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He'll gas this. Micromaster drops and today. I have not one but two. Wonderful guests. They. Are from, very. Ambitious and really interesting silly, project. My. Guests today are dr.. YB. And mr.. Wentzel, ooh. Okay. So. Their guests could you please, introduce yourself, to our audience. And tell, a little bit about your, experience. And you're, all in Zillah team. Okay. Shall I start I was thought, my. Name is YB, dr.. Wahby and the chief scientist, of, the. Jela team and Vince. Is our big data architect. And our, responsibility, is mainly, for, the technical, side you, know including, product. Designing, programming, implementation. Testing. Related. Algorithm. Designing, its center and Wednesday, is more in. Charge of the implementation. Side and he's really good but, I would like to visit how about, little bit more about himself later but. I have, a PhD. In. Variant. Science from, City University, of London, and. MSC. Degree in, computer, science from, the University, of Oxford I. Believe. In the UK for more than 13, 14, years. During, the time and also how being involved in a few other startups. So. A, lot of people ask me what. Do I do in business science and how do I actually come, from winner. In science into the blockchain views and I just answer what do I do in building science probably, this is a lot. Of people feel very curious, about it and actually. To, really. Study I do research, from fundamental. Vision, science, like. Color vision motion, detection, pupil. Llama tree. Chromatic. Afterimages, to real-world, the simulation, tests, so in the fundamental, vision science, we actually measure many, aspects, of vision, using. A method called psychophysics. I don't know if you guys have ever heard about it so psychophysics, is basically basically. You. Come higher performance. Between normal, participants, and participant, who are visually, impaired you. Compare their performance and. Then. You you, get results. You know the difference between the normal participants and, the. Patients. And you quantify, the, result you conclude.

While Possibly, the brain is damaged, for example, but how do you measure performance so. You design, psychophysics, test which is normally actually a computer-based, test. So, when, the patient we, doing the tests is a bit like you play computer games so. So. What I was involved, is I actually use a lot of acting knowledge and a design quite a few. The. Very, interesting, psychophysics, tests, in my research. So. That's, basically what I did in my PhD degree and, later, I also. Designed. Well. Why, I moved into blockchain. Field, maybe. I'll tell this later, if you're interested Mike. Also. People asked me that. I have, eight patients, which, is stated. In our website, but, actually we just cracked, hit it we did, have a few mistakes on the website but we keep updating. It the, fact is that I'm the first officer of, eight patents. Which. Are in the blockchain. Technology. Field, the, patent is mainly about. Cross-chain. Excites, new. Smart, contract, technology, and architecture, etc. And, you. Know people have experience, in patents, know that normally a pittance. Can. Take really, a long, time and quite a few stages, before. It, gets, animated and, made to public. So. I'm, the chief scientist of Zillah Marian's. Main responsibility. Is about, research, instead, of the dealer project. And I. We. Have a group of talents. People behind me and they're, really, really talented. People, they're experts, in the views and this, is actually one of them and he is actually one of the smartest, guy. I've ever seen and he it's very humble, as well so. I will handle it over to Venice the best would you like to introduce yourself, yeah, yeah sure sure hi, everyone. I'm Winslow I'm from, China and the comedy, I Intel, at him I focused, on consensus. Ableism and a. Fundamental, network, attention. Before. Joining us team I worked, at Microsoft, for. More. Time five years. Some. Debate huh and I project. As. After, Johnson team I'm, trying. To building a next generation, project. System thank, you. Thank. You. Well. Looking at silly team the first thing, that catches your eye is, that the majority of the team has a strong academic background and. Most. Of the team members are scientists, researchers. Or, engineers. Could. You tell more about the city team and how it was formed. Yeah. Actually. Some. Of us were, together and, we know each. Other like. You see many people from. From. London, and. You. Know I also have this Chinese. Link in China and we we know each. Other like, me and ovens the wind know each other for a while already. But. For. The. Scientists. We, do have people, who have, very diverse. Backgrounds. We have most. Of our technicians. Our. Programming. People. From. The team a computer, scientists. We also have mathematicians. Cryptography. Enthusiastic. Big, data, experts. Medical, experts. Etc. So. Actually, maybe I should, open the Zillah, website, so. To just to remember everyone's, face yes. So. Let. Me start with our technical, adviser, actually, professor.

