Humber Spring 2019 Convocation - School of Applied Technology

Humber Spring 2019 Convocation - School of Applied Technology

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Ku And. Chef Gonzales for, all their ongoing support and coaching, I. Would. Like to thank all the professors because. They really helped me and guided me through, I even, feel proud that because, of me I graduated, and my parents got to come to Canada from, India and they. Came with me to celebrate this day I. Am. So, proud of my students this, is like, the, culmination of, so much hard work and, it's such a joyful, time to see them so happy and and it, for teachers, it's it's. A really proud moment for, us they, know what to expect and they know what to teach us and what will be really helpful in the industry so they were really helpful to guide us in the right direction the, people the teachers I, love. Everything about it. A. Lot. Of hard work put into this program and now. I'm, at the end and, ready. To start my my. Career and future I chose, Humber because well. My parents chose Humber as well I did the landscape program, and, I was in the fashion marketing, and business program in 1988. I do. Want, to thank my parents for being so supportive and, my family they were always there when I, needed, it and they. Kept on pushing me forward you can do it. It's not expecting, that my parents will be here but, it's, a great opportunity for me I'm feeling blessed today so now I'm done with my internship so now I'm full-time working there I'm thinking to come back in a Humber College again and to complete my bachelor's degree also it's, incredible. The fact that I've gotten here through like our program is really really heavy so. The fact that I got here I have so much family support, it means a lot to be here we're, very proud of her yes, now we are Humber are. Who we are from birth. Welcome. Everybody we are Humber, music and, we're here to entertain you for the duration of this ceremony, so. Next song we're about to sing is. A song called wake up by. John Legend and I hope you enjoy. Wake. Up everybody. Don't go sleep in a bed. Don't. Move backward. Thinking time. For, thinking ahead. The, world has changed so, very much. From, what it used to be. There. Is so much hatred. War. Poverty. Oh. Wake. Up all the, teachers, time, - teacher no, way. Maybe. The, no listen. To. What you have to say. Cuz. They're the ones those come enough the. World is in my hands. Where did, your children teach, the very best, you can. If. We just let. It be. The. World won't, get, no better. We, can't change again, just. Use me. Wake. Up all the, doctors, make, the old people. Well. They're. The ones who suffer, it. Catch all the, hair. But, they don't have much very, long, before, the, Judgment, Day so. To. Make them happy, before, they all pass, away. All. The, time. To build. I. Know, we, can do it if we. Have. To do it. Me. Too. If, we just. No. We, got a change again. Yeah. Boy. Everybody. Thank. You. Now. Here you go, again. Say. You. Want your freedom. Well. Who am I. Keep. You, down. It's. All. You. Should, play. The. Way you feel. Well. Soon. Carefully. To. The sound of. Your. Loneliness. Like. A heartbeat, drives. In, the stillness, of. A, memory. What. You have. And. What you. And. What you had. And. World. You. Only. Happens. When. It's read. And. Place. A. They will come. Now. You're. Gonna. See. Bristow. Vism. I. Keep. My vision. Stole. My Sam. Around. The dreams, and. Have. You, any, treat. Like. Sir. Trees. Alone, is. Like. A me, drives. You mad in. The. Stillness of. In what you. And. What you lost. And. What you had. You. Only. Happens. When. It's real. -, train. They. Will come and, they will. Go. Kalenna. You. Will. So. When it's raining. When. The wash. Believe. You. Know. Oh. Thank. You. This. Next song that you're about to hear is actually an original of mine it's, called it's for everyone so, I hope you enjoy it. We. Were walking on the edge of, time. I'm. Glad you're mine I. Know. You stay this time. Free. Words running in my ear -. What. Will I find. A. Treasure. Is. My. Oh. By. The war I could, see it's hearty. Build. A wall in the morning, I feel it for me. Well. I know that I know I believing. Something and, I know down the road that, is love is coming. Are. We cool. In. The world a day. With. Your hands, are the water get. Me here with the way my. By. The one we said. When. You walk it true, you. Carry, on. It's. For everyone. Fell. To one in nearly every. Time. Into. My life. I found. My, paradise. Turning. In circles we, will rock. My. Fragile.

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Songwriting. And production in, a. Variety of musical genres including. Jazz pop. Contemporary. R&B. Latin. And world music. Showcasing. Their amazing talents, this, morning our, 5. Up-and-coming, artists, Gabriella, Rogers and tarik Henri on vocals, Jeremy, hoots along Keys bassist. Jarrett Craig and Ben, green on drums. Graduation. Is an occasion that is very important, to graduates, and their families we. Ask that you respect the occasion and remain in your seats for the duration of the ceremony and refrain, from talking we. Ask you to please turn off all cell phones and personal electronic, devices fire. Regulations state that we must keep the Bach Isle of convocation Hall clear so, we ask that you not stand in that area in the, event of emergency please, note your nearest exits and follow the staff and now. Please rise as you are able to welcome our 2019. Graduates, in the platform party. Baby. Ain't. No mountain high ain't. No, Valley low. Ain't, no, River wide, enough. Baby. She, need me call me no, matter where you are no matter. Don't. Worry, baby, just. Call, my name I'll. Be there in a. You, don't. Baby. I. Set. You free I told, you you can always count. On me done from, that day on, I, made. I'll. Be there when you. Hey. Stop. Me baby. We down in my heart although. We were miles apply, when you ever need, help. I'll. Be there with you want, some. Days. No. Hey, doll. No. Today. I'm. Going. Home today I. Believe. I missed each and every, face. Can't. Ever play, my, music. Turn. On every, love light in plays. It. Sam I found myself. Totally. Surrounded. In. Their circles. My. Friend. Please. Celebrate. Me. Home. Give. Me your number, please. Celebrate. Me, home. Give. Me one more, song. That. I'll always remember. And. I can recall whenever, I, found, myself too, all alone I, can. See. Me. Easy. Highway. Travel. Where the westerly, winds may fly. Somebody. Try to tell, me. What. The man forgot, to tell me why. And. I. No. And, I'll be away. Yes. Celebrate. I could record. Myself. To. All the Lord, I can, save. Me. Please, be seated. Welcome. To 2019. Convocation. Ceremony, for the graduates, from the School of Applied Technology in.

