I edited a Dave2D video on iPad Pro

I edited a Dave2D video on iPad Pro

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Hey. How's it going Dave TV here so if this video looks and sounds, and. Yo. Guys johnathan you're back with round two of editing a video on the, iPad, pro so a couple weeks ago hung out like guy Dave 2d and we shot a video that went live on his channel and I'm not gonna say that it was well-received and that no one knew was edited on an iPad pro but. It was pretty well received and nobody knew it was edited on an iPad pro this, one's along wants to kick back relax grab, your popcorn Before, we jump in I wanna give a huge shout out to today's sponsor LastPass. So it's 2018, soon to be 2019. And nobody should be using one two three four five six seven eight as their password and with that LastPass, takes the burden off trying to remember a complex, password and getting, locked out so, with LastPass that essentially does all, the legwork for you from entering the username to, the password it's, super secure with multi-factor, authentication, and the best part is is that it works on both iOS and Android so, you guys want to check it out for yourselves and support the channel make sure you guys hit the link below and again big things to LastPass response err in today's video but, now back, to the iPad pro edit. Off now, this video I had to fight every bone. In my body not, to edit this on the plane ride back from Toronto hanging with Dave I did, though that wooden captured the Edit process on video, I did however get a little bit of a head start in terms of importing, organized, and doing a little bit of a color grade and also syncing the audio with the video because I like the Kevin Kenton video where that audio was recorded internally. Into the sony a7 3 this, was done externally, so, inside luma fusion we have the blue clip which is the video and below that is the green clip which is for, the audio, the simplest way I found to kind of sink those up is find, the actual first wave point at the clap cut. There do the same thing with the audio line them up and you are good to go now hopefully with future versions of luma fusion, they come up with some sort of automatic sync or at least a way to kind of nest or compound, clip because if I could do this and then kind of group that into one clip and make the cuts it would make my life much easier but, with this again I want, to do something a little different and also challenge, myself in addition to the original Kevin, canson video now for those that watch the previous video for the most part I do tend, to enjoy editing. Music like with it loud and that kind of dictates, the style in the field but with this I think I want to get the talking head portion with Dave out of the way and kind of keep it true to his normal style now quick tip with luma Fusion is really cool audio mixer you can access by tapping here so we have all the channels pulled up and what I did was completely mute the Sony a7 3 audio and all we're hearing is the external audio which, is a shotgun mic into a sound devices mix pre 3 and again, just the the fluidity and the smoothness, of the timeline, scrubbing, pinching, zooming still, continues, to blow my mind to even you, know multiple, times through this on the iPad pro. Why. Do you say speed, Dave. Is such a sweetheart so sound, speed camera speed I guess if you hang around people who know what they're doing long. Enough you kind of at, least can fake like, you know what you're doing I think the actual Wharton, stored up and I think the actual origin story of that is back when cameras actually recorded, to film it would take a certain amount of time before I would actually speed. Up to the proper frame rate and that. Is why you say Sound speed camera, speed with this cut though I think in my head I know you, know we did a couple takes at the beginning so I can kind of scrub, or ready to the actual, real. Take, and. It's just gonna be like this smooth. Relaxing, process, because Dave 2d he. Should read it out of a book and it's just one of the most soothing voices you'll ever hear, the. Laptop, of these case so that I know, we're. Ahead of the game the laptop, nope. Beauty. Here so if this video looks there's, the, intro so, I'm gonna scrub in. Hey. How's it go there we go so, that is the endpoint that I want and shout out to everybody on Twitter that answer this question instead, of actually selecting a clip cutting, deleting. Cutting. Deleting, if you have nothing selected and, you actually you know hit. A blade that. Will cut both of them at the same time so really helpful there and I think because.