John. Fox he. Is a professor. From. The University of Oxford, and. He called, himself a, cognitive. Scientist, he works on reasoning. Decision-making. And planning and, technologies. To, carry out tasks. In complex, domains. Basically. Decision-making. Is very important, in the medical fields and he, is advising, us on the cognitive. Design, of our smart, contract. For. The smart contract part which we haven't really talked about more in our white paper but, we have a lot of ideas in our smart contracts, which. We probably will disclose, more, information about our smart, contract. Noble. Part, in our yellow paper or maybe later. So. Professor John Fox from Oxford he is how King asked with decision, making in the smart contracts, and also, in the medical diagnosis. And treatment, the reason we have you, know people from the medical field is because. The. Dealer will, be probably. In the house care view the dealer will be firstly applied in the house care field which, we think is really important, because the house care field really, is very. Imbalanced in the world okay. I will quickly go to other people we have the. Second person in the technical, team, at the second, technical. Advisor is Professor, Donald Lawrence we. Actually might I remember. Exactly why. We might have a match in April, last year 2017. When, he actually came to China to attend. A blockchain forum. And. We. Met under which had a lot, about about, block chains at that time we had the idea of dela but we haven't really made. It public, and Vince. And I and all the other people sit together in the end of last year and we made our web paper and we, told professor, Lawrence and he, was very interested and he became our at, whether he, will help us to, do. The, marketing, and the technology, development. In. Europe he. And his students in fact we have, several. Students, from UCL, cbt the Center for blockchain. Technology. And. Who. Are the his, student, the PhD student a master student they, are helping us our, wet paper and some of our ideas in dela. Then. We have very important, person we have two very important. Actually. Marketing. Advisors, Peter, do and item. One I, want. To talk, about more about them because and more from the technical, side but they, are really, really famous people in, the field and they are really good and. From. Our team, I work, all developers, I recall, people. Important. People dr.. Chun. Mali, to. Me he is a mathematician, he, loves. Mathematics. And he, is honored, as. Distinguished. A specialist, at the Beijing in China and, he, is previously, postdoctoral. Fellow, at neuroscience. And Engineering. Research Council, of. The Government, of Canada and. He. Is also the Potok sir fellow at Montreal. Business, School, in. Canada and he, is a former chief, scientist, CEO, at two famous. Companies, in China one of them is credit, East company, which is really famous in China and dr.. Donan is I respect him very much he is very established, a researcher, and he also have, a lot. Of experience. In the field and he, has a lot of contacts. Especially. In Canada and the US he, helps us set up the US company. And establish, collaborations. With. Some of the US organizations. And he is also involved in our serial. Researches. Quicken. He is a PhD student in, the UCL, financial, mathematics. Department. He. He. Is the founder of Chan, British. Blockchain, Association, founder. Actually, I, met, him the first time also in. April last year he, actually organized, the forum when I met professor, Lawrence, and and. He. Is our main person, who is really helping, us to do the. European. Or the UK, operation. Technical. Technical. Side, and regulation. Side and also the marketing in the UK and in the whole Europe like, he will help us to organize meetups.

Which, I believe will be happening. Very soon, probably, in much and. Dr.. Nick Smith, I'm. Really sorry, for what happened a few days, ago to. Him but dr.. Nick next means we know we knew we know each other quite a while ago we actually in fact worked, in the same lab I was in London and he. Is also one, of our big data scientists, he did brilliant, work actually, envision, one, of his, work actually showed that you. Know whether you, have glaucoma, which, is a disease or not. Can. Be detected when you're watching, movies. By analysing your eye movements, this is really interesting and published in several made major. Articles. In the UK like. At the Guardian and doctors. Means is our big data scientist, and Steve. Dr. Steve group later he. Is expert in the optical. Field. And he is really good in maths he will be helping us to prove some algorithms, and. Theoretical. Models in terms of you know, theoretical. Reasoning, this kind of stuff and, we. Have our brilliant, Vince Lu who is also sitting here with that today, we. Have mr. jeong's India he. Is. The. Former. Employed. By. The Tencent. You. Know tension which is one of the most. Prominent. IT, company, in China Tencent. Then. He is classified, as the t4 expert, in tension, which is only 1% of the stuff can be classified that expert. In Tencent he. Previously. Wrote a 3d. Game engine all by himself. In a few days time which is really amazing and we. Have a mr.. Homn trician who. Is a very experienced, programmer, and he had been involved in several startups. And he. Is our smart. Contract. I, mean, well, ICO is ours that smart, contract, the lander and all the website. He's. In charge of these kind of things and we, have mr., shotgun. I believe. He had he, has I can't remember more than ten years experience probably, 17 years of 14 years which is specified in the white paper in. The internet, protocols. In. Fact our really. Novel p2p, protocol, and the QV se protocol, was, designed by, him he is really good in the protocol. Of use and, ok, I had three more persons, left from, the website so mr. jolly how who. Is a former by dou Y, my stuff he's, very experienced, in the big data, field. And like. The Hadoop spark, these kind of stuff he has to boot you, know the really big data architecture. In the blockchain. Into. Our production to integrate, this. Functionality. Into. But. We have a mid. To. To. Here. Behind the architecture, of our new smart. Contract, and we. Have the last person, mister, tuba. Tuba. He. Is a former, Microsoft, engineer and, he, also works as a. Architecture. Architect. To, design the. Blockchain and a smart contract and. These. Are the person that we listed on our website, but we have quite, a lot of people that we haven't listed. Them, in our website, yet. Our. Team now have, in. Total probably. Have. Over. About. Forty people worldwide. These. The. Person, I introduced, mainly, the, technology. Of mainly, from the technology, team but, we also have marketing, person, we, also have a public. Relations, people. We, also have the business, team, we. Now have these team and, working, independently. And also collaborate, together to, to. To, solve the business problems, and.