Fact. This is the second of two ceremonies held for the School of Applied Technology the, first one was held yesterday, my. Name is carl oliver associate, dean school of applied technology and. It is my pleasure to serve as your master of ceremonies today. We. Would like to begin the ceremony today, by. Acknowledging that today is national, indigenous peoples, day and that. Humber College is located within the traditional, and treaty lands of the Mississauga's, of the credit. Known. As adobo Cove the. Place of the black altars in the Mississauga, language the, region is uniquely situated along. The Humber River watershed. Which. Historically, provided an integral, connection, for Anishinaabe, Houghton. A Shawnee and Wyandotte. Peoples, between. The Ontario lakeshore and the Lake Simcoe Georgian, Bay regions, now. Home to people of numerous nations, adobo. Goat continues, to provide a vital source of interconnection, for all. Today. We acknowledge, and honor the land we are walking on the. Moccasin, tracks of our ancestors, in the footprints, of our future, generations, to come I, would. Like to begin our ceremony by, introducing, our platform, party please. Hold your applause until all, of the platform, party members have been introduced. Ryan. Stafford vice president lakeshore ignite, des. McCarville, member, faculty, union. Laura, Joseph's, members. Support staff Union. Janet. Stewart admissions, advisor office, of the registrar. Jeremy. Brooks member, Humber College Council. Dr.. Mehas song. Program. Coordinator School of Applied Technology. Christo. Donald, chief, advancement, officer. Dr.. Corrine Johnston, director. Institutional. Planning and analysis. Dr.. Darren lawless Dean, applied research, and innovation. Neo. Mohammed director. Of the Barrett Center for technology innovation. Janis. Watching Manager work placement, services School of Applied Technology. Dr.. Jonathan, Kim associate, dean School of Applied Technology. Michael. Auchincloss, associate. Dean School of Applied Technology. Dr.. Sean Jeff re associate. Dean School of Applied Technology. Reynaldo. Porec readers, school of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Barbara. Reach associate. Vice president enrollment. Management and registrar. Sanjay. Puri vice president administration, and CFO. Jason. Hunter vice president, students, and institutional. Planning. Dr.. Farzad Riya Ghani Dean School of Applied Technology. Dr.. Chris Whitaker president. And CEO of Humber College Institute, of Technology, and Advanced Learning. Thomas. Barlow member, Board, of Governors. Fear. Of Ellison Dean school of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Dr.. Laurie Rancourt, senior vice president, academic. Robert. Barrett honorary. Degree recipient. Alister. Mathieson vice, president advancement, and external affairs. Everyone. Your platform, party. At. This time I would like to invite mr. Thomas Barlow to bring greetings from our board of governors. Good. Morning. Graduates. Honorees. Parents. Family, members friends. Faculty, staff, and. Honored, guests it, is my pleasure to bring greetings from, Humber's Board of Governors. First. And foremost congratulations to. All of our graduates, for achieving the success that, they were celebrating here, today you. Have worked hard to complete your programs, and we on the board are, proud of your accomplishments well, done. Second. The board wishes you success, in your future endeavors. You can move forward into your chosen field with, a confidence, of having been educated at, one. Of Canada's preeminent. Colleges, the, knowledge and skills that you have developed, at Humber will provide an excellent, foundation, for future success I. Would. Be remiss if I did not also recognize, and thank all of those present this ceremony, that, has supported, our graduates, in their studies at Humber the, Board of Governors understands. The important, and crucial role, played, by parents.

