I Bought An Abandoned Storage Unit And Found Crazy Epic Stuff! HUGE PROFITS! Storage Unit Best Finds

I Bought An Abandoned Storage Unit And Found Crazy Epic Stuff! HUGE PROFITS! Storage Unit Best Finds

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Welcome. Back to cheapest gaming guys and as you can see we're at a storage, facility because, we just won our very first storage unit at the auction, we paid $150. For the unit it looks to be absolutely, full of boxes, heavy-duty, boxes, all kinds, of amazing thing I even see appliances, and tons of stuff so we're, gonna go see if we make a ton of money or have a total, bust but anyway it should be a ton of fun exploring it let's, go explore. What. Did I get myself into, there's. So much stuff in here, let's. Start digging. All. Right guys first thinkers. Right. There we. Got. Let's. See exactly. Those. Look like some heavy-duty. Cutters. Right. You, might be jumper cable not. Too sure actually, no. They're not. Hmm. My. Mom works for a plumbing company pretty sure somebody's be able to tell me what this is there but, there's all kinds of screwdrivers. And. Other tools in there see if there's anything in the zippers. Nope. Allen. Wrench set put, that in the tool bag. What. Else we got in here. Pair. Of pliers add. It to the tool bag. Anything. Else tool related. Well. App top charger, that. Could be a very good sir - yeah. There's clothes these clothes will probably. Wow. We. Got a, decent. And. They're. Pretty worn by the nice pair of Nikes but did, she warn to sell so I'll, go the donation pile as well a pillow. Donation. A, friend. Jacket, and I really should that's a good, brand ran out but jacket. Well. Keep it up here until we figure out more about it. Rising. So. Yeah. Hydrogen. Water if. You will find somewhere computer stuff in here a vest. And. Iron. That. Looks like a pretty old cheap one oh but still maybe, ten bucks you know. Some. Art gloss which I'll probably end up keeping since, we, need them for diving and stuff. We. Had some kitchen, stuff that we could probably at home honestly, so that's, kind of cool. Up. Some dishes. Of. Course yeah I can't, open it brand new some. Fuck chili. Some. Trash bags with who so. I'm disinfecting, white a. Pan. But it's really. Dirty. Aluminum. Foil what. Is this. And. Then clock looks, like an alarm clock. Yeah. We'll go through it off. We. Got a whole. Thing. Of DVDs here let's see if they're cases or not no these are in here, let's. See there's anything good Stevie Wonder, the. Police. Let's. See. They. Look like older DVDs so, maybe. I got some value - who knows we, have this. Looks like I. Don't. Even know soldering. Iron no baby. I don't know I'm, not a total person pad off you can't tell so. GOI. Much. More. Clothes. More. Condoms, on there seriously this, guy was getting busy two. More in there. This. Is a ladies man here. We. Have another wire here, period. Your buds I don't. Know if they're good quality I just cheap ones open even the rocks well, your face it's, dreads, oh yeah, guys I say it's hot it is hot. You. Don't understand. No. Air in here so we're feeling the hall 105, degrees, there's. Another pair of Nikes. Those. Ones look use as well so yeah they're pretty beat up though doesn't go in the donation pile as well, find. The unit. Why. Is it that like legitly. Maybe happy, alright I mean, it's. Something useful, that's where sharing is not expensive obviously but it's useful mom, looks, like a mattress topper and a bunch of clothes. Levi. Make. Sure we'll check the pockets oh, yeah here, we go yeah some North Creek $30.

