I Will GRANT One Wish - ULTIMATE Make A Wish PC

I Will GRANT One Wish - ULTIMATE Make A Wish PC

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- Unfortunately, if we built a PC for every fan who asked us, we would be overworked, exhausted and probably out of business. But Grant's case is special. Grant reached out through the Make-A-Wish Foundation with a simple wish, he wanted to meet me, but due to the ongoing pandemic situation and the fact that he is over the border in the United States, we were unable to make that happen. Make-A-Wish compromised and said, hey, how about a digital meet and greet? But the thing is you can only have one wish, so it was just gonna be hanging out until Crucial sponsored this video, where we are gonna be building a dream PC or would I call it a Wish PC? That's right, what we're gonna be putting together is what I would want if I was building the sweetest gaming rig, and we're gonna get to see Grant's face when he opens it up.

(upbeat music) The journey that's led Grant to this point started when he was 14 and he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. But the horrible disease with a horrible sounding name is not the story today. The story today is that he is now on a maintenance program for his meds and kid's a big gamer.

Loves Overwatch, Legend of Zelda, Minecraft, and Fallout. So naturally the Ryzen 5 5600 X that we were gonna put in this thing. See you later, buddy.

How did I end up with the 5,600 X in my hand? Where's the 5,800 X? Found it, had to make a quick run to my desk. (laughs) There we go. I chose the 5,800 X because it is both a top of the line gaming CPU, as well as a capable performer when it comes to creative applications like game streaming or video editing. And for the motherboard, since any high end board is gonna perform about the same, I wanted something that has all the high end connectivity that Grant's gonna need for years to come, and this Tuf Gaming X570-Pro Wifi fits the bill. Wifi 6, PCI Express Gen 4, 2.5 gig ethernet,

pretty much the wakes, obviously for system memory, we went a little overkill, what with Crucial being the sponsor and all of that. So rather than go with 16 gigs of ram, something, you know, reasonable for a gaming machine like that, we've gone with 32 gigs of 3600 MHz CL 16 memory, of course, with RGB. Let's go ahead and get this installed. And remember kids, friends don't let friends install their memory sticks in the nearer slots. You want these to usually, consult your manual.

And as we move on to storage, this Crucial gravy train only keeps getting better. So it's no secret that the best configs these days are gonna use an NVME M.2 boot drive, and then something else when it comes to mass storage because even a 2TB drive like this Crucial P5 is only gonna be able to hold a limited number of modern games. Fortunately, we had a plan. We dug around in our warehouse and found not one but two, MX 500, 2TB, two and a half inch SSDs giving us a total of 6 TB of storage.

That's 2TB of NVME storage and a whopping 4TB of slower SSD storage. When it comes to cooling, there are obviously solutions that might cost less, look better, maybe even perform better, but when I want the ultimate balance between reliability, performance, and noise, I always turn to Nochtua. We went with the NH-U12S, not because it's their highest end product, but because I think it is a great balance of the performance we need without being super bulky.

And on that note, we're gonna have to ship this PC and I need it to arrive in one piece, so the actual weight of the cooler was a big consideration for me. For our case, we've gone with the Phanteks Eclipse P500 A. It's a great balance of looks, cooling performance, 'cause we're gonna have some pretty high end hardware in here. And okay, this part was a little selfish, it's super easy to build it. This is one of the best things about Phantek's cases. Look at this accessory kit.

You've got all the extra hard drive brackets you need. And then inside one of them, all your screws handily organized by type. Absolutely love it. I'll start by installing your SSDs.

These little tool less mounts are absolutely fantastic. Just screw them in like this, position them over the little nubbies, slide down, and you're good to go. Now's as good a time as any to connect our SATA data cables, and I'm gonna go ahead and run these bad boys right over here. Get down there.

There. The Tuf Series often issues fancy features that do nothing for performance, like built an IO shield, so I will have to install my own IO shield. Oh, no. Okay, to be clear built-in ones are actually a super nice treat, but you also don't need them. Now. It's time for motherboard installation.