Family. Friends and, other key supporters, in each student's life. Congratulations. To our graduates and best, wishes for the future. Thank. You mr. Barlow I would. Like to invite president. Chris Whitaker to, say a few words to the graduating, class of 2019. Well. Thank you very much Carl and good morning everyone. That's. Good yes. Somebody. Back there is awake. And. I know this has been quite a week of celebration around. Toronto hasn't, it yes. Yes. I'm. Not talking about the Raptors, but that was great but I'm. Talked about Humber convocation. So so, welcome everyone and. I. Hope that you do have fun celebrating, today because this is a great day for everyone so. Let's begin. Members. Of the platform party honored. Guests faculty, and staff family. Friends and, especially, our graduates, who are looking very fine by the way, it's. My pleasure to welcome you to today's convocation. And. This. Year will recognize, more than 10,000. Graduates across ten. Ceremonies. A significant. Number and certainly a reason to celebrate thank. You all for being with us here today to mark the occasion. Go. Ahead and applaud yeah we got to warm it up. And. As, I think you may know the, school of applied technology this. Is the last of our Tang convocation. Ceremonies, and I'll share a little secret with you that I haven't told anybody but, we saved the best for last, okay. That's. Between us. Thank. You as well to all of the Humber employees, who make this event happen a day, like this takes many people to produce from, when our graduates arrive and receive their gowns -, when they cross the stage in a few minutes you our faculty and staff work tirelessly to, make this day memorable, for, our graduates, and, their families and we are grateful for your efforts I do, also want to stop and pause and I, want to thank all of the, staff who have worked ten ceremonies. Because. I want to give them extra thanks, and recognition because. These poor folks have had to listen to my speech ten times now okay. So, so thank you and I apologize for that, let's. Give them around. I've. Been part of many convocation. Ceremonies, as a, as a professor, as a president, and most, importantly, as a parent. So. I share the many emotions, that we're all feeling today, the, pride of achievement the. Joy of success and yes. The relief that this day has finally come. Convocations. My favorite time of the academic, year because, it's a time for our community to celebrate, our students achievements and look, ahead to, the new beginnings, and abundant, possibilities.

That, Await our graduates. Before. We recognize, their accomplishments I'd, like to take the opportunity to thank those who helped them along the way. To. Humber's faculty, and staff thank, you for your dedication, and commitment, our. Students, wouldn't be here without your support wisdom. And encouragement let's, give our faculty, and staff a big round of applause. Thank. You also to friends. Families, and loved ones for, supporting our graduates, through, those ups and downs of college life your. Support comes in many ways, financial. Emotional. Financial. Lending. A helping hand and, did. I say financial. Okay. You. Get the point I think, you deserve a round of applause as well. And. Now to our graduates, you, did it you deserve the spotlight you're, receiving today. The. Spotlight is on you not just because of what you've achieved but. Because you are the leaders of tomorrow. According. To an article published last, year in the Harvard Business Review, great. Leaders are confident, connected. Committed. And courageous. All. Of these attributes are, within each of you you. Have spent the last weeks, months and years honing your skills and, knowledge in classrooms, and in workplaces, your, experiences. Have helped grow your confidence. You. Are connected, you, have networked, with fellow students, faculty and industry representatives throughout. Your program, you. Are also now part of the growing community of Humber alumni around the world who, are making their mark and making. A difference. You. Are committed, you made, the decision to change your life through education and have put in the work to get to this day, you. Are courageous, as. Students. Each of you came to Humber from, somewhere else from, high school or, another post-secondary. Institution. From, a job from, another city or even, another country, it. Took courage to, reach this point and it will take more in the, future as you are faced with new situations, and environments.

Some. Consider courage to be an innate character, trait something, you're born with others. Consider, courage to be a skill, something. That you develop, and can strengthen over, time. Well. I believe it's a choice here. At Humber we chose to make courage one of our core values we. Need to be bold to chart a new course when, it comes to education, to change our programs, to ensure they are relevant, responsive. And anticipate. How the world is evolving to. Change how we operate, to give our students more choice and flexibility. We. Believe everyone at Humber should feel empowered to make bold choices tackle. Inequity, and try, new things and we want the same thing for our graduates. We. Want you to leave Humber with the courage to act to, take risks, and to fail and if, you fail to have the courage to get up learn. From what you did and try. Again. Right. Now there's a special on Netflix by. University, of Houston research professor, brené Brown called, the, call to courage and, yes. I'm still hip enough to know what's trending on Netflix in case you're wondering. According. To brown Courage requires, two things. Vulnerability. And involvement. Vulnerability. She says is not about winning or losing it's having the courage to show up when, you can't control the outcome. It's. Having the courage to admit you don't have all the answers it's. Pushing yourself, outside of your comfort zone, because, that's where, you'll learn the most it's. The courage to let yourself change. And grow. Courage. Is needed now more than ever and you, have the skills and knowledge to, lead the way. We. Live in uncertain times across. The globe we, are all grappling with political, tensions, climate, crisis, and changing, economies, I encourage. You to get involved and be the change you want to see in the world. Remember. That global network of Humber alumni I mentioned, let, me give you an example of someone who did just that. Rowell, Singh graduated. From Humber's paramedic, program, in 1993. Soon. After he was backpacking in Nepal when a series of landslides, wiped, out a village. He. Ran a disaster, response team to help manage the crisis, but found that most of the funding got lost at administration. Before getting to the people who needed it he changed. That by founding global medic an organization. That provides efficient, and cost-effective disaster. Relief, globalmedic. Has led more than 50 missions in over 30 countries, since. They started their efforts have helped countless people around, the world survive, life-threatening, situations. Following, catastrophes. In. 2009. Raul was named one of Canada's top, 40, under 40 and, in, 2010. He was included, on Time magazine's list, of the hundred, most influential, people in the world not. Bad yeah give him a hand. All. Of that because, he had the courage to be the change he knew would benefit others. Okay. So no, pressure but, the world's counting on you and I, know you're up for the challenge as, you. Move on remember to think critically to question, and challenge what some accept at face value and, seek, ways to contribute give, back and get, involved, you. Leave here with a strengthened ability to make sense of the world to. Make the right choices to engage and make a difference, for yourself and others even. When it isn't easy as, a. Humber, student, you've been part of one of Canada's most diverse, and inclusive institutions. So. Embrace diversity in. All its forms from. Race religion place, of origin culture. Sexuality. Gender identity, age to, economic, status and more it's, up to each of us to acknowledge and seek ways to understand.