Jeans They're brand new probably get 10 15 bucks for those so I'm, definitely gonna have to go through the clothes some of them might be new to some of them might be old and dirty so we definitely got to go through it. Well. That mattress topper is definitely going in the trash that's disgusting. Look at that microwave. That. Is a nice looking microwave, actually, yeah. It's, pretty clean. That's. Actually pretty sweet fine right there I might. Have to take a break in a few minutes guys - they're glad to get some of this stuff to the car and, then go back with just off a lot of boxes a lot of mystery boxes back there so we'll be back in a bit once we get some stuff to the car see you then so guess what guys they, have no elevator. So, we had to take all that down three. Flights to stay by hand, so, I am, dying exhausted. But let's. Finish going through it. Looks. Like a lot of cleaning supplies. Yeah. Look at this. Gosh. Obviously I plug somewhere in here I don't see anything you know plug this up right now but. We got a fin, this. Sketchbook. Hey. Look. Only. Use a couple pages. All. Right. Might. Be broken, oh no. The. Plastic, cards broken. An, eye. On LP, 2 CD. Turntable. Hmm. That's. Definitely interesting that's going to keep pile. Dialing, wires. Keep. Them will use this box for stuff, later heat. Right now. Top. This. One. To. Our shower you know. This. Is really although oh. No. Huh. What. Is this a something. Collection. Peanuts, collection. Peanuts. Collection, is whenever is talking about Charlie Brown but. It, requires a damn key. Yeah. You. Can easily cut this yeah we can definitely cut this one you know let's put this definitely, in the key part of that who knows exactly. What. Do we got where's. The same front and. MBNA. America. Open. New. CDs, let's see. If we got anything of interest though, lean. Beyond. Where. Yeah. Hey. My deep. Nothing. Not having interested in maybe, selling to the staff like five, bucks or who knows. Hair. Scissors and. Hitting lucky charms get high I'm keeping it, whole. Bunch that looks good. Their. Estimate looks like he's probably gonna be sure half so. Oh. Gosh. I'm excited it's gonna be the jackpot if.

They're Strong enough this is like tough leather. Like. Off shiny my arm is our holy crap. They're. Books. But. They're let's. See. We. Were there old Charlie, Brown books. Wow. These are old let's, see. These. Are very old looking. Oh. 1857. Holy. Crap, they get those checked out no. Copyrighted. 57 they're printed in 65, it's still, those. Are old that, could be worse than money that, could definitely definitely. Be worth something that's so far that's. The jackpot this, looks is gonna be brand new. Dusty. Jerris ceramic, austere. Looks. Like it's just basically a stove top of a mini stovetop so definitely this, goes to support we were saying earlier maybe like a dorm room clean, out or a parting to clean out something, those lines but if that feels complete, so. We'll definitely take that this. Is complete - at least it feels like it a 16-piece. Don't wear dinnerware, set so. Don't. Tell me what that's worth but that can definitely be, worse than money I. Have. Here. Sound. Like a CD burner. No. I don't know what that is. No. Idea guys let. Me know in the comments, we. Got some more DVDs in here though it looks like we got. An. To. Watch the born collection, and, collateral. Then, call the chargers so. Guys. It'll be second we might have to take another break because, this. Box look look it could be full of old VHS, stuff I'm not sure so Oh. I'm. Humming I'll leave so, yeah. We're gonna is what we're to do we're gonna go ahead and take another break, get this stuff throw it away some of it in the car I will do you right back for the next part guys, I have a heat stroke out here oh, man. Moving so much stuff it's so hot I can't believe, they don't have an elevator. It's, 2018. Not on our side they don't they have of. Course we had to buy the one on this side with no elevator yeah maybe that's what we honey let it go cheap probably they knew better. Movies. Nice. Lynch okay this is just a, that'll. Actually hook grab a glass is not broken at all but the, tool answer right in here so the only thing, could be also let me get them. There's. Something under these clothes oh. Look. At that. That. Lamps definitely, it's got a wood, bottom, that's. All you know that thing is gonna be old it looks really, nice too so that. Could definitely definitely, be worth something, but, I'm gonna leave them in here for now because that car in trunk is so floor I know I don't think we could fit them we're, gonna go up to this you see we got anything hidden under the clothes and, nothing in here at all but closed so. Donations. Stuff. Let's. Look at one more time this is look at it. Let's. Let's. Move it out the way and look at the one below it to see, if we got all closed, then, we still have all these boxes we're gonna have to save till next or. Tomorrow it might be the same video but a lot. It. Looks like we got a tool not just credit cards in theirs it obviously. We can't take that but what are there's something else with it. Look. I'm. So tired of both of you books can be worth money don't get me wrong but. Books. Are heavy. Now. We're. Just gonna leave this stuff in the air steal DVD a few random things, we're. Have to leave this stuff in there for now I get this old TV in the trash and get those clothes in the donation, bin and I guess. We'll finish up tomorrow it'll. Box TV no ho no, box TV there's a lot of lifting and no money so that, looks like it sucks but anyway that's what we got so far see you next time alright, guys next, day we're back as you can see we got the majority cleaned out we still have a bunch of boxes here to go through got, a couple fantasies in the air which honestly I'm, not gonna sell that one at least now we're gonna keep that one if it still works but. Still. 100 damn degrees outside. No a/c still. No elevator, or, at least for clean and refreshed. Let's. Go through this. In. More. Detail to, clean it out today we're gonna get it all out by today so, tragedies. Let's go Ken. It. Looks like a drying, fan. In. The living room and. You, guys want to talk about it we had our house is painted and painted to come they put like this, stuff in there so help it dry. Quick it doesn't, look like one you would use to cool yourself, but. This year does so we're keeping this one that's for sure you'll. Never have enough and I'm assuming it would work, let's. Stare go through the boxes. Take, this in the first. See. If you got stuff worth keeping. Another, VHS, put. In there at the rest. First. Aid kit, that, expired in 2008. The. Gasoline, knsa, oh, that's. Picture frame there's. Nothing in it actually so that's cool I. Keep. Reading these for your semen I try to go out on one knee like yet and I'm gonna work the long, look. At that.