If We scrub. Back this is connected to that so if I delete. It boom. It's, cutting both so just, a little efficiency. Tip in luma fusion also again just kind of talking about the speed the fluidity this clip is actually, color, graded and again just playing a real-time 4k. Just, no drop frames no lag it's kind of crazy here's, what the clip looked like before so not, bad and here's. What it looked like after, so. I wanted, more of like this cool kind, of just ambient. Fill to match Dave's voice the, actual blue the white or the set up and I think it turned out pretty. Now. The more and more I've kind of edited within luma fusion yes the pencil, is helpful, in terms of that kind of acts as your mouse but, I would say in terms of what's more beneficial, I would say the keyboard, hands down because just having the ability to use a space for it to play and pause is like immensely. Helpful I'm gonna try to actually see if I can edit this video without the Apple pencil I did, that with the Kevin canson video so it'll, be a little bit of a challenge this time to see if I can do this only with my hands, and the actual Apple keyboard, again for keyboard shortcuts the luma fusion command, B is to blade I want to make sure that both clips aren't selected and. There. We go so now I'm gonna find the next point where Dave talks about the laptop, use. The most this year was actually the drew vote count cool so that, is the talking point about D and you, can kind of start to feel like if you look at the waveforms, you can see that's. Kind of like the beginning of a sentence so I'm, gonna roughly, put it there command. B. This. Command, X and again because that is attached to this it should delete, everything and then we should have one like. Cohesive. Smooth cut hopefully. The. Lap. But. The, LA it's. Not bad we're gonna mask, that with a little b-roll. There's. Most of in 2018. So I'm gonna start with the hardware and then kind of go into the details of it the laptop. To do you think, I get that a little tighter. Yeah. So that's nice just having the ability to cut both at the same time and then delete. Lille. Those. Of it the LA, and. You know like cutting, is such a specific style sometimes. You kind of want that that voice to lead into the next sentence in this case I actually think maybe. That's more Dave style so I'm gonna kind, of leave a little bit of that breath just for that pacing, because he is such like a smooth natural. Talker, kind. Of go into the details of it the laptop. Them to use the mostess use like there's our blade 15 so, I'm gonna get a real a real real precise cut right here and then try and blend that with the next line down the road I really, like the wireless okay here we go so I know that's that's what I want let's see if I can make that work.

Command. X. Wired. I really like the wireless not bad. Called. It the perfect keyboard and it, actually featured different keyboard a control keyboard but that thing was wired I really like the wireless experience so I just went with the dreamville caliber more often than not this year and a, great keyboard highly recommended, Dave. Is worried about the length this video because I made him shoot this like at midnight so. Right, now we're about a. Minute, and eight seconds, in if, we can hit like three minutes, I'll feel good so Dave, is on standby, with the updates it's got to feel like pretty. Nerve-wracking, not, editing, your own video having it in someone else's hands especially. Mine on an iPad pro if I screw this up this. Could be, hugely. Terrible. For him and, I'm sorry Dave I'm also very thankful for. Putting that trust in my hand so. You see here what I did there's actually had the main, clip selected, so it cut both, command-b. That. Does the entire video, and audio and, again that's like kind of a big tip when you're editing video, pay attention to the waveforms, if you see like little. Minut, chunks that's more than likely not going to be like the cohesive, sentence you want it depends on yourself but. With, Dave's someone who has like a really good talking presence I know if. He's hitting like a big chunk of audio that's, more than likely going to be the take that I, this, particular. Okay. A little bit of natural. I just. Have like a black base and stuff this is silver white looks, clean. That. Like describes every Dave TT video clean. Cleaning calm we're. At two minutes so again. I think if we hit the three minute mark Dave will be content. With that, hopefully. Four minutes if I can stretch it out a little bit with some some. Little fancy. Editing so. You can see like editing is so much just all about like feeling, anticipating. Knowing. Kind of when that next cut. Or something's gonna happen I know it's weird but that's, just kind of how I get into it, the. Pixel three is probably the best camera in my opinion I feel like it just shoots the nicest. We. Clearly now know, it. Is not the pixel three thanks. Marcus, cocoa, foam we. Should have put a poco phone in this setup I've talked about it before, but. Just obviously, the smoothness, the fluidity, the. Silence. Like, you can hear everything. Else around right, now the, outside the the people. The neighbors next door thank. You mad at us because we're loud they're. Making noise right now. Hopefully. I'm not watching this I don't think they will because, I don't.