These Differences and find, ways to build bridges establish. Common ground and be allies. You. Are now one of the more than. 250,000. Alumni who, are the college's, reputation in, action, I encourage. You to continue in their footsteps by, making your mark on the world doing. Your community, proud and of course keeping. In touch with us we'll. Keep an eye on those Instagram. Stories. Everyone. Here is proud of all you've achieved you. Are now and forever, part of the Humber family and no, matter where you go our, doors are always open and, you're, always welcome home, so. Be bold, be. Brave be. Amazing, because, we, know you can, congratulations. Class of winning nine twenty nineteen thank you. Thank. You president Whitaker today. We are presenting an honorary, Bachelor, of Applied studies degree, to Robert Bob Barrett, who. Will be introduced, by Alister Mathieson vice president advancement, and external affairs. Thank. You Carl. Distinguished. Guests, graduating. Students, ladies and gentlemen, on. Behalf. Of dr. Laurie Rancourt, and myself it. Is our great honor and pleasure to introduce mr.. Robert Barrett, to. All of us more, affectionately, known just. As Bob or, as, he says it's. So well and so humbly, the, Barrett in the, Barrett center of technology and innovation that. Beautiful, center of innovation located. At the North Campus. Laurie. And I were first introduced, to Bob nearly five years ago, and since. Then bob, has become very much part. Of the fabric of Humber, and it's, passion, to support, and mentor. Our learners. Bob. Is a highly successful businessman. In global. Philanthropist. He. Through the Barrett family foundation. Has, made a significant. Donation to, humble, but. Today is not about that it's. About why, he wanted to support Humber, and more, importantly, the, students of Humber. There's. About the character, of this man and the impact, he is having on the lives, of young people around. The world and to, the communities, within which they live in. His, own words as he considered. Partnering, with Humber, he, said I want. To provide support to an institution. That is focused, on providing. Skills, and knowledge for young people, to. Get good jobs and have, meaningful, lives I, want. To support an institution that, will provide that, will promote and provide young people with, the skills based, alternative. To, the traditional University. Model of Education, I want. To provide funds, to provide technology, or more, specifically. Manufacturing. Related edge, ocation and career. Options, to, high-school students, considering. Post-secondary. Education. And I. Want to support, Humber. Students, in skills, development, and provide. Those young people opportunities, to. Participate in. Skills. Development, competitions. Both, here, and around, the world. Mr.. Barrett has already, been the catalyst, for awards, and scholarships for. 638, Humber. Students. And. Bob. Many of those recipients. Are sitting, today in front of you, Bob's. Generosity. And global impact doesn't. Stop there, his. Large gift to World Vision for example, is, now being used to provide support, for young people in Honduras. Facing. Significant. Personal, social. And economic, challenges to.

Seek Support. Mentorship. And career, training and these. Young people are now entering, the workforce, beginning. Careers on their own gaining. Independence and. Contributing. To their own families, and their, communities. Today. Bob is joined by his wife Francine. And his, family, Rebecca Paul Kim and John and his grandchildren, they. Too had. Become extended. Members of the Humber family and we're, very happy that you're able to be here and celebrate, this occasion with, him, we. Kindly request that, you now turn your attention to, the screen at this, time as we play a video, highlighting. Bob's outstanding. Achievements, and contributions and. His, own words to the graduating, class I. Grew. Up in the country we, all worked on the farm across the street my, dad was, a bit. Of an entrepreneur, and. Mr.. Johnson across, the street offer said to my mother you know Evelyn, you're you're. Really lucky and my. Mother said you know the. How do we work the lucky we get, so. If you, want to understand, how you get to where I got, it, doesn't have anything to do with being a wizard I work. Really hard I've, got a passion for what I do I've been to for over 50 years, that's. A message for students, here at Humber that going, to school is is. Not easy in your in-between, lives. You're in between being a young, person living in a family - growing, up and becoming an adult and certainly. To me, persistence. Passion. Is, the meat of all successful. The. Barrett family foundation, was started, between, myself and my wife Francine, in conjunction, with our daughters, Kim and Rebecca we, had a dream we. Believe that it's not just giving, money it's giving, your time it's giving your energy, and your wisdoms, and helping. Others, somewhere. Somehow. To. Have a better life. The. Relationship. That that we, have developed with Humber, is. Second, to none they are truly partners. They help us in many ways and, they, have so many resources, and, they came, to the table beyond. Expectations. And made it much easier for us to align. To thinking. Which was, around technology, was, around scholarships. Around. Development, especially young. People and make me of them successful, in their careers my. Message to any student, is it's really critical, to follow your dreams and hopefully, your dreams at, the end of the day will lead to a. Wonderful. And productive, career. In doing, something that you really like, that, is rewarding and, beneficial, to, not only to our own family, but to the community. President. Whitaker mr.. Barlow, it is with great honor and, pleasure that. We ask you to confer upon mr., Robert Barrett, the spatula, of applied Studies, degree. Good, morning graduates how you feeling. As. Excited. As I am I, never thought when, I first met Laurie, four. Or five years ago that I'd be graduating. From Humber, this is this is really exciting, I. Didn't. Even have to study to get here I just had to work hard and do what came naturally. And provide. Some, support to an institution. That has. Just done. A phenomenal job, for, new. Canadians, existing. Canadians, and the environment. In general so. I'm really excited to be here I congratulate. All of you and. I just want to suggest that if you have, a dream follow, your dream with. Passion, and work hard thank, you very much. Thank. You mr. Barrett and Gregg congratulations. We. Have three Achievement, Awards to present today the first, award is the president's, medal which will be presented by president Whitaker the. President's medal is given to one graduate, in each school who has made a significant, contribution to their school and to. Humber by demonstrating, leadership and participation in, both. The academic and, student, life of the college while maintaining a strong overall, academic, average. The. School of Applied Technology is, pleased to honor a thira pet on kupuna, deck with this year's President's Medal. As. An. International, student, peer. Apat came to Canada to.

