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Hi everybody happy, new year I hope you're doing well and, that 2019. Is going super, well for you so far I am very, very, jet-lagged. I got back to Canada, on the. Night, of the 30th, and yeah. Every. Year I kind of start off in the same way where it's like the end of Christmas. Jet, lag. Not, good sleep, a lot of caffeine this, number two today but, also. In the same ways every year our, JRuby, your only last year I want it I want to make it a tradition now anyways, I did it last year and this, year I'm gonna do it again where, I reflect, on the, year that has passed to a review, talk about some of my favorite things and moments, things I've learned also, I want to watch the. Video I did last year and reflect. On the goals I set and, see whether I, accomplished. Them or not right. Now from what I remember I, did not at all I'm pretty sure I failed everything but we'll see and then, also discuss, what I want to go ahead with this next year my goals for next year and what I want to accomplish in. 2019. So. To. Start off my, absolute. Favorite, moment I have my channel up here looking. At my videos and going through things but I know without even looking from the top of my head, my favorite moment has, to be getting. Engaged and marrying, the man of my dreams we've. Been dating for over five years now and on June 26, he proposed, to me. And. Very. Quickly after we decided to suddenly. Elope, on November. 16th. So, both, things happened, on the. End of 2019. And I, couldn't be happier with the way we did it it was very us it's. Very personal. Yeah, it was really just about us being, in love and everything. Turned out great and our, families really supported, it and we're happy for us another, big moment was getting the keys to our apartment here. And starting renovations and also, moving into our apartment in Toronto. This. Year was all about setting the foundation for. Our future, lives together future, family and. You. Had just just. For. So long I've been traveling to so many countries and never really, felt a sense of belonging I never had a permanent home I was always living in model houses with many different girls even like sharing bedrooms, of many different girls all, over the world, which. Was great but, at, this time of my life I was really ready to find a place where I call home for, a long period, of time and you. Know do it up the way we like and build her her dream apartment and that finally. Started. Taking place this year and. Also, moving to Canada helped. Me to spend a lot more time there, I got to spend the whole month of December with my family, spending, my birthday there which, was another big moment I turned 30 this year and I. Got to celebrate it with my family which I haven't done for 10, years now so, just having them all together and we chose a Chinese, place so we could share, some of, Tom's. Culture with them and have them try some of the foods they tried a lot of things that they've never had before and they loved it those, were just really, top things on my head a lot of big moments at the end of the year but going back to the beginning of the year what did I do.

I Think, this year, I dabbled. More. Into. Makeup, again I had, not for a long time whether it, be just like regular makeup or. Tried. Following nikkietutorials, makeup. Which was a totally, different style makeup then I was used to different. Eyebrow, trends. You. Try them no, special. Effects makeup. And. Even like some of the DIY, fashion stuff. I. Had a really good time this year tapping, into my creativity. And even. Though I'm not by. Any means a good makeup artist or, her that makeup at all I tend to actually stick to one thing I'm a Sagittarius and, I like change with a lot of things like travel. My. Jaw that's I'm it like modeling, in YouTube it was good for me cuz I had to change it up all the time but in my personal life I, like to stick to the same thing like I've. Had the same hair forever I. Which. I changed this year which was a big deal to me. I when. I find a makeup, that I like I said I tend, to stick to it for a long time so, before was a big idea Dali makeup, for like four years now it's like this look it didn't, change at all this year but. I did sort. Of play around with, makeup. And special effects, and stuff like that and that helped me to really tap into the. Essence, of me so when I was little I took art. Classes I, did a lot of drawing and, like sculpting, and everything, from the age of like 3, to 11 that, was always a big part of my, youth, and I gave it up in high school and I started modeling. So getting. Back into just creating, stuff and like coming. Up with ideas and putting them into work has. Really I. Don't. Know it's, helped me reach, op into. My. Authentic, self and, just, feel. Really good and always just love to play around and create things and seeing you guys try it out, and have fun and take pictures has. Been amazing. And this year we did the, garden. Eyebrows and what. Else the. Flower. Base hair was another big one it, was a big year for floral, stuff but. That was a lot of fun this year was also a year where I reached, out and stopped being so shy and. Tried. To meet up with people that are different than me and just. Talked to people more and listen more and, experienced. Things that I haven't, experienced before I started out actually at the beginning of the year with the Chinese New Year's taboos with crystal. I learned. About a lot about Chinese, New Year customs, and traditions with. That video I your, face brings fortune, young. Bean how we gonna be in NATO I come from a good yeah oh okay. But. More. So with. My foodie, series that I did not. Only did that bring, Natalie, and I a lot closer because she started working, with me after, Chinese New Year so almost. A year now and we started this foodie series pretty much right away and you can kind of see our growth throughout. This series and like how we work together and, like getting to getting, used to.