Think They like us and. I think it looks good that's why we went with it there's a white power bank oh we. Hit we hit three minutes I'm gonna text day right now he'll be happy. He. Would be pissed already was gonna be short because it was so late at night. You. Know and the other drug. Your. Desktop, use but if you're interested okay this is gonna be a challenging, cut because uh. There's. Another Mouse in here something this, I got. It this is. Hi. There's. Another Mouse let, me see if I can get that out of there this, is gonna be a challenging, cut. Whole. Color setup there's, another Mouse in here so this. Yeah. I. Used. This mouse, this. I think, I can do it. So. Let's, take effectively. Three. Cuts, hopefully, that sounds, like one cohesive sentence, nope, there's another Mouse in here so this is the Logitech, almost. Almost almost. Your. Setup there's, another Mouse in here so this is a Logitech, ah no. You. Go the other way so I'll take. Let. Me take less of that and. Then. More. Of this, last. Too much I, could. Get like in there. Okay. Here. We go there's another Mouse in here so this is the Logitech. Sometimes. You just gotta like close your eyes, matches, my whole, color setup there's, another Mouse in here so this is the Logitech, g7, or three and it's a gaming mouse and I switch over so three cuts one-sentence this. Knows when I'm playing games but and, yeah. Hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs we liked it subs if you loved it I'll see you guys next time, BAM. Cold. Hard four minutes and 27 seconds. With. Nothing, with no Dave 2d intro let me let him know. Four. Minutes and 27 seconds, now, with this particular project, one, kind of idea I had in mind right now was. That because there you know there's no sort of sink or anything, what, I think I might do is, kind. Of bounce this as it's one one. File that way when I bring in the music and kind of the b-roll instead. Of worrying about the audio being connected to the video I just have one file sometimes I'll do this you know what I'm on the road taking. Something on my macbook pro I'll. Chop a talking, head do the color do the sound and that way I just have what I need instead, of all of like the unnecessary. Stuff so, I know it's not necessary, for this but I'm just gonna kind of see what that workflow. Looks. Like so let's try, that I'm, going to. Nope. I want to bounce not, import. Movie. Let's. Go ahead and try to go. Into. Go. Into the rendered movies folder we'll. Go high quality it's gonna be amazing when you can do pro res on this stuff like that'll. Be the day so. It's, going to export all, right okay, there we go so I already have that into, the, rendered. Movies folder what I'm going to do is, let's. Go ahead and actually, create. Like a backup of this one so, we're going to duplicate, it. And, we're. Going to, I'm. Just like a command a no, I do it everything. All. Right got that blank, slate, here's. The balanced. File, and again the purpose of this was just so I can have the audio kind of melded, with the video and I'm not gonna worry about that I can just throw in some music and just kind of like finish this guy up now. What I'm most excited for is. When. The music comes into play because there's. This track, that's. Like super, it's. Not Dave 2d like he's never used it but I heard it and just Dave's, calm voice with this track I think is just gonna be like. So. We got the Dave 2d folder I got the Dave 2d, intro. Someone. Dropped that in. Now.

