets you're learning, you're, sharing code you're leveling, up you're collaborating you're. Figuring, out how you can get together in the offseason and trade bits of Technology, it's epic, and the kids have a dance party with a DJ, and some, fun and some pizza and you just got to come there to see it to believe it you know what I mean, it's, one of the places, that diversity. Is. Appreciated. Two is maximum. We've, gone from virtually.

No Diversity, in these competitions, to. Almost, one, in two key is our, diverse. Or underserved. Underrepresented, whether. They be a young lady or, young, person of color so we're. Very excited about that. Other. Huge afterschool, successes, are thanks in part to people, like the man you just met Frank, Robinson, a 35. Year NASA veteran, Frank's. Helping stem to up programs, thrive, at places, like community, in Schools pal. And here, at the Boys and Girls Club this, is the brand-new Lawrence, Lee City, Teen Center downtown the, city Teen Center it's going to be our. Showroom, 14 centers throughout, Northeast, Florida so, we're excited to, work with stem to help in this partnership and, it's going to be technology-based, and also career-based, those are the two things that we're looking at so all kinds of great things groans and, coding, robotics. All of these things that they're going to be all in one place and our teenage population is going to love it by, working through the, Boys and Girls Clubs. And the Police Athletic League, by. Working with the Girls Scouts and, so, many other youth. Serving organizations. We. Have been able to level. The playing field for kids when, you see a kid who'd never touched a roll up before or, they've never designed, something, before with technology, and they do it, it's. Like. And. That. Should. Be you lost your whole lifetime if you, are prepared, and skilled, every. Aspect, of your life is gonna be discovery. And, it starts when you're young. Conversely. One, place that technology. Is severely, lacking for many students, is at, home it's, there the technology, gap is widened, even more but, that is changing, as well thanks. To the stem to hub in a way that is changing, the lives of many I actually, went to robert, e lee high school and spoke, with, the. Evac group there was I think 11 young. African-american. Gentlemen that were, in high school and I went around the room and asked how many had a computer and, out of the eleven only one said that they had a computer and it was an old desktop that they had at home and they shared it so, it dawned on me that, not. Only have. We had inequity. In underserved. Neighborhoods, but now we have what's called a digital divide, where. Poor. Children, are not able to access a computer at. Home and so. Giving, a child a computer, or, having them earn a computer. Changes. Their, life. Working. Through partnerships, businesses. Can donate their end-of-life, computers, to, be updated, and refurbished. For, distribution to students, some. Partners, donate, computers, others, fund the refurbishment, and two partners, audit, mechs and urban mining do, the technical work our. Process, is bringing computers back in from, large corporations, from individuals, and then, we're recycling those and we're getting them into the hands of kids to try, to make a difference, in not, only Jacksonville. But, all of our outlying rural areas, and make sure that every kid gets the same opportunities. And here, is how one of those magical. Moments, transpire. Recently. We got together with the Police Athletic League, and we put together they. Call it a Friday Night Live it was basically a boy slumber, party and, it was for kids from 12 to 18 years old and the, target was to get them into.

Our Stem. Arena kind of let them see what was, out there what was available to them expose them to it but, also give them the Athletics - yeah that's what it's just dim go handle there's there's a lot of science and math behind sports, as well but, we wanted to be able to bring it to them in their setting with people they were comfortable, with in. This Pal environment, and also, just get to tinker, with robotics. And coding, and drones and see, what all this hype is because we also had to realize many, of them had never seen it but we gave them an incredible STEM experience, but, we also gave them a lot of tools and keys that we feel like they could use going forward and most, importantly, at the end of it we. Gave them a laptop, thanks. To a generous donor, a couple. Of them Florida. Blue and the. PGA Tour, each. And every one of you in here will get a computer. I. Us. Being able to give them those devices helps. Facilitate a. Path, forward for those kids to dream. Big and accomplish, what they thought they would never do you can never know the significance and impact, that, it can have on. Each one of these kids. It's. Astronomical, for. Me it's taking. A child that was at risk of potentially. Not being successful, and being. The, catalyst, to, ignite, that little bit of spark in them just say hey we care we're watching, and you, have a shot, you, have to just work for it too so, I think that underserved, area, is one that's really important, to us because we don't want anyone, be left out of this we, want to make sure everyone has the same opportunity. And if it means we have to put technology in their hands that's what we have to do. So. Just what is the impact when you put a computer in the hands, of a young person, we'll share an amazing story, of personal, transformation I, was shut inside, I was put into a school where, all the failures were, put. If. You've been injured call Harrell and Harold 24. Hours a day seven, days a week no. Matter what time you call we will be there for you call. Us two. Five one one, one one one Harrell. And Harold don't, settle for less than you deserve fifty, chefs working together for, one great cause it's, caring chef's October, 20th at the Avenues Mall proceeds. Benefit, the Children's, Home Society of Florida, order, your tickets today. Each. Week, channel four recognizes. The Vice star all-star, athlete, if you'd like to nominate a high school athlete who excels, in the classroom, and in the community go. To the news for Jack's calm sports page and click on all star athlete. Year. Three begins at Hogwarts, only, this time Harry, Potter must face a new, foe Something. Wicked This Way Comes in, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of, Azkaban in concert. And. Key spellbound, is a live Symphony, Orchestra, performs John Williams unforgettable.