This. Relationship, that we've built and how to add. Enough shoot things so. That series brought Natalie and I a lot closer, commencing, coming to me right now. Happening. How. Do you feel, finish. The 30 series. Yeah. You're, fun yeah I have fun cuz some of the places, if it's not a pretty that ring we do that probably. I won't know where is it. I'd. Like. Secret. Is that all. Those restaurant, that we went to I actually, go back to it to like later by, myself or with my family, so it's not that we just recommend, it to you guys and then no we don't go that but I actually went, went, back there like very often, it also helped me learn a lot about Hong Kong in this place that I'm living in now and the, culture, and the people here, not. Only from the foodies but the restaurant we went to not, only as well she helped me a ton she, was a the, star of that series she helped me to like book places and find places and broke down all the like details. And book the foodies so, yeah. It just it was a really memorable series, that helped, me. And Natalie to grow both separately, and together and, just. Really helps me get my feet here in my bearings and learn a lot, about Hong, Kong. My. Hair I finally. Changed my hair so. My. Hair has, been a security blanket to me and has not changed like I've never like fully fleshed, it or dyed it as long as I've lived I've, only done highlights, and it's always been around the same sort of length I was, so scared to make. A drastic change to. My hair for so long to the point where I click fated to you guys so many times I wore. Wigs and. I just really really really wasn't sure three, months ago, so. It towards the end of the year I finally took the plunge and change. My color cut, up off my hair, all right ready yeah, go right here anywhere you want doesn't, matter. You. Can do it. Hey. And. That's where it's gonna sit I just, have to fix it up I felt, so liberated, and so. Fresh one of the main reasons why I didn't, change my hair for so long was I was in the modeling contract since I was 16, and my agency's, always, controlled, my. My look and since. I am only 5 7 I'm on the very short end of the modeling of scale and my look is very commercial. Not edgy or high fashion, I was, I was geared, towards the commercial, type. Of modeling and they wanted me to keep, like the long natural, looking, hair that sort of thing so every, contract I signed my. Hair always had to stay the same and so I never changed it I think, in the past I was so busy with. People, making, my, life choices for, me whether it be my modeling agencies, or like listening to people's opinions. Through. YouTube, or Instagram and, whatnot and this year was the year where I really. Felt. More confident, and really thought like what do I want what do I want to change or. How. Do how, do I feel about this or how do I want this to look and I, just played around with things and I really, enjoyed it my best friend got married I got to be one of her bridesmaids witnessing. Their marriage was amazing. And seeing, all her family again cuz I grew up with them but, I haven't seen most of long time since I left Canada and. Seeing. All the cultures involved was really. Really nice also, my sister Carly, and Joey had their first son named Gordie and seeing how much she's, changed has, been really. Amazing. He's. Just changed. Her in the best way possible and, seeing. The way she is with him she's such an amazing mother and, all. The insight she gives me now that we want to get pregnant just the way she tells me like things she's done and motherhood we're, really bonding on that and she almost seems like my older sister like I really look up to her now, and I also really look up to Alec she's another amazing, mother and we got to. Baptizing, emotional, you have to baptize, Dexter. And Tom, and I are its godparents, this year and. Every year for the rest of his life but that happened this year so. That was really amazing next, I want to quickly move into some, favorites. Makeup. Really. No fashion, so, I'm gonna go collect some of the things that I've used all year and have been top, on my cabinet.

Or Closet, or, anything like that makeup. Wise. Definitely. Gotta give a shout out to my, main love, Kylie. Jenner cosmetics, in the color charm, it's a velvet matte lipstick, and it is definitely the, color I reach for most throughout, the year and the color that I get the most compliments, on or people asking what is that color it's almost always this and with. This I use the Kylie Jenner cosmetics. Lip liner in candy cake and this is my go-to color the, mascara, I used all year and never change was a majolica. Majorca. Lash expander, long long long this, has little fibers, in the mascara, which, I, don't, know if I've ever told you guys this I feel like I have. I, thought. The mascara, was bad at the beginning when I bought it I thought I got a really bad one with someone's use, flashes, inside, so I threw away a couple and, then I realized no these are like little fibers, and they extend, your lashes. So. It's almost like getting a last lash, extension. But, just in the mascara and then it comes off at night when you remove your makeup and you don't have I know, I, felt a bit annoyed when I had fake, lashes because things get stuck in them and I feel like I can't clean them properly and then finally, the, jeffree, star highlighter. And platinum, ice. Specifically. The color ice-cold I really, love I use this every time, I do my makeup on the top of my cheeks on the tips of my nose I use it an inner corner of my eyes to brighten, right. Here my forehead, I tend. To use this like on days like this for my natural look I use it instead of eyeshadow, like I just pop a little bit here and like yeah. That's all I use so. I love this this was a staple whole year fashion. Wise I think this year was the year where, I went back to basics, so, I attended to reach a lot of the time for just a basic pair of jeans and t-shirt, my, favorite jeans were my revolve. Of gold ones which are in the wash right now because, I wear them so, much and I always forget, to wash them kind of just constantly wear them so, they're finally in the wash so, I can't show you guys on but I think you know what I'm talking about I can probably find a million videos where I'm wearing them, those. With, a t-shirt either, a cropped one or a full one just a basic color. For. My foodie series I wore, that all the time and that. Were like a knitted sweater I found a lot of this, vlogmas where I was making videos every day I tended. To wear just a lot of chunkiness I bought like three four, five years ago so. I realized. This year I really, want to invest more in those stable, pieces that don't really go out of style you know the perfect jeans that t-shirt good quality t-shirt, and. Those those, chunky, knits or turtlenecks, that you just wear every. Year and.