That's. It so. Not. Only we have a very. Team but you have a number of partnerships, with the leading universities. In the, world like Stanford. And Oxford. Could, you please. Specify the, nature of these partnerships and how you collaborate with them. Yes, for. The partnership we do get a lot of questions about the partnership, just for. Example I already, introduced. The professor Lawrence and we gon' who. Are actually, from. UCL. The, center blockchain, technology. Center, as we, definitely, work. Together with, them and we. Have a few students. From, the, CBT. UCL, CBT, team and, they. Are helping us to build, our blockchain, to help us to proofread. Our web paper and help. Us to develop some call, technologies. We. Also have, Professor. John Fox which I briefly. Introduced. Before he is from Oxford, who, happy, having asked to do the smart contracts. Technology. For. The other partnerships, I probably, will not go into too much details, at. This stage but we definitely. Established. Research. Collaborations. Mailing, with the university because as you can see Zilla definitely, involves. A lot, of cutting-edge. Technologies. And these, technologies are really, new and. We. Are going, to publish, the. Real, details. About. The collaborations. With. These. Organisations. Or universities. Probably. Next month on, our website, so. The business team is gonna will. Be the team that, that's gonna be, doing this, so. Let's. Wait for the more details, from our website actually, okay, sure, so. Zeal. Is a really ambitious project. Can. You tell about the. New concept, and new technologies you're going to bring to grip the world like. Neural consensus, protocol, heterogeneous, forest network, well address both protocol and so on okay. Yeah. Yeah, I will. Actually. Kind of thought. About this question for a really long. Time. Really. What, is Zilla. It's. Quite. Big thing. To me but. Insult to, me Zilla is a technology, ecosystem. Which. Includes, not, only just, a public blockchain, but all the cutting edge technologies. Needed. You, know from the lower. Lower. Network, layer protocols. All the way to the application, layer, protocols. Like smart contract designing, tools the, idea is for users, developers, and you know business. Providers. And, some of the requirements, actually. Come from the real, industrial. Needs such, as the healthcare in application. Which I said before the, data exchange, the. Computer, power share and the collaboration, etc the, outcome of Zilla is to provide a solution to these real, industry, requirements. But. This philosophy, of Zilla I probably. Will. Quickly he, say. Something which i think is really important, and I will let Vince to, tell you more about the neural consensus, algorithm and for heterogeneous, for. His network but. What I think is really important, it's a philosophy of padilha, is, the purpose of the division, of Zilla now. In. The white paper we, actually wrote, and, you. Know Dell innovates. The new era of, the value in tonight so, from the technology, side so. The definition, of value internet, is not. Still. Unclear nobody, really defines value, in tonight so, I would, like to talk. About data from this from. This aspect so. What do we think, blockchain. Technology, itself at, the idea of blockchain, you, know to maintain, a system, using. Consensus, in a decentralized way, this is the really the, noble part of the blockchain, we. Think no, matter what is code in the future whether it's called blockchain, or not eventually. The, technology. The technology, itself, will be going in lower and, lower into. The. Architecture. And eventually. Becomes, the infrastructure. Like the Internet, so. As we, think this is called the value Internet so once it becomes an infrastructure, we, will be building, applications, and the, services on top of it those these apps and, services. Are running on the value in tonight so, that. Made us think what. It's a requirement, of the weather in tonight so that. Actually, lead us. Zillah. To, solve this requirement, to fulfill. These requirements gave. Us, today's. Dilla so, what. Does, the well. Internet, actually requires, we think it requires. Usability. Performance.