Now's. Where the Dave 2d, video kind, of starts to to, come together let, me see what I want to do is actually bring. This. Back up because, in the original project I actually muted, that main one so I don't want that in this case. Hey. How's it going Dave 2d here so if this video looks alright, so there's. A Dave intro. What. I would like to do is see we can actually. Mute. That. And. Then let the background, track kind of do that. So. I'm going to tighten that up a little bit. Hey. How's it going deep as a clean clean, clean cut. This. Track right here I just. Want to hear Dave's voice over it. Like. Can you hear days voiceover that. Dave. 2d here, today. I'm gonna give you the most soothing. Voice on YouTube and talk to you about graphs. And. Benchmarks. And. Give you the most. Dense. Information. You'll. Ever see. With. Beautiful, colors and. Lovely. Close-ups. I'm. Excited to stay with the intro. Hey. How's it going Dave TV here so if this video was yeah, I, cut. That off a little bit. Give. It like a little bit a little mini cut before. He. Has gone deep - yeah that's like that that's the feeling right there. Hey. How's it going Dave to be here so if this video looks and, sounds, ok, so that I think, I'm. Feeling that sorry. Dave I'm gonna make. The executive call on that one I like, that over your voice it's just it just works what, I'm gonna do here is actually, I, maybe. I'll bring. The volume of that down just a, little bit so it's not like a huge. Difference. From when we bring. It in. So. It's not a huge difference when we kind of bring it down with the the voice. Or the narration so I'm gonna start like it negative 3 decibels. Hey. How's it going Dave TV create, a little marker. Be. Here so if this video looks and sounds, and feels a little bit different it's, because there's. Something special, going on for me I'm, like if this makes me happy the calm this little. Marker. Bring. That down quick. Let's. See how that feels interested. Follow my Twitter in a couple days you'll find out what I feel like these videos really aren't like super, music driven behind, me is the. Computer, setup that I used most of in 2018. So I'm gonna start up at the hardware and then kind of go into the details of it the laptop. That i use the most this year is actually the razor blade 15, so, this is a device that has, a 144. Heard screen great for gaming which i did way too much of this year I kind, of dig that so like if we go, like. Just from the beginning. Here. The flow I want. To do some sort of like montage, the intro for Dave but it's just not. Hey. How's it gone Dave TV here so if this video looks and sounds, and feels a little bit different it's, because there's. Something special, going on if you're interested, follow my Twitter and a couple days you'll find out why but, behind me is the. Computer, setup that you use most of, maybe. We'll make that like a little bit of a, less. Drastic. So. I'll give them some more time you're interested in following Twitter in a couple days you'll find out what but, behind me is the. Computer, setup that you use most of in, 2018. So I'm gonna start with the hardware Kaela so that'll be like the the point where things kind of just. It'll. Like come. Down to that point so, now. It's time to start. Laying some. Some. B-roll I. Know. Just from shooting. Everything like. We got some we got some good day shots in here look. At that man, how. Could you not like that face. Look. At that guy he, looks so happy in that bokeh ball. Alright. Let's, get to the UH I, know I want one particular, shot. Now. I think I did, something stupid, here because I bounced the original file I don't have any of that like color graded, stuff which I wanted to just.