I Know I'm getting older I think we're I just want to go for those classic, items that will stay in my closet, and last forever. Also. Speaking of jeans I really loved these, ones, there's, our, mom, jeans I wore, these hope December, pretty much moving. On to, books. I think, one. Book that made a big impact, on me was this one it's a skincare and, cosmetic. Ingredients. Dictionary, by m'lady and it. Started. This. Is just a book saying what chemicals, are in your skincare and it. Wasn't so much the book but how I felt after reading it and it started, making, me question more about what I'm what, products I'm using and, doing more research on that and. That. Made. Me start, to change over my skincare to be more natural and try and eliminate as many toxins, out of my life it's possible, I've, changed, things like my deodorant, to a natural, one my, toothpaste. My. Laundry, detergent, fabric softener. Mint the cleaning, stuff I use so, I've slowly tried, to. Find. Alternatives. And try and eliminate a lot of the toxins and chemicals in, my life and, those. Around me like my husband my dog other, books. Wise, I. Really. Love these I. Tend. To really go for a lot of biographies. I like, to take something away either learn something about someone's life or. Those self-help. Books every now and then I will read a nonfiction story. But. What, I tend to reach for is something fiction, and something that I think a knowledge from this, year I really, got into podcasts. Especially, when I'm at the gym working how I love listening to them and, my. Favorites, for one, for general and like well-being, is definitely coupe I learned so, much from them I love the topics. They cover the people they interview, I always, come, out of listening for a minute feeling really inspired, and like I've gained a lot of knowledge just go into my podcast, the, ATP project, for. Health. And scientific, stuff specifically, their episode on gut health which was recommended, to me by one, of my viewers I, just so really opened my eyes and got me into researching more on gut health and and it's. Now sort of the approach I'm taking to my skin problem, and strictly, for laughs I love the basement, yard joke Santa gato and his friends are so, so funny whenever I turn it on I just, find myself laughing, out loud and it's pretty embarrassing when I'm out in public and just let me be laughing but, yeah, his podcast literally makes me laugh out loud and just feel, happy. Ooh metals, drawers too this. Year Natalie, bought, me metals drawers and I haven't gone back since I used to use, so, much plastic I would take a plastic straw every, single morning sometimes, twice a day to drink my coffee and, whatever, else so, this has strongly, eliminated. My plastic, waste and has. Made. Me want to look into other things and, be more conscious, about how much garbage is plastic, I produce all. Right now I want to watch the video I made last year and reflect, on my goals and see whether I completed, them or not hey everybody happy, new year 2018. Is here and for my first video back I wanted me to reflect on the year I had last year stuff literally. I'm wearing the, same, thing. Like, not, much has changed my. Parents wise besides. The color and length of my hair but I have the same bony tail I'm pretty sure I'm wearing charm and, I'm. Wearing, all of these things that I mentioned that's how you know they're really my favorite I literally started the year wearing them finished, the year wearing them and still continued to wear but. Yeah, not. Much has changed. I. Feel. Like my skin was a little bit better than, me. Arrived in Hong Kong on, December. 31st. So, New Year's Eve we, got. Home around 3:30 in the afternoon, picked up rosy and then unpacked, and we fell asleep as we were so exhausted from travelling and I. Woke up at midnight to the sound of fireworks so I turned on this you know. Pretty. Old saying the same thing I've.

Always Been like this and then I just started crying. I said, this year I didn't even stay up for the countdown I actually mostly, so. There was no tears with that so, some of my lessons I said that the best thing you can be is yourself I, learned. To like be, myself, but. I think one, of to. Expand on that one of my goals for this coming year is to be more. Of myself and, show. More of my authentic, self I think, last, year I tried a little bit to bring up some topics, or discuss my thoughts and I was always scared about what people think or offending, anyone and, this. Year I just really, want to I, want. To open up and get more of myself to you and really, talk, about things I believe in I am a thirty year old woman now I I. Have. Like, my. Opinions, and my thoughts and you guys have grown with me most, of you guys aren't super young you're. You're around my age so, I would like to have more adult, discussion so although I say last year that I found myself and, I, had more self-acceptance, I don't, think I fully gave. That to you and I would like to do more of that next year one of my goals for this year is to get like, a kite, six five six to eight pack maybe that, definitely did not happen and I'm, also okay with that I think. My. Intention, has, changed, a lot and, that. And big part was to do with the surgery, I had I had a big, ovarian, cyst and it was twisted and I had to go through this surgery that was really. Painful and, left. Me unable to exercise, for, a long time and, left me with little scars but. It. Honestly, was a blessing. In disguise because, it. Really changed, the way I think and, my attention feeling the pain I felt and not being able to do things because my body just wasn't able to do it anymore, not being able to go to the gym not having the strength and. Not. Being allowed to go to the gym it, really changed, my thought so now when I go to the gym it's, purely, to just keep, my body healthy and, feel, strong and feel good and I feel a strong connection to, my body like I look at my feet and I'm like oh my god there's one going in front the other I'm running, my heart is racing I can. My body is feeling good I can, feel my muscles burning and wow the feeling, I feel after, I do it I just want to be the healthiest, and strongest version. Of myself and. Feel. Good in my skin I found myself the other day looking, at my closet when I came back from. Canada, and, I realized I kept, a lot of clothes, that I had from.