Security. Stability. Scalability. And. So, on you know all of these are. Required for the wedding tonight but, a lot of other SEO, project, has already addressed. Or, tackled. Some of these issues but we, think there are still, significant. Things that required. To do in, order to achieve the value internet, because, consider the Internet today we have so many applications, running, on top of it we, have you know this appear. Dot in which, we're doing video conference we can't do this on the, blockchain today right we have a lot of games today we have the what's, app we have browsers, but. On the blockchain technologies, all the seem. To be rather, difficult you know people invented, the crypto kitties. And made, it easier Ram become really congested, so. I just. Want. To say that the weather internet we think there, are there, has to be many aspects, that we need to do to, achieve the, value in tonight so the word Internet we think has to support many nodes, you know like Bitcoin and interim already have many nodes but you know we all know they have many drawbacks like like. You know the speed is really, slow that you know the confirmation. Is long and the transaction, cost is it's, big and, the. Value internet, has to support multiple network. Networks. For example you know if we, have. Company I want to build. A blockchain. Myself, you are a company you want to beauty your own blocked in yourself to solve your own company, problem and once to have a company so it. Has to be able to build a blockchain themselves. So the block the well internet has to support, multiple, networks. And whether internet has to support collaborations. For example my. Communities has a blockchain your company has a blockchain how do we do collaborations. We. Need the cross chain, accessibility. Which is really important. Now. To do that I'm sure bands will talk about the weather transfer, protocol later and, you, know the cross chain access. But. I just like to cite Jack Hamas saying. In Davos. 2018. Jack Ma is one of the you. Know most famous, people in China he is a founder. Of Alibaba, Group and, in. Davos, 2018. Actually, went to Switzerland. And I heard his talk although, I I, wasn't. Actually in Davos I was in Zurich but what, he said is that the. World need, trade. Its. Trade, stops. Was. Start. I think, this is really good but I would like to modify his, sentence. A little bit to the. Road that needs, collaboration. If, collaboration. Stops was. Start, that's how important, I think collaboration, is that's, one of the most important, aspect, of Zillah Zillah has to establish collaborations. Between. All, the entities. All. The participants. Ok, the one internet also has to, support, at. Least to. Be compatible, with the, traditional. And Conwell conventional. Method like the old in tonight we, cannot just not, everybody, will. Be embracing, blockchains, but you, know a lot of companies are reluctant really, reluctant to, change into blockchain, they're still using their all the databases like MySQL, Oracle databases. Because. These databases. Are decentralized, system, adjusted, working fine for them we're. Not doing, block chains because, we want to do block chains we, want, to solve the problem and to. Solve the problem we happen to find. A blockchain it's a resolution so, we don't say blockchain, is suitable, for, everything, so, that's why the value internet has, to be able to connect, a blockchain in tonight with, the, old-fashioned. Internet. And with the old fashioned a database and that's. The backward, compatibility. And, whether Internet has to provide a forward, compatibility, which, I think the, Weller Internet has to. Support. Into the internet of things like. For example I, would like to use my phone to join, in, the. You. Know to do the consensus, but, nowadays you can't do that because the P o W. Just consumes, too much power your phone simply it's not a big enough if I have a Raspberry Pi I would like to to, to ask to use a Raspberry Pi to do the con censors if I have a vehicle you know you have the internet a vehicle. How, do you let them to join the consensus, so, the Internet of Things will become really big in the future and artificial. Intelligence will be part of the weather internet we have to you, know looking forward to be compatible with all these kind of stuff that's what they are trying to do that's the vision of Zillah we, we, are not trying to compete with other people.

Rather, Than competing, with them we actually try, we are trying to unify. We, actually trying to. Embrace. All the technologies, together and. You. Can pick your own technology. That you want. Ok. Lastly, I just want to say you know for real industrial, applications, is involves, you know sensitive sensitive. Data. Exchange. And computer, power exchange, you, know data is very expensive and I'm sure data will become more and more expensive, like. A Google when said you know they are not a search engine company, but the dieter, company, but, imagine, if you later gave, the if, Google, gave their data away to my, company, and, they don't know if I sell the data to tell other companies, in, that case they lose the control of their data, so. Which is the most important, part of their, company so we have to provide a mechanism to, ensure, that you can share, the data well, still keep the ownership of your your, data and that's, exactly the same case for the computing. Power sharing. Mechanism. So, that that's all the functions that we. Provided, in Zilla and. What. I want to say sorry. I already said. Lastly, but I think that that one thing is really, important. Is that we want to support developers. And we, also want to support an average, user, and, also. The, service, providers, we, want to support everybody in. The weather network not just developers. And. These. Are all the requirements I think from the technical, side and. To. Solve these questions we, are a, we. Derived, the neural consensus, algorithm we've, got the EDA algorithm. Wearying, and weak. Forest. Network which. They probably can talk about it more but lastly I just want to say what. We really want to do with his sister really, the last sentence, is that and, we. Are hoping, that dealer. Will. Be the doll we. We, are the person who opened the door to the outside world, to. Everybody. Who loves Zilla, who whether. They are you know technical. Experts. Or. Enthusiastics. Out maybe an IT company we, really welcome to, join them, to join us we. Think Diller will be belonging. To the community, not just us we probably will be the pioneers, to, open the door to everybody but we want everybody who. Loves illa to maintain, Zilla so, together. We. Can build a better dealer for, the ear, of the, well in tonight. Yeah. That's my understanding of Zilla, well. Would you like to talk about a little bit of the neural, sensors, and the, heterogeneous, network. To make. Yeah. Sure. You know about, a neural. Consensus, algorithm. We. Have amazing feature, of this. More. Notice. Participating. Consensus. The procedure and the more faster, the transaction, confirmation time, how and, why. Artists. Algorithm, inspired. From. The sort of the biological, neural. Networks. You. Can just imagine. What. Our. Eye, importer. And the received lacked from extender. And it same perience. Of newness. What. Together, to, recognize, what. Is, mr.. Daaga is the, Newman and his, others, so, you can image one. Note, in our approaching system and, one. New looks and the, tenth or. Notice. Improvisation, system organza and. To. Consensus. The broken, and all, the transactions. For. Okay. This is our, initial. Our. Initial, thought and the. Photo, Pateras. A. Forest. The network, as. You know as, we know, different. Company, and different. Business, needs so. We. Provide. And, the policy, for the business. To current, different. Type of child. Provision, to meet their different. Business. Need and in. Which there. Will be a, different, consensus. Mechanism. And, different. Different. Commoners. Mechanism. Such, as for. One, child. With. How. POWs, concern. Sensation. And another may. Be, happier. POS, concerns.