An. Old like Ford toy car that's, kind of cool too. Ooh. There. We go, this, looks like a bunch of car. Stuff which means it's probably really old and useless at this point the. Parts it's there cells but definitely, we, put the flashlight that's for sure. Some, of the tools I mean a hammer you can't go wrong with a hammer so Jack. That. Is. Home. Jack their stuff, obviously. Nerds, and stuff aren't gonna be any good really but the tools well definitely should still be fine so we'll hold on to that oh my. Gosh. Holy. Crap. There's, two levels look at this, now. The thing, is they, better not be cases, let's. Pick one at random let's say this, one. CD. The case is old and breaking apart but it's, in there so. That's. Gotta, be what would you say I got 100 CDs even in, like 50, cents or a dollar or piece I mean that's 50 to $100. All right they've just been CDs. That's. Pretty sweet. Holy. Crap. Guys. A. Yankee. Hat that's. Cool but. It looks like we got another whole box, of them. Here. That's. Insane, so this thing's, literally full to the brim with. CDs. I, mean, we gotta be sitting on a higher net 50 to 200, CDs right now absolutely. Insane. But we're gonna do for now is try to get all this stuff to the cart Stan was really out of luck and then come back and keep going through the rest all. Right guys so just moved all that to the car and mandes he is killing, hundreds. Like I said we pick the hottest days of the summer to do this 100. Agrees oh we got six more boxes and these ones are all taped, up so fingers, crossed that means there's good stuff in vintage. Divas Gaming we're gonna die ting with the tape. Yeah. Looks. Like it might be books, or records or something I don't know. Wreckage. Another. Thing that I just I. Have. No expertise. On there in there though look at that the. Records are in there just like the comic books like a lot of old stuff that could potentially be, worth big money or could potentially be completely, worthless we're not sure so, we're definitely have to have a lot of this stuff appraised because we have no, clue what, we're looking at with Oh, band-aid. UI bandit anybody, boy we're. Completely, full. Of. Records. Look. At that, completely. Hey. Yankees. Blare I. Don't. Know that's all Yankees jersey but. They're all in there so another. Thing we're definitely not that looked out. As. Many of them I guess. All. Right one box and wreckers okay. Fine getting downstairs, that's. Records again it looks like this. One's, records too I give. You something out of freaking huge. Music, collector. Look. At that completely. Stocked, full of Records again. We'll. Try to do a recap of this stuff once we get home but for now, they close at 6:00 so we got to make sure we get everything out of here a hundred percent today. More. Records. More. Look. It is only gonna open I'm look all, records. All. Around grades let's keep the tape in it. They're. Always all. Records. So six boxes. Jam-packed. Their records which can be, amazing. Or could be a bunch of heavy trash I have no, idea. So fingers. Crossed we got something good but anyway time, to move these heavy ass boxes, down quantity, ready three flights of stairs so see, you then, all, right guys completely, cleaned out unfortunately, there's a lot of mystery right now we're. Sitting on six huge, heavy boxes of Records bag. Of old vintage comics books and two boxes. Full of CDs so we, could be sitting on a gold mine or a bunch of heavy trash bird there's a music place about 15 minutes from our house I think buys records so we're, gonna hit them up bring, all the stuff in there see if it's worth anything that's the only shot of getting rid of it and until then we, don't really know if we made any money so let's, go do it alright guys so we just took all our records to a music store and came back this is actually the next day and unfortunately a lot of it wasn't highly sought-after or, a lot of those in bad conditions they couldn't take very much of it but, we did manage to get 20.