My When. I was like 20 or and, I always tend to order, the same size like the smaller size jeans are the smallest size and be stuck by like you have to be the smallest size and when I would put, it on and try it on and it didn't fit I would keep it in my closet, and. Say oh I'm gonna I'll. Do whatever it takes to lose. The weight and fit into those jeans I wouldn't buy a bigger, pair of jeans and those jeans have still stayed in my closet and I realized I'm probably never, gonna fit into them again and that's okay because right. Now I have a really good balance and throat, and healthy, relationship, with food and exercise and, I, really just want to feel. Content, and confident, and strong and healthy and this is something that I want to work even more towards, this year I talked, about cooking, more which I. Didn't. Really do stuff. Like my website, I wanted, to revamped, it for some three or what I liked that is, still something I'm saying that I want to do to this day I didn't. Get it done I actually started. Redoing. My website, with. My name but I realized, I want to do something bigger than myself, and I, still don't fully know what that is I have an idea of it but I don't know the name and that's what's holding me back I don't there's. A lot of things I need to figure out but, I definitely really, want to launch a website, this year so. That is something I failed but something I want to still. Try and do next year create. Our dream apartment, we. Did do that it's, not ready yet it guess it's not checked off this is not done it will be checked off next York this year oh, god. I'm feeling it everyone please let me have completed something I really, want to get my driver's license, in Hong Kong get. My driver's, license in Hong Kong nope, I didn't, do that I didn't even start lessons or anything I did, however try. Driving again in Canada in December, where you want to go. Tell. Me where you want to go go. Which, felt really fun, and free, and I love doing it I miss driving I realized that but. Yeah. I still have no plan to get my license here because it's a little bit scary it's the other side of the road I knew, it would be a challenge and I knew when I said it I was like I don't really know if this is gonna happen it would be cool but I still. Don't really know if it's gonna happen and I don't think that is the goal but I think. I really need to have it next year either I don't know it's not really a priority for me so besides what I already talked about another top goal for this year is we. Really want to have a baby and that isn't really something that I can do, myself it's, sort of out of my control I don't know if it's gonna be in the books for us but, if it is that would be amazing so, I guess my goal would be just, to keep my body healthy and, keep my health. Checkups, up to date and just try and create a good environment so that if it happens. Everything, will go smoothly, our home settle into our home here and also. Spend more time in Canada for. That I really need to figure out the rosy situation, because that was torture also me more view in real life in the past I have done meetups, I did one in Hong Kong I did one in Tokyo last. Year I didn't do any at all and I, have. Met many of you guys I was on down the street whether it be in Canada here or wherever I traveled and it's, always it always makes. My day I'm just, talking to you guys hearing. What you have to say hearing a bit about you hugging, you it's. Always amazing so I don't know why I don't do meetups but, it just hasn't happened so I'd love to do one here. In Hong Kong again or wherever I travel and, in, Canada, so, every time I go to Canada you guys always ask me to do a meet-up and I never do one because it's always really rushed it's always a short time it's usually like around Christmas or I'm only home for ten.

Days To two weeks but. Now that I'm going to be spending more time there I would love to meet some of you guys. I need to find like a proper, safe and comfortable setting for it but I'd love to just like hold it discussion, and have a really positive environment. Where we talk about things. Or, maybe, do an activity that's fun together so, I definitely want to do more, meetups this, year and. I'd. Like to try something new maybe study something or, take a new class and just challenge, myself more, and then similar to the foodie videos I'd love to meet more people and, just listen, more and hear more about their stories so I'd love to do more collabs not only with youtubers, but like. Professionals. People that. Are studying, or in different careers. That. We can learn from so I'd love to give more back to you in the sense of a video where you can learn more about stuff, and there's. A lot of different stuff here in Hong Kong the way they do things is very different, so, yeah. I've tucked into the food industry but, I'd like to look into other things be. More conscious of the things I buy and how they will affect me so like I mentioned these things these changes, I'd like to continue to, make and change it make, more changes both for the environment and, myself. And, the people around me rear, wise I want to of course lunch the website hopefully and I. Want. My my upload schedule to, be a vlog. A weekly vlog every. Week hopefully. Unless I take like a week off here and there but pretty, much every, week for the whole year this, year it will be the first year I'll do weekly vlog so, hopefully. It's gonna go well but this is something I, do this year's weekly vlogs and then at least one, ideally, two main, videos a week so that would mean there's two to three videos a week every, week that's, it I think I've touched on everything I reflected, on the past year talked about what. Has changed talked about failing every goal I set but, that's okay because a lot of my focus has, has, changed I don't know if I'm just making up an excuse for not actually doing it but. Yeah. I don't know I've. Told you the goals I want to do for this year I hope, you've had some time to reflect on your past year and think about the things that you really want to do for this year let me know in the comments, what they may be so, we can talk about them and. Yeah. I, thank. You so much for watching I, hope you have a really healthy, and successful.