Copy And paste as like a base point to this b-roll because I think for the most part it should match so. I want, to see if you can actually go. Within. Projects, and actually see if you can copy, and paste attributes, so that would be cool so what I'm gonna try and do is actually, copy, attributes, from the previous, file option, a copy. And then see if I can paste those in the new file here. Option. A. Pastes. Ooh it, works so that's pretty click you can again. Paste, attributes from, a previous project and then apply them to a separate, project which i think is cool oh my Twitter and a couple days you'll find out what but, behind me is the. Computer, setup that I used most of. 20:18, so i'm gonna start with the hardware and then kind of go into the details of it the, cut. Command being the, main reason why did that was just in case there were points during the video where I wanted to cut and kind of intertwine. Maybe, got mini music, montage that, was the reason for bouncing, unnecessary. But it was just kind of one way to slim things down and one, less thing to worry about, laptop. To be used in most this year is actually the Razer Blade 15, man. They've just make. Anything sound, cool. I want, that laptop, now human. Mercury silver mmm, okay, well I think might help this one too is the, what's. Also maybe mildly, bugging me is the the composition, of this one so I think. If we just. Maybe. Bring. That in a little bit this. Will kind. Of lessen the effect of it not. Being a stable, let. Me try that it's. Like the way that it felt to me and when it came in mercury silver like that was better, that. Feels better. But. Behind me is the. Computer, sense that he used most of in, 2018. So I'm gonna start with the hardware and then kind of go into the details of it the, laptop, that we use the most this year is actually the razor blade 15, so, this is a device that has. A 144. Heard screen great for gaming which I did way too much of this year great for video editing and the thing is I had access to a lot of other laptops, but actually went with this one the most because of the design, of it I just like the way they looked like the way that it felt and when, it came in mercury silver or mercury whiteford what they called it it's just no-brainer. This was the laptop that I went with I'll. Use this. For. The intro. For. The monitor. And. I'll save the. Overwatch. For, a, little, later. So. I want that just like a half beat before he comes in with the line, super. Long battery life the monitor is the 38, you see 99 from LG, it's a widescreen monitor not Super Cup is kind of like shows off or accurate more, though the whiteness, I would say accurate enough but I like the width of it and I think the thing I like the most about this ok blade there give, Dave some talk time monitor is just how clean it looks a lot of monitors that are big I just, have like a black bass and stuff this is silver white looks, clean now when it comes to smartphones all. Right so. It's. Gonna just straight up here the, thing I like the most about this monitor is just how clean it looks a lot of monitors that are big just. Have like a black bass and stuff this is silver white looks, clean first I'm not great at like writing shots, down, in my head I'm terrible. With that but at least all I'll, see them in my head so, with this Dave. Did the talking first and because of that it. Kind of allowed me to put, myself in a place where I knew what shots I had to get afterwards, that way we can tell, the story and get. The coverage because you know a lot of the times, if. You just go out and, the. Talking is separate, from, the. Actual b-roll, or the story it kind of feels like just. Disconnected. In a way so one, tip just always. Be cognizant, of you know if you're gonna do your talking first do your talking to make notes or vice versa.

Be. Aware of what was shot and then implement, that into your talking there's. A lamp in the background so this lamp was made by Xiaomi it. Normally, has a red, power, cord but I spent some time to kind of put nail polish on I don't think it looks great but I just can't stand red I felt, like if it was gonna go on the scene it, had to be blue and this was only I'd want to do for a while but I finally did it earlier today to make it match the, whole setup now in the drawer okay. I think that's like the audio point where we can let. Me see what we got in the bank I. Know. I have Dave's music, in here but. See. What got. Pull. Back from that I don't. Think any of these are gonna work with Dave. It's. Like the stevie status. That's. Too much. Yeah. Nope. Not. Dave TD approves. Never. Go through that and Dave. Are. You gonna have fun. Dave. Can't get away with this, it's. Like a Latin, drop right. Very. Latin. Let's. See what let's, try it. The. Whole setup now, in the drawers there are some headphones these are the V noh8. I. Believe I've been wrong a link improperly, below and, there's, a blue dry post so this is from angel bird it's, an SST superfast, super, small having, looked. Anchor. That. Can't work for. Ya. Can't. Work for Dave. Much. As I want it to. I'll. Go back to the Dave the. Dave mix there's. Also a knife in here and the only reason why I have this knife is because it looks super, cool to me white and blue are kind of silver and blue just really, matches my whole, color setup there's, another Mouse in here so this is the Logitech, G 7 or 3 and it's a gaming mouse and I switch over to this mess when I'm playing games but the, battery life on this thing is really short so I don't use it for regular, desktop use but if you're interested this is probably the best gaming mouse that is on the market right now in my opinion now in the other drug. Did. You see as I pad drawings. They're. Amazing. Well. I'm, gonna hop on pop them in there you can see them for the final I, need. Dave to DS art in my, ipad. Review. And. When you look at devices and they. Just are really nice looking it's inviting to use right you just makes you want to use a device more so I feel like Apple nailed the design element this year and it just makes people want to use this thing I. Don't. Want this video to end but it's gonna end right now I'm almost done a stupid. Idea number two all, setup is almost, snap, a loss, in the bank's sin. That I use the most of over 2018, and, yeah. Hope you guys enjoy this video thumbs be liked it the subs if you loved it I'll see you guys next time, that's a genius like, ending. Do. You guys next time. Add. That little end slate. I'll. Give him a little little, length at the end. You. Guys next time. Huh. You. Want to guess the length of the total video okay. Go. 4. Minutes and 38 seconds. Because. I I, wanted, to I don't want to keep it like I want to keep it like Dave 2d I don't want to throw like super like montage. II b-roll, everywhere. I've. Got to keep it like gotta, keep it true today in the drawers there are some headphones the I do like this track a lot though for the end it's. A disaster. I'm. Just kidding it's amazing. Start. To finish the Edit was 2 hours like I'm like an hour in 50 minutes. Yeah. Pretty. Much like 8 seconds I think it's. Probably gonna end up being around. A, real time the finish cut is 4 minutes and 38 seconds, I wanted. To like if it was me I think I would have like you know thrown like some some, montage DB row but that's not really like Dave 2d. Yeah. It's not your style so I kept it true. Yeah. The only thing I tweaked was there was one track that I really liked that was like super ambient that I think went well with your voice and. So, I just. One. Of them one one that I found I don't think I don't think I would use it but I use it with your intro splash. So. I'll just like I'll let you see the intro real quick and then I'll export it but I don't even know like what this looks like but. It's. Like. Let's. See. What. So. It's. It's. A like. I have it plugged into my normal speakers. Because of like to edit speakers, and it's just that I pad into this giant dock that gives me audio out and it allows me to charge it, okay. So. And then the Apple keyboard the, pencil I tried to challenge, myself not to use it just because people were asking like you know what's more valuable the keyboard, or the pencil.