40 60 80, 100, 120. For. About a box and a half of them and we still have about five boxes that we'll probably we're, gonna let my grandparents, go through it they've been dying to see and let them go through see what they want and then after that we'll, see what we can sell locally. But this I mean almost already paid off the unit already so let's. Get back home and get the records in and we'll go from there alright guys so a few more days have passed by and the profits, have just kept going, up so last, thing you saw in the video was at six, hundred and ten dollars, so let's. Go from there, the, rest of the record collection, actually, sold for more. Than, the ones the record store picked out which I mean makes sense because there's a lot more well we got another one, hundred and eighty dollars for, the records but, the entire record collection, is now gone and total. That was worth about, $300. Which is RS toppled, the price of the unit and, the pilot closed we, did come across a North Face jacket which. Sold for $45. It was a really nice one with fur one I probably could have got a little bit more but honestly we just wanted to move stuff as fast as possible, I have, a little cheat sheet here, I'm just trying to read make sure I get everything we, also had a bunch of other miscellaneous, quotes, we saw four five and ten bucks randomly, but it ended up 30 bucks for those coats a couple, of them didn't sell so we just doing a donation bag and that's, another thing I want to mention the, donation, we, had was gigantic. And, it had tons, of coats probably, 25, pairs, of jeans a bunch of shirts so we're. Also not, just making money but we're helping out people get a ton, of nice, clothes, which is also always great the giant, fan I said, was a drying, fish that we wouldn't keep we, kept it it's in there and it's freaking, amazing it, makes the whole area so much colder, love, that I think retails at 40 bucks but not, retail, sells used at 40 retails like 60 we probably could have got 30 bucks for that but I'm, keeping it it's nice and cool, lastly. The. Toilet paper we're using that too but, total, out, of everything eight hundred, and sixty-five. Dollars on a hundred, and fifty, dollar unit, is that beginner's, luck or what but, honestly. This, is one of the most fun things I've ever freakin done as far as treasure hunting goes and I cannot, wait to do it again forget. The cheat sheet I want. To do it again so bad guys let me know what you think of the video down in the comments below it was the most fun one I've ever ever done you think we should do more of these they, only happen at the end of every single month but I want to try my best do it at least one unit, every. Single month from now on so thank you so much for watching the video if you did enjoy make, sure you leave it a big fat thumbs up if you're not already hit, that subscribe button for awesome videos every single day we're always treasure hunting in some shape, or form always, thank. You so much for watching the video and until next time peace out. You.