I love these Phantek cases they have that nice little nubbin in the middle, an inset XT, Coursera, or a couple of other brands that do this really well, so you can just pop the board in and it'll actually hold itself into place while you screw in the board. Not that I would actually recommend counting on that. It's just something that I do. Do as I say, not as I do. You should hold the board until you screwed in. The screwdriver will be available in lttstore.com, eventually, not yet.

In the meantime, why not get a water bottle? Hey, we've gotten the new spout lid. If you've ever bought a water bottle, it's $5 off, so go check it out, lttstore.com. Carrying on our systems theme of pragmatic, yet performant, we've gone with an EVGA 750 G6. This is a 750 watt power supply with 80 plus gold efficiency, a fully modular interface, a nice quiet fan and a decent price point.

It's exactly what you need for a system that performs great and looks great and nothing more. I'm sorry, Brandon, did I say this case is super easy to build in? - [Brandon] Yes. - It is as long as you don't want to cable manage it. (laughs) Now I just gotta hook up the addressable RGB header for the included fans. There we go. There we go.

Curiously, the only front panel switch has a power switch, no reset switch, no power LED. I guess the idea is that it uses the fans as a power LED. So it'll be pretty obvious if your system is on or off. We'll go ahead and plug in the front USB type C. Front USB type A and obviously we'll need our front panel audio, which just goes in the bottom left corner right there.

That's nice and clean. Oh, look at that. I already ran the 24 pin power connector so we can go ahead and run that. And now we can sneak up our four pin and eight pin connectors for the CPU. I'm gonna plug both of them in. There's not a lot of extra power supply capacity.

Like I wouldn't, I wouldn't overclock the snot out of this thing, but hey, it costs nothing to plug them in. Oh, oh. Come on, this better reach.

Oh, I'm gonna be really annoyed if I have to plug in a completely separate SATA cable in order to plug in the strap. Oh, there we go. That was close. Then our last one is gonna go over to power that RGB hub.

Nice and tidy. Pretty much no extra wires in this one, ladies and gentlemen. This is such a Linus build, good, but not over the top. And by Linus, I don't mean Linus Tech Tips. I mean, this is like what I would build back in the day.

With one exception, it was gonna be a little awkward Grant because you were supposed to get an RTX 3060 TI FTW3 from EVGA, but I thought let's live a little, know what I'm saying? We're going RTX 3080 TI, Oh yes, this is as fast as it gets, but reasonable. Which brings us to the part of this video that we're not gonna gloss over because everything you've seen up till now will already be assembled for you, but you are going to have to put in your graphics card yourself. So the first thing you'll do is take out these two screws. Then you want to hold the card from the bottom, like this, find these golden fingers, and position them just above that top PCI Express 16X slot.

Pressing firmly, but not too hard. Then you're gonna go ahead and reinstall these two thumbscrews. To help you with that, I'll be sending you a one of a kind unique item. The very first 3D printed prototype of the LTT screwdriver. It don't actually work too good, but that's okay.

we'll get you hooked up with one of the real ones, once they roll off the production line. Hopefully sometime later this year. By the way, don't forget to plug in the eight pin PCI Express power connectors for your graphics card, you will need all three of them.

Not to be out done, Logitech sent over their pro wired gaming keyboard, as well as their pro super light gaming mouse, along with one of their pro wireless headsets and Asus provided a Tuf Gaming VG27AQ, it's a 1440 P 165 hertz IPS gaming monitor. Oh yeah, and it's of course got support for G sync. Oop, has a cable management hider thing, it just fell off. One moment please.

Hey, there we go. Nice. All 32 gigs of ram detected.

All of our drives are detected. All we got to do now is flip on our XMP profile. Excuse me, this is AMD, our DOC profile, so this is gonna take us from our normal DPX to the higher over clock speeds that our CPU, motherboard, and ram should all be capable of. Let's do a quick reboot and see if it takes. Come on baby. Oh yeah.

Easy peasy. There's one other thing you have to change because we were using two SATA drives and I wanna run them in RAID. So I'm gonna have a total of four freaking terabytes in my array and there it is. Okay, RAID 0's not like the most reliable thing, but come on, these are SATA SSDs, we're not gonna be writing to them that much. These are, this is a game drive.