Whatever. That may mean to you happy. 2019. And I. Will see you guys in my next video I really got a new. He's gonna yell at me we, gotta go to our new houses have a meeting I'm, coming I'm coming I'm ending you right now thank. You guys watching.

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@16:00 You got fiction and non-fiction mixed up there. Love you though!

Where is Rosie?

Haha, I'm the same with clothes too - I have a pair of skinny jeans that I could used to fit into - even after the birth of my first child - like 3 months after - but yeah. Haven't been able to wear them for ages as my body has changed - my legs are more muscular - I dance and do a lot of walking/working out - so now I can't even get them halfway up my thighs, but I kept them anyways - just in case. Might be time for a purge of clothes.... I stopped doing resolutions years ago - I'm turning 40 this year - and right now I'm pretty comfortable with where I am in life. That and I never stuck with them. Besides, life and priorities change as the year goes by. Why limit yourself to a set thing/s when you can go beyond and do more. Hope you and Tom have a fantastic 2019 ^_^

I bet she is cheating on her Asian husband.

so did i ..... and i've learnt, it's fine .... with love - a canadian, made in hongkong

I wanna watch hodie videos in Tokyo !!

Can totally understand as a women already in her 30's (by like, a couple years older than you, lol).

I am a sagittarius too and I am exactly like you! I like to travel and to have a job which is not monotonous but I had the same hair forever and I tend to do always the same makeup! I just turned 30 too (13th december) and yet I am not brave enough to change my hair

I've never been much of a goal setter. I did sign up this week for an 8-week weight loss challenge so that's on my mind all the time, but I just kind of wing it every day. I think that not setting goals has kept me from doing and achieving really good things. You have so much fun and exciting stuff coming up with the new HK home and trying to have a baby! I really feel like I want to improve myself but if I don't set goals I don't get anything done. Wishing you and Tom all the best with your adventures this year, and my fingers are extra crossed for you to get pregnant soon!

I saw the title and was like, “Finally, a video I can relate to!” XD Glad things are settling down for you :) I hope 2019 is a wonderful year for you.

tbh I didnt make any goals for 2018. sure the usual "start exercising", but I've been sick through out the year, and my dad passed away the same year, I havent had much motivation to exercise. sometimes I forget to eat, which is weird because I love to eat!

Tay this was my favorite year of your videos! Of course I loved your videos in

Thank you for thinking of the planet

You are a sagittarius sun (which describes our will) but I guess your moon sign is aquarius, which would explain why you like to stick to the same things when it comes to personal stuff (the moon describes our feelings).

You can register Rosie as an emotional support animal and she will be able to fly with you with no problems. I think it's the best solution.

1.5mil 2019Taylor!!!

I really loved this video. I'm really glad I have such an awesome role model. I'm 10 years younger than you, but I feel like you're the older sister I didn't quite have. Even if I'm part of the younger end of your audience demographic there's still a major appreciation for the depth of your content lately vs other YouTubers. You were never lacking in comparison but it really is going to make you stand out in my opinion. It suits you to be really confident with your opinions and experiences.

Even though you did not follow your list, I think you have over achieved your goals.beside the big changes that happened to your life. You grew up so much in personality and mentality and still kept being the nice light core of you. Your older list was "somehow" shallow. What you actually did and achieved was the real things that matter in life.

Question: would you ever consider becoming a minimalist? Just from hearing "going back to basics" and "researching about my products" It seems like something you could do. Also congrats about everything this past year!

Love watching your videos, but I do miss the foodie videos.

Thank you for showing and teaching me so much through 2018, I’m looking forward to another wonderful year with you Taylor ♥️♥️

Just want to remind you taylor that with your goal of uploading 2-3 videos a week (and I'm sure many others would agree) that it's totally okay if it turns out that some time throuhgout the year you want to take a break form uploads. Don't feel too stressed or guilty for deciding to take a few weeks off, we all deserve breaks :) It'd be awesome if you met htat goal though, looking forward to your future vlogs!

Ommmg that colors suit so well on you

HOLY FUCK!! YOUR 30 ?????

Had withdrawals after she stopped posting vlogmas. So happy to see a new video !!

Hold up don’t u mean u got back to Hong Kong on the 30th? @ 0:10

You're so inspirational Taylor with everything you do and you always give me a rush of positive energy and motivation to do better and work on myself :) Happy New Year can't wait for your new videos

,,I failed every single goal I set last year“ mood

I do miss your cooking recipes

"I am so jetlagged, I got back to Canada.." from Hong Kong. Haha!

I live in a town near your family's town I believe. Not to be scary. Your focus changed because YOU GOT MARRIED!! LOL

Would not recommend putting any thought or effort into anything preached on/by Goop.

I love your goal list! My top goal for this year is to be the best mom I can be!