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This is what the hoses went to

Sweet! The piece we found detailed for $100, so I was happy with $50

CPS Portable Charging Station - CS12DMV4TP6Q SKU: CPS-CS12DMV4TP6Q Price: $657.76 or 3 payments of $219.25 details Quantity: 1 E-mail this product to a friend DESCRIPTION REVIEWS Pro-Set charging stations combine all the necessary tools required to perform a full system evacuation and subsequent charging in a single, compact, mobile unit. Each station includes a Vortech™ or BlackMax® service manifold, a Pro-Set vacuum pump, a Compute-A-Charge® refrigerant scale, and premium charging hoses. The lightweight tubular steel frame incorporates rear wheels for easy transport to and from the job site with integrated storage areas for all components. Unsurpassed charging accuracy of ± 0.05% of reading Hanging ports and hooks for hose storage Rear wheels on frame for ease of mobility Contains all tools needed for charging and evacuation All components store easily on cart 6' Premium Hoses 220 lb Scale 2 CFM Single Stage Vacuum Pump *Image may vary from actual product.* Specifications Manifold Type: 4 Valve (VorTech) Refrigerant: R22, R134A, R404A Gauge Diameter: 2.5" (68 mm) Pressure Temperature Scales: kPa / Psi / °C Charging Hoses: 3-Pk Premium 6’ Blue, Red, Yellow Hoses & Cplrs. Vacuum Pump: Two Stage 2 CFM, Dual Voltage (VP2D) Vacuum Gauge: N/A Charging, Recovery Scale: Compute-A- Charge® (Display Maximum Load: 220 Lb; 100 kg) Suggested ProductsSimilar ProductsPeople Who Bought This Also Bought Mastercool Portable Evacuation and Electronic Charging Station - 91585B Mastercool Portable Evacuation and Electronic Charging Station - 91585B Customer Service Contact Us Order Tracking Wishlist Your Account Help Center Store Policies & Info Shipping International Shipping Returns Privacy Policy Security Terms & Conditions Helpful Links About Us Testimonials Tech Info Tutorials Resources Site Map Se Habla Español Payment Methods

love this kind of stuff good eye guys look forward to seeing more of these

Wow great video

Loved it bro!!!! You gotta do it again!!! Got me looking for some storage auctions near me now

It's so much fun man!!

I loved it!

That was so great to watch! I was relieved to hear you say you would go through the pockets, even if you didn’t find anything! I’ve watched a lot of these and so often there’s cash or jewellery tucked away in pockets and weird places. It’s time consuming but you need to go through everything! Can’t wait for you to do it again- at least it will be cooler next month

Haha for sure! Thank you for watching!!

Omg, great thinking. Great video!!!!

Very nice! Hope you continue

Your Own Storage Wars episode Yay awesome

Awesome video love to see what's in the boxes,and great way to donate make sure you go to a place with an elevator.

Thank you for watching

Check the books on Amazon or the bookscouter app especially if there are textbooks. Bookscouter shows what certain websites will buy the books from you for.

We tried, only one of them was worth $4, the others were all garbage

I think I would have just loaded it all up and took it home before I went through it.

Still you could have taken your time once you got it home. But I understand.

A lot of it was dirty trash lol

I really enjoyed this video

You guys did amazing in both auctions! This is something Ive always wanted to do...can I pick your brain? I live in OH. What did you look under to find local auctions in your area? Thanks and keep making that $$. Love watching your dives too. I dive and donate a lot too! Stay safe and much love

+Jebus Gaming - Dumpster Diving thanks so much!! I will let you know!

Thank You! There's an app called auctionzip, and a website called storagetreasures.com, we use both of them to find them! Hope you get a good one!

What did ya do with the turntable, i could use one for the right price

Sold it on Craigslist

Just saw your video. Nice score man! Who or how did you sell the rest of the records to? Where you guys from? You were drenched you down south? Ok man great video looking forward to seeing more. Take care.

Thank you! Were in VA, ended up selling them to a collector online

hey jebus i know how you can make money but i need to talk to yain private on face book

the nike box is worth money looks like a are box most nikes come n oragne boxes when the are black keep it

alli see in the 1st seconds is a nike box

What a fun video! You seem very nice and I like the editing, especially that you list what you sell everything for. And it's great that you donate what you can! I hope you do more.