All right, you'll be fine. Now all we got to do is add this wicked side panel, which was customized for Grant. We didn't want to get in any trouble with the house of mouse, so we're going into Hooperspas and it's like Stir Weers themed. Madison did it up with our vinyl cutter.

I think it looks pretty sweet. (upbeat music) And I guess Shadow the Tomb Raider is gonna be the game we run to validate that. In fact, our system is working. Love it.

Man, this a good looking game when it's cranked and this is cranked. One thing I might tweak is that I'm feeling a fair bit of passive exhaust coming from the top and the back of the case from these 140 millimeter intakes, but I think we could use at least a one 40 millimeter fan in the back to move some of this heat that's building up back here. And other than that, courtesy of Crucial has sponsored this video and Make-A-Wish who have been granting wishes since the 1980s, we were about to box this up and see Grant's reaction. - We got a package we didn't know. - I got package I didn't know what it was, but my name was on it. This is the first thing I see, so I know it's Linus Tech Tips.

- [Grant's Mom] Oh my gosh, that's awesome. - So there's some stickers. First thing I didn't-- - [Grant's Mom] What is that? - It's a CPU pillow. - [Grant's Mom] What is that? (laughs) - It's a pillow. - Oh it's a pillow,

- Yeah. - that's a CPU, that's cute. I thought it was something that goes on a computer. - Here is. - [Grant's Mom] Oh my gosh. - Linus head they just released. - [Grant's Mom] That is adorable.

- That's awesome. - Here is, oh wow, I'm excited about this one. Here is their giant desk pad.

- [Grant's Mom] Oh Lord, that's cute. - Also, just recently released, very good. - [Grant's Mom] Awe.

- A water bottle. - [Grant's Mom] Oh, awesome, you could use that definitely. - Definitely, could use that. - [Grant's Mom] Yeah. - A smaller CPU pillow. I was gonna buy this.

- [Grant's Mom] I know you were. - That's funny. Oh this is neat too.

- [Grant's Mom] Ooh good, you can use that for school. - This is really nice. - [Grant's Mom] Nice. - Hat, come on into this house - [Grant's Mom] Oh for sure, every day at school.

- I was gonna buy this. - [Grant's] Yeah, oh I like it, I like it. - It was a few months ago, that's funny. - [Grant's Mom] He wears hats every day to school.

- I use hats, lots. Oh, it's like a hard drive. - [Grant's Mom] Oh, that is so cool. - Oh. - [Grant's Mom] Geez, louise.

- This is a jacket. - [Grant's Mom] No way, and you needed one. - Yeah, and this is like a nice jacket.

- [Grant's Mom] That's perfect. - I have to open it. - [Grant's Mom] Yeah, go head. Oh my God. Oh, wow, that is so nice. Oh, and it says it on the sleeve. - It says Linus Tech Tips there.

- [Grant's Mom] That is so nice. - Yeah, I like it. - [Grant's Mom] Oh, you like that. - That's definitely very nice. - [Grant's Mom] Okay, okay, okay.

- It's very nice. - [Grant's Mom] I gotta be careful when I wash it. - And that's it.

- [Grant's Mom] So nice. - So nice. - Good start. - [Grant's Mom] Good start, what do you say? - Thank you. All right, new game head set. - [Grant's Mom] Oh, nice. - That's nice.

That's a CPU cord. - [Grant's Mom] Show me, okay. What? - There's a keyboard. - [Grant's Mom] Awesome. Logitech, this bigger one.

There's a mouse. A motherboard box. See, that's why I was confused. (laughs) Isn't it already put together. - [Grant's Mom] Oh, I guess we'll find out, I guess, is that just the box? Is it empty or the guess-- - No there's something there.

- [Grant's Mom] Oh, okay. So I'll figure it out. - [Grant's Mom] Okay, okay.

Okay, I think this is the computer. - [Grant's Mom] I think so. - [Boy] It's amazing. Wow. - [Grant's Mom] Whoa. What is that? - [Boy] He's gonna be excited.

- [Grant's Mom] Oh my gosh. - Wait, what? - [Grant's Mom] Look at the bottom corner. - [Boy] Your name's on it. - [Grant's Mom] Your name's on it.