Enhance His learning experience, and contribute, to the Polytechnic, community with fresh ideas and new perspectives. His. Honours standing, which is one of the highest in a decade, for the mechanical, programs is a testimony, to his dedication hard, work and, maximising, the outcome from the multiple intelligence, modalities, that Humber nourishes. His. Well-rounded, contribution, to Humber and its diverse student community was, seen through his involvement as a key member of an. Applied research project. Peer. Tutor work and helping, first-year students. Theropods. Extraordinary. Success, during his studies at Humber embodies, our vision, as as global, leaders in Polytechnic. Education. We. Congratulate, him today and look forward to the positive, impact he will have in society as he steps into his next chapter, it. Is with great pleasure that the School of Applied Technology presents. The 2019. President's. Medal to, theory Pat on, kapeniak. Our. Next award of the is the Board of Governors achievement, award which. Will present it by which will be presented by Thomas Barlow this. Award is given to one graduate, in each school who has achieved their academic, goals while. Participating, in a significant, number of college community, or personal, commitments. The. School of Applied Technology is, pleased to honor Michael Saluki, with this year's Board of Governors award. Michael. Can be characterized, as a hard worker with superior, time management skills, along. With the qualities of a strong leader. Michael. Has achieved high academic standing. Represented. Humber College at skills Ontario, in the refrigeration, competition. Only, one of two students to do this, volunteered. At open house mentor. Fellow peers in his program and worked. For Humber facilities, management, throughout, their work study program. In. Michael's spare time he, works two part-time jobs as he is saving and hope to continue his HVAC education, by enrolling in The Bachelor of Science degree, program from, Ferris State in Michigan. Michael. Talks the talk and walks the walk in his, passion for the HVAC industry and we are very proud of his achievements.

It. Is with great pleasure that the School of Applied Technology presents. The 2019. Board, of Governors Award to, Michael S key. Our. Final, award is the Governor General's academic, medal which will be presented by president Whitaker the. Governor, General's academic, medal is presented to the graduating, student who achieves the highest academic, standing, in a full-time program, established. In, 1873. It is one of the most prestigious, awards that could be received by a student, in a Canadian post-secondary. Institution. The. School of applied technology is, very pleased to, honor MIT Patel with this year's Governor General's academic, medical. MIT's. Academic, achievement, throughout his time at Humber can only be described, as beyond, exceptional. His. Passion, for technology is evident through his interest in hands-on assignments an active, participation, in the capstone project he. Found ways to give back to his fellow students, including. Remedial support for students who struggled with math and technical, related subjects, as well, as aiding students, transition, to the college environment. Another. One of MIT's many wonderful characteristics. Is his ability to work with others, which. Is a testament to his maturity and social adeptness I would. Like to take this opportunity to, acknowledge and, thank MIT, for entrusting his academic, and personal growth with Humber College. It. Is with great pleasure that, the School of Applied Technology presents. The 2019. Governor, General's academic, medal to, MIT Patel. We. Have now reached the moment that all the graduates, have been waiting for the, awarding, of their credentials. With. The graduating, class please stand as, you are able, that's. You. Graduates. Today. You are admitted into the proud Fellowship of the graduates, of Humber Institute, of Technology, and Advanced Learning an honor. Bestowed only upon those who have met long-established standards. Of conduct and learning in. The name of Humber College I hereby. Charge you to safeguard, the professional, dignity and ethics of this fellowship. To. Cultivate the spirit of inquiry and experiment. To. Maintain the fresh viewpoint, demanded, in an age of rapid change in tection technological. Advancement. To. Contribute, generously, to. Society, and the community around you. President. Whitaker mr. Barlow. May. I present to you the graduates, of the School of Applied Technology. We. Also ask. We. Also ask that you acknowledge those unable, to attend today's ceremony who, are graduating, in absentia I. Certify. That, each graduate, has met all of the academic requirements for, the credential, they are about to receive and we ask for your approval on behalf of Humber's Board of Governors. Thank, you we. Now ask the first row of graduates, to proceed to the stage to receive their credential, the, remaining graduates, can now be seated. To. Ensure that everyone is able to enjoy the ceremony and hear the names of the graduates as they're called we, ask that you hold your applause until the list of names for each program, has been completed and to remain seated throughout the ceremony, will. Also be announcing the academic, achievement award for the top student in each program, please. Turn to page 95. In your convocation, program age. 95, for the first group of graduates. Good, morning my name is Renaldo peerage and I will be announcing the graduates. It's. My pleasure to introduce the, graduates, from the School of Applied Technology. Darius. A Rendell. James. Pescara. Comus. Oakley. Canning. Jordan. Greenspan. Darshan. Kumar, Parque. Anthony. Sing. Sada. Romani. Ash ash, who Sonny. Quran. Deep Singh. Jonathan. Stewart. Connor. Is, nasty. Nathaniel. Burnham. Please. Join me in congratulating, the graduates, from the electrical, techniques, program. The. Next group of graduates, is from the millwright techniques. Program. Jag. Mahon a Luca. Miguel. Check, on. Tariq. Davies. Promenade. Cholera. Jakub, McGarity.