Tay I'm also converting to a minimal waste lifestyle!! It's harder overseas, but I'm going to try my best ❤ you are one of my inspirations and I can't wait to see what 2019 has in store for you and Tom

I love how you justify that you are very jetlagged. To the point where you say back to Canada instead of Hong Kong on the 30th.

Yes!! Detox all of the unnecessary chemicals out of your life!! Live healthy!! I feel so much better after I started using natural products and NO chemical fragrances!! I noticed a huge difference in my skin (my skin was also helped by a gut healing diet too)!

I would love to hear what new cleaning products you've changed to be more environmentally friendly, maybe you can make a video about it!

congratulations looking forward to meeting your authentic self! i see how you‘ve changed and see that for real you have become more real - a lot more comfortable in your skin! i am also looking forward to your new DIY fashion shows: those I find most original ; they are creative and they are hilarious I hope you entertain us with a bunch more of those( I feel that those are going to make you famous- it’s started I saw a little paragraph and picture of you in a large international magazine, i don’t remember which one - it was in Europe) All the Best wishes for your and everybodies New Year

Loving all of your goals for this year! lets do it, girl.

Have you met up with Rosie yet, miss her!!!

Yeah my family starting using enjo cleaning products this year that don't require any chemical cleaners just water, it was originally meant for people with asthma since the dusters pick up more dust and you don't have to use chemical cleaning sprays (and the cleaning products last up to 3 years). So yeah my family is trying to cut chemicals out of our life as well

Best year EVER!!

You probably won't see this, but just incase - is your nephew named after Gordie Howe? I wondered that since you wrote his name when he was born

Gordi! WOW great name!!!!!!! I've been dying to know and sorry if I misspelled it. Wow Dexter! Love that too! Alex and her husband are an adorable couple!

I love you Taylor. You are my favourite youtuber and your videos always inspire me and set me in a good mood! I hope you continue your great work. Lots of love (I am here since the beginning ❤)

Taylor Ive been watching you on and off since your doll like? Days. I can see HOW much you’ve grown and I feel genuinely happy for you. The things you talk about, even though we’ve got very different experiences, I relate to so much. This year is really a start of new things - feeling more liberated, confident and just free. I’m happy you’re happy - you just seem to be in such a good place now. So so mature and you come across as a really kind person and very open with other people. I love how you let them into your zone and also you trying to reach out to others. Life isn’t always smooth sailing but youve got something in you that will stay and anchor you down when those not so good things happen.

where is rosie? still in quarantine?

ps, you are VERY good at makeup!

I think you are a total success at life, Taylor! A C O M P L E T E SUCCESS! !!! You are an inspiration, in so many ways, and you really enrich my life!

Happy New Year Taylor! I’m travelling to Hong Kong in May and would love if you had a meet up

Taylor R I can completely relate to this video! I have many career goals that I want to achieve as well as made a plan to put myself first this year from making time to do things I love and keeping healthy. Last year I didn’t quite make what I wanted to reach, but that’s ok. I love your personality and perspective which inspires others while saying it’s ok to fail. Have a great new year and can’t wait to see how much you grow this year.

I would love to see a second season of food with foodies. I would like to see you continue the series both in Hong Kong & when your at home in

Taylor R i love this new idea! It's a great way to keep updated every week! Sending lots of love~

One of my goals was to move to Japan and start my job as an ALT. I accomplished that!!! It took me a little while to get here but it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made for myself

You are beautiful! You are like Benjamin button! Love you so much!!

For some self help books find Regina brett books!

Haha I failed all of my goals too

Ya girl is reading pull

More taylor and enough with elbow. Had enough of his childish voice. Also he always seemed bored anyway. Really missing your brown hair too.

Yes! I graduated dental school!

For 2019, I am not gonna be involved romantically with someone who is not genuinely interested in me..

Please have a meet-up in Osaka(Many YouTubers have them in Tokyo) I just wanna see you here :)!

I went to Hong Kong during December but you were in Canada when I was there... haha I was dreaming about meeting you

Happy new year taylor

You should take a watercolor class!

Happy New Year Taylor! I think that the goals you set for yourself in 2018 were "okay", but the things you actually DID achieve were Waaay Beyond what you expected!! You did Great! I have Reeally enjoyed watching you "evolve" this year, you've been very brave...and thank so much for sharing your journey with us.

"do something bigger than myself" Taylor, you're pretty big!

I met some of my goals this last year but not all. Finally at 32 I can say I'm in the job I have wanted for most of my life (homelessness support worker). I also finally got round to ordering some Kylie lip kits after watching you use them for so long! I got Kandy K, Kylie and Victoria. What other colours do you recommend as staples? Looking forward to watching what you get up to in 2019!

Love watching your videos, you're nice and cute.