- [Boy] That's cool. - [Grant's Mom] Wow. - I really wanna get this top off it. - [Grant's Mom] I think you gotta put that stuff in there. - Not enough, glass maybe. - [Grant's Mom] Yeah, right.

The stuff they sent you, you put in there, right? - Yeah. Okay, I put those two. My CPU fan on.

I guess I'll figure it out. Ooh, nice. - [Grant's Mom] Wow.

- So that's gonna light up. - [Grant's Mom] Okay. We will show everybody the finished product for sure.

Oh, there. - [Grant's Mom] Ooh, you got it. - Hello. I'm Grant Metzger. Last year I was diagnosed with leukemia and for my Make-A-Wish, I got a custom built computer by Linus Tech Tips. Here is everything that I got, for the most part.

I got this new mouse. It's a Logitech, like G pro super light, something like that. It's very good. It's very light.

And I got this keyboard. That's a 1440 P 165 Hertz monitor. And down here, that is my new computer. It has my name in the bottom right. I just got this set up.

I figured I could use my old monitor for my racing setup. - [Grant's Mom] Yeah. - That's, that. - [Grant's Mom] So this is his setup for now. - Yeah. Thank you to Make-A-Wish and Linus Tech Tips for everything.

Hi, my mom's with me. - Hello. - Hi, Oh my gosh, - How it going? thank you so much. - Oh, our pleasure.

- I'm just like flabbergasted for him. Nice hoodie by the way. Also, I see a plushy back there.

(laughs) - It was next to my VR headset. Nice, nice. - I got quite the setup here. - [Linus] Woah, nice. - [Grant] Here's you.

- [Linus] Hi me. - [Grant] There's my VR. My fight stick. - [Linus] Oh nice.

Yeah, kind of virtual games do you play? - [Grant] X-Box, PS2. N64, Wii and GameCube. - [Linus] Damn, Daniel. - [Grant] PS1. - [Linus] Is that a Dreamcast?

- [Grant] Dreamcast, I just got that. Yeah, I'm trying to get mostly everything. Genesis and then NES, SNES. - What NES games you got by the way? - All right. - Let's see if you got any of my favorites.

- Donkey Kong Country 1, 2, 3. - Okay, good choices. Good choices.

Super Metroid, Super Star Wars. A Link to the Past. - Classic. - A reproduction of Earthbound, cause getting a real copy is impossible. Oh Super Mario World.

Street Fighter 2 Turbo and Bust-A-Move. - Not bad, not bad. I was playing one that was one of my favorites when I was a kid, but it's called Pilot Wings. - Oh yeah. - And I was like, man, this qualified as like a full-blown game for $59.99

at the game store when I was a kid, it's like, it would be three or four mini games in a Mario party now, like it's kind of crazy how much gaming has changed. - [Grant] Oh, wait my handhelds. Good thinking, Mom.

- [Linus] That's quite the collection. - [Grant] Yeah. - There's some really cool handhelds coming. I'm still pretty jacked to check out the Switch OLED just because I think the screen is gonna be a lot better than what's in the Steam Deck, but in terms of economics, man, Steam Deck is killer. - Was it heavy? - It's not light. - Yeah.

- But the contours of it make it very holdable. - It kind of reminds me of like a Wii U. - It's closer to a Wii U game pad or to like a Sega Game Gear than it is to something like a Switch.

It's comfortable, it's gonna be the emulation handheld to just end all other emulation handhelds, I think. So hit me with your favorite retro game. - I played it a long time ago but it was Super Metroid. - Super Metroid, really? - Yeah.

- It must be interesting to be like a younger, a younger person where you don't have any recollection of the original versions of games playing these remasters of these remakes. - I guess that's the main reason I bought a CRT was to try to, I don't know experience it how it was meant to be experienced. - Yeah, no, it does make a big difference. So what games have you tried on the new machine? I guess you probably haven't had it for very long, right? - I've just been downloading the stuff, I'm about.