Yeah. It was just a. IPad, and the keyboard I. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's crazy though like. Here. We go. Hey. How's it going Dave 2d here so if this video looks and, sounds and feels a little bit different it's, because there's. Something special, going on if you're interested, follow my Twitter in a couple days you'll find out why but, behind me is the. Computer, setup that he used most of in, 2018. So I'm gonna start with the hardware and then kind of go into the details of it the laptop. That we use the most this year is actually the razorblade 15, so this is a device that has, a 144. Heard screen great for gaming which I did way too much of this year great for video editing and the thing is I had access to a lot of other laptops, but actually went with this one because. It's big design. Yes. I had a key I had to stay true to you and then. Not. Real whatever. I know we've talked about it I don't I don't really watch like, all. Your windows videos, but ok, I watch enough your videos to know your style. So. Like the ending worked out really well we got your sick drawing in there it. Just makes people want. To use it more so that's probably why I sucked, onto it but, that's basically it this whole setup is kind of a snapshot, of the devices that I use the most of over, 2018, and, yeah. Hope you guys enjoy this video a thumbs we liked it subs if you loved it I'll see you guys next time. BAM. Oops. I don't want the camera off is the camera off. Yeah. I'm gonna bounce it so it'll be done like in seven seconds and then. Then. Uh I'll, send it to you. Sweet. Thanks to you.

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Enjoyed this Video !!

Why does the thumbnail keep changing???

Watching you do this makes me wanna learn to edit videos.... and buy an iPad Pro >.>

Anyone else find it a bit ironic that you can edit a 4k video for Youtube on an iPad pro - but can't watch that very same 4K video on Youtube, using your iPad Pro? Still waiting on that iPad Pro review video though. Maybe on the 8th video for this product.

Edit this video on the iPad, it's perfectly easy if you have the right equipment at the right time and the weather outside is correct.

As many tries you do, It still doesn't justify that it's a bigger iPhone with minimal functionalilites compared to Surface or even Pixelbook.

Dave with that track is nice, but your voice did it justice as well, with that little commentary.

The full video looked great!just watched it after seeing you edit here.

would have been interesting to see you do this on the Note 9 Samsung Dex.

I thought you had to do it on a slate?

You still have to edit a video on the pixel slate. Don't think people forgot that.