Concern. Some, consensus. Organism. And others, we, are adapt. Our new resistance. Organism. So, and. Talk. About. Our. Application, linear. Levels and for. The transport, there. Were we a challenge. The fundamental. Protocols. Taken to, enable. The, rare chance for more, quickly and more, efficient, so. We propose. The, radio transport, when, we transport, protocol. And we're. Due at utility. Protocols, and the unified, said, identified. To. A, four. Theta, which. Registration. And discovering. And okay. Each station okay. I've. Just like to add a cup, of quick point it's expensive oh you know providing, announcer but, the newer consensus. Algorithm. Is, actually, not. The neuro consensus, not, it's not the neural. Network. Algorithm. That we used, in the deep learning in, AI, but. It's quite interesting you know we are inspired, the same way by how the brain, works you. Know the brain achieved consensus, just in the blink of a second, we were actually inspired up by, that and. That's. Actually because, our, brain, is extremely ordered. All the neurons are extremely, ordered we have millions of neurons right I receive, signals, from the. Retina and the retina transfer. Convert, the signal into electric. Chemical. Signals, to the ganglion cells and to the deep layers all the way to the back of the brain and. We have. Parasympathetic. System. And the sympathetic, system and, we have you know feelings, and, I'm. Sitting here a few the temperature, is a little bit cold and I can smell. The. Food from, kitchen, I can. Hear people, talking outside I can see hear you guys talking and I made the decision in, a blink, of second we. Are really excited by that we think that's, because the, brain's extremely, ordered, how. Does the brain you, know order the neurons, this is because of. Thousands. Of years, of evolution. The. Life, evolved. To have this ability so, that's why we developed. Epsilon. Differential, agreement. You. Know the EDA algorithm. Which is instead. Of doing, the. Consensus. We are we are doing the order, first, once, we got the order salted, we can select, a few, notes. From, the, which are from, the vast and majority, of the nose and within. The small groups we can then use using, other, established. Algorithm, like pbft, you. Know to do the second stage of the. Consensus, this, is why we were inspired but to add quickly add at this point, the, neural consensus, is not a, simple, consensus. A cuisine rather than a single consensus, algorithm it is actually. It. Means, a group of consensus at with them it can include all the PIO series algorithms, and all the other companies, consensus. Algorithms, and we, want people to be able to swap. A consensus, in. The blockchain that's why we, call it newer consensus, algorithm it's out it means a group of algorithms, but.

For The deep learning part, you know the neural network, we are actually research, in that direction we, wonder if one, can't we. Consensus. Algorithm using. The deep learning method. Which. Is really interesting stuff, and. Last. A quick quote a quick point about the, heterogeneous, for its network. Is. That, a hydrogen or Zorich network. Is a structure. Like vents, inside the, structure that you know which. Has a miter chain, which, only used to register the. Sub chains because. For. The real. Governance. From the governance, side we think the real business logic should, go deeper, so, on the forest you know the real business, logic of what we call may be atomic. Business, model, should. Be carried, out on the, leaves so. You have the smallest, business. Set. And you. You, you you you you, you create, block. Chain and specifically. To solve that the smallest the business side once you want to form a big big business you do collaborations. Between the, leaves. And then you go up and go up you, get your you. Know entire, business this. Design. Gives us the better, resource. Isolation gives. Us a better performance. It's, a better design. From. The business that is the better design, logic, for, the business logic, it's, a very good a lot, of good aspects. That's. What I want to add - to. You - to your question, and below. That we have really, fundamental, you, know the latter network, of protocols, which. Are really. Specially. Designed for the blockchain internet, or the weather Internet, we we. Redesign, the tcp/ip, protocol, into our VTB protocol, we, redesign, the well you HTTP. Protocol. So, that the broad blockchain, internet will be compatible with the. HTTP. Internet so all older stuff can be you. Know connected. With us so. That's the main idea. Okay. I. Really. Like a vision and zeal, is positioned, as a book, chain. 4.0. Don't. You think that it maybe it is too early to speak about the fourth generation of watching, as we. Haven't seen a mass adoption for the third generation projects. Yet. Sir. It's, a very good question, you know personally, I think blockchain, 1.0, and 2.0, people, you. Know really talking, about Bitcoin. And user I'm you know smart contracts, and. 33.0. Is a little, bit weak. It's, just like I said the definition of, you, know blockchain. X, point, o is not very clear, but. The, reason, we call it block chaining 4.0. Is because. Our. Philosophy, is. Very different, from all, other, products. Nowadays. On the market we. Are not trying to compare with Iran. We're, not trying to compare, compete, with any other products, rather, than that we are trying to unify. All. The good at hand oh geez and we want to embrace all the good technologies. We want to we we. Give user selection. Of consensus, a cuisine we. Want to be backward, compatible and. We want to be forward compatible. And so. Really. We, want to keep. Everybody's. Product, the. Benefit of everybody's. Product and, we. Want to unify embrace, everything, and in.