I think you would enjoy reading The Gifts of Imperfection. And also the Super Soul podcasts.

i'm really looking forward to your future content! 2019 is gonna be another amazing year with Taylor

From your resolutions last year to your resolutions this year, i can see how much you've grown as a person Taylor ❤

I love that you took a step back to just relax for a little bit, it ia very obvious on you that you aren't as stressed and it really let's you shine you even talk kinder and give out a feeling of warmth , this is my favorite stage of Taylor that I've seen so far

I am dying When u said that going over your videos and looking back your fav video has to be-.... And my mind immediately went: IT'S THE JOHN SNOW CARPET IN IKEA IT HAS TO BE Amd the u daid that it's the engagement My brain exploded I don't even know if it was in 2k18 or 2k19 after a certain age u just don't know anymore

please subscribe for new and great concepts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6lVNDTPX5g

HNY to everyone and that's a healthy list of things to aim for!!

Is that you on the advertised Snapchat story ?? Lol

Yesss, I strongly agree with your plan to have meetups in various places.

Last year I would to lose weight and I only 13.8kg I still have more to lose so this year goals are the same as last years for me

That inspired me so much..... I have to take better care of myself.... Like you do☺️Also I am so so happy for you Taylor

so far 2019 is going so bad for me...... it seems to be worst every year

I don't even remember what my goals were

I didn't accomplish my goals for last year. I think your goals for this year are great. I have similar ones for myself as well. I just want to be myself and be as healthy as I can be. I love your perspective on health about how it is about being healthy not about getting ripped abs. You definitely inspire me and encourage me to keep trying and to be myself.

Love the idea of being even more of your authentic self. Keep going!

28 minutes of Taylor talking

Taylor YouTubeRewind Videos!

I also don't know why you would fancy Goop since all it's humbuggery, please do some research

Hi Taylor! Happy New Year

Oh how random and awesome is this haha my friend is the author of A Place for Us. She's an amazing writer and I'm so glad to see her work being so well loved :) She is an inspiration to me and im sure many others who know her. When we were in university it was not uncommon for her to spend hours everyday writing and practicing her craft simply because she loved it. It's amazing the things we can do when we pursue our passions and stick with it. I truly believe we were each born with unique talents and if we embrace those and dedicate ourselves we can accomplish so much more than we even think possible. Pursue your passions guys!

I've been following you since your dolly-look wow , it's been a while ! You changed so much (in a good way)

I'd like a series about traditionnal things to do / see in Hong Kong ! :) Little bit like Simon and Martina do in Japan :3

Did anyone realize that she almost has 1 million followers? ❤️

Elbowsan should call out from behind the door in every video.

I wish I could afford my own place, I'm 27 and maybe I will get it before 60, wish me luck!

For all this talk of „awareness“ it is kind of disappointing to know that you won’t be addressing the pedophilic and pornographic content on the „man of your dreams‘“ website. It’s honestly really hard to watch your videos now, realizing you don’t really care. I always pegged you as someone who did.

I started to write down my goals last year and that really helped me to actually realize some. I made a list with all my goals or things I want to do and update it every view months or so, and I also schedule things to make sure I get it done. Maybe you already do that but I thought I share it here

wow, Nikki Tutorials makeup looked amazing on you

Love your video! I just think your goals weren't achieved last year because life had something better saved up for you :) You had a very productive and eventful year anyway, and it was amazing following it here on Youtube. My goals for this year are becoming a better artist, as I like to do every year, never stop improving and studying! I also want really bad to move from where I live, to a place that's ours, and I want to get healthier. I work in home office, so sometimes I get really sedentary. I want to change that by getting back into working out. ^^

You had an amazing 2018! I hope 2019 will be just as amazing for you!

Wait is Carly your younger sister? :o

Agreed on the clothes! Over the years I've always been good about getting rid of/donating things that don't suite me anymore, or that I've grown tired of. The rule of thumb that I follow is if I didn't wear it in the past relevant season, then it has to go, otherwise, my closet would be overflowing. I turn 30 in a few days myself, and I've found I'm very much the same way. It's always fun to shop and get some items that are trendy and in the moment, but there's a lot to be said about getting things that never go out of style. Classic items that are always, well, classy. :D

It's so cool to see you grow up and evolve! I'm 25 so it's nice to see you showing us more of the business and lifestyle side of your life! Cannot WAIT for you to have a kid! Also thank you for your interest in your personal impact on the environment! My instagram and facebook pages are dedicated to showing my journey to reducing my impact since I've completed my university studies on this topic! I would love to share more info and be of help to anyone else who is interested in learning more! Oh and I have a youtube channel too!! :)

pls do one in germany im 27 but id love to come!

Have you thought about creating an app instead of a website? I think it would be more appropriate for interaction with your followers. I know I personally would use an app more than browsing into a website.

Yes !! A Toronto meet-up would be awesome !!

I hope you do another series like the foodie one this year. Not necessarily with food of course but the same vibe. It felt like I was watching a series on the travel channel! Good luck in all you do this year and I look foward to everything you do!

0:09 u got back to canada?

Hi Taylor, are you still with a modeling agency?

Soooon 1 million ! please Guys subscribe !

do a French meeting please !

I feel like this year you really found your true self :) last year you were a bit confused but now you have greater awareness ;)

I think You grow up on this year. Im So proud of You and be strong girl remember that You have Tom, family, friend and us.