Gurpreet. Singh. Jaspreet. Singh. Lobby. Sharma. Deep. Kamal sing. Love. Preet Singh. Par. Winter Singh. Sukh, chain sing. Gerwin. Der densa. Vivec. Candor, curry. Segno, kumar mahanta. Sukhwinder. Singh. Mayor. Sandhu. Alexander. Sotelo. Please. Join me in congratulating, the graduates, from millwright, techniques, program. The. Next group of graduates, is from the plumbing, techniques, program. Daniel. Elia. Love. Preet bender. Alexander. Greeks tea. Darrien. Kennedy. Amit. Kumar. Andrew. Nick Mongo. Academic. Award of excellence recipient. Matthew. Scott. Trevor. Scott. Canyon. Wilkins. Alexander. Was me. Please. Join me in congratulating the, graduates, from plumbing, techniques, program. The. Next group of graduates, is from the welding techniques, program. AJ, Dillon. Devinder, Parmar. Sandeep. Cringer. Lovely. Sharma. Maninder. Singh. Tejinder. Pal Singh. Amrit. Beer Singh. I'm read, prett Singh. Your, gender sing. Academic. Award of excellence recipient. Jagjit. Singh. Tehran. Deep sing. Please. Join me in congratulating, the, graduates, from the welding techniques, program. The. Next group of graduates, is from the carpentry, and renovation, techniques, program. Camilla. Camilla. Hernandez. Anastasia. Karate. Cova. Joseph. Peralta. Monique. John. Please, join me in congratulating, the graduates, from the carpentry, and renovation, technician, program. The. Next group of graduates, is from the computer, and network, support technician. Program, Cheryl. A basado. Felix. Odd Oh. Sigh. New. End. Oda. Wadda malari, Adjani. Danielle. Araya. Manveer. Baden. Jatin. Behin. Damian. Bird. Sandeep. Bhullar. Robert. You cannon. Kevin, kessen. Pavin. Eat chathur, a. Mandeep, Kuna. Jason. Called arrow. Manpreet. Dandy, whoa. Harmon. Jeet Dylan. Himanshu. Garg. Manjit. Cumin. Mark. Cameron's. Par. Neat core. Sukhbir. Core. Have, neat. And, kit Cara. Habib. Kalani. Go. Tom, Kumar. Gurjeet. Man. Ash. K, Modi. Tonya. Morgan. David. UN. Davell. Kumar, Patel. Near. Ram bhai Patel. Chill, Pavan, Patel. Be. Bosh Kumar, Patel. Pradeep. Pradeep. Rudge. Red, Prajapati. Arch, arch, ow Raveendran. Nakisha. Read. Donovan. Russell. Sati. Honored, shoe. Charen. Sook. Deep handle. Rohit. Sharma. Prob, nor sing. Vikram. Singh. Jatinder. Sing. Sim. Ram Sharma. Soo. Preet Sonny. Dal. Veer Sidhu. Mandeep. Sidhu. Gagin, Deep Singh. Koran. Deep Singh. Rajan. Beer Singh. Davinder. Singh. Parminder. Singh. Gaghan, deep Sohail. Cavan. Beer Singh. Toran, Preet Singh. Dheeraj. Tej. Pal a. Recen. Burress. Me. Please. Join me in congratulating the graduates, from the computer, and network support technician, program. The. Next group of graduates, is from the electrical, engineering, technician. Control, systems, program. Yogi. Raj of, Safie. Armel. Allah. Amanjit. Ramrod. Raj. Beer bath. Deepak. Ram Brett. Jig, are, rampant. Pranav. Ish, chauhan. Parsed. Dave. Burrow. D'Souza. Malik. Kumar, Gojira. Prasad. Kadam. Yogesh. Kalra. Giancarlo. Let's. Emma. They'll, Deepak, manga. Darryl. Mombasa. What's, your. Walk. Was. UN. I'd wait Pandya. Bomi. Kumar, Patel. Druvan. Patel. Harsh. Kumar, Patel. Kirtan, Kumar, Patel. Raj. Kumar, Patel. Sudeep. Kumar, Patel. Huge. Fall Patel. Mark. Robinson. Goo Preet Singh. Goo Preet Singh. Guu. Preet Singh. Harmon. Doll. Harpreet. Singh. Inderjeet. Sing. Jagdeep. Singh. Jag. Beer sing. Manmeet. Singh. Laughs. Preet, Singh. Drove. The, car. Courtney. True. Milan. Vas. Derek. Walker. Academic. Award of excellence recipient. David. Wilson. Please. Join me in congratulating, the, graduates, from the electrical, engineering technician, control, systems, program. The. Next group of graduates, is from the electromechanical. Engineering. Technician. Program, Isaac. Espinosa. Sunny, Joanne. Axel. Eric unda. George'll. Kumar, Patel. Karan. Kumar Patel. Pinkish. Kumar, Patel. Aldo. Chicken. Chance'. Manoj. Was. Sarah P. Please. Join me in congratulating the, graduates from electromechanical, engineering, technician. Program. The. Next group of graduates, is from the electronics, engineering, technician, program, Nandini. Aurora. Renee, Butler. Sonam. Chum. Deep, and shoe. Are. Deep Dylan. Christian. Flores. Red. Mar Gargas. N'. Cam. Rule Hassan. Tanya. Joshi. Gerwin. Dirk or. Jazz. Deep core. Navneet. Core. Sat. Want poor. Mohammed. Kiri. Kirti, Mendoza. Robin. Kumar. Janish, Kumar, Patel. Sawan. Abhishek. Sharma. Deepak. Sharma. Mohabbat. Singh. Mustafa. Boozing. Isaiah. Valancy. No. Kana. Vera, me. Please, join me in congratulating the graduates, from the electronics. Engineering, technician. Program. The. Next group of graduates, is from the heating, refrigeration. And air conditioning technician. Program. Dustin. Baba. Con. Tin. Dao. Don, Eugenio. Sheldon. Night. Ash. Kay, Malhotra. Oh me. Yee-hoo, Joby. Alex. Pereira. Danny. BAM. Frank. Rico. Anthony. SAP, cough. Drake. Vander, lack. Ian. Ferrara. Please. Join. Me in congratulating, the, graduates, from the heating refrigeration, and air conditioning technician. Program. There. Is one grad from the industrial, woodworking, technician, program, do. Hanna's Vaughn toe. The. Next group of graduates, is from the mechanical. Engineering.