The Same time. All. I want to say is that the. Philosophy, is different. That's. Why we. Call it blockchain, 4.0. So, you, know science we think, we. Don't really. Compete. With other, products, that's the idea and we created, our new product. We, are quite. Ambitious. For, that sense but we are a group of impatient people and we welcome, people. Who have new ideas to join us and you. Know to make tech, technology, innovations. Is that. Firstly, you have to come up with the ideas and secondly you have to prove your ideas and in, Zillah we, work on new ideas and that's exactly what we are trying to do. So. How do you seize it is role in the whole chain ecosystem. As. I understand it is not supposed to fight, for the place under the sound with some, other poor chains or other, projects, but, rather find, its own specific. Niche and denied, this other project. Yeah. Like I said is it's not really competing other, projects, therefore a heterogeneous, network. Will be able to support, all, the, current. Blockchain technologies, will even support you know the old fashions, databases. So, as long as you use the fundamental. Protocols. Which are also compatible to the existing, protocols. So we want to keep the diversity, of the current techniques. And technologies, and. So. For, that sense. We. Are not really you, know competing, with others that's what I want to say we, want to keep the diversity, and we. Want to promote, the, advantages. Of each individual. Projects, we want to put our advantage. Together and this. Is the basic, idea, of Mozilla by. The way the. Name villa probably. I should have, you. Know explain it in the beginning gsella is actually. A German word. But. Feel free to crack me if we have German audience here it's called a Zilla rather. Than English. You, probably, will, pronounce it as. Co. You, know exactly the same pronunciation. As the animal in the water which. Looks like a you, know penguin, but much, bigger inside and also fed on fish, we, just we, saw, a few who really really interesting. Pictures from the. Community, I'm sure Benson saw it as. Well from, the telegram, telegram. Root people. Put. A gift picture, there saying oh, you. Know in the picture there are two seals you, know the animal two seals actually, playing in a swimming pool with. Water, dance and the, sub potato is called. Secret. De la training. Which. Is really interesting so. Speaking, about technologies. And mass. Adoption. Sometimes. It is not enough, just to have the best technologist in the market you. Need to somehow, motivate, people and, businesses. To switch from the existent product or technology they. Are used to to. The new one and. That. Sometimes may be even, more complex, tasks than the development, of the technology itself. We. See that different projects, use, various strategies for example making, alliances. Like I, can, iron and one chain what. Is your strategy for entering, the market. That's. I think that's a really good, question and, for. Us we. Are more. Technology. You. Know enthusiastic. We would love to develop. The, noble technologies. To. Enter the market like I said Zillah will be compatible, with, all the major technologies. And Zillah. The, requirement, of Zilla as I explained, before actually. Zilla, the. Requirements. Actually are regions, from the real needs of the industry and. Like. We know many companies many, companies, exactly. Like what you mentioned many, companies trying to. Persuade. You. Know to change, their, infrastructure. From you know current database into. Blockchain. But they simply failed, some, of the companies spend millions to, do this but they simply failed. You. Know mainly because you know blockchain, technology, like I said in the beginning is still not very mature you, know we see a lot of blockchain, companies which is really good but blockchain, is still. In the beginning, stage. So. Blockchain, is not suitable, to solve, everything. I have to say that's, why Zilla, we. Keep in mind that dealer has to, embrace, all the technologies. Including, the older technologies. Sometimes. You know the other technology just work fine the centralized, system you. Know from the business point of view they. Don't care whether you use a centralized. System or a decentralized. System as lies you can help, them to solve the problem, that's, a good bullshit that's, what I say like we, keep in mind that still I want to keep everything. Together we want to glue. Everything together the, thing we want to do is to. We. Really want, to to, to. To. Glue all the, programmers, all the bastard, programmers. And everybody. Together. We. Want to form a very strong dealer. Community, we, want to community, community. Itself, to have the dealer to. Build a, strong. Technology, which. Can. Be applicable and, compatible. To. All kinds, of things once.