You should do a wardrobe purge video and maybe donate the clothes you don't wear anymore or put up on depop? Love your videos! X

She looks like a lighter skin Doja cat.

My favorite part about your channel is your creativity and your boldness to just go out and try something different. Happy 2019

It would be so cool if u would have an own podcast where u talking with people about their experiences etc!

Pretty much the story of my life

Taylor ! Come to Japan for a meet up please! I want to meet you ❤

Art is a therapy for the soul and mind, keep being creative

I like this ☺️ good reflection video. We just want you to be your healthiest, strongest self too! You already look great the way you are you don’t need abs or anything

Also I might be in Canada in November ☺️ I went in 2017 to stay with one of my best friends and filmed our adventures. It would be great to meet you if you did a meet up or fancied hanging out with an aspiring British youtuber

Hope you are going to hit the 1M button.

Waiting for Taylor to Marie Kondo that closet video

This is why I love watching your channel because its a little bit of everything and it's hilarious. Life is hilarious and if you're not creating and adding to that hilarity then what's the point? (haha extreme view but LIFE IS ART!) The foodie series was awesome! You should do another mini series this year! I love interviews with people in the field! YES! SO EXCITED TO BE SUBSCRIBED TO YOU!

I really want to finish my last two semesters at university with good grades and hopefully be able to study in Canada for my master program!

I didn't accomplish any of my goals, but that's okay because a lot of things change! I can't wait to see what 2019 will bring to this channel and your life. I really like the fact that you are becoming more and more mature and you just do what you want even if people are against it! You are a great example for me. I am curious to know if your baby will be a Canadian citizen or a Chines citizen. I can't wait to see your family growing! I wish you success, love, happiness and everything you want for 2019

Yay for more meet ups! I will definitely fly over from the mainland for one of those

This video made me so happy, you give of this incredibly intelligent and content vibe. Really made me reassess my perspectives and metrics of success. Thank you so much x

i’m not making resolutions ever again but i feel like i’ve started this year with the right foot! so looking forward to spending another year watching you grow and your content ♥️♥️♥️

This door behind you is so small! This is funny but in Russia we use doors much bigger, this one looks so cute! Love you

Collab with Namiicho in Canada please! :) I think you two would get along.

If you were interested in doing something about workers rights, maybe specifically in the IT industry (China/HK) let me know, I've been branching my work out into all things fair-trade and made some wonderful connections in Hong Kong last year

What about videos on traditional festival days in HK that aren't really known worldwide, kind of like the new years video from last year, I think it would be really interesting and fun in the same way as the foodie series was :)

You’re beautiful both inside and out. I would love to see a skincare video from you. You’re glowing.

Even if you didn’t succeed with some of your goals from last year you’ve definitely accomplished so much this past year! I’ve struggled with depression / anxiety for a long time. 2018 was probably the worst year from me. I got out of a 7 year relationship, became a single mother who works full time. Your videos have help tremendously to push me. Listening to how you felt about yourself in your twenties especially ( I’m 25 ) is very similar to how I feel about myself. It genuinely makes me happy seeing the positive things that have happened with you and Tom this year. I’m so excited for you guys and hope 2019 is going to be an awesome year for you!

You should collab with Valeria Lipovetsky! She is modeling just like you and she is also a nutritionist and has a great personality

Boi you a thot

Taylor, can you come back to the US and have a meet up here too..?

I would love to meet in you in Korea Tay! It’s been a long time since you came here right? I wish you a wonderful year and I want to thank you for entertaining us with your funny and interesting videos. You’re definitely one of my fav youtubeur :)

Wow, hold up.. Taylor, you’re the oldest child...? You’re older than Kylie?

Taylor, you are growing so gracefully!! I'm so happy to be learning with you each and every year!

Taylor you should also look into GLASS straws on Amazon. Metal straws with coffee tastes bad for me xD

Didn't meet my resolutions for last year but I'm really happy to say that I quit my previous job which I didn't really feel mine and found one that I unexpectedly love. So overall I'm proud of what I achieved

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I used to be able to relate to your videos so much because you're strong, hardworking, and positive even when you're on your own. But now I feel like its harder and harder to relate to your videos because I'm not married to a rich husband (being love of life or not), living in HK I know how hard it is to get an apartment of that size and that is by no means the common living standard of HK citizens. I say this not in a negative way, I do feel happy for you that you are having a great life. But reality like this just makes my life as an ordinary being more depressing.

When I heard her saying I turned 30 years old my jaw dropped. Whaaat.

THE TITLE is me after every FREAKING YEAR

bih i rlly thought u were like 19-21 yrs old

WoW, you don't look 30 at all, I thought you were starting your 20s. IMPACT

you got fiction and non fiction wrong

Just FYI : gut health is a pseudo-science like essential oils

Omg! You’re a Saggitarius just like me! I juuust discovered your channel and you’re such a real YouTuber... I like your content and your honesty. Inspired to finally start my own channel! You’re doing good bud!

I'm confused, sorry I wanna ask, where is her permanent new house now? Because she said Canada but there's one video said new apartment in Hong Kong. Sorry I didn't update and I wanna know :D. Love you tayyyy

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