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These, Folks and give them hope that if they learn these skills they. Learn how to code I'm. Gonna get a job without, technology. Dreams. Stay, within, the. Kids and they never get the chance to be fully actualized. Into reality, I really. Believe that technology. Is hope. But. We're just beginning to scratch the surface of the immense impact these stem to hub programs, are having on the youth of Northeast, Florida here's. An amazing school related success, story Andrew. Jackson, high school just, a few years removed from being the lowest scoring high school in the state of Florida, look. At the doors that are being open today as Andrew, Jackson, has become a Duval, County technology. Magnet, school, additionally. They just earned the distinction of being named a Microsoft, showcase, school, Andrew. Jackson, is phenomenal. I mean. Their. Principal, dr. clinch, has really, done, a great, job of, bringing. Technology to, this school the, school transition. And to be able to embrace them. It's, definitely, something that's unique and that sets us apart from everybody else the, population, as far as demographics, haven't, really changed that much but we're, really tapping into a different, set of skills. In. Students, and so it's just been exciting, to see the, innovation, that has come out of it and the creativity that has come out of as well Andrew. Jackson, high school under, the leadership of, dr. clinch, is, the. Most, incredible. Turnaround, story, that, I have ever heard but what's going on behind, the curtain in that school is amazing, Andrew. Jackson High School has hollow lands and mixed, reality, equipment. That's helping kids learn, in a futuristic, world they're, using. Technology, to. Learn but, more than that they're building, apps for other, people, to learn so, it's not just learning from, the technology, it's creating, with the technology. As a tool and that applies. In their Health Sciences, Academy, in their cybersecurity. Academy, and even. In all of their computer, gaming academies. I have mr. Liu's honors class and. He. Does. Game, simulation, and we, build. Our own video. Games we learn about the different jobs that are available we, get to do, our own designs for games and, let's. Just be creative with it I'm. In the programming. Course so the main thing that I'm, learning this year is how to use, the c-sharp, programming, language and how to implement. It in unity, pretty much like scripting. Stuff in the game making it actually run. Anything. You can set your mind to for the most part you can do as long as you have the right knowledge our. Students are definitely more focused on academics. Now the ones that come to Andrew Jackson the expectations. Are high for them it's a challenging, environment we, have the AES degree in cyber security through. FSCJ. Extremely. Complex, than, Green challenge and degree and so to have students, fill in that program, and really, competing, at a high level it's, really become, a very, competitive, environment but, a healthy competitive, environment. And these are the things that are going to, benefit. These kids, as they, move towards the future so many were. Kids. That as we've. Heard this term before left. Behind and now, they. See a, light, at the end of the tunnel as a result, of the programs, that they're involved, in stem, to her, has definitely. Been. Invaluable. To, what, we are able to create for our kids they experiences. To, be able to truly. Provide an immersive experience in, the classroom, they purchase VR headsets, for us they, purchase hololens, technology. For us provide. Training, and support dr.. Clinch is knocking, down every. Barrier to make sure her kids have, the best opportunities. Available they, have trained my instructors, and provided, them with enrichment. Opportunities. Mr. Lozano. Definitely. Embraces. The partnership, and reaches out whenever he can for advice, for. Its support, with our students, and it's just it, has really taken, us to the next level I believe, that we.

Have Future billionaires, in this building, just because these. Kids are producing, things. That we've never even thought of we have partnerships, and we have some projects, out that are really going to change how. People view the students that come out of Andrew Jackson. Stem. Success spreads, far beyond, just Duval, County the, strides, being, made in Putnam, County for, example are, stunning. In, a community that statistics, say has the most public, housing in the country. Technology. And the health of the stem to hub have, transformed. Schools starting. At the elementary. Level there. Are a lot of incredible, things happening in Putnam County and unless you lived there or we're part of the stem hub you, may not have been exposed to the challenges, they have Putnam, County is situated in a rural environment and, with, that presents, unique challenges our. Children, have just. Not have the same opportunities. That a lot of students. Have had in the major population centers, if I could think about a rural community that. Gives me great hope for what's possible its, Putnam, County, we've, had much success in Putnam County partnering. With outside. Organizations, such as the stem to hub to. Ensure that we keep, abreast with advances. In technology. Advances. And opportunities, for our kids. And we, ensure, that our. Students, have equal. Opportunities. To those in other counties our, goal the elementary, schools to foster creativity foster. Curiosity. Provide, kids resources. Provide, them robotics, provide them drone experiences. Provide them circuitry, experiences. Provide. Them opportunities, to look at the various, areas, of, science. And have, them experiment, with. Those concepts, and those, basic. Skills starting, with the youngest, learners are, going, to empower, them to be really, good at, the. More advanced, things by, building, and inventing, and creating with. Those basic building blocks in elementary, school our students are prepared to be able to move to a multitude, of opportunities, in middle school in high school, advanced, coding, for example becomes available where, students can actually code for e-commerce, code, websites, when. We set the stage in elementary, school for those students, to have. Those basic competencies, to move on they have some, incredible, leaders in Putnam County too that, have been hungry for this they have a real appetite to change their community, and and, they're accelerating, that things in their community in ways that probably some never thought would happen over, the past three years the, growth, of Putnam, counties, graduation. Rate as a percentage, of kids graduating. Has had the largest gain in the entire, state, and that's, because, they're engaging, kids, in stem, programs, that, are of high interest, and they see the, value they. See the, careers, that they can go into if they stick, it out and stay in school, and come in everyday and work hard it's. Hard to truly. Express, the, disparity. Between rural. And urban environments but. It's real it's real and the. Stem to hub has allowed us to bring opportunities. To our students we would have never been. Able to do, on our own and, it's. It's been one that's been amazing and, I've truly see where in the future our students. Are going to be in, high. Paying high wage, technology. Jobs of tomorrow, as. A result of our partnership, with the stem to hub it, would be easy for them to say we don't have hope and you, see what they're doing in two or three years and no. One has an excuse now we we all have the opportunities, just do we have the, appetite, and and the, attitude, to really take on the challenge, we. Haven't had these resources, at our hands until, just recently and you're, gonna see the students of Button County really flourish, and, great. Days are ahead for Putnam County because of stem opportunities. So, where do we go from here and how will we set up to make the biggest impact possible, we'll. Hear some surprising. Ideas, and see, how Jacksonville, is primed to be a national.