Yeah, I haven't really been feeling that good, but I have about 4TB downloaded of games. (laughs) - Oh wow. - Yeah, I have some questions. - Yeah, for sure, of course. - I tried to prepare - Yeah that's fine. - This morning. Did you go to college, if so, what for? - Yes I did.

As for what I went there for, it was to spend my money. It did not end up being a very useful endeavor for me, but I am definitely gonna encourage my kids to stay in school because I think there's a lot that you can learn there. What I did learn was research skills.

So when employers are looking for an applicant who has a degree, or has some kind of post-secondary education, what they're looking for is someone who knows how to grind their way through and learn something because it's a lot easier to teach those people than people who never figured out how to do that, if that makes sense. - Do you have an idol? - An idol? It's hard to kind of say this it puts me in a bit of an awkward position, but I don't think people should idolize other people. I think that we should be appreciators of their work, but I've always been a little bit uncomfortable with the word fan. Obviously wouldn't have asked me to like do this meet and greet with you unless you felt like that about me.

But my best advice that I can give you is to keep your eyes on the road and try not to focus too much on the person, try to look at at, you know, what they've done that you want to emulate instead of trying to emulate an actual individual. You know, maybe I see this person, I'm like, wow, I really respect this person's work ethic. Or I really respect this person's positive attitude about life. And I could take all those little pieces and I can put them together into who I wanna be. If that kinda makes sense. - Yeah.

- Who's your number one person at LTT you would want to take your spot - when you retire - My spot? I don't even think one person would take my spot. It's not so much that I think I'm some kind of mega big brain genius and only I can do all the things that I do. It's just that I think that only I can do all of the things that I do. So you could take me and you could replace me and everything would probably run better. You would just need more people is kind of the way that I see it. I'm like a Jack of all trades, master of none.

- Do you play any of the games you talk about on Linus Tech Tips? - When we choose a game to benchmark with a lot of the time we choose it based on how demanding it is or we choose it based on what technology is featured in it. So we'll be looking at, hey, we really need to evaluate this new GPU feature, DLSS or RTX or TressFX or whatever it is, right. This new functionality. So we're basically choosing from this list of games that's usually very short and the list of games within it that anyone actually plays is even shorter.

So the games that we talk about an LTT, I mean, I've never played through Shadow of the Tomb Raider. I've only played the first level of DOOM Eternal, but do I play games? Yeah, actually I've been doing quite a bit more game streaming lately. All right, I think I have to go in just a couple of minutes. Do you want to hit me with any more of the questions that you have? - My mom keeps asking me if you know about anything exciting that's coming out? - You don't even have to look to me for that. I think probably the biggest one right now is Intel's older leg CPUs, those are looking like they might not actually be dog crap, which is pretty exciting. I mean, you don't want Intel to be on top forever, but you also don't want to AMD to be on top forever.

Anyone who's not being challenged is gonna sit back, right. So I'm excited for a return to competition from team blue, for sure. And it's looking like it's gonna be a really interesting winter. All right, well, no worries.

You know what? It was really nice to meet you Grant, - have a great night. - You too. - Nice to meet you, thank you so much. Thanks for everything you sent. He had a good time.

I hope you get the videos and see all that. - Yeah, I'm excited. I'm jacked, I can't wait to watch them. - Yeah. Thanks so much, bye.

- All right, take care, thanks everybody. I am so glad it made it there in one piece, and I'm so glad that he loves the system. Grant, enjoy your many years of gaming on this sweet freaking rig.

Thanks for choosing me for your wish. And once again, I wanna thank our sponsor, Crucial for helping us build this awesome gaming rig for a kid in need. Crucial is a vertically integrated manufacturer of ram and SSDs, and they make both high quality and reliable products.

They have a ton of experience in the industry. They're long lasting, they're experienced, they're trustworthy. I mean, they're all basically synonyms, but they're all ways that I could confidently describe Crucial Technologies. If you need help finding the right part for your machine, just go to crucial.com/store/system scanner.

And the Crucial scanner will help you get the right part the first time, every time. Thanks again for watching. If you guys enjoyed this video, maybe go check out our RMG rig reboot.

It's kind of a similar idea. We build PCs for people. Some of those are pretty interesting.

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