Really enjoyed this. I’m learning how to edit and very much want to use my new iPad Pro with LumaFusion. This is excellent work.

1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. M's in my bank account

Try recording an episode using next time, using the base recording apple software. That would be impressive.

tbh the most impressive part is at 3:04 where Jonathan shows he can mess up reset and literally turn literally on a dime

What was that Latin drop song?

I need links for those musics

Where do you get the music you use for the background of the video?

Any news on the iPad Pro review?

Oooh that’s why the video looked slightly bent! Jk, really amazing what is possible to do with this chip. I just hope they completely redesign ios13 for iPad.

Lol how would anyone know on what it was edited

I edit my videos on a 50 dollar smartphone 'cause I am cheap (and poor).

Can you tell me why and how your videos are so aesthetic??? This is a great video! Learned a couple of things

2:47 meme review?

Bbbbooo it was supposed to be on a pixel Slate.

Jonathan is the fucking man, and let all you Apple haters bask in the glory that is iPad Pro

Who agrees that Jonathan and Dave are the best tech YouTubers out there

Very cool

LastPass... So that's where the 100% price surge went... Sponsoring random content... You're welcome... I am dropping LastPass this year when my subscription runs out -I'm switching to Kaspersky... At least they are not increasing prices without warning.

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What is the fire thing on the desk behind you?

Dude. You were so funny when you were imitating Dave's voice while playing the sound.

@davelee did you legit order blue nail polish just to cover the red lol!! Or did you raid the girlfriend's girl bag?

Would love to see a comparison between editing a video on the iPad Pro from a year ago, and the new iPad Pro

What is the app he uses?

You and MKBHD are the only people who’s video dimensions are ideal for the iPhone X

Too bad one cannot search comments here. Did I miss a video by Jonathan where he explains his workflow on how to get the video files out of the SONY A7III? In which format does he record? How does he convert AVCHD or XVC-S so that iOS understands it (read: to an MP4 file)? Does he use an SD-to-USB-C adapter? Is AirDrop involved? So many questions ... anybody found the optimal/fastest way and made a video about it?

@ 3:04 you missed an edit.

So basically you had to do something to justify paying for that overpriced piece of aluminum.

Where can i check who won the iphone zr

I mean xr android auto correct is annoying

Why don't you give up Johnathon, the iPad is dying and apple is falling apart. stop trying to sell the iPad everyone knows that it's over priced under powered and isn't even useful for Netflix and YouTube anymore.

Cool stuff :D but I don't get it. So you're using a different computer with a touch interface to edit a video? What's the big deal? If an iPad is the only computer you have access to, then yeah it's great that you can a lot of things with it. That's one of the big issues with the iPad - it's very cool as a companion device or casual use, but it doesn't really work as your only computer that does all the things. So in what world are people CHOOSING to do work on an iPad when they have access to a more efficient workflow? The future is clearly belongs to one device that does many things. But companies will try to delay that because right now they can sell us two devices that almost do the same thing - but not quite.

Yeah, I love Dave too D

This is like your 5th iPad Pro video. Probably even more. Obsessed with it, eh?

I'm more like Android and PC guy, but enjoy this 30 mins of editing on iPad

The real question is.Did he edit this video with iPad Pro?

Plsss announce the giveaway

and not one actual professional cares.

Jonathan, thank you for this. No iPad review needed dude, this and your other editing videos are all the review anyone needs. Impressive! And the shock of D2D when you showed him, is the icing on the cake.

Dude your voice is licorice candy please do an audio book I would love that

Wtf I just wrote this comment and 3:30 mins in it's deja Vu with John saying the same for Dave holy shit

Man, apple truly killed it with this iPad. Gotta give em props.

Do the same challenge with android

Editing error at 3:02 on an editing video. Yeah I noticed it lol

B&O products are the best!