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They Have schools investing, in people they have schools investing in programming. And changing the schedule and bringing, together district. Leaders and bringing together parents committee members and having, this conversation about how do we impact students, lives that's when you know that you're bringing stem into the culture, of Education. And a place and I think that's quite unique and that's really that blood the lasting work that's gonna be the legacy of this stem hub project, in Northeast, Florida and while. Working with you we want to create a template that other states other, regions, other countries, can emulate I think, your vision and your heart and your passion is in the right place so, with you my hope is to create something that is scaleable, and that. Other parts, of the world can learn from. I guess. What I love most about what we're doing is one I think it's badly needed and so. We, were able to, pull. Together the community and get the right people and, get it funded and, get. Support to. Make it happen what I love, about this, work is I, can look for, the places where I just, see opportunity. Where, I see people who are ready and they know that we have to change but. They don't really know how and I. Am so. Humbled. To, be able. To meet with them and talk to them and help, architect. What, a system, looks like that supports, incredible. Learning to equip, kids with, the skills they need to become, part of our economy here, in Jacksonville. I don't, think any of us really fathom, the type of success, excitement. And energy that would come into our stem up what's, probably overwhelmed me the most is is the amazing, amount of community support that has come out and bought into the mission it, bought into the journey now that they want to be a passenger, on the ride I mean they want to be part of it they want to help drive it they they're willing to own key, pieces of this delivery, there's an old Chinese, proverb that, says the best day to plant, a tree was. 20 years ago the. Second best day is today, and that's why we've got to start teaching our kids the. Skills they're gonna need for the jobs for, tomorrow, stem, hub is right there pushing, leading, pulling, the way to, make sure our students, have a chance and that our state and its workforce will be educated in the future to meet those jobs that are come I think, it's important, for the community in, Northeast Florida to understand. What a gym you have and, what, impact, this is going to have on the students who are in the schools here, and to, provide whatever support the, leaders of this stem to have need to, help keep this going this is a unique, and incredible, opportunity, to prepare the young people here for the future that, they are heading into I think, this is the beginning of something incredibly, special people, are looking for an answer to. These problems in education, and, the. Match of these jobs in the future and I think that Kathy, and the stem team here in Northeast Florida they've, got it going on I think we're just beginning it's, the tip of the iceberg for what's coming yeah it's it's, incredible, the, opportunities. In. The. North Florida region. To. Be a premier. Center. For, 21st century growth. Are. Unparalleled, economically. This may be the most important, initiative in our region we, truly, have a chance to transform, our community, to, a level of prosperity we've never experienced, before, I'd. Like to make, a plea to. A. Few. Different. Groups one is the. Parents if. You're a parent listening. Learn. About, what's happening, with 21st, century skills learn. What's happening at the stem hub and how, your, child can, benefit, from the work that we're doing if, you're a business, owner. You're. Gonna need talent. There. Are businesses, here, in Jacksonville. That cannot, find the necessary talent in. These 21st, century skills. Without. The talent it's, very difficult to, execute your business plan so if, you're a business support. The stem hub. Because. We're educating, your future workforce. We. Hope you've learned something over, the last hour about, how important. It is that our students, participate, in the, stem revolution. And the, immense opportunities. If they do this. Is just the first of four educational. Programs we are committed, to bringing you over, the next year news, for Jax in partnership, with Lawrence entertainment, will be delving into the challenges, and, opportunities. Facing, our schools here, in Northeast, Florida coming. In December we will tell the complete story of, school, choice we, hope you'll join us again thanks.

So Much for, watching.

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