You Establish. This kind of ecosystem. People. Will like to join you and people will like to contribute, you, and, that's. One, of the aim we designed, Zilla talking, we're not just trying to raise funds, to do the technology. But the dealer token is actually used the incentive, people. Who support the community, who, contribute, their technology. Minute. -. Just want to do. Hello. Are you here yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. I know, that this is a sensitive, question but I have, to ask it anyway we. All know that, 1.8. Million approximately. $1. In ether, has, been stoned by scammers, impersonating, one of the city's. Team members. Could. You please tell what ma'am what, measures. Have you taken to prevent repetition, of this situation and what. Are you going to do. With the problem. Yes. Firstly, I. Feel. Really sorry for what, happened. The. Scammer. What. Happened that day. You. Know someone, actually, impersonate. 8 dr.. Smith's. Using. His pictures, and names, in, the community, and he. Deceived, the administrator. On. Duty. That day and, got. An amine right and then, he may take advantage of, it and then just. That he saved a few people. We. We. Happen, to contact, the doctors means on the same day. But. Because dr., Smith was on medical, leave that. He, didn't join the telegram group but that's probably why the administrator. Believed, that it was actually makes me as himself as. What actually what's happening, and. Yeah. As, soon as we, we, found out and we, have to say that we feel really sorry to the victims. But. Since. The creation of, our telegram, group we always have the announcement. On top since the first day of the, telegram, group the crew the, telegram, group in late January, we have the announcement to, not believe any individuals, and only, follow the official website. And the, steamer seemed, to, did. A very, good research, and he only targeted the people. Who. Didn't pay attention to the official, announcement. But. Anyway. As soon as we found out we. Immediately, removed, the, rights the, admin rights of the scammer of course, and then, we published, the, news in the major media, trying. To warn. People you know not to you. Know to, be. Precursors, to such, kind, of event, and. Myself. And. Doctors, means immediately. Made. A public video. And we, publish the video and YouTube, we. Clarified. The, facts and what happened, and what, we are going to do next. And we, also formed, a special, team. Investigating. These. Wednesday's. Also involved, and we. Also adopt, a new management rules you. Know for an administrator, to. Double. Man, to do video chat with. Video, chat if they're in, if. In the low heat so. We straighten, we strengthened. Our rules and we also discuss and prepare, the compensation, plans of the potential, victims, we. Also, we. Also, we are now still seeking advices, from solicitors. And lawyers. And technicians. Experts. From all over the world we. Are also trying to talk with hackers, you, know who can probably have I was, about. Really good on the internet tracking, you, know to see if there's any funding, and, we. Are also talking, to victims, and collecting, more evidences.

At. That time we were delaying our wedley, process. So we didn't do anything, in. The last two. Weeks for the whitelisting, so we don't want anything we, want everything in, control, before we do the web we, want everything to be transparent. And we fire, so, we delayed the word listing, at that time and so. Lastly I really want to say this. Is really unfortunate. Unfortunate. Invent. We. Feel sorry for the victims and. Unfortunately. Zilla, is also. The. Victims, as well but. We are preparing compensation. Plans to, the victims we, will, take. Responsibility. And. Certainly. This is, bad. Things to. The community but. I just want to say this is not the, end of, Dilla. We, are we. Will make. This rule, we. Just want to send everybody in the community who is supporting, us and it's hard time and, Zillah. We will be making. Its rule. Absolutely. So. As. Soon as you, mentioned, the World Economic Forum, as, I understand you, could reach some really informational, people and speak about, Xillia. Can. You tell, us about this. Sorry. Did you say the economic forum yes. Oh, you. Mean, you. Mean that, was 2018, yeah I did, I did go there and. Unfortunately. I got noticed a little bit late so I was only prepared, I think. Two. Days after. Davos already started, so I went to Zurich directly. Where. We, have a few stops. So, I wonder, I might is. It, these, news actually in our, Facebook. Twitter and, official, websites. We, might. Quite a few other, people had talked about the idea, the. Idea, of della to them they really like the idea of della I met. The. Founder of level 39. His. Name is Eric, I can't pronounce his last name but he's really good in the FinTech world, and he, likes the idea of Zilla I'm going, to contact him I probably will go to London, very soon, and. I also matters. It's calm. One, of the important people from Swisscom. Swift. Telecom, and we, probably can. Seek. Some collaboration. Together I met, quite a few people from. Zhuge. You. Know ban city which is called a crypto, well II in. Swiss in Switzerland, they have really really good policies, and the Swiss government really. Supports, support. SEO. And Duke. Is one of the city, that. Is really, famous we might quite a few solicitors. You know they talk about the, the. Policies, in Switzerland. And the policies in Duke and I. Might the founder, and the CEO. And, the. President of the crypto Welli association. With, a really good experience and I introduced, the dealer to them and it. All seems to be very interested. I. Need. To email them actually to have to get everything connected unfortunately. You know we, are really busy but I will email them to discuss more about the, product dealer I'm, sure they. Probably. Dealer. Will get their, attention I, have, to say we haven't really done any. HAP until, today we didn't do a lot of marketing. But, our, telegram, group already, have more than 20,000. People with the right words so, who have, a lot of interest. From. From. The community, all the way we haven't done any, help. Yeah. That's, it. Okay. And so, speaking about the token, sale. Okay. As, I understand the white list opens today. Only. 5000 people will be able to participate am, i right that's. Right yes are you ready to reveal some details about token sale structure, like. Hard. Cap and personal care talking price and so on. Firstly. Firstly, correct. Me if I'm a Robins I believe the white, the. Registration. Of the white listing, actually starts tomorrow. Which is the 15th. Of February. Yes. At. 1600. Which is 4 p.m.. GMT. London. Time so if I remember correctly that should be starting, tomorrow. 1600. London. Time for. About a week but like you said we only provide. 5,000. In. For the final results I, just. Want to say that. Two. Things that we can say. Our. Marketing, team did a survey, quite, a few days ago and as far as I remember they, told me that.