Definitely plan on doing more! Thanks for watching!

the cutters are PVC pipe cutters... about 5$ new

+Treasure Hunting With Jebus thanks so much!! I will let you know!

+Treasure Hunting With Jebus lolllllll

+Treasure Hunting With Jebus Kool can't wait to see what you come up with for your next bunch of videos you rock keep up the good work. PS PLEASE comment on my post from your last video sept 1th video. thank you.

looks like a dorm room locker

Love it vinel all that but u know

I haven’t commented in a while so

If you do the math and include the cost of time, you two would have made more working at McDonald's.

About 5 hours worth of work, maybe another hour listing the stuff and another hour meeting the people. So 7 hours and made about $700 not including the smaller things sold at the flea market. Please take me to the McDonalds that pays $100+ an hour lol I want to sign up now!

Dude were you born in the stone age put a pocket knife in your pocket to open the boxes with tape on it, just saying.

Yes, I'm from the Flinstones lol

Love yr vids. Always upbeat & cheerful. To whom do you donate the clothes?

The high school I go to acceptance them for students and parents that are in need. Glad you enjoy them, thanks for watching!

Cheap place has no trolley carts!

They had trolleys but no elevator lmao so pretty useless

Get yrslfa bxcuttr.

That's a rush. Love finding toys from the 80's

Why would you cut the leather doctor's bag??

"cut this when we get home" Dude Bring a knife with you!!! Otherwise cool video!

10 10.5 11 11.5

Size 10.5 or 11

Send me a pair of shoes to p.o. box 103 uvalda ga 30473 I love the videos keep it up

I can swear, that I could see from the tops of them records when you flicked through them; there was a 'Pink floyd - dark side of the moon' there. If this was an original from 1973 (which it looked like one from the fading!), I bet you just got screwed. That vinyl is probably worth around £700... $900+ ... Please make sure you can trust your dealer, because out if all the records it would only take one good one to make you thousands of dollars!

I wish! We looked up every single one and what they sold for on eBay, nothing more than $15 or so

If you are finding condoms, the guy was a dreamer not a player. lol

Hell yeah more!!!!

Y your girl don't do a video?

She don't want to

loved it good job

i take all the VHS tapes you get look me up

Glad I've caught up with the first one!!, been watching this instead of storage hunters all day lo - keep up the good work Pal... honest Mate, its cool to see You an Your Mum doing this together!, inspiring, No Yarn. Dude, the end of this got Me hyped, was well chuffed with Your result!!, I knew the vinyl would earn!! pce

Thanks! Me and my fiance do this together lol not my mom


How much for the truntabel?

Hi Can i buy the police dvd please

Sorry, all that stuff is gone

So how do you get in on this. Meaning how do you find out about units for bid


Got any DVD Blu-ray players let me know bro



Treasure Hunting With Jebus ah sos Pal, no harm intended lo! keep up the good work, I saw the ring on the left hand and assumed, obvious you have given her that ring lo, my bad, assumption is the mother of All mess ups, no pun!!

I want to do this

It's a ton of fun!

This nigga got a ufc tattoo? Lmao

Large scissors for plastic pipes pvc The Blue & Red Horses AC gas Filling

I sold a box of records last weekend at the flea market, the dude paid up front and never came back


Your the perfect person to sell the collections .

Good work out ,drink cold water .


And certain pairs of Levi's are collectible or limited so always check them also idk why but I have a bunch of useless info in my head lmao

Hey buddy don't donate all your sneakers like that some of them are rare or collectible they make products to restore your sneakers check out reshoevan8er prob spelt wrong there's YouTube videos on how to also love the vids your making me want to get involved especially with one of the biggest flea markets in Florida right near me


the records are making a come back . hope you get good money for them .

We got over $400 on them!

wow you are melting .

Please don't sell company marker clothing ie. Jackets. This could be used for wrong doing individuals , like burglars.