Technician, Program. Karthik. Aggie, Hawtrey. Madeline. Andrew. Academic. Award of excellence recipient. Theropod. Anga. Patch -. Sean, de Douglas. Dharshan. Kelsey. Shecky. Johnson. Vanille. Patel. Eshan. Patel. Puneet. Kumar, Patel. Cavell. Referred. Anat. Shukla. Have on Preet Singh. Chintan. See Solanki. Davell. Sunny. Buthe, Raj vicina. Kerbin. Mahadi. Please. Join me in congratulating the graduates, from the mechanical engineering, technician, program. The. Next group of graduates, is from the civil engineering technician. Technology, program. Jared, Acosta. Mahad. R10. Joram. Asamoah. Tanya, Shree Bethulia. Ethan. Brown. Giordano. Candy, toe. Alessandro. Caracalla. Matthew. Sibron, ski. Eloise. Costales. Gurjot. Dylan. Leon. Sally, mnemba. Marcus. De Santos. Christian. Ferreira. Roman. Friedman. John. Garrigan. Robin. Great banks. Hanna. Hayley. Sahand. Para. Hoodie. Alex. Hildur. Steven. Kirsh. Nicholas. Kassar. Christina. Laprise, irelia. Arthur. Ma. Sachin. Maharaj. Anthony. Molinelli. Busan. Ii mokuba. Andrew. Oceana. Sam. Rastelli. David. Romero. House. Sabri. Phillip. Segovia. Raul. Rojas. Ram, Singh. Raman. Singh. Shaddai. Thomas. Jacob. Stewart. Jordan. TMU. Lucas. Talk. Boo. Tran. Anurag. Deep Verma. Morrow. Via, me or. Linden. Vine. Yawn. - Jean. Amari. Right. Alexandra. Yang. Please. Join me in congratulating the graduates, from the civil engineering, technology program. The. Next group of graduates, is from the computer, engineering technology program. Divya. Agarwal. Ryan. And Tolan. Kenneth. Chan. Delroy. Christy. Academic. Award of excellence recipient. Donald. Dem, Rick's you. Anoop, shot da Lou. Red, tubes DoDEA. Yonas. Gamay, Oh. Grrrrrr, Sahaj. Eureka. Princess. Hernandez. Bettin. Jacob. J. Jab, de. Marco. Djaro rock. Jasleen. Core. Ish. An Kooten. Jacob. Landon. M'Lynn. Lomax. Sueanne, looong. Ryan. Maynard. Aldus. Mendoza. Raphael. Majora. Patrick. Inc. Duke. Knew, n. A beard. On Oh Joe. Zil. Patel. Darrin. Prong. Sahil. Sonny. Angel. Sahan. Gurpreet. Singh. Kuljeet. Singh. Devendra. So, amber. David. Ug. Arman. Villani. Please. Join me in congratulating the graduates, from the computer, engineering technology. Program. The. Next group of graduates, is from the electrical, engineering, technology control. Systems, program, Oh video. Avalos. Justin. Bour ha. Alex. Beret go. Dylan. Botello. Dave. Bully. Cornell. Campbell. Jomar. Carvajal. Jeremy. Dixon. Hakim. Didn't, L. Cameron. Ellis. Marin, fish, a. Mohammed. Ghori. David. Hyun. Abigail. Hide. Young, wujing. Kalash. Lad. Evan. Landry.