The. Survey actually suggested, we have over, 1 million. Users. Willing, to invest on us which. Is much. Much, much more than our hard cap, that's. What I can say and the second day thing, that I can say is that. We. Only want, to fund people, who. Are really. Interested. And, really. Want, to my stick in, West under technology. Itself. And. Who believe in the dealer community, who believe in the technology and. Who wants to contribute to, the Dilla community, we, don't really want. Those. People you know who. Want. To buy some tokens and later sell, for money so, that's. The philosophy I have been, talking about we want to find the people who can stay with dealer, you. Know for a long time that's that's. Why, we actually designed, and. Very. Yes. You know that we. Difficult. We prepare the questions, you know so. I had a look at the question I had to say I think the questions are quite difficult so. For. People who are interested in Taylor please read, the FAQ leads, with wet paper and, lastly. I want to say is that I, can't. Review other stuff at, the moment please. Only, follow the official website. Which is Zilla the pro. For the latest information, and, please do not give your money to any individuals. And be, careful. We. Want to make sure you, know all the process. You. Know it's strictly. A base all, the laws from all the countries, and we want the whole process. To be as transparent, as, possible and. We, want everything to be in order so. We are totally against the money. Laundering. And any criminal, invents. So. If, you're a dealer lover. And you, support, dealer please read, the wet paper and. Email. Us or follow, the official. Telegram. Group, and follow the official website. Okay. And. Can. We speak a little bit about your, plans after eyes so what are the main milestones. For. Zillah this year oh. Okay. I probably. We. Design. Our roadmap, and then says one of the person, who. Is in charge of, the roadmap all. I want, to say is that we learned from, a, few other projects, and we also detect, our. Own people's, ability, which has our skill size and we have quite, a few medians. And we. Discuss about it and then we made our, roadmap, and, client. Is a, little, bit tighter. Than what we. Agreed. That's. Just the reason we made it a little bit tighter is because we want to keep us moving faster. And for. The details out of the roadmap when so would you like to talk a little. Bit about the roadmap then. Yeah sure and then, this.

Year We are released. The tightest net. Present. About a cool tool, and we, were. Released. The magnet, all the curves go, straight, this, is a to, Nigel Mansell, in this year of Stella. And. What. About the current progress, of. Luke leading Carmody. Where happened. A pothole fundamental. Chance for the provide car and. Networker. And is another, discovery. And the simple. Communication and, is a framework of, the. American. Chapter and we. Keep. Updating. And. And. Keep, updating and. Uploading. Just what's called our github. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, thank, you dr.. Whitby, and thank you mister resolute, from. All the ISO drops team I wish good. Luck to Zilly and, we. Hope we, will have a lot of good news from you this year. Maybe. You have something to add to our conversation, and maybe, want, to something, this has, something to say to our audience. Yeah. Lastly I really want to say. Thank. You for Mike you. Know sorry. I delayed this, interview. And you, today. Because. We were quite, busy we had to travel to, other, countries we, had quite a few meetings. But. I didn't, realize that today, you. Know was actually the, 14th of February, which is a Valentine's, Day such. A such. A good opportunity to you, know to toast to talk about the technology on a Valentine's, Day with. Mike use thank you for sharing your time with us you know talking about the technology, lastly. I want to say the. Name Zilla I, probably. Explain it but in Germany actually means the soul. So. The reason we call it the, soul of Technology, is because, we want Zilla it's. Not just a simple technology. It's, not a coded, technology, like we talked about Internet we talked about mobile. Phone you know acronyms. We, want eight it, is, something. Like a real person we want it so, that, has a temperature. And. It's, a so of the, blockchain technology. Which can pay here. The, future that's. All I want to say thank. You very much Mike thank. You thank you all yours thanks, for, watching, and if you like this video please subscribe to our channel hit, the bell button and you will never miss the next video have. A nice day and good, bye thank, you thank, you max Thank You Elsa my game thank you bye.

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