Dude you need a pocket knife or a box cutter. I'm subscribed but ripping open the boxes by hand is giving me anxiety. Lol Still great videos... You remind me a good friend from highschool. Records are priceless to die and musicians. I can imagine the joy those records brought to those that got enjoy them. Priceless I tell you.

Dearest Jebus, please for the sake of this mother, please start to wear gloves. All I can see is you getting stuck by a needle and getting AIDS. Some people would say I am a fatalist, but, I just care and it really worries me to see you dig without protection. God bless you dear one.

Look up Round again records they're in Meadville, PA if you run into any records again

+Treasure Hunting With Jebus not a problem and your welcome..

Cool thanks!

Dude you need a pocket knife or a box cutter. I'm subscribed but ripping open the boxes by hand is giving me anxiety. Lol Still great videos... You remind me a good friend from highschool. Records are priceless to djs and musicians. I can imagine the joy those records brought to those that got enjoy them. Priceless I tell you.

guy was a dj..that turn table is adapted for cds i bet

Great first effort, would never pick it. It was great, I have been watch much of your video output.

The purse with the funny "A" on it is a Agnee purse. You could probably sell it on Ebay. Tell me, why on Ebay they want to sell 1 something for $14, and I can get at Walmart 2 for less than $6. I go to Ebay when I can't find it anywhere else.

U Dn't Reli Help Ppl Donating 2 Goodwill' s.. Thy're Only Good To Thm Selves.. Its

Treasure Hunting With Jebus .. . Try Sumthn Lk .. Wht I Sd.. Especially In These Freezing Few Mths Ahead.. U Know Sumtimes Near The Overhangs Or a Gazebo ... In a "Park" Usually With Excersize Track Or a Canal Runs Thru.. Most Of The Time Its "Near" Dwntwn Or a College Area.. U Kw.. The Kooler Part Of Dwntwn.. Ud Be Surprized Who Pops. Out at Night. .. & Thy R Sum Of The Kindest Ppl U'll Evr Meet. So U Can Decorate The Trees With Stuff Or Go Hang & Hand Deliever Some.. Either Way.. The Feeling Is Rewarding.. & U Cod Probly Use The Down Time 2 Chill... Relax.. Thy Hv Great Fire Side War Stories Too! The Bigger Foundations ? IDK.. I'd Research It.. Half Way Hoz's.. Women's Domestic Violence Shelters.. Local Churches some Hv Clothes Closets 4 The Poor.. Theyll Tk Those None Sellable Toys Too. I'm Parcle 2 Children Cancer Hospitals. And Honestly.. Even MostOf Ur County Jails Cod Use Sum Stuff. .. Dn't Laugh.. U Kw Whn Sum 1 Gets Picked Up In The Summer.. Released In The Winter.. & Thy Ask Hey.. U Guys Gt a Coat Or Pants I Cod Gt? It's Freez'n & I Gt a Tank Top, Shorts. & No Shoes.. U Kw Wht Thy Hear?? & Probly at. 5.AM ??.. Answer:

They're usually the last people I donate to, I only donate to them if its absolutely necessary to make everything fit, otherwise we like to give directly to good foundations

Amazing vid you are awesome and you should have more subs you deserve it

Thanks a ton!

So glad to see that you kept that fan! I have one and Yeah, they are awesome and do a much better job cooling than those cheap box fans. Plastic blades go flat after a lot of use, that metal fan will last you for years and years.

It works amazingly!

Wish I was closer to you. I sell vinyl records at a flea market. I have people looking for so many titles. That Billy Joel you pulled out I have a guy willing to pay $75.00 for a copy. Texas is a little to far to ship though.

Man you will not get big doing this

Awesome what you both do. You need a trolley to get those boxes down stairs. Great work.

Love watching your videos,but what happened to the peanuts books.

I heard that box Tvs are getting to be worth money again

im in Alabama love the videos but how can i find out when the have the storage units have a sale text me 256-310-7102

I love every time you go to the units it’s awesome

They're my favorite too!

Can you time stamp your scenes please, makes it much easier to watch segments

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