Jean-philippe. Leonard. Josh. Liang. Mahan. Maru. The, DRC matter, Dean. Goodwin. Oh McGee. Emanuelle. Or. More edgy. Jeff. Pangolin. Academic. Award of excellence recipient. MIT, Patel. Priyanka. Patel. Tyrell. Pinedo. Alexander. Sing. Farm. Jot sing. Adrian. Torres. Alexander. Trudge Polsky. Gregory. Wallace. John. Rue wine. Please. Join me in congratulating the graduates, from the electrical, engineering, technology control. Systems, program. The. Next group of graduates, is from the electromechanical, engineering. Technology. Program, David. And Salmo. Perixx. Back see. Tyler. Bennett. Kyle, you, cannon. Livingston. Jim. Alexander. Who. Tracked coot. Rara. Michael. Daniel. Curb. At say Rosario. Theresa, a stone, inna. Matthew. Gelfand. Vijay. Patel Gil. David. Poe. Amar. Preet hon John. Sean. Hussain. Raja. Empty. Us. A. Cinta. Kumar. Yan, Kai lay. Christopher. Lies, in ER. Douglas. Mary. And. Asahi. Mahmoud, oh. Wise. Mullah. Ronald. Parisi, Oh. Patrick. Ramlakhan. Sabrina. Sanchez, Ortiz. Jesse. Sapirstein. Shriram. So. Then Thorin. Steven. Speed ale. Adrienne. Stroke, juice key. Mohammed. Soup, honey. Ashby. Vargas, a. Jackie. Wang. Nicholas. Williams. Rick. Yaqoob. Academic. Award of excellence recipient. Mauricio. Told, Y Togo. Please. Join me in congratulating the graduates, from the electromechanical, engineering, technology. Program. The. Next group of graduates, is from the electronics, engineering, technology, program, mu. R I by. Abu. Academic. Award of excellence recipient. Irazu. Chopra. Dylan. Davidson, Hall. Ryan. Dios. Quan. Dough. Lucas. Gabrus. Matthew. Hatch. Tushar. Joshi. When. Dancing Korea. Randolph. Prasad. Denise. Pam. Harjeet, second. David. Stew popskyy. Whinny, sigh. For. Him to, loop der. Shaolin. Thomas. Fee. Tran. Demitra, Bellis, chanko. Eshan. WOD Haaren. Please, join me in congratulating the graduates, from the electronics, engineering, technology, program. The. Next group of graduates, is from the heating, refrigeration, and air conditioning technology. Program. Adrienne. La Penna. Wylie. Gallant. Liam. Cavanaugh. Bill. Leigh. Academic. Award of excellence recipient. Nikolas Marta. Lucy. Gregory. Alton. Jack. Peva. Zachery. Schmelzer. Michel, salut, salut, Walski. Jeffrey. Taylor. Brandon. Terry. Brian. Cheapen. Please. Join me in congratulating the graduates, from the heating refrigeration, and air conditioning technology. Program. The. Next group of graduates, is from the mechanical. Engineering. Technology program. Wisdom. A Chow. Moiez. Adam. G. Hamza. Dia bus. Nicolle, Francia. John, Galera. Said. Gary Goomer. Of. Nicholas. Hines. Arvind. Jessel. Christian. Jones. Sylvester. Lobo. James. Lorenzo, Jia. Kenneth. Marino. Thomas. Monde, Raja. Ash k Kumar.

Give, Yang Patel. Tehran. Pereira. Rajesh. Would, yell. Mohammed. Qadir. Jonathan. Ramnath. Michael. Rebar on. Robin. Roy. Cheyenne. Sakyo. Brennan. Via new ever. To. Nahan yes, girl. Academic. Award of excellence recipient. Shah, sahib. Please. Join me in congratulating the graduates, from the mechanical, engineering, technology, program. The. Next group of graduates, is from the wireless. Telecommunications. Program a, banette. A BB. -. You dev Butler. Just. Neat Butare. Kemal. Jeet Dhaliwal. Omaha. Omaha weary. And, and. Cut their. Tape. Pratham. Ash go savvy. Hey. Money. Ruba. Gupta. Goo Preet Kaur. Inderjeet. Core. Jishan. Preet Kaur. Jaspreet. Core. Kemal. Jeet poor. Man, deep core. She've, agni cows ik. Lovleen, kana. Ronette, who's, Maddie. Dolly, Kumar. Monique. Kumar. Kevon. McCrory. Jaspreet. Man. Sarabjit. Mar. Wala. Tania. Nagpal. Dabangg, Patel. Cushaw. Patel. Valet. Patel. Akio. Kwon, Minah. Vishesh. Rummy. Frederick, Roman. Sapna. Rouhani. My. See had Salma. Abdul-aziz. Son. You love. Shamak. Sin. Deeksha. Sharma. Anjali. Sharma. Lakshi. Sharma. Parris. Sharma. Hardeep. Singh. Pavin. Eat sing. Sim. Ranjit, Singh. Sudeer. Singh. Rohith. Tambor, ooh. Karen. Vick, holla. Lokesh. Beach. Hon. Please. Join me in congratulating the, graduates, from the wireless, telecommunications. Program. This, concludes, the awarding of the credentials. Keep. Going we can wait. I. Would. Like to thank each of the graduates guests. Faculty and all of the staff and volunteers for making this convocation, ceremony possible, we, invite all guests to join us for a reception in, Alumni Hall immediately, after the ceremony. Following. The singing of Oh Canada please remain standing as you're able while the platform party and graduates. Exit. Congratulations. The. Skull. See. The. Truth. Please. Oh. Oh. If you feel, happy. By the. Truth. No. The. Wall you'll be just fine. Wow. Wow. If you feel, happy. To see the truth. That's. What you. Bring. Me down. Be, happy. If you feel that's. What you wanted. No. Happy. You. Feel that's. What.

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