Is that the truth the rumeurs about your both


That t-shirt tho

What app is he using to edit

just realised you are 2 different persons...sorry

Hopefully you see this comment. I wanted to bring up an issue with the iPad Pro, basically when I multitask w/ split screen and open a 3rd window such as iMessage my iPad Pro closes all programs. It only does this when I 1st turn on my iPad. I wanted to know if others are having the similar problem. I wanted to reach out to u because I like how u shine light on apple issues with your platform. At the very least would u lmk if u have the same problem.

Jonathan careful my man, you're falling hard. Sorry to say but he's married with kids.

As much as I love using my iPad Pro 11 inch, I still need a computer to get work done ✅


Which iPad Pro did you use to edit the video 11 inch or 12.9 inch?

What phone case is that?

15:25 gay

You guys should do this more often. This video and the one you edited easily became my favorites. A refreshing feel really made a difference.

15:14 That impersonation was beautiful Jon

Karim Green Your eyes probably can’t differentiate between the iPad resolution resolution and 4K. At least no detrimental differences. Also, iPad can shoot 4K video clips, to make things more ironic.

The real question is... Was this video edited on an IPad?

Yo Johnathan now edit a video with iMovie if you do it I can’t wait to see it

Wow! Great job. First of all i like this kind of collaborations. Secondly this video is amazing it gave me chills. And finally you and dave are amazing. Much love

I loved this video. Video editing is the best part

i didnt know how much time youtubers spend editing thier vids for such small effects and points before seeing this

Swapnil Akash Bonita - Beiba

Hey can you please give me the opportunity to win one of the iPhone Xr I am subscribed to your channel and iJustine’s as well my favorite color is red thank ya

What’s the background sound

You cant watch YouTube in 4K because either google or apple blocks the codec that is used by YouTube to stream in 4K. Hence why it doesn’t work in safari either

Such a nice video for encouraging the late to the party digital creators.

Where did you get the iceberg picture that is centered in the Dave2D image for the video?

The iPad Pro is absolutely amazing. I would definitely get it when they add mouse support. I'll stick with my 2018 9.7"" iPad till then, also because I'm broke in med school right now lol.

Superb. I love entire process. The track part is just me. Lol.

I love videos like this

i have a razer blade 15 but im getting an ipad pro to edit and work on the go thanks to this video, just subscribed also

what app is he using? :\

Oh god! iPad is so powerful.

The question is who cares?

"Dave is such a sweetheart" ? Is there something else we should know before your next video? lol

I want an iPad Pro 12.9in maxed out version so bad or at least an 11in 256 iPad Pro 2018. I would honestly love for it to replace my 2016 15in MacBook Pro, but the only thing that is holding me back is I religiously download content from the internet and use torrents which iOS doesn't support AT ALL. I'll just wait until the MacBook Pro 2019 refresh and get a fairly specced out model.

This is the coolest Gay video ever

Which would you suggest being the better editing software Luma fusion or Final Cut Pro?

WHO CARES. Video editing on the iPad. Laugh.

I was watching this at work and you're right, Dave's voice just singlehandedly brought my blood pressure down. Thank you, Dave!

yeap. i knowu. I do.

my password is "123456" you guessed wrong ahahaha

This is great Jon! Fabulous to see your thought process as you edit the video. Love the respect and team work that you guys have.

Thanks for making this video Jonathan love the way you made this! And happy birthday too!

Jonathan or Dave...only one question at this point. How did you IMPORT the footage from the A7III into the iPAD PRO? That's the million dollar question all around youtube. Did you need a laptop? The only way it seems to get the footage from the camera into the iPAD PRO through iOS 12 is via airplay from which you need a laptop. Did you just have the camera, the card, and the ipad? Did you have . the SD Card reader? Did you have a wireless wifi drive? So far, getting the workflow started (From a Sony A7III) has been rough...


Can anybody find me the intro song for Dave's video in this....thanks.


Funny how people say the ipad Pro can't be a laptop yet here is someone proving everyone wrong.

What app are u using

Where is the review though.....

What is the app name?

which app is this ?

Is this the 11 or the 12.9?

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